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    1. 18-07-05 Vision of Coast, Can't Feel Snow

      by , 07-05-2018 at 03:44 PM
      I've been tripping balls for much of the morning/noon but remember almost none of those dreams.

      The first 'episode' I had was when I saw a street scene (a vision, nothing happened and I wasn't there physically) at what I knew was the sea. Like, the coast of Belgium. Probably somewhere between Blankenberge and Knokke.

      In the second dream, I walked onto my balcony, which was covered in snow. I briefly wondered why there was snow in the middle of summer, but I didn't care too much. I noticed when I picked up some snow, I did not feel the cold. I proceeded to rub snow all over my body (I was bare chested, it's hot as hell right now) and noticed I couldn't feel anything at all. It felt amazing.
    2. August 13, 2015 | Gardevoir used Charm, TARDIS, Pluto

      by , 01-29-2018 at 03:09 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-Dad went to bed before finishing a crucial project required for a trip the next day. He was doing a parody of my sister and I because we were lazy and were “getting it done” by doing nothing. Also, the garage lights inside were all warm instead of white.
      -2-Ok, so I was in the woods on a trail. It was daytime in the woods, which had an unrealistic color to them—they looked like they had sunlight or something shining on them—there were no shadows anywhere. The woods themselves were covered in brush. There was a clean, blue pond about 30ft ahead on other trail. I ‘saw’ a Gardevoir. It looked nothing like one, but that didn’t matter, because my mind thought it was a Gardevoir, which it was. After I walk up to her, I kiss her right on the mouth. I had not intended to do this before seeing her, so there I was, seduced by a Pokemon.
      [New Scene]
      I was back at the old house again, doing unimportant stuff on a couch. Mom was on the computer and said, “[…]for baby Melissa!” At first, I was thinking, (Who) the f*** is Melissa? Suddenly, I realized that I had mated with that Gardevoir. Wat.
      -3-Mom and I, at an old house, watched the trailer for the Doctor Who series 9 finale. I don’t remember the single-word name. This coming episode was a take on Little Red Riding Hood. The TARDIS had a cushioned wall next to the front door. The Doctor pressed four buttons in this way: [E->S->W->N] Once the last (top) button was pressed, the neon EXIT sign lit up, and the TARDIS door opened. Once he was outside, the camera views him from a low angle to his right. The Doctor here had a wolf costume on. He then sighed and had a ‘gotta do this’ look on his face.
      -4-I was on this space ship with my sister and someone from the future. Every panel was lightly colored, and mostly white. This guy showed us ugly aliens that looked like humans. He said that they were from Uranus. I went *badum tss*. The guy was like, “Huh?” and I said that I thought it was funny because they were from Uranus and they were ugly.
      [New Scene]
      Apparently Grandpa was counting the number of people around—23. Suddenly, my sister and I were teleported to Pluto, which had snow on it. The landscape and the ground had a blue tint. There was zero atmosphere, even though we were breathing it. With the temperature quickly dropping, we were desperate to get on the tiny ship nearby. First, I tried what looked like a small vent that I couldn’t fit through. Then, I found the rock pit, enclosed with zipped plastic. My sister and I quickly unzipped it, jumped in and zipped it back up. I said, “Good, we’ll cool down slower in here. Make sure you zip both layers up.”
    3. October 26-27, 2014 | Hot/Cold Planet, Sun Filter, The Doctor, Shuttle, Bomb, Goldeneye

      by , 08-06-2017 at 07:19 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      10/26/14 | Square House Lot, Trees
      I moved into a house with a rather uncommon lot; it consisted of one line of trees for each side of a rectangle, arranged like the following figure. Surrounding the trees were miles of plains. If one could stand near the house and look around, they would see that all of the sky to the west was blocked by trees, most overhanging at the top so that 50% of the total view of the sky was obstructed.

      10/27/14 | Hot/Cold Planet, Sun Filter, The Doctor, Shuttle, Bomb, Goldeneye
      I was on a planet that used to be super hot until the sun was filtered by something. Then, the temperature rapidly dropped. Luckily, I isolated myself within four rooms of ice before the temperature reached levels of -100°F. Once that stopped, the temperature was disregarded, as I punched all the ice doors down and got out.
      [New Scene]
      Rory was suddenly already stuck on the planet for 3 years and was always leaving behind tons of paper with notes on othem. [from here, the Scene repeatedly flips between the planet and a highly populated building on Earth.] Inside this large building, I did some random stuff like talk to random people, and eventually my older sister. Back on the planet, the 11th doctor showed a planetary map with two parallel canyons that used to be the hottest place, now the coldest. With that, somehow the sun filter was shut down, and the planet became hot again.

      Somewhere else on the planet, local aliens were enjoying recreation in the hot weather, although they weren’t allowed to touch the ground, because of its abnormally high temperature compared to the surrounding air. Three juvenile blue aliens were using a plastic recreational tool. After one used it, he ran away on the hot ground. The others didn’t seem to pay any attention to him or the deer-like creatures walking into the scene. These looked rather like deer, except their fur seemed like that of a wolf’s, and their heads were closer to those of a velociraptor. On its head was this colored tool that seemed to be affected by temperature. Suddenly, this creature tripped and knocked its head into the superheated ground, making its head red and steamy. As a result, the tool on the creature’s head turned light blue, and began shooting out cold air, which apparently cooled its head down.

      Anyway, the scene changed into a tropical, high-density vegetation area. There was a path with some paper left by Rory. Later, we suddenly had a ship (a small ship more like a small shuttle) and some kind of bomb. [End Scene flips] The bomb said something like, “19 Seconds,” so The Doctor, my younger sister, Amy and I sprinted to the shuttle and flew out just in time. Too bad these two tiny, orange dudes fell out.
      [New Scene]
      My older brother and I were playing Goldeneye N64. The controls were surprisingly consistent for a dream. C-up was jump, C-down =crouch, B=sprint, Z=shoot. I didn’t have a gun, while he carried an RC-P90. All I could do was run up to him and use slap. Strangely, he ran away and through a new map we were playing on. For a moment, I looked at the radar(which had a 007 Legends look) before waking up.
    4. [11-04-2016]

      by , 04-11-2016 at 02:51 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First fragment

      I was with group of adventurers, we were fighting our way up an incredibly tall tower. We were fighting with horrible monsters.

      First dream

      I was in school. It was a really hot spring day, during a break I was searching for a place where it's a bit colder. First I went downstairs to the second entrance, there were kids running around and playing. It still was too hot, I went upstairs and opened a window. A cold breeze blown through the window. As soon as I opened it, teacher called us to class. It was mostly empty, there were like two people left. They had an important exam, while teacher gave me a golf ball that opened itself, revealing more balls. They were all written with text about second world war and authors that written during that time.
    5. An unforgotten earthquake in time

      by , 06-09-2012 at 03:55 PM
      It's been four months since I last posted. Everything's been busy lately but this morning's dream (June 9) was vivid enough that it pushed me to post now.

      Usually when I have a dream, I'd write it down and hopefully remember enough details to post when the time comes. Much has changed over the last few months. Often the dream would reflect something that goes on in real life, either before or after the dream takes place.

      I still have recollections of 1/3 of my dreams, but about 2/3 are just paper notes now and I have no recall of them. Yet I'll be posting as much as I can, and hopefully in a few weeks the flashbacks to past dreams will join up with current dreams again.

      Before we continue, I should explain what I mean in my use of the word "facade": basically, it's a word, another memory or previous dream, or a false recollection that triggers faint memories of the actual dream as they slip away. Sometimes the memories fade within 10 seconds of waking up.

      You have to be careful sometimes - often the blog will log you out while you're trying to do a journal, and even today I had to change my password, after a Russian hacking incident months ago here.

      It's a real challenge to get this thing started. Let's begin at this morning's dream, when I fell asleep on my sofa around 12:30 am.

      I'm in a room somewhere. There are these orange vitamin B-12 pills in my hand, and it looks like there are several dozen of them. Should I put these in my mouth, or moreover report just what happened?

      A tropical weather website comes up, dicussing a low pressure system that was bound to give us a big heat wave in the early part. Not much else was going on, except for that jet stream.

      I'm sitting somewhere with an old student-teacher friend of mine, who talked about her memory of living in northeastern Ontario, where there are now some wildfires. Not sure if I ever join in on this conversation.

      Hearing some words being said now, remembering a few.

      "So when I was up at Algoma University, the weather would really stay pretty much the same. One day, it would be 7C. The next day, 7C and the same the day after that."

      "It would take 35 minutes to drive up to Timmins, and 65 minutes when there was a big snowstorm and the traffic got heavy".

      Wait a minute, I thought, looking over at a map. Wouldn't that mean North Bay takes only 25 or 30 minutes? I live in the Greater Toronto Area at this time.

      Funny thing is, my friend never even went to Algoma. She went to U of T.

      Now, I'm remembering something about a conversation I had with the principal, or maybe I was having one. I wasn't in trouble or anything; in fact my principal thinks of me as someone who is more mature and responsible than most.

      There's a lot I didn't get to say to her, though.

      I wake up with this strange pain in my left leg. Had I been bitten by a spider while I took my midnight nap? It seemed like I'd been asleep for maybe one or two hours, but as I look at my radio clock, it's 3:50 a.m. Without even going to brush my teeth, I return to my room, turn off my computer, and go to sleep. I consider taking my chemical experiment into my room before it gets stolen, but leave it there and doze off anyway.

      There were these "fake vegetable" pills in a jar, that had both the shape and the taste of real vegetables: carrots, peppers and broccoli, at least two of the above three. Should I eat them?

      I was asked whether I wanted an ionizing treatment, producing an isotope on my body that might have been radioactive. The isotope had an atomic mass of 188.

      Of course that's going to be radioactive, I thought, when I woke up much later. Yet doing a bit of research, it turns out the element is probably non-radioactive osmium-188, which is naturally more dense than lead, and maybe a few traces of radioactive iridium-188.

      Sitting there, I'm looking at a screen off the wall of my classroom, where my geography teacher was giving a lesson using a weather website that I routinely used. Next, we pointed out a small earthquake that had occurred a few days before off the northwestern coast of Ireland.

      "Belfast!", I exclaimed, literally shouting it out loud. Yet Belfast was in North(east)ern Ireland, and whether I knew this at the time, I'm not sure.

      The alarm woke me up again. It was just after 6 a.m., but I'd forgotten to turn off the alarm the previous night. I might wake up once more during the next bit, but whether this is recorded is unclear. Still have some assignments overdue for my geography teacher. The next part becomes rather academic.

      I'm swimming in a lake somewhere, and the water is very tolerable. Whether it's more like a pond or there's a castle in the distance, I do not know, but I keep thinking it's Elsinore, the Danish city on the extreme eastern big island where the Shakespearean play Hamlet is set.

      Some time is needed to practice my recipe. I had made bread before, but this was something quite different.

      I have to finish another assignment, I think for the same geography teacher, involving a sled or a toboggan, that would be tested on the snow. Yet the snow had all but melted, and the assignment was overdue. How was I to finish it, then?

      It's morning, and I'm on a trail with some of my friends. We'd all be university-bound next year, and to my left we see this grassy knoll that has a barn-like house positioned on top. A horse-drawn carriage was nearby, and I get the feeling that I'd seen this place before, but cannot remember where. Maybe I had been there. From where the Sun was positioned, we were walking southwest. There were some people on or near the carriage in costumes, the woman wearing some kind of shroud over her head, the whole family looking agrarian and traditional.

      "Mennonites", I said.

      "Yes", one of my friends continued, but...

      But what? We continued walking. Over to our right, we come across this forested ravine, that has a steep drop-off soil cliff face with some tree roots. One of us, I or a friend, tries to climb down, but seeing it was so steep and there were granitic rocks underneath, we give up. We continue walking.

      We were on a university campus now. I didn't know they had these types of trails here; maybe we don't.

      I had debated whether or not to include the names of specific towns or universities I dreamt about. After much thought, I'm deciding to mention these places by name, and will do so in most cases for journals of past dreams.

      On our right, it was the University of Guelph campus. There were still some tree branches as we approached the clearning. But I knew that none of us would be going here this year in September.

      Johnston Hall.

      Some say it's the most well-known landmark. Yet the rock climb had been difficult, and sometime later or earlier, I'm doing an exam for one of my classes.

      It's my philosophy teacher, and this time I'm struggling to do well in this second-semester class I'm taking. I had gotten 95% in the first class, but was struggling to maintain 83% in this one. Whatever it was, I knew I needed to do well on the exam.

      The room was beige, the desks far apart, the lighting dim yet incandescent. It somehow reminded me of my old elementary school. What in the world was I doing here?

      I wake up this time, and it's past 10 am. Time to get up; it was a weekend morning.

      OK, I know I haven't posted in ages. Yet some powerful recollections have been contained in the past dreams, and many of them go back to February. When I only have figments of dreams, then maybe I'll post as many as five in one entry, which gives overall a clearer picture of whatever that may be.

      The memories may be hazy, but the dreams provide a glimpse.