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    1. Second day, second WILD, I'm thrilled!

      by , 10-15-2012 at 02:37 PM
      Hey guys it's me again with another WILD! I found a technique that worked for me everytime, check it out at this thread on my recent post if you like.

      Anyways, let's get to that WILD. You may found the dream not that interesting as an adventure, but note that these are my first WILDs and I'm still developing some dream control, which was easier in my traditional DILD/DEILD mixups.

      So after some time of laying in bed after my tricks, I start to get vibes all around and realised the time has come. I start to see stuff from my room all together gathered from different parts of the room spinning around in front of me and after a while, the scene stabilizes, I'm in my room. I get up from bed and the dream starts.

      So I kinda check around the room, and it's even more realistic than last time! I wasn't afraid of waking up if I got excited. So I have a stereo which has a mirror-like glass, which I looked through and saw my weird dream face, as I started to make ridiculous expressions to have some fun! Then I instantly made a reality check nose plug, works everytime, anyplace, anyway just to be sure, and I could breathe through of course.

      I opened my room door to get out, the door handle felt veeery much softer and loose than usual. I got out and flied through the corridor as I usually do in OBE-like wilds. As I reached the living room, I remembered from yesterday's WILD that the sofa was placed weirdly and went to check. So I checked and the scene suddenly changed to normal. I said what the hell, who cares I'm in a lucid dream here!

      So I went out at the balcony to jump and fly but surprisingly, I fell! I was always very good at flying but today, I just couldn't make it! Fortunately The dream didn't collapse after I fell, but kept up going in the streets. Yeah! My mistake at this LD though was that I didn't recorded it straight when I woke up, I said I'll do it when I wake up later, so I missed almost the half dream. Never do that, Instantly record.

      Anyways, so
      I've hit the streets baby, and there is an imaginary neighbout stopped outside my house on his motorcycle (I call him imaginary neighbour, because in the dream I had the impression that he is a neighbour, but he was actually just a DC and I knew that during the dream ) who I talked to anyway and I can't remember about what exactly. I would normally remember but as I said, I didn't instantly recall and record. Who knows How many other things I missed from that dream due to my fat-lazy-assness. But anyways, enough whinning.

      After talking with that man, I tried to float myself to the sky, but didn't make it. Important to note is that I was in my underwear all the time, but I didn't care, nor did any DC around. So I tried to project a gun from inside my underpants, but that was nearly impossible. So without much thought, I formed a gun shape with my fingers and tried to shoot passengers with it. No chance. The dream was so vivid that my traditional dream control was ruined, and I have to get used to it again.

      So yeah that was about it, I remember some scenes of the dream as flashes during the day but it's still not enough, I'm pretty sure the dream continued for a good deal of time after I lost it at my recall, but I
      am glad I am succeeding twice in a row. I hope that's not a random effect, but a scheduled success. I'm waiting for this night to confirm it.

      till then...

    2. A beginning to my Dreams

      by , 08-02-2012 at 05:49 PM
      WILD before sleep #1

      My dream started off in a very crowded Area where there was cartoon people running around, the area was very colorful with all the colors of the rain bow surrounding me as i walked and used my hands to get though the crowd, i then started to poke my hand to see that i was Defiantly Lucid and i was. I then Though to my self " remover people" after saying this it was only me in this colorful environment.
      I then Teleported myself to a void to then create my next dream scape which was a field or the greenest grass and the most bluest of blue sky's. This was where i then have a very long walk off into the distance looking at my surroundings.

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    3. My second WILD!

      by , 03-30-2012 at 05:26 AM

      I had my second WILD this morning! I found myself in SP and remembered to slowly relax (because the more you relax, the more powerful the vibrational sensations become, so if I relax too quickly the sensations will wake me up). I could hear my mother turn the hairdryer on in the other room (in real life- confirmed) while in SP. Awesome. I sort of experimented with my facial muscles again (tried to close my jaw until my teeth touched which worked and tried to open my eyes wide which didn't) before deciding to close my eyes and slip into the "drawing board stage." I thought about which scene to create. Star Wars? Nah. Under the ocean? Another time. I had made my decision. Earlier in the night I had dreamt about wanting pancakes, so I tried to make an IHOP personal buffet scene. Weirdly enough, I found myself in a fancy restaurant with my parents. We were all seated at a table and had some sort of mini buffet set up for us. I first observed this bowl of what apparently was pancake-flavored gelatto. I looked around at the beautiful restaurant. I looked at the window at the other side of the room and there was a tropical blue-green ocean shore outside. After picking up a spoon and eating some of the tasty gelatto, I remembered something I've been wanting to try. I demanded out loud, "Clarity Now!" Suddenly, I felt an amazing wind-like sensation as the entire dreamscape around me turned sharp and vivid and colorful and life-like! Beforehand, everything was dull, unclear, fuzzy, and unstable. It worked. Unfortunately, these WILD's only last a few minute since they occur in the morning, and I woke up instantly as I heard my mother open the door. I suddenly opened my eyes and was laying in my bed, the absence of vibrations leaving me with a strange sensation. At first, I thought I might still be in SP, but quickly learned I was fully awake and could move. During the middle of SP I again had a hypnogogic hallucination that my father tried to wake me up and thought I was joking about being in SP.
    4. My first WILD!!!!

      by , 03-30-2012 at 05:22 AM

      I just had my first successful WILD attempt!!! I discovered and learned so much. See, I woke up around 11:50 or 12 and I observed that I had the ability to slip into sleep paralysis (because of the vibrations). I gently slipped into the state and took myself out of it a few times to get ready I guess (kind of like dipping your toes into a pool before jumping in), and then bravely allowed myself to become paralyzed (after thinking I turned onto my back, when to my surprise I found myself in the same side position as when I originally woke up when I opened my eyes through the sleep paralysis). So, here I was, paralyzed. There was no turning back now. After a while, I was brave enough to be able to let go and relax myself deeper into the powerful vibrations of sleep paralysis. At one point, I began to panic, trying to move, but then I told myself in my mind, "Okay, you've read about this.. you need to relax, you're not in danger." Or something alike that. Luckily, I listened to my own advice and finally let myself slip all the way into complete relaxation. After a while, I began to visualize myself in a dreamscape room and before I knew it, the room and the objects I was visualizing became real. I could hear the sound of the doorhandle and felt it as I turned it (I could see it, but with a lack of vividness since I didn't get to submerge completely into the dream and make it stable). In the newfound lucid dream I spoke to myself, kind of narrating what I wanted to do and what I wanted to exist in the scene. I naturally slipped out of it and managed to re-create the scene again. See, what I learned, is that the SP state is actually like a drawing board for lucid dreams. Whatever you're thinking about or imagining, your brain begins to form into a dream. You go through this muscular atonia every night, except this time, YOU guide the creation of dreams instead of it happening by random. I discovered that once you fully relax past the powerful vibrational sensations of SP, those sensations become more gentle and relaxing, like a deep meditation. Thoughts drift, which is exactly what happened to me. I accidentally found myself thinking about Star Wars, and found myself in a brief non-lucid dreamscape about Second Life roleplay. I drifted out of it though. Overall, this experience has been mind-opening for me. It was INCREDIBLE. Time to make use of the SP I often get.