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    1. Dream - A Chaotic Exercise

      by , 08-23-2017 at 08:53 AM
      Date of Dream: TUE 15 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 178 - A Chaotic Exercise

      I forgot exactly how the dream started. I remember that I was the same age but was rather back in a primary school class. The teacher was Mrs Brooks, who was my grade 4 teacher in real life. She was quite strict in the dream and the structure of the class felt very tight and controlled. The dream eventually graduated to the current TAFE classes. I forgot what specifically happened in the TAFE scenes. I do remember that TAFE was completely relaxed.

      The dream scene then changed to me walking up the hill towards the Glen Waverley Police Academy. As I was nearing the top of the hill, I was saying to myself “lucid, lucid, lucid”... Like a broken record. I don't end up becoming lucid but strange things do happen. I envision all the things this metal lid can possibly fit on. One of the things I imagine it fitting on it a pig's head, like a helmet. The thought of the lid slowly changed to me having the thought to call for Dreamy WB. She did physically appear in her cute, innocent form of braided hair. I forgot what we did though, I know it was only a very small interaction though.

      Then there was an entire dream segment on the real WB, who had her hair frizzed out in the default afro form. Apparently once a week, she'd fly all the way on a plane, to see her tutor called Doreen. I have forgotten the exact events of that scene. Next, the dream had it so all the year 12 students in 2017 were set to do an oral with every subject. That meant that there were even possibilities for oral presentations occurring in maths or fashion. WB was assigned to do an oral for english, so the dream didn't mess her up.

      The last dream scene took place in my brother's bedroom. The music teacher Mr. H was conducting a band in there, which I was a part of. Apparently I wasn't holding my instrument the correct way. He told me to hold it in some weird position which would only hurt my hand even more. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    2. Lucid at last, Friday night

      by , 08-13-2016 at 05:43 PM
      Side Notes-Purple
      Competition Notes-Blue

      Had read patiences dream journal last thing and tried copying her mantra before bed.

      Had some dreams, usual repeating stuff and woke up at 3.23am was real pissed of that I couldn't recall much, went through a mini crisis
      and prayed for some improvement, finally got off to sleep at about 5am
      WBTB trying to relax as patience had specified.

      It worked! I got 2 lucids.

      D1 - In an open plan office with lots of long desks with computers on them and swivel chairs. I came back from lunch to find I had no desk of my own. I walked around feeling sad then sat down next to someone.
      I used my powers to create my own virtual screen that was connected to their computer and started typing away. They looked around looking quite perplexed.
      Another worker joked with me and laughed at what I was doing.

      D2 - Back in the office with the guy joking. He showed me some paintings his son had done. Next I was at his house and it was nigh time. Downstairs, I am with the kids in the hallway. They want to play and I am lucid, the three kids have there coats on, hoods up. I ask one "Where are we going?". He says something I cannot understand as he is only little. I ask his big sister and she replies "Garden" (Interact with a Dream Character). I head out the back door but it is very dark and cold. The children follow and immediately one starts howling as either it is to cold or to dark to play out and they are upset .I fly (flying) up into the night sky and wonder if I can change it to day so we can play out. The sky changes from all dark to the top half day and the bottom half still night (Unspecified Dream Control).
      I look around and see a supermarket in the distance with its lights on, no fun there I decide and turn around in the sky. I see a music venue open and fly to it. When I get inside there are 3 glamorous young ladies dressed in tight fitting trousers and tops.
      I turn to see they have 3 partners in the same outfits with stars on. They look like they are in a dance competition or something.

      Infact they are in the section where there is a pool table and a section above where people are looking down. I make the pool cue fly into my hand then I make the cloth that is attached to it fly around like a whip gathering up all the balls making staccato clacking noises (Use an Ordinary Object to Perform Dream Control). I then use telekinesis to make all the balls line up in a long line down the middle of the pool table (Mass Telekinesis).
      After all that showing off, i am about to begin the match...when I wake up.
      (First DILD of the Night)

      D3 - Some boys have been causing trouble at some shops and my little kid brother (kid from dream two who howled (Chain a Lucid Dream)) is banging sharp pens into them stapling them to a building as punishment. A security guard comes along. i realise I am dreaming and grab my little bro and fly up with him to the top of the building. The guard is still waving up at us crossly. I decide to fly across to the shopping precinct across the main street below. I dive off the building but instead of flying I go into freefall and panic. The little boys extra weight makes me think I can't fly with him. I almost hit the pavement hearing the guard looming closer and closer but pull out of the dive and zoom up into the air. I land down the other side of the street. We are still being chased and I zoom into the upper gallery of the shop. It is all metal and glass. For some reason it is night again now and we have become small. I fly from room to room hiding from the guard who follows us into the building. We escape outside.

      D4 - I am back in the office from D1 and am looking at the outfit a woman is wearing it is incredibly vibrant. She is wearing all dark brown and I can see minute scales making up the surface of her blouse. She also has a little cap and mini skirt of the same material.
      She has blonde wavy hair, we start chatting and giggling. We are working together opening some large envelopes with lattice style labels on them. She goes over to the door and when the boss is not looking makes funny faces at me. We are clearly getting on well and arrange to go for a drink later.

      D5 - Outside the shopping precinct on a sunny day. I find the woman from D4 but she is a kid. And from the looks of things she is not human but more like a rag doll with a green polka dot dress. We are looking around and I see suspended above the pavement a large card. It is white with writing in brown ink and decorated with pink icing. It is a birthday invitation. I read it and then think maybe it has some other significance and that the dream is giving me a message so I try and read it again. It now says something completely different but nothing that seems important. I take the girl/doll under my arm and we fly to her cottage in the brilliant sunshine. I am still worried about the guard from before and fly low over the flowery grass to her place. I see other kids making their way there too.

      D6 - I am working in an office looking at student application forms. There is a strange form for photos which has spaces for about 30 photos. There is confusion about where your photo should go. Someone says it depends on what country you are from. I say it is to do with the council number of the place you live in. Lol very exciting NOT.

      Tags: brown, fly, student
      non-lucid , memorable , lucid
    3. High up in the sky

      by , 08-12-2016 at 03:36 PM
      D1 - I am in some woods that lead down to a river, on the banks of the river are a small group of people. I offer a boy there a bar of chocolate that i procured on my way. The people are dressed in medieval clothing, but the chocolate bar wrapper and all is modern and large.

      D2 - The boy tells me of a place where we can get more food, if we are clever. There is a college nearby where students often play a game with the locals, throwing paper aeroplanes at each other through the dormitory windows. If we go there at night we may be able to sneak in. We get there and sure enough there are two undergraduates there who are late because they are getting changed from some sporting activity.
      When they open the dorm window to play paper aeroplane throwing, I climb across a para-pit joining the building and onto the roof.
      From there I sneak into the building.

      D3 - I am now inside the large college buildings which look edwardian or later, mostly stone with elegant windows. There is some do going on but I am in a side room. I go to look down from one of the windows and see the feathery leaves and branches of a tree.
      The tree looks oriental. It is like a jack in the beanstalk tree and goes down and down and down. I feel a jolt of fear as I realise how high up I am. I am as high up as the sky, looking down seemingly forever. I roll away from the window feeling I cannot stand for a moment. I go to find the boy who is eating and tell him of the tree. He comes and looks.
    4. Alex and Cassie

      by , 03-31-2016 at 03:10 PM
      3/31/16: Two days ago when I took an unexpected Garfield-like nap (I honestly don't know what I was doing before then that resulted in this), I ended up with a snippet of a dream similar to one I had around 2012-13 after a reboot of Need for Speed: Most Wanted released on seventh-generation consoles (there were cars, but it had absolutely nothing to do with the gameplay and had a car not in the game); except here, it was shortened after a character was introduced, named Alex.

      When he was revealed, I saw something that looked like a mix between Nintendo's short-lived Virtual Boy red screen and modern-day pinball DMD (dot matrix display). I suddenly woke up when a DC--more than likely Alex--threw a hard sucker-punch similar to Nathan Scott on One Tree Hill and Luke Ward on The O.C. to an unknown subject in the face. Also, when he was revealed, there were Japanese hiragana/katakana symbols below his name. So this leads me to believe he's half-Japanese. I don't get why he would randomly get into a fistfight with another individual.

      However, one night later--after an almost brutal day, I find myself in a high school classroom (I think it was either a Southeast Raleigh or Sanderson High classroom) where teenage DCs are trying to get the autograph of the main DC who I think was starring as the lead on a show airing on either MTV or Freeform (formerly ABC Family)--also a teenager, but female and she's trying to get to know all of the students, including myself, as I think I was going undercover as a student. She also has some colorful streaks in her hair as well. I then see some stuff related to The Price Is Right that made absolutely no sense whatsoever and is not how the show works before my alarm clock beeps at 6:45 in the morning.
    5. life aint no groak

      by , 01-10-2016 at 04:37 PM
      D1 - There was a creature that did not need human comforts, it moved out of the house where it had been as a human. It now lived in a hollowed out tree, surviving on things left on the tree floor. It was very cold and dark but it did not care. It just existed. Children came to the tree and it did not mind or pay them attention.
      It went to work and carried out its duties with minimal interaction with others their and was able to dupe them into thinking it was a human.
      The creature reminded me of the groak from the moomins.
      Which One Is Cuter?-groke_by_grokey_groke-d5v1oyt.jpg

      D2 - At college sitting outside with a group of others, a girl is tuning up her guitar. A string is broken. It is a steel length with barbs on it. I offer to fix it and use my powers to melt and then stretch it back to normal.

      D3 - Taking my daughter (when little) to a cinema to see a film. The cinema is on two floors and is very stark, qrey concrete walls. I buy tickets only to find the picture is not on, as the projector is not working. People are occupying themselves by eating in an upstairs resteraunt or drawing on the large screen with is not in use.
      Eventually the film is back on but it is not the right film, no one cares as it is a children's film and pretty much the same. But I know my daughter will care and try to get a refund. I cannot however find my receipt or remember if I did infact purchase a ticket.

      D4 - Some of the college students from the earlier dream are having a car race, the car is multicoloured with slogans all over it, mostly green thougth. We are in last place with the other cars infront bunched up. I use my powers to fix the car in time to speed ahead and win at the last moment.
      In the student bar after their is a guy who was on the other team. I am concerned he will pick a fight with our team leader, so I invite him to sit with me at a table, away from the others. I then will be able to use my powers on him if he tries anything.
      I ask fi who is there if she will hold my hand, I use my powers and when we hold hands it does a glowy red thing.

      I feel I have been living a life with no joy. Fairly bleak like the groak.
    6. Night of Jan 7th

      by , 01-08-2016 at 03:41 PM
      I took 50 mg of Melatonin last night (again) and I just had the most amazing dream ever and it wasn't a sex dream this time.
      I was in school again, this time in computer class and we had this sub teacher who was really mean, stuck up etc. I get myself in trouble by being a smart ass - she said something to some other student and I whispered under my breath telling her to suck my dick. She comes over and sticks her head as close to mine and yells, WHAT DID YOU SAY? I stood up and told her I didn't say Sh*t, and she gets close to me and repeats herself and I said, Lady back off me and she gets closer and I say it again and she gets closer still so I push her away from me and she comes at me and pushes me up against the wall with her hands in fists grabbing my shirt. I punched her in the face and she went down, she told me to go to the office and that she was going to call the police. I went to the door and turned back and the whole class stood up and started cheering for me and clapping and about half the class left with me to support me and say she put her hands on me first/I was defending myself. This time in my dream it was my actual high school. For some reason the office was in the library so I sat down with most of my friends and we went in one by one to tell the story, at this point I forced myself to wake up because I wanted to write this down so I guess that really means I am aware I am dreaming. I wrote it down and then copied it over to 3 of my online diaries and this site here.
    7. 06/20/2015 - the homophobic student

      by , 06-20-2015 at 03:13 PM
      So, I’m in my classroom. This time it looks fairly like it, as opposed to the dream I had the other day (I feel like my brain might be getting smarter to prevent me from noticing things that are off, lol). One of my students makes a VERY homophobic remark, and I just can’t help myself. I completely let him have it. (Good for you, Subconscious Mind! Homophobia sucks!).

      I had a couple of other dreams tonight, but I can’t remember them.
    8. Shopping, Mail, and the Yoga Girl

      by , 06-15-2013 at 04:19 PM
      Level of Lucidity: 0
      Level of Clarity: 3
      Level of Realism: 6
      (levels based 0-10, 0-5 being low - good 5-10 being great - extreme)

      Dream Fragment 1: I am shopping at Publix and approach the checkout isle. The lady behind the cash register asks if I have my alternate ID or my Publix rewards card. I say I have my alt ID number. Then I hear someone in real life talking in another room and wake up.

      Dream Fragment 2: My dad has been asking me if his check from work has come in the mail lately (In waking life). In this dream fragment I was standing outside by the mailbox. It was extremely hot outside, but I didn't feel hot, I just knew it was hot. I went to the box even though the mail man hadn't come yet, and there was mail in the box. I pulled it out and held up a large birthday card sized envelope. It was white with a red bar across the top and bottom, kind of like a Netflix banner. Then the dream faded.

      Dream Fragment 3: I'm in a yoga studio and there's a lady teaching yoga to another lady, of about age 21 or so. She's very attractive. The teacher then tells the student about the next move they'll be doing, which is basically doing a split, but instead of splitting with your feet moving further apart on the ground, they'll move apart in the air in front of her, and it'll be up to her to hold her legs up. She holds her legs up and spreads them as far as she can, revealing the most sexy cameltoe you can imagine. She looked at me seductively, and for some reason I literally said "ohhhhh ya! UGGGGH!" The "ohhhh ya!" was like a deep, black guy narrator kinda voice, and the UGH was like a tennis grunt that you would make on your final strike. Just as I made that UGH sound, an image of me on top of her thrusting popped up, and then I woke up. (Damnit...)
    9. Disrespecting The Dead.

      by , 06-02-2011 at 10:32 AM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      This dream was incredibly vivid, and I seem to remember it in a more linear fashion than most dreams.
      I was at school, after the day had finished for some kind of lesson. I don't recall what teacher we had, but I believe he was Mr Ryan, one of the most racist and sexist teachers at my school. We were in the metal/wood work block, waiting to find out what classroom we were going to be having the lesson in, and someone said to use Mr Gill's room.

      We walked across to the social sciences block, and up the stairs to his room, where the door wasn't locked and we went inside. For some reason though, there was no power in the classroom, and we needed Mr Gill to come turn it on for us. I checked out the window, and Mr Gill was standing in the parking lot with his arms folded staring into the distance. Mr Ryan called out to him, and he came up to the classroom.

      We turned on a video for our lesson on the projector, though the board was on the wrong side of the room compared to usual. Mr Ryan and Mr Gill were standing behind me, and they started having a conversation about a very rude student, due to how rude Cowan was being. I accidentally pressed a switch on a powerboard with my foot, and turned out two of the rows of lights. This confused me, as they're controlled by switches on the wall, but when I looked up I noticed they were plugged into an extension cable, and it made sense, since I'd just turned off that plug. When I looked up again, a different set of lights were on, in a staggered sort of patter. I didn't want to mess with the switch any more, since I might have been in trouble for fiddling with the lights if I did.

      I tuned back into the conversation the teachers were having behind me about the student, and they were talking about how he had severe problems, and had killed himself. I don't remember the boy's name, but I'd thought I'd heard of him before, but I'm not sure I actually know him. Mr Ryan started talking about how it was good riddance, while Mr gill said it was tragic. Cowan butted in, saying how he knew how it happened - that he'd spun out his WRX and he was an idiot because he couldn't control it. I told him how he was being really disrespectful, but I had a bit of trouble wording the sentence. Mr Gill agreed with me, and Cowan said
      "Whoa! Someone actually agreed with Alex on something." I was getting really sick of him being so rude. I pulled out my laptop, and loaded up a computer forum which is normally blocked at school. Tim was surprised that it was unblocked and he'd never known before.

      When I woke up after this dream, I transitioned out into SP without moving. I gained too much awareness, though, and found my throat was extremely dry and I was sleeping on my arm, which was already really sore. I swallowed a few times, and figured I wouldn't be able to DEILD because there was too much noise and light, so I got up and wrote this into my DJ instead, but it's nice to see I could have DEILD'd!
    10. Registering Myself for the LD Game; Back at my Old School; Homeless Kids in the Trash

      by , 03-24-2011 at 05:51 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was waiting in line or something trying to register myself as a character for the LD Video Game.


      I was back at school in a class with my head on the desk. I was asleep. I knew I had to wake up to get to my own class. I was already late, so I made myself wake up. I was scared about getting into my class late.

      I got up and as I walked out, I looked at the teacher. She didn't look at me. As I looked for my class, I said hi to an old acquaintance by his last name "Zski" (though I used his complete last name). I said hello to an old teacher "Mrs. Jpe" (used real last name), and I gave her a hug. I saw an old friend "Swn Tnnt." I was nervous that I couldn't find my class room. What was I, stupid?

      The End

      I was walking along outside when I saw a large trash can--the type supplied by trash companies.

      The lid was open and there was a girl about 5 yrs old, and two babies in the trash. They were sleeping--kind of. I was terrified for them. Someone with me stood up inside the trash can.

      I told the DC to be careful a few times, but he/she kept almost stepping on the head of one of the babies. Finally they weren't standing in the trash can anymore.

      I asked the girl who was the care taker of the babies if they wouldn't rather just sleep outside in nature, but I realized that that could be dangerous

      I was thinking about helping them somehow. Then there were only two girls and they were older now. One took off her pants the way entertainers do with special pants designed to come completely away by ripping them off. Both were cute.

      Then I was with my brother I think. He climbed into the back of a pup-truck and I followed. I told him he shouldn't sit on the tail gate, but he wouldn't listen. I don't really know where we were going.

      The End
    11. Oakmead

      by , 02-25-2011 at 01:22 PM (Struggle for Lucidity)
      Dream Lucid Sleep Paralysis Non-Dream/Side notes

      This dream was scary and yet fun. I don't remember what took place when. I dreamt that I was joining a different school, Oakmead (this school does exist in real life, however I have no idea what it looks like). I was being shown around by some old guy and I remember two buildings kind of like the ones in the level of THPS2 called school II, and I remember at some point being in a classroom/office on a second, higher floor with huge crowds of people protesting against something.

      The place that reminded me of school II from THPS2

      The road to the school and the second floor.

      The road to the school I also remember. The crowd stopped halfway down it. I remember being in a crowd of students entering the school too but it felt like I had been there for ages.

      I was reminded of this dream by stumbling across the name of the school on facebook.

      It really irritated me that I didn't reality check during this dream because what happened in it definitely isn't normal.

      Update, 2016: I went in to their sixth form. It was nothing like the dream. Hilarious though, reading back on what my 13-year-old self dreamed about.

      Updated 03-09-2016 at 03:45 PM by 32501

      non-lucid , dream fragment , side notes
    12. Redecorating at my practice school + Amazing skies and lucidity during a beautiful summer evening

      by , 12-18-2010 at 06:48 PM
      Non-lucid Half lucid Lucid Other notes

      Redecorating at my practice school

      For the hundredth time or so, I am at the school were I have just had some teacher practice. I am in our working party's room with my supervisor and a student I have had. Apparently, my supervisor wants to redecorate the wall and make a large sign there, which will be the main sign at the school for people to see from outside. It feels like he is in charge over the school now, because he wants his own name to be written in large letters on the sign. The student is there to paint those letters. Above them a neon sign with the school's name or something will also be placed. My supervisor is sitting at a table, looking through some papers as the student starts painting the first letter of his last name. I feel a little annoyed, because the student is not very good at painting and the letter turns out really ugly... But when I turn around and then look again everything on the wall looks perfect and very well made! I feel rather surprised, but thinks "Okey... then that won't be a problem..." and start feeling relieved. However, the sign does not have either my supervisor's or the school's name on it. Despite this, I feel that it looks perfect to my supervisor. Then I turn around again for some reason and when I look again there is a pink neon sign on the top of the wall saying "Madame". The rest of the wall is painted dark purple and my supervisor's last name is below "Madame", but as a white neon sign. I feel a bit uneasy about this result and wonder if this does not make my supervisor feel gay... However, after having looked at the wall he says that this is perfect, as long as his name is moved a bit to the left...

      Amazing skies and lucidity during a beautiful summer evening

      I am walking around the houses in my neighborhood and so do rather many other people. I recognize several of them - for example neighbors and my grandparents. Even though some of them look rather different from in reality I still know that it is them. There is a beautiful, orange glow everywhere and in the sky I can see many beautiful phenomena. For instance, glowing things are rushing by up there and there are several rainbows in very strong colors. Me and everyone else look at those and are amazed. I talk a bit to my grandparents and we notice an unusually thick rainbow whose lenght we try to follow with our eyes as long as we can. However, the rainbow continues down behind a house and into fog.

      A short while later, I for some reason am with a weird and rather boring guy in a green jacket, who is maybe in his fourties. The two of us walk into a restaurant and sit down at a table. I do not feel very amused but feel that I must endure this.

      However, when I look at the menu, which is standing in a plastic holder on the table and see outside the restaurant behind it, I suddenly become lucid. I arise and do the nose check to become fully lucid as I walk towards the glass doors. Of course, I can breathe through my nose and I feel a little rush of joy as I walk through the doors, out into the summer evening. The place I see before me feels really nice and cosy. There are some small houses and pubs there and there are gentle, beautiful lights around those. I walk forward and feel calm and happy. Then I start running forward a short distance. Some people are there, serenely and happily standing here and there. Some of them have drinks in their hands. Some of them talk to each other, while some others stand on their own, calmly observing the night around them. I move towards a guy in about my age with jeans, a white and blue checked shirt and blond, a bit dishevelled hair. I give him a quick kiss on his mouth. Then I turn to look around some more at the environment.

      However, everything I see soon begins to fade and become black. But then I focus on feeling my dream body move and at the same time I spontaneously let sexual emotions arouse within me. Those things bring the dream back. I can now see the same place and people again as the emotion begins to fade. The emotion I had just felt had affected the dream a bit, by making some of the people in it more intimate. For example, a girl and a guy standing five meters away are now making out.

      I look to my right and see rather many different objects on shelves behind a desk (in a stand or something like that). I see a mug (in a color which is a mix between light brown and a red purple) that I want to reach, but it is too far away behind the desk... But then I quickly realize something: "Wait!" I excitedly think. "I can just use telekinesis!". So I hold out my right hand and spread the fingers a bit. At the same time I relax, focus my mind and hand on the mug. It is gently lifted from the shelf and I make it soar towards me and into my hand. "Yes, it worked", I think and feel the mug, which is rather big, in my hand. I then put it down and decide to try lifting something bigger. I find a wooden chair a short distance away. I focus just like the last time and I easily manage to make it levitate. I then let it sink to the ground again and turn my attention to the sky, to see if it still looks cool. I see a rather large circle/oval (the shape is somewhere between, but not really symmetric) of shimmering dots in different colors. They are not very sharp, but looks cool anyway. After having looked at this, the dream begins to fade away and I wake up.
    13. The horrible student + A weird way to awaken

      by , 12-17-2010 at 06:27 PM
      Non-lucid Half lucid Lucid Other notes

      The horrible student

      Once again, I was at my teacher practice. I had a group of students that I had had several times before for real. However, today a new student had joined this group. Apparently, he was called "Crayfish" due to his special haircut, which looked rather cool. Because of this it was easy to recognize him even from behind, because the haircut looked extra special at the back of his neck and was very characteristic for him. I got this short presentation of him by the dream itself as I saw him from behind. At the same time I had this really ominous feeling because of him.

      When he had entered the classroom I quickly realized that he was a horrible person. He was very rude all the time, stood and walked around in the classroom without any respect whatsoever and we did not even have a lesson because of him. When he had said about the hundredth rude thing to me I could not stop myself, so I slapped his cheek. He did not like this. For a few seconds he stared darkly at me and then he quickly punched me in the stomach. I wondered if I should hit him back, but decided that it was best not to. After all, it could get really dangerous. The others just stood around in the classroom and did not dare to say or do anything. They seemed to fear "Crayfish".

      Later during the same lesson, or maybe on the next lesson with this group, it got even worse. "Crayfish" held my arms and dragged me around the floor. I was frightened and could not do anything and I did not dare say anything. Still, no one else dared to say or do anything either. When he finally released me I quickly got up on my feet and ran out of the classroom, to the right in a corridor and came into a rather large, wooden room with several teachers sitting and having a coffee break or something. I was almost out of breath and desperately cried "We need HELP in there!" and added something about "Crayfish". The teachers in the room looked puzzled and even shocked. Then one of them (a woman in her thirties or fourties, I think) stepped forward and walked back with me to the classroom. In some way she managed to get him out of there by saying something. However, the lesson seemed to be over anyway.

      The next day I had the same group again. Somehow I was sure that "Crayfish" would not show up today. But I was wrong. Outside the classroom several platforms (like those at a train station) passed by (or maybe it was the classroom that was moving). Soon it stopped and I could see "Crayfish" stand out there with his characteristic hairstyle and his back facing the classroom. This view felt very ominous to me once again, but even more this time and I knew that he would turn around any second and walk into the classroom...

      I do not remember anything more from this dream and I believe it just faded away after I had seen this last image of his back.

      A weird way to awaken

      After I had had another dream I heard a noise which made me begin to awaken. I had now awakened enough to notice that I was in my bed, but was really confused about the noise that was heard. I thought that it sounded like cinnamon in sound form... I groggily turned around several times in confusion to try and hear from which direction I heard this noise, but this was very hard to tell. Finally, I noticed a stuffed elk to the right in my bed. I realized that "they" had somehow hidden the noise inside it. I grabbed its leg, which felt like stuffed animal legs normally do. However, the stuffed elk was soon gone and I begun wondering if that noise was really my alarm clock. But I still felt confused, because I still did not recognize it. As I thought about it some more I begun to fully awaken and realized that it actually was my alarm clock...