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    1. 29 Dec: Learning a ritual dance from my guru

      by , 12-29-2018 at 04:04 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Attending my guru's teachings. I am sitting right in front of him, then there is some initiation in which I am given something, not sure what, Then I am alone with Ioana who teaches me a ritual dance. Then she says we were supposed to have met others again at some new place and that we are late and she runs out to ger her shoes or whatever.
      I follow her outside but don't see her anymore. I find myself in a pateo in what seems like a monastery. I feel something weird. I start floating, dancing in the air, moving weirdly, end up on the ground doing sensual moves with some objects in my hands. A bell is placed on my pelvis and with each movement it rings and arouses me. I am getting horny with the dance, when all other students appears with our teacher and I feel embarrassed and stop. But Rinpoche asks some other lama what he thinks of my dance and the opinion is that I did good, considering I just got brief teachings immediately before. Then I learn that it wasn't Ioana who had taught me, but Rinpoche himself, that I had been under some spell to see a different reality and see her in his place.
      Now we will continue the teaching, We all walk to inside the building. There are flags hanging and waving everywhere and graffiti with certain symbols I can't decipher on all walls.
    2. 22 Dec: With my guru, things coming out of my mouth

      by , 12-22-2018 at 11:39 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Going to some Buddhist teachings and staying at some hotel in front of the teachings place. The buildings are New Orleans type. The hotel is just by the side of a gay bar.
      By chance, or not, I am put next door to my teacher's room, who is staying at the same hotel, but I don't know it until I go hang some clothes to dry at the balcony and realize it is a common balcony and I see some attendant preparing a tray with tea for him. But I don't see him. Then it gets confusing, with people circulating through my room thinking it is an extension of his suite. Although, in fact there are connecting doors between the rooms.
      I get dressed and later go join group lunch, which is in a long table where everybody eats together, some 30 people. I don't see my teacher, but there is only one vacant seat at the top and I sit, hoping it is not his place. I know the girls sitting on both sides, they tell me it is ok to sit, we chat, we have a good time. Suddenly I look up and as some people got up from their chairs or are leaning backwards and I see my teacher to the left, in the middle of the table, staring at me and I feel embarrassed. I smile but then look down, then look up at him, then look down and I repeat it a couple more times. His eyes are locked on me. Then he gets up and goes to balcony over our heads to tell some story and a couple people act the story out.
      On the balcony wall appears a giant slug, yellow or orange, leaving a mucus trail and then appears a sea cucumber, also in flashy colors. Some girls are going crazy over our teacher and like famished beings they lean against the wall and stretch their arms until they reach the base of the balcony. In their rush to kiss their guru's feet, they lick the animal's slime and apparently swallow the animals. I find it gross, but then again, I also think why I find it gross. It is just my perception. Except for the poor animals, I worry that they swallowed them out needlessly. So I also reach out to look at the floor of the balcony and I see the slug and the other animal languishing on the floor and I feel relief.
      Meanwhile I feel something coming out of my mouth, it's disturbing and I also feel embarrassed, because my guru is still looking at me. I start pulling a small white embroidery from my mouth and keep pulling a white thread behind it. But it's not over, then my mouth is full of beads and I collect them out one by one. My teacher is looking with admiration, so I assume it's not a bad thing.
    3. Psychology Class Event

      by , 05-05-2017 at 01:02 PM
      Morning of May 5, 2017. Friday.

      I am teaching a psychology class based on the Holt, Rhinehart, and Winston textbook (which I only actively used for one year). It seems to be eleventh or twelfth grade (with no association with AP students). One female, a young version of Zsuzsanna, is somehow seated on the desktop rather than the seat near the front of the class, to the right. The rest of the students are sitting in their desk’s seat.

      Over time, I am trying to focus on a chart over the chalkboard. At first, I assume it is something to do with levels of consciousness (which is not a real part of the textbook in the way it is displayed). The bottom is first labelled as “UNCONSCIOUS”. Looking more closely however, I see that it says “PRIMARY PRODUCERS”. It then dawns on me that I am actually trying to explain something relevant to biology and what looks to be a food pyramid diagram.

      Still, I become curious when the animal icons on the left (one on each “step”) all appear to be primates, displayed as if they are meant to be going up the steps of the supposed food pyramid. The one on the second-last step is a human, but in silhouette as in the other cases. Looking more closely, they appear somewhat distorted, almost like inkblots or human shadows with three or more arms in odd positions.

      Still, I look at the top of the triangle, where the “TERTIARY CONSUMERS” section terminates. It firstly appears to be a man flexing his left biceps. I look more and more closely and finally see it is Atom Ant (the cartoon superhero). I squint trying to work out what is going on. Perhaps someone played a trick on me and tampered with the diagram. As my emergent consciousness kicks in, I am trying to work out how an ant would symbolize my emergent consciousness. Then I realize that the phrase “Up and at'em - Atom Ant!” is a reference to waking up and getting out of bed.

      This dream was directly influenced by a dream (from January 2, 2016) that I reviewed and posted on a couple sites before my last sleeping period; the one titled “Evolution of Waking”. It has very similar waking symbolism and also (though less present as here) the idea of waking as “evolving”.

      Continuously studying and understanding my dreams for over fifty years, it seems obvious that many of my dreams have integrated a virtuous circle into some dream types, where the real-time waking symbolism is so obvious as to be a no-brainer in many cases, even in surreal scenarios such as this and the January 2, 2016 dream.

    4. Return of the Crow

      by , 05-02-2017 at 10:28 AM
      Morning of May 2, 2017. Tuesday.

      I am in an unfamiliar classroom (or perhaps at a seminar), where the students are mostly adults in their thirties. (In real life, I still have a cold, so my sleep cycle is apart from the usual.) I am the speaker. The subject is a childhood dream that I had originally titled “When the Moon is in the Seventh House” to poke fun at astrology. It was about the moon changing into a giant crow and falling through the roof of my Cubitis home into the large closet, becoming somewhat cartoon-like in appearance. (I had gone over the full decoding of this dream a few times when much younger.)

      Over time, I explain how my dream (from February 4, 1972) was designed and rendered. Originally, there were about five notebook pages regarding this somewhat short dream that I wrote at age eleven. (I never post the full text of my dream data online as it would be far too long and the format is not possible to post online other than in a large image which is not really feasible.) I explain that it was partly influenced by hearing about the January 30, 1972 lunar eclipse.

      I explain how many dreams are premonitory of biological waking mechanism factors and that a crow is such a symbol as the emergent consciousness event, especially as the same event has occurred many times in different ways since early childhood. (Also, since very early childhood, a bird’s beak was sometimes such a factor, but only in dreams relating to the lower back spasm waking event such as “The Buzzard’s Beak” from October 4,1969, though which the factor was proven to have some suggested level of control as in dreams such as “The Elongated Beak” from from September 8, 1968. These days, now that I am much older, there does seem to be an unexplainable liminal space in half-sleep where the back and shoulder spasm events can be lessened to an extent as well as somehow subliminally activated.)

      I explain that the falling giant crow additionally is a staging phrase of “night is falling” (since a crow is black and is also a specific circadian rhythms symbol for me, though I have not captured or recorded all the specific clock times it is rendered as such as I have with cats in some cases, though date markers are more obvious).

      I explain that the “failed flight waking transition”, one of my most common dream sequences since early childhood, is not necessarily of negative implications. It simply describes the type of dream that renders a falling event that is biologically linked to the natural consciousness shift that occurs upon waking.

      I explain how the actual meaning of my dream’s outcome, is that the emergent consciousness factor lands in the closet due to it being the first place I go to to get my clothes to get dressed for school after waking up. The moon had been the induction factor, which transmutes into the waking transition during my dream’s natural ending. The moon becoming the giant crow represents the unconscious (moon, or “night self” as akin to “dream self”) becoming the conscious self waking precursor. I add how “When the Moon is in the Seventh House” is especially fitting as a title, as ours was the seventh house along our stretch of highway. My dream amused me and colored my mood in a very cheerful way concerning my otherwise tedious task of getting ready for school, so thus my dream was useful in that way. (A specific dream often serves more than one purpose.)

      In the last scene, I actually “play” my childhood dream (as if it was a holographic movie over my dream’s main environment), as it originally occurred, although there are differences. The ceiling of the classroom disappears and the moon is present overhead. The full moon (though in reality was waning gibbous and only 85% visible in regard to the original dream) changes into a giant crow and begins falling toward the building.

      Soon, I “become” the giant crow as I am also my dream self’s human body (though at this point, the giant crow is only about three feet from the floor) as it coalesces into my dream self as the emergent consciousness factor. I bend one knee down with my arms up and out at this moment in a sort of dramatic presentation. I awake with the soft abdominal jolt (with a slight kick), which is not unpleasant (rather than the natural falling sensation), as the giant crow’s belly is touching the floor, and I am very surprised that I had not been lucid at any point.

      This is the second time I have recently non-lucidly dreamt of explaining the meaning of a childhood dream in front of an audience (the other being about “The Tadpole’s Ghost” from December 21, 1970). It is probably due to my lifelong study of my own dreams while realizing that much of what is published about dreams is a sham (especially the irritating myths that dominate dream lore).

      My dream also related to thinking about mapping more dreams more specifically, though only on the two main sites I post where the present count is about 3,500 (which is less than one-tenth of my total number of records and study data - though I do hope to have about 10,000 in a few years at least on tumblr if it is still there).

      Tags: crow, moon, teaching
    5. #209. Matilda

      by , 08-31-2015 at 03:23 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      "You thought this place was haunted," I tell the brown-haired child. "As it turns out, you're not the only one with powers."

      I raise a hand and Matilda floats up off the floor, her eyes alight with excitement. I cut the enchantment, and she lands on her feet.

      "So you're my teacher?"

      I nod.
    6. Hard life of a children

      by , 03-14-2015 at 09:31 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I had something like a retrospection. I was applying for a teachers job in school. I was teaching a group of children. I tried my best, but somehow I used bad methods. Many years later children of that children I teached were going to school. I was their teacher.

      Through all the years much has changed in the society and ways people teach. Teachers started to use cruel methods. I was trying to stop it all. To do this I wanted to advertise good ways of teaching. I wanted to make a billboard, but the platform allowing me to do this has broken. The children were disappointed, and I felt like I lost miserably, and nothing can be done to help them.
    7. Romania, Teaching, Flying, and Waterbending

      by , 01-31-2015 at 03:47 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      January 29, 2015

      Back to Romania!!

      I was one of three siblings from Romania. While we lived in Romania, there were lots of adventures, mainly running away from this flying monster that was always after us. I'm not sure that we were human; in fact I think we were some medium-sized rodent-thing. After running away from this big flying monster (we were swinging through huge trees that were much more like a jungle than Romania, but whatever) we ended up going through a magical portal which landed us in the field behind my house back home.

      I got separated from my two siblings, and while looking for them, I found out that the Power Puff Girls lived there. And they wanted to eat us. Well, Bubbles and Buttercup wanted to eat us. Blossom thought it was wrong to eat animals (she must have been a vegetarian). Anyways, Buttercup and Bubbles had laid a series of traps for my siblings and I. One of them was at the little trolley line running from the shed to a large tree. There was another wire running along the ground there, and if we tripped it, we'd explode or catch on fire, or something. The other thing they did... was use our call. We used a call back in Romania to make sure we were all safe (kinda like what Rue and Katniss did in the Hunger Games, but the tune was the one my mentor teacher uses to call the kids to attention). It was so strong in us to reply when that call was made, that when Buttercup made the call, I yelled, "THAT'S NOT FAIR. THAT'S ABUSING THE POWER OF THE CALL." And I came out from hiding. My siblings had also heard the call and were with me then. And so we had to fight the Power Puff Girls.

      I don't remember specifics about the battle, but we beat them somehow. I remember something about using the trampoline that used to be in the yard against them, maybe we took the net off and trapped them in it?

      Anyways, after we beat them, there was a tall, skinny man in black who was also from Romania. He had falling into the same portal, and didn't know how to get back. He came out with a huge gun, and was going to catch us, because Bubbles and Buttercup had promised him they'd get him back home if he helped them get us. I convinced him to help us instead, so we could all go back home together. He said I had a good idea, and I replied, "Dude I know I have great ideas, now LET'S GO."

      I assume we all got back safely. I vaguely remember flying above my house, maybe the portal back to Romania was in the air?

      Fragment: Class

      I was teaching a small, extra class and one of my students was there, and her mom, too.

      Odd Way To Fly...

      I was learning to fly with this weird contraption where if you blew through a tube, you went up, and if you pinched the tube, you went down. I was in a sort of game with my brothers and a few others (I think Zukin was there), and we were seeing how high up we could go. Everyone was afraid of losing oxygen, but I was like, "screw it, I can't get hurt!" and kept blowing through the tube until I hit a barrier of sorts really, really high up. I think I had a suuuuper low level of lucidity, because I was confident that I wouldn't die even if there was no air. I was so high up that the others flying around looked like ants, I could barely see them. When I looked at the land, it was a little bit like in Minecraft when you fly super high in creative mode, where it's just this big square of landscape. I also remember going through phases of different colored atmospheres, like the sky above me would change color until it was white, when I hit the barrier.

      I flew back down and reported that there was a barrier before you'd run out of air.

      Evil Overlord Waterbender

      I was playing a survival game of sorts on a deserted island. There were two teams of three people each. My team had decided to set up our home base right on the beach. We had built up a foundation for our house with large square rocks (almost Minecraft-y) and used straw and bark and newspapers and magazines to build up a more comfortable floor and walls. I had become the leader of my group (though I'd like to think it was through honest means, I think I was more of a tyrannical dictator).

      There was a sort of refreshment store right next to our house. They sold a drink called Grape Rape (How could you, subC, HOW COULD YOU) and another, alcoholic drink, called Rum Running. Apparently it was enough rum to keep you drunk until you drove all the way across the state. Like you were supposed to buy it, drink it all, and then drive across the state. IT was like the House Special Challenge, or something. If you made it there in one piece, you got another, apparently.

      Anyways. The opposing team tried to cut off our access to the water by blocking off the spot where we were going to put a dock, so that we would have to make some sort of deal with them. But I was like hahaha FUCK NO, and went all waterbender on them or something. I raised my arms and the water started to rise from the shore and move out into the ocean. The way the water flowed out was really trippy and hard to describe. It was strait and dramatic, then moved out with 90-degree angles and whatnot. It rose three levels, and then the guy ran away. I threw a huge boulder out into the water, where the guy had been in a boat (as if it weighed nothing) and then tossed out a suspension-bridge-like set of planks that automatically connected to the boulder, creating the dock we had desired.

      The water had lowered again, but when it rose, the walls of our house got torn down, and all that was left now was the floor made of newspapers and magazines. It was strange, they were like rolled up and filled in the space, so it was lumpy. I was laughing maniacally and gathered my two underlings and we just laid out on the magazines and fell asleep.
    8. 1-26-15 Fragments - Psychic teachings

      by , 01-26-2015 at 11:43 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      1-26-15 Fragments - Psychic teachings (Non-lucid)


      Fragment (+0.5)

      Doing lots of readings and sending healing session.

      A spirit that I connected with told me something about chocolate chip cookies.

      Teaching people to develop psychic abilities.
      dream fragment
    9. Lucid Chocolates

      by , 09-19-2014 at 10:09 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Lucid Chocolates (Non-lucid)


      I was in some sort of campus and I was sharing with some of the students how to lucid dream and all the advice I could give them about that topic.

      After the class, I went outside and sat on some stone-made picnic table and someone approached at me and informed me he had develop a new product that would help to lucid dream. He handed me a box of chocolates that aid lucid dreaming. I could read on the box:

      "Blocks up to 100 subconscious thoughts preventing lucid dream."

      It looked something like this:

      The box was priced for $28.99 and I felt it was a bargain.

      My grandma was in the dream as well as Narayan
      (a hindu guy who owns a Buddhist store that I used to be a Psychic Reader at.) They were moving the store to some place else.
    10. The Noise of Angels

      by , 09-03-2014 at 11:03 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Visiting a monastery with my meditation teacher, someone mentions "The Sound of Angels". And then we hear it - a noise so high pitch that I don't actually hear it with my ears, but rather, I feel it in my head. Deafeningly loud, it pervades my whole perception of sound until that's all I experience. Then it stops, the maker of the noise pausing to take another breath before continuing. I join in with the noise making because I don't know what else to do really.

      Everyone stops as a well respected woman is now inside another building, giving some rare advice. I open the door before I can really think much about it and see just one person sitting with her. This person is very nervous and doesn't look prepared to take the advice and use it, so I sit down with them. The woman has a hard time with English, but there is a book she is reading from that we all have a copy of. I gently read along with her to encourage her that she's pronouncing it right. We come to a spot where a bunch of pages are missing. Maybe 20 pages. My book has them all torn out, and so does her book. She looks at me, not knowing what to do next. I tilt my head back toward the heavens and start making "The Noise of Angels". The woman is astonished that I know how to do this, and I figure out from her that it is really rare to be able to make that noise. To me, it is like a cry; a wailing; not really very pleasant, and yet very calming at the same time...

      The monks nearby join me in making the noise, and I appear to be the noise making leader at this point. For no other reason than I know how to make it easily. I do it as I breathe in and also as I breathe out, so I can sustain it with only minimal gaps during the transition of the breath. It also feels like I'm flexing my ear muscles in order to make it - the ones that affect your hearing and ear pressure.

      My meditation teacher and Shiela start to talk about the noise. Apparently, ever since Shiela has discovered that it exists, she has found several movies about it and has not been bored since the discovery. I follow the two of them upstairs in a big house. Shiela turns off to go into her room, then my teacher turns to go into his room, leaving just me in the hallway. I see my friend D in the hallway. We smile and say hi. Seeing a bathroom, I realize I really have to pee. But it's the only one nearby, and I don't want to take it from D, so I leave in search of another. At the top of the stairs, I see a rather exposed bathroom. Waist high walls, and a shelf that makes it really hard to tinkle into the drain because I can't get very close. I try anyway, using my precision accuracy I've developed with the tinkle cannon, but part way through, get a feeling that Shiela will soon come this way. I stop part way through, and flush, then go down the stairs.

      At the bottom of the stairs, is a sink. The base of the sink begins to leak from my flush, and spreads across the wooden floor to a thick rug. I run over and grab paper towels, soak up the wet rug area, then wipe it up back toward the sink. I recall the sink had been leaky for a while, so I am happy to have finally found the source of the leak - the toilet above. J-Rad is also happy we found the leak - I see him in the other room.

      I wake up to find the same frequency noise emitting from the chime bar on my alarm clock!
    11. 27 Apr: looping

      by , 04-27-2014 at 12:11 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I'm attending my guru's teachings and a sequence of odd experiences happen. At some point he plays a drum in a certain beat pattern, without explaining its importance or decoding its meaning. Then he leaves his seat and a midle-aged lady student moves in to play the drum, trying to recreate the same sound. She thinks it's ike a mantra, that we can replicate to help our meditation. But she doesn't play it right. I feel some uncomfort, like knowing she shouldn't be doing it, but it's not my business to decide that, so wat I do is correct her and guide her to play the right beats. At this point I feel my guru's eyes on the back of my head. I turn around but he isn't there. I also leave.
      Then I am with my guru, but the timeline is not linear. I left with him and a group of select people who will stay with him for the next hours as he meditates and eventually doozes off in a more private place. He sits in the middle and we sit around on mattresses. We will be there supposedly for 17 hours, meditating and sleeping. At this point the lady hasn't plaid the drum yet, but then we hear the sound. The guru is a bit upset. Not only it disrupts this quiet moment we're meant to have, but this drumming sound is a sacred sound that shouldn't be plaid by just anybody. From this place here he sticks his eyes into the back of my head on that room, knowing all too well that my good heart enabled that lady to play that drum.
      So he closes his eyes, but he also gets out and personally ensures this lady is punished with temporary incarceration on a cave nearby. I just know all of this because I see it all happening in my mind. As soon as he leaves the cave (and during all that time he was just sitting straight, eyes closed in front of me), I sneak out from this room, to go see the lady. i feel guilty, because I encouraged her to play and taught her the right beats, so I should be incarcerated, not her. I sneak out of the room silently, everybody is meditating eyes closed or sleeping, so I assume no one seems me going.
      I find a way to communicate with the lady inside the cave and to say I'm sorry for her torment.
      I can feel the presence of my guru, of course he knows I'm there, the whole time we've been in more than one place at the time and our actions seem to be all interconnected. She is me and I am him and he is me and I am her. He is smiling from afar.

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    12. Dec 5, 6 Dream Journal: No details, thank you.

      by , 12-06-2013 at 10:43 PM
      Wasn't able to recall the night before. There was a bit where I think I'm in spectator mode, and I'm looking at people eat in a diner setting. Eventually my brain says I'm at the diner from Nighthawks. Either way, crummy night's sleep then.

      Last night, I dreamed seeing a busy, modern-day Japanese city. It's a lot like those fast-cut montages you'd see in the 80's, where you'd see stock scenes of "oh look, here's a lot of people!" "look, now it's a shot of buildings," "now we are showing you Mt. Fuji from afar!"

      Anyways, the "last" cut was a bunch of signs on the side of buildings, and the one sign that's the focal point (though it was not nearly vivid enough to see) was for some sort of English-teaching business, only it was made for weeaboos, by weeaboos. Goddammit, SAF.

      Another scene involved me untangling stuff? That's all I can remember.
    13. Go Longhorns!

      by , 08-13-2013 at 02:00 AM
      Date: August 12, 2013
      Method: WBTB & MILD only
      Total hours of sleep time: 7-8 hours (WBTB 10 minutes)

      Dream 1
      I was being interviewed for a teaching position by a woman and I had to pretend I was teaching a Psychology course. I had the students do a group activity and while they were working on this activity, I thought that it would be a good idea for me to get on the computer. Well, I got distracted on the internet and by the time I realized I was suppose to be back teaching, the woman came back and told me just to go home (do you think she wasn't impress by my internet surfing skills??? )

      Dream 2

      I was being 'courted' by this really cute guy at the grocery store. He as stocking groceries when he caught my eye. I had on an outfit that had the University of Texas Longhorn logo all over it and he asked me what does the logo mean. For the life of me, I couldn't tell him what the logo meant. The only thing I could tell him was, "I'm from Texas."
    14. #54 The Management Company / Bone Child; #55 - Lucid Instructor; #56 - Girls

      by , 03-31-2013 at 12:44 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      A Night Full of Dreams

      I was with an old friend G. We were debating which way to go to get somewhere. I at least went a certain way which led me to a concert hall. I had to go through the hall and exit the other side to continue.

      I was going down by stepping over the seats. At the bottom, the MC said that this was a reverse concert (or something) so that if your name started with a certain letter, one composer would be playing, and if your name started with another letter, another composer would play. Then, when they were finished, the composers would switch and play for the other group of people.

      #54 - The Management Company / Bone Child

      I was with my father and possibly my brother. We were in a store, but it was very dark, and there was some type of show going on at one side of the store.

      I was by the show and said to my brother I think, "Let's go." Then a drug dealer said, "OK. What do you want? I have a lot of stuff, but I may not have what you want."

      I think I told him that I wasn't talking to him and I don't want anything. Then I found my dad and relayed the story of how this guy just assumed I was talking to him and tried to sell me drugs.

      I saw a fringed leather jacket on a rack, then on a guy wearing that jacket. Then I saw it on another rack with a fur-lined hood. It looked worse every time I saw it.

      It was some time around here I started to leave with my dad, and then outside, 3 guys came up to us. We were sitting and they were standing up. The stood too close to us. I waited a minute, but they were standing with their junk in my face, so I pushed one away at the leg and told him he was too close to me. The three guys took offense, and they said they new they were standing close, but they said we had done something.

      Now my brother was around. We were in a different place, but the guys were around me and standing close. I signaled to him to be ready for these guys and we started to fight them...kind of. It may have been a mental thing, like I dealt with them mentally in my dream, just working out what we needed to do, but never had to do it.

      It was about now that these people were employees of the store. They were wearing blue shirts with white lettering that said, "The Management Company." I was appalled that the store would hire these thugs. I then became lucid, but I didn't have the control over the dreamscape that I usually do.

      I asked one girl her name because I wanted to hold her accountable. There hadn't been a girl until now. She told me her name was Bone Child. I tried to make sense of that and realized she gave me her cult name. "The Management Company" wouldn't know her by that name. That pissed me off.


      I wake up in bed and start writing "The Management Company / Bone Child" on a sticky note so I don't forget my dream. I don't want to log it though, so I just write down enough to remember the dream.

      I look again and realize that the writing is gone. I write it again, but realize I'm dreaming, so it isn't going to stay anyway. Since I can't make the lettering stick, I try to verbalize the dream title (as though that would help anything. I just had the need to own the title so I would remember the dream.

      I said, "The Management Company / Bone Child" in a demonic voice. I didn't mean for it to sound that way, but I was having a hard time getting it out as I was actually dreaming. Then my wife got upset because of how I said it.

      At this point, I either woke up and started to SSILD cycle or I started to cycle from within an FA to go back to bed. I started with the eyes and immediately started to buzz. I came out of it and cycled again and started buzzing again. The visuals were typical--heightened awareness of bright spots.

      I relaxed and had

      #55 - Lucid Instructor

      I was with my brother. I told him we were in a dream. He said, "Hey, yeah!" I told him to count his fingers and he counted six.

      I didn't really conjure it, but I wanted a Ferrari and it was there. We got in and I was trying to drive, but it wouldn't go faster than 2 miles per hour or something stupid like that. That sucked.

      Driving down a small street, I saw police at a house. I was going to check it out with my brother, but decided to drive on. We stopped at another house. We walked up to it. I held his hand and said, "OK, phase through." I walked through and pulled him through. There were two old couples in the house. I introduced myself to an old man as though we were invited, but it didn't work. They asked if we were going to take their house (meaning all their stuff.) I told them "No."

      I told my brother to phase through the ceiling now. I wanted to get out of that place. It was beat. Now we were in another building. It was like a museum or something. I said, OK, now run on the walls. He didn't really want to, but he followed me and we ran on these curved walls. Then I said, now fly! Just jump and fly! I started to fly. I guess my brother followed.

      Then I decided, OK, it's time to show him girls.

      I woke up, or had an FA

      I cycled again and slipped back into the dream

      #56 - Girls

      Where I saw a girl from high school. She was a false memory. She really stood out from the other girls she was with. She had red hair and make-up (which I usually don't like), and large breasts.

      I called her name, she came over, and I laid her down and started kissing her. Then I was somewhere else and found a brunette. Odd looking, but I thought she was attractive. I took her though she wasn't interested. I pulled up her shirt, felt her breast, and woke up.

      This night was awesome. Cycling from within a dream was a sure way to lucid. Kick ass!

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    15. Teaching

      by , 11-05-2012 at 10:05 PM

      In this dream I was teaching an elementary school class. It was my first day and everything was going well. The Vice Principal was cool with me for some reason. For some reason all the kids in my class had a dog for the day. Some sort of show and tell activity. For some reason there was also rabbits. I was watching 3 kids at a time while them made clay moulds of their dogs. The fire alarm went off and I led the kids outside but forgot to put leashes on their animals. I spent the rest of the dream chasing around the kids animals. Oh and the mean kid in the class tossed the rabbit into a volcano that happened to appear.
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