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    1. Of magic and other worlds

      by , 05-09-2019 at 11:35 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I dreamed about using the magic system I'm currently designing for my novels. I used it to hide it from people who I knew that had betrayed me (not sure what the context was). I teleported behind a stage curtain using my visualization and logical sequencing that I've been working on; I can't remember if there was an incantation or not. But there should be once I finish it.

      I also flew. And I made windows in walls to escape from when they didn't previously exist. It was the night and very beautiful. At one point, when someone was trying to harm me, I used my magic and his hand went right through me. They were convinced that I was about to die, or possibly a ghost. It was super cool and pumped me up to keep working on it!
    2. Olympic Practice and Angelic Escape

      by , 11-29-2017 at 09:10 AM
      Morning of November 29, 2017. Wednesday.

      In the first segment of a two-part dream, I am indulging in a lot of very realistic physical activities, doing a number of different exercises including jumping jacks. Unknown people are present, but not in the room that I mostly exercise in. I wave my arms about in different positions as well as perform boxing motions. I feel very strong and energized. I do not become tired at all, despite the intensity of my movements. Additionally, this dream has an atypical sense of physical momentum for a non-lucid dream. Supposedly, I will be able to go into the Olympics, which in my dream, is only a few days away. I say that I will participate in the javelin throw, as it seems any participant can choose what they want to do, but then I consider that the javelin throw might not actually be a part of the Olympics. Still, no one else says anything.

      From here, I am apparently a time-traveling angel. I am in the backyard of the Loomis Street house, yet without a clear memory of my relatives having ever lived here. Instead, Jonathan LaPaglia (the actor from “Seven Days”, the television series about time travel) lives here. However, he is an ordinary person here, with no association with either his status as an actor (as his real identity) or any of the roles he had played.

      The situation relates to him having been offered to place some of his extra junk across the alley where the neighbors put out their garbage. Both piles include some damaged plastic children’s toys (of the type we discarded in real life recently). Curiously, our real life neighbor to the south, on the other side of our fence, is present as living just north of the Loomis Street house. It is extremely puzzling how this individual is one of the only factors of my current conscious self identity present in this dream, more so, how he is present in an American setting that I have not been in since February 1994, yet I do not question any of this fictitious rendering and scenario.

      I had also been reading a paperback book in this setting. It relates to Jonathan and a girl of whom he had been in a relationship with for a long time but had never married or lived with. Her name is Callie. The only association I can think of is Callie Torres from “Grey’s Anatomy”, though I have not watched the show on any regular basis. Very curiously, Sara Ramirez, the actress who plays her, was born on August 31 and so was Jonathan LaPaglia. According to what I read in the book, he has missed out on having a life with her in the future. At one point, he eventually seems to understand that I am “from the future” and only seems to find the situation somewhat amusing, but with no doubts about it.

      As an angel, I can “fix” this. He is to go to a public area where she is informally with another male who is a body builder. (I think the event they go to relates to boxing or bodybuilding.) However, he misses this opportunity but he can still go to where she lives to talk to her. We walk westerly (seemingly through a fictional version of Sill Street and near Kane Street) to an unusual house that has two apartments next to each other, though inside the main entrance of the house. Callie is never seen.

      In the last scene, two unfamiliar people at the address, male and female (though not implied to be living there, as another unfamiliar female lives in the left-side apartment while Callie apparently lives on the right), ask me who I am. “I’m a person,” I say, so as not to imply I am “really” an angel.

      Soon, they pull me to the ground, though without violence. Presumably, they seem happy in having restrained an angel as if they perhaps think I will grant them wishes. I am under them both. In a short time though, I teleport and watch them drop to the ground. I am then standing on an elevated area watching their surprised reaction with amusement.

      Many of my dreams have revealed unusual but very impersonal patterns and layers that cannot be explained, yet which serve no real known purpose and which are not otherwise prescient (as many of my other dreams are) to my knowledge. The matching birth dates regarding dream characters (including with me in some cases) or other matching dates has occurred many times before, and yet it seems to serve no real purpose other than as evidence of a “higher power” being at work in some dream states. (As the so-called subconscious has no thinking or reasoning skills or any kind of intelligence or viable memory, the typical nonsensical “my subconscious” rubbish that the majority goes on and on about cannot explain such things at all.)

      Those facets that relate to real life here are minimal. Jonathan LaPaglia reminds me vaguely of our landlord (though of whom we have only seen every now and then the entire time we have lived here), who said we could use the bins at a nearby address for additional stuff that was destroyed in the storm, so that is where that part originated from. The rest has no real connection to my current conscious self identity. My being an angel or a demigod has occurred in a number of dreams since childhood.

    3. Teleportation - Gone Wrong!

      by , 10-13-2017 at 03:34 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Longish lucid?

      Started I was reading a graphic novel. Apparently I made up the story but someone else had redone the artwork. I was impressed with the artwork.

      I was some how teleported inside the story... I was floating over some town and saw some lakes nearby but I wasn't supposed to go there.

      Can't remember what happened in between but became lucid in someone's house. I was grabbing some DC girl and she somehow got away. I began wandering a warehouse or something not wanting to lose the dream. I found an open garage door in the warehouse and began walking out with some people nearby. I wanted to try Time control. I asked loudly if anyone had a watch. After asking a few times a random DC handed me a watch. I looked at it and it was digital. "No," I said. I took the watch away from my gaze a few times until the watch had a face with hands. I kept thinking," Slow down," To the second hand. Eventually it's ticking began to slow and almost stop. I tried to meditate on time slowing further but began to see distortions. I had to jump high to escape them.

      I landed and the dream snapped back into vision with better clarity. I had no idea how long the effect would work. I wanted to try teleporting to a different dream. In the past I hated changing dreams because everything goes black and I enter the next dream non lucid or with little recall. So I tried to create a door. I had chalk or something so I outlined a door on the wall. I got the idea from the Beetlejuice movie. I thought of the person I wanted to visit and began writing their name. I ran out of chalk. I asked DC's for chalk and they handed me a smaller piece. I began to make use of it when I blacked out.

      Started entering another lucid. I was staring at a room with young girls in their 20's but my recall slipped after.


      Dream from this morning. I became lucid when I discovered I could fly. More like dog paddle through the air. Forget what happened after.

      Vague dream

      I was int the mountains but it was work related somehow? I was in a clearing by a river with some people, but forget what we were doing. Maybe some of my family was there.

      After some time the shift ended and I was exiting a mcdonald's... Don't know how that transition happened. Something to do with M from work? I dunno

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    4. [10-02-2017: Code, Forest]

      by , 02-10-2017 at 09:00 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I was browsing the web when I stumbled upon source code of Blood game. I immediately downloaded it and started thinking about developing my own projects.


      I tried to park my car in the school parking, but all places were blocked. I drove to nearby blocks of flats and parked there. Then entered school bus and with group of classmates and teacher we drove to forest, where we had a practical exam for a technician title. It was a noon, we drove to the forest along extremely convoluted road until we got to a spot with fireplace. We drove first by car and then by bikes. It was set up for us as a small party after the exam. Suddenly I found myself at the outskirts of forest in the middle of the night. I wanted to get back there as we had to return those bikes back to school. I followed the road and then I heard the sound of fallen tree and chainsaws. I was scared of one falling on my head, but still moved on. On the way I saw huge timber pile, with each log being larger than a building. I met my teacher, instantly recognised him in the darkness. He quickly led me to the bikes. I met two classmates there who also didn't returned their bikes yet. We got them, they were winnying that school's far away. I told them "With power common for lucid dreamers, we'll get there in a second!". I got the bike and focused, and instantly appeared with the bike in schol garages. I left the bike and went away.
    5. Lightly Flooded Streets (with Zsuzsanna and Toby)

      by , 11-19-2016 at 05:19 PM
      Morning of November 19, 2016. Saturday.

      The roads are lightly flooded, though not to an extent that makes Toby’s driving problematic. Toby cheerfully talks of continuing to drive straight on the present road to where we may be arriving at a shopping mall, though he turns left instead after giving information to a traffic cam that he will not be turning. This puzzles me and I am not sure of his motive. I consider that he may not like the idea of being tracked by GPS and may believe that what he said will somehow fool the cam despite the GPS.

      We go up a gradient after turning left and of which is somehow more flooded than the main road and turn off, which of course is not possible as the water would flow downward. The sense of motion in going through the shallow water is very relaxing and peaceful.

      Soon, Toby is suddenly near a building in the distance, as if he had teleported from his car. There are a few times after this scene when the car seems to be driving itself. It is my task each time to bring the car to Toby. The very lightly flooded streets bring a sense of calmness to the location, though there is a slight annoyance at times over Toby teleporting from the car while driving and then us having to find him to take his car to him. At one point, he even seems slightly annoyed when he teleports to the end of a street and has to wait for us to bring his car to him.

      Understanding the real reasons for dream features and events:

      My dream state initiation autosymbolism for this dream is water induction, my most common form, at least one dream per sleep cycle for over fifty years, as water is autosymbolism (as well as an auto-scripting factor from an understanding of the dream state) for the essence of sleep, muscular release, and the absence of emotion in unconsciousness.

      Toby is the driver and in this case is my personified unconscious (which is not as common as the personified preconscious for biological reasons, as most people naturally fall asleep but in contrast require RAS mediation or RAS modulation to wake), and as we are moving through water, it is autosymbolism for my physical body requiring more sleep, as it is not fully a boat. Toby being the driver has no waking life significance in this case and is rendered as a deeper induction thread, as I have not seen him in real life since we were teenagers. (In fact, Toby is rendered as such because he does not represent a factor of waking life, to prevent flawed neural gating and false memory association.)

      Is turning left and going up a gradient significant? Yes, as typically autosymbolism being oriented to the left is reinduction (when I sleep on my left side). However, going up implies an emergent consciousness factor. As a result, the traffic cam can only represent RAS mediation itself, and the water being illogically deeper higher up is based on a subliminal attempt to suppress the emergent consciousness factor. My dream plays out a skewed reinduction loop, somewhat like the opposite of a false awakening. My body wants to sleep more deeply, but there are subliminal environmental or biological distractions. That is basically all this dream signifies. Thank you for reading. Anything that you feel needs additional explaining, feel free to ask.

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    6. Spooky Comp. Day 23 - totm´s fails, teleport but not to candyland

      by , 11-06-2016 at 02:34 PM
      i stay infront of a mirror in a bathroom. i see that i have no beard and short hear. hm this is not right. i do a nosepinch and am lucid. i rub my hands look out of the window and think what to do. okay candyland here i come.
      i look to the wall and even tho there is no mirror i see a reflection of me. i see myself smiling and tell myself "behind that door is candyland" i open the door but just a floor. the setting is like an very old hospital. i move to the next door and open it and again just a random room. i continue thru several doors until i land in a room with a guy and a girl. both seem to be personal. i see two doors next to each other and i want to ask the guy which one is the door to candyland but before i can ask he opens one and enters. again just a bathroom. i go to the girl and ask her same question. she tells me "none of those but this one" and points on a bookshelf with a small wooden door. she approaches it and puts in a tissue to open the lock. while shes making around i summon a fire in my hand again. its working but with a little more willpower than the two days before. i think i´ve found a reproducible and easy way to summon a nice fireball in my hand. i am happy about it.
      she opens the wooden door and i see a purplish portal behind it. without hesitation i jump inside and find myself in the void. pure blackness. i move some body parts to ground myself and not to wake up. i say again and again "candyland" and try to imagine it. this time it feels long to be in the void. after some time i start to see small circles that start to get bigger. suddenly i am in my room. for the split of a second i seem to see some candy outside but i am back in my room standing there. just to be sure i do a nosepinch and phase outside. i feel like in a different reality. the plants i have on my window board are half a meter outside in mid air. i float next to them and look and them. the colors are special. very green and strong but not loud or shiny. kind of different... i float up and see that alle the buildings are different then they should be. there are some constructs made of wire that seem to be a parking lot on some roofs. i try to make a fireball in midair but i seem to concentrate to much because i have problems with the fireball and sinking at the same time. i stop it and decide to fly up into the sky. i fly to a bulding and kick myself of it to the next one like a pinball. i jump strongly and up in the air. its night and the sky is over and over with stars. i see galaxys/milky way and some falling stars but they dont fall straight but in shape of snakes. i accelerate more and more and the stars start to blur and i find myself around stars
      and wake up...

      i go somewhere with my roommate. he has a bicycle. he has a big TV on it. and it seems that i want him to do something for me. transport something? he agrees and i ask him if its really okay and he nods and starts moving slowly. i look down at me and notice that i have nothing on my except a t-shirt. so i need to go back home and get my stuff. i have a pink old bike and i start riding. i see my roommate and ride past him. in a curve the right handle of the bike falls down. i stop pick it up, but it back on and continue riding. i am now in my hometown. the handle falls down again and after picking it up again i do a nosepinch and can breath thru like a king. i am confused and to back this up i look at my hand. yup seven fingers.
      i phase into a car and push out a granny again (dont know why i have a high affinity to cars that much at the moment and why there are always grannys inside...) i say out loud: "navigation on, bring me to candyland." and immediately a blueish arrow shows the direction. i start driving the car and hear music in the background. i accelerate and decide to drive to a place i know and get out there. but because i think about something else i land in a different location and i get out and everything is game-like. i want to communicate with DC´s that are next to the car but i have to type it so it appears as a speech bubble infront of me. i notice something is off and normally i dont have problems communicating with DC. why do i dont just speak? i die?! or reload?!
      however i am back in the car in same position before i started driving. i ask out loud "turn on some music. Sigil plz" and music is starting. i think i even got something similar to what i wished. i get out of the car and approach a girl. since i found the last "show me a dance" not so convincing i ask her to the same. without a word she moves around the car and in the moment she wants to start another girl approaches her looking worried. she wants to whisper her something and i put my hand behind my ear deciding to have super hearing and i hear her loud and clear saying something about to think twice to just like that show a dance and to think about it. shortly after
      i get woke up by a temporary roommate smashing a damn door...
    7. Hylian Shield?

      by , 10-23-2016 at 01:44 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      10:00 AM
      Hylian Shield? (DILD)

      The begining of this dream is rather x rated so I will let you use your imagination for that part. I spontaneously become lucid. I decide to do something useful rather than continue the shenanigans. I miss Juliana so I summon her but I summon someone else who is way to short and squat. I un summon themm and try again. This time it is her and she hugs me. She points out that it has been a while. I ask her if we can go on a mission or something and she says it would be better to train. I say I wan't to try the evil witch mission from DHL but she thinks it's a waste of time to get ahead of ourselves and walks off. I remember that I summoned the master sword and want to show her. I chase after her and say that I have made some progress since I last saw her and summon the Master Sword from behind my back. "The master sword huh?" She says. "Maybe there is a mission we can go on. Grab my hand." I grab her hand and we are teleported infront of some building.

      The first time someone else has teleported me. Cool.

      There are bouncers in front of the door. She says to just act cool. We walk past the bouncers and they don't stop us, even with me carying a sword. I use a touch of mind control to make sure they can't notice. There is a party going on. Mostly there are 20 somethings eating food. Juliana sits down at a table and munches on some snacks and says the Hylian Shield is somewhere in this building. I look into the kitch and see cooks working. I look down another hallway and see a few more party goers security guards patrolling. I go back to Juliana and ask her where I am suppose to be looking. She says that the person who owns the sheild will probably be ariving soon and to follow them. I suddenly wake up though and don't feel like I can DEILD
    8. [11-09-2016]

      by , 09-11-2016 at 08:43 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was a really dark early morning. It was during a winter, there were snowdrifts on the roadsides and there was some ice on the road. I left my house, but I wasn't wearing any jacket - I only had a gray shirt, black trousers and black shoes. I went towards my old school, there was something important I had to do. I had troubles with walking and breathing, I scrambled towards the school. On the way I saw some people going there too, I thought "Last year in technical, and now I have to get back to previous one for a year!". I finally reached the school and immediately saw some people I know that shouldn't be there.

      This made me realize that it's a dream. I left the building for a while and saw my car standing at the parking lot. I went to it and inside I found some paper sheet with strange calculations written on it. The handwriting was identical to mine. I got back to school and looked around. I thought about meeting with someone, but that wasn't enough to summon her. Instead I chosen to talk with someone else - a tall blonde haired woman wearing a white dress. I said that I have something to deliver to her and we went outside. As we were going to car, she got scared of me and ran away to school. I tried to chase her but I slipped on the ice. I got up and went back to the building, in search of that woman. I searched on the hallway, in toilets and then I found her on the corridor. I told her that I don't have time for such fooling around and I have to deliver that package. We got to my car, I showed her the paper sheet, folding it before so she wouldn't see calculations. I told her to sign it with an x and go Roth me towards warehouses. As we moved on, I noticed someone following us. I thought about removing that dude from my dream, but somehow he was resistant to my powers. However, he wasn't resistant to telekinesis. I gestured and thrown him far far away. Then we entered the warehouses. Instead of giving her that package, I persuaded her to make it out with me. I didn't knew that it was a military warehouse, and as we were doing it, soldiers appeared and surrounded us. Then a loading screen with warehouse appeared. I found myself in some corridor going to warehouse. Instead of entering I went through doorway that was behind me. A map appeared, there was some sunny valley. I chosen it and got teleported to some dark grove. I summoned that woman. She was a bit different, as she had brown hair this time. I saw myself from third . She was scared of me and the grove and started running away. I chased her, throwing fat monsters with long horns away using telekinesis. I got her and after a while oh talking we made it out again. I have lost lucidity.

      I found myself in my house with younger sister and that woman. We took out rc cars and drove around my room.
    9. [17-08/19-08-2016]

      by , 08-19-2016 at 11:13 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I was sitting on a sofa on my kitchen. There was my mother, sitting on a chair in front of me. I had black spots all over my body and knew that something is wrong.


      I was in my house, in my living room with teacher. We were discussing about music. Then I saw a group of friends, they were all men in their late forties. They were working in some research facility. They were afraid of one of their choices and safety of them and whole facility. I took an elevator with them, the men have scattered on different floors while I went to my work - transporting barrels of waste to hazard elimination unit. I moved some barrels but then an accident happened and controllers sealed off the chamber, which also stopped ventilation and closed me in chamber with green clouds of radioactive waste. I had troubles breathing, there were some women working in the chamber, talking about money they'd get for it. I thought that radioactivity would kill them before they'd get their money, and it will kill me too. Then a girl I know appeared and somehow destroyed protective seals so I could jump out of waste chamber and punch a controller. Then I had to escape, I decided to run into a metal tunnel with metal spirals that conducted electricity. I wanted to get through it to another part of complex, but then explosions on both sides of the tunnel stopped me. Flame wave almost got me, but spirals released energy wave that turned my body to quants and teleported me somewhere else.
    10. [17-07-2016]

      by , 07-17-2016 at 11:25 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I woke up in my bed, in my house. Father was watching TV while mother was making preparations for New Year's eve. Pals visited my younger sister, I was visited by a dark haired girl from my class. I was looking for something to do, but there was nothing interesting to do. With the girl we went to check out what's in a few old drawers. She found a few things for herself, while I still couldn't find anything. I was bored, it was evening. I went to the kitchen, mother was still cooking something. Looking through the window I saw that there was a huge crowd of people gathered, waiting for the new year a few hours before it was going to happen. A bald man in gray shirt with a long, dense moustache and his little son caught my attention for a while. I went to another room where sister was sitting with her pals. I just entered and left the room, then I went back to my bed and fallen asleep.

      I found myself on some dark alley, it was evening. I heard a voice of news speaker in the background and immediately reminded myself that I almost always dream about things that my body hears when sleeping. The speaker was talking about situation in Turkey. I had a small ball that was trying to break free from my grasp. It finally escaped and I started to chase it around the alley. I finally caught it and thought:

      "I caught it... It's a dream, I can do anything!" I realized that it's a dream and thought about what to do. Then I recalled ToTM tasks. I started flying, it was a long time since I dreamed lucidly (and flying was never my best skill), I flewn into a nearby flat, phasing through a glass pane. It felt as if a membrane surrounded my whole body. Inside I met that bald man and his son. I recalled a bonus task with creating earthquake. I moved my hands to the sides and made gestures as if I grabbed the whole world, then started shaking my hands. The earthquake started, I felt as if the whole world really started started to quake. I stopped shaking my hands and after a while the earthquake finished. Interestingly, there were no damages to anything around. The man and his child disappeared.

      I jumped out through the window and time of day has changed. It was an early morning. I recalled the lightspeed task. At the end of the alley I was able to see a city hospital with an ambulance parked in front of garage. I focused and took a step forward, with speed of light only one step was enough to get closer to ambulance. I tried it a few more times, but it wasn't working as good as previously. I took a walk around the area and noticed a small, yellow carousel. Nearby the carousel was a garage with a tractor. I thought about turning the carousel into a flying pod, in a UFO manner. I sat on it and just started flying up to the sky. I flewn back to my house, I was flying above my backyard. Time turned to evening. Still flying on my flying pod, I thought that I never met any dream guides so I decided to call out for one.

      Suddenly lime green beams of light started to shoot around and then everything turned green. I found myself in some kind of scyscraper, wearing only underwear. My vision was strangely changed, it seemed like I had much extended field of vision, seeing my body in the middle and then sides of the room. My movement was somehow limited, my whole body was in pain. I felt as if I was dismembered and chaoticly stitched back, turned into an abomination. I could feel every stitch on my body. I was standing in front of a table with commission composed of a few doctors, a man in suit and a huge, muscular and black skinned man wearing a military suit and a red beret on his head.

      They told me to come closer, one of the doctors said "Now you'll be mr. Trump's dream guide!" I was just standing there in pain, but I felt that my body was slowly turning back to norm, each part of body feeling a slight release. It was accompanied by a feeling of cold liquid on my skin. The doctors were about to come closer and start experiments, but suddenly a teenage blonde woman appeared out of nowhere and told them to wait. She related a car accident to them. I immediately identified it as dreaming about what body hears during sleeping - a TV turned on news when I was sleeping. I used this distraction to fully restore my body into it's normal form.

      The black skinned man noticed this and decided to attack. I tried to control his body or grab him telepatically like any object, but he was resistant. He charged at me with a dagger, but I managed to disarm him and grab the dagger. I started stabbing, but I couldn't pierce his armor. I tried again, confident and expecting his armor to fail. With another stab I pierced his armor and wounded him heavily. A few more strong stabs and he was lying dead.

      I looked around for an escape route and decided to jump out through a window. I jumped forward, phasing through the window, making a flip forward and landing perfectly on my feet. I looked back at the building and decided to utterly destroy it. With one hand I made a gesture and the whole building literraly exploded, glass shards flying in the far away. In the same time I summoned an earthquake with the other hand and forced the skyscraper to collapse. I teleported away, ending at a terrace in another skyscraper. I thought what to do next.
      I started losing lucidity. I heard a voice of a little girl telling "It's enough daddy! Wake up!" I started drawing what I did in this lucid dream, then saw how it turned from paper to reality. After a while I woke up.
    11. #226 - Magic world

      by , 04-11-2016 at 11:24 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Last nights dreams were pretty awesome but I had to get up early and then had a pretty shitty day. Still, I wanted to write this up since it was so cool. I would have been able to write more if I had been able to do it in the morning but oh well.

      I was in a world with magic and stuff, it was pretty mind-blowing.. Around me is a forest full of glowing fauna and flora, it's sort of a high-fantasy realm or something. There is a couple other people I think, and you can travel to this magic world by a portal using certain magic items. I've got a couple and I share them so that me and the other people can travel to the other world. I think I go there twice in the dream, the first time I recall being chased by a bear-like magic beast that was indigenous to the area. The second time was the time I remember properly and was when I brought the other people with me. I gave one a nut (as in a nut and bolt) and I had one too, except mine had another ornament in the centre. In the (somewhat ordinary though still slightly glowing) forest, we walk up to these 2 stone marks on the ground and the nuts activate, teleporting us to the magic world. When we arrived we got chased by a few monster animals, I decided not to kill them, thinking it'd just be easier to take my friend(?) to a safer area. We sprinted through the forest and ended up at the safe zone. I have a feeling it might have been a colossal sized tree with a grassy area around it.

      There were other dreams I had last night which were awesome, and another hyper-realistic dream I had during the day today. I've been napping most days for about a week or so now, which is really unusual for me.
    12. South America Tourist Fiasco

      by , 01-09-2016 at 07:09 AM
      Morning of January 9, 2016. Saturday.

      In my dream, I am, for whatever reason (and with a presumed but undetermined back story) on a tourist bus somewhere in South America. I am not sure of which country though the odds logically favor Brazil.

      I am with my two youngest sons, though the bus is crowded and people are mostly in random seats apart from each other, including a group of girls who talk to each other from different parts of the bus. There also seem to be locals (of whatever region we are in) on the bus. My two youngest sons are the only other dream characters that are familiar in any way.

      The bus is apparently on its way to the airport where people will then get to their designated flights. However, when the bus driver gets off the bus due to difficulties with a semi blocking the grassy parking area exit to the road, the bus starts to roll a bit down an embankment until it hits a large tree covered with vines. When I look out the door of the bus to the right, as I am now near the driver’s seat to see what is going on at the front of the bus, I see that the semi is actually turned on its side. One of the tourist guides, a young male (probably not even as old as twenty), who is sitting on the overturned semi-trailer, tells one of the female passengers to shut up when she reminds the bus driver that the arrival at the airport needs to be at a certain time. The person looks a lot like an obnoxious and evasive co-worker I had years ago when I worked at the Onalaska Cemetery even though I do not make this direct association during my dream.

      The bus continues to remain in its position and the driver does not return. Soon, about five local South American police officers board the bus for an unknown reason. I get the impression my sons and I will miss our flight back to America (even though I live in Australia in real life). I decide we will walk to the airport even though it is likely miles away. I ask one police officer (an older chubby dark-skinned male with a mustache) if my sons and I can leave the bus and he nods to me in a friendly manner.

      After I get off though, I notice my sons are not with me so I call to them and they get off the bus and join me. I had gotten off from the side door from the middle of the left side of the bus even though the door near the driver’s seat was on the right side. I do not know if there are any buses designed like this as it would not be sensible, though it may be a distortion of having been on both American and Australian buses. The police had mainly come in through the back of the bus as well as a couple from the side door.

      My sons and I go down a steep embankment with high grass in a somewhat jungle-like clearing. I realize that it will be very difficult to walk to the airport (north of our location), and it looks like the bus will not move for a long time. No one has come to offer help regarding the overturned semi that still blocks the tourist bus’s path as well as police cars and a couple military vehicles. My sons and I were the only ones allowed to leave the bus for whatever reason. All of the people on the bus are considered as suspects and witnesses of an unknown crime.

      I decide that I will use teleportation (even though I am not lucid) to take us all home. I close my eyes and concentrate on getting home and as I open them again, there is a shift in consciousness. I open my eyes and the three of us are in the living room on Loomis Street (where I have not been since 1994). I know my wife Zsuzsanna will be returning from the store soon.

      Teleportation, flying, and telekinesis are extremely common even in my non-lucid dreams, but what gets me is the continuous recurrence of places (and unusual composites that utilize their features) where I have not been in over twenty years. Because the Loomis Street location is where many of the miraculous and unexplained links to the Source occurred, there may be some relevance there rather than as just a setting. More on this will be in another entry of this date and the difference between teleportation events and flying events relative to locations.

      This morning, I dreamt of three of my previous homes and my present one. Loomis Street, King Street, Barolin Street (Australia), and our present home.

    13. Success with different ways of Teleportation; memorable Lucids; TOTM; Rhino & Unicorn and more

      by , 11-13-2015 at 05:40 PM
      Bettime: 23:15 no meditation, visualisation

      missed first awakening because fall asleep before tagging and had a dream where i wrote down some notes about interesting thoughts/some energy i felt?

      woke up at 4 am. i had a dream, tried to remember a fragment and lost the dream. i squeezed my brain and got in the end 4 short fragments. the squeezing made me pretty awake.
      i´ve tried to wild on my back but noticed after some minutes that i am to awake. got negative thoughts cycling in my head like i hadn't it for nearly a year before i start with meditation. was awake for about 2h...
      at 5:36 my roomates fu**in alarm clock ringed every three or four minutes for half an hour... so i stood up go to the toilet and sit down on my meditation cushion and tried to calm my mind. after about 15-20min i got back to bed again and noticed that i now had more control over my toughts again and could block the negativity. i noticed how i drifted into dreamy toughts and repeated my mantra. (fall asleep aprox. 6:20)

      7:30 LD:

      some NLD stuff with transition from a room into a bus into a room again with a baby turning into my brother and crazy stuff like that. back in front of the building where my brother and i was inside. a house party is going on. some windows are open and i see young adults that seem pretty drunk and on drugs kissing and yelling. i enter the building and on the entrance there are two bowels of food. i recognize that one of them is mine and i put it there previously. i pick it up and see a lot of fruitflies and similar stuff. i´m wondering a bit and wave them away with my hands. the food consists of pretty big balls with food that is nonexistent in real life or maybe can be found in asia somewhere O.o (i´ve had an NLD where i eat similar stuff) my awareness rises and i remember that this is a dream. i eat up the last spoon and move up the stairs. its pretty dark and while moving im doing a RC and think about the dream. i open a door and wonder that my subconscious rendered this room i was before although i was in my thoughts and looking down. the party is over and on my left site i see a dude lying on a couch sleeping. i keep going and there is another door. i wish to myself to find at least an attractive redhead somewhere behind. i go thru the door and turn right in the direction of the room i saw from outside with the open windows. i see a lot of sleeping people. a dude builds up in front of me and is trying to tell me that its private here. we somehow start a little talk and he tells me that he watched up the whole time for the others. he smiles and looks proud of himself. i walk some more and look around but find nothing interesting. i turn around and walk back. on my way an average looking redhead girl crosses my way. i turn around stop her and kiss her directly. i´ve ask her if she might tell me a joke. "hmm nah dont know one...". my hair is in my face and bothering me. i put it away and fall into the void. i know i am still dreaming because some music is playing so i am singing with it and move my hips like i would do naughty things or lets say dance. i wait some time and suddenly are in my bed. a really really beautiful girl with relatively short reddish purple hair is sitting on my and wants to kiss me. while she approaches me i do a nosepinch just to be sure. she kisses me and i tell her something like "unfortunately this is just a dream" she looks sad for a moment like i would have degraded her. i smile to her and we talk a little. i ask her if she wants us to undress our underclothes. i start with my boxers and she with her top. while we undress i ask her if she might tell me a joke. she answers straight forward: "hmm all jokes i have are incubated" i look at her and am surprised. she lay down on me but a sleeping bag is between us. i put it away and we lie now skin on skin and i wake up.

      she made me think. she was really really beautiful in a very natural way and seem to be more intelligent/independent than all the previous DC. she was sad when i mention that she is "just a DC" and irritated me with her answer for my joke question. i would love to see her again. maybe i can summon her again but dont see her face clearly anymore... but maybe it can work nevertheless! i wouldnt say this is my dreamguide or anything but it was an extraordinary encounter!

      take some notes and fall asleep again

      8:35 LD:
      i wake up in my bed and instantly know this is a dream. i am in a dull room with white walls and nothing inside. i stand up and hear my roommates alarm go on again i start singing something to not hear the alarm so i dont wake up (the alarm must have been in my dream because at this time my roommate wasnt here anymore i think) i think about what to do and remember that i want to practice teleportation. i dont want to try blink eye teleportation and think about lay back in bad and fall asleep. i sit in my bed but i remember ~Dreamer~ way of teleporation. i stand up again go to the wall and point my finger on the wall and think "Red" so i can paint. i paint a oval portal that is not red but more a faint line. i try to push it some times and it the wall give away. i push so hard that i just fall right into the hole and find myself in the void. i use it to incubate where i want to go because i forgot to do it before. i think and repeat "meadow with a tree" and suddenly after some moments i´m standing on a way and infront of me is a field. a little further are some trees and a railway lines. i am alone. not what i aimed for exactly but close enough i think and start flying near the ground over the field. i see some flowers that have deep blue stems and leaves and bright red blooms. i pick one while flying, land and try to smell it but it has no odor. i look on the ground and notice that the soil is pretty dry and there are alot of ankle high plants with short little spikes. hm no barefeet walking i think to myself and start flying again in the direction of the railway lines. i land there and look around. i see some mushrooms and some plants that remindes me of a yellow narcissus flower. i see a feet big snail. with a second look i see that it is made of earthenware. i look around and see an old truck and a little further a rhino i fly over to the truck to get a better sight on the rhino. i land there and look at him. he is lying down. i think about fly a little closer but in this moment it notice me and runs in my direction. its an big adult rhino. he stops infront of the truck and scrape with the hooves. i remember the tasks of the month again and see that it wont tell me a joke but i might communicate with it via telepathy. i climb a little bit down so i get closer and hold my hand on my temple and think "let us be friends". i repeat it over and over. i decide to climb down a little further but the rhino starts running again furious in my direction i go up a little so he cant hit me. he runs past me and i think telepathically "HEY!" and he stops and turns and look at me. i again repeat let us be friends and he runs back where he was standing before. i repeat the sentence some times more and decide to climb down "what the hell should happen. this is a dream he cant really hurt me" i climb down on the ground and he starts running in my direction again. i kneel down and open my arms. he turns into a small (baby?) rhino who jumps into my arms and starts licking my face like a dog would do.
      i wake up and feel really happy.

      i think about standing up but still feel tired and fall asleep again after some notes

      10:15 LD:
      I have a FA in my bed. this time my room looks more realistic and i am a little confused although i am pretty sure i am dreaming. i stand up and look around and see for example my couch missing. i still do a nosepinch and remember that i could teleport again. i search a wall with some space and draw a small portal like before. i push again and the cycle falls insight the wall i feel a pulling force again but can resist to fall insight. i sit infront of the hole/portal and climb insight. i feel like falling and this time i dont see black but greyish like when you pick the wrong tv channel. it changes a bit and gets more sharp like a loading screen and suddenly i hear a sound and enter a game? everything looks a little pixelated. it is a futuristic theme and i think i see some startrek guys. i am a bit confused and move around. i enter a bath and look into the mirror. i look like a pixelated game figure but my appearance is changing. now i look pretty normal but have black curled hair with some dreads. in those dreads is some metal ring that looks nice. i pick the ring and put it in my pocket for later. i smile because i know i cant bring it back to waking. i move some feet away but then thinking about that i could teleport right again this time with a mirror. i go back but now the mirror is just a small vertical stripe. i tap against it and after some times it gets fluid. i put in my arm till my shoulder but then it doesnt go any further because the mirror is to small. i back off and while heading to the next room i yell "Commander i need a bigger Mirror!" i enter the next room and see "Data and Riker" (i dont watch Startrek so dont know what rank they have or anything; i talked to a friend one or two days ago about Startrek because there is an episode about lucid dreaming he told me). Riker starts going away to get me a bigger mirror while data is just standing around. i see an mirror on a shelf and take it. it is a little dusty and i put it on the ground thinking this might be big enough. i strife of some of the dust and tip on it again. it starts to be fluid again and i stand on the mirror sinking in. i leave with a Ciao! while Data is just looking at me with no motion. i fall again into the void and imagine my "meadow and tree" i appear on a forest path and see a farm infront of me. some feet away is a guy working. hm i think people... i move in the direction of the big building and see some horses. i look closer and notice that they are no horses but unicorns. one has cut of wings. i pet him a little and keep going. i see an orangutan crossing my way and again i put my hand to my temple and say telepathically "hey come to me" he looks shortly at me but keeps running. i look determining and he stops and approaches me. i sit on the ground and he jumps into my lap and i pet him. we communicate a little (cant tell if with words or telepathically) he tells me something i dont remember and i tell him he smells good (i actually cant remember a smell) he says thanks but the thing he put in his fur is itching or something. i stand up and keep going to a table where two or three men are sitting. i talk to one of them a little and then ask him if he might tell me a joke. "nah i dont know/remember any jokes......... no good atleast" i say "nevermind tell me one" the second guy intermeddle with some stupid stuff i dont remember. next to him is a box or a travel case with some small items and stuff. i try to get something with telekinesis but it only moves a little and dont levitate to me. he tells me that i am not allowed to take something from there. i get a little angry and decide to Kamehameha the table away. i connect my hands and notice i have something in them. a bag and something different in the other hand. i put both into my pockets and start over again. i do the motion and the words but nothing happens :/ i move some feet away from them and try again and i feel shortly some energy between my hands but nothing to see and nothing happens again. one of the guys stands up and approach me like nothing happens. i am in a room now and another guy stands next to me. he has three eyes like the dude from dragon ball. i ask him if he might show me how this works and he says yes but not now its not the time. i say: now please? have no time! but he just walks away... never mind i think and see some big coins. i take one and start to levitate it in my hand. the guy from the table stands next to me and is watching. i do some tricks and try to hold it in the air without movement. i have some problems but change my mindset to i want it to freeze in the air. the coin stops moving around and just spins a little but this stops to and the coin stands motionless in the air. the guy is cheers and i explain to him that the trick is to think that it freezes in the air. i want to morph the coin into another but then i wake up because of our postman...
    14. Teleporting is more difficult than I thought; amnesia-recall

      by , 11-11-2015 at 11:51 AM
      Bedtime: 11:30 pm; no meditation before bed; visualization ~15min; did sport; stomach not full/empty

      First time awake: 3 am

      F: practice something but not as a job

      should be micro WBTB but a little longer awake because sick and nose full so little problems breathing (~20min?)

      5:10 am
      Dont remember how the dream started or how i got lucid in the first place. its really bugging me because it was an interesting feeling and i would love to know what happend before.
      I am in a small group and (re)enter a house. i try to move something with TK and it works. i smile and say ah still lucid thats good. i look to my left site where a friend is walking and tell her: "I´m still lucid, nice right? Remember? Ah you´ve forgotten again?" and pet her back. [funny enough i dont remember neither :/] "Wow i´m already a long time lucid this is cool." We enter the house. i ask her if she can tell me how to get lucid more often. she answers that i´ve already asked the question before. i cant remember if i got an proper answer or thats it. i want to make her levitate and it wont work at the beginning even if i try hard so my body tense up. Hm wait this is not that hard i did this already with more than 3 people! i relax my body and zap she starts floating. i do so with another friend of mine because i think its funny
      I go into a garage? Its a garage for small boats (size of a normal garage but with water in the middle) i look at the wall and there is some text about a dude who now is handicapped and can´t swim anymore or something? after i´ve read that a guy jumps into the water. i want to make him levitate but he dives down under the garage door. there is a girl in a swimming ring. i swimm to her and kiss her and tell her something naughty. i sit down on the other side of the garage and
      Spoiler for explicit:

      I remember my goal that i want to teleport. i smile, enjoy, close my eyes and think why not. i lukewarm imagine where i want to go open my eyes and feel again a little like my eyes are squint but i can manage it to look straight again. more interesting is that i see through a grid of compound eyes like i would wear funny insect eye glasses. Pretty strange i think. i try to put the "glasses" of and actually put of some glasses but the visual stays. i concentrate on the other feeling i have or get and pretty soon my visual is normal again. the girl and i are now on the other side of the water again. i tell her what i would like her to do for me and she is doing. behind me a dude is standing around and talking to me it seems that it is his girl or atleast he did it with her. he says something like ah you like that? nice i like the movement the other way round. i think we then talk about something not sexrelated. something about vacation somewhere?

      F: i´m walking somewhere with L. i climb up a little wall and walk on the wall. there is a construct of wood. it looks pretty unprofessional. its like a tunnel. i think i shouldnt go up there and want to come down the wall because L will surely be like "Dude you cant do that thats dangerous" but instead he climbs up the wall too and i go into the woodconstruct. near the end tilt over like a weighting scale. we are a little scared if the whole thing blow up but we come to the ground or atleast near it and jump out.

      F: I seem to be in a hospital? or maybe school? i enter the local bakery and there is a lot of sweet stuff. i think its all vegan? i feel stoned (cant remember to smoke but the feeling) and think wow now munchies. i want to buy stuff but need to get money first. i go outside to ask L. for some money. he is on a very low wall behind some plants.

      should be micro WBTB but a little longer awake because sick and nose full so little problems breathing (~20min?)

      and again i am missing the interesting "what happend before"-Part...
      I am in a shoe store. I "remember"(false memory?) that the saleswoman needed a break and go somewhere and i substitute her. two girl are coming and want to buy shoes. i look very critical because the shoes look bad and they get insecure and decide not to buy them and look around again. an older woman enters the store and asks if dogs are allowed in here. i dont know try to look on the entrance to see if there might be a symbol that tells me but i dont see anything. i thinking about to tell her its my first day but i dont say anything. i move to the entrance and start hoping that the girl comes back soon because i dont have that much time anymore. while i open the door i see her and some other people infront of the store. i ask more to her if dogs are allowed. but one guy of the group answers "Yes". i enter the store with the saleswoman and we sit at a table. i make a stupid joke about if she would like to know anything specific about a product (so one could believe i am really working there) but she dont get it and think about the money she may pay me for my effort. i tell her nevermind. i tell her i was daydreaming (actually it felt like i was sleeping for real?) during my shift. this makes me RC. I raise my hand and tell her to count my fingers because they look a little bit blurry to me. she answers "Five" i move it out of her sight and up again and ask her: "And now?" "Six" i smile because it worked and stand up and do a fast nosepinch. i clap her back and say something like "and thats the reason why you should regulary do a RC, i go now and try to teleport cya" i move some feet away close my eyes and imagine a meadow. my eyes seem not to be closed 100% like in meditation and i see my shadow like there is a bright lamp right behind me. i close them for good try to visualize (i see a little visuals like floating stars or something) nick with my head and open my eyes. i am in my bed. a little confused i stand up and still know i am dreaming but start to question. i want to go out of my room and notice my door is completely green. i smile because no RC is needed. i move out and remember for the first time that i never been in our bathroom and i might look into a mirror there. i enter it and want to switch on the light. it doesnt work and its to dark to see without. i shortly try to just make it glow in a corner but have no idea how. i try to make my hand burn for a second but again no real effort. i go out and see my roommate. "R can you please turn on the light in the bathroom?" "Yea sure" and he do. i enter and the light is on. i want to look into the mirror but its only a horizontal stripe pretty high so i need to put on my toes to see myself. i see him and me and one of us has different hair but i am distracted because i ask him why the mirror is so high and if L is bigger than me? (like in a different dimension) he answers: yea he is bigger than you. i gape because IWL he is a head smaller than me. i tell R that the light is not so good and IWL there is the light and i point to a position over the mirror. i leave the bathroom and go to L.´s room. the door is closed R. is following me. i start smiling and make a kamehameha at his door. instead of a unbelievably strong energyburst some water sprinkles against the door. the pressure is not that bad but the door just dont cares and gets wet. i try again with "more force" but again just water and this time even less pressure. i open the door like every normal human would do and enter the room. L. is sitting infront of his computer and playing something. he sits right infront of his monitor and has only his mouse in his hand and a book right next to him. i again do the watersprinkler and wet his monitor and book. he complaines a little but i just smile and tell him who cares this is a dream. i look around in his room and wake up


      i am in the living room? there is a girl stting at a computer and one of my roomate on the other side of the room at his computer? i enter my room and sit on the ground. i notice some saltsticks in between my laundry on the clotheshorse. i wonder shortly. i do the crow (yoga asana) and somehow manage to be that flexible in my back that i am in perfect balance and nearly need no strength and can look up. it feels awesome and i have a moment of epiphany. i try aga but this time it wont work that good. the girl enters the room and steps over me to get something. i hold her leg and move it so that she drops on me. she smiles and i pet her head. i look into her face and recognise a girl i met some days ago IWL. i notice that she had boots on while i was holding her but now is barefoot. i give her a kiss and she stands up and puts on her shoes (now something smaller like ballerinas) and goes back to her computer.

      so conclusion? teleportation is not that easy as i thought. i think the next time when i close my eyes and visualize i also tell out loud where want to go and maybe let my eyes closed some time more. i am scared that if i close them to long i might wake up but i think that should not be that of a problem after all.
      dont know whats about with my dream recall. it was pretty bad. maybe because i am sick a little because i really was eager to recall alot this night. i even used another mantra for it.
      on the other hand the little longer WBTB´s might have been good for lucidity.
    15. Vampire ate my friend, Devil at the cemetery

      by , 11-07-2015 at 10:48 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      Midnight, the moon was bright, giving some light to the city. It was really cold. I was driving a car in a Central District, following main road and then driving off to an alleys between skyscrapers. I parked the car, and went outside. Suddenly another car appeared and parked in the darkness. Then four persons came closer to me - they were my friends. All of them wearing black hoodies with dark trousers.

      - What's the plan?
      - We'll wait in the shadows. The vampire would arrive shortly.
      - Sounds good.

      We have hidden, and then another car parked in the darkness. Then a monstrosity - a tall humanoid with gray skin, sunken eyes and bat-like wings. We charged at the beast, but then it just swallowed one of my friends in his entirety. Next the vampire started to climb up a skyscraper, and tried to fly away. Suddenly I became a giant, and catched the vampire in my hand. I just thrown him down, and he hit the ground with force so strong, that vampires head just flied away from the corpse. Then my friend just scrambled out of the body. I became normal-sized again. We drove away to the docks, to throw the corpse into water. Next we were sitting near a fireplace and talked about getting a boat and crew.

      Second dream

      It was in another planet. It had breathable atmosphere and Earth-like gravity. I was in some sort of settlement. The main hall was really crowded. There was a teleport specialist post in the middle of the hall, a huge archway teleporter to the right, and a way outside to the left. I followed the hallway, and entered a locker room. I took a key, and opened a 182 locker. There was a bag with food rations, water and a hunting knife inside. I took it, and then went outside, as teleports were out of order for some reason.

      The whole planet was a rocky wasteland. There were little to none vegetation, and no animals. The planet was swarming with some sort of creatures with distorted bodies, attacking anyone at sight. Many explorers were slain by them, but I kept fighting, going through Rocky Wasteland, Dark Valley and other regions, until I appeared at Red Mountain - a huge volcano. There was a raging ash storm, but I couldn't go back, I've gone too far to retreat now. There were other explorers here, but no one was cooperating. It was a race - the person who reaches abandoned cemetery first and retrieves family memorabilia for a rich man, gets the prize.

      I was finally reaching the cemetery, but I stopped. Looking further, I saw that a wall of fire, and clouds of smoke and ash appeared. The rubble was flying all around. Finally something moved out of the clouds - it was devil himself, sending rays of destruction and death to anyone who might come. At first he was of more demonic appearance, but for some moments he looked like a corpse with glowing white, sunken eyes and gray hair.

      This is where the teleporters at main settlement became active again. I found a teleporting stone in my bag, and used it. There was a siege, everyone had to evacuate. People were running to Earth through the archway teleporter. I decided to go deeper into the base, and look for some things I could've left. There were none, and I ran towards the main hall.

      Last people were going through teleporter. Suddenly a portal appeared, and demons - bald people with gray skin, wearing bracers made of brown metal, and brown ragged trousers were going out of it. They had white, glowing and sunken eyes.

      I had to choose - running to Earth, or going to cemetery, to fight devil. I've chosen the latter, and went to teleport specialist, so he could teleport me to cemetery. She said "Perhaps you're the one to fight devil. You may be our last hope." She made a mistake however, and I ended too far from it. I went back through teleport - demons won, the building was ruined, all portals inactive. The teleporting specialist was still alive, and her friend appeared.

      I decided to go on foot again. Everyhting was gray and distorted. The sky was plain black, and there was only a green moon visible. I haven't went too far, getting weaker and weaker. In the end I just fallen on the ground. Suddenly everything get blurred, the time was moving backwards. I had to choose again, but this time I went to Earth. I appeared in an upper floor of old mansion. I went downstairs.
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