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    1. BBT and The Big Bat

      by , 10-25-2016 at 08:01 PM
      So this dream was funny and weird at the same time. Lets just begein. The first thing i rememeber is being outside a apartment building, it was in the morning, i kinda just picked up my phone and called a random number, it was rining and then Leonard (from big bang theory) picked up. "Hello?" he said. "Leonard! Hey its Alma!" I said back. "Alma! Its been a while, how've you been?" He asked. "Im good, so anyway i have to cut to the case, i need your help. Well yours and Sheldon's help. You think i can come over and stay a few nights over?" I responded. I heard him talk with sheldon on the phone. "Sure, sheldon said yes," he continued, "and penny said you can stay in her apartment, but right now shes at an audition so you can come to our apartment til she gets back." "Okay awesome well im already here.. soo ill be up in a few! bye!" i said quickly. I ran up the stairs with Nilah shrinked down to pocket size hiding. When i came to their door i made sure i was in my disguise, i let out a deep breath and knocked on the door. Two seconds later, Leonard opened the door, "Hello!" i said before giving him a hug. "Its good to see you again." he said while hugging me back. Behind him i see Sheldon drinking tea, "Well isn't this a pleasant surprise?" Sheldon said. "Sheldon!" I yelled while running towards him. He put his hand up as if you say 'no i dont do touching'. Then he saw how sad my face looked and sighed. "who can say no to that face," he opened his arms, "come here you" i smiled and have him a big hug. "you know your one of the few people he doesn't mind hugging." Leonard said. "Really? I'm honoured" i said with a bit of sarcasm. "well you should be, cause its me." Sheldon said as he took a sip of tea. i laughed and then Leonard asked, "So you said you needed our help, what happened?" (I went with the flow came up with something on the spot) "Okay well. i need to tell you something and you can not freak out, well i don't think you'll believe me but i need you to keep an open mind, got it?" i explained. "Well i used to live with my mother, the religious nut, so my mind cant get anymore open." Sheldon said. I smiled and rolled my eyes, "Well where do i begin?" i continued "Okay so lets just say what if there is another uh universe that has real superheros and everything you see in comics and such." They just kept staring at me, so i continued, "okay? so like Uhh Batman right? he's real, and he needs someone's helps to fix a piece of alien technology to save his son and i told him that i knew you two and that you could help him and if you can, i can take you there." i finished. It was silence for a couple of minutes. Sheldon raised his hand. "Yes sheldon?" I asked. "You forgot to say, 'Bazinga'." he said. I sighed. "This isn't a joke, look ill show you." I took off my ring that gave me my disguise, and turned back into my real self, and in my uniform. They were in shock but then started to look around frantically. "What are you two doing?" I asked. "Looking for camras cause we're obviously on a prank show." Leonard replied. "Guys this isnt a joke, its real! Here look for your self!" I said while tossing my ring at leonard. He caught it and started to analyze it, he hesitated but put the ring on his finger. He quickly changed into a different looking person. Sheldon took a step back in amazement, "Fascinating!" He said. I watched Leonard take off and put on the ring over and overs and Sheldon watching him like a little child. I snatched back my ring and put it back on. "Guys! Hello? Do y'all believe me now?" I yelled. Sheldon was the first to speak up. "No, but your toys are fun to play with." He said. I sighed. Leonard took a step foward, "I kinda believe you, but its just seem so far fetched, like come on, we're scientist, its kinda hard to believe." Leonard finished. 'Let me try my other powers to convince them.' i thought. I smiled, "Hey Sheldon would you like some more tea?" I asked. He looked down at his empty cup, "Why of course i would." He responded. He reached out to give me the cup. I put up my hand, "No, its alright i got it" i said with a smirk. With a few movements with my hands and body, using waterbending, the tea from the pot that was sitting on the stove, came out of the pot and made its way to Sheldon's cup. "Would you like some sugar?" I asked, i used my powers to levitate the spoon full of sugar to Sheldon's cup. After i was done they look even more shocked. "Do you believe me now?" I asked them. They both nodded slowly. "Now will you come with me to gotham to help Batman?" I asked again. They thought for a while and then Leonard spoke up, "Its still kinda hard to believe but we'll go with you, do you know where it is? Ill drive." I let out a little laugh, "Oh we're not driving, didnt i say it was another universe?" I continued, "uhh do you have anything in here very valuable? Cause this will be kinda windy." With that i stretched out one of my hands, and kinda mumbled, "DC universe, Gotham city, Bruce Wayne manor" and then a blackish portal formed in front of all of us. I turned to Leonard and Sheldon, "Okay you both need to hold onto me and do not let go." I said in a serious tone. They both nodded, Leonard held onto my left arm. And we were waiting for Sheldon but he just stood back, "Sheldon! What are you doing?" Leonard asked. "I changed my mind, im not going." He responded. They started to bicker. I rolled my eyes, "Sheldon!" I yelled, he looked at me. "Batman needs you, the batman! Dont you want to be a hero to a hero?" I finished. "Me? A hero? ... Im coming Batman!" He yelled as he grabbed onto my right arm. I laughed, "alright lets go!" I yelled and we all stepped into my portal. (In my dream i was kinda worried the portal wouldnt work, since i barley try it) The next thing i know we step out of the portal and Leonard and Sheldon are yelling beside me as we step out. "Shut up!" I yelled, "We're here." 'Yay, it worked!' I thought. I looked at the big gate of Bruce's mansion, i was smiling watching both leonard and sheldon compare the building to the movies and comics they saw in their universe. I walked up to the intercom and pressed the button. *Bzz* "Hello? Wayne residents." I heard a british accent say. "Alfred! Its Alma, could you open the gate?" I said happily. "Miss Alma, come in." He responded. With that the huge gates started to open. We three walked passed the gates, both Leonard and Sheldon looked shocked but yet happy. "Okay so guys, things you should know about Bruce is, dont metion two things, his parents deaths, or Jason Todd." I said quietly. "Well of course they're sore subjects, under all that amor and mean act, Batman is a sensitive guy." Sheldon said. I laughed. "Dont tell him that." I said. We approached the doors to the mansion when Alfred opened them for us and we entered. Alfred was smiling at us as we entered, "Alfred!" I yelled as giving him a big hug, which he returned gladly. "Miss Alma, how are you doing?" he asked. "I'm doing fine, let me introduce you the two geniuses I mentioned over the phone earlier." I said, Leonard and Sheldon stood closer, "This is Dr. Leonard Hofstader, and Dr. Sheldon Cooper, my friends from another universe." I finished. They said their hellos and such, "So Alfred, why is it so quiet? Where's Bruce, Dick and Damian?" I asked. Alfred looked at me with sadness in his eyes, "Well Master Damian is missing, Master Dick is on his night patrol and looking for clues, and Master Bruce is not doing well either, he's in his office right now." Alfred finished. "That's good, that's - wait what?" I yelled, "What do you mean Damian's gone?? What happened?" "He's been gone for about a week, days after that alien technology showed up in lawn, Master Bruce and Damian where on their night patrol and then a flash oh light hit them and master Damian was gone, So I was told by master Bruce." Alfred finished with a sigh. "This is the fourth Robin we're talking about, correct? Damian Wayne, legitimate son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al-ghul?" Sheldon interrupted. Alfred just stared at him. "Sorry, in their universe they have movies and comics about this universe, so they know everything." I said to Alfred with a chuckle. "Oh, so they are, um, what did master Dick say before, nerds?" he said. I started to laugh. "Yup, exactly the right word!" I said. Leonard cough, "So can we meet Mr. Wayne?" Leonard spoke up. Alfred nodded, "Come this way." We walked until we came to Bruce's office. Alfred knocked on the door, "Master Bruce, miss Alma and her guest have arrived." There was a moment of silence before we all heard, "Come in." We all entered the room and i saw Bruce standing by his desk smiling at me. I smiled huge, "Bruce!" I yelled before running to give him and hug, "I heard what happened, dont worry ill help you find him." I said while hugging him, he hugged me back tightly. When we both let go, i introduced Bruce to Leonard and Sheldon. "Bruce, these are my friends, Dr. Leonard Hofstader and Dr. Sheldon Cooper, from another universe." I said. "It's an honor to meet you sir Batman, i mean bruce, sir bruce, bruce sir." Leonard studdered. I laughed a bit. Sheldon was a bit quiet, "So how was it loosing your parents in thay ally way?" Sheldon asked. "Sheldon!!" Both Leonard and i yelled in sync. He looked at both of us, "What?" Sheldon said. I rolled my eyes and turned to Bruce while Leonard talked to Sheldon. "Sorry about that Bruce, on their universe they know everything about this universe and Sheldon has no filter." I said. Bruce smiled, "Its alright, since they already know everything, lets go to the cave." He said. The scene changed to the cave, Sheldon, Leonard and Bruce talked among themselfs while working on the piece of technology. The piece of technology looked too complicated for me so i wondered around the mansion, i came to Damian's room. 'I should probably try to find some clues or something' i thought to myself. I entered the room and grabbed a hoodie that Damian used to wear, "Nilah could you come out please?" I said quietly. I felt movement in my side bag, Nilah popped her head out yawning, i smiled at her because she looked so cute as a tiny armadillo tiger. She jumped out and grew as she stretched on the floor, "Alright Nilah, i need you to change and help me find Damian." I said to her, she nodded her head and started to change into a Shinru(a creature hybrid known for their sense of smell) I reached out my hand that had Damian's hoodie, "Come on, Nilah. Do your thing." I said. She sniffed the hoodie and started to search around with her nose. She stopped and shook her head, and laid down putting her paws on her nose. "Does that mean he doesnt exist?' I asked my self. I sigh and pat Nilah on the head, "Just keep trying girl, tell me of you get anything." I saod to her. I walked out of Damian's room and walked downstairs, i was lost in though when i heard someone yelling my name, "Allllmmmaa!" I heard. I turned to see Dick(Nightwing) running towards me. I smiled big. "Dick!" I yelled as he picked me up in a big hug and started to spin me around. "Its good to see you back!" He continued, "No one told me you were coming back!" I laughed, "yeah i just got here, i brought my two friends from another universe to help Bruce." I looked down sad, "Did you find anything about Damian?" I asked. He put a hand on my shoulder, "No, but dont worry, he's tough." He said. I smiled and that's when Nilah jumped on me, she was still a Shinru, she was using her body to point in a direction, "She found his scent!" I said. Dick and i ran to the batcave where Leonard, Sheldon, and Bruce where talking and working on the alien tech. "Bruce!" I yelled. He pickes up his hand, "Not now." He said. "But Bruce!" I said again walking closer. "Not now." He said more sternly. "Just listen, I-" i said while reaching to touch his shoulder, "Shut up! Cant you see im trying to get my son back! The only kid who actually has my blood in him, not just another take in?! Your getting in the way!" He yelled as he slapped my hand away. I held my hand in front of my chest while i looked at Bruce shocked. Everyone one looked at me, i felt so angry, "I just came to tell you that Nilah had Damian's scent." I said calmy, i turned around and walked away with out turning back. (It went to third person point of veiw since i left the cave) "Alma!" Dick yelled as he went after me. Leonard and sheldon, stodd there watch the scene happen. "Awkward.." Sheldon mumbled in Leonard's ear. Bruce slammed his head on the table, "Master Bruce." Alfred sternly said. "I know, Alfred, i know." Bruce mumbled. (Back in my point of veiw) I walked quickly out of the cave. "Alma wait up!" I heard behind me. I sighed and continue to walk away, "Leave me alone Dick." I said. I took off my ring as i got to the library, where Nilah was waiting for me. "Alma!" Dick grabbed onto my arm. I looked at him, "What?" I said. "Don't take what Bruce said seriously, he doesnt mean it, he isnt him self right now." He said. "He didnt have to yell at me in front of everyone!" I said back. He looked at me like he didnt know what to say. "Never mind, im going to follow my lead." I said as i looked at Nilah, "Lets go, lead the way." I told her. "Alma wait!" I heard Dick say as we both flew out of the mansion. It was already night, i followed Nilah into the city od Gotham. We came to a park. It looked deserted, well the whole city looked deserted. I wondered around to try to find clues. "Stupid Bruce, embarrassing me in front of everyone, i was just trying to help." I muttered to myself. While i was lost in though, and loud sound and a bright light hovered above me. I looked up and saw some sort of ship? A white beam surrounded me and i heard a voice talking to me in my head. "Interesting girl, think ill take you to, like i took your little friend" a dark voice said. I lit my hands in fire, "Wheres Damian?!" I yelled at the ship. "He's part of my collection, as you'll be." It said. I couldnt move my body, I felt like the light restrained me from getting away, it laughed "Dont even try to escape, the light surrounding you would tear you to shreds if you pass through it, not like you could, no one can." It finished. I concentrated on trying to escape. I quickly push through, and saw shred of clothes. I fell into a bush. "Awh i told you, you'd be shred up to dust if you tey to leave, what a shame, you were so intresting." It said. 'It didnt see me fall in the bush?' I thought to my self as i hid in the bush. 'I need to quickly leave.' I thought. That's when i heard the sound of a car engine approaching the park. It was Bruce's Lamborghini, it came to a stop on the grass, i watched him get out of his car in a rush. "Alma! Where are you?!" He yelled. The ship turned in his direction. "What is that idiot thinking?!" I mumbed. "Oh? Whos this? Your not intresing at all." The voice said out loud. "There's no need for you, ill get rid of you." Bruce looked at the ship, "You! Wheres Alma? And you have my son as well?!" He yelled. "That girl is no more, and your son? Oh hes mine now." The voice said in a mocking voice. Bruce kinda slumped to the floor, he looked like he was thinking to him self, he had a face of guilt. The ship took out some sort of ray and pointed it at Bruce. 'Move Bruce move!' I thought to myself. But he didnt, the ray started to fire, and i did the only thing i could think of at that moment, was try to stop it. I ran quickly and as the ray was about to hit Bruce i jumped in front of it.(it all happened so quickly) It hit me and when the smoked cleared a bit i stood there with arms open wide, i looked up and saw Bruce's shocked face then i fell foward. (For some reason it went to third person point of veiw) i saw my body on the floor in front of bruce. 'Whats happening?' i thought. Bruce grabbed my body and just started at me shocked and scared. "Alma?" He said shaking. "How did she escape my white beam? Interesting. Oh, well now shes dead, and so shall you be." The voice said. It loaded the ray agaim but before it could shoot Bruce again, a loud jet sound happened and the ship exploded. I looked towards the ship to see Superman, 'He destroyed the ship!' I thought. Superman flew down to where my body and Bruce were. "What happened?" Superman said. Bruce couldnt speak, Superman looked at my body. "Shit, her heart isnt beating, she isnt breathing! Bruce what happened?" Superman yelled as he took my body and started to preform CPR.(it was really werid, felt like i was watching a tv show) Bruce just kept looking at the floor. Thats when a motorcycle appeared, it was Nightwing, he hopped off his bike and saw the scene before him. "What the hell?" He said. It only took him a few seconds to grasp the situation. He ran to Superman, "Move!" He yelled as he took out his electric twin rods. Once superman moved, Nightwing charged up his rods and pressed it on my chest. My body jumped and i felt this weird tingle. "Still no pulse" Superman said. Nightwing cursed and brought his rods to my chest again. "Damit, wake up!" Nightwing yelled. He tried one more time and thats when i went to third person back into my first person point of veiw.(weird lol) I saw Nightwing and superman looking at me while laying down. "Shes awake!" Superman said. I turned my head to Bruce, "Sorry, i got in your way again." I said. He lookwd at me with tears in his eyes. I felt something warm on the side of my stomach. "My stomach" i mumbled. They both looked down at my stomach, and just by the look on thier faces it was bad. "Fly her to a hospital!" Dick said to Superman. "I can't, shes loosing too much blood." Superman continued. "Im sorry, this is going to hurt." He said. I was about to say 'what' until superman started to lazer my stomach. I scream loud because even though it was a dream i felt a strong pain on my stomach. "Stop! Please!" I yelled. "Almost done" superman said. After that the scene changed to me being in a bedroom. Like if i was waking up but in the dream. I got up quickly and walked to the bedroom door, before i could open the door, Bruce opened it. He looked at me shocked, "Your awake!" He said. I smiled big and leaned in for a hug, but before i could even touch Bruce, behind me Nilah jumped past me and attacted Bruce, she wasn't biting him or anything but just on top of him growling alot while Bruce kept his hands up in surrender. "Nilah what are you doing?! Thats Bruce!" I yelled. But she ignored me. Im guessing this scene was heard over the mansion cause Clark, Dick, Alfred, Leonard and Sheldon, came to where we were. Dick was the first to speak up. "Whats wrong with her?" He asked. "I dont know, Nilah, please dont make me say it" i said, but she didnt move, i sighed and then said in a serious tone. "Nilah. This is an order feom your master, stand down now." Nilah's ears flinched and she shook her head and still continue to growl at Bruce. I was shocked, "shes suppose to listen to me, the only reason she wont listen to me is cause she feels like im in danger." I mumbled. "She blames Bruce for what happened to you." Dick finished. I sighed and steped back, "no one can get through to her, not even me, she wont stop unless theres a safe distance between Bruce and i." I finished. I walked back to the bed and sat down, "Nilah im fine, can you please stop?" I said in a sad voice. She got off of Bruce and sat next to me growling in Bruce's direction. Clark helped up Bruce and before i even had a chance to say anythikg Bruce walked away, i got up to go after him but Nilah stood in my way, "Nilah move! It wasnt his fault, im fine now!" I yelled but she didnt move. "Nilah please!" I yelled then i felt pain on my stomach side, i gave out a little yell and Dick made me sit back down on the bed. It was silent until Alfred spoke up. "Master Bruce just need some time to get his thoughts together." Alfred said sighing. "Well he had two days to get his thoughts together while Alma was unconscious, which does happen to be his fault in the first place!" Dick yelled. I looked at Dick surprised, hes never angry in my dreams, always the 'puns' making guy lol "It wasnt his fault, i jumped in to save him, he wasnt being himself thats all." I quietly said. Dick grabbed both of my shoulders and looked me in the eyes, "Alma! You were dead! No pulse, no breathing! Flat line! Bruce should have been the one to protect you!" He said. I sighed, "I know but im alive right? Thanks to you and clark! And ill heal my self with my waterbending!" I said trying to lighten the mood, but dick let go and just walked out of the room. "Hes mad at me now..." I said pouting. "No, master Dick just worrys about you, your like a little sister to him." Alfred said smiling. I smiled and then turned to Leonard and Sheldon remembering that they're not even from this universe, "Guy's what have yall two been doing while i was out?" I asked. "Nothing just working on the tech and geeking about how were in the DC universe," Leonard laughed, "Did you know The Joker is real?" I couldnt help but laugh, "Hey wont youe friends back at your universe worry about y'all?" Clark asked. "I already took care of that!" Sheldon said. "You did?" Both Leonard and i said in sync. For some reason i was in 3rd person point of veiw and the scene changed back into Leonard and Sheldon's apartment. Penny knocks and opens their door, "Helloo guys? Alma? Are y'all here?" Penny said. She walks in and sees a paper sitting on Sheldon's spot, ahe picks it up and reads out loud. "Dear Penny. Alma, Leonard, and I have gone to another universe to help out Batman. Will be back as soon as possible. - Sheldon. P.s. Ive changed the WiFi password to 'Batman's hero' all lower case no spaces." She stays silent until she mutters the word, "Nerds." The scene goes back to normal and im back in 1st person point of veiw. I kinda just think to myself, 'This is such a weird ass dream' i think. Im talking to clark on how i know where Damian is and the alien tech is actually a portal to their prision where that alien keeps his "collection." But then i felt my self waking up slowly cause my body was getting hard to move, "Awwh no not now!" I yelled. "Miss Alma whats wrong?" Alfred asked. But i couldnt speak my voice wouldnt come out so i knew that i was already to wake up. And i know for me personally once i wake up its rare to have the same dream twice. I remember sitting on the floor, smiling sadly waving goodbye to the people in my dream and then waking up. Well this was a funny, weird, emotional but yet fun dream. Sadly i never got to save Damian or talk with Bruce or Dick and such but i guess ill have to day dream what happened next lol You can do the same thing if you want, well until next dream, bye~
    2. Dream Suicide Attempt Fail

      by , 09-09-2016 at 11:27 PM
      (First Person Point Of View)
      The first I remember was sitting on the couch in my living room of my old house(always have dreams about old house for some reason). My dad was watching TV and I got up and started to watch TV with him, I believe it was the news or something like that, for some reason I didn't want to be there I need to leave and go somewhere, anywhere. I darted out the door and started running and running.(I realized it was a dream right there because of how effortlessly I was running) I don't know why but I felt suckish and just wanted to be alone. I kept on running until I got to a big street that either turned left or right, no forward.
      I looked left first and saw nothing but more road, couple of cars and trees. Then I looked right, and again saw more road and a couple of cars and trees, don't know why but I chose to keep running right. I kept running and running and I remember seeing a whataburger but I passed it cause I didn't want to waste time there.
      I kept running until eventually I got to some city with many tall buildings, I walked into one randomly and I was now in some cafeteria, I walked past people who were wearing some sort of hospital robes, sitting down eating. 'I guess this is some sort of hospital?' I thought. I saw some stairs and I was about to go up until I heard my name behind me. I turned around to see my best friend(Anita), she came running up to hug me, which I gladly returned. "What are you doing here?" Anita asked. "I'm not to sure, I just ended up here." I responded. I looked at her up and down, and she was wearing a hospital gown too, I was shocked, I didn't know she was in the hospital. "Hey... well while I have you here, there's something I need to tell you." she continued, "so remember I told you I was sick?" I just nodded. "Well it seems like its worst... I'm not going to make it, its terminal... I don't have long, that's why im here." she finished. I was even more shocked, I could feel the tears welling up. I didn't have any words to say, I knew this was a dream but I couldn't help but feel like sh*t. "Hey, its okay... I'm come to peace with it, my life was a happy one and im glad that youre my best friend." she reassured me. I was about to say something until a nurse called her name. "I have to go do some stuff but I'll come find you later when I'm able to." she said with a smile. I couldn't say anything to her as she left with the nurse. I turned back to the stairs and started running up them, I kept going until I came to the roof of the hospital, I was really high up. I remember thinking, what if I jump? will I die? (like I knew it was a dream but I still thought maybe this will kill me?) I sat down on the roof and just talked to my self. "Will it really be that bad if I die? I might as well go with my best friend. heh... life isn't fair Is it? she doesn't deserve this, I do." That's when I felt something in my pocket. I took it out to look at it, a bomb? 'Perfect' I thought. 'A bomb this size will only be big enough to kill me and minimum damage to the surrounding area' I stood up. 'If I jump off the building while the bomb is on I can die mid air without hurting anyone else.' I walked to the edge of the building and looked down. 'Its better this way' I was about to activate the bomb but then I heard something behind me, I turned around and saw my family sanding by the stair door. They looked sad and worried. "Don't do this please." My mom weeped. I saw their faces but this didn't change my mind, I backed up onto the ledge, look at all my family in the eyes and said, "I'm sorry.." I let my self fall backwards. I heard screams from my family but I just closed my eyes and pressed the bomb button, I heard it beeping and I just fell waiting for the bomb to kill me. 'If the bomb doesn't kill me, the ground surly will.' I thought. But that's when in midair I heard what sounded what I thought was a jet, but no, I opened my eyes to see Superman flying quickly arms reached out towards me. He caught me in his arms, he took one quick look at me and grabbed the bomb from my hands and quickly threw it in the air, it exploded in the sky, safety away from us. We flew back to the hospital roof where my family was, once we landed I pushed off Superman with anger. "Why did you do that?!" I yelled. "Your not even suppose to be on earth, aren't you on a mission?!" He looked at me with sad eyes, "I heard you talking from galaxies away, the rest of the leauge will be here soon." He said. I looked him in the eyes, "Why did you save me?! I didn't want to be saved!!" Then for some reason a light flashed before us and I fell backwards apparently losing conscious. (I was still there but not looking threw my own eyes, I was looking at the scene in 3rd person point of view) After the flash Superman and my family saw what looked like another me, but my body was on the ground, this other girl looked like me but with different body features, such as having long white hair, and blue eyes. Superman saw this and was on guard, "Who are you?!" He asked. She laughed a loud laugh, "I am corruption, i live inside Alma, and now after all that time I'm at my peak." She responded. Corruption looked at my body laying on the ground roof, "Pity, she isn't dead yet, well I better make fun with the time I have now." She smiled. With that black lightning came out of her hands and struck Superman, he yelled in pain which was rare for him. I was now looking from Corruption's point of veiw, I tried to stop my actions but I couldn't. Superman was pissed now so he and Corruption started to fight in mid air. After a bit of fighting, Superman was losing until Corruption's powers weakened. "Oh poo, well it looks like my time is almost up." she said. "Not so fast, what did you do to Alma?" Superman asked. "Me? I didn't do anything, she makes her own choices I just help her make them." she laughed, "and dont try to stop me, I'll be back, I'll always be within her, growing, getting stronger, the day she dies is the day I have my body, but don't worry, when that day comes I'll be sure to take good care of it." She smiled. Superman was about to lazer her but then Corruption turned into black smoke that both her and me traveled back into my own body. I woke up with my family surrounding me, i notice that i wasnt in my disguise, i was in my heros uniform. I saw superman land on the roof and i was shocked on how many injuries he had. 'I did that?' I thought. My parents looked at me with fear in their eyes, they looked like they didnt know who i was(which technically they dont know me in my hero's uniform only the desguise) I couldnt dare to look at Superman in the eyes. I stood up, i felt so much guilt to what i did to Superman, what i put my family theough. I started to walk away from them, i felt Superman's hand on my shoulder, but i smack it off, i looked at him with tears in my eyes and said, "I- im so sorry, i didnt mean to, i-" i couldnt even finish my sentent, i flew off the building and just flew away from the scene, i remember hearing Superman flying behind me, telling me that 'its okay'. The last thing i said before waking up was, "Just leave me alone!"

      Well this was a weird dream, it isnt the first but yea it was ome of those dreams when i didnt know it was a dream in the beggining. It was super intenst. Well until next dream, Bye~
      P.s. - Pictures below are drawings of this dream.
      If you have any questions just message me My computer blew up!-screenshot_2016-09-09-17-21-33.jpgMy computer blew up!-screenshot_2016-09-09-17-21-36.jpgMy computer blew up!-screenshot_2016-09-09-17-21-47.jpgMy computer blew up!-screenshot_2016-09-09-17-21-40.jpgMy computer blew up!-screenshot_2016-09-09-17-21-43.jpgClick image for larger version. 

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      memorable , non-lucid
    3. Hanging Out With Juliana

      by , 09-08-2016 at 09:48 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Since my last journal entry I have had very bad recall and been very busy with the start of school on top of that so I took a little break to figure out my new schedule. This morning I woke up and realized it was a good time to get started again and did MILD.

      12:00 PM
      Hanging Out With Juliana (MILD)

      I am Supermans side kick or something. We are fighting Lex Luthor I think. There is an old lady crossing the street and Superman says to help her while he fights. I go and fly her across the street to her hotel and help her find her room. I get a sense that this is a dream and wonder if I will become full lucid. I finish walking her down the hall just to make sure I feel I finished that dream plot and do a nose plug. I think specifically about how I shouldn't fly out to superman and continue the fighting. I fly out the window and fly around Hollywood. I land and find myself in front of a 5 story building. I remember my goal is to just have a nice talk with Juliana so I stick my hand back. I feel her grab mine but it takes some focus to make it feel vivid. I say hi twice and then she responds. I look back and this time she has a buzz cut! It looks pretty good actually. She and I start walking and talking into the building and I say, "Wait. Every time I see you we start walking somewhere urgently. We don't have to go anywhere today let's just hang out and talk." "Okay, but lets go right inside here and sit down." She says.

      We go in and it's a hospital. We go in one of the rooms and sit on the bed. There is another patient in the bed next to us but they don't mind. I find on a table two giant delicious chocolate chip cookies and we each take one. It is really good! I say to her, "Could you show me more of your magic. Like something flashy and cool like the fireworks from last time." She says, "Sure!" and snaps her fingers and there is a bright blue flash surrounding her hand. "Cool!" I say. "How about something even more creative! What else can you do?" She says, "Okay. Look at that trash can." She points at it and a spark flys from her finger and into it. Two eyes and a mouth emerge from the front of the trash can and it starts talking in jiberish! "Cool! What happens if you make it inanimate again? Let me try." I have finished my cookie and stick out my finger to give it a try. The garbage can looks scared and pretends to be normal but I can tell it is just faking. "Here." Juliana says and sends another spark that makes it go back to normal. I start to destabilize and wake up or have an FA, I don't know, but I DEILD.

      I am in the loby of a hotel and skateboard out the door. Strange, I don't know how to skateboard well. I skateboard and follow someone on a bike. We fall into a pool and people try to help us out and I destabilize again.

      I am in a residential neighborhood and very unstable still. I walk up to a car and feel it. There are flowers growing out of the engine. I am stabilized now and decide to summon Juliana again. This time she has a brown pixie cut. It is much easier to summon her this time. We go for a walk and talk. "Do you know Androx?" She starts to think. "He is a talking cat, or a witch or something." She says she thinks she knows who I'm talking about and that it isn't supprising he found me. I say he sent me to fight evil witches and she starts laughing. "What? Are you an evil witch?" "No it's not that I just don't think there is such a clear line between good witches and evil witches. It just dosn't work that way in my opinion." "So you arn't a good witch?" She shrugs. "Well I guess you are a neutral witch then and I am okay with that.", I say. We pass by some people who are playing music loud. It is like metal mixed with drum and bass. As we walk away Juliana uses magic to make it louder. At the drop we can't help but start dancing to it. We can't really tell if we should be head banging or dancing like its electronic. haha I eventually wake up and decided to write this down before I forget it.

      I keep falling asleep though and eventually have a dream that I am Purple Man's pawn like in Jessica Jones.
    4. Super Heroes DILD

      by , 02-19-2016 at 09:29 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      So I'm in third person point of view, viewing an old woman who is hook up to a lot of stuff that I assume life support. I think she just died as people bring candles and things. I zone out of this scenario and see superman getting beaten up by someone I don't know. As superman drifts to unconsciousness the dream changes again. Everything reappears and I become more aware that I am dreaming. I open a door since nothing else would appear and see superman and wonderwoman tied up in a chair. They both had their eyes covered up. I make an attempt to untie both of them but some guy punch me from behind. I am no longer lucid. Lucidity Time: 1 minute
    5. #56: Laptop / Friend's place / Saggy shelf / Superman / FA

      by , 12-17-2015 at 09:09 AM
      I went to bed at 23.30 and woke up several times between I think 07.00 and 08.00. I finally decided to get out of bed at 08.30.
      I didn't take any notes in between (lazy & stupid).

      I've walked towards a shop and I'm now in it. I'm buying a new laptop. I've found one that i want and I take the box with me. I don't handle it carefully enough and it bounces on the floor for a moment, though from a very low height, so it should be fine. I put the box in my black laptopbag and I start walking towards a specific point in the shop. An employee stops me as he sort of believes that I want to steal the laptop. I'm about to go pay for this. I open up my laptop bag and I see the box with the laptop in it, as well as my older, scratched up Asus. I take the box out to ensure that I took the right one. It's a Toshiba or a HP. Huh? I really thought I took the right one, but apparently I didn't. Glad that that employee stopped me, else I would've bought the wrong one, though it comes very cheap (around €14). I put the Toshiba/HP on a table and open it. It's really a hideous looking thing. I don't want to buy this anymore. I've already configured it with my name and everything though. I need to figure out how to get rid of that so that I can return the laptop.

      Friend's place
      I'm in the house of one of my close friends, though it looks quite different from reality. I'm with several of my close friends. I'm sitting in what seems like a sleeping bag with one of the staff members of my Indonesian uni. We're fooling around a bit. Considering that I have a girlfriend [in this dream I'm still/again together with my first girlfriend] I am taking things entirely too far. We're in the middle of the hallway and it feels like we're sitting on an unused eastern style toilet, which feels dry. My friend's sister or mom opens the door to the actual toilet, which is also eastern style. Yuck. Someone mentions that there is a western style toilet upstairs.

      Still in the same place I think. I have a bowl of food and one of my friends keeps trying to take food from me. Damnit man, let me eat in peace. He says that I can't eat this anyway since I'm a vegetarian. I tell him that I'm eating everything but the meat. He starts eating the meat of my plate. I'm starting to get really annoyed now. I let him know that he can have the meat after I'm done.

      At some point in the dream I think the staff member is gone and my girlfriend is present. I act very distant towards her.

      Saggy shelf
      I'm in my student room, though it looks quite different. I'm not sure who I'm with, but that person starts to lean on one of the low shelfs on my wall. Don't do that! Too late. The shelf sags until it pretty much hits the ground. I'm very annoyed by this. I specifically remember thinking that my shoes won't fit underneath the shelf anymore. I try to prop it back up several times, but it's not working.

      There's a guy without superpowers who is taking on Superman. He has a cell build for him, with walls covered in kryptonite paint, though he calls it slightly differently. It's in a tower. Superman is outside, x-raying through the tower to find the guy. He eventually does and he falls right into the trap, bursting into the kryptonite room. His uniform is a bit different from reality. Also, if he wants to use his laser vision he needs to charge it, which is visible from a 'thermometre' filling up on the front of his suit.

      I dreamt I got an email from the person I'm supposed to be interviewing in reality tomorrow. That person apologised for not going to be able to make it. I think the reason was that it was the birthday of one of the colleagues and thus everyone would be unavailable. I also recall checking my phone after waking up to see if it was a dream or not, and seeing the message on my lockscreen (so I had an FA).

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      false awakening
    6. #152 - Superman is evil? / Toys

      by , 11-07-2015 at 11:25 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Intensive DEILD attempt 2:

      Didn't wake up to any alarms last night (there was about 8). I got home late (past 9) and had a really late dinner, so I didn't get to go to bed until 11ish. This screwed up the timing for my alarms. Also I changed my alarm ringtone from rooster to random music on my phone and it isn't loud enough so I'll change it back.

      Dream - Superman is Evil
      There was quite a bit that happened before the main part I remember, it's a bit hazy though. I recall that Superman had turned evil, like he does in the movie (which I haven't seen, but I've played 'Injustice: Gods Among Us'). I think I can kind of do 'super' things, though I'm extremely weak compared to Superman. There seems to be a dragon that we killed at some point too, it was HUGE. The area we're in is like a lake with forest bordering the sides and a tower outpost in the water 10-20m from the edge. We end up fighting, I have to stop him from controlling the world and make him see his evil ways. There's a lot of dialogue but I can't really remember what we said. Because of the dragon there is tainted blood spilling into the water now, and from the fight the tower has collapsed. I can't fly like Superman so I'm standing on the collapsed tower as it floats on the surface of the water. I pull out a document, this is my secret weapon. It's 3 pages, some sort of deed that owns property maybe? For some reason Superman stops. I've 'won' now I think, like he can't fight me because of what the deed infers - as if it helped awaken him to what he's done but doesn't fully change him. I recall that both of us fall into the water after I expose the documents, I sink really deep into the water. I tuck the documents behind my back under my shirt so he can't take them from me. He's about 1m under the water (probably 15m above me), his arms are crossed and legs tightly together and he's looking at me (it's like he's 'flying' underwater). Gotta say, he looked pretty badass. After successfully hiding the documents without him noticing I started doing breast strokes to get to the surface. I could seriously feel my lungs about to burst from holding my breath for so long. I broke through the surface and gasped for air *AH!*. I look to my left and see a large plastic circular water tank that had come from the tower. It got bumped off and started rolling sideways across the water towards me and Superman. Shit, gotta dodge it. I paddle my way out of the way and so does Superman. It then bounces against the other edge of the tower (the tower kind of collapsed around us and we're surrounded by the debris). The water tank starts rolling back the other way again, we dodge it again. It bounces again against the tower on the opposite side but comes off at a slight angle. It starts rolling back again and we dodge it one last time. I spot the dead head of the giant dragon we killed floating our way, I climb out of the water to avoid it. As I walk across the outposts surface I hear a loud 'BOOM!'. There's suddenly a downpour of dark liquid raining down in the vicinity. What. The. F*ck. Dude. Superman had laser-beamed the dragon head to move it out of his way and it promptly exploded raining blood down all around. We can't touch the water now because it's gone black and sludgy from the taint caused by the dragons blood. I climb onto a log of debris and Superman gets on behind, he propels the craft forward slowly and we float across the water out of the area towards the treeline.

      Dream experience: 7 (long, vivid, fantasy, emotion)
      Dream awareness: 3 (good recall, good detail, emotion)

      Dream 2 - Toys
      I remember being at my parents house but it didn't quite look like it. I was playing on the floor with a kid and we had these miniature toys out that had little pieces. At some point they disappear and we're like 'what happened?'. Later on I think my mum and someone else who seemed familiar at the time pointed out to me that I had some kind of thing forming on the right side of my head above my temple. 'Is that some kind of viral infection?', the thought of it grossed me out and I touched it. I pull something out... A toy? It was a little white transparent samurai sword 1cm long that we had lost before. How did it get inside my head? I pull out another thing, it was called a 'log' though it was more like a pipe (0.3cm long) and was part of another toy. Ew. This is gross and weird. I can't recall what happens next.
      Note: I actually felt at the time this occurred directly after the last dream but it feels entirely different so I'm listing it as a different dream.

      Dream experience: 3 (vivid, emotion)
      Dream awareness: 2 (average recall, good detail, emotion)
    7. #138 - Hot Fuzz / Sand pit / Superheroes

      by , 10-24-2015 at 10:19 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      We finally got Freeview TV last night, we haven't had TV in this flat since last year ^_^ it had a pretty strong influence on my first couple dreams.

      Dream 1 - Hot Fuzz

      I watched my favourite comedy movie last night, 'Hot Fuzz'. Such a kickass film, the camera angles, foreshadowing, the way they bring back the lines they've said earlier in the film, everything about this movie is great . Anyways, I remember being a police officer in a room similar to the police office from the film. There were other officers around me too, I must be training them or something as they get more skilled by following me around. This kind of relates to the movie how Simon Pegg is really good at his job, in this case I seem to influencing the others into being better too. I think we were then in a large dining hall and I got some kind of formal training in martial arts...? Can barely remember this.

      Dream Fragments

      The dream following 'Hot Fuzz' where I was also a police officer but doing different things.

      I remember making porridge and putting some brown sugar into it at some point... Though this might not have been a dream

      Dream 2 - Sand pit
      There's some competition going on where everyone is split in to groups and have to dig a sand pit (I'm guessing it was on the beach). The day itself was gloomy and the sky was grey. Our sand pit seemed to have burrows underneath it, it was already about 1m deep. I think I did something like blew a big hole in the centre of the pit, exposing these burrows. They were lined with this reddish staining and it may have had a glistening effect to it too (possibly a kind of slime? I didn't touch it though). I jump down to the side by the sand pit and have to start filling it in again using a bucket I found. It seems like each group is only allowed one tool to use between them and we have a shovel and 2 buckets. The buckets were already in the pit so I wonder if it's okay, though I know I'm cheating by using them .

      Dream 3 - Superheroes
      Another hero dream? The area we're in is barren with dark dirt beneath us and cloudy skies above. Heroes are fighting villains all around me, and I myself and locked in battle with a villain wearing a pseudo-suit (it's red and covers the whole body, including the head and face). It seems like there is a bunch of these villains wearing fake-suits that give them super powers, someones evil scheme to fight the superheros. I slash into the fake suit and manage to cut it open, but inside was the man who was behind it all. The suit detaches and hovers beside him (it maintains its form as if it still had someone in it). The villain in front of me has a yellow suit on and a brutish looking evil face, I feel like I've seen him before as a well-known villain, but I don't think he actually exists. I'm no match for him, by stripping the red suit, he is now able to use his full power! I dash away and jump, I arch my blade/hand (I'm not sure if I had this before or not) through the air and slice the red suit in half, destroying it, as I make my escape. I spot Martian Manhunter nearby and jump onto him.
      "Fly away! Now!" I shout, he complies understanding the seriousness of the situation. The villain is on the ground behind us as we shoot into the sky. I'm glad that he can't fly, but I know that the only one who can save us it... Superman! Unfortunately he's locked in battle with Superwoman (who is apparently a villain in my dream). I get out this kryptonite cream and tell the Martian we need to finish Superwoman off and take down the main evil villain. We charge at them and I slam the burning kryptonite cream (which ignited) against the back of Superwoman. She honestly looked more like the hulk, just completely ripped and huge. I can't recall much of what happened next but I think we win? Superman and Superwoman have to go inside this room together with the principal or something and discuss something with him, while me and a few others have to wait outside in the hallway. I'm sitting in the way of one of the others and ask him if he wants me to move so he can pass into the hall, I move anyways and he says "nah that's oka-... oh, alright then".
    8. Backlog

      by , 03-03-2015 at 02:19 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Despite heavy effort in MILD and earlier bedtimes, I have had a very foul last couple of days.

      I've decided to start tracking my bedtime with each DJ entry to see what bedtimes seem to work the best for lucid dreaming.

      Sun-Mon: Bedtime 9:40

      I remember some dream about replacing superman, in every sense of the word. I had all of his powers, all of his responsibilities, etc.

      I remember I had to wear his costume. It wasn't as tight fitting as it was to him, since I'm smaller and not totally buff. The costume looked more like the one from the old Superman movies with the more vibrant colors and less texture.

      I think I ended up tripping over the cape at one point.

      I got tricked into going into this hotel room/apartment where there was Kryptonite or something that made me lose my powers. But the Kryptonite was somehow dissolved in to the air, and I had to try and hold my breath. There was this bad guy in there who was a big black floating orb with one eye who was attacking me.

      I lost consciousness in the dream.

      Mon-Tues: Bedtime: 10:50

      I had a couple of dreamlets last night, but they were really messed up. I don't feel comfortable sharing them. Skip.

      There was something that I was comfortable sharing. Something to do with Attack on Titan. I remembered it when I woke up, but have since forgotten what it was about.

      Interpretations: The Superman probably means something about having big shoes to fill or being poisoned by something. I don't make any immediate connections to things in my waking life though.

      If my recall were to shape up, I'd have more to work with.
    9. Matrix Snippit

      by , 11-08-2014 at 02:59 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Being chased by super-human bad guys, I feel like I'm in the matrix. Running full tilt to get away, I turn a corner and end up in the street, with a hummer right in front of me. Without breaking stride, I dive forward through the air like superman, and smash through the windshield of the hummer, landing in the passenger seat right on top of a baby in a child seat, next to its mother.

      Realizing that the agents can take over the mother's body in her spot if she is too startled, I lovingly move her baby to the other seat, and give her a reassuring look. Then I help her into the seat next to her baby, and take the wheel, driving very quickly to try to escape.
    10. 10-11-14 Dumb superman

      by , 10-16-2014 at 06:14 PM
      I was at an enormous yard sale for video games. It was set up on the town square. The organizer of the event was this tiny little chubby guy with blonde hair and a mustache. He appeared to be in his late forties. He was very animated. He was telling me about what sort of video games were good. I remember him as saying, "Once you've played Batman, you'll never want to play dumb Superman again".

      At that point, I like saw Superman wearing his normal outfit, but it had the red-and-white-spider-web motif that Spider Man's suit has. He was in a triumphant pose and about to blast off into the sky.

      Then I noticed there was a trampoline standing nearby, so I got on it and started jumping. Then I just randomly leaped off it and landed on my stomach and laid completely still. I wasn't hurt, but the little video game guy got REALLY scared and thought I had seriously injured myself or even died. He started crying and he ran over to where I was lying. I got up and showed him I wasn't hurt. He was sooooooo relieved. He gave me a great big tearful hug. He only came up to like my waist.

      My mother had a baby, and I was so proud of it. Yaay, I'm a brother!!

      I bought a sort of zither thing which you played with a bow. I paid for it with money I had cut out of the local newspaper, which printed money in every issue.

      Weird men were walking around in giant copper mechanical gorilla suits.

      There was this strange man with binoculars strapped to his eyes who loved to watch the old lady across the street use the bathroom. He even had the GPS coordinates for her toilet. The pervert.
    11. Superman smoking?

      by , 09-21-2014 at 11:30 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Superman smoking? (Non-lucid)


      I believe I might have been superman in this dream, but I did not look like him nor was dressed like him, so maybe I just believed I was superman and had some of his powers.

      I was in a mall, and this mall had a huge tower next to it, apparently, it was owned by some weird people that accused me that I was smoking in a no-smoke place. So I went inside this tower to complain and as I tried to fly up, some guy fought me but I was able to beat him easily while I was flying upwards.

      They thew something at me as I started to feel dizzy and see everything fading, but I was able to focus to get on the top, but when I did, some of they guys threw a small white sphere, that for some reason I had the urge to pick it up before it smashed at the bottom of the tower. It looked something like this:

      I flew fast to grab it, which I successfully did and went back up and got into the office. As I entered, there were a few reclining chairs and some people eating bread. There were two females that appeared to be awakening at a spiritual level and my wife was there too. I was considering in sharing with one of those two ladies that I was no Superman, but a psychic medium and give her a reading, but my wife was not sure if any of them would accept it.
    12. Dream Truths: Watching an Investigation (with Tom Welling)

      by , 09-20-2014 at 03:20 PM
      Morning of September 20, 2014. Saturday.

      I seem to be passively viewing an investigation, though I am still present in the setting, which seems to have the essence of the northeast corner of the Cubitis living room (where I am not been sine 1978). It seems to be taking place in a corner of a first-floor room at two perpendicular desks. Two unknown young females are talking about a telephone being tapped. They seem uncertain about what they are doing. When a number is given by one to the other, she complains that it is a private number (supposedly indicated by starting with 392), as it seems it was supposed to be related to a business telephone, possibly a bank or loan company operating illegally. It is decided that at least one of them will pretend to be a call girl from the service already known by this other person. She sets up a meeting pretending to be from their usual escort service.

      My dream shifts to a hotel room (fourth floor or higher) in a different type of dream scenario and where I am more present. My wife Zsuzsanna is now with me. Curiously, Tom Welling is here in his Clark Kent persona (from “Smallville”). He also seems to be some sort of amateur investigator. It is presently nighttime. In the distance, viewed through the hotel windows, is a very large building that creates the impression of also being like the model of a city. There is one large belfry that is more like a towering apartment. Tom aka Clark seems to be indicating that one of the criminals under investigation (a corrupt banker) is living there. I seem to know it is where Bruce Wayne lives. I casually say “That is where Bruce Wayne, Batman, lives.” Suddenly, I realize that I should not have said that, as now Clark knows the superhero identity of Bruce Wayne. I walk more to the corner of the room saying “Whoops…pretend I did not say that”.

      Clark appears to be puzzled. Apparently, he has never heard of either Bruce Wayne or Batman. I guess it may not matter what I said. I absentmindedly (remembering the comic books) ask him if this is Earth A, B, or C and he replies with “C”.

      I realize that I have altered history, because now, I notice that there is a black leather outfit lying on one of the two beds (the one farthest from the door) which seems like a prototype of a Batman costume. It seems that Clark Kent will now become Batman instead of Superman because of me talking about Batman. However, it also soon seems that Clark is partly in that outfit, but he is “disintegrating” in a similar manner as the monsters in “Little Monsters” do when exposed to light. One of the arms is still flopping around but Tom is mostly gone.

      Suddenly, the mood of my dream shifts and I attempt to make a comedic exit. I sing the old television “Batman” theme: “DO do DO do DO do DO do, DO do DO do DO do DO do…Batman!”

      As I leave the hotel room, I see Zsuzsanna and our children sitting at computers in an open room of which is part of a hall, which seems to be part of my old apartment on King Street. I go into the small hallway bathroom and after a short time I hear (seemingly from out of nowhere) Ian McKellen shouting “That’s the consequence of being a thumb…and ANGULAR!”.

      The dream state indicators are of course the beds, which do not symbolize anything other than the subliminal memory of having fallen asleep. Dream state indicators are a very common factor in my dreams and have nothing to do with “interpretation”.

      The emergent consciousness factor is the feature of the computers in the last scene, where my conscious self identity is beginning to become active in the waking transition.

      My dream resolves in the last scene of being a typical bathroom wake-up call. Originally, I had not delved into some of the meaning in this dream so as not to offend people, but the remark shouted at the end is of course a reference to men urinating and potentially being off the mark, although unlike the experiences reported by other people, I have rarely ever used a toilet in a dream as this dream type is to induce RAS mediation to wake and attend to biological needs. (“Penis” is replaced by “thumb” and the reference to “angular” relates to the stream not always being straight. It reminds me of the old joke. “Our aim is to keep this bathroom clean. Your aim will help.” There is even the childhood Batman bathroom joke as related to the theme song just before the final scene.)

      The scene with Clark dissolving on the bed is, in addition to being the usual vestibular system symbolism (associations with flight in this case), also associated with “Little Monsters”, which in turn is an association with being in the dream state. It symbolizes the ephemerality of the fictional dream self.

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    13. Low Altitude Superman

      by , 06-06-2014 at 05:33 AM
      This lucid is from the morning of 5/16/2014.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #210: Low Altitude Superman

      I’m standing in a slow-moving line at a bank. The guy in front of me is getting agitated and he starts screaming at the teller to “Hurry it up!” He gesticulates wildly and shrieks “Goddamn!” I start getting a little stressed, thinking this could turn into a situation. I vaguely hope that it’s all a dream and lucky me, it is!

      The angry man seems to calm down and I wander outside through a set of automatic doors. It’s nighttime and I’m in standing in a covered, circular entrance driveway like you might find in front of some hospitals and hotels.

      I boast to the nearby DCs that “this is a lucid dream” and then start flying. I hover about two feet off of the ground, barely moving. I punch my fist forward Superman-style, hoping that this will somehow cause something awesome to happen because these DCs don’t seem especially impressed.

      My speed starts really picking up and soon I’m rocketing around the circular drive at knee height. This tends to freak the DCs out as I get close. I zoom around, faster and faster, seeing how far I can push my speed. I have a great time with this until
      the dream ends.
      Tags: bank, flight, superman
    14. Oh What a Night!

      by , 03-18-2014 at 03:58 AM
      Last night I tried sleeping with melatonin rather than Ambien, and although I didn't sleep well, I remembered a ton of dreams and dream fragments.

      The first I recall was of being on an unfamiliar street in a familiar neighborhood. I was somewhere near the Montrose area of Houston, and a female police officer was chasing down a suspect. She had forgotten her gun back at the nearby police station and she asked me to run back to grab it for her. She said it would be in the second slot to the left. I ran to the station and looked in a parked squad car before I realized she wanted me to look inside the station, and maybe I'd get in trouble for messing with the police cars. I went inside the strangely deserted station, which was more like an old converted house. I found a room with lots of metal storage slots, and they were all marked with lengthy numbers printed in white font against a black background. I pulled a gun out from the second slot to the left, and a woman came in just then to ask what I was doing. I told her the officer needed her gun to arrest a suspect, and the lady said, "That's not a real gun. You have to give me the slot number so I can pull the corresponding bingo bag." I had no idea what that meant, but okay, she got me the gun, and I ran off. Somehow the suspect was waiting patiently for the officer to receive her gun in order to arrest him at gunpoint. I made sure to hand it to the officer handle first with the safety on.

      The next dream was more of a fragment than anything. It had something to do with an old movie from the 90's, but I was actually on set with the characters. The movie isn't real in the waking world, but in the dream, I was familiar with it and remembered that it was a really funny film. The actors were happy to be reliving the shoot. That all somehow led into me scaling a tall house with lots of high balconies on it in the midst of a gentle nighttime snow shower. I wasn't quite flying, but I could use different balcony railings to pull myself higher and then drift to the next handhold. It's a dream sensation I'm familiar with. It's as if gravity is really, really slight, and I'm able to swing or hop across impossible distances.

      The next dream was where I became semi-lucid. I was just lucid enough to make mental notes of all the incredible, fully realized detail around me, but not quite lucid enough to realize that I have a lucidity to-do list. I was in a small but immaculately decorated house. The decor was quite old and out of style despite looking very expensive; I distinctly remember a fringed lamp on a small table next to an armchair. It lit the small room adequately, but dimmer than I normally like. The walls were ornately decorated with fancy wallpaper. I walked into the next room, which was like a dining area attached to a porch. It was nighttime, and the screens of the porch kept out the bugs. There was a young boy there with crayons and shelves of art pencils, and his mother explained to me that he wasn't taking well to his art classes. I talked to him about what he likes to draw, and I told him that I also took art classes when I was in school. Then he started to become interested in all his cool art tools. The mother thanked me for kindling his interest and asked me if I'd spend more time with him, so I made a hollow promise to drop in sometime. (I remember feeling uncomfortable because the mother didn't know I was gay. I didn't want her to turn on me later when she finds that out and then decides I'm just not the role model she wants for her son.) She went on to explain that her mother still haunted the house, and that's why it was so dreary and so old. I headed into the previous room to make my way toward the front door, and the old woman appeared near the table. She was impossibly tall, and her gray hair brushed the ceiling. She had a round, white face like a Tim Burton character from the Nightmare Before Christmas. I reached up to put my hands on her cheeks as I told her, "You need to let these people live their lives." She smiled a toothy, jack-o-lantern grin and vanished, her face collapsing between my hands as she went. With her disappearance, all the furnishings transformed into bright, childish colors. The boy came rushing in, delighted to discover that everything was now made of candy. I licked the blue, sugar-coated mantel on the wall of the front room just to verify, and indeed, it was all candy.

      My next dream was incredibly fun. I was flying awkwardly, as I ALWAYS do in my flying dreams. I can never fly straight, I have little control over where I land, and I usually go way too fast. There was a pitched battle raging nearby against a fort high on a dusty hill that was occupied by Mexicans, all of them dressed as if they had just conquered the Alamo. The attackers appeared to be American military from World War II, but they were dressed in the non-battlefield uniforms that they might wear while comfortable on base. My flight path swung way out to my right before I managed to come around and land near the American troops. No one was taking the battle too seriously on either side, and the atmosphere was more like a football game than an actual war. The Americans asked me for a favor: since I could fly, would I deliver a stack of uniforms to the Mexicans as a "gift?" In my dream mind, I thought, "How do they expect them to fall for this? They pulled the same thing last year!" The uniforms had been deliberately soaked in wet fecal matter and then dried. The feces had been strategically placed to look like sweat stains around the collars and armpits. For some reason, the Americans were confident the Mexicans would actually don the uniforms after mistakenly thinking they were historical and valuable. I flew the uniforms up to the Mexicans and then returned down the hill. Before long, Mexicans began to appear on the adobe walls wearing the shitty uniforms, and the Americans just laughed and laughed. I grew a little tired of the humiliation of the Mexicans, so I decided to put an end to all this. For the first time that I can ever remember in a dream, I stretched out my arms and successfully controlled my flight! I flew into the fort and landed just like Superman. My feet came down slowly enough, yet the force of my landing shook the whole fort, just as I had intended it to. A Mexican came charging at me with a sword, and suddenly I was holding a flaming Thor hammer, which I struck him with. The blow literally transformed him into a large wicker basket, which disappeared with a small white spark as it struck a nearby adobe wall. I turned to the Mexican general and pointed at him as I said, "Don't challenge me! I am way more powerful than any of your weapons!" I could see my arm as I pointed at him, and I noticed that I was now dressed in the latest Superman costume. The Mexicans put down their weapons and I flew off.

      I was becoming a little lucid again, and I knew that this controlled flight was a rare thing for me. I saw a news crew on the ground in a parking lot, and I flew in for a landing near the camera. As I landed perfectly, I could feel the awesomeness of my power and invincibility, as if I had to be careful not to crack the pavement. I heard the male reporter say, "Superman just landed, and we'll try to talk to him a little bit later about what just happened up at the fort." I was surprised at first that no one seemed all that happy to see me, and then I had a false memory of putting another Superman in charge to fill in for me whenever I'm not dreaming. I saw him standing not all that far off, and I could see that he was a little drunk. I super-hopped over to him, and I said, "Man, I leave you behind to be Superman in this world while I'm not here to do it, and this is how you represent me?" He looked dejected and then flew off. I followed behind to see where he was going. We came over some mountains, and I noticed that we were now in some kind of a far-off future. There were MASSIVE bridges, taller than anything that exists now, loaded down with about twenty lanes of cars moving in each direction. I could see huge buildings of odd shapes in the distance, jutting up beyond a bank of fog or low clouds, which were pink in the light of the sun that was rising to my right. Suddenly there was a rapidly approaching shower of something like salt pouring down in the distance. Everything that the salt touched began to crumble and fall, and I somehow knew that this was an alien attack against Earth. The Superman ahead of me turned his head back toward me and shouted, "We've got to help these people!" I replied "There's nothing we can do!" I couldn't think of any way to bring my awesome powers to bear against this threat. He said, "Yes there is!" and he flew down under the huge bridge we were flying along just as the shower overtook us and the bridge began to fall. I did the same one span behind. I saw him catch an enormous section of bridge, and I looked up to see three large sections falling rapidly toward me, each one the size of a skyscraper. I said to myself, "This is going to suck." I caught the piece in the middle, and it smacked my palms painfully hard. To my surprise, the other two pieces froze in mid-air as if I had Jedi powers to hold them all at once. Don't ask me why, but I tossed the three bridge sections away and then flew back to the previous span, which was now coming down also. I braced myself for the catch, and this one hurt even more than the last one. As I set the section down, I thought to myself, "I can't keep doing this."

      I think that's about where I woke up. Anyway, it's the last thing I remember.
    15. Dreams of the night

      by , 02-23-2014 at 07:27 PM
      Dream 1

      I find myself in a living room of some kind sitting there with my fiance. She is talking to me about how she doesnt believe in Lucid dreaming and that its dumb and fake. I tell her that i have to disagree as right now I am lucid dreaming(im not really) I tell her that i can prove it to her by simply playing a few games with her and I can still win because I can control the dream as I am dreaming it. We turn on an old nintendo and put in a few games. One of them was a racing game We played it and i closed my eyes and kept racing and won the game I opened them and said see look i could see the turns in my head because I was controling it. We then put in another game and it was a tank shooting game. I closed my eyes but this time it was harder to control I could tell i was missing several shots due to the fact that my tank and another tank looked so much alike I cheated and peeked and saw which one i was and closed my eyes again and then destroyed the game by shooting every tank and blowing them instantly. I smiled and opened my eyes and told her that I wasnt lieing and that I was lucid dreaming and sharing the dream with her. She finnaly agreed and we just went about doing random things.

      Dream 2.

      I was in my old town and was driving my Jeep. I was mind my own business going slow when the front tire basicly blew up. I got out and thought that was weird... So i got out got into my old car and headed down a street. I got a ways and my car began to shake very violently I thought to myself what is going on? I looked around and then boom! my front left tire on this car blew up as well. I got out looked at and thought how the hell is this happening.. I got back in and im like screw it im almost to my parents house i can drive it the rest of the way like this. So i did just that i hoped in and went slow and drove the car to my parents house. When i got there it was our old home before it was remodeled my parents were clearing out my old room and for some reason i had lots of dishes in my room and my parents were trying to say that they were nasty and there was cum in the cups and stuff. I told them that is nasty that even thought i would do that and they finnaly were like Oh your right it was just ramen??

      Dream 3.

      I went to a church and sat with some family friends. It felt like somebody was after us but I couldnt really tell who or why. We stood up and began to leave but one of them forgot their camera so i bent down to grab it and they were gone.

      Dream 4

      I went to a college and was talking to this girl(dont recall any details about her) she was helping me with the class kind of seemed like a teacher but also a student. I had a new book but then after looking away and back at it there was pencil writing all over the book and it looked horrible. there was also random papers inside the book that were not mine.

      Dream 5.

      I was superman and I was flying around but I would hit theese spots above water that was a weird gravity flux. It would make me fall down and not be able to fly. I destroyed them one by one and some how made a bunch of rocks go flying into space. I hid myself amongst the rocks as there was some people looking for me. I made my way back to earth shortly after and hit the biggest Gravity flux of them all. I fell down into this snowy ice area and broke off the outershell to this thing. it turned out to be somebodies house that was designed just like the other gravity things I tried to break into it but it had an energy barrier and i couldnt break it but i could pull it and everything. I pulled part of it out and a secuity system activated and it threw me to the ground and poured out this teal colored liquid. It then said out loud YOu can only destroy me when you know the amount of ounces you need . I figured out i needed alot of this luquid and then i needed to stab it when a very long and sharp object. I then began to do jut that and broke the shield.

      Dream 6.

      I was captured with some other people inside of this giant base. Bad guys were keeping us locked up and then for some reason decided to let us out. We got away from them but then got locked up inside a different cage. Each cage had a different look to it which we found out was because it was custome made for us. One guy had a cage that had all white walls but the ground was all red (dexter related) he was saying it had to do probably with when he can first recall he was found in a white room that was covered in blood on the floor. My room was orange but had white lines on it and there was a few others that had rooms to. The dream became more of a movie and i was watching it in third person seeing the badguys then the good guys. The good guys eventually broke out again and got away and that is when I woke up
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