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    1. LD 108 - Donuts and LD 109 Bifrost teleporter

      by , 09-16-2018 at 06:41 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)

      LD 108 - Donuts
      I was at a hotel. There was an old guild mate playing on a laptop in lobby. I talked to him about someone messaging me in-game, trying to get into the guild. I went outside the hotel. Gloomy weather, gray sky and not too warm. Some of my friends were grilling some food near the hotel. I joined them for a bit, before returning to the hotel.

      I found myself in the wrong hotel room. The lights were off and the room was actually like 10 rooms. It was a massive place. Scene changed abruptly again.

      I'm suddenly in my parents' place. I'm in the living room and a donut suddenly appears next to me. I grab it. Then I notice that the kitchen is full of people. My family is there along with several DCs I don't recognize. A man creates a doorway in the kitchen and I'm supposed to chase him. I can't move from where I am. All the DCs cheer me on. I try to teleport. Just willing it to happen does nothing. I throw the donut and try to teleport to it. It fails too. I close my eyes and visualize the frozen planet.

      I "wake up" exactly where I was. Now there's only my family in the kitchen and no random DCs. I start talking about the previous dream. Dad asks questions about it and I explain things like dream control and stuff.


      LD 109 - Sword fight with Bifrost teleporter (All the excitement happens non-lucid.)
      I'm not myself, but an asian man with a superpower. It's a blood-related power, allowing me to turn myself into a blood-like liquid and engulf people to absorb them. My power is gentle, I do not harm anyone I absorb and can release them later.

      The dream starts on the backyard of my parents' place. I sense danger and prepare for a fight. I'm a master swordsman so of course I have a katana. A blinding beam of light comes down from the sky with a booming sound. I recognize this to be the Bifrost. My foe appears from the light, a massive man similar to the last villain from Bleach: Yhwach. Our fight begins and he tries to overpower me with his sword. I'm stronger than him and easily parry each attack. He has the Bifrost and dances between new beams of light that he opens and closes effortlessly to teleport around me as he keeps attacking. Each time he teleports, I hear a boom as a new beam of burning rainbow light appears closeby. This sound gives me time to react and the fight goes on. When I'm about to be hit, I turn into my blood form to dodge. Since we both have powerful abilities to dodge damage, the fight doesn't end.

      Scene changes. I'm in a gloomy post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies. I'm still the asian man with the absorbing power. False memories tell me that there are others with similar power, but I've engineered mine so that it doesn't destroy absorbed targets. I fight my way through a building full of zombies, looking for a man. The building is tall and I find the man on a floor 9 or something. I hold the door as zombies try to get in. The man looks like Terry Crews. He's a scientist and has a glowing magic wand. It looks like it's made from lightning. The window seems to be our only way out. I tell him to jump with me as I take the wand and get outside. When I'm already hanging outside the window, the man turns evil and tries to take back the wand he gave me. I don't give it back. I leave the man to deal with the zombies and I jump. As I fall, I try to fly. I fail, but I land safely. I'm surrounded by zombies. I try to fly again and fail.

      Failing to fly reminds me of lucid dreams and I become lucid. "I'm dreaming!" I tell myself while looking at a horde of zombies around me. I want to improve my dream control and decide to start by recalling my waking life. I'm hoping that would improve lucidity. While I focus on recalling waking life stuff, I lose the dream.

      Yeah, should just focus on the dream. I'm also pretty much over my flu so that should be good for dreams.


      -Winter, in a bus with dad and brother. Dad drove, I told him where to go.

      -Sister and kids. At my parents' place. Outside there were kids playing around with lawn mowers and sleeping on a running lawn mower. I tried to get them to stop.
    2. Lots of Flying & Other Things (Non-Lucid)

      by , 07-17-2014 at 07:33 AM
      First part of the dream I was in a completely different house and I was trying to protect someone (don't remember who or why) by keeping them safe inside my house, next thing I know we're in the car on the way to the airport to go to Malaysia, and in the dream I was like "If this was a dream, I would teleport straight to the air port instead of going the entire way by car" but soon after I was in a different 'scene' I guess you could call it.

      I was at the base of some kind of mountain and I could fly (I had wings, sometimes they were on my back and sometimes my arms became wings and I had to flap my arms either way for it to get speed), but it took away energy like walking would. Mid-way through flying I was suddenly naked and I came to some kind of checkpoint (which were spread out on the mountain) and at the stop was a cold spa so I could cool off, but there was a platform that would push out and in like a coin pusher:

      pain in dreams-0.jpeg

      And we weren't allowed to touch the bottom of the spa or it would suck us up somehow. Got out the spa, still naked so I had to fly up the mountain like that until somewhere in the dream I randomly had clothes again. We soon stopped at some kind of picnic park for lunch, first I started flying around, spinning and having fun with my wings. We then had rolls which had sushi in them and egg and I thought it was gross so I didn't eat. Then I was sitting in some sort of tent and some guy started being perverse so my friend came over and stuck a bomb-mask on his face, but I reasoned with her outside the tent and said we shouldn't kill him, but before we could stop it, it blew up.

      Later I was in some sort of village and my username (TheLucidDragon) was my real name. And Oliver Wood (from Harry Potter) kept bugging me with questions so I snapped at him and he turned into a child and had a tantrum. I came to some sort of yard where Fred and George Weasley (Harry Potter) were doing some sort of sword fight with their dad (Arthur Weasley) and I joined in and started having a sword fight and I was super awesome at it. And I'm pretty sure the dream ended after that.
    3. Dec 4. Dream Journal: Pirate Jesus, plus the secret to Eternal Life

      by , 12-04-2013 at 07:35 PM
      I think I was Jesus again. If not, then some guy who can walk on water.

      I start by walking through a crowd of people in a bazaar. They look like peasants and villagers out of a fantasy-themed video game, and I know a couple of them can be recruited to join my party if I have enough reputation. I'm also kind of shiny, and I have the sick and poor looking to me.

      Eventually, I come across an intersection, but a train of pack beasts (cows, I think) are crossing, and I wait until they are done. Somehow, this goes on a really long time until I just decide to step over them in a single stride.

      That stride takes me to the end of the bazaar, and suddenly, I'm on a ship sailing the seas. I'm also being chased by a naval fleet, so naturally I'm a pirate now. One of my pursuers get close, so I run out on the water and stick out my leg to trip a ship. And it works! This somehow turns the tides, so I move my ship around and engage in battle. I board a ship and duel the captain while my crew fights invisibly in the background (I've been playing Sid Meier's Pirates!, so don't judge).

      There's a brief sweet and embarrassing scene here that's juxtaposed with the sight of the navy's retreat from their divine ass-kicking. I celebrate, but sadly, the dream fades.

      Dream two and three aren't all that memorable, nor as vivid.

      In dream two, I'm riding my motorcycle (missed MILD cue alert) through my dream interpretation of Seattle's SODO and Georgetown at night. I believe its snowing/raining, and I want to get home before I slip and crash.

      In dream three, I see my grandfather on my mom's side -- who died before I was born and I have no idea what he looks like -- and we talked a little. I don't ever get a clear look at his face, nor do I really know what we chatted about. I think it's about medicine or health because of this gem of a gibberish line: "live eternally so you learn to be aware of the cat's retribution."

      Wise words, Dream Grandfather-Ghost. Wisdom +1.
    4. swords and arrows

      by , 04-18-2013 at 08:12 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I was out on a date with M. I had on a suit, I want to say she was wearing a black dress. We boarded a sky ride with seats that were shaped like they were built for roller coasters. We weren't traveling high, but through a building which let out into a street. I remember putting my arm around her, and we were cracking jokes at the random people we saw. Ahhhhh people watching.

      I'm fighting people down a set of stairs. They're armed with bows, and I'm using a katana one handed. Most of them are dead, and two beautiful girls are left. I grabbed her hand, and elbow and turned the bow towards her stomach. She told me to kill her. I felt her grip loosen, and she let go. She said no one could do it any better. I said "You want me, Auron, the master of swords, to kill you with a bow", and woke up.

      First dream, was completely related to my old friend M...I went to sleep thinking what would happen if we would have ever become more than friends. I have no idea about the second dream...not even sure why I referred to myself as Auron.
    5. Adventure time

      by , 05-12-2012 at 10:09 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Damnit I wish I had better recall with this dream....

      Anyways I remember fight death and Fin was there. I can't remember what he was fighting, but we had a bunch of bystanders there as well. At the time I had his sword and he had mine and we were both getting pwned. Death had me in a hold from behind I remember getting weak and tossing my Fin's sword to him and he did the same with mine. They nearly touched eachother in the arc they traveled and bursted with a white light when they got close. My energy was restored when I recieved my sword.


      I called my sword Frostmourn in the dream but it was a little different. It didn't have all those skulls on it, and there were three purple jewels (amythests maybe) down the face of the blade.

      Anyways, I went to work on death. I almost chopped her head off, but I couldn't kill her for obvious reasons, but she gave up. Some kind of way she ended up giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, but her lips touched the corner of mine. I asked her if I was going to die, and she said maybe when I see her again, or maybe when she dies.
    6. Lucid Demon Slayer

      by , 01-01-2012 at 11:11 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      In betwix the start of this dream and the last one, I got some offer to kill nightmares, or demons in lucids. I didn't get much details, and I'm not even sure if I said I would agree to it...maybe I did. I don't even remember who offered me the job. All I knew was it was wbtb time.

      The void fades, and I'm in my room, but I'm not sure if the dream has started, or I'm just having super vivid HH. Either way, I get my usual falling through the bed sensation, but visually, it's off the charts. The ceiling gets farther away, it's as if the entire house is getting bigger, or I'm getting smaller. Along my decent, my bed passes through a flock of bats. And finally it stops. At it's peak, the room had to be about 80 feet tall.

      The room is about normal size now, but everything around me looks almost black and white. All the items in my room are old and dusted, and it looks like no one has been here for ages. I head out, and I'm in a totally unfamiliar hallway. I travel down it a ways, and see this open room. I call out asking if anyone was there, and these two women, that almost blended in perfectly with the background start moving and talking. One of them greets me, and asks me who I was looking for. I told her my objective, and she said that there was nothing to kill there at all, and everything was peaceful. I got a little confused and told her my orders were to get lucid and they'd be in the first place I'd lock for....and stopped mid sentence.

      This woman, who was covered from head to toe in grey and white paint, double checked and asked me if I was sure what I needed to do. I said yes and she stepped back, and the other woman got beside her, and I knew it was going to be go time. They both ran at me, and I was punching and kicking, but it had no effect, when finally the first lady got up close and started chocking me with one hand. (She was going for this move several times during the fight but I was keeping her at bay.) Anyways, she says something to me about how conventional techniques wouldn't work, and something else. Then it felt like my life force was being drained some how. I grabbed hand and got out of the choke hold, and broke her arm in several places. And blood started pouring out of my throat. I covered my throat, but I could feel it gush out between my fingers and cascade down my shirt. I started hurrying away, and told myself, "this isn't real, whenever I remove my hands, the bleeding will be gone". When I did, it was.

      (the scene changed on it's own)

      I'm in the next door neighbors yard, and there are two huge chests that are moving. They have skulls floating around them, and I'm guessing this is their true form. I pulled out a katana, and slashed at both of them, and something opened up...it looked almost like some sort of worm hole that I would get sucked into if I wasn't too careful. My second guess was they'd probably absorb any magic I'd try to throw at them. I double checked my surroundings and made sure there was nothing else to fight and slowly paced around them. All of a sudden, one of them shot thiis yellowish energy ball at me, and I reflected it with my katan. It flew back at the box into the hole and made some sort of strange noise. I did the same thing with the other one, and they both went dormant. After a few swipes of my blade, they both disappeared.

      I was really happy it was over, but I was so anxious about my next mission. Then suddenly, a leafless small tree appeared. There was a box attached to it, and it had all these unread letters. I think I heard the voice of the person who was in the void with me telling me that I could check this tree anytime between missions. I was having a hard time figuring out what they said, but I know one of them were tickets, and I deleted one on accident.

      The scene changes and I'm at some huge place surrounded by other lucid dreamers. They all seem very aware, and they all have that look on their faces like they know what I've been up to. I'm walking around and everyone is just so cheerful....I am too naturally, but man....it's just like happyville or something. Anways, I'm thinking I have to meet up with my DG or something to get the rest of the information, when someone asks me about how I got here. I told them, and they were impressed that I already got my first mission. He said everyone there was waiting just to get accepted, or some got in, but didn't go on a mission yet.

      I continued on, and group of people (one girl with short black hair, a guy with long brown hair and maybe two others) that had a "been there done that" look on their faces told me to come with them. One guy grabbed me by the back, picked me up and started running really fast. I started asking questions, and talking about what was going on, but I don't remember what was said. I know at one point i was saying "I really want to kill something again", and everyone was laughing. He let me go and they told me they would see me on the bus. I continued walking, and man, I don't know....my swag had to be maxed out. All the girls there were smiling at me...and it seemed like everyone in general knew me. I wanted to ask them who they were and what not, but I wanted to make the trip in time.

      I came up to a room that had a guard there dressed in blue. He was making sure everyone who entered had their tickets, and I saw the cool group enter ahead of me. Something was telling me I'd probably be next to them, and when I entered, I saw my nephew there. I told him "man, I knew you'd be here, what have done so far". He told me that he was mainly just sparing against other people. And he asked me about what I did, and I told him, but there was some other guy who started talking like right when I almost finished the story. I finally finished it and told him I needed to find out where I was sitting. I grabbed my ticket and started reading it as the dream faded.
    7. Fragments of Yesterdays

      by , 12-11-2011 at 10:46 AM (Princes' Haven)
      I was at home, but the house isn't as similar. My sister was frying salted fish; it was smoky inside the kitchen, and the rest of the house. Blur. I slept. I woke up, seeing the same view I saw before I fell asleep. I was in bed. It was a weekday, early in the morning. We had school (me, my sis, and my bro). My sister said it was good she cooked enough last night to last 'til breakfast.

      I can't remember much about the events in my dreams lately, so I will just put out words and phrase clouds:
      Bloody hands. A long sword. Two swordsmen fighting. A murderer uncaught wanders about. Someone's arms were cut-off. Bleeding. A dead body covered in blood. Screaming. Fear. Dark. Snakes and apes. A theater-like stage with red curtains and yellow spotlights. A grey rabbit mascot. Shy. Sing. Choir. Red chairs in the auditorium.
    8. playing catch up

      by , 01-04-2011 at 03:12 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      (date unknown)
      I had a dream I was watching a movie with Miho from Sin City. She was fighting some pirate covered in layers and layers of clothes. It was sword fight, and it was pretty epic. It ended up where both of them nearly fell off the cliff, and at the last second the pirate revealed himself to be Jackie Chan. I want to say my nieces were watching with me, but they were years younger than they are now.

      (HH studying)

      Came home and took a nap, and I was just mentally running all of my school work through my head vocally. I think I was really close to SP at one point, but I had this feeling that I needed to wake up so I don't throw off my sleeping schedule. Either way, I think it helped out with my medical terminology homework.
    9. Nighthog's Journal: 8th August 2010

      by , 08-09-2010 at 06:46 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Old Japanese setting: A meeting with a high class woman, 'mistress'

      I'm a bit disoriented coming into the dream as I gain consciousness of my surroundings. I'm inside what looks like those old Japanese homes. Woods and slide doors and similar whatnot. It looks somewhat worn out though. It's quite dark in this building. I don't really spot a direct lighting but I know it's not bright outside. There seems to be something illuminating the room in a few spots. Faint candle lights maybe.

      I for a few moments am with a man who had brought me here. He was telling me a few things I don't recall to well. I would have to wait for a person to come. I'm here to see someone with this guy. I think I somewhat appointed this man as my master. He had been looking after me in these lands I think. I'm not Japanese. I'm myself.
      I heard him mention that there had been going some rumours about me and that it had caused some interest from this mistress who wanted to meet me. She is a person of great importance somehow. A aristocrat or something.
      We can't deny her request I heard mentioned. He would have liked if we would have not caused so much attention and that in the long run it would have been liked to avoid such a meeting like this as long as possible but it would be inevitable in the end anyway. It was regrettable that it had come about so soon.
      We two had at first been there alone together but after a few moments a girl in kimono comes in. Looks like a attendant or service girl for a high class individual. She is here to check that we are there and then mentions that she will go inform the mistress that we have arrived and are waiting.
      The guy exchanges a few words with her and then tells for us to prepare. But before we can do anything we hear commotion outside. Some men are causing a commotion pushing things to drop about outside. I hear them talk.
      "She went inside there" "this must be the meeting place." "Quickly we need to go and take care of the foreigner before she meets him" There are at least 3 different men outside.
      "It will be our heads rolling if they meet." "yeah" "It will cause great trouble if they meet" "Hurry, before she arrives"
      "Seems you were followed" my master tells the girl who had gone away from the door and backed of into a corner out of the way between us and the entrance. She was afraid and was apologizing for not being good enough and allowed herself to be followed. She was ashamed.

      The men came inside with swords and weapons drawn. They quikly looked around to see the service girl and then us back on the other end.
      "Seems they are already here". "Can't ambush them now" "go take them out" I hear told.
      Two guys from behind goes upfront from the take out order and have their weapons pointed at me. I look over to my master... He has no weapon or sword. He looks more like a scribe/merchant or whatever. Blue kind of robes of clothing. I look at myself and have quite ragged and dirty clothing. Just something I got given for free somewhere.

      I have no weapon either and my master looks kinda terrified at the assaulter's. He looks at me end expects me to do something. I think I heard "Defend me" or something but it was as they others came about making noise and myself going to walk closer to them. I look around and pick up a saw of kinds from a table. It will have to do.
      We start a little skirmish or slow battle. They seem novice, Their own clothing isn't much up from my own rags but they are whole at least.
      One guy comes to make a swing with a strange weapon that doesn't look much different from my saw. I easily block and turn it away and then comes another. They manage to grab and take my saw away but then I go to grab theirs so they can't swing them around.
      They work somewhat coordinated and have one try to occupy me while another tries to attack from behind or from the side. But I move around and grab more hands and try to clung them together by swinging them around with my strength as I hold their weapons that they refuse to let go off. It works to my advantage. They can't let me have their swords so they are forced to move as I twist them about or they loose their grip.
      I soon have them all together and start to cling their weapons together in a bunch as to hold them all with one hand.
      They are getting worried and panicked as things aren't working out as they planned. they mentioned in words their thoughts about how this wasn't the easy kill they thought.
      I see my master look from the sides kinda scared and not helping out at all. The girl had been looking and kept going around as we struggled around the room to get away. She soon got about to the door and said she would run off to warn the mistress about what is going on.
      They noticed her plan and were to go after her to stop her, but I moved around and into the way to stop them. Two had lost their weapons and dropped them while I still held the last person. I picked up one of them and went to attack. I slashed away but wait... They did no damage? What are these things? they are flimsy and blunt with no edge? How did they plan to be able to kill me with these things? I try to see if it can injure them in any way. I slash and press it against their flesh at neck and arms. Nothing. It does no damage. But they get afraid of me attacking back. One picks up the other dropped weapon and goes against me again. We had had a little back and firth play to see if he could get it for a while. But as he got it I had to let loose of the last guy. He was the leader of sorts. He was better than the others and managed to cut a few slashes but as the weapon was dull it did no damage.
      The two lesser minions are scared and telling for them to retreat. They can't take care of me like this. I'm too strong for them to handle. The leader watches and soon makes a decision. They are to retreat. They run away quite quickly.
      He though tells this won't be the last time we see and that he will be sure to get me next time. It won't be as easy as this time. I think about how they are going to train and whatnot to get better before they try again.

      I hear outside that the others have arrived. They wonder who those men running away are. There seems to be some guards and they tell for the others not to approach or they will be sorry. They run away in another direction whit a whimper. I hear the service woman mention they were they guys assaulting us to the mistress. She orders for them to secure the location. The guards wonder if they should go after them. She tells no. That's not needed. If they ran away like that they can't be of any serious trouble.

      The lady from before comes inside again and sees we are fine. She seemed worried for us and had thought the worst. She quickly tells to them outside that we are fine. We can proceed with the meeting.
      I hear some movement on another part of the house. There is a small wooden height and slide door in one corner. The mistress is behind there. We are standing on dirty ground elsewhere in the house. The girl rushes about and around and comes back and tells she is ready to see us now.
      It was real quick and we aren't prepared. We hurriedly go about to find a spot to go down on our knees, the service woman goes to sit by us to our left. My master is already down on his knees in proper position as her. I look at him and he looks back and tells for me to hurry. I go quickly down and try to get to a proper seating. Though the mistress already has the door slide away and comes out and sits down. The man tells for me to show respect. The mistress though tells she doesn't mind, no need to be so formal. They both bow down to her and say something in Japanese. It's a great honour to be able to meet her. I look about and quickly order myself and bow and then follow to hear them two tell a one word kind of greeting. The girl told one and the man told a different variant. I proceed to repeat what the man told. I think I worded it correctly but I hear the mistress give a heart full giggle. He looks at me again disapointed. The service woman goes to tell. "no, you need to say d______" as she had said. I proceed to try again with that word but mispronounce it.
      The mistress now gives off a louder clear laughter. "I'll forgive you, you'll learn the correct way eventually". My master was looking at me more displeased than ever. He bows down and apologized for my conduct and not showing proper etiquette.
      "That's not really needed" she responds.
      "But enough of that, we need to discuss what we are here for"

      My supposed master and the mistress go off to converse some things which I miss to recall. I only remember this few things and comment she made toward me.
      "Doesn't it look like whit that awfully white skin that he would be dreadfully ill." Something to that and word 'creepy' and 'blood curls' were also mentioned.
      The talk was partially about myself. She was asking about why I had become to be there and such. It's a rare sight with foreigners. Either way she was here because she had a request for me. I would be to help her out with something. She talked about it with my master. I could not say or decline I somewhat sensed. I had to to whatever she would ask of me.
      It soon seems like it's settled and done. I'm to await good compensation if it goes well so she says to me and not to worry. I'm supposed to gain some standing as well and would then also be more free to move about myself. It's all about having me rise in social status in the end I think.
      We are done but then also a new person comes inside. It's a man who arrives. He has some business with the mistress. He is here to complain about giving me this mission/task. He also mentions on how I had assaulted his minions and soon the three men from before are entered and they talk. They try to blame me. The mistress sees through it all and dismisses the allegations and says she knows how it really came about. She told him to be more careful of his future actions. She doesn't like him and for sure I sense the guy hates her and me. But he stands underneath her and is limited in what he can do. The attack from before was to covertly have me removed so things would fall in his favour by having his men handle the task.
      She goes to leave and I have the guy and his three minions about. The minions are saying how I'm to strong for them to handle and that one on one they would have no chance but 3 vs 1 could be just enough to take me down seeing from the bout from before. I think he means not the two noobs but some as the same as him the leader of the minion group. They could at least be enough to delay me enough or something until he can go and take whatever he needs.
      He ordered them to leave him. He can't stand to be in front such incompetence. They leave, he watches over to me before he goes to leave himself with a displeased expression. "hmmph" could be heard as he turned.

      My master next goes to take me outside as I have my objective there. I see the mistress again. She tells for me to be sure take care of her/him. Be sure to protect him/her well. Watching out for trouble. I'm quickly greeted with a person and shown off into a carriage. I don't know what is up or what I'm supposed to do, things go to fast for me to sort my thoughts. A woman goes into the main carriage and then I'm seated into a side add-on on this thing and also a grey or green alien like classic alien comes and is seated right beside me in this add on pod. There is a glass wind shield lowered down and I'm seating in a kind of space pod. He tells me to show and make room for him. It's crowded and tight. He can't believe he has to sit here with me.

      The space perils: Disintegrating crashing space pod

      I notice quickly as the glass shield is lowering there is a hurry with getting everything inside properly. The alien tells for me ti hurry and get properly seated before it's to late. Just as soon as the shield goes down we are already in blackness of space and vacuum all about surrounding us.
      I also notice there are two other passengers further back. They are something small alien like.
      The space ship is going into hyper space and I see the stars get like lines of light before it's a weird white looking place but then it doesn't take long and we are already about to arrive. I hear the alien complain about the ship stopping to me and he looks like to be in panic. The ship comes to almost a instant stop and... what do I see. This extra add-on pod is breaking away and loose from the main ship? I see us continuing forward and parts fly about and then the pod is disintegrating before me eyes. I see the two behind fly into space and die. It's only me and the alien now. He is activating some emergency life support thing. Though it partially fails and only envelopes me after feeling a brief second of the cold and vacuum of space pull at me. "NOO!" I hear the alien scream as air is getting sucked away. He is in panic and is soon having me do something. I showed a little and he somehow is able to go through the shield around me where there still is air but not much. It's a super emergency thing. No life support. He gets inside and is yelling at me.
      The pod is now approaching this planet or is it a station? We crash through the atmosphere to our luck and can breathe as the shield stops working and we moment later crash into water and need to get back up. I activate a surfacing feature and the alien warns me not to do it yet for whatever reason. We are as quickly going back up as we had been crashing. He is yelling "NOO!" again.
      We break the water surface and see we are surrounded by some floating devices. We swim about to try and get up on one of these things. We are in some kind of water park. There comes a man to greet us with a surprise. He had seen us come crashing down and was glad we were safe and not injured.
      We get up and it's a shop. A water recreation item shop. He sells various things for water sports, water parks, pools and such. The things floating are like small foam islands. We notice our clothing has been torn to shreds by the ordeal.
      He says to go over there and pick a appropriate size of a costume. He says he will be giving them for free. It's a weird one-piece baggy suit overall with a hood. We put them on and are talking about finding out way to somewhere. We need to rejoin the others again I gather. Make them know we made it.
      There is a short recall failure.

      Another dream continues instead.

      Space time distortions: In a Wild West Setting of Finland?

      I've travelled with a companion for a while and we finally arrive to find where they people we were looking for are located. We find them inside a Grocery store of Wild west time-sphere.
      My companion is said alien from before but he is human now instead he kinda morphed as we went of to wander in earlier dream.
      We find the people who were left at the main ship inside the shop. The woman is kinda the store owner and is handling things. They have a serious problem at their hands. Something crazy is going on. Some device is malfunctioning and we have a space time distortions at our hands.
      They in a side by flash greeted and were happy to see us back but they were busy. There were much unrest about the whole place. Almost like chaos. There are people gathering outside from the local town. They have complaints and something of wanting to throw us all out for some reason. We seem to not have kept some promises and stuff the store had been selling had turned into other objects or vanished all together. People were upset about these facts. I hear them discuss about needing to get it fixed and others saying they don't know for sure how to do that.
      I walked to the store front and saw the angry people gathering. They were yelling about us getting out of town right now. 'Devil' might have been mentioned. Soon a angry old man comes to hit me at my right arm. He hits me a few times complaining about he hadn't received what he had asked for. He had instead got this carriage filled with baggage. Wait that's our travelling baggage! We finally are getting it back! (it got lost at some point in some vague memory about a bus and it leaving before we got stuff out, I recalled this is a continuation of a old dream I've had in the past, it kinda ended when I entered the store back then but had the content of up to that point with various happenings)
      I tell the others we have found the baggage and they get happy about that and soon are getting some bags. We have stuff in there with which we can fix the space time distortions. A younger boy went to get the stuff and to prepare to fix it. I wandered to check if my own bag was in there. It was with all the others. The man somehow was surprised. I might have mentioned he will soon get what he was promised.
      I talk to him and he says the carriage appeared outside town at some road as he was walking there. I saw the people outside were calming down and wandered back inside.

      Not long after I'm to take care of this older other man who walked inside. The woman told me to handle it. I don't really know what I was supposed to do nor do I recall fully but I went to walk outside the store with him. But outside a minefield was transported from time space to field the outside walk path. We have to be careful not to step on them as we cross it. I warn the old man to be careful as he walk around with a walking stick. As he crossed it I was about to make my turn to get over to him but he told me to go inside and fetch something while he will be waiting there. Somehow I was unsure about that.
      I though agreed and went back inside. I don't recall what I fetched but as I soon walked back out still hearing the argument inside I saw the mine field gone as did the old man. No trace. In that same moment I had heard a electric whoosh and they were celebrating inside. They had fixed the device that was causing the time space distortions.
      We can leave now I gathered from the small quick talk afterwards. We were leaving right away. We had all the stuff and baggage we needed.

      Outside we jump into a horse carriage but we have no horse. And... the carriage is humongous, gigantic. We turned into giants or something I see. The building we were at is much further back and quite small compared to our transport. I hear people yelling and being in panic of this scene. We need a horse, a huge horse to pull this humongous carriage. The woman goes to tell she will handle it. She makes a call and request on a device and asks for a giant horse to be teleported here. It appears behind and we are on our way. The horse was talking and complaining about having to do this kind of meaningless work.
      We move for a short while until the horse says "NO, I won't do this any more, I'm leaving. Find another way of transportation" The horse went to the back again and dissipated into thin air.
      Our carriage now turned into another vehicle. It was now a air plane and soon a bus. We were on our way to our next destination or whatever. I took a long needed rest and sat down in a seat.
      It wasn't in the back but about in the middle. But soon it was in the back and I had a person come and sit to my left and then another come to my right. I figured them as girls. I knew them and had missed their company. Though their clothing was much that of males which got me a little confused. One had long baggy green shorts and the other jeans whit the legs cut of and had as shorts. Tight fit.
      They were leaning into me and we were laying there in the back for a while until I went to caress and pet their arms and legs a little. I felt how smooth it was and liked it. I kept it up for quite a while. Even got a hard on but they pulled out a blanket and cowered it with that to hide it. We weren't the only ones there. I had for some reason lost my pants and was in my boxers only. This was the reason for the blanket.
      Some random stuff went to happen as I was there cuddling with them like this. At one point I saw like a screen with detailed information about them two. A profile of sorts. It had their names but I didn't have enough time to read them. I vaguely saw their age I think but can't be sure.
      "Will you keep your promise now that things were handled. Will you keep to love us for all eternity from now on?" Something close to this was said from them two to me. I vaguely had a recall to some kind of promise but couldn't tell if it was for this. I said I wasn't entirely sure but don't see for why not I think. Low recall on what I really said back but it was a vague answer but I didn't deny them completely and said I would love them in some way anyway.
      I remember a smile and happy reaction from them both. Maybe not as I had completely promised but it was good enough for the moment. I had woken up several times between each different happening and come back and in this turmoil I got confused if they were boys or girls. I had thought them to be girls at first but after each interim I was changing my opinion and thinking they were boys until I just settled for that in the last instance but only decided it didn't matter. I liked their company and their warmth. I would love them anyway whatever may be the case.
      I shortly saw their faces in the last instance before I woke up for the last time but I hadn't seem them to closely and they could be either. They had semi-short hair though.

      I was awake for a few moments but was still tired and was sleeping again not long after. It was quite unpleasant dreams considering I was lucid this time.

      Fighting and being pursued. Really unpleasant

      I found myself walking outside on a gravel road. It's not populated area or anything. There is gravel piles and pits here and there. The road goes onto this slightly elevated path compared to the rest of the grounds around. Much of the else is then woods. Leaf woods. I walk a little while and then come to a river passing next to the road. The road then crosses over. Not far from it I see a huge cliff side and a waterfall. The water for the river falls down from the top. Next to it there seems to be a climbers path along it. The walk is about 110degrees. But pretty damn about straight up. I go to try and climb and get about 10meters up the wall but then I start to loose grip and hold of the wall. There isn't any good places to grab onto. There are these small cut-outs but they are to worn out and small. I star to loose my grip and soon glide down and down before I'm all the way back at the bottom again.
      I think and look more at the cut-outs and see there are two paths. One older even more worn and the one I had climbed a little bit. I tried to climb again. It didn't work at all. I could not get a grip at all this time. I was wondering why as I just had climbed 10meters or so just a few moments before.
      I started to recall I've been at this cliff wall before. I failed to climb it like this time but got about 2/3 up that time before I lost my grip and fell down. I was a little disappointed I had managed worse this time. I looked over to the water fall and back up. There seemed to be some kind of wooden constructed platform at the top.
      I now realized I don't need to climb up the wall but just walk it up with my gravity control. I go to place my feet at it and start walking as I shift my gravity to point at the wall. It6 works and I start to walk up. I constantly need to keep focus to not let go of the orientation I want to keep. A couple times I falter and almost loose footing but quickly refocus and soon place it like the wall is a downhill and almost glide up to the top instead. The last hindrance is the small wood construction. It will make me about to stand upside down for a few moments as I cross the border unto the top. It requires a little more tricky focusing getting my gravity control right but I step up and above and then.... wait I fly up into the sky and above the ground as my gravity is now into the sky. I quickly start to orientate it back toward the ground but I make a small flight and flew over the small wooden construct up there. I was beyond it now. I wall falling back about the same height I had walked up back to a sandy playground.
      I landed a little disoriented with the gravity and look back at where I had climbed up. The cliff side was now a large wooden playground tower. Though in a real bad shape and about to collapse down. the spiralling staircase going up was gone 2/3 of the way from the bottom. I also remembered this tower. I've tried to climb it before as well.

      I don't recall fully well but I think I walked up one of the columns and stood at the top. There was this well like thing in the middle and you could look down and see the interior of the tower there. But as I went to the center the wood collapsed under my feet and I fell through it all back to the ground.
      I find that I'm not alone. My old friend is there and also is another friend. I didn't though look who it was exactly.
      We converse and I mention that I just climbed the tower but had bad luck by that the floor collapsed and made me fall all the way down again.
      My friend didn't believe me that I had climbed it just a moments before. He hadn't seen me at the top.
      He challenges for me to try again. Which I do and climb again. I'm back at the top and my friend appears as well. This time the floor is fixed and no sign of the hole. Weird. I try to say where I fell down but he seems unimpressed as there is no sign of what went on. I look around and go to walk down the spiral stairs around and find that the tower is being restored. The whole area has been fenced in and being worked on. I see the tower has some fixed parts but the stairs are only still there for the top part. I jump down the last after checking out the floor underneath the top.
      back at the ground I walk of with my friends...
      I explore the gravel path for a few more moments until we are in a town. I'm climbing some buildings. I somehow don't want them following and say I don't want them with me. They had been acting weird for a few moments. They were evil and planning to do things to me, or that was the result after saying to them not to follow me around.
      We end up fighting and they follow me around thinking of ways to take revenge. It only escalates to worse and worse. More people join to follow me around like I'm the worst guy around. They yell at me and try to do some really nasty things. But I see that which they plan and just do that unto them instead before they hit me with it. It's totally unpleasant and I can't think of why they are after me like this now. I had thought of having a good lucid time to experiment with things but am now caught up in this shit instead.
      I manage to 'kill' of a few time to time. Or rather have them give up and get them distracted to do other things around as we walk about.

      I don't know how exactly but they soon calmed down somehow and we found ourselves a fast food thingy on the side of a building. many went and ordered food and hostilities seemed to have calmed down I took a plate as well of some food and sat down with my friends to eat. Though I heard in my background someone had no money to order. A hungry fellow as well. I decide to get up and give my plate to him. I stand about a few moments but then go to leave again. I want to climb some buildings but as I do they are following me once again but this time I wake up before anything happened.

      I continue to have various short dreams of different topics. They weren't unpleasant but calming and such. Sadly I forgot the contents of all but one.

      Fragments of the pleasant ending dreams

      Photo Album
      I am in my dream house room. I go to find a photo album laying about on the table there. I go to sit in my bed as I go through it. I remember the album. I've had it in my hands one time before at least. As I open and check the contents I notice a batch of new photos have been added into it. I also find some remainder of the cookies that were put in there at one time... I went to recall that moment in a few flashes of views but got back soon to being in the present looking at the new content. It's good to have new photos as it was basically empty before but I'm unsure about the photos that have been added. They are about a group of unknown friends to me. I vaguely go to recognise two girls in the photos. I've been seeing them around time to time in my dreams. I see some explicit photos. They kinda intrigue me. I go through to see if there are more but there are only a few. Strangely enough there is a group photo with three girls and two boys. The two girls I somewhat vaguely recall, they are all showing themselves off in various poses.
      I swish through the photos again and see many are with this group of people in all of them. Or them and some others. I suddenly realize the two persons from the bus in the earlier dreams are two of the girls in these photos. I'm kinda somehow relieved that my last assumption about them was incorrect. They are girls indeed.
      I then try to look at the photos more closely to try and imprint their looks more accurately into my mind but it doesn't work to well. I went up to put it back on the table where I had picked it up. I looked around the room quickly but didn't get a good look though before I had a short wake up.

      Meeting the two girls again
      Short recall about I meet the two girls for a short moment in one dream. It drifted of into other things before I could do anything or say hi. I saw some of the friends of theirs around them.