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    1. 18-09-19 Ask for Sex, Xenoes

      by , 09-24-2018 at 06:45 PM
      Some stuff happened which I can't remember. After these events, a girl walks away from me. We'd experienced stuff together. Realizing it was my last chance, I ran after her and kinda casually asked if she wanted to have sex. Not exactly my usual MO in real life... Anyway, she said she'd told me before she wanted to do that. I didn't recall. Anyway, I wrapped my arm around her waist and we walked off. I warned her I was a bit self-conscious about my body as I'd recently put on a few pounds and am not exactly a tanned beach god.

      Then we got ambushed by these SWAT-team guys. I was forced to the ground, and forcibly hogtied. Turns out the cops were hunting for so-called 'Xenoes' (plural of Xeno), a collection of mutants and mechanically augmented people. Basically everyone who wasn't a 'normal' human, was automatically a Xeno. Xenoes were being 'made' by biotech companies around the globe (Isolay was mentioned, a company from the Deus Ex games). They said human augmentation was 'breaking the fabric of society'. Normally, I would debate them fiercely on this as I'm a transhumanist. But in this case, I just wanted sex. They released me as soon as they confirmed I wasn't a Xeno and I went on my way, with my girl of course.
    2. 16-08-18 How to Dismantle a Nuclear Bomb

      by , 08-21-2016 at 02:31 AM
      I have notes of a "swamp", a "woman swimming", and "crocodiles". I remember none of it, except the crocodiles.

      Dream took place in my old family home again. My phone buzzed in my pocket (allegedly, I remember nothing, these are old notes). My dad was upstairs. In the dream, I think he was installing (or had already installed) a fixed air conditioner unit. I could hear the annoying sound. In reality, it as my own crappy mobile AC that I was hearing, and the sound "leaked" into the dream in this form.

      I think I was on a quay, I think. I came across my old colleagues from my previous previous previous job (Tankpark). We did not split on good terms. I greet them, they ignore me. I was like "okay then", and continued on my way.

      We were in a garage-like space, dismantling a nuke. Notes tell me Xiaoxi (Chinese lady I know) was somehow involved, but I don't recall how. Heroes' Matt Parkman was there too (no surprise, I had seen actor Greg Grunberg in Star Trek: Beyond the evening before). At some point, Arthur Petrelli showed up and tried to stop us. I ignored him, saying he was dead. Suddenly, he turned out to be an older man called "Manny". I was supposed to know him from the past when he was younger, but didn't recogize him. He argued the world was in terrible shape, and asked us to stop. I convinced him it would only get worse if the nuke went off. We got ready to leave. Matt was interested in a fish bowl with some fish still in it, randomly laying around in the garage. He took it with him. We crawled under the garage door, which was half closed. I felt extremely tired, physically. So did the others, according to my notes. We find ourselves in what looks like an underground parking garage. In the distance, I see armed forced enter from several entrances. Guys in full SWAT gear. I am suspicious. We get on our knees as if to surrender, and I think to Parkman (he's a mind-reader) to get ready to get us out of here if things go wrong. Not sure how he would have done that. He can't teleport.
    3. For yesterday and today

      by , 02-03-2015 at 01:15 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      *I had no time to post DJ entry yesterday. I've posted them today*


      I was in the toilet. When I did my job and left the bathroom I've found myself in the government building. With another guy we were wanted. I tried to escape throug the window. It was cold morning. Sun gave slight blur over the rooftop. I couldn't see the road due to the fog. It was too high, so we both surrenderred to SWAT officers. They told us, that their job was to guard us, as mafia wants us dead. We were moving ambushed by snipers and other squads of enforcers.

      A village

      I saw a village and its commoners. It was in 8-bit game style.

      Todays dream fragment

      I was waiting for my luggage to take it out of the bus.
    4. My Totm: hostile takeover

      by , 11-26-2014 at 03:56 PM (My smashed up joy ride of dreaming)
      (Originally I was going to be fancy and copy paste leaves so there was a pile in my old dream, but that never happened)

      I'm in a random blue room, lucid now. I gear up and start the seige on my neighbor's house. The sunset cought my attention. Normal autumn stuff, but it looked nice. Going back to the mission, I go prone on this hill about 80 feet away from the house. Silent sniping ftw! I'm not really all there anymore, and I kind of thought I'd reward myself by burning my eye using the scope and the sunlight. This somehow created a lot of smoke. The swat team came in and shot me a thousand times. I'm only semi-lucid now, and I matrix dodge. Too bad my dream-self has bad balance. I fall over into the treeline, where there were mass collections of leaves. END
    5. The Heist

      by , 07-13-2014 at 04:04 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Entry 7/13/14

      Blue: Non-Lucid
      Bold: Lucid
      Black: Awake

      I dream that me and a crew of guys are walking towards the entrance of a bank. The bank is located in the inner part of a large city, and people are all around us. Our getaway is ready and waiting, a helicopter on top of a roof. Before we enter the bank, we do something in the street(I can't recall what) that ends up distracting the police. We then enter the bank, and I pull out a small handgun and fire into the air. Everyone immediately freaked out, and my crew all began shouting at them.
      "Everyone get down on the ground! I want everyone lying face down on the floor! Don't try anything! We won't give you any second chances!" the crew leader said.
      I now pulled out my rifle, a G36C with an ergonomic grip, green laser and an ACOG scope. All the people on the bank were frightened for sure, not daring to move. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew was setting up to open the bank vault. This bank would never exist in real life; no security guards, no cameras, and the bank vault was in an unprotected room for everybody to see.
      One of our crew now began placing satchel charges on the vault, and the rest of us guarded. I was walking around the room, when a couple of people sat up. My gun was down, and I took a hold of it.
      "On your face!" I screamed at them. Two of the three people listened, but the third, a young woman, didn't. "On your face!" I screamed again. She simply gave me a dirty look, and didn't budge an inch. I pulled up my gun, and before I could lift it up at her she laid back down on her face. I moved along in relief, glad I didn't have to shoot an innocent civilian. I continued walking around, and a couple more people sat up.
      "GET BACK ON YOUR FACE!" I yelled. They immediately obliged, and got back down on the floor. The vault was now opened, and our crew grabbed all the money. I however, stayed to hold guard over the bank. Two normal policemen entered the bank, and all of us hid ourselves. They looked around, confused as to where we were hiding. We were lucky no one in the bank was ballsy enough to give us away.
      I then peaked out and aimed down the sight of my G36C, and I lined up the sight right over the first cop's head. I fired, and the cop spun back. I then shifted my aim over to the next cop and took him out as well.
      All of my crew got up now and rushed out of the bank. I stayed at the entrance as they crossed the street. SWAT cars and police cruisers were all speeding to the scene, and it was about to get messy out here.
      I held my G36C as they police converged upon my position, and I was ready to return fire. In a matter of seconds SWAT were coming from both sides of the street. My team had crossed the street and entered into the building where our chopper was waiting. I had stayed back to fight off the coming resistance.
      SWAT were coming from both ways, so I stepped back into the bank and prepared to fire. Three or four guys came in the front door, and I fired rapidly, spamming my trigger until they were all dead. My gun was single-fire only it would appear, so I had to be quick with my shooting. More cops rushed in, and then I took them out as well.
      I stepped outside shortly afterwards and looked around. No more cops were coming to me. Instead, they had shifted their focus to the building my crew was in. I could see the SWAT team running past windows towards my crew, and they'd be screwed if I didn't stop the police. I aimed down my scope and began taking pop shots at the police, hitting a few of them in the back. It wasn't until long my crew reached the chopper, and they flew off to safety. I then ran off and made my own escape.
      I soon reached my crew mate's home and he let me in. He was freaking out because a policeman was coming for a search of his home. He still had his bag of money and his gear from the heist. So we took the money and gear and hid it someplace special(I don't remember where). The cop now came, and we let him in. He started looking around for suspicious objects, when I spotted what he was looking for. There was something from the heist on the floor(I don't remember what again), and so I grabbed it with a tissue, and I walked off with it unseen. Without getting any prints on it I hid it away so no one would ever find it.
      My crew mate now entered his room with me, and we saw an open pizza box on his bed, and three or four pieces left in it.
      "We gotta destroy the evidence man." he said. So we ate the pizza, and it wasn't before long when I
    6. Poolside Shootout

      by , 06-07-2012 at 09:06 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was inside a pool outside some sort of hotel. It was a modern hotel much like a holiday inn or something similar but much nicer. I got out of the pool and started walking towards the hotel and up a flight of about 12 stairs. There was a lot of landscaping around the pool and the back of the hotel, mainly flowers, some yellow and red, a few purple. I noticed my friend was leaning up against the wall and I waved to him, saying "hi." At this time I looked over to my left and noticed a large plane landing in the grass. A ton of people started rushing out of the plane all with guns and full body armor. They looked like SWAT or some type of secret service. I grabbed a gun out of nowhere and started shooting. It was some type of sub-machine gun which never seem to run out of ammo.

      Then, my friend got a shield of some sort and kneeled down in front of my to provide cover. I didn't stand behind him and just stood there shooting at the guys. I was consistently getting hits but they just kept coming out of the plane. They began to shoot back with full force but weren't very good shots. They all seemed to miss by just a few inched, I could see the bullet trail going over my shoulders and head. I decided it was getting a little close for comfort so I rolled back behind my friend and kneeled down on one knee and took aim. I started shooting them all and was getting a pretty good kill rate going. However, it was about here that the dream begun to fade very quickly and before I knew it
      I was lying in my bed.

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    7. Hallway (again) porn star summoned

      by , 12-13-2011 at 09:19 PM
      I was being followed by a group of people in full black outfits (swat style-DS) when my iphone app kicked in saying "you are dreaming look at your hands", I looked down and saw that I had 6 fingers 5 and my thumb, I took care to study them the lines on my hand and the little hairs on my fingers (as I had studied on here) I ignored all of the DC's who just ran by as I laughed (DS). It was a tad darm so I said "increase lighting" which only slightly worked so I yelled "more light!", which worked pretty well.

      I decided to stay put to stabilize but forgot to actually say "stabilize lucidity", I summoned a "porn star" to kneel in front of me for oral sex but it turned into a man as he walked in front of me, I yelled "female" and it turned into a beautiful brunette and just as I was unzipping my pants the dream destabilized and was over. DAMN

      CONTROL: I was surprised that I remembered the advice given on here and use the majority of it, studying the hands, & staying still to stabilize.

      DREAM SIGNS: Hallways, guys in SWAT/ Paramilitary gear following me and/or shooting at me.
    8. Modern Warfare Hooligans

      by , 07-24-2011 at 10:23 AM
      Me and my friend were in a helicopter and it got shot down by WHFs I don't know if we were SWAT or hooligans ourselves but we had rifles and we were shooting West Ham hooligans. We got surrounded and I think we got split up.

      The friend I was with was a West Ham fan but I think he was with me because he lives around that area where we were. It was cool.

      I think I threw a grenade. Silence was our main weapon becuase there were more of them than there were of us. There were like two of us.

      I think I got back in the chopper.
    9. May 1, 2011

      by , 05-01-2011 at 08:20 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      catch the ghost

      mon: i didn't sleep this day
      tue: angry at myself. dreams were real vivid. a sign of recovery but i was too groggy to write 'em down and they vanished within ten minutes
      wed: 2 lucids but no ghost
      Spoiler for lucid dreams:

      thu: crazy dream. down a ladder to the center of the earth where i have to kill this fiery skeleton horse with razor claws and tusks. many people died but not me. i woke up before i destroyed the beast.
      fri: followed a dog through an empty house. found some decapitated bodies.
      sat: 3 hours of sleep. did not dream. did not catch the ghost.
      sun: sporadic recall. sort of nightmares. i cut my finger and it was falling off....i saw a video tape of a man's suicide and SWAT stormed his house....i was in a flooded building on a box watching people be electrified in the water...in a department store looking at candy and Halloween costumes. vivid.
      Tags: cut, flood, suicide, swat
    10. Dreams from the past. ( Part 2 )

      by , 09-26-2010 at 03:42 PM
      Thursday, August 19th, 2010
      Had a dream about the whole world turning into man eating zombies except for me and a friend. Later we find a younger guy who hasnt been turned either. Turns out we were living on some type of giant spaceship and there were escape pods. So we get in and jump to hyperspace right before the whole ship self destructs.

      Also i had a dream where i saw a major label band on live tv, they were lip synching to a recorded track. You could tell because their lips and hand movements wernt in time with the music. They were playing one of my band's songs and claiming it as their own.

      Friday, September 17th, 2010
      Im witness to a murder, someone sneaks into the house im sleeping in and kills the owner in the next room. They see me witness the act and i run for the door. Desperately trying to find my way out of the enclosed neignborhood i finally get free, but once i do im greeted by a nice lady who helps me up off the ground after i fall while climbing over the fence. I notice her nails were freashly done and then suddenly as if it were all scripted i figure out that she's the mystery killer through a bunch of connected clues and she is shocked that i figued out it was her.

      Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010
      There is a gunfight between some kind of swat team type police force wearing chineese straw hats and a group of thugs and outlaws wanting to vandalize and destroy a political figurehead's home for something he publicly said or done. I was in outlaw and thugs group. We broke into the estate and started smashing things and tearing the whole building down. The owner of the estate wasn't home at the time, but he had publicly said or done something to offend the group i was in soo much that we were out for blood. The police had advance warning of what we inteded to do and were waiting for us. Soon as we started shooting and destroying things they poped out of everywhere and started shooting back at us. We put up a good fight in the beginning but were out matched and out gunned. A smoke screen began to build from all the shooting that had been going on so i took the chance and tried to run away up the street, but i saw that they had the entire area surrounded and were rounding up anybody who tried to flee. so i headed over into a neighbors yard and laid down flat behind a wooden picket fence and watched while police searched for anyone who might be hiding. Apparently they had a list of everyone who was involved in the attack and wernt gonna stop looking until they were all arrested. I watched as one officer goes into the house accross from me and starts opening up cars and garages to try and find me. As she was getting closer to where i was hiding. our eyes met and a smirk ran across her face. I knew then that there was nothing i could do and that i was going to be going to jail for what i had done.
      Her: " what are you doing down there "
      Me: " oh nothing, just hiding out "
      Her: " you wanna come out from under that fence? "
      So I get up from laying on the ground just enough so that half of my face is exposed ( like wilson from the tv show home improvement ) We both were acting very calm and casual cause we both knew there was nothing i could do or say to get away from this situation. Just then a small kid came walking up to me with a lit cigarret in his hand asking me what i was up to. I told him he should put that cigarret out beacause he was too young to be smoking. Not wanting to be lectured by me he walked off.
      Her: " Is your name ( cant remember )? "
      Me: " What ?"
      Her: " Is yourname ( cant remember ) ? Is that your name? ".
      Me: ( thinking it sounds familiar ) " Yea, thats me. "
      The name she had asked me about was not in fact my name. Truth is I've never heard that name before, but in the dream the name felt like it had been mine all my life. ( This isnt the first time where i had a vivid dream in which i assume the identity of someone else.
      The lady cop puts me in a van with some other people arrested for being involved in the attack. We begin driving ( i assume to the jail house ) and its then that i begin to notice that some things dont make sense. American police officers dont wear chinese straw hats. Some of the landmarks and buildings and statues I see while in the van made me think that this wasnt even america at all, so i ask the driver " what country are we in?" to which she sais the name of a country ive never heard of. I then realize that this could all be a dream and if it is, to just ride it out and dont worry about anything. It's just going to be an experience so enjoy it. Right when i said that to myself my alarm clock went off and i woke up.
    11. Flying, spying, and crimes occuring in my childhood neighborhood (lucid)

      by , 07-03-2010 at 11:23 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      (There is a "trigger warning" on the content of this dream.)

      I am standing at the four way intersection that leads to the dead end street I grew up on. It is night time and must be spring or autumn beccause I am wearing my warm, blue zip-up sweater, jeans, and black baseball cap. The corner of the intersection I am standing appears as it did over ten years ago when one of my old neighbour's (Mrs. Jolleff) lived there, on a quarter acre of land, in a small white house surrounded by maple trees. Not long after she died her land was sold and redeveloped into a townhouse complex. Because the area looks different than it does today I immediately become lucid.

      There is no one around and not much to do so I recall learning to fly and want to give it a try. I spread my arms out and bend my knees and jump into the air. At first I am afraid of being to heavy and not being able to defy gravity (problems with flying in dreams that I have had before) but remembering this is my dream I just think of myself as weightless and I am able to float about fourty feet in the air. I then leisurely glide over the houses and tree tops towards my parent's house. As I get closer I notice that the house I grew up in and some of the houses on either side seem to exist in a void of grey fog and some facades are different that they appear in waking life and indeed when I enter the fog the outside world disappears and while it is no longer visible I can sense that it is still there, though it seems far away. I cannot make the fog go away but I can make myself invisible and see through the walls of the houses with my dream control.

      My partent's house is empty of people but all of the houses to the left of their's have many people living in them, all of them people I do not know as they are not the neighbours who lived there when I was a kid. The first house to the left is empty of people but by the boxes and furniture scattered around the floors I can tell that someone has just moved in. The next house is two storeys high and each level has been split into a seperate appartment. As I slowly fly towards that house I can see a blond woman looking out the window towards me talking on the phone, but I know she cannot see me as I previously made myself invisible. I plan to make no effort to control the thoughts or actions of any character I meet in the dream because I believe they are creations straight out of my subconscious and hope they might have something interesting to say and that I might learn about myself.

      I fly up to the window where blond woman is talking on the phone and childishly revel in that fact that she can't see me by making faces at her. I then fly around to the back of the house and notice through a window a dark haired man and woman dressed in stylish business clothes preparing food on the second floor. I plan to eavesdrop on them next. I fly through the wall and listen in on the blond woman's conversation. She wearing jeans and a heavy light brown sweater and her hair is shoulder length. Her apartment is sparsley decorated with things that look secondhand or very simple and homey. I cannot remember what was said now but I do recall that I found her conversation terribly uninteresting and I let myself float down through the floor to where the dair haired man and woman are. Their appartment is furnished with much nicer stuff and their is a circular glass table with wine glasses and setting for two and it looks as if they are planning a romantic dinner.

      The dark haired woman is wearing a white blouse, black skirt and black high heels and her hair is pulled back into a pony tail. The man seems to have disappeared into another room for a moment while the woman is washing and cutting green and red peppers by the sink. Despite the nice surroundings and stuff the woman has a miserable look on her face and seems very unhappy. I cannot read her mind to figure out why which I find very frustrating. The man reenters the kitchen from another room and he is wearing a white shirt with black buisness pants and black tie. The woman puts down her knife and turns around to embrace him but he grabs her by the wrists, spins her around and roughly pulls up her skirt and forces her to lean over the sink. After undoing his pants he starts having sex with her from behind and demands that she continue washing and cutting the peppers while in that position. She doesn't respond verbally but I can sense that she is even more upset then before and she struggles but is not strong enough to escape the man's grip. Even though I try, my dream control won't allow me to force the man to stop or let the woman escape.

      I become kind of upset myself and start to dissociate, even start to think that I want the dream to end but I hear a phone ringing in another room and go towards it. The ringing stops before I get to the phone (in an office on the other side of the appartment) and I can see a red light flashing on the display to indicate that a message has been left. I pick up the phone because I want to listen to the message (hoping that this will be something important or interesting from my unconsious - and I want to forget about the rape happening in the kitchen that I cannot stop).

      The phone has so many buttons and many of them have symbols that I have no idea what they mean. I am frustrated that the phone is super complicated and has so many extra buttons that seem to do nothing. The woman in the kitchen starts screaming and I drop the phone and fly as fast as I can out of there. I am very dissociated now and cannot end the dream even though I try.

      The foggy void outside has gotten thicker and darker but I can see a row of SUVs in the distance, some of which of have police lights on top but the cars are empty and seem abandoned. I notice that the home to the immediate left of my parent's house has a few lights on so I fly over there to see what's going on. While I cannot end the dream or affect that thoughs and actions of characters in the dream, I can still control my actions and inanimate objects around me. I fly into the living room of the house and see a man sitting on a recliner trying to figure out his newly hooked up cable box on his large widescreen television. Or at least that is what I think he is doing until he figures it out and violent pornography appears on the screen. The man starts masturbating and I lose interest and start flying outside but before I pass the walls of the house I hear a child crying in the basement.

      I go down there and the floor is covered in discarded furniture and various basement junk but I cannot see any child even though the crying has gotten louder. I notice a set of metal grates on the cement floor, half hidden underneath a dirty mattress and some boxes. I telepathically move the junk and open the grates and discover a shallow well which contains the decaying body of a little boy. The boy is obviously dead but the crying gets louder and I use my dream control to undo the decay on the body and return the boy to life. He is surprised as first but then very scared because the man who murdered him is still upstairs. He is unable to talk but communicates telepathically and asks if I will help him sneak out of the house. I pick him up and we float up through the ceiling into the front hall of the house. Several of the SUVs I saw before have entered the foggy void and are either parked infront of the house or are driving back and forth in front of the house on a small section of road that exists within the void.

      A man in dark clothing is at the front door and the word SWAT is printed on the back of this jacket. I tell the little boy that he is probably going to storm the house and arrest the man who murdered him. Instead the SWAT man knocks on the door and waits patiently for someone to answer. Because I am inpatient I use telekinesis to both swing the front door open and grab the man watching porn and force him to the front hall. I make myself (but not the little boy) visible and rat out the man for the murder. The SWAT man looks confused and says that he is there to arrest the other man for pirating cable signals with illegal cable hookups.

      I use my dream control to project everything I have seen into the mind of the SWAT man and tell him that this is my dream and I want him to do something about the crimes taking place. The SWAT man responds: "There are no crimes taking place because this is only a dream." I do not know how to respond to that at first but realize that I have finally met a figure from my subconscious that might be able to give me some answers, so I then ask him: "Why do images like these appear in my dreams? What am I supposed to learn from them?" SWAT man responds: "You cannot learn on the subconscious level that which you have not learned on the conscious level."

      I ask him to clairfy but the dream suddenly... I don't know how to describe this, um, explodes or rips apart. I am still aware that I am in a dream but have lost my control and it feels like some outside force has grabbed the foggy void and is tearing it to peices. The characters arround me are violently pulled into dark holes and tears that have suddenly appeared and the structures and setting disintegrate and are sucked into invisible voids. Everything is pulverized and disappears and a horrible feeling of dread overcomes me and I feel like there is an army of demons standing on my chest, though I am able to end the dream and wake up before anything more freaky happens.

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    12. Avoide the cops

      by , 04-22-2008 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      The dream starts off at night time in a neighbourhood that I do not recognize. There are several houses situated around a circular dead end of the street and everything in the dream is fuzzy and has a dark blue-ish shade to it. There are a small group of adolescent youth gathered in an upstairs floor on one of the houses. Some of the people are unfarmiliar and others are former grade school classmates of mine. I can only recall the names of two of them though most of their faces are farmiliar. There is a commotion outside and we are looking out the upstairs windows to see what is going on. A police cruiser is slowly making it's way down the street with it's lights flashing. Though the siren is not on, the red and white lights of the police car's flashing lights created a stark and eeiry contrast to the dark blue shades of everything on the street.

      When the police cruiser reaches the dead end a spotlight is turned on and it begins searching the windows of the houses at the end of the street one by one. The group of youth's do not know what the spotlight is looking for, but we all duck and cover when the windows we are at are searched. Once all of the windows of all the houses at the end of the street have been searched, the police car turns off its flashing lights and slowly drives away. Without saying a word to each other, the group of youth quickly makes there way outside. Some go to their own homes, while the majority of us run into another single storey home just down the street. It is a house that was not searched by the police spotlight and we feel safe there.

      We are in the livingroom of this house (I think it was supposed to be my place in the dream) sitting with the lights out when a S.W.A.T truck suddenly appears and backs into the driveway of a house across the street. In the dream, this house belongs to one of the people who is a former classmate of mine named B.J. We all watch as the house is apparently raided and B.J wants to return home because he is worried about his family and though we all implore him to stay, he sneaks out of the house we are in and across the street. He disappears behind the S.W.A.T truck and is seen no more. I do not know what became of him but the other youth in the group become frightened because they do not know why the police seem to be out to get us.

      I cannot remember much more but there is something about one of my former classmates named Jen and a red brick fireplace.