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    1. 19-02-02 Reality isn't Real

      by , 02-02-2019 at 06:29 PM
      I was walking into a major supermarket (Carrefour Schoten). I saw a guy and girl on my left, whom I recognized. The guy looked like Witek. I thought seeing them there was so bizarre (he lives in Canada, and this was supposed to be Belgium), I immediately thought 'what if this world isn't real'. I tried to wake myself up, still mostly expecting the feeling to be nothing more than a fantasy I've entertained many times before (the world being a simulation). But I immediately started feeling dizzy, my vision blurred and I woke up in my bed.
    2. 17-11-24 Fighting Off Supermarket Rubbers

      by , 12-21-2017 at 01:11 PM
      I was in a supermarket at night, fighting off armed robbers with my G19. I was on the ground, aimed my gun at one of them and pulled the trigger. The 'click' told me I was out of ammo. I was resigned to the fact the robber was going to shoot me, but he didn't. Phew.
    3. 17-11-17 Once in a Lifetime, Chasing Galactica in Speedboat

      by , 12-21-2017 at 11:56 AM
      I vaguely recall a few scenes set in a supermarket? Later, I suddenly find myself in an NYC sewer. I don't remember how I got there. I went up and looked outside, expecting to see my own country (obviously), but nope: US license plates and obvious NYC buildings. I remember I lost my shoes and socks? Once outside on the streets, I needed to find my way to LaGuardia or JFK to get home. Waiting at a traffic light, an almost naked girl tried stealing from my backpack. I caught her and told her not to do it. She got on a private jet with her dad, and I casually joined them. Turns out she was Dutch. I said "so am I!", except I'm Belgian. We had to 'crawl' through some kind of tunnel made of fabric to the cockpit (??). It was extremely claustrophobic. Then I saw there were only two seats, so I told them I had to get off. Someone reminded me I had to visit an orphanage on the 25th and that's why I was in NYC. It's possible the whole orphanage thing was mentioned in the supermarket bit before this dream. I woke up from this dream with the song "Once in a Lifetime" by The Talking Heads in my head, so I guess that was the dream's soundtrack.

      The Battlestar Galactica had landed on a river, ready to take off. The river was in the middle of a major city. Much like NYC, now that I think of it. I had to chase Galactica down from the ocean on a speedboat, through the very narrow river/channel. I made a sharp turn when I reached it, and kind of smacked into it, rocking the Battlestar. Adama was furious, and they opened fire on us (there was someone else on my boat). That made a lot of holes in the hull (of Galactica?). The holes 'healed' and the audience cheered as they saw it happened (so basically I'm inside a TV-show that's being watched). We got on board once they understood we were friendlies, and strapped in for takeoff. Some dude next to me got a bit too touchy-feely. Guess he was gay? Anyway, we were eating potato chips as we took off. Adama was seated to my left, the other dude to my right.
    4. 17-02-04 Chased By Alien, Wax Factory

      by , 02-05-2017 at 07:37 PM
      I was chased by an Alien (from the movie Alien), no doubt a result of playing "Alien: Isolation" a week ago. I remember running, together with other people, as it chased us through the countryside. I somehow remembered this happening before, as if I knew the plot of the dream before it had happened. I also remembered that it would chase me through a forest, and that we would then battle the beast in a sawmill of sorts. The final battle of the plot. I ran into the forest, and avoided the site of the sawmill. In another scene I fled from the beast in an industrial harbor, zigzagging between the legs of gigantic loading cranes. It was dark (night) and once again raining. Then we were in a supermarket, still being chased by the Alien. There were once again a few of us now. At one point I knew I could not escape, and the Alien would get me. I kind of "gave up" and turned around instead to face the beast. When it approached, I attacked it instead. I gave it a good whack in the head. Then, I had its head in my grip. I held its mouth (which looked more like a bird's beak than an Alien's mouth) with both hands to keep it from biting. As long as I could hold it like this, it was restrained. The other people showed up. One of them was a giant, who made it clear he would fight the beast to keep it distracted. We made a run for it. I ran out of the supermarket, back into the rainy night. I ran as fast as I could, towards two people who were just getting into their car. They turned out to be former colleagues. I pretty much begged them for a ride, and they agreed. They completely failed to see the reason for my panic. I tried telling them, but they just ignored my warnings... like stupid characters in a horror movie. I told them that if they saw something weird on the road ahead, to definitely NOT stop the car. I somehow knew I was in a horror movie, and I was afraid all the cliche tropes would actually happen. I was even afraid one of the men would turn out to be body-snatched by the monsters or something. While they drove away from the harbor (taking their time, much to my annoyance), one of them asked where my car was, and said he would never want to sit in a car like mine. I used to drive a crappy 1990 Opel Corsa (and clearly subconsciously feel insecure about that). We kept driving, and they kept talking. Much to my surprise, it looked like we were actually going to get away! I chose to end the dream there, as I was afraid that in the next chapter (!) the beast would show up again.

      In the next dream, I was inside a wax factory. I think I worked there, in a pretty high function. I remember taking a bite from a honeycomb. There were other employees in the warehouse with me. Later in in the dream, I was in an office upstairs (overlooking the factory through a large window). Night had fallen, and the other employees had gone home. I was there alone. There was something I needed to do downstairs in the warehouse... but something felt wrong. I again "knew" I was in a horror story and this was going to be the first time I run into the monster (not the Alien this time). I do recall a monster from later in the dream, a beast that looked very different from the Alien, but still scary.
    5. 16-10-18 UFO Attack, Flashbang Boobytrap

      by , 10-18-2016 at 03:09 PM
      I was in bed with a woman. She was older then me, but not much, perhaps in her late 30's. I think she had red hair, or dark hair. I wondered to myself how I got this lucky. And I realized this was very unusual for me.

      The house was in a suburban neighborhood of almost identical houses. When we were downstairs again, I saw something. It was a flying saucer. It looked like the city destroyers from Independence Day, but smaller - about 50 meters (150 feet) in diameter. It had an opening in the bottom center of the saucer, but this wasn't a weapon. It was more of a tractor beam. I think I got really excited, and ran outside. Our neighbor was also on the street, gawking at the ship. I took out my phone and started filming it. But the saucer went hostile. It started snatching people up using the tractor beam. I saw that the "beam" was more of a thin white wire, people got tangled in it, and pulled up to the ship. I ran back inside as my neighbor got taken. I kept filming through the roof (there was a skylight), but the battery power dropped below 8% and shut down my ability to record video before I could get the saucer itself in the image. So instead, I took some snapshots of my neighbor being lifted up by the white "thread". At some point, whoever was flying the saucer became aware I was in the house. I was grabbed by the thread through the back door (which was still closed, it was thin enough to fit between the door frame and the door). It tried to pull me through, but I resisted with all my might. I pulled so hard, I was pulling the wire back, instead of the wire pulling me back. It was during this struggle that I saw something. On the wall there was something that looked like a soap dispenser, and it had English writing on it. Strangely I thought this proved the saucer wasn't piloted by aliens, but rather by humans. I questioned it for a second, realizing the dispenser wasn't part of the ship, but the situation was too hectic for it to fully sink in. Anyway, suddenly the wire gave up, and the vanished again. I went outside, hell-bent on getting out of that neighborhood. I ran around the house and considered climbing a fence, but it was high, had spikes at the top and a high hedge behind it. Luckily, I saw I didn't have to flee anymore, as I saw the saucer fly off in the distance. Interestingly, the girlfriend had disappeared from existence somewhere mid-dream!

      I ran away from the house, joining a column of people walking on a dirt road, in the fields next to the houses. I was very emotional by what had just happened, and desperate for someone to believe me. They saw I was very shook up, and realized something must have happened to me. Suddenly I 'realized' the day had been 'reset'. This had all happened before, only then I was the one who didn't believe the UFO believers. The previous day started with this exact event, the column of people walking through the fields (it was a false memory though, I had no such dream).


      A later dream had me crawling through a ventilation duct, and disarming a flashbang grenade attached to one of the exits as boobytrap. I managed to do it, but there was still lasers and a turret attached to the lasers (cross one of the beams, it riddles you with bullets). I exited the vent same way I got in, and ended up in a supermarket? My ex-friend Fenn was there, and quite of few other people. I talked to him about the trap (I think). His buddy (another ex-friend of mine) Barra was nearby, and looked pissed because I was talking to his best friend. At some point I was wearing a long, white leather coat with fur around the collar (I casually adjusted the collar, that's how I found out).

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    6. 16-09-21 Defeating 'Thing', Survival Game

      by , 09-22-2016 at 01:10 AM
      This dream started as a nightmare. A pretty terrifying one. There was a person in bed, in a dark bedroom. She (I think it was a girl) started "changing" into a horrific monster, like in "The Thing". I think it attacked me. Next thing I remember, we're in a supermarket, and the thing is attacking me. I gained courage somehow, and remember getting pretty savage. I think I poked its eyes out with my fingers, and shoved my hand in its maw (it had a humanoid head, but slimy grey skin and huge teeth). I didn't feel pain, despite obviously being bitten, and I didn't expect to feel it, either. A subconscious sliver of realization that this was a dream? I rammed the creature into a glass... what do you call it... the glass doors of a refrigerated cabinet where you have all the meat products and whatever are on display. Next thing I know, the "creature" is on the ground, defeated... and it turns out it's a girl on stilts, wearing a silly suit! She's crying, and people are rushing to help her. I think they blamed me, and said I hurt her.

      I was in some kind of "survival game", played in an outdoor arena. There were ruins, bushes and some open spaces. It started with scavenging for weapons and gear, and then staying alive. I remember wearing body armor in one session, and a backpack in a later one (I suddenly felt my armor was now a backpack). I also had an intense standoff with a woman. She had a ponytail, and a pistol, and I had a pretty semi-automatic rifle. Not an AR-15, but longer and with a smaller magazine. We aimed at each other, kind of daring each other to shoot. She back away slowly, never letting me out of her sights. I wanted to kill her, by slowly pulling the trigger. I figured if I pulled it slowly enough, she wouldn't notice. The gun fired... but not really, because I had no ammo... luckily, she didn't notice it, and disappeared. I think I discarded the empty gun, and started scavenging some random parts to build a new gun.
    7. #198: Supermarket

      by , 08-25-2016 at 03:29 AM
      I have bought an AH supermarket together with one of my best friends. Man what a foolish idea. It痴 our very first day of running it. As soon as the customers start dropping in, I already feel overwhelmed. We have too many customers for just the two of us to handle. Throughout the dream, suddenly new employees start popping up. I guess my friend hired them. This thing might actually work.

      For the largest part of the dream, I知 behind the register. At one point I致e squeezed myself behind a very tiny register. I知 working alongside two teenage looking girls. After a while I notice that my friend is the only white employee.

      One of the last things to happen is a teenage boy employee ask me some questions about sweeping the floor. I actually have to give this kid an explanation of how to sweep a floor..!

      サ I知 moving out of some place. Together with a few friends, I知 packing all of my stuff. The place is quite big and littered with the belongings of my former housemate.

      サ I知 living together with 1 - 3 friends.
    8. #213 - Supermarket wars

      by , 03-19-2016 at 10:58 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      This dream was very vivid and immersive for what it was... I had trouble waking up after.
      I was in a supermarket and there was some sort of team system for a battle. My eyes pricked up the conversation coming from behind me as my team mates discussed betraying me. Geeze, what a bunch of dicks. I was crouched on the ground making something, it was a little like playdough. I ditch them and run off down the aisle, I remember as I'm running that I run past my ex Eiei, she was in the middle of shopping for groceries. At some point the dream was ending and I was kind of waking up, I remember thinking that I had to get up for uni since my classes probably start soon. Then were was a dog that came up to me and pissed on me, apparently the dog pisses on university students according to the owner who was somewhere in the background. I also remember some part of my mind thinking about impressing my ex with superpowers, like teleporting and blue flame kind of bs.
      I finally woke up after about 5 minutes of rolling around in my bed convinced that I was going to be late for uni O_O.

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    9. Dream 11/01/2016

      by , 01-11-2016 at 08:01 PM
      Some activities i did before going to sleep. When it was already dark at night i went out with my bicycle for a ride so see some scenarios. I seem to enjoy more of the awareness at night, and that helped me in my dreams tonight.
      Then, before going to sleep, i meditated one hour aproximately in Zazen. That helped me a lot in vividness of my dreams and restfulness of mind in my dreams, at the last moment of a dream that actually helped me got lucid.

      I fell asleep at about 3:00 AM. In my first dream I was at a supermarket. In front of the cashiers, in the same building, there were many shops. In one of those shops there was a woman who kept a tablet that was mine, she said for safety. I wanted to go in and talk to her but the shop was closed. Then i talked to a cashier, and she said that there was no problem that she would give me one (apparently she trusted my word). So he passed the tablet through the laser and she asked me for 15 pesos. I told her that was why i wanted to speak to that woman. There was nothing wrong with my tablet and now i have to pay 15 pesos for nothing. But ok i payed it. Then she bagged it and while she did that we talked about a football match of this morning (which nothing happened in waking life, actually before going to bed i was thinking about football and Argentinean team, something i haven't done for like 2 years). She asked me if i saw the football match of Argentina this morning and i said no, i don't watch football anymore. She was surprised, a man who doesn't watch football, but i wasn't surprised of her, i know that some people are ignorant enough that think everyone will have the same habits. She was with another woman, and for not being rude i said that i haven't watched a single match since Argentina lost the world cup on 2014, she said that she couldn't believe i (actually she did but she said that probably for my tenacy. I actually wasn't interested anymore, it's just a business, that doesn't attract me).

      I went out the supermarket and took a walk in the city. I crossed a street and i saw my grandmother in a car, like working as a taxi driver. I go to the square (scenario i had seen in my bicycle ride before going to sleep). I was heading from a supermarket called Vea to another one, more close to center of the city, called Top. I don't recall so much what happened there. But after that i headed with my mother to a street where there is a school. I saw a small square and next to it the entrance to a garden (street mitre). My mother passed it but wanted to show it to me, and i pointed out that it was behind. She kept going anyways and we went to the end of the street. The building were each time more ... antique, they were like gothic style (the houses were like 2 meters tall, and made of stone, fine stone), and the place looked like a town more than a city. In a street there were some old men playing or washing and i asked my mother if she could stop so i could see them. She did 100 meters more and stopped at the end of the street. I asked her if she could go back. She didn't answer me. I asked her if i could drive. She was staring at me. I told her "It will be ok, it's a lucid dream, im aware" but with compassion (not with conceit like happens other times i get lucid. This is probably a nice effect of the meditation). My dream starts to fade and i find myself awake, but i stay still, thinking that i could return to the dream again. Anyways i was in a bad postion (not awful like other times, but wasn't good either). I thought about the DEILD technique so i stood for a while like that. Then i thought about writing the dream and do a WBTB but i didn't since i would remember the dream. I fell asleep again, i continued in the same dream, but i wasn't lucid. It was like the dream would prolonge for like 10 minutes. So i continued dreaming. We headed with the car to our left. We go to the end of the street where there was a river going down. I got out of the car and my mother was already with his boyfriend so i left them and went on my own. I got myself inside some ruins and jungle. I saw there was no escape from that point onwards so i had to go back and surround that place, go through a river "gate" and there i could continue. I saw there was a big stone, and water flowed below that. It wasn't very dangerous since nobody could fall there, but one could put a hand there. Anyways one wouldn't want to since there were a lot of insects there and a lot of moss. Suddenly i see the boyfriend of my mother coming and he puts a hand in the water and he drinks it. Then he shouts, "i drank some of the water you drink" (like saying to my mother) i told him that is not the water she drinks, this one has insects. He didn't listened to me, probably he heard me. I go back and im ready to go to the river. I was at the spot where the car was (i was to the left of that place). I jump out of some big squared stones and i see to my right (i was in front of the car, so same direction as i was before) and i see a beautiful landscape. The skies were blue, but that blue was covered with purple, orange and yellow. There were some trees, very tall, like 20 or 30 meters of altitude. It was like the earth if it would have evolved spiritually, with no pollution or anything like it. The tree looked like weirwood of game of thrones, but it was taller, and when i saw it and the sky behind it it was a lovely mix of colours. The place was the andino, at the end of Bv Roca, i was standing to the left of what would be that place. By the way, when i was coming down the big squared stones i thought about the benefits of giving up adictions, that it is neccesary, then i saw that beautiful landscape.
    10. #33: Suriname / Appetite / Gear up / Rip off! / Blegh

      by , 11-18-2015 at 08:58 AM
      I'm in Suriname with my family. I'm with my aunt and her oldest daughter / my cousin. I'm not sure if my mom also joined. We are visiting an aunt who lives in Suriname. I'm the last person to walk from inside the house to outside. I stand next to the car, while the rest is already in there. It's a 4x4. I'm not sure of the details anymore, but in the end they drive a bit through the street and I'm standing to the side of the road. I think it was a sunny day, with palm trees and a road next to the beach. The person driving (my aunt) is driving forward and wants to park inside the garage in the house. She hits an edge. The car bounces a bit, but it's no problem.

      My friend Sel, who I haven't spoken to in a few months, has tagged me in a FB post. It's an article from... Buzzfeed? The article is about her. It says something about how people have been photoshopping the pictures she has put on Instagram. The photo that I can see on FB is one where her boobs have been deformed from the photoshopping.

      Think it's part of the same dream. It's a sunny day and we're sitting on a patio. I can't see (or don't bother) to look beyond the borders of the patio. It seems to belong to a restaurant. I think this patio was the background for the photoshopped photo. At one table there are 2 people sitting and at another table a small group. At both tables I know someone. I think I'm with the small group at first and then standing next to the table of the 2 people. It's something about the guy (an Indonesian I believe) having finished an entire cake in just 10 minutes. It doesn't seem so ludicrous... Then I see the platter the cake was in. Wow! In just 10 minutes?

      Gear up
      The details of this dream elude me quite a bit. At first there's something with 2 undercover cops and their dog. They are after someone I guess. They get stopped by a cop with a shotgun and a bulletproof vest, who doesn't know that they're undercover.

      Next thing, they are all by a tent. The wall is lined with weapons. Not only guns, but also axes and other stuff. One of the undercover cops is standing next to it. With ridiculous precision he throws an axe to his partner, who is sitting on a tree log, next to the regular cop. His partner catches it and I think he chops at the head of the cop 1 single time.

      I'm standing on the 2nd floor of an open building. It's night time. The wall of weapons is there. I'm with a girl, though I can't recall who. We gear up, getting ready to defend ourselves or go after someone or something. At one point I'm sure I took one of the 3 axes, but I can't seem to find it on my outfit. I also take a can of graffiti(?), but it's empty, so I leave it behind. When I pressed the button to check I could hear the familiar whizzing sound of just air leaving a canister.

      Rip off!
      I'm in Indonesia. It's a sunny day and I'm driving on a moped. I'm on my way to a sekolah tinggi (high school). My new high school? I have issues remembering the exact direction I took at the start of the dream, but I end up on a parking lot on a roof. I'm lost. I look around me. At first there is a fog, so I can't see that much. I had a map (Google Maps?), but I'm not sure what happened to it. Eventually I see some city landscape, as well as some rural area between mountains. I see some roads. The direction I'm looking at is a dead end. I look at my map, which is carved into a cucumber which I hold in my hand. It's blurry and there is only 1 clear line. There's a teenage Indonesian boy standing on the roof. A cheery fellow, a little bit chubby in the cheeks. In Indonesian I ask him how to get to the school. He isn't sure, but he knows that I'm headed the wrong way. He gives me the directions to the road which I just came from and to then take a right. I can see the road from where I'm standing. The 'take a right' was obvious, as I came from the left. The road looks like it's 1 class below a highway. It's built along the coast and slants to the right. From my perspective, there's a white arrow on the road which tells you that you're supposed to go to the right. I think further ahead is another arrow. I follow the road with my eyes and finger, but eventually stumble into the fog. I ask the boy what next. He tells me he isn't sure, but to take a left. I ask him when. I think to myself that it's at the end of the road. He tells me the same. I get back on my moped. Politely he says something along the lines of 'sorry, you forgot the parking money'. He says something about downstairs, which is odd. He tells me the fee is 5.000 IDR. What a rip-off! I take out my wallet from my back pocket. I don't want to give him 5.000 IDR, but it's the smallest note I have. The note looks strange though. It's red. This feels a bit wrong.* I hand it to him. Now he says the fee is 10.000 IDR. I become mad. I consider switching back to English to show him that I'm a foreigner and show him just exactly how mad I am. I think I start in Indonesian, but end in English. I lay a curse on him. I do it using my Will.^ I'm not sure if it will work. Actually I'm just mad and I don't really want something to happen, I just need to vent. I decide not to use any poison.

      This dream was quite interesting due to the details and the fact that we spoke in Indonesian.
      *5.000 IDR notes aren't red. More like brown, green and yellow.
      ^I'm reading a book where sorcerers use their Will to perform magic.

      I'm in my student home, which looks way different from how it should be. I'm in my room. The ladder to my highrise bed is way longer than in reality. I've positioned it at an angle, allowing me to use it as an exercise bar, hanging from just my hands and moving forwards and backwards. Man, this is pretty easy. I don't know why people are having difficulties with this in Ninja Warrior. Or maybe I'm stronger than I thought. I think about Sel. This makes me feel as if this dream was before the dream with Sel.

      I'm walking in an enormous AH [grocery store]. I want to go home. I think it's dark out already. I'm headed towards an exit. I know my train will depart soon and I'm close to the train station. I keep walking, but I don't seem to make much progress. It's as if I can't move fast, despite my best efforts. Somewhere in the mean time I look at my phone. I have a new email on gmail. It's from Dinne, who is both my colleague and my housemate at this point. I had sent her a one-liner with a joke that she apparently didn't perceive as a joke. She replied back along the lines of that if I fuck with her, she fucks with me. It's about her having mentioned me somewhere in a way that made me seem like a cheap asshole. This has to relate to Bart, our boss. Wauw. A colleague is one thing, but if even the boss is involved. I don't wanna work in a place like this anymore. Then I realise that she is also my housemate. Fuck. I guess I should knock on her door and go talk to her.

      I'm in the kitchen. It's really big and interesting in some ways. It's made mostly out of wood and the seeming lack of a plan while building and decorating it make it appealing.

      This dream really left me feeling blegh. Also not so sure about the order of events.
    11. #158 - Murloc hunting / Supermarket / Raining

      by , 11-15-2015 at 10:19 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Murloc hunting
      I remember hunting murlocs (from WoW) with a dwarf who had a gun. He would shoot them and the whole dream kind of felt like a video game. I remember trying to kill a murloc before it reached me, it was running down these stairs and I was firing at it through these iron bars. It then rounded the corner and leaped at me and killed me (though it was like a video game death and I wasn't really connected to the feeling of dying).

      Dream experience: 2 (video game)
      Dream awareness: 1 (disconnected)

      Dream 2 - Supermarket
      I remember standing outside a supermarket which didn't resemble any I think I've seen in RL. There was a pedestrian crossing nearby and lots of cars going past. I was waiting for my friend Olly who had taken my backpack to the bag drop zone where you apparently leave your bags while you shop... Now that I think about it, this place kind of resembles the airport O_O. While waiting I looked around as I had heard the sound of a Morepork Owl hooting somewhere. I saw behind the window of the 4th floor in a nearby building an owl. It was just sitting there and I thought it may be stuck inside. I pointed it out to a couple people. My friend arrives back and I think we cross the crossing but I don't recall what happened after that.
      Next thing I know is that I'm heading to the bag drop area and I need to go take a leak. I head to the men's room and I have bare feet, I have to avoid puddles of 'water' ... I was pretty aware at this point as I ended up focusing in on the details of the floor to avoid the watery areas reflecting light. I saw some stairs heading up and figured that there would be less water on the ground.

      Dream experience: 4 (vivid, good hearing)
      Dream awareness: 3 (average recall, body awareness, some detail)

      Dream fragment
      I remember reaching into a cookie jar that resembled the one my parents had when I was a little kid. The cookies in it were the same as the ones I had found in the kitchen cupboard yesterday except there were 2 types. 1 was exactly the same as the one in real life, the other was the same type but much larger and flatter. I vaguely remember eating a big cookie and it tasted nice .

      Dream 3 - Raining
      I was talking to someone else who had started no PMO, I think it was my friend Daniel. He had told me about how it had affected him and all that. I then confessed to him that I, too, had started no PMO. I said that I had been on it for 32 days, and showed him the Brainbuddy app I was using. I felt like his entire reaction to this was kind of off. Like he wasn't reacting the way he should have been. The scene seems to change.
      I remember being in my bed in my parents house which exactly resembled the room I'm actually staying in. I was rolling around and fantasizing and trying to resist the urges of NoFap, until I realized that I was in this state. I immediately stopped myself and knew that I would need to bring myself to my senses and get out of my bed. I willed myself to sit up... I opened the curtains to my right and peered outside. The deck was right there (in reality the deck is a few metres to the left and doesn't reach my window), it was raining outside and my dad was sitting at a wooden table eating breakfast. It didn't occur to me that this was particularly weird. I opened a window and got his attention, we said good morning to each other. He said "it must be beautiful in there", referring to how warm and cosy my room was and how cold and wet it was outside. Even my windows had fogged up a bit from the heat and my room just felt warm.

      Dream experience: 5 (vivid, interesting, odd behaviours of characters)
      Dream awareness: 4 (vivid, good recall, good detail, attention to character behaviours)

      Notes: I need to reflect on how I rate dream awareness and I think I may do it to the 5 'layer's of lucidity. Whereas with dream experience I think I'll just go by how much I enjoyed the dream on a personal scale. I managed to get my recall back a little bit, I think tomorrow night I'll be able to get the standard clarity back and from there I'll work on getting lucid again.
    12. Friends, a movie, elemental zombies

      by , 10-19-2015 at 10:34 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First part

      I woke up in my bed. It was an early morning. I looked through the window, I couldn't see anything through the dense fog. I took on clothes - jeans trousers and a dark blue hoodie. I went to the kitchen to eat a breakfast, and saw that my whole family was there, eating their breakfast. I looked through the window in the kitchen, and this time I could see my cousin and my friend. The fog was still dense.

      I took my backpack and went outside to greet them, but cousin disappeared somewhere, leaving my friend alone. The fog have dispersed, but it started to rain. We wandered the rainy streets of our hometown, going to the bus stop. We stopped near a shop though, because shoelaces in my right shoe untied. I dropped my backpack on the ground, and started to tie it.

      The bus appeared then, but it haven't stopped at the bus stop. I tied the shoe quickly, and ran towards the bus. I forgot the backpack though, and had to run back. I took it and ran back to my friend. He told me that we're going to his car, and that I shouldn't rush towards the bus.

      We entered his car and drove to the closest supermarket. We were walking around shelves filled with random products, looking for things from buy list. After we took all of the things he wanted to buy, I asked him "Where are we going now?" He replied "To home." For a while I considered if I should go to school, but I decided to drive somewhere with my friend.

      We picked up another friend on the way, and drove to a restaurant. The walls were painted red, firniture was made out of mahogany, and chairs had red upholstery. They ordered something to eat. I told them that I'm not hungry. My teacher joined us - a blonde woman in early fifties. She was wearing a red dress. She asked me "Do you know who Rzecki was?" I remained silent for a while. She got nervous and told "I haven't expected that you won't know! Rzecki, the boiler room worker!" Then she left us.

      Suddenly cameramen with actors entered the restaurant. They were going to make a movie, but first they told everyone inside to pose for a picture. I hidden somewhere in the crowd, and after the picture was taken, I sat back with my friends. A girl from my class joined us, and told us something, then she was trying to go out, but cameramen stopped her. They wanted to give her a role in their movie.

      Part two

      I told my friends that I'll be back in a moment, then I left the restaurant. Goind through the doors I found myself in ruins of a metropoly. Looking back I could only see a burning building, nothing more. There was a flat nearby, I thought that I could hide there for a while.

      The streets were empty, so no one seen me. I ran to the closest house and hidden in a dark corner. Only then I saw that the room wasn't empty. A zombie composed solely of fire was shambling inside. I didn't knew what to do. I looked around, and found a wrench, then I saw that gas pipe was open. I rushed towards it before the zombie could react and closed it.

      The zombie dispersed, and I could freely search the room. It had old oaken furniture, roughcast was dropping out of the walls. There was a carpet with weird patterns on it. Under the carpet I found two Uzi guns with ammo. I took them and went outside.

      I saw that there was a fallen skyscraper with a parking lot nearby. I decided that I should take a car and drive away. I crossed the empty street, but when I got close to the rubble, it started to move. Rock zombies were coming towards me. I shot them with Uzi's, and but it wasn't enough to destroy them.

      Suddenly I saw something flying towards me. Air zombies tried to catch me, but I ran towards the flat room in which I spotted fire zombie. I hidden in the same dark corner, but looking around I saw that gas pipe was open again. Fire zombie appeared again, but I had no wrench. After it spotted me, it shot two fireballs at me.
    13. Pizza Supermarket

      by , 10-16-2015 at 04:25 PM (Dimension X)
      Oh look, another dream where it's just my mother and I, in a store.

      Can't tell you how many times I've had one of these.

      Either way, this recent one involved us going to a supermarket, where I had a little less than a dollar to my name, and I wanted to go back home to get the rest of my money. We were walking through the supermarket, and I remembered that they were selling slices of pizza for one dollar each. I was short by maybe 5 cents, so while we were at the counter, with the pizza nearby... I asked my mom if she had any extra money so I could get a slice. I'm not sure what happened, but I did end up getting one, and we left to go home. Only our home was just another supermarket. Great. I remember seeing a bunch of my friends from high school in it, and then I said "I'm going shopping" because I could now get the rest of my money. I headed upstairs and for some reason, started thinking about Japan, and Japanese stuff. Suddenly, the name Tsukuba appeared in my mind, and I awoke with that name fresh in memory. I looked it up now, and apparently it's a place in Japan. Tsukuba is place I've never heard of, but my subconscious is responsible for me knowing it, no doubt.
    14. Four non-lucids

      by , 01-29-2015 at 06:01 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream - fragment

      I was in school. With teacher and classmates we were talking about structural organisation of forestry units.

      Second dream

      I was in home. We were preparing the attic to make bedrooms there. First we had to take all the trash from there. If we found anything of value, we took it to cleaning. Most of the objects were covered with cobwebs. There were gigantic spiders walking on them. They had random colors, like red or yellow. Two of them made a huge cobweb across the whole room.

      Third dream

      With my siblings we went out of supermarket. It was starless, moonless night. We went to the parking, and looked for our vechicle. We've found it. It was a tanker. We climbed up to its roof. The driver probably wasn't aware of this. As soon as my siblings jumped up on it, they've fallen down. I was holding on, until it started to move. I've fallen to the ground, and couldn't move. A man in white radiation protective suit came, and started to kick me. I could see the footing of his shoes quite vividly when he kicked me in the face. Suddenly the driver of tanker drove over my siblings. He couldn't reach me with the vechicle, as I was lying too close to some buildings. When he tried to drive over me again, I could move again and I escaped by climbing up the roof and jumping straight into my garden. I've landed in front of gigantic cobweb with two spiders on it, one was red and second yellow. Both had six black dots on them.
    15. 10/22/2014

      by , 11-14-2014 at 04:04 AM


      I knew I was dreaming while I was in a large, city-like supermarket while a huge vampire lord started attacking people. Everyone started running and some people fought the vampire. The vampire flew at me as I tried summoning water from my finger tips to fight it. It wasn't working so I ran away. I ran behind L. Hernandez because he knew where to go to hide from the vampire. As I ran, I could hear my boots hit the ground and I could feel the coldness of the floor the times I touched it when rounding a tight corner. I tried to feel tired by running but it didn't work. I lost awareness at times but I managed to gain it back. I tried summoning water but nothing seemed to work, making fall behind and lose sight of Hernandez, but found a young girl in a corner with a bandage on her arm. I went up to her and put my hand close to her wounds. Eventually, we could see her wounds light up under the bandage with a yellowish color which slowly faded into a dark red, sort of how blood looks.
      The girl, who had a cute round face with a small nose and short light hair, thanked me. I started to leave but she asked how I healed her. I said "This is a dream!" she seemed confused at first but after pointing a few things out, her eyes widened and she finally realized it was in fact a dream, saying "Ohhh yeah!" As we walked, I saw the exit, the sun shinning brightly on the outside. I told the girl, "You can imagine your mom walking in right now" but she said "I like Miley Cyrus". I looked at her and replied "On three, Miley will be singing a song behind that counter" and pointed to what looked like a costumer service desk. "One, two, three" We looked and saw a girl that looked just like Miley Cyrus before she cut her hair. The young girl got excited and gave me her number. It was long, maybe international but it had to have been in the US because it started with a 1. I told her I wouldn't remember that and as soon as I said my first three digits, I woke up.
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