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    1. 17-10-19 Sweden School Escape, Left on Island by Gaff, Flying From Gym to Zeebrugge

      by , 10-22-2017 at 02:52 AM
      I was in a classroom in northern Sweden. A few more people (all adults) were there with me. They had locked us up for being residents of a hostile nation. They started unlocking the door, and I knew they'll execute us all. I told the others to get ready to fight, and went to the door to open it as soon as it was unlocked. I felt like we were all going to die. The situation was so desperate, we might as well put up a fight. I opened the door, and the others rushed outside. We fought, and most of us were shot dead on the spot or otherwise killed or restrained (to be shot later). I was retrained as well, by a man I remembered from a previous job (in real life), a Dutchman called Michel. I practically begged him to let me go, and much to my surprise he did (out of view of the others). Grateful for the favor of my former colleague, I made my way out of the building, across the courtyard of the school, toward the large gate. It was snowing. When I got to the gate, the police arrived. If they found out I was with the other prisoners, they'd arrest me and I'd get killed after all. I pretended everything was normal and I was just going home after a day at work. It worked, and I got past them, onto the streets. It was very cold, snowing heavily, and it was very dark and gloomy even though it was midday. I was wearing my old Sergio Tacchini coat, something I used to wear when I went to high school myself (graduated 2008). I briefly thought to myself it's no surprise Scandinavian people got so depressed living there, with all the gloominess. I could hear the soundtrack of the dream in the background, a very fitting tune my subconscious made up on the spot. As I started waking up, I wondered how to proceed from there. I had to get out of Sweden somehow, and head south.

      I was left behind on a tiny island (just 30 feet across, maybe) by a villain - Gaff from Blade Runner. The island was in a very (extremely) wide river, relatively close to the southern shore. There was a lot of fog, and a chill in the air. Gaff could fly, and he flew off towards an extremely large (width and height) skyscraper on the opposite shore, basically Wallace HQ from Blade Runner 2049. The building was so tall, I thought to myself that even if I could fly, I'd be too scared of heights to go there. Suddenly I was with another person on the island. Gaff. And he was a friend suddenly, also left behind on that island. And I could fly. He held onto me (on my back) and I had to fly us to the shore. But he was so damn heavy! I don't know if I managed to keep from plunging into the water. I knew one thing: we had to destroy that building.

      I was in a large open room, maybe a gym. I could fly, and realized doing circus tricks would indeed be a good way to make money and get famous. I did some tricks for an audience, like backflips and stuff. Some guy suspected I was on an invisible support, or hanging by a thread, so I invited him to come and feel. They remained unconvinced (I could feel a wire suddenly, as if I *really* was hanging from a wire, except I wasn't). I got really furious at the guy (not really, I think I was just acting and wanted to do a good villain speech to terrify the DC's). I cut the scene to the next one, somehow, as this is what would happen in movies (I could be director and character of my dream at the same time). It was night now, and I exited the gym through the back exit. I saw the people who were watching earlier at their cars, ready to leave. They were talking some more. I looked at one of them with some regret for my earlier behavior, then flew away. Higher, higher and then away over the city. It was day all of a sudden, and I didn't notice this transition. I was now aware I was dreaming, but it wasn't a sudden "!!!" moment, but more as if I'd known all along (I did not). I had to dodge some kind of windmill on a rooftop, and I think the blade hit me (I felt it). No injuries, though. I flew along the coastline now, approaching the harbor of what looked like Zeebrugge (Belgium). The waters were fierce and I could see a large cargo ship smashing violently into the waves. I wanted to fly home, to Brasschaat where I live. I realized that was far, but trying to teleport was too hard (dream felt real) and too risky (to avoid waking up). Just a moment later, the image froze and I lost the dream. I knew I could maybe "restart" the dream but that would take too much effort so I opened my eyes.
    2. Sweden; Thailand; New phone camera

      , 09-16-2016 at 12:01 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Bed 8:30pm - 3:36am

      DR 1 at 1am
      I'm walking up a hill in Sweden. It's very green, lots of grass, trees and flowers. I'm taking tons of pictures with my new phone. I look back and there is a huge rock arch through which yu can see the ocean way below us. It's so beautiful.

      DR 2 at 1am
      Some kind of rocky tunnels, or old stone ruins, high up. I'm running from there. Come to the edge, they almost got me, but I jump off hoping I will fly. And I do.

      DR 3 at 1am
      We are flying above a coastline in Thailand. They are taking us to a resort. It's all undeveloped area. No other hotels or towns. I look along the shore and I tell them that another beach is nice and there is town, so thy should take us there. We want to see places besides the resort, like stores, towns, other people.

      Flying over the ocean coast for a long time. Taking lots of pictures with my phone.

      At the resort, I take a lots of pictures of their pictures on the wall. There are some unsent letters from previous guests. I'm reading the envelopes if I find any clues what happend to them, because I'm starting to thing something happened. The resort is not what it seems.
    3. Sweden

      , 03-12-2016 at 12:48 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Day shifts this week. Last night bed 9pm - 3 am. 4:30am shift.

      I am with another adult and 2 kids. Walking on some kind of a berm and seashore I think in Sweden. We suppose to get to the other side of the bay, across the water. There is a narrow path I see, surrounded by water. It's a low tide and we can walk across on the rock all covered in green moss and still wet.

      At some point we walked up on a hill that was along some other path and I saw the bay in the distance, with a smallish town huddled on it's shore. Windows all lit up, otherwise only dark silhuettes of the houses were visible, because it was at night.
      Tags: ocean, sweden, water
    4. Snorkeling in Sweden

      , 12-07-2015 at 03:07 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      I worked yesterday, had night off today and tomorrow

      I'm told that I can move to an island off of Sweden. It's a manmade island made of wood. I'm under water, coming up to surface. There is lots of seaweed and light is filtered by them. I'm only few feet under the surface. I'm watching the bubbles rise, how the seaweed is moving with the waves and some sea slug on a large leaf. I'm amazed. I come up and see a large rectangular island that looks like a pontoon.

      Next I'm on the island and i feel sand under my feet. It's hard to believe that it's all on wood, because sand seems to be deep.

      Someone needs to poop, so they squat behind some drift wood. They cover it with showel and sand. I wonder if someone makes a hole next to it and they showel sand on it, if they uncover the old poop 0_0.
    5. Feb 19th and 23rd Awesome: Taking My Time With Sex

      by , 02-24-2015 at 08:56 PM
      2/23/15 Cool amusement park attraction where everyone is standing in the room and the room starts falling apart and there's a big elephant like creature that comes crashing down from the ceiling. I'm not afraid but it seems to be more because I feel I'm in an amusement park attraction although I do remember thinking in a dream like way that it would be cool to explore this place. As we exit there's confusing directions about which way to go and we almost get back into the same line but then get the corrected directions exiting properly and we end up at a school where a bunch of kids are getting ready to leave loading into school buses, like elementary age 2nd or 3rd grade probably and almost all of them are wearing white sheet ghost costumes old-fashioned pretty cool but didn't seem to wake me up within the dream.

      * after wake back to bed and drifting off, at some point I notice vibrations and I notice they are fairly strong and I'm confident about heading straight into a dream. They fade but I stay calm and patient and find myself sitting up on a big square bed and my son in a younger version just sitting on the bed also but I have no confusion over whether or not this is dream. I jump out of bed and start looking for Girl Friday. During wake back to bed I was thinking about her and how I last saw her provocatively giving a clear view up her skirt. I go around the corner expecting her to be there but nothing. I'm now all alone. I keep saying: well she will be around the next corner or the next corner. It is not working so I decided to just explore. I find this huge set of figurines - small, smaller than Star Wars figures for example and they're all plastic not unlike little green non-articulating army men but each one colored differently with different colored clothes etc and I picked the one that would look most like Girl Friday and try to convert it into her. I think about CanisLucidus or was it NyxCC's focus of keeping the eyes moving and not fixed and I intentionally move them around while I observe the figurines. Perhaps just thinking of a stabilization technique may have done me in or I may have been at the end of an REM cycle. I woke up maybe around 4-something?. #284

      * after my wife left I'm tossing and turning a little bit in bed trying to get comfortable and I decide to try the reverse eye blink that someone mentioned using successfully. Basically just opening your eyes for an instant and closing them super quick. It may have helped here, I'm not sure. The thought is that it could work to help to go back in to sleep more quickly with awareness somewhat intact and get back to dreaming more quickly as well. The next thing I remember I am in a non lucid dream and this guy is sitting across from me in a classroom and he says the word "lucid." At first my excitement is just in the idea that maybe I found someone to talk about lucid dreams with. I asked him if he has "heard of lucid dreams? You can do An-y-thing you want!" He starts to look at me like a lot of people do when you talk about dreams but my awareness is rising and I start to notice the fluid nature of the visuals at first saying to myself this could be a dream...but quickly realizing this is a dream! I decide to explore outside of the room into the hall. I seem to be in a school with 20-something year old DC's , it is a college.

      There are so many DC's and I am passing so many beautiful women! There are redheads, blondes and brunettes. As they pass I notice the wispy nature of the visuals like a stream of colors behind the ones I focus on at least. I see a beautiful brunette that looks quite a bit like this:

      with less makeup but similar complexion. I reach out to embrace her and at first she looks at me like "do I know you?" I look at her passionately and she starts to look back in kind! We start kissing there in the busy hallway up against the wall with DC's passing left and right. Like my last sexual exploration I decide to take it slow and enjoy every moment. She is wearing a creamy pink long sleeve cardigan which I slowly unbutton, one button at a time. I slowly sweep my hands over her shoulders and down her arms removing the cardigan and caressing her back and her beautiful soft skin. I unclasp her bra which has the clasp in the front and sweep it back over her shoulders and down her arms caressing her skin on the way down. This is so incredibly sensual. I softly
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      The visuals fade a little in and out at this point but I can still feel the experience especially and I reach down into her pants and I feel her underwear which is silky. It reminds me of my wife's underwear she's wearing this very night and I look up for some visuals of the face and now she looks a little more like my wife. I reach around the front of the underwear to inspect them further and I find that instead of the embroidery on the front it is silky smooth front and back , so it is definitely different and I'm not somehow interacting with my wife in bed right now. The visuals are now fully back but somehow we have ended up outside the school in the parking lot going at it against one of the parked cars. I unbutton her pants and
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      a little more quickly now. We are now getting the attention of two security guards or police officers. I don't want them to mess up this steamy moment and I think perhaps they'll just walk on past but I keep my eyes on them just in case I need to keep them from interfering. I think that I can use my time stopwatch that will be in my hand when needed, to freeze them if I need to. They both lock eyes on me and are heading towards me and getting closer. I try my time freezing stopwatch twice in quick sucession (freeze then unfreeze perhaps?) but it does not stop them and I instead shoot them both with my finger guns and they both collapse to the ground. I turn my attention back towards the beauty and we are
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      up against the car on a beautiful day...the visuals are holding up. Suddenly the larger stocky officer, the black officer, pushes himself up on one knee and calls for help and I look over towards the school and there are a line of officers walking towards the front door of the school, probably about 6 or 8 of them. When he calls out to them I decide it's time to take my damsel and fly up into the sky away from all this potential interference. I hold her in my left arm extend my right arm Superman style and float up about 20 yards into the air looking back down towards the officers and taking a few shots for fun since this is all a dream anyway. It doesn't seem like I hit any of them and we swoop past a few trees and higher up into the air and the visuals start fading again. Not long after
      , I feel myself back in bed exhilarated to have the experience I just had and I start going over the details from beginning to end in my mind while thinking about whether or not I should try to go back in and I decide I'm probably too much awake to go back in quickly at this point and I want to remember as many details as possible. After laying still recalling for a little while, I get up a little earlier than normal for the day just about 15 minutes...but I went to bed early and I feel very rested and smiling broadly at the experience I just had and I decide to start recording my dreams from the latter half of the night. #285

      Yesterday I had a stronger than normal sense of "Dang was I asleep just then! (IWL)..and now I am really awake (aware)!" at a random moment when I was just sitting on the couch. Between that and the reverse eye blink and the apple juice, they may have assisted with two lucids tonight including that second wonderful one!

      2/21/15 awesome trip to Sweden and returned two more times intentionally in the next two dreams. Non lucid I'd say...but awesome!

      2/19/15 No.283 Mustard or intention for vividness!? Image+rc many times at wbtb. 1015? 340(~5hrs25) wbtb then toss and turn. Wake from LD ~605.

      Awesome escape from lab dream before wbtb.

      *2 women escort me to 12th floor. Why? Even when i worked here i didn't know anyone on 12th. Where are my department remnants now? 1st floor! Pass locked fridge wondering if free sodas there and then come to an open cool box shaped like a square freezer box but no lid and full of bottled drinks but large like wine and champagne. Definitely dreaming! I float a little and think about phasing through the big window out to the beautiful city night scene but the scene fades and I instead shortly after find myself standing in a classroom full of college aged people looking like they're all getting up to leave the classroom or just got there standing not sitting. I am near a cute one and I turn her around to face me still fully aware I'm dreaming and I start to kiss her. She looks vaguely familiar...like a thin sexy version of D from my favorite job so far. She seems reluctant at first but I convince her this is what she wants and she is now going along with it. I physically pull off her clothes one item at a time, no need to rush.
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      As I am caressing her body I remember one of my priority goals to ask a specific question of my subconscious and I asked the question just using my mind and then think about saying it out loud but while I'm paused doing this and focusing on this
      I seem to cause the dream to end or possibly I was just at the end of my REM cycle. Wake from ~605 #283
    6. Hurricanes, bombs

      by , 11-10-2013 at 07:32 PM
      I took 3 mg melatonin before bed. I don't know if it did my dreams any good, but I slept pretty well.

      I dreamed that I was staying at somebody's house... a couple, who were maybe in their 60s. I don't remember the man very well, but the woman had shoulder-length dyed brown hair and wore sort of flowy pastel blue clothing with lots of jewelry. Their house was on the edge of the water. It was mostly open to the air, with pastel curtains hung between pillars. It reminded me a lot of some of the houses in Florida. When I asked about hurricanes, they said they'd rather live on the edge of the water than relocate to a hotel on slightly higher ground where they would just drown anyway.

      Then, there was some sort of hurricane/typhoon. The house was blown to pieces. Somehow, the couple was unaffected by the craziness going on around them, but extremely concerned about me. Even though I hung on, I ended getting blown away.

      The dream shifted. I was entering a city that was built on the water. I descended on the city from the air, somehow. The houses' walls were made of white plaster, and the rooftops were glittering ceramic tiles in all sorts of jewel tones. The architecture reminded me a lot of the American Southwest. There were canals between all of the houses. Somehow, all of this was on top of a mesa that rose out of the sea. I recall that I was able to get into the city because my cousin J helped me get a passport.

      The environment around the mesa reminded me a lot of coastal South Africa. There was a cave system inside of the mesa, with different levels to it, all of them filled with enough water to pilot a boat around. The poorest people lived in boats in the lowest levels of the cave system (which also opened to the sea, through a tunnel that looked very mouth-like). The richest people lived in the houses on top of the mesa. The lowest level was very dimly lit, and the cave walls were made of sort of a brown clay.

      I was at the lowest level, and suddenly had a boat. My boat was a little house-boat, about as small as a house-boat can get. The lowest level of the mesa, where I was, had terraces, with waterfalls. I thought the sound of one particular waterfall was very annoying, so I tried to pilot my boat to a higher level. One of the other residents was an extremely skinny man with tan skin and a shaved head. He stopped me and said they wouldn't allow boats at the higher levels, because the water was too shallow. I thought that sounded like bullshit, but turned around anyway.

      The dream shifted. I was somehow involved in a plot to detonate a bomb somewhere in Sweden. I don't remember why. I remember moving there because my friend had moved there to teach English (which she does in real life) even though I really wanted to move to Norway instead.

      My great grandfather lived in a run down little shack there, and wore a ratty red robe. I remember thinking that he looked very thin and frail. He was trying to tell me in broken English that what I was doing was evil, and begging me not to do it. I was doing it for his good as well as my own, although I don't remember how. After I had completed the task, I was able to move my great grandfather to a much better apartment. He still wore the same ratty red robe, and he refused to talk to me.

      I woke up, rolled over.

      Dreamed my roommate was talking about getting married to one of our other friends, but I don't recall anything else.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. Nasty Cannabis Night Terrors with Yung Lean

      by , 09-15-2013 at 11:51 AM

      So I went to bed at i dunno, 1am or something last night! I woke up about one or two hours later, and i was having an awful sleep. NIGHT TERRORS!

      1)I felt like I was having 1,000,000 thoughts every second. It was mentally exhausting and I felt like it was never going to end. I would drift in and out of sleep, each time feeling relieved that it was gone, only to realize it was still there. It was as vivid as real life, but as terrifying as a nightmare or a bad trip. I reckon it may be cos I haven't smoked in a week or so.

      I was extremely relieved to realize this had all gone after I actually woke up, went to the loo and got back into bed. Honestly one of the worst experiences of my life! The rest of my dreams were nicer :- )

      2Tom, Will, Ashley, Charlotte and I were seeing yung lean live in Sweden. It was cloudy but warm, and we were walking across a courtyard area of a primary or secondary school. It looked like England, but I knew it was Sweden somehow. In addition, my mates dont like yung lean much so why we would all travel across Europe to see them I do not know XD It was in a very familiar setting; the school courtyard looked like my secondary school, although at the same time it looked nothing like it, same goes to the church. We'd been there previously to see Yung Lean, hense why I recognized it. It's great that you can get nostalgic or vaguely recognize something existing only in the dream world There was also a grand piano next to a grunden, which in particular looked similar to my secondary school. Inside the church, it was suitably light. We were all sat on plastic blue chairs. I remember hearing them playing Ginseng Strip 2002, and it was excellent. They did the usual dances, it was more chilled out though than their online performances. More like the Hurt video performance. Mum was sat with my Nan a few meters to the right of me, and Mum thought it was funny.

      3) I was in Tom. R's living room with Latham. C, Luke.Y and Harry.H. It was late, must have been about midnight. It was light in the room but very dark outside. I was getting bored and was ready to leave, but I wanted to stay at the same time as someone had weed and I wanted to smoke up big time. I decided to bare with it for a while, and asked Latham over politely if I could blag a lift off of him later on in the night. He said that was fine, but started to get ready to leave. I didn't want to leave anymore as I knew they'd be smoking up soon, but I didn't want to be rude as he was going out of his way to drop me home. Harry. H had been meaning to drive home too, but claims he accidentally ended up getting really stoned which was a problem as he wanted to drive home. In the car with Latham it was dark other than the red lights of his dashboard. It was awkward and naff as I didn't want to leave but I appreciated his effort, and he wasn't going home - literally dropping my home then returning to Tom's! Latham didn't have a clue where I lived which was kind of a kick in the teeth, as we were best friends as children and were always round each others houses. When I explained to him where I lived, he mocked me as it was only a 10-15 minute walk away, calling me lazy. This was true, but I didn't really care. Tom's house had moved - it was now where Ollie.P used to live! When I got home, I sat on the sofa with my Dad. Everything was cool with him. The setting suddenly changed from the familiar living room to an unfamiliar, grey, but welcoming doctors surgery during the day. I feel like this may have been a completely separate dream. We were still sat on the sofa, and the television was still in front of us, but it was higher up on a wall bracket now. We were watching some sort of weird, Japanese advert for stopping racism. I said it was so dated, but my Dad just said it simply wasn't my cup of tea. It was my cup of tea though! The people were in some sort of large metal tank, much like a boiler, and it had a modified robot brain inside it. After a while, Dad said to me, "I hate to ask this, and I know it's boring. I know you quit the fags, but what about other stuff? Like weed?" There was a long pause here whilst I tried to figure out something to say. Normally I would just deny it, but something felt quite casual and honest about this experience, even though I knew it wasn't. I was going to tell him that I just smoke occasionally, which is true, and that I can turn a joint down these days...not so true The pause made it extremely awkward and obvious. My mum said something, but I didn't hear it, so to speak. It was like sound inside my mind, saying "Everytime Tracey and I walk past you she asks 'Is that smell what I think it is?' and I can't just keep lying to her!".

      4) Luke A, Liam C and Gary. P were all very stoned inside one of their bedrooms. It was a small room, and very dark. The haziness of the hotboxed smoke made it even darker, making the view of them almost grainy. Luke A had been told to put some very large headphones on, and was listening to something.

      5) Bryn had invited Tom, Will, the girls and I round his house for a smoke up. I was in the back of my parents car on the way home from somewhere. It was a nice day - sunny and warm, with a few clouds here and there. I knew I wanted to go to Bryn's and so did my parents, but they drove straight past his house as they wanted to go home first, for some reason. This was annoying, as it would mean we would have to make another trip, and I didn't see the logic in it. When we got home and I was in my living room, my parents decided they didn't want to drive me to Bryn's. No particular reason, just didn't want to! This meant I had to walk - LONG! I realized that if I ran I could probably be there in 15 minutes. Bryn, Will and Tom and maybe the girls were already there, in a room I'd never seen before. I was hoping they'd not start smoking before I arrived. Bryn claimed his bud was extremely potent, but he had very little of it.

      6) I was at my local Green with my manager Lynsey's daughter Emily. It was about 7pm on a summers evening, and the weather was beautiful! It was still quite light, with the light glimmering through the trees. Lynsey's car pulled up by the back bench, so Emily and I walked towards the black large car. I went to Lynsey's side of the car - she was driving, and she had her window winded down. She recently had a miscarriage, and this was the first time I'd seen her since, but she looked well. I found it strange that she was driving and not her husband, who was in the passenger seat.
    8. 2013! 1 dream and 4 fragments

      by , 01-02-2013 at 09:32 AM
      I've been inactive the past months, lost motivation and then forgot all about this.
      This year, I've Lucid Dreaming in my new year resolutions once again.

      Bedtime: about 00:00 ?
      First wakeup: about 06:00?
      Final wakeup: 08:30

      Supplements: none

      Local bus-ride (DREAM)
      I were in the local bus (where my dad works). It was summer and I had a ride with loads of upper highschool students (I was one myself). I sat in front of the bus, it was like a door there, made me able to stick out my feets.
      We moved to my place/part of the city (Herts*n), where my dad lives.

      That's kinda all I remember. Hard to explain all details.

      Dads gym scheldue (FRAGMENT)
      My dad showed his gym scheldue in his home, to my girlfriend.
      (my dad doesn't even train on gym irl)

      Presents fail at store (FRAGMENT)
      I was in a store and wrapped some present I was suppose to give away to somebody.
      But, I wrapped it before I bought it..
      I also was gonna buy cornflakes and soda.

      Money left (FRAGMENT)
      I was in my girlfriends flat. I looked how much money I'd left after a bus trip (the fragment below I believe). And I came up to 1450 kr. But I also knew I'd probably over 2000 kr at the bank.

      Bus ride, 200km/h (FRAGMENT)
      It was 4 seats in this bus. I had the left back seat. We were on our way to the city Kiruna, which is like 300km away from my city.
      It was very fast, the bus drove up to 200km/h.
      I looked out of the window where the review/driving mirrors suppose to be, but instead of these mirrors, there was the speedometer.
      I also took picture with my camera on the speedometer, that I later could post on Facebook.
    9. Non Lucids.

      , 04-06-2011 at 08:45 PM (My Nighttime Experiences)
      Key: Non Lucid Lucid

      Army Dream
      I was in the army. I was on some mission in Sweden. I was a sergeant and me and some other guy, I think his name was Sergeant Adam or something like that, were in front of a building crouched down and then it blew up. Earlier I was talking to Sgt. Adam on a walkie-talkie, that's how I know his name. Then I was at my Gramma's house in the basement with my cousin. When I walked down there, there were 2 sodas so I grabbed one. One of them was Diet 7UP and some other one which I grabbed. Then I was telling him about my job in the army and how much I got paid. I had to go up the stairs to see what my pay was, the first time I checked and told him, it was 400,000 dollars. Then I went up again and it said my share was 2.5 milion.

      Mom Dream
      My mom was younger and she was at some window. She saw a guy and he said something about her being a newbie. Then he touched her hand and she giggled like she had a crush on him. Later she was really mad about something, I can't remember what but she threw something like a small tuna on the ground.

      Wheelchair Dream
      This guy was helping someone get across the street. They were in a wheelchair. So he waited for just the right time and he pushed the person into the road and a silver Volkswagen just missed the guy.

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    10. 8th / 9th October 2010

      by , 10-09-2010 at 04:30 PM
      1) I am in an assembly held by my deputy-headteacher. He says "Now, I'm not trying to spoil your day, but I have to tell you about how many people had unprotected *** or stabbed each other last year," he points out, "But it has got to stop. I'm sure this year will be much better." we all leave to go to our tutor groups.
      When we get there, my form tutor says to me, "Unfortunately ********, you have a very bad case of stabbing (I was stabbed in reality with a pen) With a person like your old best friend (there she is AGAIN!). People with that condition cannot be stopped. You cannot do anything to restrain them. You can only watch the sharp and heavy object sail towards your face..." I see a club coming to bash me.

      2) I am watching a cinema-type screen. It says the names of various countries and their flags come rolling across. I notice that they all look like Sweden's flag. I think that this is strange and miss an obvious lucid chance. The film ends. I and the person who is standing next to me (my English teacher?) are led to a room where there are horses. I have a beautiful white one called snow. We tack up and are led to a stadium (a shop) where there are lots of jumps. Each jump has a flag next to them. I jump Japan and Denmark but Snow then sees cows and sheep being led around and bolts at a fast gallop. I am barely able to stay on, but when I see she is headed for the meat stall, I jump off; keeping hold of the reins and whip her back mid-jump. The man who runs the stall shakes his fist angrily at me. I try again, with exactly the same scenario again.
      Tags: horse, stab, sweden
    11. Ads promoting the planet, Sweden, make old women thirsty.

      , 08-17-2010 at 09:36 AM
      I was on another planet. I think it was Sweden (but in a planet, lol). The world was actually larger than Earth, but it seemed to be more curvy (what the-). There was some distance cliff that I could see on the horizon that looked about 5kms away but was actually 12km. I was pointing this out to Tobias and I was saying that we should travel there some time for fun. He agreed that we would do it soon.
      I said something in Swedish and it was correct. There were some old women there that had just read the ads for promoting Sweden. This made the women thirsty, so upon entering my house I gave them some water. I spawned the water. My mum was there, telling me that I didn't need fancy cooled fresh filtered fridge water, but just tap water or whatever. They seemed grateful for it. (Hahahaha wtf!?)
    12. Giant iPad.

      , 08-15-2010 at 09:25 AM
      1. I was playing Minecraft or something.

      2. I was at Daniel's place and something musical was happening. I had a giant iPad (probably ~1m x 60cm and awesome fun) and I was covering songs on it in a cool electronic way using some program.
      When I tried to leave the house, I couldn't find the iPad so I was sad. Some game I was playing on it was like one of those take-care-of-stuff simulation games, IDK what to call it but it was like you played as a girl in some world and had to buy clothes and stuff lol.

      3. I was in Sweden and staying there for a couple of weeks before uni started. It was thunderstorming.
    13. More international dreaming.

      , 07-30-2010 at 01:25 PM
      I had agreed to do the voice recording thing with Tobias. But the thing was, I wasn't here recording it over the net, I was there in Sweden xD He said "hey come over here, how about we record this one?". So I went and sat next to him and watched the video he had pointed out to me. I thought that it was a nice choice because it had both English and Swedish subtitles. Near the end the dialogue sounded like French or Italian, and so I got confused.

      I walked away from that, and for some reason I was looking to find something to take a photograph of for him.
      I was walking along, and I passed this woman. She was blond and looked like she was in her late 40s. She was one of those types that was wearing make up to try and look young, but I guess it somehow just enhanced her wrinkles. She was wearing medical nursing scrubs, but I think they were pink. So it looked like a pink tracksuit.
      She told me in plain English "If you want to get a job here, you should become a foster carer. There are plenty of jobs for that here." I have no idea how true this is lol.
      Firstly, even though she said foster carer, she meant a carer for old people, in nursing homes. Secondly, I thought to myself how I'd need to speak pretty good Swedish for that, because all the old people won't really be speaking much English (or so I assume).

      I came across this grassy field and there was a tall building with a slogan on its side. I thought that the slogan was pretty cool, but then when I noticed that it was an advertisement for Target I decided against taking a photo of it. It was an Australian ad. Maybe I was back in Australia?

      There was some part where I was in the city. The people were much unfriendlier there.

      There was another part with my brother. I think we were in Taiwan; there was some Chinese guy.
      Oh yeah, we boarded a train. Except this train was really weird, but really cool. It was like some sort of showground ride, but not intense at all. It would follow this weird track set, which would go on circles and twist and turn and stuff. It was awesome fun. There was a man that was pulling us along and twisting the route and stuff. He was doing it with a rope attached to a pulley that was attached to the train carriage. He was Chinese. I think I remember thinking to myself how dodgy this is.
      For some reason there were eggs, and I was trying to show my brother the eggs. It is too blurry for me to remember xP
    14. Mushrooms.

      , 06-18-2010 at 11:50 AM
      I dreamed dreamt that I was with TW in Sweden (!) It was really weird/cool actually. I got there and there was this escalator thingy I had to go through. Damn and then I wrote - "eurgh I cbf typing it all out"

      Another dream I had last night, I had this bag of mushrooms and I was delivering them to some place or person. I took one out and ate one, and was like "shit this is a magic mushroom", even though nothing actually really happened, I just suddenly knew that they were magic mushrooms xD Then because I was carrying them, I was afraid of getting caught and ran away or something. It was like an adventure actually, it was fun.



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    15. Lucid Dream #3 and an Australian Skellefteċ

      , 06-07-2010 at 10:45 AM
      Lucid Part
      Yes, I most definitely lucid dreamt last night. It was so hazy though :/
      Kinda funny because I could only stay lucid whilst near my bed. Like, if I went to walk off it would stop being lucid. Because if I went to walk off, I wouldn't be able to see myself in the mirror and realise that I was lucid (yay dream logic!). But this sucked because I couldn't leave to try and go to Sweden, which I seem to always try to do xD
      It wasn't too exciting, I just did floating around things and backflips and stuff.

      I kept on slipping in and out of sleep paralysis (being awake). It was really hard to control.
      I took IE's advice and tried to feel how real breathing and stuff felt. It felt like the real thing.

      Non-lucid Part
      I was buying cake donuts (wtf are "cake donuts"? xD) in Skellefteċ lol on my way to see TW (!). There were lots of Australians at that shop and they were quite annoying :/ That cake looked so delicious though.
      Music by Karnivool (a damn awesome Perth band) was playing in the background of the shop.
      I was paying in Australian money, too. Wtf. I wanted four cakes and that would bring my total to $20.25. I gave the chick (who was also Australian) a $50 note (I gave this to her at the start, she wanted it first, and THEN i would buy the cakes) so then i gave her 10c so that she wouldn't have to get heaps of change. But for some reason she only gave me $10 change, as if $20 + $10 = $50.

      Oh yeah, there was this weird cat trick thing. And it looked after your household if some criminal was going to rob it. It could detect loud music. The cat had to jump onto the windowsill but do a twist on the way (like gymnastics). Then it would grab the ledge and look through the window. Its eyes started glowing and it was scary. It detected loud music or something.
      The cat was really cute and very well trained. It kept trying and trying to reach the windowsill, and I caught it when it missed. Eventually it grabbed it. Good cat :3 This part of the dream I associate with giants and other worldy houses for some reason. I also associate it with some map that helped detect the criminals.

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