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    1. 2013, August 26 (Thursday); Dreams of Vampire Rain and The Black Hole

      by , 08-26-2013 at 03:58 PM
      *Edit: The dream I had prior to this involved Johnny Bravo in the side-yard*

      > One of the first dreams I had that I recall on this night was of drawings of Vampire Rain followed by another dream. I had more dreams before then but they weren't in mind when I wrote this.

      Then, In the morning:

      > Bit about the air conditioner in Mother's bedroom having red knobs or red something on the interface. I think this means we just need to remove it.

      > Then, "The Black Hole" Bits - Vincent the android was in a lower section of the ship and was followed by STAR the robot who was pissed at the android and was going to blow him up with a blue explosive, But VINCENT gave him back his guns while accidentally picking some back up (As if it were a video game) and asking STAR to not blow him up when he kept picking the guns back up. STAR then went back up the blue vortex/beam/alien spaceship teleporter thing/whatever you call it. After that, VINCENT went into a room near the beam and saw someone there who resembled Dr. Fred from Maniac Mansion who sucked VINCENT into him somehow and used him while VINCENT argued with him and "Dr. Fred" said he was always in control of what happened on Dr. Reinhardt's ship and the mayor was dead, As he had to have him killed or something.

      Then, The Intelligent Heavy and Stupid Heavy (Fan-made Team Fortress 2 characters) were together and an explosion happened, Possibly while they were gathered by a sandwich. The Intelligent Heavy fell into "Dr Fred"'s place as an engineer and I didn't see what happened to him and the Stupid Heavy fell into an area near Dr. Reinhardt's and talked, I think, And someone (I think Dr. Reinhardt) said that he (the heavy) fell into his (The heavy's) pocket. The Heavy said something like "Oh-Oh! How do I get out?" As I thought of laughter, Possibly from people who would read this.
    2. Dream Journal Entry 7: Many dreams -04-14-2013-

      by , 04-14-2013 at 04:27 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      Three dreams tonight, and two fragments.

      Dream 1: I was outside a school, apparently mine, except it was in a completely different location and appeared completely different.

      It was about...five to ten times longer than it was wide, and had a complicated network of small flights of stairs and small rooms instead of reasonably large hallways and classrooms. The color scheme was a beige color for the walls, floor and ceiling, with a brown for the doors. Everything was also a mess. Chairs were randomly placed around rooms and such, and there were no tables. I wandered around for a bit, finding the aforementioned information, talked with a few DCs (though I do not recall the conversations), and the dream ended.

      Dream 2: I was playing some kind of third-person stealth shooter with a friend, and I cannot recall any details about him. There are a variety of scenes I remember, such as a wooden bridge spanning a cliff in a desert, with a guard at one end. There was also something about a dragon, which I cannot fully remember, but it was green and resembled a plushie, to an extent.

      At one point, we were infiltrating the enemy base or some such, and it had overly-large hallways, as if they would move tanks around or something. The color scheme was blue. For anyone who has played Lost Planet 2, there was one level that resembled this. There were windows and guards everywhere, but we were somehow not detected. There was one part in particular where there were two paths - one forward, turning right, and an offshoot to the right, which led to some kind of security room to the left, and a lounge/bathrooms to the right. Proceeding down the hall and turning right, there was some kind of dual-gate security checkpoint.

      At this point, it was less "playing a game" and more "controlling the character directly from a third-person perspective." I knew there was a guard on the other side of the door, but I thought I could take care of him. I closed the first door I passed through, and went to open the second one.

      In retrospect, as I am recalling this, I distinctly remember never actually having any weapons of any description. I also apparently referenced the Metal Gear (Solid) series when referring to the guards - though I have only played MGS4.

      So, the second door closes. I am facing the second door, and turn to the right - there is a window looking out into the corridor. Of all things, I see...a Heavy from TF2 run past, and it starts opening the door. The door opens and the Heavy kills me.

      I woke up briefly at this point, did a RC, and it was not a false awakening. It was about...5:30AM.

      Dream 3: I was driving to school. The route is completely different. There was someone who looked like he was wearing three traffic cones (one over each leg and one over his torso), and he was jumping back and forth on the road...at 60kph. Another driver and I passed him by driving into the oncoming traffic lane over a divider, then ran a red light.

      Note - this is definitely not an accurate representation of my driving skill.

      We eventually come to some kind of mall or some such - which is full of those large cargo containers you find on trains and the large cargo ships. We park, and I suddenly find myself outside the car. This "mall" was open on two sides - "open" as in "did not have an exterior wall" - something that would definitely never happen in Winnipeg. Maybe in Hawaii. The roof resembled the interior roof at one section of a place I worked - a greenhouse, though not the "greenhouse" part. My mother apparently buys me these two magnets, with an odd shape - an oval, with a name of some university, then a connecting bar, then a rectangle. On one of them it said something about preferring yellow silk over black gold.

      While silk is nice, oil is somewhat important, dream characters....

      Anyways, at one point I look up, and seem to briefly drift into something of a daydream/fantasy/what have you - one that occurs in real life from time to time, and I speak to this other character (specifically, Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening), and mutter something about "being home." (Note - I use these "daydreams" for lack of a better term to interact with whatever characters are present in whatever game I'm playing to pass the time, or to relieve boredom). We get up to the "school" which is an incomprehensible mess of what looks like oddly-shaped vehicles and buses parked together. I'm looking around for an entrance, and see some of my (IRL) friends.

      We chat briefly, and I ask where an entrance is - one of them says that they are waiting for people to get out of the way, as all of the entrances were blocked. So we wait about five seconds, and walk up some stairs. We enter this "bus" for lack of a better term, and I sit down next to them (not noticing that they are already sitting - and they were definitely behind me). Another friend of mine sits down next to me. I notice a third friend on the other side of the "bus." The second friend goes over to her. I look across, and I see something about free lunches, with a cost of "5" "10" "100" (no currency given), etc. and they were denoted by traffic cones of three sizes and shades - not much difference between them, they were all orange.

      At this point I noticed I had no shirt on, but before I could do a reality check, the dream ended.

      I think, at this point, I'll consider stairs and traffic cones dream signs until proven otherwise, and perform reality checks as normal.

      Dream 4 (fragment): I was playing some kind of turn-based grid-based strategy game resembling Fire Emblem: Awakening. There was a level involving clouds, and I was apparently levelling up the character Morgan (...also from Fire Emblem: Awakening). I also was apparently going to recruit another character on this level, but there were special spaces (which resembled wooden posts) where if I attacked them large sections of the level (which looked like a circle about 6 tiles thick, with a ~5 tile thick bar on the top) would cease to exist, obliterating any non-flying unit beneath them. I accidentally obliterated the character I was going to recruit with Morgan, despite Morgan being on the other side of the map, outside of movement range and such.

      I'm not sure whether or not I should play more Fire Emblem or less. Having the characters as DCs should be entertaining, if nothing else.

      Dream 5 (fragment): This one was a false awakening, though I forgot to do a reality check - I apparently woke up, and walked over to my closet, which had a white, sliding door on it. I open it up, and walk in. While my closet is a walk-in closet, this one was smaller and wider, and had a peaked ceiling. There was a second sliding door, also peaked, and somehow worked. Opening it, there were several shelves with towels. Dream ends.

      All of these dreams were...rather vivid, actually. A shame they were not lucid. I do know which friends of mine were present in Dream 3, I am simply not mentioning their names.
    3. 12th Jan 2013 Quake 2 Multiplayer

      by , 01-11-2013 at 04:41 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Was taking another nap:

      I was playing Quake 2 multiplayer with LV (one of my internet friends), and we were playing a map that had huge tall room with spiral sort of staircase, and it had various exits on different levels of it. At first everything was going as normal and i was winning, then suddenly i was dizzy and in game controls became screwed up, apparently i was playing now with PSX controller instead of keyboard and mouse, but still had to switch weapons using keyboard. I ran my player character to upper levels of room to get more powerful weapons, got hyberblaster but it was out of ammo somehow, also i noticed that blaster had charged altfire mode as well as normal mode. Then i found supershotgun and went down to continue the fight, apparently friend's player character had model of Heavy from TF2 now instead of normal model. And he was spamming taunt animations or something, and not attacking. At this point i got very very dizzy, could barely aim and all, ridiculous controls did not helped either, so as i got close, friend's player character started speaking some nonsense and the dream faded out.