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    1. #213 - Supermarket wars

      by , 03-19-2016 at 10:58 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      This dream was very vivid and immersive for what it was... I had trouble waking up after.
      I was in a supermarket and there was some sort of team system for a battle. My eyes pricked up the conversation coming from behind me as my team mates discussed betraying me. Geeze, what a bunch of dicks. I was crouched on the ground making something, it was a little like playdough. I ditch them and run off down the aisle, I remember as I'm running that I run past my ex Eiei, she was in the middle of shopping for groceries. At some point the dream was ending and I was kind of waking up, I remember thinking that I had to get up for uni since my classes probably start soon. Then were was a dog that came up to me and pissed on me, apparently the dog pisses on university students according to the owner who was somewhere in the background. I also remember some part of my mind thinking about impressing my ex with superpowers, like teleporting and blue flame kind of bs.
      I finally woke up after about 5 minutes of rolling around in my bed convinced that I was going to be late for uni O_O.

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    2. Face Off with a Pedophiles Dog

      by , 01-21-2013 at 04:13 AM

      I was in a couple groups of people out on a large grassy lawn. I think there were a couple teams perhaps cleaning. Their were electrical towers and compressed air. Once we completed our task I noticed one man that was looking suspicions. I thought he might be a pedophile and that he had some sinister plan though there were no children present that I remember. I was to foil/discover his plan. He became nervous and walked out to his car.

      The man had a small, white, curly haired dog and now he was calling to it from his car. He was angry and waving at the animal. I was still trying to hold the man us so justice could be served and in not wanting to let the dog go back to its master we had a confrontation. The dog started barking, growling and looking meaner than any small dog has ever looked before. I got down on its level and growled and scowled right back. And for a minute looking at all its teeth I began to back down. People began to root me on and I wound up winning the face off.

      That's all I remember but I'm sure the man is behind dream-world bars.
    3. Mean Basketball Team, Iron Man Suit

      , 07-19-2012 at 02:21 PM (My Nighttime Experiences)
      I was playing a basketball game. I was on the worst team, so whenever I stole the ball and tried to shoot, everyone would discourage me, saying he's on team 5, he can't make it! This happened like 3 times and I missed each shot. Well after that game I followed my friend Evan to biology class, but I forgot my textbooks, so I had to go to my locker and get them real quick.

      There was some circular roof of a building, which was surrounded mostly by hills so it wasn't dangerous, where me and a bunch of friends would hang out after school and play games. From this spot I could see my brother Adam flying around in an Iron Man suit.

      I also saw these 2 pretty sisters with lots of makeup on, but I realized they used to be conjoined, so they would be kind of gross looking without makeup. I decided not to talk too much with them.