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    1. Pokergame

      by , 12-30-2011 at 01:55 PM
      thu 29 december 2011

      Drank some water before bed, didn't wake up at night though. What's a good amount to drink?
      Had my alarm set for 7am, woke up to turn it off and failed recall. Went back to sleep after bathroom.
      After waking up a second time, still no memory. Then, suddenly something triggered it. Can't really be sure which dream it was, or whether it was just my imagination.

      Me and two of my best friends are sitting at a table ready to play some poker. We are in a cafeteria-type room, with the dimensions of something you could compare to a train wagon, but I seem to be under the impression that we might be on a boat. We are dividing the chips, but since they're not labeled we're trying to figure out their value. I'm trying to make stacks, but because of the shape of the chips the stacks keep collapsing.

      At the other table there is a girl, who I recognise as someone from primary school (I used to have a little crush on her). I know it's her, but her face looks different. We exchange a glance. She's with a group of people (girls) and they're not playing poker.

      I get up to walk to another room and when I'm in that other room I see a big box, like a laundry trolley, but it has no wheels. When I try to pee into the box, someone behind me says something along the lines of: "I never thought you would stoop so low". The face is not recognisable, neither is the posture. Not even sure if it's a man or a woman but it's some kind of teacher. As the teacher tells me this, I see there is a bathroom at the end of the room. I attempt to fake my intention of peeing in the box, by dropping to the floor pretending I'm searching for something on my cell phone. There is a map on my cell phone, with some locations marked on it.

      Might be too soon to recognise a pattern, but so far school was somehow always involved.
      The need to pee was probably induced by my blatter in reality, though it wasn't strong enough to actually make me wake up.
    2. Teachers, Dentists, Thugs and Ninjas

      by , 12-24-2011 at 03:58 AM (Roving the Dreamscape)
      The dream started outside the entrance of the school building. There's this red carpet, were every teacher walked in. Some sort of scenario one may see in the premier of a movie were all the cast, director, etc walked in the cinemas. Cameras and reporters were everywhere. The teachers were wearing expensive tuxedos and gowns. I was among the crowds, going with the flow of the dream's plot. I saw my Year 2 English teacher. Suddenly, somebody grumbled beside me. I turned my head to that direction and saw my Year 3 English teacher. He's saying things like, i'm the better teacher or I deserver more praise than him, etc. It's obvious that he's jealous to my Year 2 English teacher. But one thing that disturbed me is that why is he not on the red carpet like all of the other teachers? After sometime, the dream location changed.

      The dream location changed to a dental clinic. There seems to be a long line, mostly composed by my classmates. So I just went with the flow and went to the line. Everyone seems to have their teeth cleaned by the dentist. Finally, after waiting for a long time, it was my turn. I was the only one among the class who still haven't cleaned by the dentist. The dentist told me it was lunch break, so I was like, seriously?

      So I went home and found out that the whole family will go to this remote island. So I just followed my dad's orders and prepared my stuff. After I finished preparing my stuff, I found out that I was the only one left in the house and everybody was already gone.

      I headed into this game shop and browsed the available games. A random girl(maybe 15-17 years old) suddenly grabbed my hand and we went to this alley. She seems familiar to me. She showed me this 2-3 year old girl and told me that some thugs were chasing them and she wants me to help them go to this village a hundreds miles away from our current location.

      So I carried the little kid unto my back and started the journey. We ran like ninjas. We jumped from tree to tree. Glided from mountain to mountain. On the horizon, there's this really huge mountain. It started to rain. Our ninja-like abilities seem to be gone. So we climbed the mountain like a normal person would do.

      At the top of the mountain, there's this futuristic village. The random girl and the baby disappeared. In front me, there's this pool. There were platforms spread throughout the pool. So I jump from one platform to another. On the third plat form, I lost my balance and fell into the pool. After that, I woke up.

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    3. brother forwards cell; my darling basketball boys; she sees different worlds

      by , 12-18-2011 at 03:44 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a living room with my little brother. There was probably a sharp, but pale incandescent lamp on somewhere. A TV was blaring on a small TV stand. And the living room was littered here and there with things like blankets and clothes.

      My brother was being really annoying in some way or another. At one point he was really annoying me by doing some weird kind of walk away from me and then back to me really fast, as if he were going to crash into me.

      Eventually I just tried to ignore my brother altogether, and I started trying to pay more attention to the TV. But then I felt bad for treating my brother so coldly. So I figured that if he started acting nice to me, I'd be nice to him, too.

      My brother now came up to me and asked me if he could take a look at my phone. He was just curious to see what it had on it. Having told myself I'd be nice to my brother, I handed my phone to my brother.

      My brother walked over to the couch and sat down with my phone. A little while later my brother was standing up and walking around the room, doing some other stuff.

      I was wondering where my phone was. My brother may have told me he'd left it by the couch. I saw it on a desk that stood before the couch. I grabbed it.

      I saw that I had either an email message or a text message from somebody (or a few people?). I was about to look at the messages. But my brother, looking at his own phone, at the other end of the living room, said, "Oh, did I just get a message from ----? Saying -----?"

      This was the person I'd just gotten a message from, and the subject of the message the person had sent me. My brother said something else to make me understand that while he had been "looking" at my phone, he set it so that any texts or emails I received would be automatically forwarded to his phone.

      I was really mad. I didn't want my brother in all of my business. I felt like it was stupid to give my brother my phone in the first place -- even if I had thought I should have been nicer to him. But I was mostly concerned with how to stop my phone from forwarded all my info to my brother.

      Dream #2

      I was on an indoor basketball court with a group of boys. But I'm not sure whether we were playing a game, or just waiting around for some other people to lead us in some kind of event. I'm pretty sure we were all milling around. I was just milling around by myself.

      I saw the basketball hoop and wondered if I could jump and touch the rim. I'd never been able to do it before. But I felt like maybe I could now.

      The rim seemed a bit higher than normal, and it was a really bright orange. The net was also torn to shreds, so that now only a couple ratty inches hung below the rim.

      As I was getting ready to jump, a bunch of the boys all gathered around me. It was like they had all suddenly decided to start playing a game.

      I felt a bit self-conscious now that all these other boys were around me. I had thought that maybe I could jump and touch the rim. But now I knew I probably couldn't.

      But I also having a hard time even jumping, because I was getting all tangled up in all the other boys who were trying to play a game. But, at the same time, I was already in the air, and so absurdly high in the air -- yet nowhere near the rim -- that all the boys were already beneath my feet.

      One of the boys said something like, "Oh, he's trying to touch the rim! Let's see if we can do it! Or let's see if we can do a slam dunk!"

      Apparently now the other boys were now already doing slam dunks and touching the basketball hoop's rim, while I was apparently still floating my way on up toward it! (But strangely enough, I don't think, all throughout this dream, that I actually ever saw one of these boys.)

      Finally I reached the tattered net of the hoop. I grabbed onto it and pulled myself up to the rim.

      The other boys were now saying things like, "Oh, look! He's holding onto the rim! Is he going to try to do a slam dunk?"

      I didn't really know what I was going to do. I didn't know where to go from here. I didn't know how to get down. I felt like I was up way too high.

      But now I thought I should climb down. First I did this by inching my hands down the couple inches of tattered net.

      Then I saw a pole in front of me. It was like a brass coat rack, or some kind of lightpost. It had one central pole. And off from the pole, on either side, set one below the other, like rungs on a ladder, were little loops of brass. But every once in a while the brass of this structure was black, like it was coated in a think layer of tar or plastic.

      I started climbing down this pole. As I did, I noticed that on the other side of the pole was something like a shopping mall. Apparently this indoor basketball court was right in the middle of a shopping mall.

      About twenty meters away, there was also a long folding table, at which sat three or four older adults, nicely dressed and very serious looking. I could tell these were the judges. Whatever event the boys and I were at, we were going to be judged on our performance.

      All this time, the boys were saying, "Oh, look! Now he's going to climb down!" I climbed down to about two or three meters above the ground. There were no more rungs on the pole. So I either had to jump down or slide down. I think I chose to slide down, even though I may have thought that I was still climbing down.

      When I got down, one of the boys (whom I'm pretty sure I didn't see) warned me, "We aren't supposed to be climbing on the pole. You're gonna get in trouble when the judges come!"

      I was kind of shocked. I looked up at the pole, which now seemed extremely thin and weak, as if my weight should probably have snapped it off at its base.

      I wondered when the judges would come, and what kind of trouble I'd get into. But I also wondered what the heck I was supposed to do, anyway. How was I supposed to have gotten down from the rim, if I wasn't allowed to climb down the pole?

      Dream #3

      I was in a movie theatre, I think, watching a movie. I already had some idea of the plot of the movie. I knew it was about two girls, probably sixteen or seventeen years old, who, after some kind of accident, were now able to see into a different world.

      This world was either a different dimension or the dream world. But the girls would see the dream world or different dimension in waking life, while they were going about their normal lives.

      It was like the different dimension or the dream world was overlaid on our world, but invisible to most people. According to what I knew of the plot, the two girls now had to fight some battle in the middle of the two worlds to save our world.

      I was now watching the beginning of the movie, which was kind of showing the origin of the two girls' powers.

      The girls were out driving on a highway at night. The streetlamps over the highway were different-colored, like lights on a stage at a rock concert.

      One of the girls was a troublemaker. I think this was the girl driving. She looked kind of like the avatar Mayatara has on the Dream Views site, of the girl with the white flash coming from her third eye -- except, of course, without the white flash.

      I think the other girl was a troublemaker, too, but not as much as the first girl.

      But now another car drove up, first really closely tailgating the girls' car, then finally driving up right beside the driver's side of the girls' car. This car was like a 1970s style car, green, but with a big, white racing side across each side.

      The drivers of this car also appeared to be girls, about the age of the main character girls. But the audience was supposed to get the feeling that the girls in the green car were demons from the other world, sent to make the two girls angry, so they'd do something stupid that would lead to their own destruction. Apparently the demons of the other world already knew that the two girls were going to work to save the two worlds.

      So the girls in the green car began really agitating the two girls. Eventually the girl driving just told the girls in the green car to screw off. The girl stepped really hard on the gas, speeding way up ahead of the green car.

      But now one of the girls in the green car pulled out a gun and began shooting at the main girls' car! But when she shot her gun, a whole bunch of stuff came out with the bullet. The bullet, actually, didn't get very far. But the other stuff did, breaking through the back window of the main girls' car.

      There was something like a centerless coin, or a washer, among all this stuff. The camera closed in really tightly on the washer and followed it in slow motion. The washer hit the left temple of the girl in the passenger seat. It hit with the same speed of a bullet, but the impact didn't do more than just knocking the girl out.

      The girl in the driver's seat saw that her friend (maybe they were more than friends?) had just been injured. Now she was really ticked off!

      The green car pulled up beside the girls' car. The girls in the green car were now wild -- bashing and pounding against their own car windows, almost like caged wolves trying to attack a person outside.

      But the girl was so angry she just wanted to kill the girls in the green car. The highway was now driving on an overpass that went high over a wide, black river. The girl figured she'd just smash the green car right off the highway and into the river.

      The girl began slamming and slamming against the green car. Eventually she drove the car right off the highway. But somehow the demons had a hand in this, too. And the girl's car went off the highway, too.

      I watched as both cars plunged into the river. I thought to myself, It doesn't make sense that this is happening. How can these two girls go on fighting with their powers if they're dead? But they must be going to die. There's no way they could survive something like this.

      The camera view was now of the girls in their car. The second girl was probably still knocked out. The first girl was possibly trying to find a way to save her friend and herself.

      But the girls' car was probably right up on the side of the demons' car, so that the driver's side window of the girls' car was right next to the passenger side window of the demons' car.

      The demon-girl on the passenger side of the car now bashed on her window to get the girl's attention. The girl looked over. The demon-girl now let something go from herself, an aura-esque, holographic kind of expansion of herself, which may also have morphed into a demonic shape.

      I think I now got the idea that this was what had given the two girls their power. The demons may actually not have been against the girls. But the only way the demon girls could have given the girls their powers was by putting them into a situation like this.

      I was now sitting outside, in a hallway between movie theatres. I sat on a couch-like bench. Just to my left was a doorway to another movie theatre. And just to the left of that, I think, was a small concession stand.

      The hallway was well-lit, with peach-orange walls. And, far down to my left, at the end of the hallway, was a smallish window letting in a lot of light from the grey day outside.

      A guy, maybe in his late twenties or early thirties, stood to my left. He was white, with his head shaved, but some black stubble now growing back onto it. He also had a shadow of stubble on his cheecks, even though he may have had a pretty full mustache and some pretty full hair below his bottom lip.

      The guy wore a green t-shirt with white lettering on it. He wore a long-sleeved shirt under that. He wore slightly baggy, black jeans. The guy, I somehow knew, was a popular movie critic. He may have had some blog that everybody paid attention to, when it came to movies, even though I hadn't ever read it before.

      The guy seemed lost in some way or another. Since he seemed lost, and since he was famous, I figured that maybe I would see if I couldn't help him. If I helped him, maybe he'd be able to help me get a job.

      But the guy was only concerned because his friends still hadn't arrived for the movie yet. There seemed now to be a whole bunch of people standing around the guy, as if they were all standing in line to get into a movie.

      I told the guy not to worry. The movie didn't start until 2:53. So he still had plenty of time to wait here for his friends. But somebody near us was saying, in a kind of tone of urgency, that he and whoever he was with had to get to the theatre. The movie had started at 2:35. So they were already late. And the guy didn't want to miss any more than he'd already missed.

      I got kind of panicked, too. I'd been excited to see this movie, too! But I thought it started at 2:53, not 2:35! I looked at my watch (? - don't wear one). It was 2:53 right now! That meant I'd already missed a lot of the movie!

      I ran down almost to the end of the hallway, to get to my movie theatre. As I ran in, I saw that the movie had already started. I was coming in after the whole origins scene had come and gone.

      Now I'd never know how the girls had gotten their powers! This had been my biggest question!

      The theatre itself was kind of disordered, as if there were a lot of parents their with their little kids. So each family, or maybe small group of families, was in their own little space, making clumps of noisy areas, and whole sections of empty seats.

      But a lot of the audience didn't even seem to be focused on the movie. The atmosphere was like a big picnic inside of a movie theatre.

      I went up toward the front of the movie theatre and sat near a blonde business woman wearing a white blouse and khaki-colored skirt or trousers. The woman's hair was really thick and flowing. The woman may have been in her early forties. She may somehow have acknowledged me and then gone back to watching the movie.

      The scene was now a daytime scene. A man and a woman, maybe in their late thirties or early forties, were out on some promenade on the side of the same river that the girls had crashed into.

      The man and the woman were both teachers at the high school the two girls went to. The man had a kind of Joe Piscopo look about him: curly, brown-red hair, kind of tan face, but a little reddish, too. But he looked a little more worn out by life, and he had slimmer, paler eyes.

      The man was telling the woman that she needed to stop messing around with the two girls. Apparently the woman had been in the car with the two girls during the crash into the river.

      The man was telling the woman that things the woman had lately been involved with with the two girls -- some kind of weird adventures that the man vaguely knew about, but which generally appeared to the world like nothing but close scrapes with trouble -- were hurting the woman.

      The adventures the woman was involved in, the man said, were distracting the woman from teaching her students. And if she got too distracted from her role as a teacher, there were people in the administration department of the school who would be more than happy to fire her.

      The woman listened to the man and sympathized with him. But she couldn't really do anything about it. It was fate. She was meant to have the adventures she was having.

      I knew that the woman had been sitting in the backseat when the car had gone into the river. She had received only a part of the power that the two girls had received. But she'd received enough to see what kind of trouble the two worlds were in.

      And she had a part in saving the two worlds. So she didn't have a choice. Regardless of what happened to her, she had to have her adventures. She wished that she could tell the man about all of this. But the man could only know so much. And so he'd just have to be worried for the woman.

      I could see that, off to the right, the main girl was walking toward the promenade from a stone bridge that crossed the river. I could tell that the girl was already seeing a new batch of holographic demons. I could tell that a new fight was already about to begin, and that the woman would be involved.
    4. Random

      by , 12-02-2011 at 07:07 AM
      I'm in the nether (in Minecraft), trying to build a path somewhere. I'm on a different level than everyone else. There aren't any ghasts.

      I'm riding the trains.

      There's a little rich girl who has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom. She is living in squalor and looks like a dirty street child. She is rescued by secret agents.

      The devil keeps trying to convince me to sell my soul. We have some interesting conversations, but I don't agree. I don't understand why the others took him up so readily.

      It's Halloween. There is a circle of black robed eeevil cultists. I'm in the circle. They ask to be dominated by the devil. I get weirded out and leave.

      A guy, possibly a teacher, is splitting us up into two groups. I'm not sure which group he meant me to join, so I just pick the one I want and talk about how I don't care what I was supposed to do. No one objects.

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    5. The Elite Super Squad of Evil Gym Teachers

      by , 11-25-2011 at 03:36 PM (The Absurd Adventures of CWHunt)
      This dream was confusing. Well it was actually two separate dreams, but there was one thing in common with both of them. Just... you'll see.

      I only remember that I was on a floating island type place that was falling apart. At one point something really bad happened and I complained that it was The Gym Teachers attempting to kill me. Thats all I remember of the dream.

      Evil Gym Teachers
      In this dream I let out the news to everyone. Evil gym teachers were after me and would do anything to kill me. We had to get rid of them. When we did we ended up having to play games with the gym teacher. At one point we had to run, but everyone had to do it in a special was. One person had to just run, another person had to drive, and I had to jumprope. And I remembered something else when that happened. They used their evil jump ropes to kill people. I knew that they were using this one to kill me.
      I threw the jumprope and ran for the teacher. I began to punch him, but before I knew it I had woken up.
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    6. Preparing for the Debate

      by , 11-25-2011 at 02:00 PM (Roving the Dreamscape)
      Last night, I had maybe 5 dream fragments. But as the day progresses, I was only able to remember one. And that "one", is what i'm gonna type in today.

      So I was in this very wide parking lot inside this tall tower. I was holding a script. It was about a public debate that's gonna start in the next few minutes. I was frustrated. I was like: "How the hell did I came here?" and "I can't remember anything about a public debate". On the side of the parking lot, my 8th grade history teacher was there. Sitting on her usual book-filled table. I shouted at her: "Why did you signed me up to this damn debate?!". In reply to my statement, she did nothing. I was like mad as hell. Then I continued reading the script and kept walking back and forth in the parking lot awaiting for my destiny to be humiliated in front of hundreds of thousands of people. After that, I can't remember much.
    7. The Restricted Door

      by , 11-24-2011 at 10:59 AM (Roving the Dreamscape)
      There I was, inside the classroom as usual. It was grammar subject, and the grammar teacher was teaching crazily as usual. He was mumbling words that seems impractical in life. After his long barrage of words. He suddenly stops. And points to this seemingly normal door at the left side of the room. He comes near to it and says no one is allowed to enter it except him(maybe the teacher's lounge? ). So he opens it, and whoosh! The door emits a bright light. He enters it and and left the door open. All of us were curious of what was inside it. We can't see the inside for it was bright. Animal sounds and weird movie soundtracks seem to come out of the door. After a couple of minutes, we can't stand it anymore. One of my class mate stood up and shouted "ATTACK!". I too shouted. All of us rushed to the door and boom. I woke up maybe 1 or 3:00 in the morning
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    8. 2 Dreams 1 Frag

      by , 11-10-2011 at 10:58 AM
      Dream 1
      I was in my old school's computer room and was listening to my college teacher say stuff about my current project. He said it was due on friday.

      Dream 2
      I was in a futuristic city, the rays of the Sun reflected off the buildings and made the city glow bronze. Three/Four girls (I can't remember) came to me and we started having sex (yeah all 3/4) like a foursome/fivesome. One girl really caught my eye, she had greenish/blue hair and a nice body. I spent most of my time on her.

      I was on the Island of Sodor, yeah Thomas The Tank Engine land and I saw loads of diesels in te work yards. I saw one truck tied to a train that was on a track next to the train. It was weird.
    9. Dream about dating my teacher?

      , 10-29-2011 at 05:38 PM
      Well, he came to my house. I donít what happened, but all of a sudden we were dating. We didnít kiss or anything like that, but we just talked. Then, in the dream, at the end of class, he came up to me and said, ďI canít accept youíre true friend paper.Ē (In real life, one of my old teachers told me I was a true friend.) Then I woke up. This dream freaked me out so bad because Iím only 14!
      Tags: dating, teacher
    10. Headphones for Cymbals (Oct 23, 2011)

      by , 10-27-2011 at 08:56 PM (Realm of Insanity)
      The dream starts off in my old middle school, I ask my teacher ms. Mcgaw if I can let the students waiting outside in. She says that I can, so I open the door to the classroom and wave them all in.
      The classroom has a smart board in the middle of the room and bleachers set up near the door. All of the students find a seat, and I happen to sit next to a pair of cymbals.
      (I happen to be a percussionist in real life so this is probably where the cymbals came from)
      A African American teacher, looks to be in his forties or fifties walks into the room and begins to teach. He is talking about teen couples that have babies in high school.
      I forget the names of the couple who he was mainly focusing on though. As he is speaking my leg whips out and accidentally knock over the cymbals causing a barrage of sound.
      Even as I pick the cymbals up and place them back onto the bleachers, they are still making a ringing noise. The noise then stops completely and the man resumes teaching.
      After a passage of time the ringing noise appears. The man stops teaching one again and speaks to me.
      "Maybe you should go to the main office and get some headphone for those," he suggests.
      The dream ends with a view of the main office.
    11. Getting closer to a lucid

      by , 10-27-2011 at 02:15 PM
      My dreams are getting more and more vivid so I think it's coming near the time where I'm going to have a lucid dream.

      I'm writing down last nights dreams because for some reason they seem significant.

      Dream 1: A weird sexual dream that I can really remember

      Dream 2: (The most vivid) I was walking down the stairs at my old school when I passed TS on the 1st floor landing of the stairs. I continued on down the stairs ignoring him but he grabbed my hair really tightly and followed me. I pushed him away and told him to get off, he then proceeded to do it again so I shoved him down the stairs. Just before he hit the steps the dream jumped to just outside the tennis courts (still in school) and JM decided to see how I'd react by constantly pushing me and being generally violent. (I did wonder when I woke up where my archers gear was) Eventually I got tired and did a wrestling move on him, I picked him up and slammed him into the ground with all of my power. There is a blank bit of the dream here. I was then walking along row upon row of buses trying to find the one which would take me home from school, I took out my bus pass which for some reason was ripped in half, I found the right bus and showed the driver my pass. He said ok and I sat right at the front of the bus next to my friend HT. There was a brown box digging into my back, perfectly square and about a foot and a half in height with brown packaging tape around it. (If I had been lucid at this point I would have looked inside it)

      Dream 3: I was sat in front of a woman who I knew to be a teacher, there was a computer to my left which looked very old and slow. I decided to text the rest of the class to hurry up and get back. I had to text under the table so that the teacher didn't see my phone. This is all I remember.
    12. A New School

      by , 10-23-2011 at 03:49 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a school. I enrolled for the new semester, but it's a new school. Ateneo. Previously, I was in Lasalle. I "strolled" the school by "riding" cart and planking on it. I was cleaning wooden windows in the school. I was in an electronics shop in the school. I saw three effeminate students, led by a teacher. They were training. I somehow got the impression that they're also computer majors. I thought that the school sure is nice to offer the course even though there are only four of us.

      I was being chased. Why, and by who, I am not sure. I jumped into the kitchen area.

      I was in an airplane. I was riding with a person. A friend? An associate? We landed, and I went out on a sunny day in an airport. I checked that my watch shows 8:30 a.m.. Then I realized that I'm in a different time zone, so it's really 9:30 a.m. I found a clock on the wall and saw it's 11 already. I'm already late.

      I was facing my locker. I put my stuff inside (folders and paper). I was thinking it needs a lock. Another student beside me locked his locker. I then suddenly have my own lock, with numbers on it, and requires a key.
    13. Semi-Lucid

      by , 10-18-2011 at 03:52 PM
      Dream #1 - Semi-Lucid

      This is a weird one. I was playing air hockey with my friend in an arcade - it was empty with the exception of the both of us. Suddenly, my friend turned into a hockey puck - the puck was red and it had my friend trapped inside of it. Two more pucks also appeared - one of my dad and one of my sister. At this point I remembered to do an RC for the first time in my life, and upon checking how many fingers I had and whether I could poke my finger through my hand, I thought that I might have been in a dream. Then, an evil puck appeared, and started slamming against the pucks with my friend, dad and sister in them. I grabbed the hockey stick thing and bashed it into the goal. Overcome by excitement that I might be lucid, I tried to summon a guitar to play, but it didn't work, and that's as much of the dream as I can remember. However, there is a twist - I probably wasn't actually lucid - I think that I was dreaming that I had a lucid dream. Otherwise the dream would have been clearer and i would have been more conscious...this dream felt duller and dimmer than most of my non-lucids.

      Dream #2 - Non-Lucid

      I was in a beautiful garden, with the same friend I was with in the earlier dream. The whole garden centred around a huge tree, with overhanging branches. There were round wooden tables dotted across the garden. The grass carpeted everything, including sets of stairs. There were white arches rising from the ground. My friend and I sat on one of the benches when someone passing through the garden told us that a "Lucidity Teacher" was coming soon. We waited, until he turned up. He took the appearance of Mad-Eye Moody, which was fairly unnerving. He started telling us about lucid dreaming but before we could continue, he went off on a tangent about a school musical he did when he was a kid. Before I knew it, I was backstage before the final song of the very musical he was telling us about. We marched on the stage and sang a song called "Gedanken sind frei" a traditional German song about freedom of thought, which became popular in the GDR as a message of peace and a demonstration against oppression. The performance took place on the stage at my school. Some people in the crowd were very drunk, and there were fights breaking out in the audience. After the performance, all 30 of us ended up in the bathrooms, because our teachers had rounded us up to talk to us. Suddenly, two of our (female) teachers randomly decided to take their clothes off. They ended up being yelled at by another teacher who came into the bathrooms to see what was going on. Then, everyone except for me filed out of the bathroom. I was left on my own. I went into a cubicle, and when I came out after a minute or two, there was a whole maze of toilet cubicles all over the bathroom, and there were some toilets just attached to the walls. Then the dream faded.

      From this we can conclude that I have the weirdest freaking mind, and that it is shocking that I couldn't tell it was a dream!
    14. What a fun dream?!

      by , 10-11-2011 at 08:45 PM (Typho's DJ)

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    15. Assassin Holiday

      by , 10-07-2011 at 05:29 PM (The first foothold of Arch.)
      Quite a odd, and cool dream towards the end.

      Vividness: 7
      Recall: 6
      Overall: 7

      Non-Lucid Lucid Comment

      On holiday with the family, we are getting ready to put our luggage into the hotel, there is a large slide in front of us with a conveyor belt at the bottom which you throw your luggage into.
      Putting luggage in goes in family size order, so the largest family puts their luggage in first. Before anyone has started I jump into the slide, slipping down.
      My dad yells at me telling me it's not our turn, I climb up and go to find the person with the largest family to apologise to.
      I find him, a man in his 50's who looks distraught with annoyance at the fact I went first, is surrounded by 20 odd babies. I don't know what to think, so I quickly move on.
      At the park, I see some box like vehicles come round the corner, it's the old man's babies, clearly he's a rich guy if he can afford these cool toys.
      The toys begin to move together and combine (babies still within) and merge together to form a large metal plate, with three hinges, it begins to move in an odd fashion.
      My brother explains to me how it is a powerful military weapon but it has run out of charge, so we lay it down and begin to play badminton on top of it.
      I'm outside a building, there is an open window in front of me, I rustle the hedge in front and hear the guard become aware that something outside, I duck behind the hedge and hear the guard peer over. He does not see. Assassins creed 2 HUD comes up and I select the musket bracelet, take aim and shoot the man, instant kill.
      Jumping over, one guard sees me and raises his bow, but I'm too fast and drive my blade into his neck.
      Passing upstairs I see another guard, I find it difficult to remain concentrated on him, my view fades to the corner of the room where I pick him up and make him fire his bow rapidly.
      A teacher comes in the room and discusses engineering to me.
      Dream End.

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