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    1. tea shop

      by , 11-05-2017 at 06:06 PM
      Adam and I were walking around town whenever I spotted a tea shop. We walked in the antique tea shop that had china tea cups and kettles and whatnot and it was going out of business. We start to look around (and apperantly we'd been in there a couple of times just looking around) and there was a book section so I start looking but there was one that I really wanted to find and Adam was trying to help me and the old lady owner was super sweet and nice but also kinda creepy becuase she was following us around in the store. And I was looking at this book when the cover (it was a young girl) moved and started to shift positions. Thinking I was seeing things I looked closer at her and then I woke up.
    2. 1 LD = 3 TOTMs

      by , 06-30-2016 at 12:03 PM
      after my first proper WBTB since months! i used SSILD for induction, also didnt used it like for months, i felt pretty confident to have a nice and long quality lucid

      i am in a city and walk down the street. i tell someone? on the phone? about my diploma thesis. "the gathered results there where up to date at that time..." i have an awesome mood and keep on moving. an elevator left to me opens and i make a small jump to scare them a little and smile to them just because i feel so good.
      just like that i get lucid and keep on moving some meters. i remember the basic task. i look around and everywhere are some people so i move back a little and found a girl with his boyfriend moving up some stairs. i decide to pull down her skirt and repeat it with her underpants. her boyfriend looks awkward down to the ground, she tells me "oh [my name]" like i would have told a bad joke and stands around. two guys that where next to us smile and look down on her bottom. since i knee anyways because i pulled her pants down i give it a short lick but i dont want to waste time with sexystuff because i have a lot more goals to check so i stand up and tell her to put up her pants again. before anyone react i already move away and see another girl with a dog? i approach her and knee before her for what reason i cant remember [i think i worried a little that the dream gets unstable so i grounded myself with a detail?]. i notice that i am still a little caveman and so i stand up and move on. i remember both advanced tasks and i decide to do the pokeball one. in waking i have incubated a little how i wanne approach this task and so i move straight to a guy and ask him/tell him i want to catch him into a pokeball but he dont have to worry i will let him out shortly after. [with this i wanted to make it feel easier because there will be no battle or resistance] he looks not that enthusiastic but since this is my dream he has no chance anyway. to summon the pokeball i look to him and say "ah and the pokeball is right behind me right" and i point without looking at a place behind me "but more on the right side?" he starts nodding. now i look to the point where i point at and see the pokeball. i smile because it works like a charm and pick up the ball. next to me is a girl or something? it feels like a witch [i hear harry potter audiobook at the moment] and i feel like she will prevent me from catching this guy. i push the button on the ball and throw it at the dude, the ball opens but it only bounce of him and nothing happens. damn it... i pick it up with TK and throw it at one of two ghost next to me [damn you harry potter xD] but the ball flows thru him. i pick it up with TK again and this time a guy approaches the scene and is next to the guy who i tried first. i throw the ball at him and he gets soaked in to the ball. i smile again and pick up the ball. i hold it in my hand and start moving around again. after some time i remember that part of the task is to let the guy out again and so i throw the ball. it opens the guy gets out and in same second the dream is fading.
      i think i dont wake up but have a change in scenery where i lose lucidty.
      i walk with a friend of mine in a mix of office and climbinghall. i see at the of the wall a climbing wall where a dude is belay a girl at the wall. i have the strong feeling of already knowing him and i already told him once that he is doing something wrong. my friend is laughing about him. he hears us and approaches us. i welcome him friendly and tell him that the thing he did was not smart. while telling this i suddenly have multiple ropes in my hand and i wrap them around my hands and start to swing a little. someone is pulling me backwards strongly and letting go so i swing to the ceiling on both sides. i do a backflip in the air and get lucid by that again.
      "this is a dream again or still!" i move around and i see a office with some tables and people in suits. moving around i want instantly to phase thru a glassdoor but it wont work because in the last moment i feel insecure... i take a bowl per TK into my hand with some teabags. i move on and see a secretary i remember the bonus task and start moving and shaking my feet like it would be a earthquake. i say "wow do you feel this i think this is an earthquake" she looks up and agrees that this must be an earthquake but she seems not to bother. on the side of my visual field i see a window and outside some signs falling apart. i stop moving around like pretend because now i dont need to pretend anymore. i move to the window and for a short second hope that it wont get out of control and start to strong or end bad. i sit infront of the window and look around. shining Advertisement signs fall down and make some sparkles. i look at the street and see how it starts to crack up and to make a big hole. i feel satisfied to accomplish the bonus task so easy. the earthquake ends and i stand up and move over to the kitchencorner to make me some tea "hm i never drank any tea in a lucid" i think and expect a mug being in a wall cupboard. i open it up and find a mug with some water in it. i put it out pur our the water and start to boil me some water. since it need some time (doh..) i look around and think about meditate a little but the ground is wet so i imagine to know that next to me are some pillows and fair enough i look to my left and see two pillows. i them both up with TK and want to sit down as my roommate approaches me. i connect a bad feeling with him and think about to approach him and to resolve my waking life problem with him but the dream fades again and the scenery changes.
      i loose lucidty and hear him telling me/a friend? that he just cant do it anymore. the music is too loud there are to many birds and he just cant sleep anymore. i sit somewhere outside and somehow feel like this is a dream and try TK on an item but it wont work because i feel insecure about my state. i move to a sign where some letters are pinned with magnets and i try to change them in something like Good bye but the letters are wrong and it wont work. i wake up for real

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    3. [12-04-2016]

      by , 04-12-2016 at 05:22 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      It was an early morning. I was standing in front of the door to my uncle's house, waiting until he opens them. My uncle opened the door, and suddenly frost gathered on everything around. I felt strong and unusual coldness on my hands, took out gloves out of my pocket and put them on. They didn't helped even a little.


      I was in my room. It was cloudy late afternoon. I was lying on my bed with a glass of tea. I was drinking it upside-downm sipping just a little every time. I drank whole tea, then went on to play a really entertaining game on my laptop. It was a 2D game with a top-down perspective. I was running straight a road between settlements, fighting monsters. My younger sister disturbed me from time to time, playing a guitar from time to time. I had to rush into next save point, as heavy, dark clouds gathered on the sky. I killed last creature and saved the game, turned the laptop off and looked at the sky through the window - storm clouds were moving quickly and powerful lightnings shot across the sky.
    4. Dream/Nightmare 12/01/2016

      by , 01-12-2016 at 07:27 PM
      In my last dream I was on a street (don't know which, perhaps what i recall of Oxford, in the way of a park aparted from the city) and i go to the corner to buy some tea. I ask the lady for some tea and she starts looking, as Oliver from Harry Potter would look for his wands. She comes with a box of tea and i say no, i want minted tea, so she comes with another box and it was of pills for the mouth, then she comes with another box and i say ok, give me those, it said something like "frozen ice", what would say in gum etiquettes. After that i stayed there, we were outside of the shop and we were talking about a field where she was, called "La Catalina" and she said that when she stayed there the environment was so peaceful that she had relaxed and increased her vibrations on the body to the point where she is very healthy. There was a small field to our side, with tall grass and i could note that there was good energy circulating around. I told her i was on that field too, i was on "La Catalina", the same street where you were, i even said hi to you (she is the neighbour) and you replied but didn't recognize me. It is a peaceful place i kept saying, but there were animals in my place, that made it a bit noisy, so it wasn't so relaxing after all. I then recall being there and running around the house (it was close to a river). When it became dark i went around a few more time and then came inside the house. I went through it and through probably a hall to a house in the back. There i found my grandfather brother, Daniel, which was cooking an Asado.

      In my previous dream i was in the house of my father. There was a celebration going on, so there were many people. There comes a king and a queen and other important people. I bow down to salutate them, and i do it concentrated. Then someone asks me for a certificate of birth, so i knew i had to go and it get at the back of the house. I go there and there was already my grandfather and my younger sister going already. There was rain in courtyard and a dog there. I went inside the room and saw them using the computer.

      After that scene i find myself on the streets going at the end of the street of my house, Maria Olguin, with a ghost car in front of me, a Fiat Uno, and a truck behind it which i was driving. That car in front of me had noone to drive it, and i was responsible for it, it just went becase the streets were going down, so it went because of gravity. I turned right at the end of the street and stopped. I stopped behind it, and it was surprising that it was well parked. There were some old people in the streets. An old man, probably 57 years of age and an old woman who looked like a young child of 7, but she was like 60. They were living on the streets because they decided to do so. They raised and traded some animals that looked like ducks but had a body like a mammal, it looked like this:

      Then i think i find myself in cordoba, outside Patio Olmos, or somewhere alike. I see my cousin Jessica. She found a bag with a lot of recordings and some documents of great value to her. I think i felt jealous at that moment. Anyways i wanted to know about a girl that i have met before and lost her, and she had information of her so i kept by her side. She finds out that her mother has been transfering some money to other children so she gets herself angry and sad, she eventually leaves the house. My aunt was there with my mother. She left and she haven't said anything about this girl i liked. But my sister came and she said don't worry, she passed me all the recording. So i started listening the recordings. I would listen all of them, one by one. The first one was about a song. I remember that like 10 years ago i couldn't transfer music to my palm, so i just recorded it, and it appears that that was what she did. So i had to listen to that ugly music, until my father says "turn off that music" because he didn't liked it. I saw him and many others on the dining room. They came from the house where i was supposed to get the birth certificate. I asked them if we were going to play Cashflow, and everyone agreed. So i sat and the roles were given. Then something happens with a real cheese, that was part of the valuables of the game, and the roles changed. I was sitting by the side of Maester Aemon, but after the cheese thing the scenario changed and it was like the room of misteries of Hogwarts and we were playing on it. There was water rising and we save the game, just in case... (didn't know we could do that) and after that our team feels that our energy is dried and we are without forces to cast spells or to even grab people. There were a lot of people playing and we had to fight. I was one of the strongest players, and now i was not, but i kept faith, i had to be one of the strongest anyways. Before the game ended, i surely had to defeat like 5 players but in spite of the confidence i had i also knew i wouldn't make it. So i see at the end of the room that Draco Malfoy was heading away, already victorious. I wouldn't let that happen so i followed him, like on a win or loose mision. He went to a hall and he climbed up stairs, i almost had him. Then he enters the room (that place looked like the house of my mother at Bv Roca) and wakes up his mates. One of them looked exactly like him but was bigger. I knew i couldn't beat them, even though i was outside the old scenario and i was stronger already, so i escaped. I didn't go where i came, i headed to some stairs to my left and i went down. It was all dark, even when we climbed up with Draco, and that place was even darker. I went down and i hid myself on the basement. I didn't know that that was the place where they hid the dead people. I was terrified so i remained still, and i see that dead people began to move around. There begins the nightmare, which made like a full story i didn't actually experience but i felt the fear, i woke up after that. When i woke up i realized it was a nightmare so i wasn't that scared, but anyways there was a little fear remaining from the dream. As soon as i woke up i wrote down the dream.
    5. Lecture

      by , 06-02-2015 at 02:58 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was middle of the night. I was sitting near a desk with paper and whole jug of tea. I was writing a speech for a lecture. It started from history of hunting traditions, going through thoughts about holocaust, WWII era economy, and ending with criticism of feminism. The whole work was full of chauvinism, Marxism and God only knows what. During writing I drank hectolitres of tea, and in the end when I saw what I've written I almost threwn the desk through a window.
      Tags: desk, lecture, speech, tea
    6. The Elderly Indian Servant

      by , 09-01-2014 at 12:33 PM
      I find myself in a location where I usually vacation with family and friends called the Widerness.
      My Father and I walk back to the communal house I which we have rented.He shows me his Gold Credit card which seems to be in bad condition.Wax and dirt coat the plastic.
      I tell my Dad not to leave the credit card in the communal house in fear that the domestic worker, and elderly Indian man might capitalize and steal it.
      "Don't worry, I can sense he's a good chap" my Dad replies.
      I'm surprised by my Dads positivety.

      We enter the long grey room in the house and find the Indian man washing dishes and making tea in the far corner.
      He offers us the bright yellow tea in mugs and we accept.
      My Dad blatantly tells him its horrible tasting and returns the mug.
      I feel sorry for the man, and embarrassed at my Dads words although i soon reflected and realize he was being honest..the tea did have a foul taste.
      The Indian man leaves seemingly nonreactive to the statement looking fresher than when he arrived.
      My Dad and i then begin to clean the dbris and wax off of his credit card.
    7. Rain

      by , 07-14-2014 at 07:41 PM
      The magician's been having a conversation with a girl he thinks of as a dreamer. Long wavy blonde hair, long loose dress, bare feet, floating in the air. She's not physically here, and they can only meet like this because at least one of them is asleep. Just now he's sitting down at a small white wrought iron table where a woman is going to bring them tea, and he's looking up at the sky. It's starting to rain. He's wondering out loud why he doesn't feel the rain in this place - he starts to speculate about the magical properties of this region. She says no - it's because he's sitting down and relaxing that the rain here can't touch him.

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    8. Tea Party

      by , 03-20-2014 at 02:47 AM
      Date: 18 March

      Pre bedish: Vit C, l-arginine

      Not quite the same results with vividness compared to the last time (15th) that used l-arg, but the wbtb did it

      Pre wbtb dream: somewhat vivid but quite evasive for recall

      wbtb: 1/3 latte

      LD1: The beginning memory is quite vague but the dream starts in my parents' place where I shortly talk to dad, some minor awareness about this being a dream that goes away the next moment. A relative comes and I go to greet her but notice that she is shaking, try to calm her down and hug her but she shakes more. I take a look at my hands and for the first? time I see an extra finger next to each one (they are kind of separated yet moving together with my hand). This doesn't quite jolt me into lucidity as I don't give it any thought at all, still concerned about my relative. As I move a bit I finally recall the short lucid moment before and remember I was supposed to be lding. I walk around with no particular place in mind when I feel the dream starting to thin out. In addition, there is this real but dream amplified sensation of hunger in my stomach, which makes the dream even more unstable and me very pissed off. I drag myself forward near some furniture with a rather defeated mindset.

      Then I see dad sitting at a long dinning room table and recall the Mad Hatter Tea Party task. I think my mom was also there, so I turn to the kitchen and tell her to make me some tea. I look at the kitchen but my mom has disappeared. No, just when I need her DC she's gone, I turn around and try to summon her, which should be easy, still no DC. Quite interestingly, I do hear loud noises coming from the kitchen as if she is there - the water running, dishes, etc.

      I decide to summon a cup of tea myself and more like a habit, I move my hands closer as if holding a cup of tea and the next moment I start distinguishing the light tea liquid in between. After a bit, a china cup appears there as well. My mood is super elevated after this - an effective summon in direct eyesight - not what I expected! I place it on the table - its existence is very shifty, where I try to manipulate it into a proper looking and full tea cup. In the meantime, if not mistaken mom comes and leaves a small tea cup at the table. I pour some of the liquid from the large one into the small one. Now everything looks satisfactory. The cups are still a bit shifty now with blue decorations. This is probably the only less rushed part of the dream, where I actually decide to take a moment and examine the picture at the bottom of the cup and memorize it. It is a typical Chinese decoration in blue - a village person with a Chinese straw hat as if fishing barehanded in the river in front of a village. I even get to feel some cool false memories/info about the people that used this cup at this point in the past and their life.

      The next thing I need is a rabbit and I think about one while looking around, then turning to dad to see that he is holding one - a real rabbit, but as I come closer to examine it becomes a stuffed toy rabbit. Oh, well, it's still a rabbit. Now I need the mad hatter and as planned I want to summon Johnny Depp to represent him. This will be a tough one, so I decide to summon him as Jack Sparrow as this role has the strongest impression for my mind. I need to feel his presence, so I kind of shortly turn into him myself as I shout out full of emotion in a deep male pirate voice "Captain Jack Sparrow". A bit worried about the strength of my voice waking me up. This is enough to cause strong thoughts about the character and a JS DC appears in front of me. He's not wearing all the make up, but has pirate clothes and the dreadlocks. Similar to my cup summons, his facial features quickly change to those of a random DC. That doesn't matter now, I notice he wears no hat and if he is the mad hatter he has to, so I think about a hat, see one, then another one that I triumphantly place on his head. Ok, where were we? Briefly lose mental focus, then recall about the poem. I only manage to say the first word and the dream quickly thins out.

      My concentration/mental energy has been rather poor for a deild. I review the dream, conclude that this was probably it for this month, since it will be difficult to go through all the summoning again. I feel tired and decide to just sleep.

      A few short non-lds and then:

      LD2: Weirdly, (or not!) I'm at my parents place again. Initially we are inside and my parents interact with this strange retriever type of dog. But something's totally off with it. It comes wearing some sort of a napkin mask and as I try to ask the dog about it, it seems to be trying to talk - like a person with his mouth shut, he (later she) makes some noises that sound like real words that almost make sense to me. I begin to suspect that this is actually a person undercover. He also runs like a person in the yard and it turns out just that - some French girl is pretending to be the dog.

      We are outside now and some family friends are visiting. I make comments about the way they are dressed. Suddenly, it dawns on me that I am at the same location of the previous dream and indeed dreaming. I wonder what to do and discard the idea of going for the totm again since there won't be enough time to complete the task, yet since there's nothing else to do and maybe it's no coincidence I have another dream here, decide to go ahead anyways.

      There's a part that's open to the yard like a garage with lots of tables and all the family & friends DCs walking around and being super loud. I try to summon a cup again, this time one appears on the table where I'm standing. Also, in the distant end of the garage is another table with two large tea pots. I bring the cup over there, but it fills up with sugar as I examine the items on the table. I guess that's enough for a tea party and decide not to mess with the stuff anymore. The light in the garage gradually goes down - this is also the end of the garage, near the wall. The DCs make their way around the table, taking part of the tea party. I need the rabbit and without actively summoning it, notice that on one of seats around the table is actually sitting the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland (1951), wearing the playing cards type of clothes. He is animated, which is strange, but I'm just happy about the summon and wonder what to do about the mad hatter. Again, unexpectedly as I look to my other side I see the mad hatter (1951). It takes me a bit to actually realize that I'm looking at the mad hatter from the movie. What is even more interesting is that I get this very convincing memory that the clothes that he is wearing in the dream are the correct ones - and he is a wearing green! (later checked to find out that it's the right attire). The dream becomes extremly dark at this point with one last effort I make all the DCs repeat with me the poem-like thing I prepared for this event :

      "Lucid dreaming,
      what's the meaning
      something's flying in the sky,
      awesome feeling
      rabbits speaking
      why, Ophelia, why?"

      The dream is gone and I end up with a short session of SP (being unable to move, while feeling my physical body, seeing only darkness). I wait it out, thinking I must have been on my back (slightly to the right but yes) and start telling myself about the dream.

      DEILD: I expect to wake up, but involuntarily deild back instead. My mental continuity is messed up and during this part I shortly believe that I haven't left the dream at all. I examine the mad hatter character residue who turns into normal DC. I go outside and wonder what to do as there still might be some dream time, briefly question if it was ok to do another task, where I think about going for toty. I decide to go ahead. Some background DCs and me are in the yard now. There's a small black hound-like dog running around that distracts me and I try to ignore it as much as possible, while thinking about the beanstalk. I see some sort of bean-like seeds on the ground and take them, looking for a good place to plant them. I open my palm and see them undergoing many changes - all sorts of colors and shapes and try to make them a particular sort of beans again. After some struggle they look like dark red beans and I place them on the steps where there is a lot of muddy soil and cover them with it. One stone's hanging above and I think it will mess up how they grow, because of my thoughts. Anyways, I start to think about them growing and they grow into small shoots. The dream fades.

      Note to self: All of the actively summoned objects were shiftier than the rest of the dream (cup, rabbit, js, beans)
    9. The plunge

      by , 10-17-2013 at 06:36 AM
      Date: 15 Oct

      Pre bed: 1xGingko combo (Gingko, Ginseng, lecithin, mate)

      TST: 6.5 hrs

      Bad night of sleep thanks to the neighbors.

      LD: At grandma's place and am trying to make a cup of tea by using the boiling water from the tap. However, I can't find the tea anywhere. There is a butler whose name is Charles. We go out and he is driving me to the street where we are supposed to pick the tea from some sort of office. There is snow everywhere, I play with it with my hands. Feels normal.

      I become lucid, but have no immediate task in mind. Instead, I decide to play along and go to where we were headed and see what happens. I am a bit uncertain about being able to generate an office, but walk towards the building. The entrance's at the back and I enter the yard. There is some weird flickering going on. I wonder what's that about. The street light has problems? There are electricity cables connected to it and as I move, they get in the way of the light from the lamp, producing this flickering effect. I can't believe this level of detail/effect is possible. Anyways, I continue on my way, get in the building, now there's this guy with me. The office is supposed to be on the first floor. I almost lose lucidity here as the stairs get extremely deformed and narrow, I fail to reach my destination and go back to the building entrance.

      The guy is with me and now there is a woman in the team. They are both dressed with green overalls and are like prisoners from an alien colony. They talk about the guy having some sort of disease. We head towards the street, they are holding 3 guns like Uzzis but green as well. Cool, I am thinking very enthusiastically that we are going to have some sort of dream adventure. At this moment I remember to try to get them to join me in my AF TOTY quest. I turn towards what feels like the city center and think about AF. I can hear the sound of falling/running water and soon see that have caused a large city type of river to appear. Initially, there are 3 jets of water as if coming from a fountain, but actually coming from the river. I have the feeling that AF would be hard to form here, but still think the scene is good for the Great Barrier Reef Task. I come closer to the riverbank, the water is quite deep, extremely clear and is about to overflow from my side. In my mind, this is the Great barrier reef already. I gather a bit of courage and plunge.

      The scene disappears and my body faces the bottom of what looks like the ocean. It's hard to see as it is very similar to when one is really trying to see underwater. My entire body is submerged in this clear, somewhat shallow water. There is enough light and I can feel the sun shining bright above and as hard as it is to see clearly, I can distinguish lots of grains of sand just below me. I struggle to get a better view of everything, but the impression of having water in the eyes and not adapting yet, remains. I think about the next step, corals, but they are nowhere in sight. At the same time, I think about the sea turtle that's supposed to be here (CL that's from you!) and can see the turtle swimming in the water with the sand right in front of me. In addition to that, I can hear a joyful marine type of tune playing softly in the background. I am still struggling with this watery blurry vision though and it finally gets the best of me and the dream totally fades.

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    10. 30th Sep 2013 Random fragments

      by , 10-01-2013 at 03:16 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      i was playing some video game, some stuff was going on in town and it got assaulted by zombies, so defenders was defending... by nomming zombies a whole. Also there were apples that restored HP.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      Was playing some video game, assault of some building in the city or something.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      There was something about a library, Sips and Sjiin from yogscast and some special tea they were making while i was looking for books.

      Dream 4(fragments):

      I was watching someone's stream of what looked like Hellsinker extra 2 stage.
    11. July 24

      by , 08-05-2013 at 04:07 AM
      Dream 1
      - I'm with A inside of a small, hallowed out tree. This tree is in the middle of a river with a gentle current. The hollow is just big enough for two and there is water up to our waists. There's a hole in the side of the tree, but you cannot see out from it because there's a sheet of park that protrudes out about a foot from the trunk and hangs down over the opening. A swims out under the overhanging bark but says she can't go under it. I swim out too and dip my head under to end up on the other side. I hold onto the bark, fingers on the opposite side, and A gently touches my fingers. Now, we're both swimming in the turquoise water. We jump off a rock a few times, then she is gone and I'm on the rocky shore. I see a small, blue rock that looks like a cross and I pick it up and throw it.

      Dream 2
      - I'm in the kitchen of some condo with my sister and 2 cousins. I make some tea and pour about 5 cups. I go look in the fridge and find a packaged hot dog on a stick that says 'Lionwood Ham' . There's also three tubs of ice cream; I take one of them out. I eat this ice cream from the carton and drink my tea.
    12. Handful of DS

      by , 04-17-2013 at 03:36 PM
      This journal entry will be more like a reminder to myself. I had about 5-6 dreams, all of them a more or less uneventful rehash of old places and people, that are clearly DS to me. Here's a brief summary:

      Dream1: My school again; this time it was about a forum for the school

      Dream2: My best friend from school was at our old place

      Dream3: My mom at another town from my past, we also went to KFC?

      Dream4: Strolling in my hometown

      Dream5: In front of my grandmaís place, then waiting for my grandma inside; some people in the neighbourhood were partying, listening to Gangnam style

      Fragment6: In a tea shop?
    13. Lucid habits in non-LD; flowing dreams

      by , 03-20-2013 at 07:04 PM
      Before sleep: no dream yoga white ďaĒ this time, just gently following breath

      First dream: about 5 hrs after falling asleep

      Total sleep time: 8 hrs

      Dream recall techniques today: Dr1&Dr2 Ė played dream 2 times in mind to remember; Dr3-Dr6 Ė woke up and tried to commit to memory by intending [risky for dream recall but worked today]

      WILD attempt: nope, just wanted to watch dream TV

      Dream1: Scientists are discussing some chemical which is dangerous to the human health. I am in a dark closed space with a scientist, or is he me? At any rate, the tube that was supposed to hold this chemical in place is getting loose, so the chemical escapes and starts to mix with the air. I know what that means, soon he will die, so nasty side effects begin on his body. While this chemical element is quite dangerous it has wide applications. Actually, it is pretty common on the planet of interest. I am looking at a habitable planet, which I feel is much bigger than Earth. So this planet has potential to be populated by humans, and this chemical can produce huge quantities of energy. I see a small moon, which has water and clouds on the surface. I also see some kind of transparent strings with magnetic pull as the moon moves through space. The habitable planet is a really beautiful place, although there are no humans in it, (or probably because of it the nature is very beautiful. I almost zoom in, to look at the trees. Next thing I know:

      Dream2 [Behaving Lucid]: Next thing I know, I am staring at the trees in front of the window of my first home. It is snowing outside. I look outside the balcony and find myself on the street. I walk down the street, which I perceive as if I am lucid. Basically, I feel awake, I know I am watching this, and I am not really there, so I continue the tour of the neighbourhood. I look around as much as possible, and I go back in front of my old place. I have the desire to explore peopleís apartments around so I look for an apartment to go to. I think I might explore my old place, but decide against it. I clearly see the whole building and the apartments of neighbours, I ponder whether I should visit my neighboursís place, but the old woman that lived there died a few years ago irl, so I am afraid I might encounter her inside. I continue looking around. It is an early morning and people are still sleeping, few lights are on. I decide I want to go to a place where the lights are on and find a suitable apartment. I open a window to see if I can go inside. Everything is really solid, and I must enter with my entire body, I realize I cannot squeeze in, or imagine myself there. I wonder how to get in, but I start to feel my bladder getting really full and I cannot concentrate anymore, so I just wake up.

      Lucid or not lucid? I decide to classify this as a non-lucid, because I lack the official initial realization of aha, I am dreaming. However, my behaviour is exactly what I would do if I were lucid, explore around and try to hold the dream. Another notable feature of this dream is that it was free of any DCs, what I really like in some LDs.

      Woke up after the dream rather happy, re-lived the whole thing two times, no notes this time. Had some trouble falling asleep , but was too lazy to try to WILD.

      Dream3: I am in the suburbs, noticing the houses and remembering how the DCs there had some trouble there some dream time ago. Suddenly, there is a loud noise, energy, burning sensation as something passes by and explodes in the sky. I decide it is a meteorite. I have mild burns/scars on my body. I go to a house and find a politician there. I tell him about the meteorite and look at my hands (!that was close), purple scars are still there. Itís nothing too serious or unpleasant looking though. At this point the politician turns into Santa, he even has a beard! There is elation in the air and I throw fake snow above our heads which I really enjoy doing. He even gives me a present, a tea set, which has some flowers instead of tea to be drank. I happily play with it.

      Dream4: Almost like a continuation from dream3, as I am sitting, exploring the tea set, the scene around me changes. We are waiting to select a menu. There are some snobbish older women around and my mom as well as this happens. So, there is some kind of event tomorrow, and every guest can pre-select what exquisite meal he/she likes, and I am waiting my turn to do so. Before I do that the older women also select spa procedures, going for a special moisture mask. I donít want to do it, so my mom starts giving me advice, selecting for me. This annoys me and I behave in a way that is inappropriate in front of these high individuals (I was just being annoyed and rude, nothing much really). This disappoints my father who then enters one of his special disapproval moods. We go back home (unknown one) with my parents where the story continues.

      Dream5: As I am thinking how to prepare for the event, I would bring my own shampoo, do my hair, and not use the spa offered to the other special guests, a friend of mine appears in the house. I decide to tell him some secrets about dreaming? or meditation, which I donít recall at all, and tell him not to tell my bf I told him this.

      Dream6: Still in the house, I face my mom and tell her I donít like her selecting things for me, there is tension in the air. I want to call my bf to complain. As I am calling, I find myself on the streets of some western looking city. As I talk on the phone a famous artist passes by. I canít believe it, itís ďAĒ. The name of the artist is ďAĒ, which people around her repeat like ďeahĒ. This is really funny, they sing it, introducing her. I take my camera and take pics of her. I then call my bf and tell him that I saw her, watching the video record. A second of doubt there, a famous person, maybe a dream, but that canít be there really is an artist ďAĒ [Oh, come on!]

      Dream7 [snooze]: I watch something like age of empires/civilization game, my people being the blue ones, and the opponent is red. Time moves really fast and I see how my guys and buildings become fewer. As I look around, I see that the opponent has the whole map, and has entered modern era, there is no chance for me to win. [Boring stuff, I know]. What really happens is that I zoom out and the modern era is really a real world street and there are some military trucks, and just trucks. I am sure the enemy notices me and that is the end, so I just tease him to act and push those trucks on me and get it over with. He finally does so, and to my content, I feel the heavy pressure of trucks on top of me, and wake up.

      Final notes: When I was younger, I had the impression that a lot of my dreams would just flow one after the other, with some weak connection in the storyline (like above). Nowadays, my dreams are usually separate scenarios. Perhaps my desire to remember each after shortly awakening resulted in DEI N LD?

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    14. Recurring Dream: The Shaman

      by , 12-28-2012 at 08:55 PM (Woodstocks Wonderfully Weird World of Wackiness, Warlessness, Winged Wolves, Weather, and Ducks)
      I've had at least 3 or 4 dreams in the last few weeks where a shaman is teaching me how to make ayahuasca, find psilocybin mushrooms, identify salvia, or make mescaline tea. The shaman is almost shapeless, I don't really see him as a person or anything else, I just know he's there. I don't remember a name either. It's always in the same place: the edge of a grassy field near the woods. There is always a fire and sometimes meditation or drums. We haven't actually used the entheogens in any of the dreams, he just showed me how to make or find them.
    15. A Year in the Twilight Zone

      by , 12-07-2012 at 04:11 AM (Woodstocks Wonderfully Weird World of Wackiness, Warlessness, Winged Wolves, Weather, and Ducks)
      The day before this dream I was sick, with a temperature that rose to 99.7 from my normal temperature of 97, then dropped to 95. I couldn't sleep the night before or during the day. I finally was able to sleep at around 5 am, but only for an hour. I think the dream lasted the whole hour, but it felt like a year.

      There was a murderer named Tom Tiddlediddle who ate peoples heads. The police couldn't find him but there were a lot of people who were found dead with no head, so he was still killing people the whole time.

      There was also a nice alien named Hoopsha. He looked like a wrinkly old woman with white skin, but he had huge elephant ears and a pig nose. The texture and look of his skin reminded me of the Shpongle mask thing.

      The whole dream was in the Egyptian desert. The Egyptians had religious ceremonies inside of stone temples, where they made tea with some cool blue flowers and meditated. At the front of the room was a clay statue with angels holding cannabis leaves.

      Near the end of the dream, I was talking to Hoopsha. He moved closer and calmly told me to look at his wrinkled skin. He asked me if it looked familiar. I don't remember my answer. Then his calmness turned to an evil stare as he said "I'm Tom Tiddlediddle". His face morphed into a human's face. He slowly opened his mouth, knowing that I was paralyzed with fear. I woke up still feeling scared and confused.
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