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    1. A lot of pressure DILD

      by , 05-22-2019 at 09:41 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I got out of bed and the strong urge to check under my bed occured. I check under my bed and say a man body underneath the dark corners of my bed. I felt shock and suddenly out of no where a hand comes and grabs my ankle and starts pushing inside the bed. The shock causes me to gain lucidity and I tell myself there's no way this can be really happening. So I tried to wake myself up but instead the dream scene changes. I still have lucidity and can see myself in a dark hallway where I saw on the wrote something about incest. I decided to run up the stairway and see no way to cross over. I then hear something behind my and decided to jump off a high point in the stair way to the bottom of the floor. Once I hit the bottom after feeling the gravity bring down. Everything went black and then I woke up and check my phone. My phone showed that the only friend I ever had deleted me and this caused me to feel a sense of dread. I then wake up again
    2. 27 Dec: End days and making out with Jesus

      by , 12-27-2018 at 10:19 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Sharing a building with some other people and the group is about to grow to 14.
      We sit down to prep for the bad days ahead. We decide where we will put the beds for the newcomers, about constructing an escape tunnel and some defenses for the building. Finally we plan to research a way to kill ourselves in case things go really bad and we may be facing capture or starvation. It's a tough topic, but we feel we must have a plan for that to.

      Living with my parents in my farm, with my dogs, but also I have little brothers and sisters. We follow some religion, non-christian and I think non theistic, but my dad is really strict about morality, as if we were Amish.
      One day we are visited by Jesus himself and his gang and he is seriously hot and cool. They stay for some time, they need shelter. Me and Jesus, we fall in love with each other. I thought my dad would totally reject our relationship, since we are from some different religion, but actually he is very excited about it, because Jesus is famous and has status and he thinks this will be good for me.
      But the guys have to leave for some time and I wonder if he'll come back or not. He does and my dad prepares a feast to celebrate our engagement. Jesus arrives and we are so crazy for each other, we make out in the barn, halfway between the front gate and the house. We are seriously horny and we don't wanna let go, but I hear my dad calling and my younger brothers and sisters are looking for me, so Jesus says "go check on him while I bring in the rest of the guys". So I go talk to my dad to offer my help preparing the food, but he just asks me to take the dogs out of the kitchen so he can cook in peace.
      I go look for Jesus again and he is coming with two of his friends. To celebrate the occasion, he makes a miracle: it starts to rain carrots.
    3. My Old House, I Want To Jump

      by , 10-06-2017 at 06:58 AM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      Hey dream journal, old friend.

      I was in my old neighborhood, walking up to my old house. I had left some of my clothes and things there and asked the male owner if he would let me in. He agreed. I went to my room and there was so much stuff left behind, I didn't know how I would get to it all. But then I noticed beneath me was the wife of the new house owner, and she was dead and curled up in some floorboards. She had killed their daughter. Then, the scene changed. She was alive, but deeply regretting her life. We(this is when I sort of "became" her) were on a tall tower in the heart of the city of Mke. We were trying to run up to the top to jump off, tears streaming down our face. That's when T showed up. I don't remember if she said anything, but she disappeared and that's when I closed my eyes, still sobbing, and begged her to come back, "please, please, T, I need you."

      I'm wondering if dreaming of leaving things at my old house has something to do with missing my past and the neighborhood I grew up in. Like, a part of me still lives there. As for the rest of the dream, I have no idea.
    4. Voices in the Night (a short fragment)

      by , 05-05-2017 at 04:51 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-04

      Voices in the Night

      I am lying in my own bed, completely unaware that I am dreaming. I am just lying there in the dark, but it feels like there is someone there with me in the dark. I stay still, I dont really want to let whoever it is know that I am awake. I lie there for a bit longer and I think I am about to fall asleep when I hear a voice. It is a male voice speaking loud and clear, the voice also sounds like it might be mechanical or a recording, or maybe a digitally altered voice. It says the same thing three times in a row. Go kill yourself. Go kill yourself. Go kill yourself. I can also feel something in the room moving around in the darkness, I cant really explain how, but I feel something there. And I become very angry at whoever or whatever is in the room with me. I respond to this anger by letting out a stream of expletives that is way beyond the words I am normally likely to use, focused mostly around the F word. [email protected]% off, you [email protected]%ers! [email protected]% you! Go [email protected]% yourself, you [email protected]%ing piece of [email protected]%! [email protected]% you and the [email protected]%ing horse you rode in on! Did your [email protected]%ing horse come up with this plan? Its way too complicated for a [email protected]%ing idiot like you! My cursing continued for a bit longer, repeating the part about telling them to go [email protected]% themselves. I can practically feel a presence of someone standing right beside my bed and moving around me, but then I wake up and all is normal.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    5. Confusing Dream

      by , 10-14-2016 at 12:48 AM
      I was able to enter a hotel like place or maybe a mansion or big house, who knows? It was somewhat vacant and I was free to roam around the entire place, I also was with some male, not sure who, and we walked around the place.

      Then somewhere in a small town like Union, MO or Imperial, MO just some desolate town, I was in the process of moving in this small town with my mother and boyfriend Brandon (at the time). Brandon was trying to kill himself by taking 30 pills, he must have went to the hospital, and then I called him on the phone, and everything was fine. He didn't die. Then he attempted suicide again and succeeded. I was just so happy to talk to him on the phone even if we haven't talked in almost a decade. I keep forgetting it was 10 years since we've talked. I woke up thinking Brandon is Justin or Justin is Brandon. I was just so happy

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      false awakening , non-lucid
    6. Dream Suicide Attempt Fail

      by , 09-09-2016 at 11:27 PM
      (First Person Point Of View)
      The first I remember was sitting on the couch in my living room of my old house(always have dreams about old house for some reason). My dad was watching TV and I got up and started to watch TV with him, I believe it was the news or something like that, for some reason I didn't want to be there I need to leave and go somewhere, anywhere. I darted out the door and started running and running.(I realized it was a dream right there because of how effortlessly I was running) I don't know why but I felt suckish and just wanted to be alone. I kept on running until I got to a big street that either turned left or right, no forward.
      I looked left first and saw nothing but more road, couple of cars and trees. Then I looked right, and again saw more road and a couple of cars and trees, don't know why but I chose to keep running right. I kept running and running and I remember seeing a whataburger but I passed it cause I didn't want to waste time there.
      I kept running until eventually I got to some city with many tall buildings, I walked into one randomly and I was now in some cafeteria, I walked past people who were wearing some sort of hospital robes, sitting down eating. 'I guess this is some sort of hospital?' I thought. I saw some stairs and I was about to go up until I heard my name behind me. I turned around to see my best friend(Anita), she came running up to hug me, which I gladly returned. "What are you doing here?" Anita asked. "I'm not to sure, I just ended up here." I responded. I looked at her up and down, and she was wearing a hospital gown too, I was shocked, I didn't know she was in the hospital. "Hey... well while I have you here, there's something I need to tell you." she continued, "so remember I told you I was sick?" I just nodded. "Well it seems like its worst... I'm not going to make it, its terminal... I don't have long, that's why im here." she finished. I was even more shocked, I could feel the tears welling up. I didn't have any words to say, I knew this was a dream but I couldn't help but feel like sh*t. "Hey, its okay... I'm come to peace with it, my life was a happy one and im glad that youre my best friend." she reassured me. I was about to say something until a nurse called her name. "I have to go do some stuff but I'll come find you later when I'm able to." she said with a smile. I couldn't say anything to her as she left with the nurse. I turned back to the stairs and started running up them, I kept going until I came to the roof of the hospital, I was really high up. I remember thinking, what if I jump? will I die? (like I knew it was a dream but I still thought maybe this will kill me?) I sat down on the roof and just talked to my self. "Will it really be that bad if I die? I might as well go with my best friend. heh... life isn't fair Is it? she doesn't deserve this, I do." That's when I felt something in my pocket. I took it out to look at it, a bomb? 'Perfect' I thought. 'A bomb this size will only be big enough to kill me and minimum damage to the surrounding area' I stood up. 'If I jump off the building while the bomb is on I can die mid air without hurting anyone else.' I walked to the edge of the building and looked down. 'Its better this way' I was about to activate the bomb but then I heard something behind me, I turned around and saw my family sanding by the stair door. They looked sad and worried. "Don't do this please." My mom weeped. I saw their faces but this didn't change my mind, I backed up onto the ledge, look at all my family in the eyes and said, "I'm sorry.." I let my self fall backwards. I heard screams from my family but I just closed my eyes and pressed the bomb button, I heard it beeping and I just fell waiting for the bomb to kill me. 'If the bomb doesn't kill me, the ground surly will.' I thought. But that's when in midair I heard what sounded what I thought was a jet, but no, I opened my eyes to see Superman flying quickly arms reached out towards me. He caught me in his arms, he took one quick look at me and grabbed the bomb from my hands and quickly threw it in the air, it exploded in the sky, safety away from us. We flew back to the hospital roof where my family was, once we landed I pushed off Superman with anger. "Why did you do that?!" I yelled. "Your not even suppose to be on earth, aren't you on a mission?!" He looked at me with sad eyes, "I heard you talking from galaxies away, the rest of the leauge will be here soon." He said. I looked him in the eyes, "Why did you save me?! I didn't want to be saved!!" Then for some reason a light flashed before us and I fell backwards apparently losing conscious. (I was still there but not looking threw my own eyes, I was looking at the scene in 3rd person point of view) After the flash Superman and my family saw what looked like another me, but my body was on the ground, this other girl looked like me but with different body features, such as having long white hair, and blue eyes. Superman saw this and was on guard, "Who are you?!" He asked. She laughed a loud laugh, "I am corruption, i live inside Alma, and now after all that time I'm at my peak." She responded. Corruption looked at my body laying on the ground roof, "Pity, she isn't dead yet, well I better make fun with the time I have now." She smiled. With that black lightning came out of her hands and struck Superman, he yelled in pain which was rare for him. I was now looking from Corruption's point of veiw, I tried to stop my actions but I couldn't. Superman was pissed now so he and Corruption started to fight in mid air. After a bit of fighting, Superman was losing until Corruption's powers weakened. "Oh poo, well it looks like my time is almost up." she said. "Not so fast, what did you do to Alma?" Superman asked. "Me? I didn't do anything, she makes her own choices I just help her make them." she laughed, "and dont try to stop me, I'll be back, I'll always be within her, growing, getting stronger, the day she dies is the day I have my body, but don't worry, when that day comes I'll be sure to take good care of it." She smiled. Superman was about to lazer her but then Corruption turned into black smoke that both her and me traveled back into my own body. I woke up with my family surrounding me, i notice that i wasnt in my disguise, i was in my heros uniform. I saw superman land on the roof and i was shocked on how many injuries he had. 'I did that?' I thought. My parents looked at me with fear in their eyes, they looked like they didnt know who i was(which technically they dont know me in my hero's uniform only the desguise) I couldnt dare to look at Superman in the eyes. I stood up, i felt so much guilt to what i did to Superman, what i put my family theough. I started to walk away from them, i felt Superman's hand on my shoulder, but i smack it off, i looked at him with tears in my eyes and said, "I- im so sorry, i didnt mean to, i-" i couldnt even finish my sentent, i flew off the building and just flew away from the scene, i remember hearing Superman flying behind me, telling me that 'its okay'. The last thing i said before waking up was, "Just leave me alone!"

      Well this was a weird dream, it isnt the first but yea it was ome of those dreams when i didnt know it was a dream in the beggining. It was super intenst. Well until next dream, Bye~
      P.s. - Pictures below are drawings of this dream.
      If you have any questions just message me My computer blew up!-screenshot_2016-09-09-17-21-33.jpgMy computer blew up!-screenshot_2016-09-09-17-21-36.jpgMy computer blew up!-screenshot_2016-09-09-17-21-47.jpgMy computer blew up!-screenshot_2016-09-09-17-21-40.jpgMy computer blew up!-screenshot_2016-09-09-17-21-43.jpgClick image for larger version. 

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    7. Grief

      by , 02-20-2016 at 05:35 AM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      I had the most depressing dream ever last night and I just have to record it.

      My sister committed suicide. I was torn up. I couldn't stop crying. I was SO devastated. My parents were devastated to but they didn't seem as upset as me. I was just.. I don't know how to describe it. The feeling was AWFUL. Crying, crying, and more crying. I woke up still feeling the sadness.

      It felt SO real that when I woke up I still felt like something was wrong, so I got in touch with her(she seemed ok). This dream made me realize that I don't know what I'd do if she died, I'd just be torn to pieces.
    8. My Brother is Trying to Kill Himself

      by , 01-03-2016 at 10:45 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      short entry, don't remember much.

      My brother, who appears to be a slim guy around 18 years old with dirty blond hair, is trying to kill himself, and I keep crying and crying and trying to stop him. My dad is there too and I think we're both trying to get to him but we can't reach him. It's a very emotional dream. I don't know if he ends up going through with it.

      Did I mention that I DON'T EVEN HAVE A BROTHER(not even a half-brother)?
      but it felt SO real. weird.
      Now I'm convinced I have a secret brother out there somewhere.. which could definitely be true as my dad was a... donor. yeah. ok. im done now.

      It's Brittany's birthday and I'm trying to get her some presents. I ended up getting her a 20$ Target gift card and blond hair dye & toner because she wanted to dye her hair blond.

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    9. Attempt Suicide, Wake Up Half-Cyborg

      by , 12-21-2015 at 08:02 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      Lately 90% of my dreams have been super emotional, like about suicide or murder or just... emotional things.

      Not sure if these dreams connect but first I was pet-sitting dogs with my mom and then I was a little girl(not myself) and fed up with life, or something. I don't quite remember what led me to this, if it was the shitty pet-sitting or what, but I went to a cliffside and decided to jump off into the water. I woke up in the hospital and realized my body was half metal. The doctor had saved me, but with a cost. My mom(not my real mom, the little girl's mom) was with me. My body felt foreign and weird and it was hard to control it. Months, years went by as I remained trapped in the hospital.

      One time, I had to use the bathroom. This is gonna sound gross, but when I tried to go it was like.. it sprayed everywhere because I couldn't control my new body. Yeah. Anyway, when I left the bathroom stall I saw Ashley from Revenge and some fine-looking man. I realized I was dreaming. I wanted to attempt a TOTM but I couldn't think of what it was, I only remembered the one from last month, which was to ask for a joke, which I didn't do. Ash started talking dirty to me and then I ended up with the guy.. yeah.

      So then I have a flashback to when I jumped off the cliff, but this time I notice that my doctor is there, and he's the one that convinced me to jump. So I realized it was his fault all along that I ended up half-cyborg. He wanted to experiment on me so he made me do this. I was pissed. Also, during this scene, I was an observer, and I saw myself try to jump off the cliff and a boy(maybe 14 years old) try to stop me from jumping and it made me smile.

      Then, I was back in the hospital with my mom and she was annoying me. I shouted at her, "It's almost my eighteenth birthday(wow I was in there for a long time)! Go away!" implying that once I turned 18 I would have nothing to do with her.
      Tags: suicide
      lucid , non-lucid
    10. Train Suicide/Peaceful Jump LD

      by , 11-15-2015 at 05:12 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      I skipped a few days writing down my dreams because I haven’t been sleeping very well but I’m up north now and sleeping like a rock.

      -Harry Potter dream where I’m trying to defeat the Dark Lord

      D1: I was at some train tracks with 3 other people who I didn’t know but had met in the dream. I was watching them cross the train tracks and trains were coming from both sides(there were two sets of tracks). I yelled for them to hurry up but they were taking their sweet time. They made it across, but I noticed this man, maybe in his late 60’s, sitting on the tracks. I didn’t know if he was there on purpose or if he was going to move at the last second, so I just watched. The train hit him.

      Now I was at my house, it was a flashback to before the man had died. I had a “feeling” that he was in danger, kinda like Allison Dubois from tv show Medium. I called his number, which was only two numbers, 75. My dad tried to stop me because he didn’t want me to bother him, but I had to call. He answered. “Hello” he mumbled, sounding very depressed. “I uh.. just wanted to know if you’re okay. It’s perfectly fine if you’re not okay, and I have a strong feeling you’re not.” He says nothing and hangs up.

      D2: I was in a waterpark and this girl was telling about her experience drowning. I was transported to a very, very large pool with a huge drop off from the edge of the pool to the water, and very deep water(maybe 100-200 feet). I was terrified. Some time during this dream I was drowning and it felt like I couldn't breathe. I was thinking about how I have a phobia of deep pools and was wondering if there was a word for the phobia, but I realized I was dreaming. The dream wasn’t very stable so I rubbed my hands together and then I yelled “CLARITY” and it kinda felt like I yelled that in RL too. I knew I would lose the dream soon so I decided to jump off the edge because I wasn’t scared anymore. It was a very peaceful, relaxing feeling and then I woke up in a FA and tried to write down my dream.

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    11. My Beautiful Suicide

      by , 10-19-2015 at 08:40 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)

      -I was driving by places surrounded by fluffy cotton-like low clouds and I wanted to get out and go run through them

      -my(?) cat gave birth to one kitten

      I was with a class field trip in high school(4 years later and still having HS dreams) somewhere with a huge lake, so big you couldn’t see the other side. I was on a small raft near the shore when I saw that someone’s boat had caught fire, so I went to go help. There was a man, a woman, and I think a little boy. The people on the boat were hesitant to get off the boat because they didn’t want to leave their stuff behind but I somehow dragged them off. One of them took my ipod and threw it in the water because they thought it was useless. I was pissed, but later I went underwater and retrieved it and it still worked.

      I was with this guy from my class who had a high suicide risk. You were able to look up someone’s suicide risk online. There was a meter ranging from 0-100% with the 100% in the red zone. I said something to this guy but it made it worse and his risk was 90%.

      Then, I decided that I would kill myself. I told some guy to stand at a lookout point with a gun(like the kind snipers use) and I would give him a signal when to shoot me. I then stood at a high point overlooking the lake with my friends(D,N,B, ?), who were sitting on a bench looking out at the lake. I left them a note. One one side, it said how much I loved them. On the other side, it explained exactly what I was doing, why, and how sorry I was. I read them the first side, put it on the bench next to them, then stood at the edge.

      I was shot and fell forward into the lake. Titanic music started playing(I looked the song up – Titanic Soundtrack- Never An Absolution) as I sank to the bottom. The water was a crimson red(maybe from the gunshot wound?) and at the bottom I saw a decaying body of a young girl. The music continued and half the time I was underwater and the other half I was above shore watching my friends freak out and try to figure out what had just happened. Weirdly, it was kind of a peaceful feeling for me.

      I “woke up” in my bed and couldn’t see. When I tried to open my eyes, I would open my eyes in RL(or in another dream?) so I kept them closed and eventually I was able to see. I went into the living room and everything was very clear. I went outside and was prepared to do something fun but then the cat woke me up.

      I also had a lucid yesterday where I couldn't see and kept trying to open my eyes but when I did I would open them in RL so I woke up.

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    12. 8/4/15

      by , 10-07-2015 at 07:45 AM
      Again, I really suck at keeping a dream journal because I either always startle awake and lose most of the dream, or I'm just lazy and don't write anything down. But this dream has stuck with me for like two months now and I want to share it, mainly hoping someone might have some insight? Opinions? I dunno. It just freaked me out.

      I don't remember much because I woke up so terrified I was on the verge of crying. What I do remember, though, is an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. I'm at my boyfriends house, and we're having a normal day. Watching the game and folding laundry. I remember he's sitting across from me, and he checks the time. He makes this face like, 'huh, that time already', and he stands up. He shuts off the TV, and for a while he just stands still. I'm staring up at him perplexed because we never shut off the game. Ever. And he just turns and walks towards his room and motions for me to follow.

      "What's going on?" I ask him as I come around the corner, and I freeze. He's standing by his bed holding his shotgun, and he looks almost apologetic.

      "We need to kill ourselves today, remember?"

      I just stare at him. He's so calm, and I'm being calm, but again terror is flooding me and I begin to internally panic.

      "What do you mean? I don't want to kill myself!" And I remember having a distinct fear of dying. I am terrified to die.

      This is very, very interesting for me, because IRL death doesn't scare me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suicidal or anything, but the thought of death intrigues me and fascinates me, and never in my life have I EVER been afraid of dying. Ever. It's not a fear for me. The few times I've been in actual life-or-death situations my literal inner monologue was 'huh. well, whatever happens, happens.' So for me to have a fear towards death was so perplexing enough it actually snapped me into lucidity immediately.

      But the weird thing was, even being lucid, I wasn't able to staunch the paralyzing fear of dying. Even though I knew that I was dreaming and I knew I shouldn't be afraid of death because I normally am not, I couldn't it.

      So at this point my boyfriend has his shotgun and he sits on the bed. There's a bit in between I don't recall, but the overwhelming fear of dying is constant. I remember sitting on the bed, and he hands me the shotgun.

      "Go first. Kill yourself and I'll be right behind you."

      I had an overwhelming urge to run. Up until I was lucid, committing suicide had been the goal of my dream self. And now that I was lucid and I wanted to live, I couldn't change the outcome of the dream. I remember holding the shotgun and crying because I was so scared to die.

      When I woke up, I was crying. It took me almost an hour to calm down, and when I did, I couldn't shake the fear of death. Once I woke up the next morning the fear itself was gone, but the feeling of that dream followed me all day.
    13. DILD + chain of non-lucid dreams

      by , 12-21-2014 at 11:34 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Night creatures

      *A nightmare in dark, overnight scenery. I recall that it's not the first nightmare placed there. I become lucid near the end.*

      I am walking on foot in the pine forest at night. I was afraid of being surrounded by paranormal. I could sense the presence of something unspeakably evil. I thought I saw something behind the trees, but it was some kind of shrine made of white marble. I sensed something behind me, so I tried to run away. I found myself in the churchyard, but everything except cemetery was closed. I ran through the graveyard, on the road avoiding dead ends, and somehow entering the church. I walked upstairs, and saw someone praying to the elder werewolf god. I was surrounded by possessed dogs. I thought to myself Godmode! I grabbed two of them and threw them away. I grabbed the other two, but they bitten me really hard. I could feel the pain, but I wasn't even hurt. Eventually I threw them away, and woke up having enough of it.

      Stopping the thieves

      I was in a big seaside city with my classmates. We saw someone breaking into the jeweler's shop. We entered the car. I was the driver, and we drove through the wall, stopping them, but destroying the building. Police came quickly, they were mad at us for all the destruction, but since we helped them, they didn't punished us. We were invited to a party made by the jeweler, but I said I have to go, I have something to do. While going away, I heard my classmates saying Something about that one... I didn't wanted to hear it, and entered another shop. After a while went out, and met someone from school. We went on the
      shore, and talked about our lives.

      Dying for love

      It was in post apocalyptic world. Germans won the World War Two, by using nuclear weaponry. It happened during the evening and night. I was trying to save a girl attempting to suicide, I felt that I love her. She wanted to enter the hazardous environment, where one of nuclear rockets striked. I persuaded her to stop. She wanted to jump onto the train, but I stopped her in the last moment. Then she accused me of stalking her. I entered the truck, trying to escape from a group of german officers. They shot me in the heart. I died in that cold, dark foggy night.


      The cold war ended with nuclear war. Humanity lived in the cavernous bunkers made by germans during the world war. Everyone was scavenging for food and other resources. One of my friends told me to go for resources into the western chamber 1/a. I told my group to look elsewhere, and I'll go there alone. I entered it, but suddenly the automatic doors closed, and toxic gas was going out of a pipe. I tried to open the doors, only finding another set of doors behind them. I finally got to the last one, but they were too hard to open. Then a dog put his paw through the door, stopping them from closing, and saving me. I came back to my group, with a new friend.

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    14. The cop, the soprano

      by , 12-02-2014 at 09:40 PM
      A man's talking to a woman he's recently made immortal. She's very upset, talking about the moment when she'd thought she was about to die, and how she'd thought back on all these things in her life - her family, and the man she'd almost married. I see an image of that man lying in a pool of blood with her kneeling beside him - injured in the line of duty; he's a fed, she was a cop. He survived that. She's saying to the man who made her immortal that she doesn't expect him to be able to understand any of this - it's implied that she thinks of him as too inhuman. He's annoyed. He says to her, if she's so fixated on dying, go right ahead. If a year goes by and she's still feeling so "inconsistent," come tell him, and he'll kill her himself. He's entirely serious, but he believes that this won't be necessary - he believes that trying to make her focus on living will just drive her further into this self-destructive line of thought, but that if she spends time thoroughly thinking about death, she'll stop desiring it.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      The soprano from the other night, looking a little younger here, is sitting in a room with another woman, both of them dressed all in white with long white gloves. There's a mirror on the wall behind them. This other woman is standing up and singing, holding sheet music in her left hand - it's light popular music; she sings prettily but not professionally. The door to the hall opens, and a third young woman says, complaining, "Cora, it's almost dawn."

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    15. The Dry Spell Drizzle

      by , 12-01-2014 at 02:01 PM (Lucid Time!)
      -A particularly violent and vivid frag involving me fighting an older military type man with a spear and winning when he decided to commit suicide.

      -Something to do with 'Interstellar'

      -Something to do with my mom's friend's kids.

      -Something to do with wanting a weapon for Christmas being a good thing.

      -My friend K's dad had taken up metal-sculpting and he had made all of these hilarious cartoon statues of people screaming and pouting.
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