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    1. DBZ Battle and Flying a Helicopter

      by , 09-11-2017 at 02:07 AM (My Dream World)
      DBZ Battle:
      The dream begins at my apartment. For some reason, I'm an old man and there are Dragon Ball Z characters fighting outside in a team battle. Goku and Vegeta are in the same team fighting an unknown character who got paired up with me. I'm in my building's corridor, watching them fighting below, from a sort of balcony. I'm lamenting the fact that I can't fly or use Ki and I'm weak, so I can't really fight with them. Suddenly, I remember about Gohan teaching Videl and Goten how to fly and a try flying and suddenly I start floating up a little. I them realize that since I can float, this must be a dream.

      I got back to the floor and think about how to get stronger. I take a stance, flex my muscles and begin screaming really hard, like a DBZ character powering up. Suddenly, my muscles grow and I become really buff. I climb up to the balcony and think I should get another power up just in case. I think that since I'm not saiyan I have to use Kayoken. I imagine myself activating it and I get a transparent aura around me. I prepare to jump down but get scared since Iím afraid of falling in dreams, so I take the stairs instead.

      When I arrive down there with them I immediatelly attack them, doing all sorts of cool moves like punching them and grabbing them and throwing them back down, cracking the ground. There was also a moment where I launched a ki blast at Vegeta from behind, altough it felt kinda weak so I went back to physical attacks. I was completely overpowering them. I even hit my teammate by accident at some point! Unfortunately around here my memory gets kinda hazy and Iím not sure when the dream ended, but it was sometime during the fight.

      Flying a Helicopter:
      Iím inside a military helicopter along with some waking-life friends. I think we are heroes and are going to a mission or something like that. Iím scared while riding the helicopter because itís really high up. Somewhere along the way, the helicopter runs out of fuel and we have to land on the middle of the street. We get off the helicopter, trying to figure out what to do now.

      I suddenly get lucid and think about flying and taking the helicopter with me using telekinesis but then I have another idea. I use a power from a manga called My Hero Academia. Itís a gravity cancelation power which allows the user to remove gravity from objects it touches. I touch the helicopter with one hand, making it weightless and now I can carry it easily.

      I fly around carrying the helicopter and my friends inside it and I stop somewhere because I want to try fusing the helicopter with something. One of my friends dares me to fuse it with an airplane but Iím more interested in fusing it with a car. I try to fuse it with a small car nearby but I canít get it to work. I even make up some magic words but nothing works. This is the last part of the dream I can recall.
    2. 17-01-27 Rampage!

      by , 01-31-2017 at 01:42 AM
      Awesome sequence of dreams, very memorable. I had orders to assassinate a military officer (using a sniper rifle) at a military base. But I had trouble identifying him, and there were far too many other soldiers around to get a closer look. I think I temporarily gave up.

      Another scene. I'm in a big city, at night, and it looks like it's the 1920's. It's raining. I'm in a parking lot (lots of old timers, that's how I know I was in the past), and I wanted to steal car to get out of there. My motivating for this criminal behavior is a mystery to me. The door opened, as door locks didn't exist yet in this dream version of 1920. The car alarm went off, and it was loud. A voice told me (or my own inner voice?) that I needed keys to start the car, so it was pointless to even try. But it was too late... between two buildings, I could see a man, a cop, approaching - investigating the alarm. I tried to casually walk away from the vehicle, but knew he'd seen me and was following me. He would arrest me soon, I thought. But then, something happened. I "felt" like I could fly. I could sense gravity "tugging" at me, almost begging me to take off - it's hard to describe. I realized it was the ultimate way to escape arrest. Here begins the "pseudo-lucid" part of the dream. I have all the abilities I'd have if I was lucid, and have some subconscious idea that I am in control and this isn't real, but at the same time not really... once again, very hard to describe. I still blindly follow the "plot" of the dream as if I wasn't lucid. I take off, and look back at the cop in mid-air. He stands there, looking at me, bummed out he couldn't arrest me. I give him the finger, and fly away. The flying, despite the rain and the darkness, felt exhilarating as hell. I looked down, or saw my shadow on a building, and saw I was wearing my long black trench coat. I was also wearing a black leather cowboy hat. I flew through the city, fast. So fast, I flew straight towards a building and knew I'd hit it if I didn't make evasive maneuvers pronto. But as usual, I knew such high speed maneuvers would be difficult, and I was too lazy. I decided to simply fly right through the building instead. I expected to violently burst through the windows and through the whole building, but instead I just kind of "no-clipped" through it, as if it was a fake video game object. This felt dissatisfying.

      I flew into the next scene. Near the base from the beginning of the dream sequence was the Hollywood sign, which I flew past. It was sunset. I decided to finish my mission. Here things get violent. Continue reading at your own peril. I landed in the middle of the base, and smashed my way into the largest building. I fought soldiers, and defeated them easily using super-strength. I smashed them into walls, through walls, into each other, and worse. If doors were closed, I casually smashed them down, or just walked through the wall (physically breaking it down, not phasing through). At one point, to get to the floor above me, I just super-jumped up, smashed through the ceiling, and ended up on the floor above! In combat, I used a form of super-speed (the same mental power that propels me in flight) to bash into soldiers, to get a bit of extra punch. Anyway, I couldn't find my target. I grabbed a soldier, and forced him to tell me where his commander was. The soldier told me he was in the small building across from the big one I was in. I walked over to it, and casually bashed in the massive steel door. There he was, the target. Suddenly, I was attacked by several soldiers that came running at me from the courtyard. They stabbed me with their knives (in the chest and abdomen), but my skin was as solid as Superman's and they did not penetrate. It felt very uncomfortable, though. I easily "defeated" the soldiers. Again, very violent moment coming up. I turned to the surviving soldiers, as I was holding another one in my iron grip. I told them I would rip their buddy's head off. The commander mockingly said he doubted I could do that. The soldiers, on the other hand, said he should not doubt my words. They'd seen me in action before. Eager to prove my power, I started violently jerking my prey's head to the back. I used my mental "lucid powers" to imagine it being easy, but it still gave a lot of resistance. In the end, I could see a red "line" in his neck where the skin started tearing from the pressure... That's where the dream ended. It was ludicrously violent, but it felt so good. I was an absolute terror, the "anti-Superman". It felt... liberating! The entire dream had a pretty cool pop-rock soundtrack, and I think I may have heard the song in real life before.

      In a later dream, I was an "escort dude", or gigolo. People were standing by a black board, and had to "grade me". Disturbingly, my mother was there too, and also graded me (gross!).

      I was in a classroom, among teenagers, but I was an adult myself. I lost my temper, as the other managed to say things that got under my skin and made me relive the horror of my own high school years (and history with bullying). I was desperate to affirm my superiority over them ("I'm an adult, you can't bully me anymore!") but felt utterly powerless. Guess that's why I enjoy ripping DC's heads off...

      I was carrying trash bags while riding on a motorcycle through my hometown. One bag in each hand... Cool 80's synth music played in the background.

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    3. Spellbee's Splendid Competition Night 6: Flipipping a Car

      by , 01-19-2017 at 01:39 PM (My Dream World)
      I don't remember the non-lucid part of the dream, but I suddenly got lucid. I was in the middle of some large street, on some crosswalk. There were lots of car. I started walking fowards. There was a car in my way, so I decided I wanted to flip it. I put my two hands beneath the car and effortlesly flipped the car like a table. I continued walking until I reached the other side of the crosswalk, when I remember the three-step tasks. Luckily, I managed to reemmber the first one, telekinesis. I saw a woman across me and decided to TK her towards me. I extended my hands towards her and made her levitate and brought her into my arms. I let her down and continued walking on, until the dream started to fade. I tried RCing and touching stuff to stabilize, but lost the dream and woke up.

      Me and my family were staying in some huge, fancy hotel. I woke up a little late (I think about 9 A.M, almost 10) and decided to go get breakfast. I went into the elevator (which was huge, it had tables and chairs in it for some reason) and it started going down. I noticed I was wearing jusjt a shirt and boxer shirts, but decided I didn't care anyway cause it was breakfast and everyone was probably in their pajamas. I also remember some little kid being in the elevator. I them realized it was too late and they wouldn't be serving breakfast. When the elevator arrived at its destination, I went down some stairs and there were some bakeries where I could buy stuff. I got lucid at some point but everything was already fading away and I was feeling faint. I walked along some wall, touching it for stabilization but woke up.
    4. Huge Progress

      by , 05-16-2015 at 11:09 PM (My Dream Goals)
      Although it is too unclear in memory to thoroughly journal it, last night I had a lucid dream that completed not 1, not 2, but THREE tasks that I had previously set. In the dream, I was outside (TOTNLD Go Outside), picked up and uprooted a very large tree (TOTM Develop a Supernatural Power), AND when picking it up and dropping it, sunk a couple feet into the ground due to the weight and threw tons of dirt into the air, respectively. (TOTW, Dig a Hole). On top of that, I almost completed half of my TOTY by almost being able to swing the tree over my back and onto a house (TOTY part 1 Commit a Crime with a Supernatural Power). Also, I would like to share my strategy for developing super strength in dreams, at least for the use of lifting a heavy object. I first grab the object (as for the tree, I had to hug it to grab a large enough part), close my eyes, try to lift, and then as soon as I feel a lifting sensation I open my eyes and due to momentum, I am now able to lift the object.

      Task 1: Pick up a tree again, Develop better clarity.
      Task 2: Punch someone out with no effort.
      Task 3: Destroy a large statue with my bare hands.


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    5. 30th October - Train Crash and Guns - Non Lucid

      by , 10-31-2014 at 10:59 AM
      Inside a large compound with one high sloped wooden bank, and building on two of the other sides. The other end just kept going so the compound must have been huge. I had a paintball gun in my hands and was in the middle of a game with one other person. Interesting to see how gravity effected the balls as they were fired. Even over short distance. On the opposite side to the sloped bank was a dilapidated building. Some old friends were leaning out of it shouting me to come up, saying they were building a swimming pool. Took the staircase on the right side of the building, expecting just to be able to walk right through, but it was split into two rooms, and the room I was trying to get through was JAM PACKED with mothers and their kids. I mean shoulder to shoulder mothers... no chance. Carried on up one more flight of stairs to see if I could get over the top but my path was blocked by large atlas maps rolled up in plastic tubes. I needed one for my bedroom in real lifeso I picked it up, but a child said 'No, they are the schools!'

      Ran back to the car park and jumped in a Jeep wrangler, speeding off down the jungle rally track that started at the end of the car park. Look over to my left and in the passenger seat is a young boy, and for some reason I know he is going to be there for the rest of the time. I slam my foot to the floor, and hurtle round the corners. It reminds me of temple run, and huge logs block the road at points. I don't slow down, just lean back and pull the steering wheel and the car jumps over. I miss judge a turn though and the car goes rolling into the forest. We manage to jump out before the car leaves the road though, and we watch it hurtle into the distance. (A few minutes later ill see an explosion in the distance and assume that was the car finally coming to rest)

      I look about to see what is around, and an old man is there with a long beard, standing in the middle of a rail way track that runs parallel to the jungle rally track. All three of us walk along it and eventually the trees die back and we are wandering through a large open plain. Suddenly I hear a huge horn and turn around to see a train bearing down on us. Its so close and so fast. Everything goes into slow motion and me and the old man dive sideways. I see the little boy just stood there. The train is about to hit him but I manage to grab his t shirt. It turns all elastic and just stretches, pulling him away much slower than it should. The train turns ad drives off the track. I look up and the driver waves as if to say 'hold on, Ill take it round the block'

      Watching the train just disregard the track and do a full circle on the grass was pretty impressive. It came back around and the driver said don'r worry about it. I got on the train and it was full of people what looked like they were heading to a fancy event. I guessed they were all together. The inside of the train was set out exactly like the inside of a coach. I walk out of the middle door into a courtyard. Everyone is stood around as if at a wedding reception. Walking through the crowd, a guy holds his fist up for me to bump it, but when I do, he grabs my hand, and wont let go. Then he does, I crack him the biggest back hand I can manage. (I don't know why) It makes a loud noise, everyone looks, and he starts crying. I big shout of 'Call the police!' goes up and I just leg it. I ran up past the church with my best mate and then up the the police station.

      There were tall narrow startcases up the the front desk of the police station and i started pouring out my story to the officer. There was a moody french couple what wouldnt say more than a few mumbles in my direction. I went back ooutside and there was a mob of people shouting for my. Loads of boys from the younger year of my old school with tennis balls, ready to punish me for hitting the guy. I stood up taller than all of them and roared like a lion, and they all ran away. I went back up to the front desk of the station but it had changed into a kitchen and the officer that i had been talking to was stood there making a slight variation of a kebab from Berlin (They are the best) There were three hand guns on the table in front of me and one of them had a large scope on it. I picked it up and looked through the scope. The image I saw was better than crystal clear. I have not seen anything that clear in a dream before. (Expectations)

      Put the gun down and went downstairs. There was a car parked outside that was full of water with a man sat submerged inside. as i got there the water had just dipped below his face and he looked upset. I kicked to door off and asked him if he was committing suicide. He said he was, so I dragged him out the car. He looked flustered and told me to leave him alone. He got into a van but I told him he was coming upstairs. He was having none of it and tried to drive off. I was having none of that, and pushed the back of the van. The whole thing spun into a wall. He reversed and I did the same thing. I then grabbed the back and just flipped the whole van onto it's side. (super human strength) He was so angry and started chasing me. I ran up the stairs into the police station and told the officer. He was watching TV at the time and stood up and aimed his gun at the top of the stairs. The fat guy came up, saw the gun and instantly vanished. And then the dream ended.

      Before Bed
      Blue light from the screen
      Lots of alcohol
      Nicotine for the first time in a couple of days
      Lots of water before bed

      Woke at 06:00 and went back into the dream 10 mins later then rose at 09:15

      -A few violent things in the dream which doesn't usually happen-
    6. 1 Non-Lucid and 4 DILDs

      by , 01-18-2013 at 08:59 PM
      I'm just playing catch-up here a little bit. These are the dreams I have recorded from the past couple of weeks that I haven't uploaded yet.

      #1 - Hmm [Non-Lucid]

      I was in a bed in a dark room with A, this girl that I know through some friends that one of them has a crush on, and T, a different friend's old roommate. T wasn't very involved, I could just hear him moving around. I was giving A a full-body massage. Afterwards we all got up and walked to a classroom, which was just down the hall from the room we were in. Hmm.

      #2 - Kenny Dies [DILD]

      Most of this dream is blurry in my memory now, but I remember it starting with me, my old friend D, and Kenny from South Park all being chased by someone. We were going through some obstacle course connected to a mall or something and we were trying to escape from a room that was filling up with water before it was too late. At one point D and I turned around and saw Kenny floating in the water, having drowned. D looked shocked and said "Oh my god, they killed Kenny!" I jumped up and said "You bastards!!" I tried to go after him but D pulled me away, and then my memory gets hazy again.... The next thing I remember is walking outside the mall in the parking lot and becoming lucid. There was some cool pattern in the clouds, but I can't remember what it was now. I decided to walk through the mall and gathered up a crowd of DCs around me all chanting a mantra of stability with me, something like "this dream is long, vivid, and solid". While we were walking around I was also picking up various pieces of furniture in the store effortlessly with one hand and hurling them across the store. I was really worked up and this girl next to me did part of the chant wrong, so I looked over and said "No!" and shoved her headfirst into a glass wall. It didn't break, she just hit it really hard and then fell over. When I saw that it was actually someone I know and like in waking life I felt bad, and I picked her up and sat her down on a chair to see if she was alright. After that I started getting kind of unfocused and the dream ended.

      #3 - Too Much Energy [DILD]

      The main thing I remember about this dream is that I was pissed when I realized it wasn't real, because it was going really well. I became lucid around the time I was doing all these crazy calculated flips around this huge auditorium that were really fun and impressive as hell, and then when I realized what was going on I just had endless amounts of energy. I got really unfocused and just started grabbing stuff and throwing it all over the place until I woke up.

      #4 - Back Once Again [DILD]

      I was back at my old middle school with O and we were visiting our old orchestra teacher Mr. L. Afterwards we somehow got lost in the crowd and became part of the student body there, so we started trying to find our English class that we were supposed to head to next. We realized that we needed to pick our schedules first, so we started walking to the office and on the way we saw an old friend of ours wearing this cute sweater that I own that looked totally weird on him. X) We were also on the second floor of the building and I could see a tower of people stacked on top of each other coming up and leaning in our direction from the first floor visible beyond the railing. >_> Around this time I became lucid, and I ran into the girl M in the hallway who I haven't seen at least since we graduated high school but who I knew since kindergarten. I walked up to her and said "Hey, girl." She came up to me and I grabbed her and ripped her shirt down and started groping her and kissing her neck, but I got a little too into it and the dream faded away.

      I took 50 mg of zinc at dinner the night that this next dream happened. I like to think that it had an effect.

      #5 - More Summoning And Possession Practice [DILD]

      There was some weird school stuff going on this dream before my memory really cuts in. The first thing I really recall is becoming lucid while packing up my stuff in a dark room. I wasn't immediately lucid enough to break out of this action at first, so I started repeating a mantra "electricity works in dreams" while I kept trying to turn on the lights and use my cell phone light to help me find stuff. It worked to an extent, and some of the lights showed up or got brighter if they were already on. My cat was also in the room with me but walked out it and down the school hallway at some point. I decided to walk out to the hall myself and followed it down to a large open area in a very fancy hotel-type building. There was also a large window spanning several stores to the left of us that was visible because every floor ended in a balcony. I decided to fly forward and grabbed a sofa with people sitting on it with my right hand as I passed by it, and I phased us through the window. Outside I could see groups of people eating dinner at tables below us, and I chucked the couch at one of them and then just moved on without even really watching what happened. I flew higher up to where there was a rooftop balcony with no covering and saw a family eating dinner or something. I decided that I wanted to see if I could summon a whole group of people, so I flew a ways over to the next rooftop thinking that I wanted to see a small group of gossiping women. When I got there it worked perfectly, there were four women in classy dressed gossiping about something at a table, and they didn't seem to take notice of me. I decided to possess one of them but it didn't go completely smoothly, and the other women started looking at me (as her) and asking if I was alright, I was making weird faces trying to adjust the feeling. I finally started getting situated but then my libido started ramping up and it woke me up. Man, if I could just control that feeling without waking up more often....

      That's it for now!
    7. The Grocery Store

      by , 12-14-2012 at 03:52 AM
      I found my self inside a grocery store observing some products, I'm not quite sure what enticed me to do a reality check but I decided to try pushing my fingers through my palm and to my amazement it worked and I realized everything was a dream. As soon as I realized it was a dream every thing started to shake and twist, I could feel the dream world collapsing. I closed my eyes in the dream world and focused on my self and clearing my mind. As I was focusing I briefly opened my eyes for one second just to see how the stabilizing was going to find something amazing, I saw the dream world swirling all around me and basically rebuilding itself. After I opened my eyes I felt my stability start to slide again because the seen was simply to chaotic to bear. I eventually regained control opened my eyes and I was back in the grocery store and I successfully achieved lucidity. I remained calm and yelled, "STABILIZE NOW!!" at the top of my lungs and everything became crystal clear, this is the first time I exert control to this degree on a dream it was simply unbelievable how clear everything became. I started to walk about and just inspect the dream world, there were other DC shopping in the mall but I was too busy trying to decide what to do next to even consider interacting with them. As I was walking I saw a window leading outside, I hastily decided to fly through the window smashing it and then flying around outside. I got ready to fly through the window and started running towards it when I noticed that there was a storm outside and it was very windy. I stopped my self from running but my momentum still kept me going a little bit and my foot passed through the window without breaking it. I pulled it out and decided to just stay in the grocery store and see what I could do. At this point I started trying a number of things unsuccessfully, I started to try to cast fireballs using the Ka-me-ha-me-ha hand gesture and failed every time. I even saw some coal suspended by a tray throwing sparks everywhere so I decided to try and harness some of the coals and sparks energy to build a fireball with my hands but that didn't work either. I then stopped trying and noticed a red hot coal fell on my hands, I felt no pain but naturally threw it away out of fear. I then stared at my hands for any damages and found none, no burning sensation and burned marks. I gave up on shooting fireballs and decided to try lifting objects and throwing them around in the grocery store with my mind, of-course this failed as well so I eventually gave up and kept moving. I wanted to experience a super power so the next one I tried was insane amounts of strength, I slapped a steel bar as hard as I could and nothing happened it didn't move. So then I decided to try something a bit creative I jumped and then landed down with a stomping motion and nothing happened as well, I tried it again and heard a loud sound of cracking tiles, I looked down and I had created a small crater below my feet, I exhibited super strength! After that I was satisfied and moved on to the main super power of them all, flying. I have no idea why but this came totally naturally to me, I set my mind on flying I smiled with confidence ran and then flew off the ground and around the grocery store, I even did acrobatic moves in mid-air spinning and sharp turns and still maintained flight. I noticed a cute girl sitting down on one of the benches in the store and try to impress her with my flying. There was a plat form above her so I flew there and slowly lowered my self in front of her with 1 knee up and the other leg down humming the theme song to "Superman" she smiled at me while I landed in front of her then I asked her if she wanted to have sex and she didn't say anything she just stared at me then the dream just ended lol.

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    8. Domestic Violence

      by , 11-10-2012 at 04:15 PM
      Domestic Violence [DILD]

      I remember becoming lucid in my house with my cousins P and G, although I don't actually remember ever seeing G (at least not clearly). He disappeared at one point while he and P were playing hide and seek. I was gaining clarity as I pulled P out from under the couch, having fallen asleep. He got up and sat on the couch and I decided to walk around smashing things. This lucid was very stable so I was pretty excited that I could get really worked up without waking up. I just knocked over and smashed stuff around the house for a while, like our HD TV, and then I went over to the living room dining table (which I didn't realize until after waking up was actually our old table). It was set up to be a perfect circle (it can be changed) and I picked it up with two hands on the rim and threw it into the air. I did that a few times, then thought to myself "Hold on a sec, what am I doing?" I put it down, then picked it up effortlessly with a single hand, took it into the den, and threw it like a frisbee back into the living room. I ran up to it and caught it on my finger before it hit anything, and I'm pretty sure it actually did turn into a frisbee during that. After that I turned around and saw our DVD bookcases which were kind of treated like one huge bookcase. I picked it up and tried to smash it into the wall but it didn't make a dent. Then I just decided to pick it up like a broadsword and take it back to my room and start smashing my computer and my desk. After everything there was adequately destroyed the dream started becoming blurry, and I woke up.
      lucid , memorable
    9. My Sandbox

      by , 10-05-2012 at 02:34 AM
      Side Notes - This lucid is actually from September 27th, I just never took the time to type it up until now.

      My Sandbox [MILD]

      The main thing I remember about the first part of this dream was that I was at home and we were throwing a party with lots of my family members and old teachers attending. After everyone had pretty much left I was just hanging out in my room and I saw my 11th grade physics teacher coming up to the door through the window so I went to go meet him. I think he also morphed into some random guy at one point.... I went and opened the front door and he wasn't there, and upon seeing that I immediately became lucid. I randomly decided to climb the tree in our front yard, so I sprinted towards it and just ran up it. I'm pretty sure the geometry of this experience was beyond alien, my memory is quite confusing, but eventually I was just standing up on a high point of the tree. I looked up into the sky and saw a car slowly floating through the air way off in the distance and was confused for a second, but I decided I probably shouldn't let myself get distracted with that or the dream will fade. (I've gotten this feeling while staring into the sky while lucid before.) I took one last look at the car and then back down to the ground. Extending out in front of me was a long and incredibly thick tree branch that seemed to be made to resemble the shape of a slide. There was even a little cupped part at the bottom. I slid down and the branch moved to help get me gently on to the ground. I turned around and noticed that the branch was actually in the shape of an arm, and the cupped part was the tree holding its hand like that to assist me. I reached out and shook this massive hand and smiled, the tree seemed nice. I had landed in the road and there was a car coming right for where I was standing, so I crouched down and spread my arms out to try and hold it off. When it collided with me I was pushed back slightly, but mostly I was able to push the force of the impact to the side and the car ended up smashing through the front yard of the house across the street from mine. I turned around and saw their fence running along the side of the street, so I jumped up to it and started running along the top. I was headed toward the nearby alleyway but as I looked at the houses over there my vision started to get really white and blurry and I was afraid that the dream might be ending. I turned around and saw a truck with a pretty empty back turning the corner on to a nearby street (the one that extends directly out from our house, we live at a three-way intersection). I held out my hand and yelled "Stop!" and the driver immediately slammed on the breaks. Then I clenched my fingers almost into a fist as a way of doing a sort of telekinetic or magnetic pull and it totally worked. I was pulled by an invisible force on to the back of the truck and I reached over to pat its side and said "Alright, let's go." We started moving, and I vaguely remember leaning over and starting to say something to the driver and/or passenger, but then I woke up.

      Fun night.
    10. Mediterranean City, I'm Mean

      by , 07-14-2012 at 09:37 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [Another dream from 8:30AM, lol... as soon as i woke up, i checked the clock and it was 8:30 again... what kind of sorcery is this? ]
      [The dream collapsed a lot this time, it was really unstable and i had to DEILD back a lot, but i can't tell the exact places of all the DEILDs, so i'll only say so when i'm sure it happened at that exact place]
      [Oh and i took 3 Negro candies again, which makes it the fourth time that it succeeded ^^]

      I just walked up to the window in our house to look outside, when i noticed that instead of seeing our garden outside, the house was on a tall cliff and there was a huge forest below us, with a well lit town further down. I wondered a bit about this, but got lucid really fast

      Without much of a second thought, i looked back behind me just a little bit and noticed that it was almost fully dark in the house. So i just climbed to the window and jumped through it without hestitating.
      I was happy that i got lucid again, but i expected it, so i wasn't much of surprised at it.
      It was nighttime outside, but i didn't worry that much yet.

      I let the wind carry me as i was flying above the huge forest. I wondered at how awesome that little town below looked... it had thousands of night lights on. Soon i couldn't see it anymore as the wind got weaker and i started descending towards the trees. I almost hit one of them with my head, but then i flew higher intentionally.
      [That windy feel of flying was a bit more noticeable here than usually, but maybe just because i focused on it].
      Soon while flying towards the town, the dream collapsed on me.
      [I went back with DEILD].

      When i was back in i was already standing near some kind of crossroads in the town and it was daytime. This part of the town looked like it was close to the harbor as there were multiple industrial buildings on both sides.
      [I became semi-lucid here].

      There was a tall bridge in front of me that passed above the street i was standing on. For some reason i felt like i need to climb on that bridge, so i started jumping higher and higher, climbing on the metallic parts of the old bridge. While doing so, i noticed 3 DCs standing down below. One of them was an old guy and two boys were with him.
      One of the kids said:

      - Oh wow! Look at what she is doing!
      The old guy reacted with an angry face:
      - That's totally dangerous to do, don't even think about cheering for her!
      Both the kids:
      - Oookay uncle...

      I just kept climbing without thinking much about them [as i was semi-lucid]. When i reached the top, the dream collapsed again, which made me fully lucid again.
      [Back with DEILD].

      When i was in the dream again, i found myself at a different part of the town. It made me remember my holiday in Greece as it was really similar, this was definitely a true mediterranean city.

      The buildings looked similar to this.

      There were these narrow, sometimes steep streets everywhere. The buildings all looked similar to eachother, but this just gave a special feeling to the town. They weren't taller than 3 floors max, but most of them didn't even have a second floor.

      I was walking around for a while and just checking out the environment as the sunlight was shining on the buildings and the ground. People looked busy in all directions, most of them went on foot to do their daily things, but there were some small cars passing by.

      As walking about, soon i found a small apartment which somehow made me remember how i wanted to talk with DCs yesterday. I decided that i'll keep trying as i couldn't really get too far.
      I passed by this building on the left side and got to a parking lot. There were those weird small cars everywhere. In one of them was an older woman who was just about to get out of the car.
      Just for fun i grabbed the bottom of the car with two hands and flipped it. The car was flipping around in the air fast as it crashed into the closest wall.
      Some DCs were looking at me weirdly, when a guy asked:

      - Why did you do that to her?
      - Um... i did it to the car, she isn't injured...
      He looked at me with a mean face, but i walked away.

      Soon i thought of entering a building, so i when i noticed that one of the doors are open, i took the opportunity. I walked inside and noticed that two girls were arguing:

      - Why do you say that to me?
      - I just don't care, okay? Just leave!
      The girl standing next to the door soon after this left and slammed the door behind her back.

      For some reason i thought that they just broke up or something...
      The girl who owned the house was sitting in a corner on some pillows. There were basically pillows everywhere in this house on the ground... and it was somewhat messy.
      [This house made me think of my old love for some reason... maybe because it was similarly messy as her house, but still similarly comfortable to be in].

      I walked up to her and though that i should try to comfort her a bit, then try my luck
      I sat down near her on another pillow. She had black hair, but she looked sad and her face wasn't that attractive to me anyway, but she was okay... I started:

      - So you just broke up wi...
      Before i could finish my sentence, she said:
      - Yes.
      - So, how do you feel now?
      - Really bad.
      - Why did it happen?
      - I just don't know... it's complicated...
      Just as she said this, i felt like time skipped suddenly.

      She looked happier now and smiled while she said:
      - I just broke up with him for real now!
      - Him? I thought that you...
      She looked at me weirdly now... like she realized what i planned.

      I realized that she found out... so i started thinking loudly:
      - Should i be nice...?
      [That basically meant that i was wondering whether i should kiss her anyway or just leave her alone].

      I decided that i'll be nice... so i just turned around and flew through the wall. As i was slowly flying away, i noticed that some of that girl's friends were in the room now and they started shouting things at me:
      - Booo, how pathetic you try to use her like that!
      - Just go, just fly away far from here!

      I felt bad for doing that, even if she was just a DC... because that's not what i am like....
      While flying away, i soon woke up.

      [Meh... i managed to talk more with them now, but that didn't turn out as i expected... ]
      [Anyway, the dream was definitely interesting... i'm getting more and more interested in the DCs during these last days, instead of using all kinds of powers everywhere... i can't tell if it's better or worse.. but i enjoy talking to them ]
    11. The Kidnapped Princess and the Porno Peeper...

      by , 06-20-2012 at 04:53 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid
      20th of June, 2012

      Another mostly forgotten night. I woke up at one point and was super tempted to write down one of them, but it was so awesome I was sure I'd remember. Didn't!

      Something about Nooks being kidnapped so I lifted up the car she was being taken away in and put it on top of a van to stop it driving away. Probably should've realised that wasn't humanly possible.
      Then I was driving a car which turned into a really tall unicycle which I rode into a video store. I was looking around for movies but all I could see were the porn DVD's coz they were on the top shelves where my super-tall line of sight was.
    12. Full Lucid Flying! Now thats what I'm talkin bout! Awesome Star Wars dream too.

      by , 05-05-2012 at 02:23 PM
      We were in the millenium falcon traveling through space. R2-D2 was piloting a bigger ship behind us, tailgaiting us and firing at our engines. We could fire back, but it wasn't helping much. The ships were so close together, it was like they were connected. So I went to the back of the ship and held the cover over the laser aperture shut so it couldn't hit us anymore. It was funny I got my foot over the cover, & I can see the bright light that seems to be flashing off my shoe. That buys us some time but it isn't a permanent solution. So I have the co-pilot open the com. I start by saying "hey R2, buddy, we are your friends. You don't want to be shooting us." Then I motion/tell the real Han Solo who is standing next to me now to talk over the com to R2. Gah, I can't remember what he said exactly, but he sounds just like Harrison Ford is supposed to. Although he sounds very persuasive, R2 doesn't buy it. After the com channel is closed, I could have swore Han quoted a movie line at me, like "well that didn't work. Got any better ideas?" R2 is still bearing down on us and uses his bigger ship to force us down through a planet's atmosphere and land. At least we are on the ground now and not being shot anymore.

      I go into 3rd person and am inspecting the ship that forced us down. It seems the dream is reading details to me about the ship like a schematic. The ship R2 was piloting was imperial in design, and had a clear window made of unbreakable corellian durasteel. That was the main point. Then I go back to 1st person view with a group of DCs on the planet's surface.

      We are on the ground now. Some more DCs show up and some of my family members are there, although they are younger looking. There is this one woman who has come out of R2-D2's ship and she shows us why we are here. This planet is cold and has some snow patches on the ground. She finds one berry, like the last berry around for miles, and starts chewing it. She starts moaning because it is so good. She shares the taste of the berry with other DCs at this point by giving several of them a kiss, starting with Han Solo, though she doesn't kiss me. I happen to be off to the side of the group a bit anyway. It turns out this planet is drying up, climate change, and cannot produce food like it used to for its population. There is much dryed out long grass, and many dead trees. There was a patch of nice green grass, but it was as if summer had turned cold early and it snowed. The woman took us here to show us this, because this planet was worth saving.

      We start talking to a farmer asking him what exactly their situation was with the crops. He explained pretty much what I already knew. I could tell Han was thinking of ways we could correct the problem. I jumped in with, "well I suppose you don't have a fleet of (space) ships?" The farmer was like "no, we don't." Scratch that idea, but I could tell Han was already thinking of something else. Our group was following the farmer now, watching the farming operations. They were using some kind of modified AT-ST to help clear the dead trees from the land. This thing could "run" about ten times faster than the AT-ST's you see in the movies. It was creepy in the way that it moved. They also had a backhoe type vehicle that could keep up with the speed of the AT-ST. It also was clearing land.

      As we got closer we came to a point where a paved road was close to where they were working. As the backhoe vehicle was out of the forest with a load of logs, it was bumping into other dead trees causing some of them to break and fall. Three trees at the edge fell, and nearly hit some DCs, but they merely jumped out of the way. It was pretty impressive moves they were doing, but the DCs didn't seem to think anything of it.
      I'm pointing this out to my DCs as well and I'm telling them, "well at least I'm not getting hit by a tree." No sooner did I say that, then a tree falls my way as if to spite me. It is a good thing I seem to have the same agility as my DCs, because I jump out of the way as it crashes to the ground beside me on my left. I start getting mad, and accusing my DCs of "making" the tree fall on me, like they did it on purpose somehow as a joke. This is where I start getting lucid. I walk over to a parked car that is on the road, lifted the front end clear off the ground, and pushed the car about 30 foot down the road with the back tires skidding on the pavement. I felt the "rush" of having super strength. By doing this display of strength, it was like telling my DCs to stop F-ing with me.

      Lucid Now
      As I walked back over to the group, I finally think to myself, I'm in my dream, duh! I calm down now realizing there is no point to being mad at my DCs. I tell the crowd kind of flippantly, "hey everyone, I'm in my dream." After saying that I bend my knees and jump into the air and do the slow levitation style flight.
      I look down at them and say, "y'all can suck @$$. I can fly."
      Everyone below me is like "wow, he's flying."

      As I start flying, I am thinking how not to wake up. I say out loud, "stabilize dream." That seems to work, and gives the dream some clarity. So I fly over to another dead tree, grab it and it breaks off at its base. I'm not in the mood for smashing stuff so I just let it drop to the ground. No one was in the way. I fly a short ways back over to my young sister, who seems to be a little girl around 10 or so now. I don't know what is up with the age regression in my dream. My sister is on the ground in front of me and I try to levitate her by telekinesis. I extend my left hand and focus, the first try isn't working. I wait a second, then try again. My will grabs her this time and she floats up to my height, where I tell her, "Hey, you're flying." She seems all happy about it, even though it is really me doing it. After a minute of making her fly, I can tell I'm overdoing it, so I simply grab my little sister to hold her instead of using my concentration. I was able to land and set her down safely, but I didn't have enough time to stabilize my dream again. I woke up.
    13. Faceplanting, Bus

      by , 04-29-2012 at 11:30 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [So at around 10:20AM i had an almost successful DEILD attempt, but it failed for some reason when i was almost already in the dream... I gave up somewhat after this, as i got really excited and thought that i won't be able to fall asleep anymore today... seems like i was wrong...]

      When i found myself in the dream, i was walking in my current school's darker half, where i rarely go. A lot of people were going out of classrooms and walking around in the corridor and i got lucid because there were too many people there who shouldn't.
      My first thought was "Oh yes! I thought that i won't get an LD today anymore, but it succeeded! ".
      The first thing i wanted to do was get out of this school, since i wanted to find Lucy [I will make an entry soon giving more insight on who and what Lucy is].
      Because Lucy is tricky, i wanted to get out of the school into a more open place, where she can't really hide or scare me. So i thought i'll just go through the wall.. why not? Well as soon as i faceplanted the wall, it answered my question.
      I tried it again, another faceplant... i just couldn't get through it.
      I rubbed my hands together multiple times as the dream was really instabil [It was 11AM in reality] and it fixed it a little.

      I decided to move on and search another exit. I went through a swing door, which led me into a place that looked a lot like a factory of some kind... a lot of machines all around and the big room had yellow windows everywhere, to decrease the sun's light. I decided to fly up into the air and tried to fly through the ceiling, but i faceplanted it again... in the air... ugh.
      Then i noticed 2 girls down on the ground talking something like "Look! Look what is she doing!"
      I didn't really care about them and didn't look at them at all first, but i knew they were my classmates from my old school. When i realized that i can no way go through the roof i decided to get down to the ground and think, but just as i turned around i woke up.

      [I waited a little in my bed, didn't open my eyes, but got the feeling that i can't go back anymore...]
      After this, for my surprise i found myself in the dream again... even while it wasn't intentional as i thought i can't come back... I was still lucid.
      I was standing in the middle of a high traffic road in the closest big city, where i usually go by with the bus. I was glad that at least i was outside now and it was sunny as well. I still didn't forget my goal, i wanted to talk to Lucy.
      I decided that talking on top of a bus would be a good place, as i could keep my eyes on her easily and she couldn't really hide anywhere.

      I looked around a little and noticed that multiple buses are coming my way, i grabbed one's mirror and tried to stop the bus from moving, but it was too strong and got away. Then i noticed how scary it seems when a huge bus comes towards me, so i decided to put one of my legs in front of a bus as that would surely make me lose my leg in real. It hit my leg and it just bounced a little and the bus just went on... I thought to myself that invulneralibity is fun ;D
      Then i decided to not let go the next bus, i grabbed it's back and i was right, it couldn't move on anymore. I picked it up with one hand and kept it in my hand while i turned around to find a place where i could trap the bus to stop it from trying to get away.

      As i turned around i found myself in my small town, near the supermarket, where currently a lot of people were doing picknicks. The river that was there in real was missing and they were sitting on the grass around there.
      I still had the huge bus in my hand and kept on going towards some bushes where i thought i could trap the bus in... but just as i went past one picknicking family, one of the kids has thrown a rock at me, which i felt was stuck in my shirt at my back... I thought to myself that a dream figure won't make a joke of me and turned around and wanted to bash him with my bus, but then i woke up again, the dream fell apart

      [I didn't realize in time that dream figure was an interruption... meh]
      [I couldn't go back anymore, but i was still happy that i got this LD, this is my third one this week ]

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    14. Holding Down The Fort, Aesthetic Lucid And Link Contact

      by , 04-08-2012 at 07:39 PM
      #1 - Holding Down The Fort [DILD]

      I only really remember the part of this dream where I was lucid. I vaguely recall flying around mountain ranges at some park... or something.... And then, I was in a school with a bunch of people and we were doing some kind of intense LARP battle. I run to some small, sealed, closet-sized room but with window and lock myself inside. People would run up to the door trying to open it, then I was suddenly lash out phasing through the door, grab their arms or legs, and snap them with super strength.

      #2 - Aesthetic Lucid And Link Contact [DILD]

      I remember something about my dad intending to buy me a new home, and I was walking around some neighborhood with this guy S I knew in middle and high school, though didn't get to talk to all that much. I think he was here because O mentioned that he was going to see him for the first time in years the last time I hung out with him. We walked up to some gigantic building, and I wanted to see into it. It had kind of a cool stylistic architecture that's hard to describe, but we also saw a few other buildings being built that way, including a McDonald's. I became lucid and flew up to the top to look inside, and there's no ceiling - the top is huge and totally open. I went down and grabbed on to a ledge and just let my feet dangle inside the building while feeling the wind blow past me. I spend most of the time here just enjoying the scenery, there were massive open fields and mountain ranges all around me that I could see faaaar into the distance of due to the altitude I was at. It was really cool.

      False Awakening - I wrote down the dream, which almost totally screwed me over because when I woke up for real I remembered being lucid but not what happened, luckily it finally came back. I got up and went to play some Digimon game that I remember very little of now, but I do remember that it was long and intense. I finally beat it in the end and then got up and started browsing the internet on my computer. I was at a site that listed game data for all the different Pokťmon. I was looking up Exeggutor's moves, and then suddenly the text on the screen scrolled to the right and new text was appearing in its place. It was some kind of chat log. The first few lines were this:

      This is Link!

      :O I think I saw the word "incredible" in there somewhere too, but I can't really remember the rest. After I started comprehending what it meant, I woke up. :T
    15. 1987 - Super Strength

      by , 04-06-2012 at 01:04 AM
      When I was around 16, I know one of my first real lucid dreams was where I walked out on the road and waited for cars to come by. The first one came, I grabed it like superman and stopped it. It got crunched up in the process but I wasn't hurt. I proceeded doing this with several more cars until I was satisfied. There was a pile of automoblies in the road and other cars were stopped in both directions, not able to get by. My dream took place near my parents house out in the country. By gaining my super strength ability, it also made me gain my dream invulnerability. That is like a resistance to being hurt and killed in my dreams. I still feel pain of wounds, but greatly decreased almost like an awareness of being hurt instead of actual pain.
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