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    1. 13 Nov: Grandma's, filming a commercial and superheros

      by , 11-13-2019 at 12:04 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      My grandma's house is back in the family. I am asked to spend a few days in it and I ponder moving there for good with my animals. I comment with someone that unfortunately the gym in that village has some type of martial arts but only in a shitty schedule that I can't attend and that may influence my decision to move there.

      I am a pretty confident actress trying to make it. I walk into a studio where I am going to shoot a commercial. I cross path with a kid I know from a Star Wars movie as an extra. The commercial is about a delivery service but for some reason I have to sit on a toilet behind a guy sitting at a desk at an office. I am pretty sure nobody wanted to shoot this embarrassing commercial. I feel extremely embarrassed. Then I go to the toilet for real and I am attacked by some jealous girl with a knife. We have an ugly fight and I slash her shirt and she eventually gives up, but she tells me she was sent by a group of people determined to hurt me because somehow they are jealous of me.

      The Avengers are now old. Even Superman is a retired ill man. But there is a world threat and they are called back to action. They say to call the Incredibles instead, that they will handle it. There is also some dude called General Radical (his name) and they want to call him to, but he is a kleptomaniac. When they knock on his door he is proud to show the stuff he is been stealing. He is proud of it.
    2. superhero mainia

      by , 08-13-2017 at 05:55 PM
      (before I start I must say that the quantity of dreams I'm remembering is getting higher and higher and the most dreams I've remembered was 4 = a false awakening)also the quality of what I remember is getting lower so I have something I'm going to start doing I am going to write in my dream journal first than later in the day I'm going to type it out starting tomorrow)
      1st dream- (It was a pretty big dream but I don't remember to much) - I am somewhere, I am in a building, I don't recognize this place It is kind of like an office. I am a super hero. I have a move list, literary a move list that pops up when I want it to the whole thing is blue but the words and symbol's are black. After that I'm at the next scene that I for sure remember. I am fighting a villain his looks? All I remember is blue, but we start fighting before I do that I look at my move list and I use the first move I see. All It was is that I flew In and punched him in the face. Surprisingly It knocks him out. Next scene I'm in school I don't remember the rest
      2nd dream - fragment - I remember a music in the background I can't describe it well but oh well.
      3rd dream - not remembered (have you ever know for a 100% fact you have had another dream but you can't remember anything)also can someone please explain the quality quantity situation and how to fix it if not then I will probably do the dream journal than computer thing but I need help)
    3. Enemies of Different Kinds

      by , 04-06-2015 at 03:12 PM
      I sit down to watch a superhero movie, similar to the Incredibles where there's a whole super family, with my mother and immediately get sucked into it. I'm now somewhat "playing" the teenage daughter, and my family, myself, and captured civilians are in the evil person's jet hangar.
      There's a cute boy who isn't a superhero and doesn't know that I am one, and I have a crush on him. But unfortunately I know our arch enemy is hanging around, waiting to stir up trouble. I go into the bathroom, where my superhero family is hiding from her, and making a plan of action.
      I then wonder about the boy and peek outside. He's talking with our nemesis! I have to get him away from her! I call him over, which gets the attention of our evil nemesis, but the boy does come over. I pull him into the bathroom, and tell him things like "don't listen to her" and "be brave" and such. "Trust in me" I plead with him. He nods. I then leave the bathroom to go rescue the civilians.
      I hardly get very far when the boy comes to me and says "Hey! You left you phone!" The evil villain grins in the distance. The boy hands it to me and I notice a flashing light, that's flashing quicker and quicker. A bomb! I quickly flick that away, in the direction where nobody was nearby and it explodes the second it touches the ground. (This part happens in just a matter of seconds.) I look back at my phone in his hand and the phone is still blinking! I slap it out of his hand and push him away. The slap didn't fling the phone very far at all, it was too close to everyone. And it was blinking ever faster. I gingerly kick it down the tunnel where the jet is. It didn't explode, but it's still not far enough. I'm shaking in fear and because of adrenaline, but mostly fear. I kick it again, a little harder this time. It explodes, massively, farther down the tunnel, and I can feel the heat. I collapse on the ground, crying, psychically and emotionally drained. That almost killed my family, these innocent people, and my crush.
      During the huge explosion, the jet behind it turns on. A flame bursts from its tail, and starts pulling me toward it. I try to run out, but I get sucked further in. I make a force field around me to protect me. I glance up, at the boy who is standing at the mouth of the tunnel, looking at me in horror.
      The POV turns to him, and now I'm watching the teenager get pulling to the jet as it gets hotter and louder through his eyes. She starts to grow in her force field, but she's not strong enough to stop the blades that she's getting sucked in to. (honestly though why are there blades on a jet?) She keeps growing and growing at a faster pace, and finally grabs the blades, forcing them to stop and break off. But she's still getting sucked in to the jet. She forces herself under the jet, and looks at me one last time. She looks terrified.
      Everything goes black and all I see are two huge, glowing red eyes and I hear growling.
      The scene changes. I'm leaving a movie theater with my mother, and sister. We're talking about the movie while walking through the parking lot. Zack is in the parking lot, and he gives me the middle finger. I feel confused, and a little insulted. I never did anything to him. He joins our party, begrudgingly, and we walk to the park. At the park, there's a little gazebo where two pianos stand back to back, along with other, smaller, instruments. One piano is an upright, the other is a grand. People are welcome to play with them, and they're kept in excellent condition. I consider playing Jonsi's Where No One Goes from HTTYD2, but decide against it. We walk out of the park, and arrows lead us to another parking lot.
      Then, I wake up.
    4. Blind as a Batman

      by , 02-12-2015 at 08:12 AM
      Morning of February 12, 2015. Thursday.

      It seems I “am” Batman, but not the “real” Batman - perhaps I am his stand-in while he is on vacation. There is not much to this dream - it has no plot; only a couple rather ridiculous scenes - one incoherent scene involving people I knew on King Street. I never catch on that I am dreaming. I am living with my family where we are now in real life (on W Street) in most parts of my dream, though again, there are also points at which I seem to be in La Crosse flying around.

      For a time, I am wearing really unsuitable and ill-fitting uncomfortable clothes as I am flying around mostly at night (for example, a light-colored flannel shirt that is too baggy and long).

      There is a Batman costume in my backyard near the shed near the final part of my dream. Oddly, there are only two sections to it; the bottom (boots and “pants”) and the top (which somehow comes down over my arms and includes the Batman head. First, I put the boots on with no difficulty, the sense of touch being slightly enhanced. It feels fairly nice. However, when the top of the outfit is complete on me, I realize that the mask has only very small horizontal slits which I can barely see through. In fact, I notice three slits on each side at different levels. None are exactly where the eye-holes should be so I have to adjust the full-head mask several times to see anything at all. It is still mostly like only seeing a thin horizontal bar of color representing the backyard (though I can see just a little out of the other two slits on each side - only at times). Still, I fly off into the air, not remembering in-dream that Batman does not fly in the manner of Superman. From here, my dream eventually fades.

      Perhaps this dream is a reminder that, even though you can be anything and do anything in dreams (including being bodiless), perhaps weighing yourself down with too much costuming and deliberately blocking your vision is not the best route. Why would one need to wear a mask anyway? One can be his true self in a dream.

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    5. Blah Blah Bleh

      by , 08-29-2014 at 02:37 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I had a long dream about my family going on vacation in a tropical destination, and of course pretty much the whole thing was laced with personal elements so there is basically no part that is safe for dreamviews. I will make note that I nearly got lucid during this dream however.

      EDIT: oops almost forgot another dream!

      I was partially lucid directing this dream about a character named 'Jetpack Joey'. I was thinking of making this a comic when I woke up. Upon waking it doesn't seem like that great of an idea though. The dream had a cartoon/anime styling and told a story about a young boy (12 maybe) who builds his own Jet Pack and becomes a superhero.
      The climax of the story took place on a suspension bridge. A gunfight has broken out between the city police and a criminal syndicate and Joey and the mayor of the city are caught right in the middle. Joey's jetpack has run out of fuel and he jumps into the water.
      The clymax was not clearly explained, but he then somehow used a sparking electrical wire to turn the water into hydrogen gas and refuel his jetpack.

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    6. #7. Flying Superspeed Superhero

      by , 06-06-2014 at 08:03 PM

      In bed: 11:50 PM - 7:05 AM

      #7. I. 6:20 AM
      I am playing in a platformer type game. It is a co-op, and it is 3D. We are in a giant room/world that is bottomless with just darkness below us. I've just made a jump to a platform, but it was far so I didn't make it easily but am hanging on the side. I have to pull myself up and onto it.

      I am with a bunch of other people. We are gathering a top these buildings. There is one building top up here that is higher than the rest. That is where whatever is going on is taking place. As we are waiting for everyone to get here, I am missing. I think about some superhero that my brother has mentioned that is like a bird of sorts, but he can also use magic to create drafts of wind and such to speed himself up. The superhero almost seems to view this as cheating though and doesn't do this much. I am down at the bottom of some buildings and imagine using it and do which allows me to nearly teleport up to the top by flying super fast.
      Up towards the top, I start looking around at all of the birds flying around looking for an eagle in specific. I watch this one small group of larger birds that I think might be eagles, but it turns out to be some smaller bird. I go back to where others are gathering. I climb up this tower that is of the same height of the top of that building. I watch from there a bit. I sit some trash or something down in front of me on the tower that I was holding just so I don't have to hold for now, and I'd get it later. But it falls eventually when I am adjusting myself, and KP who is on the side of the building climbs down and picks it up before I can get down. I get mad as a result, as I would have gotten myself and didn’t want her to go through the trouble for something so dumb anyway.
      The event is that BP and TM are getting married. Lots of emails have been sent out about it, and I see them sending out a few more before it starts. I am sort of annoyed with the whole thing, mostly because in addition to them getting married, some girl that I like is also involved somehow in the wedding. I know that it’s not that she’s getting married as I would know if there was a guy, but she seems to be establishing that she is getting prepared for the future or something.

      I am with a few other people, as we are approaching a village. There is an RPG-feel to things and the village. Outside the village, we encounter a wolf who charges at us and starts attacking us. We eventually manage to get in. Later, I have exited the village from another side for some purpose, then head back having transformed into a wolf somehow. I end up wrapping around and coming to enter the village again from the side we first came in. I sneak up on the wolf that we encountered before and scare it from behind making it run away in fear with its tail between its legs. Because I am wolf, I cannot open the gate to get back inside, so I decide to jump over the fence. I use a bench that is on the outside of the fence to help me jump over.
      Back to a human form in the village, I am now going to pick up groceries for my mom. I have a self-driving car. I have already gotten the groceries which are in the car with me. I watch and wait as the car parks in the parking lot. I am very skeptical of whether it will actually be able to park successfully. After it does park, I just sit and wait in the car for awhile for some reason. The car is really large with the back of it having an interior like the size of a room in a house. At a certain point, the windows fog up a lot, and I cannot see out of it very well. Not long after that, it starts to snow and rain at the same time, the rain causing the windows to unfog as if the fogginess was on the outside. Everyone outside is surprised by the weather.

      I am hanging out in a dorm with two girls and a guy. The guy and one of the girls seems to be together, and the other girl, who looks like J, is more so my friend than the other two for me. My friend goes to the bathroom, and while I am occupied in my room with something, they start pulling together on the doorknob of the bathroom so that the girl cannot open the door to leave. I watch from my doorway as they work together pulling, the other girl climbing on the shoulders of the guy to have better leverage on the door. Eventually, they let her out, laughing.

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    7. The Retail Resort I Learned Magic At

      by , 01-07-2014 at 04:52 AM
      Jan 4-5 2014

      I was at a nice resort area, talking to a family while sitting at a table that was making a big purchase. Apparently Sal Volcano had done all the selling and they knew what they wanted. As I was "ringing it out", it asked me where we were and it showed a giant map of the resort. Soon Sal showed up and we were going to eat. My mom was there, and a few other people I didn't know. I was asked if I wanted any food but I said no. Food started coming in and my mom started eating it. I wake up just a little but DEILD back into the restaurant. I focus on my surroundings and start feeling what I can. The ground, which was carpet feeling, the tables, which were a smooth wood, and a tiles pillar, which felt cool, but bumpy from the tiles. I also calmed myself down by taking a big breath, and then rubbed my hands together. I didn't want to take too big of breaths in fear of being aware of my physical body. I got up and started to walk to explore the dream. Kaitlin Dekkers and Molly Finley come up to me and ask me to show them what types of mouses would work for Molly. I say sure and start to walk towards a wall. When I get there I realize it's the wrong wall and tell them to follow me to another. I then realize I was losing lucidity because of them, so I tell them it has to wait, and they reluctantly agree. I think about what to do, and remember Gray's magic. I'm on a 2nd floor, near a corner of this room, and decide to block off one section of the corner to stop people from distracting me. I get in a wide stance, put my right hand in a fist on top of my left hand stretched out. Think hard and shout, "Ice make wall!".
      Nothing happened from that, so I decide to try harder. I get in the same stance, and when I put my hands together I think how they should be "steaming" from ice fog. They do a little bit and when I shout "Ice make wall!" this time, a little ice forms in the ground where I wanted it to go. I realize I'm almost there so I do it one last time, my hands are really fogging now, and I shout the words really loud this time. A giant pillar of ice shoots out of the ground, and everything seems to go quiet like I did something incredible. The pillar was thin, and only about half as wide as I wanted it to be, but it was very tall. I looked at it and it was very detailed. The edges were extremely jagged and ominous, whilst it was thin enough to see through it, but distorted.
      I realized I knew I could do it then, so I did the magic one last time and succeeded in making the giant wall I wanted to. I wanted to cross to the other side, without running around, so I do the magic and shout, "Ice make platform!" and several square ice platforms appear floating between my position in the corner, to the other side. I get on the railing and jump to one platform. I wonder if it can support my weight and then I break the ice and fall to the ground floor.
      It's at this time i realize I'm on a team of superheroes fighting against super villains (I've lost lucidity at this point as I go with the flow of the dream). I knew I needed to get to the 2nd floor so I think about what could get me to the 2nd floor, 'an ice plane?', 'an ice rope?'. As I'm thinking I realize one of my teammates is in trouble behind me. They're fighting a guy under the water so I dive in, and try to cast an ice bolt in the villains direction. It doesn't work and the villain turns on me. He's like Mr Fantastic, but is wearing a daredevil uniform, and swimming and talking underwater. He starts beating me up and I wonder what I can do. Soon enough, one of my teammates jumps in and beats Mr. Daretastic, and I'm saved. When I emerge, the battle is over and everyone is celebrating. I'm mad I didn't do much and wanted to check I still can use ice magic. So I call "Ice make bolt" at a wall, and it makes a giant spinning saucer that launches like 6 feet deep in the wall, leaving a huge gash in the wall. The saucer had a diameter if about 4-5 feet. People are talking about the battle, and one my managers from Apple, Nate, comes up and is congratulating us. He reaches his hand out to me to pull me out of the water, and is saying that we're all getting paid for the flight home as well. I hear only 1 civilian died, and that she lost her mind completely or something. I remember this and everyone else does too saying they saw it in a dream. I remember I saw it in a dream too and realize we all had the same dream. I say that dream changed my perspective on dreaming in general.

      I was buying mom a gift and I got her 2 goggles for seeing underwater. They included free classes. I was hoping to get a discount but I didn't have my license for whatever reason. I asked my dad for his, but his was very old when he was under 21, and he said it didn't count. The lady was talking to me about all of the classes that I'm getting and I was getting very annoyed. Erica was saying to not make it about me, and I was just so confused why everyone was talking and mad at me.
    8. Wrestling Superhero Circus

      by , 11-03-2013 at 06:45 PM
      Batman wrestler is on some spinning machine and his other wrestling buddies are spinning his around with pens (don't ask). looks like one of those things you see on a kids playground. He screams he has had enough but they keep spinning him. These wrestlers are reckless and are comedic. I did not have a dream body once again.
    9. "Meteor Men"

      by , 09-25-2013 at 03:25 PM
      Morning of September 25, 2013. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 17,082-04. Reading time: 1 min 38 sec.

      My dream brought back to mind a movie I had forgotten about years ago. I watched it tonight with Zsuzsanna (the last time I saw it being about a year before we met). My dream is a fictitious sequel of “The Meteor Man” (1993) that starred Robert Townsend. It has two Caucasian men of about twenty whom I think are involved in a motorcycle repair business.

      The two men are seen as villains by certain people at times, even though they save others. There is a scene where they stop a car from crashing and right after that they cool off an angry crowd (who do not like them) who seem to have heat exhaustion - the Meteor Men blowing at them from a distance using “ice breath.” Most of them seem thankful except for a few who immediately leave. They can fly at times, but not very well. An old woman eventually seems annoyed by them following her to make sure she crosses the busy streets safely.

      The most bizarre scene is where they visit the original Meteor Man for advice and such. He (Robert Townsend) seems much older, around seventy. He has wondrous powers but seemingly not much control over them as he has supposedly gotten old and his body “too weak” to exhibit more mental focus over. It is from the shifting energies. As he is talking, while giving good advice, he says “I don’t want you to see me like this” (implying they should leave) when he begins changing uncontrollably into an anthropomorphic reptilian pangolin porcupine hybrid. He later changes in other strange ways and his body and height nearly double in size.

      At one point, when he is bigger, a turntable seems to be growing vertically and facing forward from below his left shoulder as he faces towards my incorporeal view. Two big flies buzz around and land on the record that is somehow playing vertically as if they are attracted to the partly organic turntable. The two men leave to go off on other misadventures. The movie is unfinished, but this is the point my dream shifts into even more unusual imagery with robotic flies and organic human-like rocks and hair and eyes, and pangolins and porcupine quills, and unusual futuristic buildings. I slowly wake, with a dream within a dream of how I am talking about differences in the different Meteorite Men costumes to Zsuzsanna, as well as other clear images from the real movie.

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    10. Kittens, Beads, D&D

      by , 05-07-2013 at 03:22 PM
      The night prior, I had a dream about superheroes. And then there was a tall skyscraper, and I put some of the windows out with my mind from a distance. Then I was caught in a huge wave, that was rocking me back and forth with each surge, but even though I was immersed in it I did not drown. There was a really old guy who was supposed to be a villain.

      Last night I dreamed I was on IRC, only IRC was set up more like an image board. Anyway, I found a channel I liked that was full of a bunch of other gamers and role players. There was a kid on there obsessed with Yu Gi Oh to a really annoying degree who kept challenging me to fake "fights", and then cheating terribly. I commented that he was taking an awful lot of Free Actions (for some reason we were playing by 3.5 Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules) and then beat him up with a pair of giant stuffed foam thumbs. A toy he was using as a prop to fight with exploded into a bunch of glass beads, and then he turned into a kitten. I felt bad about wrecking his toy and being so mean to a little kid/kitten, so I picked up the toy (it looked like a doll head, only made out of beads) and began trying to repair it.
    11. The Flying Man is over the Running Man

      by , 04-17-2013 at 10:09 PM
      Now this one guy in my dream was pissing me off. He had some canisters with him that had some kind of power, which he stole from the people. He was running away with them. These canisters looked like the ones from the MMO Star Wars Galaxies, missle packs. He had three of them. I finally cornered the guy at the edge of a cliff. The cliff ledge jutted out like a peninsula with the sheer dropoff on each side. This guy was so desparate to get away that in a last attempt he grabbed the canisters and dove off the side, falling to what should be his death. Finally in my frustration I went lucid. Knowing I could fly, I dove off after him and flew down to him faster than he could fall and grabbed him. I telekinetically levitated the canisters back up to the top of the cliff, then proceeded to have fun with the idoit. I flew up a ways, accelerating massively way faster than any man-made rocket could. Then I let the guy drop again. This time I caught him half way down, stopping him suddenly once more. I knew that the G-forces were really messing this guy up. Next I flew up into the stratosphere where the air got thin and we could see into space seeing the heavenly bodies. Then I just let him drop to burn up in the atmosphere on his decent.

      I just remember it being really nice at that level in the stratosphere, the dream views (pun intended) were really awesome! I had some fun on my own now that I had gotten rid of this guy. I flew back down into the thick air of the troposphere for a moment, then back up again to perhaps 300 miles above where I was looking at the moon and stars before I woke up.
    12. 10/05/2012

      by , 05-13-2012 at 05:11 AM (Tom's Dream journal)
      I am english so my dates are day/month/year just in case someone is confused.

      Notation and explanation of sleep etc.
      Minor lucidity
      Major lucidity
      No LCDs from 9:00 till 10:00, got to sleep pretty soon after 10:00 as i had a tiring day. I remember a small awakening sometime around 2:00 but fell asleep until 6:00 i dreamt in this period:
      I was on a ancient greek ship, as you would expect from some movie like clash of the titans, there were DCs on the ship with me but no one important and i had the feeling i was in charge of them. We saw a large fortress in the sea. It was made out of stone and appeared to be Roman type architecture i related it to the colosseum for some reason but it was a lot less open. It stood on something i couldn't see under the water, but most of it was out of the water. I remember having very little armour and a bow, i think my mind used Perseus as the basis for my character in the dream as i had a bow, and could fly (i didn't check my feet for winged sandals ) i spent most of the dreams flying around the outside of the castle and shooting arrows a the skeleton guards, through arches. The climax was when i went inside i found a weird creature, now that i think about it, it was a red creature with a humanoid form, horns on its head, wings (dragon like and separated from its arms) and a devil like tail (reminds me of some creature out of doctor who with david tenant and Billie Piper, where Piper goes back in time and changes something and these weird evil creatures are made anyway it looked like one of them ). This bit is a little hazy, but my brother was there (who is 11 so four years younger than me) and he was by the monster and we were all on the edge of some kind of sandy coloured abyss, anyway the creature throws my brother off before i reach them and then i go mad and fly towards the creature, shoot it with an arrow and then cut off its head with a sword (hmmm don't know where that came from) and it falls into the abyss. It turns out the creature was some sort of time guardian and by killing it i rewind time to get back my brother, hey presto and i wake up.
      It is 6:05, toilet break, then i fell asleep at 6:10:
      This one is really hazy, but i was a superhero and had some vague powers with telekinesis and flying abilities, and i was in some sort of cave, coming from a house in a city, very strange. Anyway after messing around here, i can remember there being a story and an end, but not what it was. i woke up.
      I did a reality check to check if it was a false awakening, it wasn't, but i think i accidentally DEILDed and fell back asleep very quickly.
      I am squatting in a room with a golden light filling it, no distinguishable walls, but there is a ceiling. There are pebbles all over the floor, i remember falling asleep... ... and plug my nose, the air rushes in. I lift a stone with telekinesis and remember i should try to focus and calm myself and anchor myself in the dream. I start to focus, i close my eyes i can't open them. I rub my hands to try and focus on the dream but my eyes are awake (if that makes any sense) and they feel like a part of my physical body. I try for more than 20 seconds with the hand rubbing and then give up, and lose the dream.
      The time was upon wakening 7:25 (I'm in a boarding school so i know in 5 minutes some jerk is going to come around ringing a bell, delighting in our evident misery, and all under the good excuse of waking us up for breakfast so i don't go back to sleep) and i get dressed and write this down on a piece of paper.
    13. 43rd Shared Dreaming Attempt - AnimusMessor179's Attempt

      by , 12-18-2011 at 10:00 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Animus' Dream

      1) Superhero dream. I can fly, and the city is in a war between heroes and villains. I tackle someone dressed up in a costume, but it turns out to be a friend and a fellow hero. Looks kinda like the Green Lantern, but with a black, V-shaped mask around his eyes. (Which is interesting considering he wears a shirt with the green lantern symbol all the time) Somewhat disillusioned with the war and the constant struggle of fighting.

      2) The night before, I wrote out what my dream self was armed with. Two swords, 6 throwing daggers, and a pair of heavy revolvers, with a brown trench coat and a black fedora to top it off. In a dream I grabbed at where one of the swords should have been, but nothing was there...

      3) Urban setting? It's been too long since I woke up to remember...
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      lucid , non-lucid
    14. 12/17/11 Heroes and Villains

      by , 12-18-2011 at 09:58 AM (Scrawlings of a Mad Man)
      1) Superhero dream. I can fly, and the city is in a war between heroes and villains. I tackle someone dressed up in a costume, but it turns out to be a friend and a fellow hero. Looks kinda like the Green Lantern, but with a black, V-shaped mask around his eyes. (Which is interesting considering he wears a shirt with the green lantern symbol all the time) Somewhat disillusioned with the war and the constant struggle of fighting.

      2) The night before, I wrote out what my dream self was armed with. Two swords, 6 throwing daggers, and a pair of heavy revolvers, with a brown trench coat and a black fedora to top it off. In a dream I grabbed at where one of the swords should have been, but nothing was there...

      3) Urban setting? It's been too long since I woke up to remember...
      Tags: superhero
      lucid , non-lucid
    15. Super Hero?

      by , 09-06-2011 at 01:31 PM
      8 Aug 2011

      I was trying to steal something from a guy at the top of a multi-storey building. This required finding secret ways up through the floors. The bottom few levels were a shopping centre with office floors above. The layout of the building was similar to many buildings in Sydney's CBD but the shopping centre was similar to a dream I had many months ago. On climbing various devices such as ropes, escalators and swing bars etc. When I was on the private floors I had to be covert in order to evade attention. There were various staff trying to prevent my passage. It gave the general feeling of a Team Rocket base from Pokemon. On reaching the top I found the item which I was intending to steal and the boss was in the room. I thought he didn't see me but as I was leaving, he made it clear that he knew what I was doing and was allowing me to pass in the hope that I would learn from his generosity. He was a Superhero and I was the villain but we were both forced to accept that we were friends not enemies and could drop the stupid charade.
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