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    1. 22 Sep: Boring stuff at a swimming pool and an office

      by , 09-22-2020 at 01:22 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Heading to a swimming pool, I never get past the locker room. I want to pee but the toilets are all occupied with kids. Find one available, but it is really dirty. I get my clothes dirty from the toilet dirt and I have to wash it on the sinks. The sinks are weird, really tall and made out of a slab of stone with water falling to a drainage, like a waterfall. I have to climb on top of the slab of stone to reach the faucets. As I wash my clothes, I notice two people sitting nearby watching what I am doing. One of them is a priest.
      Afterward I go to an office. There is a guy there who is seen as a hero, because he did something brave and reckless, like skydiving or something. But he is now completely afraid of something totally harmless, but I don't know the whole story.
      There is a lady in a table at the back of this office who is serving delicatessens and also teaching culinary arts to those interested. I am totally amazed at her dumplings. She makes them very artistically. In fact she is also an artist and she paints everyday objects with beautiful drawings. She also has some of those pieces on display. I tell her her paintings look like Lolita Lempicka style.
      (Something sounded off about my comment, so I did some research and Tamara de Lempicka is the artist I meant, Lolita Lempicka is the name of a perfume, but I was close enough )
    2. Failed Gravity

      by , 05-17-2020 at 12:44 PM
      Bed time routine: screens off at 10, in bed by 10:30. Drank honey and MCT oil mixture with tea brewed from Calea Z, mugwort, damiana, bobinsana, blue lotus. No galantamine or DreamLeaf supplements this time (wanted to see how the herbs alone afffected me). Mindfulness meditation just before sleep.

      I'm in a house with some strangers in an unfamiliar city. Someone was coming for us,but right as they arrived I slipped out, walking right by them and acting natural. They come for me, and I cannot escape. They threaten me, I don't know why. I wake up, 1:55 AM
      I am with my sisters, Lisa and Tina. They are taking me somewhere, even though I am tired. I sleep in the backseat of the car. We arrive at a swimming pool, they jump in without me. I jump in next, but I jump too far and am above the concrete on the other side; I float back to the center, and am not falling into the water, so I push from the ceiling into the pool. When I climb out, there are other people in the pool, and I'm self concious of the way they look at my scars. I remember I had my tattoos in this dream.
      I tell Tina that the gravity above the pool wasn't working right, and that I had to check to make sure this was in fact real. I look at my hands.
      OH! LOOK HOW MANY FINGERS! This is in fact, a dream! Tina doesn't seem excited by this revelation. I tell Lisa, she thinks I'm being weird. "Thats why the gravity didn't work! And thats why YOU (Lisa) aren't pregnant right now! None of this is real! My right eye closes, and the dream starts going dim. I ask Tina to lead me back to the car because I can't see. On the way to the car, my vision is replaced with a 3DS screen map, showing my location and movement. I try to explain this to my uninterested sister as we step into the car. Except now its a train car, its WWII era, many men and women sit in the car with us. Everything is so vivid. To my right, a very young and handsome Steve Rogers orders some food from the lady with the trolly. He turns to me and smiles. I know dream are all about expectations, so I try very hard to believe that he will kiss me. The dream fades and I wake up. 5:54 am.
      Back in the dream, I immediately look at my hands. Too many fingers. I'm at the pool again, but as I leave it is now a restaraunt.I am old, and make a scene so that we will get kicked out. I lose lucidity as I follow the dream plot. We leave and are now shopping for shirts. I have to pick something for my husband, he is helpless. Also younger. I am now myself, in line to buy a shirt. A young boy is in line ahead of me, trying to use a credit card. The cashier asks for ID, and he shows her a picture of an ID on a tablet. She asks again if this is really his card. He admits its a joke, but she pushes a button and an alarm goes off. We are now waiting for the police. The people behind me are crowding, and I ask them to back off. An attractive girl with turquise braces and several tattoos apologizes. I compliment her tats, we have a conversation about them. I tell her I love the little peace sign she has, that I want something similar, that I want it to be a reminder for me to Smile and Breathe. I wake up (6:55), and draw the peace sign on my hand. I've been trying to figure out what symbol to use for this reminder, and the dream has just given me the perfect idea.
    3. 2 Jul: Assassin at pool, Björk show at a resort and grandpa is a slave owner in Brazil

      by , 07-02-2019 at 12:55 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I witness an assassination at a public swimming pool. Assassin and victim are fully dressed but deep down under water. I get out and get to a friend and we both try to disappear without being noticed, but the killer sees me. The world is at a turmoil. Endless lines and traffic jams with restless people trying to get access to basic goods. We are lucky to be able to go over all of them. Once we get home I ask my friend that we barricade the door and as soon as we start closing it, a bunch of people appears asking for help, creating a lot of tension. We finish barricading but there is some other door in the back, and I am not sure nobody got in.

      Near Á-dos-Loucos at some clinic. I look through the window and I see smoke in the bushes behind. Go check. A couple car accidents started a fire. The drivers are running away, they say it is to call firefighters, but they don't come back and firefighters neither. The locals start gathering and fix it by themselves.

      At some type of vacation resort. Stephen Colbert is there. I walk down to the beach following him and some other dude. They have some beef and are trying to settle it by fighting. Colbert loses one finger in his hand. But he keeps on joking about it, doesn't seem so worried or in pain.

      Then back on my bedroom at this resort, fighting with my balcony doors. The balcony has no railings and I have to dangle dangerously to reach the doors to close them. At dome distance I see a stage where it seems are speakers giving seminars. But then I start hearing Björk singing. I see her coming on the stage and I go there to see the show. But she is on playback and I feel disappointed. She doesn't seem happy with it either and she is signalling the organizers that they shut down the playback and let her sing. They just bring another mic but the playback keeps on going and she stops pretending, exposing it.

      Brazil in colonial times. My grandpa owns a gigantic mansion in the outskirts of the jungle. I am friends with simpler people, maybe his slaves. A lady who cares for me offers me a lively wind chime made from a special kind of straw. I hang it on a tree and swear I will take it home later.
      A bad man appears from behind the trees, wants to hit me or abuse me. Things gets blurry, I guess he hit me. But I still pick a rock to bash his head. I feel horrified with the idea of taking a life so I try not to. Despite that, the man falls dead and I run away to the river to cool down. The river has a sudden flash flood and changes course, hitting my grandpa's mansion and dragging it along. It is a 4 story high building with 3 towers but remained intact. Only now it is dangerously located on top of a waterfall and has two streams of water running between the towers. The local population gathers to see if they can do a rescue mission to the people inside. After some struggle we manage to enter by one side of the house. We encounter the residents, my grandpa, guests and helpers, going about their business as usual. They are at the salon about to eat lunch and they offer us food. We argue it is dangerous and we must take them out but my grandpa responds angrily that all is ok and nobody will do such thing.
    4. Like mesas and sunsets, but more so

      by , 03-03-2018 at 11:41 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      Once again, my memory only picks up partway through what seems to be a large, complex plot mostly full of unfamiliar people and settings. This setting, from what I recall, visually resembled an exaggerated version of the American Southwest—think mesas and sunsets, but more so— although the action and characters didn’t seem to match up with it in any discernible way.

      My friend Ona and I are swimming in an indoor pool when two men we’re acquainted with who are cousins arrive and say that they’ve reserved it for a period of time, starting now. I can see from a chart with colored boxes on a grid that they have, so Ona and I get out and sit at a table in a sort of an adjoining area overlooking the pool. There’s a hint of past antagonism or rivalry with these men, one of them in particular, having to do with things from the earlier part of the dream I forgot.

      After a little while, the other man comes over to the table. He has something for us: some ara and a loaf of fresh bread, which we accept. He doesn’t say it, but this seems to be a sort of apology for us having to leave the pool.

      Somewhere along the course of us sitting there, the area transforms into an ornate theater, where people are starting to come in. As before, we’re in a sort of raised area, this time above where the stage and the lower seats are, but there are other seating areas wrapping around it in a semicircle. Many of the people seem to disapprove of us drinking alcohol, which doesn’t really bother us, and, in any case, has happened plenty of times before. But we aren’t bothering anybody, and if they don't like it, that’s their problem. But still—even though I want to like the guy who gave us this and believe that it was a sincerely meant gift, there's also the possibility that his beastly cousin put him up to it because he knew we’d get flak for it. I examine the glass: it’s quite pretty, with some transparent colored parts in an art nouveau-like abstract pattern—and above that, a silhouette of the Prague skyline. The golden city and one of its golden ages. I briefly wonder if he has a whole stockpile of these just for giving away to people.

      The next part of the dream involves the production itself, which doesn’t seem to be taking place on a stage, but rather along a street—a straight, flat dirt road with low buildings on either side, again, with a Southwestern vibe. The audience and actors alike are here—or some of the actors, anyway. The protagonist, a woman in a green dress, will be passing along here and looking into some of the shops, having some improvised dialogue with the shopkeepers, but she isn’t here yet.

      I know this actress personally and find her unpleasant—this also seems to go back to the earlier, forgotten parts of the dream—so I’m going to mess with her a little bit. I go to one of the shops, which is selling art, and rearrange it so that a collection of pictures titled “Halloween Bestiary” is on display on a small stand outside the door. I then flip the latch on the shop door, which is hanging open, so that the it will lock automatically the next time someone closes it. I then make sure I’m out of the way by the time the actress playing the shopkeeper arrives.

      The woman soon notices the door and is alarmed. If she can’t take the woman in the green dress inside to look at things and is stuck with the Halloween Bestiary pieces outside, the script would require her to pretend to like them, which would irritate her to no end. She is relieved that it’s still open—but just then, my aunt steps out of the shop and closes the door behind her, oblivious to the trouble she’s just set in motion.

    5. Skeletal dino, a date, some lucidity

      by , 06-16-2017 at 10:34 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      LD 95 - Hungry Jurassic Visitor
      I'm at a large store or mall with friends. I sit close to the others as they try to play a game on an old TV. It's a black CRT TV and the video quality gives it away too. I have an electric kettle with two spouts. One is blue and the other is white, like the rest of the kettle. I drink tea straight out of it. After a while I walk away alone.

      The mall turns into a public indoors swimming pool. I go to the showers and saunas before going to the pool, like you are supposed to. When I get to the pool, I see a tower with several levels to jump from. I visualize jumping from 6 m diving board, backflipping onto the 3 m diving board below to gain more height, then spinning and flipping like crazy in the air, before diving into the pool. My visualizations have turned into the dream, and I actually dive into the pool after the crazy jumps. It takes a while to resurface, and the pool is full of people now, so I struggle to make it past them in time and fear I might drown, but I make it.

      In the swimming pool, I realize I have no clothes on, no swimwear of any kind. A pretty woman was getting really close to me. After a bit of fooling around I said I had to go and asked if she wanted to meet again. She did. I went to the showers again and thought about heading home.

      Dream skips to a big red house surrounded by forest. Reminded me of my dad's childhood home, but there were many differences. There were planted flowers, apple trees in front of the house, young birch trees and other trees near the house. The house was on a bigger hill too. A random DC, a boy was on the yard. I was looking after him. Felt like I was his big brother. He was constantly doing something dangerous, I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He gave me his ice cream and I accepted it. He ran off towards the front of the house and I followed, trying to eat the ice cream on the way. The apple tree had some low hanging branches with a beehive I had to avoid.

      After clearing the trees, I saw my mom in front of the house. I talked to her from a distance, then suddenly a skeletal dinosaur appears from behind the house. It's the Spinosaurus from Jurassic Park 3. Mom doesn't realize the danger before I yell for her to run. She runs in one direction, I run in another. There's a pile of those birds from the movie "Up" next to the house. I hide behind them. The dinosaur finds me. The fear of death clears my mind, my focus on survival is absolute. In this moment of clarity, I become lucid. I raise my hand in the last possible moment towards the beast to stop it from eating me. I start humming a song, focusing on charming the dinosaur. I can see the beast calming down for a moment, then breaking free from my control. I keep trying, but every time the beast breaks free. I start thinking that I'm trying too hard, usually that ends the lucid dream. Well, guess what happened.

      I woke up and chained back to the previous dream shortly after.

      I'm with my brother and dad. I tell them about the previous dream in detail and I get transported back into it. I'm in my apartment, cursing to myself. At the pool I didn't get the girl's name and we didn't decide when or where to meet. How am I supposed find her? I feel really bad about it.

      I make my way to university, into a weird lecture hall. The male teacher is making jokes, students seem to like him. The teacher asks one student to draw a penguin on the board for some reason. To my surprise, the girl from the pool is sitting close to me. She passes me a purple piece of paper when the lecture ends. It says her name, Julie, and that she would love to still have a date.

      I talk to a friend in front of a bathroom mirror. I have some weird red spots on my face. Perfect time for those, I think sarcastically. My friend says I look fine. I look for trashcan to throw the purple piece of paper, since I don't need it anymore. There's no trashcan anywhere, and when I find one, a cleaning lady says it's not for paper. I've wandered into a massive hallway now. A doctor collapses nearby. Medical students rush to help and I do too. I want to help. One student asks me to ready the IV attached to the stretcher. I have to set it to drip slowly? I'm not sure how to do it. As the doctor is lifted onto the stretcher, he does it himself by compressing an inhaler looking part that's attached to the IV bag.
    6. Splendid Competition Night 10

      by , 01-26-2017 at 08:46 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I'm actually going to go to bed in just a few minutes. It's almost 1 AM here. But yeah. I need to report on last night's dreaming.

      Dream 1: (Non-Lucid Fragment) There was a swimming pool with swirling water. I remember that its floor and walls were comprised of white tiles. They had a pretty floral design on them.

      Dream 2: (Non-Lucid Fragment) My aunt was in this dream. Which is fun because she is pretty cool. We were watching bluebirds flying free, or something.

      Dream 3: (Non-Lucid Fragment) My notes from this one are so nonsensical...I'm just going to reproduce them. Nightmare lair, stolen item, [something I can't read] out, trying not to get choked etc. o_o

      Dream 4: (Non-Lucid Full Dream) So, in this dream we (me and some others) were supposed to take something back from an evil demon ruler of some sort. This happened twice for some reason; I think we were either defeated or had to retreat the first time. At any rate, both times I was terrified.

      A former co-worker of mine and some other guys were working hauling rocks. Funny because IRL he graduated with a degree in IT, so why would he be doing construction work? We slowly walked by them. I remember wanting to walk slowly to avoid combat -- not with them, but rather I wanted to put off having to confront the demon. The day was sunny and pretty, but it felt ominous. They were working in a sort of shaded picnic area, and we were following a trail that was leading up the mountain where the demon lived. We were still near the mountain's base. There was light green grass and dirt all around, and both evergreen and deciduous trees. Yet I was pretty much terrified beyond all reason throughout the duration of this one. However I thankfully woke up far before any combat happened!

      3 fragments; 1 full non-lucid.

      And that's it.
    7. [04-01-2017: Thunderstorm, Sky observations and swimming pool]

      by , 01-04-2017 at 09:30 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I left my house and stopped at the entrance stairs, staring at the grim and heavy clouded sky. The wind was blowing wildly, clouds were moving really quickly. I saw my sister walking around the backyard. I moved to the backyard, it was getting darker and darker. Then a powerful thunderstorm started! Lightnings shot all across the sky and hit buildings at my backyard several times. The lightnings were red and everything they stroke went instantly ablaze with strong and bright fires. I saw other sisters walking around a hill behind our barn, I tried to warn them. I ran back to entrance. My sister I saw earlier ran to a shed and sounded a siren to warn us, I called her to get back home. She ran to me and entered the house after warning everyone.

      Sky observations, swimming pool

      A green mist spread around some park in a city and disappeared. It teleported me and some other people to that city. It was a sunny day, the sky was clear. There were coconut palms in that park. I called for some horse and it appeared, then other people did the same and we drove on, watching as the sky changed from day to night, looking at the stars. We drove through desert, to some meadows which were disconnected with a cliff. Some rocks floating in the air were forming a path to the other side, but we had a better idea - fall down the cliff. Doing that teleported us to an aquapark. I entered it and changed my clothes, then jumped to swimming pools and just swam. I kinda learned swimming, but also enjoyed it. Starting with a safe pool with lesser depth and then going to a deeper one. I swam with some heavilly scarred and burnt man. He told about demon summoning and how resist demons saved his life. I lied on my back in the water, slowly submerging. I closed my eyes and submerged further.
    8. [18-11-2016: circus limbless shooter, swimming pool]

      by , 11-18-2016 at 09:07 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I was in a circus with my friends. We moved through tight passage filled with many attractions and entered a purple tent. There were some boxes, barrels and wooden beams. Some people were training before next show. Suddenly walls of the tent started leaking and water started flowing inside rapidly. There was no escape from there, but I got an idea. I held my breath and waited until water reached ceiling, then I tore through the tent to a wooden beam holding it. I got to another side of beam and jumped down into the water. Suddenly I found myself in some warehouse with circus staff. I spoke with an entertainer that had hands and feet cut off. Suddenly some man with guns blown out warehouse door and rushed inside. The limbless man somehow held a pistol with one stub and shot him in chest. The man fallen on the floor, and the limbless shooter approached him and sanding above him said "You know, even without limbs I can hold scalpel pretty well."

      Swimming pool

      With mother and older sister we entered an old car and drove towards a swimming pool. On the way I looked through a window on the sky and saw wonderful clouds. Some of them looked like mushrooms, while rest had shapes of tulips. I told mother and sister about these clouds and they said they're wonderful. We reached the swimming pool, it was an enormous complex made from old dam. We left our car at the parking and moved to the entrance elevator, but then I realized that I forgot to take something from the car and moved back.
    9. Not a good night for descent dreams

      by , 09-06-2016 at 01:55 AM
      Had a couple of of non-lucids but I had to get up early for the last day of the pool. I just didn't have time to write them down but they weren't really memorable hence I wasn't pressed to write them down. However, if I had had a really great one I would've had to make time.

      Today was really fun on our last day of swimming & they are always laxed on the last day so I did a cool trick off of the wide slide. I kept my legs wide apart & went into the water head forward into a hand stand in the water & a flip. I did it a whole bunch. Plus we got quite a lot of time w/ the basketball in the water & I scored 25 in a row but in the last 20 minutes Mike finally outdid me. He got 72 in a row! Damn him, lol!!!
    10. #193: Olympics

      by , 08-15-2016 at 03:16 AM
      I'm at an indoor swimming pool. I'm participating in an event which has got an Olympic vibe to it. I'm in a team of not sure how many people. Perhaps 4 or 5. We're competing against another team to our right. At the moment that the dream started, I already made it to the other side of the pool and I'm standing on the edge. The event consists out of swimming to the other side and then climbing a tall ladder up out of the water. We're down to our last guy, a man who has already turned grey. He goes from one side of the pool to the other side underwater. I wonder for a moment if that's ok and the judge says it is. While he's climbing the ladder another judge starts shouting something about having to stop. My team member stops, but it is a judge at another event. I tell my member this in Dutch and yell for him to continue. He does, but after a while he doesn't have the strength anymore. I lift the ladder for a bit, wanting to just yank it up together with the guy. I ask the judge if that is cool, but apparently it's not. I put the ladder back down. The guy wants to recharge a bit by swimming in vertical circles underwater. Meanwhile there's a kid competing in the other team, whom is getting help from his team members. They're dragging him across the water in a plastic tub. I start complaining to the judge, who is underwater himself and doesn't notice, nor really cares. I think in the end they win and I get frustrated. There's a volleyball laying at the edge of the water and I think about kicking it away. I don't.

      Still in the same area, a lot of people are now sitting on bleachers, including me. A white woman, I think part of the organisation, is giving a speech. I don't recall the exact comparison, but she likens something about this event, a very trivial aspect of it, to the Black Lives Matter movement. I call out bullshit. Shortly after a lot of people raise their index-, middle- and ring finger to the sky, kinda similar to the Hunger Games. I hear the same Mockingjay tune.

    11. #54: Scaly knee

      by , 12-11-2015 at 09:50 AM
      I went to bed around 00:30 I believe. I woke up around.. 7? I stayed awake for at least an hour, did some reading in bed and eventually went back to sleep.

      » I'm somewhere in an urban area during daytime. I see my bicycle which was stolen 2 weeks ago. The wheels have been altered significantly, as well as the fenders, but I can still clearly tell it's my bike. Both the front and rear wheel have a chain lock on them. Near the back I can still see my green chain lock. This pisses me off. There are two people about. I wait for the thief so I can confront him.

      The bicycle that got stolen in reality and the bicycle I saw in this dream are entirely different. I saw the bicycle that is still safely in my possession.

      Scaly knee
      This dream was quite dimly lighted. I'm walking around in an indoor swimming pool. I'm walking from one area to another. There's a girl standing at the edge of the pool, facing the pool and with her back to me. I tap her for a moment because I know her. It's Ewa. She turns around. Then I continue walking. My friend Sander is walking in the opposite direction and he tells me that he just took a break from a game that was being played in the other room and that I should take his place. It was a 3 vs. 3 game, rugby perhaps. I open the glass door to another area and enter it. I hold on to the side of the door for a long time, nearly getting my fingers stuck in between the door and the frame. There are just a few people in this area, though I don't remember who they were. One of them might have been a high school classmate. There are some big inflatables in the water. I walk along the edge of the water and stop for some reason and look at my right knee. I had a series of pimples or wounds there that are healing. I have a series of scabs that covers my whole knee. The strangest thing about them is that they look like they are made out of hard plastic. A boy asks me about them, but I don't think I pay any attention to him.

      I feel like I'm at the bottom of the pool.
      My knee has made me realise that I'm dreaming. I consider again whether I should summon my friend Alexandra. I decide against it. It's better to first stabilise this dream. I slowly push the fingers of my left hand through the palm of my right hand. I truly believe it's possible and they go through easily. The sensation is unbelievable and indescribable. The idea that something moving through my hand should hurt me makes it feel slightly uncomfortable, but at the same time it's exhilarating. I feel this strange sensation not only in my hands, but also in my arms. I realise that there is practically no dream scene, as I'm supposedly at the bottom of a body of water, where little light reaches, though I didn't have any other indication that I was under water. I shout out 'stabilise!' (in English), but the sound is muffled and it sounds more like I whispered. I feel like it worked for just a second and would've worked better if the water hadn't messed up my command. At some point I realise that my eyes are closed. I'm afraid to open them, as I'm afraid that I will open my real eyes. I open them anyway and I remain in the dream. Next I notice that I've raised my arms. It feels very heavy to move them, as if I'm trying to raise them after an intense workout. I'm slightly concerned that I might be moving around in my bed and that I may have shouted in reality. In the end I may have softly heard an alarm beginning to go off, though I'm not certain about that.

      The description of the lucid part is very long, but the lucid itself was less than a minute I'd say. Still, I am quite content with the fact that I had the sense of mind to attempt to stabilise the dream before doing anything else
    12. #28: Subway / Pool. Swimming pool. / Housemate / Mom...

      by , 11-09-2015 at 09:56 AM
      I'm sitting on the subway. There are other people too, but I'm travelling solo. We're at an underground station, reaching a platform. We pass the platform and circle back to the other side. I see Anthony standing on the platform whom I haven't seen for a very long time. The subway doesn't come to a complete stop. I just jump off. There's an object in the subway that stood out to me, but I'm not so sure what it is. My best guess would be a yellow mechanical clock. I walk up to Anthony from behind. I'm just in time to see him land a sideflip. He turns around and we greet each other.

      I'm in a small supermarket, it's just a few square metres. I think I'm still inside the subway station and this is a To Go supermarket. I think it's the brand Plus, though in reality I don't believe they have a To Go supermarket. There are two or three employees inside the shop. As far as I can remember all white guys. Teenagers or early twenties. There's another white guy in the same age range, a customer. He's asking for the AH, a different supermarket which does have a To Go shop and which you'll find in/near some stations. Someone tells him where to find it, though I'm not sure if it's one of the employees. I myself was thinking that if I was the employee I'd try to sell him something.

      At the exit of the shop I'm with AJ, a freerunner. We move through a small area, supposedly parkour style, though in reality it's more like we're moving about from a low squat position and using our arms to hold onto something and then swing forward.

      Somehow this feels like it's part of the same dream. I'm working behind my laptop on something anime related, though I don't remember where I am. The programme I'm working in somehow feels similar to an Adobe programme, in that it feels very professional. I think it's an anime related game. There are 3 things for which I can change the settings. One has to do with an anime girl and the particular sound she makes. I open this setting and I click around on a map that's heavily pixelated and not much more than different shades of pink and salmon. The spot on the map where I click influences her talking. I've clicked near Tokyo (there's nothing about this map that makes it spatial, I just know it's Tokyo), though the indicator seems to have a mind of it's own and moves away a couple of times.

      Pool. Swimming pool.
      I'm at a swimming pool, nothing spectacular, just a regular rectangular one. I can't recall whether it is inside or outside. There's the normal amount of light you'd expect when in a swimming pool. I'm not so sure if I'm myself. This dream is James Bond related. I might be him. There's a woman with him/me in the pool. Somehow I'm under the impression that she's fully dressed in black. They go underwater from one end to the other end. She has a snorkel which she shares. There's something about a kid in the water. He needs to die? Or he serves as a distraction, I'm not so sure. Either way I (no longer connected to JB) jump in to help the kid.

      I'm with my housemate Karen in a room. The room isn't identical to any of the rooms in the house in reality. I think there's a grey carpet though, just like in my room. There's a mattress laid out on the floor and my mini fridge is also placed on the ground, though not in the corner. I want to put on some music, using my iPhone. I use YouTube and in my mind I've selected a Reggae Trap mix. I give my phone to Karen. I'm a little surprised and I think it's a little odd when instead I hear the album Invasion by Savant being played. I quickly let it go though.

      At some point Karen is laying down on the mattress, with her head near where I'm sitting. I sorta crawl over to get something out of the fridge, though I don't remember what. Karen places her hands on my crotch, over my pants. I don't consider this dream like strange, just regular strange and ask her what she's doing, reminding her that we're both in a relationship. That doesn't stop her. Despite me not physically protesting, it doesn't feel like I'm morally doing something wrong.

      I'm standing outside near a small building. I distinctively recall the reddish/brownish bricks I'm doing something on my iPhone. I believe selecting music. I'm standing a few metres away from the backdoor to my student home, which in reality should lead to a balcony. The door is open. I think it's a dark green door with glass in it. I can hear Karen talking to another girl. It's about her moving out to find a place together with her boyfriend. I think of how quick that is, considering that they've been together for just a few weeks. One of the two says that'll free up some space in the kitchen. They come outside. First I thought she was talking to another one of our housemates, but it's a friend of hers. I realise it may seem like I was eavesdropping.

      I'm in a different house, but somehow it feels like part of the same dream. I'm in a living room with Anthony and some other people. I think the door to the outside is open and some people are in the garden. It feels like a sort of goodbye. Anthony hugs a dark skinned girl who is playing the guitar while standing. Somehow she manages to continue playing with Anthony hugging her.

      I'm in my room at my mom's house, sitting behind my desk. It's located exactly the way it is in reality. My tv is on the desk (my little brother didn't miss a beat to put it in his room after I moved to a student home), as well as my laptop and... a very tiny laptop? I'm working on something and using my tv as a second screen. I don't think I'm using a cable to connect them though. My laptop screen itself is black. I use the mini laptop as another screen. I believe it's running on Windows XP, which makes it all the more strange that it instantly connects to my laptop, despite this being the first time connecting them and me not selecting which screen to use. It's as if it knew what to do. I think of how stupid it is though to use this very small laptop screen when my own laptop screen is much bigger but turned off.

      My mom enters my room. She is mad at me for leaving the tv on the whole day. I argue with her that I didn't do that. She holds her hand out a few centimetres in front of the tv. She starts shouting that it's hot so I must've left it on the whole day. We move to my brother's room. I tell her how ridiculous she is and that there are at least 3 reasons why she's wrong. I decide not to mention them to her. Instead I mention that I'm her go to guy when it comes to technology, so she shouldn't pretend to know anything about technology related stuff.
    13. 4/9/15 - running from everyting

      by , 04-09-2015 at 05:38 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in my grandparents property with someone who seems part my cousin part random DC. It seems about the afternoon, Me and the DC are running and jumping over everything on my grandparents property, and we're trying not to be spotted by my grandparents for some reason. There's snakes, huge snakes in places I don't see until I'm right in front of it and then we both panic and try to run from it but also be quiet so my grandparents don't hear and we jump over this wood fence because my grandpa came out and we try so hard not to be seen but wherever we go grandpas commenting about it and us calmly while we are alarmed and afraid, and this huge anaconda with shiny skin is all curled around the wall we are running towards and it hears us and begins to move but we split past it and then when we turn the corner there's this fricken huge headcrab spider thing and it makes that noise and i can see it tensing up to get ready to jump at us so I push the DC and run for the chain link fence as I hear the thing jumping around behind me, I feel like it's about to jump on me so I panic and go for the pool, my grandma is out near the pool for some reason and I jump into the pool so the headcrab wont get me and then i jump out the other end and my grandma gets mad that i jumped into the pool and i apologize but have to keep running so i run into the garage and wonder why she got angry with me for jumping in the pool i wonder if she put chemicals in it then wake up.
    14. 11-8-14 Peril at the fitness center

      by , 12-04-2014 at 07:46 PM
      I was in an indoor swimming center. There was a shallow end of the pool, then there was a huge roaring waterfall that drained all the water down into a lower level. One of my friends fell in the pool and was about to be swept down the fall. I pulled him out.

      I saw myself in the mirror. My face was the same, but my hair was about shoulder length. (Longer than it is now.) Then I took a razor and shaved away some of it. I have a scar on my head from a past accident, so I shaved away all the hair that covers it. The scar was bloody and festering, and there were clumps of prickly pine needles that had become matted to the blood underneath my hair.

      My mother, grandfather and aunt and I were working in a grocery store. We all stood around a giant stainless steel vat filled with green olives and crushed them into a paste with special paddles.

      My mother was away from home, and I was in charge of my sister. One night she played Pokémon on her Nintendo in her room all night long. Then the next evening my mother came home. She had bought me a pair of silk pajamas. ("Thanks, mom.") They were sort of navy blue with white stripes. The bottoms were only knee-length but the top was long-sleeved. Then I told her about my sister and her gaming. Mom said she had talked to a man about taking my sister and I on an endurance trek through the Himalayas.

      We had a miniature pinscher named Trickster.

      There were these movies about giant robot elephants. The director said he was inspired by Steven Spielberg.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    15. Building a Pool and Indoor Baseball

      by , 10-15-2014 at 09:59 PM
      Non-Dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am jogging through what looks like a bunch of freeways. One section in particular looks like the 405-101 interchange. There are a bunch of homeless people sleeping / living up against the fences on the side of the freeways. I encounter a young woman speaking to the homeless people and one of the guys offers to buy her car for $2000. I quickly intervene because I get the sense that these homeless people are trying to screw her over and I say something like "shame on you."

      Dream 2: I am with my Dad (maybe whole family) in a one-street town. Can't remember much else about this one.

      Dream 3:

      I have a gigantic backyard and I am attempting to build a very large swimming pool. It seems to be about 20-30 feet deep and as large as an olympic sized pool. I believe there is also a gas station in my back yard. Several friends (I think - can't recognize them) and co-workers show up to help. One of my friends, a young woman, steps into the back yard and is not paying attention. She falls into the pool and I am terrified that she would fall all the way to the bottom. Luckily there is a large cypress tree growing in the pool and she grabs onto it and climbs out.

      We all move inside to play an indoor baseball game. There are several coworkers there - especially from TA's group. Other people that are participating include SC and BW from work, my one year old son and Kevin Cosner. The game somehow involves us splitting up into pairs and my son was the pitcher for a brief moment until I realized it might be too dangerous for him. I don't recall who my partner is but we are very vocal and having a great time. Towards the end of the game TA confronts me and says something like "I was hoping this game would allow you to come out of your shell." This really pisses me off because my partner and I seem to be having the most fun. SC and BW were partners and weren't talking to anybody yet TA still decided to call me out. I start yelling at her and say she is a weird and awkward bitch and several other things I can't remember.
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