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    1. Came close to viewing my own birth, was very lucid.

      by , 07-19-2017 at 11:58 AM
      Dark room lucid dream where I had a false awakening and was able to do the nose pinch reality check. Most of the dream was me in my own house and trying to turn on a light switch. None seemed to work. Eventually I go outside and look up to see "Star man" who is a reoccurring character in my dreams who is the outline of a man in the sky formed from stars. I go back inside and decide I want to try the jump into a painting challenge, but when I jump into a painting in my living room, I wake up instead.

      I go back to sleep and manage to have another lucid dream. This is another false awakening and already know it's a dream. In my room I see a "Goosebumps" book that doesn't actually exist called Escape from Werewolf Camp" with a picture of a wolf standing in front of a cabin. The rest of my room is being packed up. I find my dad watching an episode of the simpsons where the kids are giving reports on various generals. I see a painting nearby and look at it, trying to imagine what jumping inside it will be like. It's a grassy hill with a few houses on it, and in the background are these skyscrapers. The dad dream character says it looks like a metropolis. I jump into the painting and find myself on the grassy hill for about a second before I wake up.

      I then go back to sleep and have a gambling dream where I am playing a sort of memory game but the cards keep getting mixed around. I then realize that it's a dream because I'm not on the internet playing a game, that I'm playing this game on the street somehow. I decide to just start walking down the street while talking about how I knew I was lucid since I'm talking to people online but without a mic or even wifi.

      I go from running to me rolling down the street on a skateboard and I was still lucid and decided that instead of continuing the painting challenge for literally the fifth time I would instead watch my own birth, and that in the playground I was headed for would be a time machine. When I reach the playground I see this piece of a jungle gym that's shaped like a car rolling around and I declare that's my time machine and I need to catch it. I chase it around before finally catching it and find the environment around me slowly changing into the front of a hospital. I approach the hospital and see that it is called the "Ethnically Hopeful" hospital, meaning racial harmony. I don't know the name of the hospital I was born at so I figure this might as well be it. I go inside, down a hall to a waiting room and tell the woman at the front that I'm here to watch a birth and she asks "Oh you're (my full name) here for the birth of (my full name)? I realize that my future self must have done this for me, and that it will be fun to go full circle and do that in a dream. I take the ID she gives me and take an elevator up to the twelfth floor. Unfortunelty I woke up when I actually reached the floor, but not before sharing the elevator with a Dream character who I had to keep from messing with the stop button on the elevator. I asked her what her name was because I remembered that was a challenge but instead of replying she turned to me and I recognized her as a character from a short story I read about a large woman in an elevator who scared a boy who had a broken leg and had to use the elevator. That's how I knew she would press the stop button.

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    2. Expecto Pen in the Toilet (*Lucid)(TotM attempt)

      by , 09-12-2014 at 11:49 AM
      Thursday,11th Sepetmeber 2014

      Moon: 89% illuminated Waning Gibbous in Arries
      Tarot Card of the Day: 4 of Wands
      Mayan Calender: Yellow Self - Existing Warrior

      Tecnique: MILD
      Mantra: "I am dreaming"

      A blonde hair blue eyed girl with a slightly plump build leads me into the female toilets.
      She's my friends ex-girlfriend, and I feel slightly guilty about our promiscuous intent, although the testosterone gets the better of me. She darts off into one of the cubicles telling me she needs to "prepare herself"
      I stand in the brightly lit bathroom,and infront of me lie many white shiny basins sunk in a garnet red marble countertop.
      A rectangular mirror streched just above the basins toward the door.

      It seems as though a jolt of spontaneous lucidity emerged within me, but i figure it was probably because I had a look at myself in the mirror and noticed some discrepancies.
      I started to complete an arbitrary stabilization technique ream character that a DC taught me in a previous dream( possible false dream memory)involving putting a pen in your right hand then touching it onto my brow. I couldn't tell if the dreamscape vivified or not, leaving me with the notion that it was unsuccessful.
      Either way, the dream was vivid enough to complete the task of the month, and with black pen in my hand to use as a wand i expected it to be a breeze.
      "Expecto Patronus"I stated out aloud while looking at my reflection in the mirror.
      Silence followed.
      "EXPECTO PATRONUS!"I exclaimed.
      Still nothing. I repeated this a few times without any results.nada.zilch.
      I looked at the pen in my hand and it seemed to have swollen slightly, thats about it.
      I figured i needed a wand for this to work, and looked under the red countertop, expecting to find it.
      The cupboards which lie underneath of it was completely empty.
      Then a weird sensation of dissociation happened with my arm and it seemed as though it had a mind of its own.

      I must have lost lucidity after that,as i cannot recall the rest.
      Ah well, guess my SubC wasn't working with me lastnight.
    3. Motorcycle Rampage in the City *(Lucid + Basic Task Attempt)

      by , 08-26-2014 at 02:39 PM
      Monday, 25th August 2014

      Moon Cycle:New Moon in Virgo

      Tarot card of the Day: Ace of Cups

      Mayan Calender:Blue Cosmic Storm

      Nostril less blocked on awakening: Right (Masculine,left brain,logical/analytical)

      This dream occoured on the start of the New Moon on Monday when my girlfriend,myself and two other friends (another couple) decided to hike up one of the nearby mountains and camp out in a secluded cave for a night of shamanism and star-gazing.

      As the clear,still night fell we all consumed a small amount of plant medicines in the form of a tea (San Pedro and Psilocybin).
      The effects where felt, although very mild.
      We made a fire and began telling stories,playing music and chanting before falling asleeping just before the crack of dawn.


      I'm speeding through a city which resembles my hometown on my black Enfield motorbike, still on the initial lucidity realization high. I feel confident and invincible...there seems no reason to stabilize the dream.
      (ln retrospect I should have, as I only maintained a surface level of lucidity)

      I weaved through traffic, knocking pedestrians and cars to pieces knowing that no real bodily harm could transpire.
      Or could it?
      I asked myself the question while taking a particularly long and wide corner and the mental doubt caused the tires to slip from under me .
      I began to slide with my right leg being dragged underneath the bike.

      Swiftly I jumped up and let my bike continue to slide away while i scurried to my feet.
      "it's just a dream,its just a dream...",I reminded myself.

      There was a feeling of angst that the dream was about to end, which caused my behavior to become erratic and crazy to say the least.
      Even though I was conscious and somewhat lucidly aware,it was as if my primal male instincts took over and I was observing my dream body on auto pilot.

      I saw a frozen yogurt cafe on the sidewalk where I just had crashed and sprinted into it in a frenzy.
      Jumping over the counter where various cakes and sweets where displayed, i proceeded to stuff as many flavors of frozen yogurt in my mouth using the cooling dispensers which lay along the far wall.

      "What are you doing?",the cashier shouts from across the other end of the room.
      "Whatever I want!" I reply in a commanding tone.

      I double take at the cashier and notice she is extremely attractive.
      Curly brunette hair ,deep brown eyes,olive skin, curvaceous body and full lips.

      My "cave-man" mentality at the time gets the better of me and I grab her by the arm and pull her into the back room.
      Strangely she complied without any resistance.
      The erotica that ensued was very intense,fast paced and primal...with ripping off clothes, loud shouts and groans and the collision of sweaty bodies... often being thrown around the room.

      Then she uttered something in my ear...
      "Remember what you are here for...."
      I was struck by a sudden clarity and lucidity again.
      "The dream task!"I exclaimed.
      I left the sexual escapades in the back room and ran outside.

      Many dream characters where sitting on the sidewalk in the sunshine drinking around round white tables.
      I took a seat at one of them and asked a chubby short man to tell me a foreign word and its meaning.
      He replied in something that sounded similar to Spanish.
      I then asked a middle aged lady sitting adjacent to him the same question,and she replied in what I could make out to be a French accent.

      Upon awakening I was unable to recall the words or their meaning...only the unique accents in which the DC's spoke.

    4. Lucid in the Purple Hospital (Failed task of the Month)

      by , 08-23-2014 at 11:47 AM
      Friday ,22nd August 2014

      Moon Cycle: 10% illuminated Waning cresent moving from Cancer to Leo (27) Days Old

      Tarot Card of the Day: 6 of Wands

      Mayan Calender: Yellow Planetary Wind

      Right nostril more open upon awakening(Masculine,logical,analytical left brain)


      I find myself in a long,wide,sterile and empty corridor.
      I somehow instinctively know that its a hospital, after passing a parallel corridor that is more populated with people that appear to be patients.
      The walls are purple and the windows are encased in a grey concrete frame.e i
      Standing in the empty corridor i become lucid. I figure i must have just completed a habitual reality check,as nothing seemed seemed to extra-ordinary for me to come to this realization otherwise.

      The usual rush of butterflies and excitement floods my system and i managed to hold on as the initial incline lucidity high passes.
      I look at my hands and rub them to stabilize the lucidity,shouting out "I am aware" to anchor.

      Having no DC's around to test the task of the month on (asking them to tell you a word in another language and its meaning),I begin to run to the more populated corridor that I was in before my lucidity struck.

      Suddenly I seel that everything is fading. I get a strange sensation that my astral body is being pried and pulled out of my dream body.

      I decide to surrender to the peculiar phenomenon, thinking I may get another task if a False Awakening occurs.
      I experience some vertigo/ washing machine effect and boom...I end up in my bed.

      I figured that I may have lost lucidity in the surrender as i didn't bother to RC,and had no recollection thereafter.
    5. Lucid #9: Out the Window

      by , 08-13-2014 at 12:44 PM
      I don't remember too many details of this one because I was asleep for a while between having it and writing it down. In fact, I almost forgot it entirely.

      I'm in a room interacting with a DC when I become lucid. I remember my goal of attempting the second basic TOTM and robbing a bank with only a banana. The first step, is getting out of the room. There's a window, which I open and lean out of. The room is many stories above the ground.

      I decide to jump out. I do a couple of RCs to make extra extra sure I'm dreaming, then slither out and fall. I expect it won't hurt and, though I do feel a definite crunching sensation when I hit the ground, there's no pain. I get up but big black spots start appearing in my vision. I attempt to stabilize but become convinced that my IRL body is moving with my dream body. I decide to hold on for a DEILD.
      That's the last I remember.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid
    6. Lucid #8: First Flight

      by , 08-09-2014 at 07:57 AM
      This dream was from yesterday morning, August 8th.

      I'm in a small apartment with the drummer from Rage Against the Machine. He's cooking omelets. I'm thinking about what the band's politics likely mean about his beliefs when I become lucid.

      I had a theory the previous night that talking to DCs would draw me into the dream and increase stability, and anyway I wanted to attempt the basic task of the month. So I turn to the drummer to ask him to tell me a word in a foreign language, and its meaning. Before I can ask, it becomes clear that he's morphing into my dad.

      I don't worry about this too much. "Can you tell me a word in a foreign language?" I ask.

      "Maybe," he says.


      "Spelled m-i-g-h-t."

      I either interpret this as a success or decide to give up. I must decide to try flying, because I hop and realize I float a bit on the way down. I start hopping higher and higher. My dad looks impressed. Finally I get airborne and am flying around the small apartment. I make a tight loop. It's pretty fun.

      I decide to go looking for other DCs and try to fly through the wall. My eyes are closed before I reach it and I feel this "bonk" feeling, like I slammed right into it. This drops me into something like the void. I try to use Xanous's gladis trick but I'm having trouble controlling my body.

      What comes next is either a real or a false awakening. Everything looks black, but I see a small triangle of light that looks like the aperture at the bottom of my sleep mask. I try to lift it with my hand, but I don't think it changes. This probably means I'm still dreaming, but at any rate I decide to settle in for a DEILD.

      The next I remember, I'm having a false awakening where I'm journalling the dream I described above. However, I get all the details wrong (i.e. it's not the drummer from Rage Against the Machine, but rather the guitarist) and I have to keep crossing them out. The dream evolves in typical non-lucid fashion from there.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid
    7. 12th September 2012 - 21st Lucid Dream [I'm in spppaacceeeeeeee]

      by , 09-12-2012 at 02:48 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      I was hanging out with my mum and we decided to go and get some pizza for dinner. We headed upstairs in our house, which had apparently turned into a floor dedicated to restaurants and fast-food joints. We head into my parents' bedroom which was now a pizza place called "mama's pizza" or something. They had a deal where if you got 3 toppings on your pizza you got a second pizza for free. We asked for a menu and I seemed to be unfolding the thing for ages, it was ridiculously long once it had all been unfolded. I found the pizza section and they had the most bizarre toppings. We decided to go with pepperoni, plum and onion. We were debating the apricots instead of the onion, but chose against it.

      We waited for a while and finally our food was ready, although, instead of pizza they had served us up gigantic salmon fillets with our chosen toppings on. We decided to just walk out without paying and go to another pizza place.

      Across the hall in my brother's bedroom (which was supposedly Pizza Hut) we wonder why it's just a bedroom when it had a huge "Pizza Hut" sign on the door. We walk out and go into my bedroom, labelled as Domino's Pizza, and the same issue occurs.

      I become lucid randomly and, as always when I become lucid, I do the most random things to stabilise. I start grabbing onto portions of my mother's hair and stroking my fingers through it. When I'm satisfied with the level of stabilisation I head over to the wall I always use to phase through in my lucid dreams. I remember the Advanced Task of the Month and will myself to go there, but when I walk up to the wall I just smack my face into it. I keep trying to push myself through, but nothing happens.

      I give up on this goal for now because I didn't want to waste the lucidity. I go downstairs and in the living room I decide to try conjuring up an energy ball in my hands. Nothing really happens at first, I'm holding my hands with a small ball shape space in the middle and specks of ambient light are shining out of it as I try to conjure the energy ball. I move on to trying to do a "Kamehameha Wave" from the Dragonball series. I pull my hands back and it works right away, an orb or blue light starts growing in size in my hands and but when I release it, a beam of light is just projected in the direction I point with no destructive force. I try again multiple times with varying degrees of success, when I notice how stunning the outside world looks.

      It almost looks like it's snowing, although it's far too dark for that. I assume it's ash, like what you get after a volcano erupts. Somebody had placed a huge cover over my Dad's car, but the rest of the street was completely barren, not a car or person in sight.

      I was going to phase through the window to get outside, but I remember the failed attempt with the wall so I decide to just punch the window, breaking it. Initially there's a huge fist hole in the glass and slowly it begins shattering into tiny pieces, soon spreading to all other panes of glass in the window. It's fascinating to watch as it crumbles apart.

      I climb up through the window and head outside. It's no longer snowing ash and most of what settled on the ground seems to have disappeared. The next portion is somewhat blurry and I think I briefly lost lucidity. I was using a wall as if it was a keyboard and typing to a friend, saying something along the lines of "Isn't it awesome how I'm sending you this message from inside a lucid dream?!"

      Afterwards, my lucidity fully returns and I walk out into the middle of the street performing reality checks to stabilise. There's a zombie behind me wrapped up in chains and slightly in front of it I notice a truck with cages stacked on it slowly making its way down the street. Up the front of the truck was another zombie in one of these cages and then I notice even more similar cages lined up down the street in front of everyone's houses.

      I fly up in the air, deciding to ignore the distraction and remembering my goal to fly into space. I fly higher and higher until I get to a point where the scenery in the distance just kind of "cuts off", as if it's a chunk of Google Maps which is taking a while to load. I turn around and ignore it, continuing to fly up. I'm at the highest I've ever been while flying and I can see the curvature of the world now.

      I notice how awesome the sky looks, there's lots of dark clouds interlaced with white ones and a deep blue sky. Over in the distance I notice a thunderstorm starting, so I hurry and fly up through the clouds before it makes its way over to me.

      Upon reaching the atmosphere I'm astounded by the awesome appearance of the sun as it shimmers over the Earth's surface. The clouds had cleared now and it's almost cartoon-like how detailed I can see the Earth's land from this high up. I turn around, briefly blinded by looking directly at the sun, until I find the moon.

      I fly towards it leaving the Earth behind. When I reach it I'm shocked at how small my subconscious had chosen to depict it, it was so small I could see a pretty sharp curvature after landing on the moon's surface. I look towards the Earth and notice again how unrealistically small it is, my subconscious had depicted it as so far away from the moon. Regardless, I'm amazed at how everything looks. From here I can see the other planets in our solar system in the distance and the sun glimmering over the Earth.

      At this point I'm reminded of the video game "Portal", and just that thought is enough to trigger a schema and an orange portal is formed on the moon's surface, right in front of me. I'm pleased with my first ever portal creation, albeit somewhat small. I stick my head through it and see what looks like a lab with DCs discussing something on the other side of the room. I pull back out of the portal and try to make it bigger without much luck, so I just try squeezing through.

      I end up being sucked in and I'm now standing upright in this lab, portal closed behind me. I quickly discover that what the DCs were talking about was a self-destruct sequence for this room. Myself and two others were left behind in here and we were rapidly trying to find a way out. The hatch the other DCs used to escape had been sealed and upon trying to open a new portal it doesn't lead anywhere as the previous portal exit had closed.

      I tell one of the DCs with me, a tall man with dark hair, to grab onto my hand and squeeze it. I use his squeezing as an anchor onto the dream world so that I can close my eyes and use lucid powers to find a way out of here. He grabs hold of my hand but starts questioning me as to what I'm doing. I tell him to shut up as I can't concentrate and, finally, I close my eyes and focus on the squeezing sensation from his hand.

      Soon I get a "vision" of sorts in the darkness. I see a ventilation shaft that we can escape through. I explain this to them and we rush towards it, slipping down through the tight gap.

      We appear on the other side and the scene transition has made me lose lucidity, which I'm frustrated over because I would have been able to complete the Basic Task of the Month.

      We seem to be in an engine room, but I soon discover that we've simply become incredibly small, or we're just on a huge circuit board. There are transistors, a CPU and huge wires which look like vines. Everything in here is running at extreme temperatures so we have to avoid touching any of them, otherwise we'd turn into roast human.

      The others leave me behind and I struggle to make my way through without touching anything. I briefly scrape against a small white box and feel the heat scorch my arm. I cringe and move on, making my way to this ladder and burning myself multiple times in the journey.

      We all climb the ladder together and I wake up.

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    8. Starry Lane

      by , 01-19-2011 at 09:27 PM

      I wake in a bedroom very reminiscent of my bedroom back home. It's now unclear to me when exactly I became lucid because I fell back asleep shortly after awaking, clouding some of the detail. I do remember it to be a snap of realization. I am in the room with somewhere between two to four figures; the dream would fade in and out (without me ever fully waking up) but the setting would change slightly upon fading in. One of the characters was a young child, daughter of an middle-aged man who I recall to be a famous actor in real life. A third character was a motherly figure, who I also remember being a famous female actor in real life.

      The fourth and most constant figure was a beautiful young blond woman, probably no older than 23. She had vibrant dirty blond hair and large crystalline green eyes. She was absolutely stunning. I vaguely recall thinking of her as a famous actor as well or maybe and image of a woman I'd seen browsing the internet before. I walked toward her, grabbed her hand, smiled, and imagined her with her clothes off. We proceeded to have incredible sex with me in a sitting position and her riding me. I remember thinking how I may be looking in real life, masturbating while sleeping. I couldn't care any less ; D

      When I was done (I never fully finished) the dream began to fade. I remember grabbing her hand and holding it in front of my face next to my hands in order to focus. To my surprise and excitement, it actually stabilized the dream quite a bit. I decided I wanted to be free from this confining environment, so I attempted to open a window. After an unusual amount of effort I was able to get the window open and squeeze myself through it. I jumped and tried to fly, but I just glided to the ground. My disappointment was completely forgotten when I peered toward the distance to see a clustered ribbon of stars in the sky above. It was magnificent.

      I made another attempt to fly, but to no avail. So I started off toward my right where I found a large grouping of dream characters wander around aimlessly around a large cul-de-sac. I decided to attempt the lucid task of the month by becoming a giant and squashing dream characters. Unfortunately, this proved to require more than the dream control I had harnessed at this point. The dream broke away.

      If anyone has any idea who this mysterious green eyed woman might be, I would love to hear from you. Post links, pictures, or names in the comments section of famous actors or simply images that fit my description. If you post the woman I'm looking for, I promise to handsomely reward you with Community Hall points!