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    1. The CDL Class, the Chase, and the Jungle Restaurant

      by , 12-31-2013 at 08:23 PM
      12-30-2013 -- On a college campus somewhere, probably Fullerton College, trying to finally finish registering for my CDL class, but every time I think I am close to finished, I find there is ever more that I have to do. So I am in the admissions office, filling out paperwork and trying to find out just how many more things I have to do, and they won't or can't tell me anything except the next one or two forms. It is maddening. I am running all around the building, being sent here and there for more forms, and finally get a little tired of it, and escape to a small office where I sit down to chat for a few minutes with Charles Purcell, one of the counselors from my high school. We're having a decent conversation, until we're interrupted by a couple of little who know him and are hugging and kissing him.

      I excuse myself, and continue to wander around the school, where I find myself looking down some of the tops of some of the ladies in the office, enjoying the available view. In a small dining room, I come across several clowns and balloon artists I know from the Orlando area, and they are quietly discussing the latest news about the death of Don Caldwell, and I'm telling myself it can't be, as I try to find some paper in a nearby office, to write it down so I can do some internet research later and find out if it is true or not. I am hoping it is all a mistake, because I like Don. I am jotting down his age, which in the dream was something like 52 or 57, and a custodian walking by mistakes it for the number of a player on a sports team, and tries to strike up a conversation about it, which obviously doesn't work too well.

      The dream is sort of lengthy with me continuing to wander around the office trying to get things sets up, though almost none of the details stick in my mind, and eventually I have left the building, and am heading on home to the Hickory house. I find myself on Crescent, just passing the nursery, pulling a wagon which for some reason I am calling a bus, as I draw it over the cracked and tilted sidewalk. For some reason, I start making odd wrong turns. I am directing myself with a compass, but I turn it so that north is whatever direction I say it is, rather than to actual north, as I find myself in odd areas from past dreams. I find myself in an area I remember driving another bus, which also involved goblins from the Harry Potter books, and the NCIS crew, though neither make an appearance in this dream. It is just the same area.

      I soon find myself dodging around rail road crossings, and come to realize that I am somewhere in Tampa, when I find myself approaching a strange theme-park-like restaurant that seems to be a cross between Wolfgang Puck's and the Wilderness Lodge. It is either closed for the night, or perhaps has not yet opened, but if that is the case, the opening is drawing near. I head inside, anyway, though as I make it in, I find I am being chased by the guard collies that are watching the place. It is very strange being chased by about a dozen just slightly vicious, but highly gorgeous Lassie clones, but I am trying to get out of the way. I end up half swinging from the chandeliers, half swinging from vines in the trees which make up the roof of the restaurant, while workers who have spotted me come chasing after me. They are so determined to catch me that they are grabbing for anything near me, and seem to be pulling the entire place down around us. As far as I am concerned, this is not my fault!

      As their net is closing in around me, I throw myself to the ground, and then slam through the kitchen doors, dodging this way and that until I make it outside and almost fly up and over a chain-link fence to safety. Problem is, while I have gotten away from the restaurant staff, I still find myself being chased by random smelly drunk people. Somehow I cause myself to throw up over this, which instantly causes them to throw up as well, distracting them so I can get away again. I am dodging around more railroad tracks, and soon find myself on a sort of roundabout, except this time I really am a train for a few minutes.

      Soon I find myself on another sort of college campus (not the same one), where I seem to be trying to copy a forbidden record (possibly of Tom Lehrer songs) or perhaps trying to duplicate a very rare record so there is a back-up if anything happens to it, while getting ready to play it on the college radio station. They are trying to stop me, and recover the album, preventing any back-up copies from existing, though I manage to find a good place to hide it, nearly in plain sight. Meanwhile, I am still being chased, and dodging about here and there, while also kind of drifting in and out of sleep. Odd and entertaining.