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    1. June Bonus Task attempt (Fail, but fun)

      by , 06-22-2017 at 03:39 PM
      Wake back to bed. Read a little about lucid dreaming before getting sleepy. MILD technique.

      So, I found myself walking towards my backyard when I became lucid for no particular reason. It felt like a Deja-vu, even though it was the first lucid I had that night, it didn't feel like it. Anyway, I felt ecstatic. I realized that I had never laid on my hammock while on a lucid dream, so I did! As I lay there, it struck me: the tasks of the month!

      Getting up from the hammock, I tried to turn the dream upside down, right there in my backyard. But I just woke up... or did I? Actually, I was now reappearing in some sort of outdoors courtyard with some tables and chairs in it... but I was upside down! Or was I? It felt like it for a moment, but obviously I'm not falling down towards the sky or anything. So, I thought, "what's the difference between being upside down or being upright when the laws of gravity seem to be working correctly?" Either way, this time I did wake up.

      I maneged to 'chain it up' inducing a DEILD in the form of an OBE-like exiting of my still-sleepy body. I got out of my house through the front door, and I quickly realized that there was some sort of pool party in my front door neighbors. They were actually two pool parties going on! One with a fake blow-up pool, and the other one with a real pool (that obviously isn't there in real life. I could hear sick music coming out of these parties! There were dream characters all over.

      I decided to climb some sort of wall/fence that was dividing both pool parties to jump to the big pool. Climbing up, I felt the hot summer lucid dreaming Sun in my back. It felt so warm and vivid and awesome! Anyway, instead of jumping into the pool, I decided to give the task another try. Feeling that the easiest way to turn the dream upside down was to fling with my feet the wall/fence I was standing on (as if I was doing a backflip with a skateboard), that's what I decided to do.

      Long story short, it didn't work. The dream quickly turned into a hallucination-blob and I woke up. Needless to say, I had fun trying.
    2. Dream - Soccer In The Woods

      by , 05-06-2017 at 03:42 AM
      Date of Dream: SAT 6 MAY - 2017

      I originally wasn't going to record this dream but then I thought it's worth it because of that reality check involved, which made it a semi-lucid dream rather than non-lucid. A "Behind The Scenes" entry of the reality check is to follow once I publish this one:

      Dream No. 108 – Soccer In The Woods
      (Lucid Dream 5)

      I was in some nice looking forest, it wasn't too cluttered with trees... There was ample grassland and golden light could be seen coming through due to the sun. As I was walking through, I once again had that thought of calling out for WB (the waking life one this time) but I stop myself and literally think to myself, “Is this real life or is it a dream? You'd better make sure you're not shouting in real life and then the wrong person hears you”. So I looked down at my hands, both of them spread out in front of me. I only had five fingers on each of them, but the shape of the fingers would keep warping, almost like my hands were underneath a layer of water. And then I remember thinking, “Yep, this is a dream, you have permission to call her”. So at the loudest volume I could, I kept calling “WB!” until she came out from behind a tree. It was interesting as she suggested we play some strange game of soccer, which is what we did. I forgot what happened afterwards.

      The dream distinguished that she was the waking life version this time. I saw her in person in waking life yesterday and had a really good time, so I think my subconscious has now traced her back to being a rational entity.
    3. night 13 - bolt holes?

      by , 01-27-2017 at 06:39 PM
      In a large split office room, workers are crammed in chatting loudly. A voice comes over speaking telling us to shut the noise down. I am agitated as I didn't hear anything saying we couldnt speak.
      Apparently our company has been taken over by a big corporation and we are all being interviewed.
      Pretty well everybody files off into the next room, except me and two others one I recognise as an old lady mate and one as Anthony from work. Eventually we have to go to.
      I head off from the white office through some big darkened glass doors. I see loads of people being lined up to have a test.
      I see that people are being injected in their necks and operated on. They have four big chunks taken out of their necks at the front.
      I think hell no! and start to back off but hear that even if you don't want a job the operation is compulsory.
      The door I came through is now locked.
      With part adrenalin part powers I break the door open and get out of there.
      Finding myself outside in a street. I try to fly but can't for some reason, and so set off on foot.
      It is sunny day, with a clear blue sky and a townscape that feels American
      I know people are coming after me and I head down one street but find all streets are shut off.
      Going through someone's house I find a back window and try and squeeze through.
      At this point officials bust through the door and an old lady their starts to blab on me, so I use a pressure point hold on her to knock her out.

      By now I am lucid,
      Getting out the front window just in time to see a long car pull up. I cross the road just as he is getting out.
      He pulls a long rifle or shotgun up and out as I try to fly, I crash into him and smash him into the car which crumples. I am flying at last and head up and over the town scape.
      Panic and teleport to my apartment. I hunt around for things to take with me. Soon enough I feel the people are closing in again.

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    4. Skyscraper, Old Friends, Bear Chained to Tree

      by , 07-10-2016 at 06:00 PM
      I was finishing up a day of work in a very tall skyscraper. It was getting late and there was a storm, I could see lightening flashing in the dark night sky out of the giant windows of the large room I was working in. The building was swaying. I was rushing to complete my work and get out of the building, but also interacting with old friends who were around. I think I got to the bottom of the building and stayed inside. It was sunny and daytime there, although we were inside there were still giant windows that you could see out of. Many friendly interactions that I have forgotten the details of with two old friends.

      Bear chained to a tree and someone was chaining a dog (my dog?) next to it. I wondered why they would do that, it seemed very dangerous.

      I suppose the part about the storm at the top symbolizes anxiety around getting work done, or finding more work. Making my way to to 'bottom' seems almost like regression. These were 'old' friends, and I went down instead of up. Maybe my past feels safer to me, and I miss that safety? The bear chained to a fence seems really symbolic. The bear was no threat being chained to a fence, it was 'under control' but not completely gone. Putting something vulnerable that I care about like a dog near it is dangerous. Am I doing something that is putting myself or loved ones at risk unnecessarily?
    5. Water Levels Drop on Earth, a Weird Game/Movie, and More.

      by , 05-23-2016 at 07:24 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      The water levels on Earth were dropping. I saw the world from a space view and saw that the oceans and rivers had greatly dropped, exposing more land. I thought about how that would impact our vacation, as the increase in land would increase our travel time.

      I then saw a zoom out of my uncle B and his deceased ex-wife running on what looked like a beach, but the water was gone; all that was left was dampened sand.

      At some point, I saw myself in the mirror with so much more stomach fat. It was hanging down. I noticed my legs looks fatter too. I was messing with the tummy fat.

      In my notes, it says I saw inside the ocean and someone fell, but I don't remember this part at all.


      Something about some weird movie/game. Someone got their arm chopped off at the elbow. I didn't want to see it, but it was part of the movie/game/whatever.

      Then something about my friend CR playing a computer game of herself? I started playing, but named my character "Kourt". I introduced myself to someone, a littie boy, as Kourt, but then corrected myself and said Krista, as to not confuse the child.


      I was outside my old friend CC's place in her back yard. It was so bright and sunny outside. I was watching her neighbor, RB, throwing and bumping around a (volley? soccer?) ball in their back yard with two others, two guys. I watched for a long time, and then I started to wonder where her brother was.


      Nap today: I had a weird half-asleep thought/dreamish thing of being in our new place and thinking how easy it was to confuse the words kitchen and chicken. I thought...kitchen nuggets...

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    6. 05.18.2016 Someone sells me paintings in bed (?)

      by , 05-19-2016 at 03:46 PM
      Preface: I came in late to work on 05/18. I was still not feeling 100% and yes, still taking cold medicines to knock this out. I stayed at work, went to dance practice, then decided to do a late yoga class to try and refocus my awareness.

      DR 1

      I am on a ship. I can see the blue, blue water from the deck. I am part of a group of people, who are in a line. We are behind 3 or 4 people, all waiting to be "judged". The "judges" are deciding whether or not we get to stay on the boat. I keep looking out towards the ocean, which seems endless. Its sunny and the water is so very blue and beautiful. I can feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. Suddenly a new group of people try to skip us in the line. Right away we tell them that we were here first, and we point them in the direction of the end of the line. There are some words exchanged between some of the men, but our place in the line is restored.


      I am in bed with an ex-boyfriend. The room is dim, and everything looks blue and grey. I am on the left side of the bed and he is on the right. I feel as though we are trying to take serious steps to reconcile, but are unable to. Despite everything that has happened, we find ourselves attracted to one another. Our faces come close to each other, but we do not touch each other or kiss. I don't want to get closer. He tries to come closer to kiss me, when suddenly, the ceiling opens up. We look up, and from the dark gaps of the floor above us, two guys drop paintings in front of each of our faces, and ask us if we want to buy. I am startled and confused by the happening, but somewhat relieved with their timing. I ask, "how much?" and they both tell me "$17". I mentally understand that this is the price for both. I say I may not have any cash, but I check my night stand to my right side, and I have stacks of receipts and cash, though I believe the cash to be in $1 increments. I pick up two of the bills and find that they are both $20 bills. "Oh, here you go!" I exclaim, while handing one of the bills to the salesman above me. "Keep the change." They drop the paintings into our hands. I rise out of bed, look at my ex and in my head I think something along the lines of, "this is not supposed to happen".

      DR 2B

      I wander through a kitchen, and then to a dining area. There is a huge yellow sheet cake with buttercream frosting. My niece is seated at the table to my right. Someone is at the head of the table (possibly my mom?), a female. My niece says the cake is really good. Apparently, I baked it earlier. I begin to eat what's left of the cake, at least half a sheet. I stuff all of it into my mouth, and its amazing. Near the end of it as I am stuffing spoonfuls of buttercream into my mouth, I begin to feel sick. My stomach starts to turn and I begin to regret being such a glutton. My niece is looking at me in both amazement and disgust.


      I find myself standing on the deck of the same ship again. I can see the blue water; I'm in the same place. It's still sunny on deck. I am still with the group of people and we are still standing in line. But everything seems to be going our way, as the "judges" have decided that we have some qualities that they like. I get very strong feelings that we are going to be allowed on the boat. I can feel that they like us and are going to accept us, and I have a very positive feeling.

      Side Note: This positive feeling is with me when I wake, although I feel tired, because I feel as though I have not been sleeping.
    7. 05.16.2016 birthday??

      by , 05-17-2016 at 05:49 PM
      I am sick- full blown cold and lots of meds. Home from work today, but I am working online and its crazy busy.

      Side Notes:
      In posting these dreams I have noticed there are dreams with lots of green grass, children, also sunny days.

      I am in very modern home. Everything is grey and black. I am in bed, and there is a huge window to my left. (The room reminds me of being in Vegas). I am lying beside someone, apparently, a boyfriend (? Nobody I know IRL). I can feel that we are not married but that the relationship is getting serious. He gets up while I am sleeping (dreamy/sleep state). I rise and start to dress. I grab my phone and I see that the text message I sent him the night before- its all jumbled and it looks like I wrote it while drunk. Its supposed to be some kind of silly sexy message from a song- so I become embarrassed.

      DR 1A
      Dream changes and I am at my mom's house. I am telling her about the text and how I'm so embarrassed. I am also worried, because I don't want my boyfriend (?) to think I am not serious about our relationship. We end up talking and walking to an area where there are lots of stores- a sort of shopping plaza with restaurants. There is a kosher place, and a place to get ice cream.

      We walk into a restaurant (?), we sit down and she leaves. A friend (?nobody I know IRL) of mine is there and we start to talk. She starts to say its my birthday and I tell her I don't really want to do the group thing. I see another friend(?) and tell her that all i really want is a piece of cake, so we walk out together. Outside, there is green grass, and children kind of playing everywhere. One of the children has a remote controlled toy, kind of like a fairy helicopter, that picks up and drops a deck of cards one by one. Its a very sunny day and I am happy. I am amazed by the toy and I wake up.
    8. into the woods

      by , 04-19-2016 at 04:05 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm on vacations with my family, the path we're walking on it made to simulate a forest, but it's fake, like an amusement park. We walk between the well integrated attractions, looking around. Other the limits of the fake tree I catch a glimpse of a castle in full gothic architecture, all high spires and graceful arcs, in light gray stones and slab roofs. I décide to try and go there, and my family follow. We push past the fake trees into the remants of a real forest, with moss and ashes everywhere.
      On the trail we're following, there's a square tower, with a large wooden door, locked. I easily scale the wall and enter it through a window. It's an house, and I start exploring it. The ground level is a diing room with a dark wood flooring, the furniture old but loved. A rickety staircase, almost a ladder, leads up to a TV room with a large, nest-like sofa taking up most of the room, making it nest-like and confy. On the far wall, there's a opening that lead into a bathroom; I can make out the sink and a tiny bit of shower curtain. I take a ladder to the next level and find another dining room, with armchairs and a big window overlooking the forest. I climb up the wall and end up under the roof in a bedroom; the whole floor is the cushy and confy, and there's a lot of pillows, the whole room in effectively the bed. There are a couple off roof windows, making the room sunny. I try to climb up into the roof itself but it keeps elongating, closing around me and making it difficult to breath and move.
    9. Nurturing

      by , 04-08-2016 at 08:32 PM (Here be dragons)
      A girl brought a egg in my house. It's bigger that my head with a rough, rocky shell. It's sitting on the kitchen table, in a ray of sunlight, as the girl argue with my sister. They are arguing about the girl character and attitude, my sister fed up with her. I know that this girl is messy and doesn't clean after herself, and is also quite selfish. I tend to agree with what my siter is saying, but want to avoid conflit so I don't join the discution.
      As they talk the egg hatches and a slender creature, looking like a mix of a ferret and an serpent with short, pure white fur slithers out of it, using his small clawed paws to scales the walls of the room. It's cute despite its strange way of moving, and I hope my sister doesn't see it and freak out because it remind her of a lizard. The newborn pet doesn't have a very sure footing yet, so it loses its hold and falls on me. I catch it in my arms, its body is very hot and muscled, almost hard. It cuddles to me, pointy muzzle nipping at my neck with a happy, chittering sound. It then jump out of my arms to climbs on the counter. The girl stops arguing with my sister to touch is, and it's fur turn velvety black.
    10. Two in one

      by , 03-08-2016 at 10:44 PM (Here be dragons)
      It was a very interesting night, as in it was almost stereotypical of my sleeping pattern. I woke up the first time after three hours of sleep, felt back asleep for one hour and a half, woke up with a dream, felt back asleep for one hour, woke up with another, more vivid dream. I would probably could have induced a lucid if I didn't have to get up for uni.

      Dream one: I'm with my sister in a beast of a car, more of a SUV really, with heavily tinted windows. My sister is the one driving, and she has a rather sportive approach to it. It's sunny outside, and it's pretty warm inside the car. The trafic we're in is pretty heavy, and she's trying to go into a parking lot on a hill, that looks like the one of my older university. It has the same tree that shadows the grass just enough for flowers to bloom. My sister pulls up next to another black, enourmous car. I take a quick look to the other car and notice that the driver is still sitting in it. I recognize the hadsome man I've see before and get out of the car to softly rap on his side window. My sister is annoyed at me but he looks up and smiles. I walk a little away so he can get out of his car as my sister starts going up the hill. We go behind her in a friendly silence.

      Dream two: I'm in a house with other girls. It's more of a wooden cabin, with wooden furniture and a gigantic, open chimney, with a roaring fire and a roasting apparatus. Looking out from the windows I can see snow, and open fence, and the fiery orange of dusk. We're trapped in. There's spiders crawling on the walls, big, shiny, sickly things glittering in the fire light. There's a big oak table in front of the fire, with a empty metal plate and a big carving knife waiting. The corner of the room are shadowing, but not enough to hide the bones laying there.
      I suddently understand that I'm in a witch hunt. And she's hungry.
      A tall, hunched over hag enters the cabin. She's not much taller than me, but here proportion are off somehow, with longs, gnarly arms and a big hunch. She's wrapped in dirty rags and a long dress, her skin looks like bark and her hair like white lichen. All the girls cower and try to hide from the witch. I see her grab her knife and a girl's arm. She starts to drag her to the fire, but the girl struggles and manage to escape the hag graps for a second. It throws the witch off balance, and I jump in to push her into the fire. She let out a shrill scream as the flames engulfe her, her skin blistering and smoking.
    11. Laputa

      by , 02-11-2016 at 10:31 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm in a field again, green wispering grass, low rolling hills. There's a light breeze, pushing white clouds in the bright blue sky. As I look around, the ground starts to shake; I hear a low rumbling and crackling, peebles rolling. Out of the hills rise giants; giants of white stones, with bells for heads. Dust billows from them as they slowy get up, the air filled with a loud grinding sound made by their limbs moving.
    12. Competition and flowers.

      by , 02-09-2016 at 09:41 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm in a competition, something in english I don't remember. I win the big prize, a trip to Venize. It doesn't look like the real deal at all; it's a big, green and lush prairie, with low, soft rolling hills. I walk around a little, listening to the murmuring grass. I spot a old, gnarly tree with a very dark, almost black bark and big off-white flowers. Their petals are thick, fleshy, with a waxy sheen and a very soft, floral smell. I pick a butch of them, the twigs holding them snapping easily. I try to put them into a pan filler with water, but the are so big I can't make them all fit.
      After that I'm vsiting a house with a small group of people. It's mostly one long room, with green rottin furniture, fairly used; in place the rottin is faded to a soft, light gray. There's also potted plants clustered here and there, painting touches of colors in the house.
    13. Religious Honey

      by , 02-07-2016 at 09:47 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm in my front garden, talking with a friend. It's sunny and the grass is almost neon green, the leave of the hedge shining. The breeze is warm, making my dress dances around my legs. As we talk a man in dark clothings come to the open portal and start talking about christianity, going on and on like a drone or a broken record, spewing aged nonsenses and franckly, offensives shit. It's hurting my friend and pissing me off, so I start telling his the more dirty, filthy things I can musters, in all the languages I know. He flees and I turn around to my friend with my biggest smile. She looks rather shocked, and it makes me laugh. I check the mailbox, in case the man put a pamphlet in it, and instead of that I fond a big pot of golden honey and a box of almonds. I shake the bow and the almonds rattle sharply, then I open the pot of honey. It smells wonderfully, it's a wild flowers honey, thick and shiny. I scoop out a handful, letting it flows between my fingers. Then I walk in, bus istead of my house it's my mother's place. The table is full of clean laundry, so I drop the box on the bar, alongside the honey pot.

      ... Once again I miss the more obvious dream sign ever. *shake first*
    14. Witchcraft

      by , 02-04-2016 at 11:16 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm in a field with a middle aged, thin blond woman. The sun is high and ther's just enough wind for the grass to shiver. We start running, going faster and faster. She takes my hand and we start floating about the ground, zipping above the grass at high speed. A large tunnel appears in front of us, the woman with me asking me to slow down. I go faster instead, rising us a little more above the ground so we don't touch the long, low bench in front of the entrance of the tunnel. A blue wall made of pure nergy shimmers in front of us for a split second and we go through, reaching the inside of the tunnel. The woman let go of my hand and we slow down and fall back on the floor. I land on my ass and my head feels floaty from the speed. The woman helps me up and give me a cigarette on a holder, lighting it up for me. I take a puff, feeling the hot smoke going down my throat, coating it with ashes. It taste like breathing in the fumes of firewood, with a hint of spiciness underneath, like four spices roasting.*
      I look around in the tunnel. The ceiling is vaulted, and all of it is covered in metal plates, some kind of purplish stainless steel. A man in a labo coat come closer to me, saying that I passed the protection like they weren't there. I understand that I'm some kind of witch, here because of it. I throw away the cigarette and go deeper into the complex. I reach a place that looks like a lab, with gleaming, white ceramic tiles everywhere. There's cars here; very old one. I come closer to one of them; it's bright red, with golden accent. A young man is fussing with it, calling it his baby. It roars to life when I come closer, wiggling like a dog. I pat it while the young man looks at me with a bemused look on his face. I start to walk away, but the car follows me, much to the chagrin of the young man. I give him a smile as an apology and fly off to the surface, climbing out in the same field.
    15. 02/01/2016 | "First" LD

      by , 01-17-2016 at 10:46 AM
      Technically it's not the first one but others were just too short or limited to count them (and I don't even wrote down every). So I think that this is the first one which is worth anything. Also I need numbers so here we go:

      Non-lucid parts
      Lucid parts

      #1 LD
      I was on the meadow close to my house. There were some animals: bisons (?) and black fox. As usually in my dreams I didn't have my camera so I went back for it to my house. I was there very quickly, like with teleport. Then I started to realise that something's odd. I was on the ground floor and again - teleport to my room (maybe with a very little lucidity). I was still going through the dream way. I get my camera. Again - feeling that this can be a dream. So I did RCs. My camera was working fine (vivid, display was on, I took a photo of the church with flash - it was night outside, I checked it on gallery). I switched on and off the light - it worked. I went to the kitchen where my mom was watching TV. I looked on my hands. I had brown gloves and my two fingers was close to each other but it wasn't that odd for me then. I asked my mom if this is a dream and she told me that I'm talking rubbish and I should eat a cucumber. Well, that's my mom. Nothing odd. I was looking so badly for the sign because I wanted to jump through the window and if it wouldn't be a dream - well, not so good RC then. So finally I tried to levitate and it worked! I was flapping my hands for it. It was hard to control the flight. I flight/went to my room, jump through the window and crashed. Fortunately that didn't wake me up, also I didn't feel any discomfort. I flied a little to a different part of the yard. It was day, grass was green, there were many flowers (i.a. red poppies). Everything was beautiful. If I was focusing on some detail then it was more sharp and vivid but also a little 'shaking'. I didn't have many ideas what to do because of excitement. I tried to summon my boyfriend then. I imagined that he comes from behind the tree. It was easy. But he did strange faces, didn't talk anything. Anyway I started to lose control, emotions and stuff. I hugged him. I saw in my mind (still in dream) his dog. Then I woke up. It was maybe 5 minutes between alarms on the morning.

      So it was short and I didn't do anything special but I liked it. Also I think it was a sign to start putting more interest in dreams, maybe to help myself with some things. I wasn't thinking then about LD or anything, I didn't even wrote down my dreams (last ones are from October).
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