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    1. 29 Dec: Learning a ritual dance from my guru

      by , 12-29-2018 at 04:04 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Attending my guru's teachings. I am sitting right in front of him, then there is some initiation in which I am given something, not sure what, Then I am alone with Ioana who teaches me a ritual dance. Then she says we were supposed to have met others again at some new place and that we are late and she runs out to ger her shoes or whatever.
      I follow her outside but don't see her anymore. I find myself in a pateo in what seems like a monastery. I feel something weird. I start floating, dancing in the air, moving weirdly, end up on the ground doing sensual moves with some objects in my hands. A bell is placed on my pelvis and with each movement it rings and arouses me. I am getting horny with the dance, when all other students appears with our teacher and I feel embarrassed and stop. But Rinpoche asks some other lama what he thinks of my dance and the opinion is that I did good, considering I just got brief teachings immediately before. Then I learn that it wasn't Ioana who had taught me, but Rinpoche himself, that I had been under some spell to see a different reality and see her in his place.
      Now we will continue the teaching, We all walk to inside the building. There are flags hanging and waving everywhere and graffiti with certain symbols I can't decipher on all walls.
    2. Carved in Stone

      by , 04-08-2018 at 06:04 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      This dream took place in a city than my brain identified as Dubrovnik. And it wasnít entirely unlike Dubrovnikóit was by the sea, and in the right sort of general landscape, only hillier, and it did have a similar aesthetic. This wasnít the first time I had a dream set there, although I donít think I identified it as anywhere familiar that time.

      In this dream, the city seems to be gearing up for a festival, with some tents and stalls already up, some still being set up. The city is full of people, which strikes me as an unusual circumstance, as if Iíve been living here rather than a visitor like them. As I hear people talking among the crowd about the best route to a certain location, I know the answer. But right now, theyíre heading in the right direction anywayóat least, if they want to see the preparations along the way, which is what I want to do.

      Across a canal or some kind of long, rectangular pond, there are yet more people near a fountain, including someone I knowóan old classmate of mine, an Italian exchange student. She and an unfamiliar man are embracing there. In front of me, some other people I recognize as classmates have also noticed, and they donít like what they see. One young woman in red makes a disparaging comment rather loudly, clearly intending to be heard by them. I donít know what the story is here, but I find it hard to believe that it could possibly be any of their business.

      I run into her again later on, as part of a group of performers, doing some kind of open-air actóoddly, itís as if theyíre all hovering above the water of a canal like the other one, only wider. I wave to them as I pass, and they wave back, but nobody else is even acknowledging them. I have the impression that theyíre afraid to for some reason.

      At some point, Iím further up, out of the city proper. I pause to look down a broad stone staircaseóreally, more of a terraced sidewalkóthat winds its way down to the sea. The sea is shining and calm, pale blue and pink, as if the sun only rose a short time ago.

      And further still, there's some kind of special site. I climb on a big rock to get a better look at it. The whole area is blocked off with a sheet of glass and has a rather stage-y appearance, as if it were intended to be seen from this angle. To the right is the entrance of a cave, where cacti and other scrubby plants are growing. To the left are four reclining chairs in a rowóI assume that means this place will be open to the public at some point, since I canít imagine why they would be there otherwise.

      The ground theyíre located on breaks off with a sheer cliff face which Iím directly facing, and I can see something interesting there: some kind of symbol carved in the pale stone. It's a small circle with two lines inside it, which are arranged like the hands of a clock when itís 10 oíclock, and coming off the bottom is a long, wavy line ending with a wedge, like an arrow. It strikes me as vaguely alchemical. I wonder what it signifiesóit definitely seems to suggest some kind of downward motion.

      Some other people have gathered here while Iíve been lookingóI recognize someone else I know. The last time I spoke to him was very awkward, but he doesnít mention that, which Iím glad of. Heís telling me about the cave. But unfortunately, I canít remember much of what he saysóonly that something important took place here a couple millennia ago.

    3. What does this symbolise for me? 🐟🐬🐳🐋🐠🐡

      by , 12-09-2016 at 05:15 PM
      At Frankie's,

      Fish coming out of the plants around me as I walk they seem to be coming from anywhere I look - they are alive ...it's a bit weird ~ I want to run but I realise I am dreaming! I stop and allow the fish to land on my hand one by one as if effortlessly manifesting from thin air. I look at them closely - they are mostly black and flat but alive.

      "I am dreaming" breath and slow down ✨
      I ask my friend what this means what it symbolises - He said it means I must take these abundant fish everywhere I go, give and share them with everyone -" like a gift "I thought and this made me happy - but then he explained that by giving everyone the fish they would then be connected back here to him and that was important. I felt deep inside that there was something not right about this this ...controle ...I wanted to think nice thoughts about it and in giving the fish generously " how nice etc" 🌈but I just couldn't 😬I felt it was a bit of a con and wander if I should be involved in this giving of fish so that this control I could be had...I am puzzled and saddened as I wake.

      We are in a big complex - G has a major role to play I seem to be of value and am doing my best yet I am keeping myself in the back ground. I become aware there are some teachings on - being given- I feel I should be there ...but wander why I am not...I see there are some who realy want to go and I could easily go but I am not...I am told its on Tatagatagarba. I finally go in, late, and slip into a seat anf put headphones on. It's wonderfully loud music and I love it - I start dancing and moving around with delight - people think I am a little mad.
      I am jumping around on a mooving train I can't find G and shout if anyone saw him...no ...the train is picking up speed going passed the platform now ...I can't be sure G is on the train ...shall I jump off and wait or stay on....I stay on...the train is moving too fast - I am away and hope G is with me🌺

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    4. The Resistance - ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

      by , 11-06-2014 at 01:16 PM
      There were high speed rail lines in these giant tubes that linked cities together. They were built above the roads inside the cities and above bridges. Out in rural areas these tubes were just on the ground instead. I was given a birds eve view of the layout of this tube system as if I was hovering above and panning out. Now, I was on one of these trains and we had to stop them before they finished their system to rule over the land. This train was going fast too. The task I was given was to find a key symbol of theirs used as a passcode. It happened to be on the train. This symbol happened to be engraved on this tablet that was 3 foot tall by 2 foot wide and a few inches thick. Even though there were guards nearby, I managed to open a floor hatch. Then flipped the tablet over with my foot, causing it to go through the floor opening. I made a note of where I had kicked it out, near this overpass. I was pretty sure the guards were mad that I did this, but somehow I escaped from them before they got me.

      The dream scene changes, and now I'm with my team searching for the tablet in the area I had kicked it out. We had to be careful, they just happened to have security cameras next to the overpass. One of our team did find it, then we had to run since I think we were discovered by their security system.

      We met up at this old factory/warehouse where we found that some other of our team members had broken their computer code and had developed a virus to attack their computer system to take it down. Our virus was put on a music cd and smuggled to us so we could analyze it. It was chopped up and encoded into the blank areas between the music tracks. I watched as they de-ciphered the hidden chunks. Before we could go further, we had to cover our tracks we were there. I helped move these pallets of inventory around the factory to do so. As we finish up one of the ladies catches my eye and I was checking her out. The dream fades out though and ends.

      Though this dream was a non-lucid, it was pretty cool anyways. This dream turned out to be more exciting than what I could have come up with lucidly, lol. The timing of this dream happens to coincide with the annual Guy Fawkes "remember 5th of November" thing, weird.
    5. Escape TO Hell!

      by , 07-22-2014 at 08:20 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      A friend and I are chased out of a Tibetan village by angry men trying to kill me with rocks and sticks. We run down a trail through the woods, straight into an old WWII tank, shooting directly at us. The tank shots don't go through big trees, but get stuck inside, and then explode, completely obliterating the trees. The same happens with rocks that we try to hide behind. We turn and run through more of the forest, off of any trail. Two people on a dirt bike are riding through the woods opposite of us, and 100ft to our right. I quickly drop to the ground so they don't see us, but they do. The person on the back of the dirt bike has a fully automatic rifle, and what appears to be lots of ammo.

      We take cover behind some huge trees. I can see through one of the trees, and notice the rifle being aimed directly at me through the tree. So I crouch down as a bullet grazes my back, burning and tearing some of my skin off as it passes. This motivates me strongly to find safety from all this chaos. My friend and I run to a rope-bridge that crosses a large chasm, but soon find that we are now surrounded, people who want us dead on both sides of the bridge.

      I kneel down, and draw a symbol I've never seen before, looking mostly like a 4. As I draw it, I say something about "We will be safe". It glows a bit. I trace it again, saying the same words, and it glows more. I repeat that a third time, semi-aware that we will be shot in a matter of seconds here on the bridge. The symbol glows brightly, radiating light all over, and I am immediately transported to Hell!

      Standing on an invisible energy floor in the middle of a ring of gnarly floating rocks, glowing red and on fire, this whole mass just floats far above what looks like the ground level. Lots of other flaming / glowing rocks float around, most are massive, the size of multiple cruise liners. There are stone bridges and passageways leading from one to the other. I feel safe here, because I doubt any of my attackers would actually go to hell, even if it was just to kill me.

      I seem to be alone in Hell, no one else around. All I hear is flames, and the creaking of really hot rocks. It all looks quite amazing. I walk down a rock staircase to a lower level, and find myself face to face with a massive demon. About 15 times my height, very thin, his feet and hands are massive blades, and he appears to be completely composed of strong metal. He steps on me, cleaving me in two rather effortlessly. Instead of dying, I find myself in one piece again nearby this same beast. Mostly still feeling happy to be free from those people shooting at me, I'm not afraid of this demon at all. Sensing this, he walks away disappointed. I walk along a rock path, either side of which is a vast expanse of molten rock, glowing bright orange and yellow, gently undulating as it flows around. I come across another giant demon beast. This one looks like a combination of a pit-bull, the incredible hulk, and a giant boulder with massive spikes on it. This demon is bulging with muscles and thick, rough skin, mostly black, but glowing red in the creases. Kind of the texture of a massive tree with big chunky tree bark. He has big spikes on his shoulders, and lots of pointy fangs, sort of drooling as he growls at me. Since I went to hell to be safe, I'm not afraid of him. He charges me, and I just watch to see what happens. He bites me, eating the top half of my body. Everything goes black for a bit, then I re-materialize right in front of him again, just watching curiously. He too gets discouraged and leaves. They seem to only enjoy mauling me when I'm afraid.

      I explore around a bit, taking in the massive mountains of glowing spikey rocks, and rivers of magma. The whole ambiance of this place is a rather soothing red/orange/yellow color. I find it pleasing to my eyes.

      I then wake up to my room being only a degree or two below body temperature, and I've sweat through everything. A similar temperature perception to the dream.
    6. August 15, 2012 Dream 2: "Ouroboros"

      by , 08-25-2012 at 03:46 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      A symbol. Ouroboros. A store promo. Two drinks. I bought a lot already. Supermarket or grocery. Nonfood items. 125 + 150. I talked to a woman who looked like some sort of executive. She said she's busy and ignored me.

      A room with a cute young boy. He went out the bathroom. I brought me and my laptop to another room. A house. After celebration. Drinks. 10:30 a.m. Song: nothing but your t-shirt on.
    7. Another Dystopia

      by , 12-04-2011 at 12:26 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a classroom. We were watching a professor flipping a paper that shows examples and drawings. I think he was wearing glasses and looks Caucasian.

      One picture he presented is the "future," he said. I was surprised to hear this. It was a dystopia. There are jumbled buildings, and there's a huge entity trapped in a web connected to buildings. It looks like a complicated symbol, struggling to escape.

      Then he "moved" his consciousness to a huge robot, and "channeled" his energy to two smaller ones on top of a building.

      We were hiding, but not sure from what. I seems it wasn't from the robot, but from other humans. It's dark. Night. We ran to a building. One of us (me?) checked with a network through a device to see if there are other people nearby. "It" said there are a few in some housings nearby. One of us wanted to check them out, to see if they are peaceful. The rest just wanted to hide.

      We were inside the building. It was a concert. It looked like the La Salle Bacolod coliseum. Some are performing on stage. I was also supposed to perform on stage. An Asian-looking manager told me to say/wear/do something, and I told him don't worry. But when it was my turn, the music died, and I held on an imaginary microphone. I looked at the huge screen behind me, and it shows some Asian guy singing. Do I look like him, or was I just supposed to lip-sync?

      I was near the beach, with some people. I walked away from the buildings and people, and went toward the beach. I sat down, and a few others joined me. One guy in particular told me I can stay with them. I thanked him. They left.
    8. Another Sign from the Sky?

      by , 08-25-2011 at 03:47 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      It was night time. I was at somebody's house. I didn't know them. They were crying and mourning.

      They were outside and I was there trying to comfort them.

      I looked up to the moon. It fizzled, turned blood pink, and little beads of pink light arose from the center and aligned themselves in a circle around the moon.

      I looked online, when I woke up, to see if I could identify that symbol anywhere but I didn't have much luck. I saw a picture of it on one of the charts, but there wasn't any explanation of it.

      I was surprised to see such a symbol in the sky. In the dream I knew that it was giving me guidance towards something, that I had a greater purpose in this dream.

      I was going back inside the house when I noticed that the moon had gotten exponentially closer to the Earth. The Moon now filled up the greater majority of the sky. I had never seen such a majestic view of it. I could see every crater in ridiculous vividness.

      I decided to just sit there and stay awhile.
    9. Astral Visitor

      by , 08-20-2011 at 03:03 PM

      I close my eyes and feel large hands moving across my stomach. The changeover must have happened so quickly and undetectably, I'm slightly surprised, yet pleased. The hands are not threatening, they seem to be almost searching. I grasp the hands and pull a being into my other bedroom. It's night so all I can see is the dark outline of his figure. "Who are you?" I ask inquisitively. He responds, but I'm unsure of the name he gives. He spoke softly, and he had a thick other wordly sort of accent that I've never heard before. His name sounds something like Astaroth. His skin is soft and smooth and he appears to be completely hairless. He embraces me and I run my hands over his back...wings. He kisses me passionately, and I notice his teeth are sharp and pointy. A demon. He asks for my body. I consent. Then he asks what I want in return. I've never been asked this before and am not sure what to say nor can I think of anything. Then I telepathically send him an image, he nods, and we spend several steamy minutes together, after which he fades into the darkness and I wake up.
    10. Apple

      by , 06-27-2011 at 03:19 AM
      I am riding in the car with my mom, brother, sister, and aunt. We're going to the park to pick apples. Suddenly, I have a vision which lasts maybe 2 seconds before fading away. It is of some sort of goddess-type being. She is not really a goddess, maybe a minor deity. She is young, has long blue hair, and was wearing a blue and white dress. She is floating in front of the car and sort of going at the same pace as us. She is very large (not overweight), kind of like is you scaled up a regular person to two-and-a-half or three times the height, keeping the rest proportional. She is also two dimensional, and kind of tilted backwards, so that the top of her recedes a little because it's farther away. She is holding up one arm, in a pose that is vaguely similar to the statue of liberty holding her torch, except my spirit is more expressive and joyful in her pose. Her facial expression is kind of complex. Her mouth is open a little, indicating that she is full of joyful wonder, but also that she is shocked and upset, and she exudes something like fear or caution. Anyway, she's holding up her hand as if she is holding a torch or something, only nothing is in her hand. I know that she is supposed to be holding an apple, so I realize that she is warning me that the park we're going to won't have apples. I express concern aloud (not referring to my vision, just saying that I'm worried that there won't be any apples) and suggest that we go to a different park, but my aunt overrules me.

      Then, my brother says a phrase of three nonsense words. We're trying to figure out what he is talking about, and my aunt says, "it's like a test of star wars knowledge (the flavor of it was that it was a question that had started out as a riddle one star wars fan had posed to another, but sort of became a stock phrase star wars fans would pull out to indicate their hardcoreness, and to see if anyone else knew what they were talking about, so it sort of became a greeting between star wars fans.) The question is, 'do you know what kind of apple they ate on (such-and-such a planet, don't remember the name)?'" Then she turned to me and said, "You know, right?" I was horrified that someone would suspect me of having such knowledge. I said nothing and sort of retreated into myself, thinking about the goddess.
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      non-lucid , memorable
    11. Damp Towel with a Wristwatch

      by , 04-19-2011 at 10:40 PM

      From the night before last
      *This is a veeeery rough draft that I may or may not get around to cleaning up*

      A Boy to Include?

      a blond boy joined us
      cheap necklace/pendant
      I had one in the same symbol too
      (on reflection, i don't recognize it)
      ashamed? that mine was a weak metal
      it looked somewhat interesting though
      I didnít mean to make a wet towel hanging high on a hook on the wall fall. caught it and the wrist watch that had been laid atop it, tried to put them back as they were.
      I wondered at the dampness near the watch

      I was 13-17
      the boy was maybe 11
      we debated over if he was too young
    12. Deleted

      by , 02-14-2011 at 04:39 AM (Torra)
    13. how do i find this symbol? more importantly my other half with it.

      by , 11-18-2010 at 04:15 AM
      Ive seen posts about dream designs matching people theyve seen. My"Zeus design", as ive come to find as the meanings of these symbols we randomly see are from when zeus split the human heart claiming it was too powerful. so i guess id be saying, i think my soul mate has the same symbol as a tattoo on her wrist. anyone with more insight, please help?
      doesn't this piss you off..-thm_php2yd1mm.jpgdoesn't this piss you off..-thm_phplebsga.jpg
    14. 25 Aug: museum city, countryside pension and a bunch of random stuff

      by , 08-25-2010 at 01:54 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      I have been having the possibility to sleep longer, which compensates the constant awakenings during the night to write down my dreams. Still, I feel a bit tired as sometimes I wake every hour or so. My wish to recall dreams is programming my mind to wake up frequently to record them.

      23:00 GMT - Sleep

      Work meeting
      Iím at a meeting. Tables form a hollow square and I just sit in the first available place as Iím late and it already started. Itís an NGO meeting arranged by one of my former bosses. Thereís some important reason why I was invited, but I canít recall. He sees me arriving and feels a bit disturbed. Then a gap.

      Feeling sick
      All of a sudden I am sitting in a small table with food. There was someone else sitting with me but not anymore. I am on a hurry and I eat fast. Then I feel extremely sick and feel like puking. I run to the toilet, it is disgustingly filthy, but I want to puke, so who cares. When about to do it, I get better and donít arrive to do it. Two ladies that were on the toilet ask me if Iím pregnant. I say I donít think so and that Iím just sick. Then it looks like everything is balancing back and forth and I wonder if Iím on a boat. Then a girl appears (maybe she was with me before?) supposedly to help me but just says some mockery about me being sick.

      3:06 GMT

      Thoughts about having a baby
      Maybe following the previous dream in which someone asked me if I was pregnant, I remember some dream in which I was thinking/considering or imagining myself having a baby. It was more a thought than a dream.

      Priest and a talent show
      Very sketchy dream that I feel it was going on for some time but I only recall that a lady was being invited by a priest to come to Rome for a show. First I felt that this lady was my mother, but the content of the dream doesnít match her in anything. He was looking for someone with a special talent to star on some fairground show and this lady was very colourful and musically talented. Then he reinforced the invitation saying he wanted her to be there not for just one show, but indefinitely. Weird that a priest would also be a talent hunter...

      4:08 GMT

      Just recall that I was trying to reach some politician and someone helps me getting inside the parliament or congress and Iím on the corridors looking for the right office.

      Mom ironing
      My mother is ironing some clothes and the cat wants to play with her.

      Award ceremony
      Some award ceremony scene, like the Oscars.

      Visit to aunt and my momís cat
      I park my car under a bridge close to my auntís I. home (where I donít go since a teenager). Itís night and itís a creepy place, so I keep my eyes very open to eventual robbers behind the pillars. A lady seems distressed about some cat she thinks is in trouble, not able to descend from a roof. I go to the place to check but after a while the cat jumps down, so allís fine. Then I keep going and see my mother close to my auntís garage door, our meeting point. She also brought her cat with her, which I donít think itís such a good idea. Itís a crazy unpredictable cat that gets scared at anything. But she says sheís taken him for a walk before and I trust her. The problem is that the cat decides to hit the middle of the road and I see cars coming. I freak out and run to shoo him away from the road. He does and hides under something on the other side. After the cars pass I go get him and he is so scared that he is totally peaceful and sweet Ė usually he is like a Tasmanian devil ) It was nice to cuddle him, even if it is only possible in dreams, LOL.

      6:00 GMT

      City of museums
      Iím going down a street with my mother in some foreign country and unknown city. This particular street is amazing, with dozens of museums of art, antiques, archaeology. Impressive buildings. We decide we canít visit them all but at least the last one on the street catches our attention. Itís modern art and inside I remember see this big mosaic pictures representing the elements of the periodic table. I remember clearly the Pb one (a clear derivation from a conversation I had the day before, about an ass as heavy as lead, LOL). At the museum shop there were for sale cute wind up toys and I try one out, breaking the coil spring inside. I try to fix it but it only gets a little better. I behave badly and try to get away with it, but a friend of mine comes out of nowhere and picks the same toy to try it out. I fear she is going to figure out I broke it, but she doesnít say anything. I still feel guilty and when leaving a security guy blocks me and my momís exit. But of course it wasnít because of the toy Ė he had seen her taking pictures with flash and also we were carrying backpacks, which is not allowed in the museum (somehow at the entrance they had failed to check that). But thatís all and we leave.

      7:19 GMT

      Freaky countryside pension with a secret
      Iím staying at a countryside pension, a very old looking and typical construction but I donít know of which country. Small wooden doors and windows and very low roof which I realise itís because the house goes below ground level, so we need to descend some stairs to get inside. When we enter we go directly to the kitchen which is also like common/living room, large and spacious. To go to the rooms section we need to climb 2 or 3 steps at the right side close to the back of the room.
      I feel I am here as part of a group of tourists/excursionists and everybody left already. The owners are also leaving and closing everything behind them. But for some reason (I donít remember what had happened before) I am suspicious of something going on and I want to go inside the house when theyíre not there.
      So they leave and I go back and get to enter the place. But all of a sudden the lady owner appears, with very menacing look on her face. She wants to know what I am doing there. I say my backpack is too heavy and that I came back to leave a few things behind or I wonít be able to hike around all day as expected. She weighs my backpack just to check if Iím not lying with all my teeth, but luckily the thing is really heavy and I take a few things out and leave them on the kitchen table. I leave.
      Some other day I was in the room with my boyfriend and we start kissing passionately. I throw him on the floor and want to make love to him, but behind the door there are lots of voices and I know someone might enter the place at any moment, so I refrain myself.
      On even some other day I am finally alone in the place, waiting for some fellow guests to arrive and I open the door for them. I guess I finally found what I was looking for because I am drawing a scheme of this symbol that I guess I found somewhere and means something important. Itís like a 3-leafed clover and the top leaf has a heart inside it and there are things written inside every leaf. Thatís all I can remember, because it was too detailed.

      8:00 GMT Ė Wake up

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    15. Werewolves, Old house, and Scary guy.

      by , 07-31-2010 at 12:33 PM
      This is My first Dream journal, so Hang with me as it may not be written perfectly.

      My Dream starts off with me running into a theme park, with the gate being that like the one at a beach near my house.
      Once through the gate, I hear cops start to turn on their sirens and then start to chase me, as I zigzag through the them park I forget everything else and then notice myself back at my old house.
      From there the few friends with me and Myself soon realize that we have all become werewolves, yet we do not need the moon to turn. So we play around and a bit, and the next thing i know is one of my friends has transformed from a werewolf to a dinosaur with a huge mouth and alot of teeth. He then tries to eat me, with no avail because us being werewolf are strong enough to hold him back. Bad news though, we all of a sudden get bit by a bug, which we realize is the anti were wolf bug which then slowly but surely makes us transform into a normal werewolf, one which can only turn on a night of the full moon. This means a sure death to use because the dinosaur friend will have us for dinner. As soon as i reach that thought, everything changes, no more werewolves, no more dinosaur, just me, My friend Matt, and another friend. Then i feel an urge to look at my back window and there is a man standing there, staring at me. It makes me feel very uncomfortable and i soon realize he should not be hear, he disappears, but my friends and i run to the front door to see he is in that window laughing, my Friend Matt in the dream then looks at me with a petered look on his face which scares the life out of me. We open the door to find this man yet to only be surrounded by 100 of him laughing at us. I then wake up.

      I have been trying to figure out what this man in my dream is, weather he is a symbol for something, another dreamer, or just my imagination being scary.

      All input is Welcome =)