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    1. Interview in a Dream

      by , 08-26-2018 at 05:43 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I go to a grocery store. There's many empty shelves. I look at some donuts closely. Really want to buy one, but I manage to stop myself. Julia from university is selling these pastries. She's also eating one. We have a short chat, apparently there's a new donut hitting the shelves tomorrow. The name of it was confusing me.

      Scene changes, I'm at my childhood home and plan to interview someone in their dream. I have a DC in on this with me. Suddenly I'm interviewing the person. I pick something from the table and tell them it's a tarot card deck. I'm going to tell tell them their future. The black deck keeps changing when I look at it. I expected this, because I know I'm in a dream. But I still believe the previous dream to be real, so I still act like the person I was in that dream and not myself. I have no memory of my actual lucid dream goals or my actual waking life, so I don't feel lucid and wouldn't call this a lucid dream.

      When I look up from the cards again, the scene has changed. I'm sitting in the living room and the person I'm interviewing is outside, under the apple trees. I pick a card. It's a queen in a long dress sitting on a fancy chair. There's a dark box under the art and a line of text. "Lust..." I only read the first word. The text wasn't going to help with my BS. I place the card face down on the table and lie what it was. I ask the person what their worst moment with their parents was. Just came up with that on the spot, I didn't even know what to ask.

      While they were answering, suddenly they disappeared, leaving only clothes behind. I look around me for my DC partner, another pile of clothes like some odd scarecrows. They had woken up. I saw a wave of energy hit me and I woke up too. These strange scarecrows were still around. I tried to hide them before they guy I was interviewing would see them.
    2. ace space

      by , 04-17-2017 at 08:27 PM
      D1 - I am dealt 3 aces by a tarot lady, she gives me ace of earth, water and air. I want to do some tarot but know I won't be accepted as authentic.

      D2 - I'm on aboard a spaceship which is comprised of just a very large glass cylinder with a metal peice running round it. Everyone is weightless. My friend is leaving and gets onto another ship, I duck out a slidy window and go back.

      D3 - At school i'm leaving and teleport outside so I can hide from some people.
      Tags: powers, space, tarot
    3. Tower

      by , 09-05-2016 at 09:09 PM
      Trouble sleeping night before back to work, woke 1.15am tried to recall dreams but unable to recall anything.
      Then not only could I not remember dreams but I couldn't remember who I was or anything. Was real weird.
      I had a thought that it was like reincarnation, my mind was a blank slate and I felt like I was floating, observing. Anyway was revelation time for me.
      Had a horrible sore throat and cough which brought me back to reality.

      D1 - In a rocky bay surrounded by cliffs, it was dark and the water was dark. In the middle of the bay high, high up above me was a gigantic knarled dead tree (as big as a skyscraper), its branches touching the sky. It was suspended above a frozen cascade of water, which touched the sea.
      [After dream I felt this represented the Archetype of the tower from the tarot]

      D2 - I am engaged with some others in anti-government operations and am inside the house of parliament.
      We are leaving but first must take a video tape with us. It is white with a stip around it.
      Needing to get away we take it hurriedly only to see that the 3 editors are looking gleeful, showing their teeth. When I enquire why, I find it is because unless they finish the procedure the tape will be wiped and useless within an hour. So we wait pensively for 4 mins and 19 seconds, then leave hurriedly.
      Outside it is night, and we can see all the lights of the city.
      I got a lift from hagrid (out of harry potter) on his motorbike up into the night sky. He was able to protect me from lightning.
      [lightning is link to tower again]

      D3 - Anne is asking at a dinner party whether to like a drama series as the ending is not the sort she would usually like.
      I say that if she likes it it is because a part of her likes it, either he adult or child self and she should give it attention.
      I ask her tentatively if she like the Highlander historical fantasy series.
    4. Reality check fails, but I'm lucid anyway :)

      by , 07-31-2015 at 01:56 PM
      I'm in upstate NY with ThreeCat in a cabin. We have sheep and I want to wander with them as they graze. I think of the cats inside though, and decide we can just go out for a walk for the day. We go outside and around the back where it looks like the lumber yard of Lowes. People in a pickup truck are blasting their bad country music and we wander off. Suddenly we are inside of a Perkins-style restaurant with a buffet line of pies. ThreeCat orders a piece and gobbles it up. I'm aghast that he didn't ask if it's vegan. I ask him how he knows it's vegan and he responds “it is.” I ask the girl on the other side of the buffet line what they substitute the butter with and she says “nothing.” I tell ThreeCat this is a dream and he says “no it isn't.” I think back and wonder aloud how I got from the farm to here and he can't give me a good response. I check text several times (don't know what it says), but it doesn't seem to change. I resolve that this is just a dream and leave dream ThreeCat behind. I find someone and ask if they know where The Fool (from tarot) is? I'm directed to Doug's apartment, except the location is actually Billy's. I go inside and Sh_ is sitting on the couch. They introduce him as Charles and that he is The Fool. I ask him if I may ask him a question. He responds there needs to be an exchange and implies somehow that it must be sexual. I sit in his lap and give him a handjob through his tshirt. I then end up having oral sex with RL in a side 69 position, but she corrects my technique. I definitely lose lucidity and am unable to come back to the dream to ask the question that I want
      Tags: tarot, the fool, vegan
    5. The Wolves' Den

      by , 12-18-2012 at 11:24 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      2:30 to 5:22 pm:

      Note: 9 purif breathing


      I am with a group of people. There's a marriage. Donnie and Tep2x. The color is whitish and grey, like it's about to rain or is raining, and it's up in the mountains. However, there are a lot of houses. Like a subdivision. Sis and I took a tricycle to get to their house. We were welcomed in a nice-looking house. Teptep came out to welcome us into the home. She was wearing a white dress, like a wedding dress.

      Inside, we stayed in what seemed like a room connected to a cave. I can see the cave from the bed, which then opens to a forest outside. We were told stories that there is a wolves' den near the place, and that they are quite defensive. A bear also came to mind, and it walks around dangerously.

      We went outside, and me with hesitance, until I was told I look like a hermit staying there, and people might become wary of me. I brought my bag, which I made into a shoulder bag and hung on to my left shoulder, and my umbrella.

      I was outside near the MRT/LRT train station. There are a lot of people. There's a McDonald's nearby, and this somehow surprised or made me happy. Or was it someone else?

      I am inside some kind of house. Abandoned, it seems. There was a prophecy made by someone. I think it was me. I read the tarot cards. We are hunters, trying to do a ritual to stop something. We have to do it beside someone. It seems that 'someone' is a painting of person. The painting is mostly black, and then there's a white drawing of a man.

      P.S.: I woke up to find this atrocity against grey wolves.
    6. Oct 2, 2012 - 14 Tarot

      by , 10-17-2012 at 04:58 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      14 Tarot
      Tags: fourteen, tarot
      dream fragment
    7. June 30, 2012

      by , 08-24-2012 at 01:34 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Tricycle. Hurry. King of the Wind. His name was used. He blew angrily. Going home. Movie. Ateneo class or tarot kids.
    8. Dream Tarot Cards

      by , 08-05-2011 at 03:29 PM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      It was a fragment, but I was at a Tarot Card reading, and I drew the red Ace of Diamonds. I looked up what it is, and it's the same as the Ace of Pentacles, which means:




      using material force
      focusing on concrete results
      having a real-world impact
      working with the physical
      achieving tangible results
      improving the body/health
      becoming involved with nature

      having the means to reach a goal
      enjoying abundance
      drawing to you what you need
      seeing efforts rewarded
      increasing assets
      experiencing growth

      being practical
      using common sense
      getting down-to-earth
      taking advantage of what works
      being realistic
      grounding yourself in the real world
      accepting the tools at hand

      proceeding with trust
      believing in the good faith of others
      feeling safe and protected
      knowing you have total security
      operating from a known position
      having a support system
      knowing the situation is stable
      consolidating a firm base


      An Ace-Ace pair shows that a new spirit is entering your life.
      It draws on the energy of the Ace of Pentacles:
      --- prosperity, abundance, trust, security, groundedness
      plus one of these:
      --- Ace of Wands: creativity, excitement, adventure, courage, personal power
      --- Ace of Cups: deep feelings, intimacy, attunement, compassion, love
      --- Ace of Swords: intelligence, reason, justice, truth, clarity, perseverance


      The Ace of Pentacles is a symbol of possibility in the area of prosperity, abundance, trust, security and groundedness. In readings, it shows that a seed of productivity has been planted in your life although you may not yet recognize it. When the seed sprouts, it could take almost any form. It might be a feeling of centeredness, desire for results or need to focus on practical matters. On the outside, it could be an offer, gift, opportunity, encounter or synchronistic event.

      When you see this Ace, examine your life to see how its solid energy could work for you. Now is not the time for fantasy, drama or daring. It is a time to be real and centered. Seek out comfortable, reliable experiences that make you feel secure. Build a foundation of trust in your life both within and without. Your common sense will tell you what to do. Focus also on the natural world to help you stay grounded. Enjoy your body and all the joys of material existence.

      The Ace of Pentacles can be a sign that you will be able to make your dreams real. Your ideas are ready to be turned into something tangible. Figure out what will work and make it a reality. You can now attract all the wealth you need to get your projects going. Tap into the material force of the Ace of Pentacles, and all your enterprises will flourish.
      Tags: ace, card, diamonds, tarot
      memorable , dream fragment
    9. Healing a restaurant owner in bankruptcy

      by , 07-20-2011 at 06:10 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Healing a restaurant owner in bankruptcy (Non-lucid)


      Let's see if I get into the habits of writing down my dreams again... not that I do not recall them, it is I just do not find time to do so.

      I was walking in town. It was about time to have lunch and it was very warm. I entered into a small restaurant, very traditional and old school. I was surprised there was such a place in the US.

      The place had five tables, all of them, where empty. I ordered a three course meal, for just $7.50. I was thrilled as I missed these places from Spain, as in the US, there are no cheap yet good places to eat.

      I finished my meal pretty fast and paid my bill. For some reason, the waiter, who was the owner, knew I was a healer and asked me for a healing. I accepted.

      First, I performed my Heart Chakra reading
      (as I do on waking) I told her that I was sensing despair, sorrow and a very deep sadness. I told her that I was sensing that her sorrow was related to the restaurant, that business was not right. She started to cry and told me that the restaurant was not going well at all and she might needed to close it down. I gave her some advice, tried to find a way for her not to feel horrible and gave her my energy healing and White Light shield.

      Suddenly, the restaurant was bigger and I gave a healing to her husband and to someone else. I also read the Tarot of a third person, but I do not even recall what showed up nor what happened.

      I was now in a big house. The restaurant owner's house. She had several kids. In addition, uncles and nieces lived in the same house. They looked poor. The owner (the one I read the Heart Chakra) told me that she needed to pay her mortgage as well as paying me, for my services. We went to a Money Gram. She and a couple family members (probably uncles) went there with me. She got like $2,000 and gave me $70 for my services. I told her I was in deep appreciation with her and that I planned to visit the restaurant more often. She told me to please do so, that I helped her a lot and she would be happy to pay me a few meals.
    10. Readings and healing at the backroom

      by , 05-18-2011 at 03:39 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Readings and healing at the backroom (Non-lucid)


      I was at work, but the store was way bigger and I had a different manager. I was told something and the manager started to laugh.

      I went to the backroom where I found a kitchen and met with a psychic. I had to find a light or something. The psychic told me she had a light, made out of her energy. She told me that as I was a psychic too, I could hold the light, but non psychic would just make the light vanish.

      The psychic offered a reading, but I told her I could make my own readings as I was able to Read the tarot. The psychic opened a small box with joints and cigarettes, offering one. I told her I did not smoke, besides of the eventual cigar. I decided to take a cigar.

      A few moments later, the psychic was giving a reading to a guy about his work. She told me that I needed to heal that guy after the reading, and I agreed. However, the psychic was smoking and bothered the guy who was receiving the reading. A few moments later, the psychic was a medium now and she needed to find some evidence on the Spirit World.
    11. Healing and proving

      by , 05-18-2011 at 03:33 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Healing and proving (Non-lucid)


      I was in a very big place doing readings (probably Tarot, cant remember well)
      I gave healings to several people, and I was proving my psychic abilities to some skeptic people, which made feel good.
    12. Night drive, day scape.

      by , 02-15-2011 at 08:09 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Night drive, day scape. (DILD)


      I wad driving in the freeway. My wife was next to me and we were talking about some psychic exercises I was doing. My wife recalled some psychic attack I did to someone in waking several months ago. My wife told me, "I love your dark energy." I do not know where the heck this comes from... I am a good guy and a spirit of light! I guess my darker ego showed up in the dream. I found funny what my wife told me.

      It was very hard for me to drive. I could not drive straight in my lane and I would change lanes without wanting to. I also could not keep a constant speed while driving. My vision was very blurry and I felt extremely tired. We arrived to some sort of mall and I saw everything super blurry.
      I felt it was not normal for me to be so tired, having a big time driving and such a low vision. I checked my hands. My index finger was very thin and long. I knew I was dreaming, but I needed more proof. I asked my wife to please check her hand. She also had six fingers. I decided to take a flight to make my dream stable, however, my lucidity was not great. I followed the plot of the dream and lost lucidity.

      We entered the mall and my wife was mad at me for some present I gave her or something I do not recall well. She suddenly told me, "Yeah right, go get one of those 75% discount sunglasses like you always do." Funny, I have never bought my wife sunglasses in waking, I wonder why I dreamed that. I told her I was not going to buy any sunglasses this time.

      I wanted to leave the mall, however, it had no windows, no doors and the roof was made out of steel. All I wanted to do was to leave. I saw some sort of reception and saw an exit behind reception. I could see the sun coming from the outside.
      I turned lucid again, it was night a while ago, it was impossible to be day so fast. I walked towards the reception and said, "12th floor, please." The receptionist told me, "There is a private party there and you have no ID." I told her I just wanted to go through the door to be able to exit the mall, I did not plan to take the elevators. She informed me, "We are going to need an attorney to witness you are indeed just exiting the mall." I replied, "Oh, come on... This is a dream, I will wake up eventually!" I had no dream control on this particular dream. I saw some guys approaching the door. They were granted access. I got next to them and ran outside.

      A guy asked me how much did I charged for a Tarot reading. I told him I was dreaming in that moment. The guy was surprised. Before I decided to take a flight, I lost imagery of the dream.

      I had a FA in my room. I had a ton of e-mails from Amity, however, when I tried to read one, it would not open. I also started to write down the dream in my pillow and read some scripts about meditation when I woke up for real.
    13. Deleted

      by , 01-05-2011 at 11:41 AM (Torra)

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