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    1. Lucid in the Purple Hospital (Failed task of the Month)

      by , 08-23-2014 at 11:47 AM
      Friday ,22nd August 2014

      Moon Cycle: 10% illuminated Waning cresent moving from Cancer to Leo (27) Days Old

      Tarot Card of the Day: 6 of Wands

      Mayan Calender: Yellow Planetary Wind

      Right nostril more open upon awakening(Masculine,logical,analytical left brain)


      I find myself in a long,wide,sterile and empty corridor.
      I somehow instinctively know that its a hospital, after passing a parallel corridor that is more populated with people that appear to be patients.
      The walls are purple and the windows are encased in a grey concrete frame.e i
      Standing in the empty corridor i become lucid. I figure i must have just completed a habitual reality check,as nothing seemed seemed to extra-ordinary for me to come to this realization otherwise.

      The usual rush of butterflies and excitement floods my system and i managed to hold on as the initial incline lucidity high passes.
      I look at my hands and rub them to stabilize the lucidity,shouting out "I am aware" to anchor.

      Having no DC's around to test the task of the month on (asking them to tell you a word in another language and its meaning),I begin to run to the more populated corridor that I was in before my lucidity struck.

      Suddenly I seel that everything is fading. I get a strange sensation that my astral body is being pried and pulled out of my dream body.

      I decide to surrender to the peculiar phenomenon, thinking I may get another task if a False Awakening occurs.
      I experience some vertigo/ washing machine effect and boom...I end up in my bed.

      I figured that I may have lost lucidity in the surrender as i didn't bother to RC,and had no recollection thereafter.
    2. My Second Lucid Dream

      by , 05-16-2013 at 11:54 AM
      Thursday Morning 16th May 2013

      I decided to use the Wake Back To Bed technique as that was how i achieved my previous Lucid Dream, and suits my schedule at the moment.

      I can't remember exactly what it was i noticed to know i was in the dream, but it was a struggle to stop myself slipping back out. I kept saying 'This is a dream,' followed by rubbing my hands, and it was still fuzzy. I then said,

      "Improve dream quality" (which i'd seen somewhere else)

      After that demand the quality was incredible, so good i almost thought id woken up again, thanks to a quick reality check i knew i hadn't.

      I had arrived in a busy market square on a lovely sunny day, the detail and colour was amazing! I decided to start again by practicing my flying, again like Sunfire (see previous entry.) My skills had improved a little, but i thought i'd try something different. I'd read flapping is quite effective, it didn't feel as cool but it worked so hey!

      The next scene i remember i was in a Bank, somewhere in the market square. I was looking around when suddenly i remembered the Task Of The Month. I thought my best friend Jamie would be most appropriate for the 'Prank A DC' task. So i thought of him, turned around and there he was bless him.
      When he wasn't looking i bent down and started tying his laces together. Unfortunately he spotted me and said,

      "Stop that!"

      I thought i might as well test my powers to force the issue. Still crouching down, with my left hand i used my mind to hold him slightly off the ground but completely still, with my right hand i used my mind to tie both his laces together with just movements of the fingers. I put him back down but he was being stubborn and refusing to move! I signaled to some guy behind him to just give him a push. He obliged, with Jamie tripping over himself and face-planting the floor.

      As funny as it was, i'm not gonna count that abysmal attempt, need to think of something smarter next time!

      After that i took a wonder outside, it was night time now, a nice clear night. Outside there was a big wooden table, with a parasol, like the ones in a pub beer garden. There where two girls stood there doing a BBQ. They had sausages on sticks, the stick was going right through the sausage like a kebab. For some reason they were holding the sausages over the BBQ until they caught a purpley/yellow fire, then eating them.

      I approached the girls and asked them,

      "Can i show you something?"

      They agreed. I took one of the sausages on a stick which was still on fire. I held it upright infront of my face, pointing towards the sky.

      I knew what i wanted to do but didn't know if i could pull it off as a novice.

      I then flicked the bottom of the sausage as hard as i could, off the stick. It went flying miles into the night sky, a trail of small yellow flames behind it. As the sausage was going out of sight, i expanded my hand, all five fingers as wide as i could, the sausage exploded into a huge purple and gold firework lighting the dark, followed by a loud bang, BEAUTIFUL!

      They were very impressed, as was i! The next thing i remember it was daytime again, still sitting round this table.

      A guy called Lee came out, who i'm friends with in real life. Turns out the girls i tried to impress were already taken! It was apparent the trouble was just between me and Lee. He stood up and tried to shove the table at me,

      (Baring in mind the size of it, a human probably couldn't even move it in real life.)

      I was quite angry at that point and i flipped. I stood up and put all my effort into shoving the big old table back at him (as if i was pushing a broken down car.) It took a lot of force to get the movement started but i built up speed and ran the table, with him sat on the other side, right across the road! I tried to ram it into a wall but he managed to jump off and run away.

      I tried to chase him round some housing estate but he disappeared pretty quick. I spent a bit of time practicing my flying whilst looking over the gardens, but to no avail.

      I tried to wander back towards the previous scene but this is where i lost my lucidity.

      I was so happy with my second Lucid Dream particularly the firework bit, that bit was really a incredible moment!

      Thank you for reading, feedback appreciated.
    3. My 2nd LD.. Finding DG + ToTM ?!

      by , 06-15-2011 at 06:42 PM
      Nondream - Lucid - Nonlucid

      How I pulled off Another LD, I will never know. This is the second LD in a row.
      Somehow.. It was another WILD + 2DEILD Chain(another 3 dreams).. Same as last night(which I do recommend you read :D),
      Although I did use the same technique as last night, even at the exact same time.
      I'm very surprised I remembered about ToTM in this dream,
      Not that it went so well..

      I'm starting to get why everyone says recall is so important for LDing,
      I've been kinda unfocused on it lately,
      which is why I forgot tons of this dream.

      I wake up at 5am as usual(note i do not use an alarm, I always naturally wake up at this time)
      I couldn't remember if I had any dreams at all.
      My stupid recall sucks.
      I try to do the same thing I did last night(which you can read about in my first DJ post :D)
      But without the counting and straight to the visualization.
      I was on my side, but my nose was really really bothering me,
      After a bit I rolled over on my back,
      WAM. LD.

      I enter the dream lucid,
      but I dont really remember this part of my dream..
      This part was actually pretty long,
      All I remember is the very end of it.
      I'm at some house, possibly my house,
      I remember wondering about what I'll do in this dream
      I run out of my garage onto the street, its pretty sunny.
      "DREAM GUIDE!!" (I've been very very interested in finding my DG)

      I get too excited, the dream fades out,
      Everything is blank, I feel my bed,
      though my vision is engulfed in white.
      I try holding onto the feeling of flying,
      I can feel it in my stomach, as if im still flying through the air.
      At one point I see myself in third person,
      but I dont remember if I was flying or just lying down.
      The backround of my vision remains white the whole time.
      I feel a dream coming, and i re-enter(DEILD#1)

      I zoom into a darker scene,
      I'm in some broken down basement, its pretty dark.
      I see broken down furnace in front of me(the kind with open slits in front, where you have to shovel charcoal into it)
      There are broken pipes everywhere,
      the floors pretty nasty too.
      I immediately make myself float through the ceiling,
      I don't want to stay in the basement.
      It takes a while to float up, I still haven't even mastered flying yet,
      It takes a while to get my whole body to ground level.

      It looks like the house wasnt even completed yet,
      Like it was either still being constructed, or it was broken down pretty bad.
      It had no walls, only the wooden pillars that hold a house up,
      but you could see completely outside.
      I float above the house for a little, looking around,
      its night, the landscape's very hilly,
      Its covered in some kind of pink/reddish flower.

      I land and start walking around.
      I see some kind of village,
      It was made up of wooden huts, and I think there was a fire in the middle.
      I approached it.
      As i got closer I see the village is inhabited by some kind of monster,
      They're each probably around 10 feet tall.
      They have arms, legs and a body,
      but their bodies were super buff.
      I think they were grayish, might've had fur,
      And I think I remember stripes on them too, red i think.
      They have huge horns on their heads,
      the horns grow out, and then curve up.
      I dont remember what their faces looked like.

      One of them sees me, and charges at me,
      Shiz. I start running as fast as i can.
      I yell "DREAM GUIDE!!"
      "Im here" Its a woman's voice
      I can hear her but I cant see her.
      Luckily it looks like I lost that monster thing,
      I yell out again "Where are you??!"
      "Im right here" she says
      I still cant see her, but i follow the voice.

      I come up to another village,
      its setup's the same as the monster village,
      But no monsters. Phew.
      I find the source of the voice.

      Its an old lady. Sigh. (I was expecting someone.. Hotter..)
      She has that short puffy grandma hair,
      she's pretty short too, a little below my chest,
      and she was just a litttttle on the chubby side, she had a deep tan to her.
      Well.. I guess she did sortve have a shaman kinda look to her,
      So you know thats cool too,
      "YOUR my dream guide??"
      "Yes" she says casually.

      She starts saying something about the monsters attacking(Im not good with remembering dialogue by the way)
      And sure enough a monster pops out behind one of the hills and runs toward us.
      Theres another man with us, standing right next her,
      I didnt really get a good look at him though,
      but he's short too, the same height as she was.
      He's the first one to charge at the attacker, he wields a sword.
      My DG(I should have asked for her name) tells me to attack, but im not sure how(until here I've never fought in a dream)
      The guy with the sword keeps the monster busy.
      I want to try an energy attack,
      I hold both my arms up, palms pointed at the monster.
      SHOOT I tell myself.
      A ball of energy launches from my hands,
      Its green, and about the size of a bowling ball.
      Direct hit! It lands right on the monsters chest, it flies backwards.

      I dont really remember what happened after,
      but I think me and my DG talked a little bit more, nothing important, I hope.
      The dream fades around here,
      and in the exact same way as last time, I again re-enter the dream(DEILD#2)

      Im in a huge house, I live here.
      I see my parents and sister, I talk with them a little, cant remember exact conversations.
      The house looks really nice, there are huge glass windows everywhere,
      The rooms are really big too,
      I see a balcony.
      I walk towards it,
      Its pretty sunny now.

      "Now what am I gonna do?"
      Then, im not sure how, but it comes to mind,
      "How crazy would it be if I pulled of the Task of the Month in only my SECOND Lucid??"
      I decide to try it,
      I hop off the balcony, and right in front of me is a harbor/port, and its suddenly cloudy

      There are two big cargo ships in the port, I think about a shipwreck,
      one of the ships just sinks. Perfect!
      I jump right into the water, the harbor turns into a huge swimming pool.. Weird.
      There are a bunch of people swimming everywhere,
      but there are still cargo ships and boats in the water,
      must be a big pool.

      I swim to the side of the ship,
      Annd I DIVE.. Wait what?
      I cant dive.. Wtf.
      I try again.
      Its like the water wont let me go under..

      I start asking people.

      I ask another swimmer
      "How do I dive????"
      He looks at me and says
      "..Just dive"
      I CANT. I ask about 2 other people, and they tell me the same thing.
      Im getting annoyed.

      I see two guys in a small boat, I ask them the same thing.
      I think they gave me endless "Wait"s, but they never answer,
      And then they just drive their boat away,
      Whatever. Stupid DC-__-

      I still cant dive, so I give up and decide to just explore the pool.

      Its pretty big, there are even a bunch pulleys and platforms everywhere.
      In the dream I knew how they worked, but now I dont remember,
      I did a bunch of stuff and talked to a bunch of people, cant remember details though.

      The pool had a downstairs, don't ask how.
      But there I was, it looks pretty cool,
      It kinda looked like a wooden cabin,
      cause you know, it was made outa wood.
      The inside was pretty big, the light were dimmed.
      I think there was a party going on, there were a bunch of people, just talking/chillin.

      I remembered about stabilizing the dream and trying to make it more vivid,
      I looked down at my hand, I had about eight fingers,
      I tried to focus and move only my real five fingers, and my hand went back to five fingers,
      But it turned to eight again when I looked away.

      I tried making my dream more vivid,
      I looked at my hand again, this time trying to focus on the little details,
      It worked!!
      I've never had a dream this vivid(It was actually still a little bit blurry, but I've never had it this vivid)
      I could see all the details of my hand, there was even a little of a glow on it from the lights.
      Even my usual tunnel vision had opened up pretty far(i think it was like that the whole dream, but i only noticed it here)
      I rubbed my hands together trying to stabilize.

      Then I tried smell,
      I took a deep breath through my nose,
      I didnt smell anything, but this is the first time I've consciously breathed in a dream,
      or used my nose.

      I run my hand along the wall,

      Unfortunately, I wake up. I try another DEILD, but this time I dont feel any more dreams coming,
      I get up and immediately write down the dream!
      (This is the same way I woke up in my first LD, always when I try to stabilize>_>)

      The dream was again, AMAZING. That had to be my Longest lucid yet! It felt like it was around 15 minutes, maybe longer :)
      I think its pretty good for only my second LD too :)
      Hopefully I can work on my recall so I can remember more of it next time!

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