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    1. 19-07-11 Chased by T1000 at Mall

      by , 07-11-2019 at 05:45 PM
      I entered a very large indoor parking garage. The place had very high ceilings (easily 100 feet). To my left was the exit, and right in front the entrance of the mall itself. There were large windows overlooking the garage from the inside of the mall. There were people walking around, and a car driving to find a place to park. It was the 1980s, judging by the way people were dressed and the car. I walked in, fully expecting to see the T1000 waiting for me in the distance. I saw a dark silhouette lurking behind a pillar on the opposite side of the room, and assumed it was probably him. Note: the whole dream felt like it was in virtual reality. A program. I was analyzing the mechanics of the experience while experiencing it. Anyway, when I walked in, the T1000 emerged from the shadows right behind me. All the exits were suddenly blocked, and the lights went out. The T1000, who I'm not sure was Robert Patrick or a woman. The T1000 butchered quite a few people. There was nowhere for us to go, so we just ran around the car park while the T1000 fast-walked after us (it did not sprint). At some point some survivors built a fort out of pillows and boxes? I was like "that won't do much"...
    2. 17-10-06 German Resistance, Flight

      by , 10-08-2017 at 03:48 AM
      I'm in a room with a bunch of other people. We're the German resistance, rebelling against the current German government (present day). Much to my surprise, my grandmother (deceased since 2009, she was a Nazi and fled Germany when the Soviet army invaded from the east) was also a part of the resistance. But then, the government (presumably) sent in a T-1000 (Terminator 2) to hunt us down. We scattered and ran in various directions. We were now in an industrial area, resembling the kind of chemical plant I used to work at. I sprinted as fast as I could which admittedly wasn't fast. Then, I suddenly "remembered" I could fly. I just felt I could. I took off, and flew away from the industrial area, over the river where it was located. I was afraid I might lose altitude and fall in the water, as I hated getting wet, feared drowning and knew I could never take off again from the water. I reached the opposite shore, where there was a city. I was at the waterfront, and saw a man and a woman at a bench. The man was doing magic tricks, though I saw no audience. I was just hovering two feet above the ground instead of walking, and showed it to him saying "I can do magic too!". He did not look impressed, and waved his hand underneath me, thinking there would be a wire or some kind of other object supporting me. But when he saw there was nothing, he realized I was hovering for real. They both looked flabbergasted no. I said I could fly, too. I found it hard to take off from a level surface, so I jumped off the waterfront path (into the water). I flew, and gained some altitude. People were watching now, and to be honest I was being vain and I enjoyed the attention. I did some more stuff like fly up and walk across a building' walls horizontally (briefly).

      In a later scene, I was in a supermarket. I met a former colleague (Gaspard). I greeted him and we chatted a bit.
    3. Dreams 20.10 - 22.10

      by , 10-22-2015 at 03:54 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      20-10-2015: A false awakening

      I woke up in a bed in my living room. I quickly went out of it, and headed towards the kitchen. Suddenly I felt slight pain in the back of my right shoulder. My t-shirt was wet in that area. I took it down, and saw that I have a huge cut on my shoulder. The t-shirt was wet mainly due to a strange, colourless liquid that poured out of the wound. I looked at the cut for a while, and then woke up.

      21-10-2015: Dungeon crawling fragment

      I've been playing Dungeon Crawl. I had a high-level formicid fighter deep in the dungeon, but something kiled it.


      First dream

      It was in a hotel placed in old fortifications. I was lying in a bed, thinking that the next day I'm finally coming back home. I wanted to pee, so I went out of bed and entered the toilet. The room had gray tiles. There were carpets and hangings with strange patterns. There was only sink in there, so I had to pee into the sink. After a while, doors to secret passeges opened, and someone walked through the toilet. I looked around again, and saw that the urinal appeared, so I uesed it instead of the sink.

      False awakening

      I woke up in my bed. It was 2.50, and it was dark all around. I thought to myself what a weird dream I just had, and then decided to go to the toilet. The lights werent working, so I had to do my thing in the darkness. I could barely see the toilet seat and a mirror to the right. I thought about ghosts for a while. I finished, and when I was just about to close the doors behind me, my grandma went out of the toilet, calling me to herself. Then I decided that I should just go to bed and sleep some more.

      Third dream

      I woke up near a small building in the middle of a desert. There was a motorcycle standing on my right. I sat on it, and drove away. After a while of driving on a small road, I entered a highway. It was warm early morning. I just reached a roundabout on a highway, watching various plants growing on it. They looked beautifull with beams of sunlight spreading between them.

      Then I drove off to another part of the highway. Despite everyone turning there, the vechicles always moved in the opposite direction there. I had to drive between two trucks to see it myself. Then I decided to stop, and reach an airport.

      I woke up in some kind of metropoly. I was lying on a road, close to a taxi cab. I looked to the cars mirror, and saw that I looked like a terminator. I entered the airport, and took someones wallet, then went to a street and asked who was its owner. A youg, tall and slim lady replied, so I gave it to her and moved on. It was a rainy early morning. There was a kiosk nearby, with a bald man working there. I asked him if they had a telephone cards, but he said that he never heard about something like that. There were two teenagers sitting nearby, conversating about how the word telephone card sounded.

      I moved on. For every meter one could meet a telephone booth. All of them rusty and badly damaged. Then I saw a group of people inside a falling building. I ran towards them quickly and saved them.
    4. #42 - Scifi ship/Basketball + the trampolines are back

      by , 10-28-2014 at 08:35 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Note: Didn't do SSILD or FILD last night, FILD has been throwing me off a bit since I just don't understand it that well. Also, my 'home' dreamsign' seems to show a lot, I will have to prepare myself to do a reality check when it shows up.

      Dream 1 - Scifi ship
      We seem to be on a space ship, me, the terminator, Kryten (that robot from Red Dwarf), and someone else whom I don't remember. Me and the terminator get off the ship at some point and have to get something. The ship picks up the new cargo but it weighs a lot, when me and the terminator get back on board, Kryten doesn't have the strength to completely carry us (he is connected to the ship somehow, and as a result he doesn't have the strength to keep himself on the ship... It made sense in my dream ).

      Dream 2 - Basketball + the trampolines are back
      It's a sunny day and I'm at home, my friend D and another friend are over, and so is my brother. My brother challenges me to basketball like he always does when I get back from uni for the holidays. I notice there are 2 trampolines on the grass next to each other, D tells me "see, this is what happens when you leave me alone man, I buy shit" (it seemed like he had been living here for some reason). I tell him about my dream (#39, flying boat) where I was at my house bouncing on 3 trampolines, and 2 of them looked exactly like the ones on the grass right now. I was so convinced that it was real, everything around me seemed so realistic, I had this inkling of a feeling in the back of my mind though. I end up walking over to where we play basketball, but there is a white car beneath the hoop that's blocking us pretty much. My brother had set up a different basketball hoop instead, but there was a large stack of firewood that was kind of in the way. The sun was in our eyes whenever we were taking a shot at the hoop which was annoying, I couldn't shoot properly and kept missing it slightly. We played for a few minutes, but then a girl shouts hello at us from the top of the driveway and waves at us. At first I think it's H (D's little sister) but as she comes closer I realize it isn't. I keep shooting hoops, but then notice that M is here too , a guy whom I haven't seen since primary school. The dream ends around here.
    5. Psychic hunters, Sarah Connor and Chrestomanci Castle

      by , 05-06-2014 at 07:49 PM
      There are these people with some psychic skills ranked on a 1-10 scale, where 10s are considered essentially monsters and hardly ever exist. A message has gone out to all these people to stay indoors tonight. One of them's being hunted down by a 10-ranked kid, and anyone else going outside now would just get mixed up in the hunt. This kid's treated like a living weapon, kept locked up aside from the rare outings like this, but he's just a kid; there's a feeling here like being let off a leash. Now he's levitating around outdoors - it's night, so he's not worried about being seen. I'm fond of the kid, and I'm aware that later he'll get away from the place that keeps him locked up, and that'll be good for him. The woman he's hunting calls her home to ask for help, but the woman who answers the phone has already got the message not to go outside tonight, and she's torn.

      Sarah Connor's been running from something together with this guy who can't run anymore, and she can't carry him. She's trying to convince herself to just leave him and go, but when she tries, she only gets three feet before her knees give out. I'm aware it's because she's fighting her own desire to stay and help him. She's thinking to herself that she should have done something every day to train herself to do things she doesn't want to do.

      Gwendolen Chant's sitting in her room at Chrestomanci Castle, writing. She's just gotten back from another world - she's looking for one to move to, and she's just crossed this last one off her list of potentials. She'd had an unpleasant encounter with a girl there, and she'd wound up enchanting the girl into some monstrous form. Gwen led the girl to believe she'd be trapped in that form forever, but she's thinking that actually it'll wear off on its own in about a century. And about another century after that, it'll slowly start to grow back again - Gwen's thinking the girl's reaction when that starts should be hilarious.

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    6. Swimming and terminator!

      by , 10-22-2013 at 02:36 PM
      I dreamed that I took my nephew and niece swimming at our local swimming pool. When we arrived at the pool, I realised that I'd spent so long making sure that they had their gear, I'd forgotten my own costume. The lady at the pool suggested that I buy another, but they were all really expensive! My nephew and niece wanted to get on and get swimming, and I remember suggesting that they started without me, and I'd catch up once I had gone home and retrieved my costume (if I could remember where it was!).
      I also remember feeling that I ought to be a grown up about it, and just sit at the side and watch, but I felt very childish and didn't want to do!

      The other dream i had, I literally remember only that I was being chased by a terminator robot. He didn't look like the movie robot, but I knew it was a terminator.
    7. The Terminator Locker

      by , 06-16-2013 at 08:56 PM
      This was the first of five lucid dreams from last night/this morning. It was a crazy night!

      I've got until the kids wake up from their nap to get these all journaled. Go Canis go!!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #106: The Terminator Locker

      I WILD into a long, empty gym locker room. I'm unsure whether I'm in the locker room or an observer. I sense the presence of my friend "Conan" but I don't see him.

      Conan says, "What's it like to have a lucid dream? Is it like in Limitless?"

      "No. Not like that. He was smart in that movie. In a lucid dream, I'm stupider than when I'm awake but I can do really cool stuff. It's more like Inception or The Matrix."

      "Really?" he says. "I want to be like the guy in Limitless. But I guess it's better to be in The Matrix if Terminators came crawling out of those gym lockers."

      The moment that he says this, a skinless T-800 smashes through one of the gym lockers on the opposite wall and starts running toward me. (Us?) Almost immediately, time slows down, the color in the scene shifting slightly toward yellow and a faint heartbeat sound playing in the background like in Max Payne. I want to be armed, and right away there's a Dirty Harry-style .44 magnum revolver in my hand.

      I fire once, blowing a hole the size of a silver dollar in the T-800's forehead. As it crashes to the ground, three more Terminators break through the wall of lockers. Time slows further. I fire three more times, and this time I can actually see the bullets fly through the air. As the three T-800s fall, I wind up in the void.

      I expect to transition into a new scene, so I plan to reach my hand out for help. I still feel the revolver in my hand, so I toss it away. But the moment that I do, I feel my real hand jerk
      and I'm awake.
    8. The Space Room...

      by , 10-16-2012 at 11:21 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid
      Tuesday, 18th of October 2012

      Enooooooormous lot of dreams last night. There was one about being chased by a Terminator-like entity which was shooting at me with a minigun and I decided I needed to get out of town.

      The main one was me being in space. Except 'space' was a giant room that slowly gradient-ed into being darker and darker, until the walls and floor disappeared and turned into empty space.
      I walked out onto it (there was apparently an invisible floor) and was scared but excited, knowing that at any moment I could lose the ability to breathe and could freeze. I actually reckoned that the air and temperature from the rest of the room was probably seeping a little way out and making it possible to breathe a bit.

      While out in the space-ness, I came across a tiny (golf ball sized) version of Mars and its two moons floating around. I began playing with the little planet and pushing it around, changing its orbit, moving the moons, and sending it across the vastness.
      Eventually I looked up and saw that in front of me, the blackness had become a thin band and was being replaced by exactly what was behind me. I decided that it was space-time bending around itself and being all wormholeish.

      TLDR; I basically played God for a while and was surprisingly sensible about the whole thing. It was awesome.
    9. Fondling a Girl's Breasts

      by , 01-05-2012 at 01:49 AM (Jakro Goes Hardcore Into LDs)
      Nothing particularly worth remembering last night, so we'll delve into "classics" again. In case somebody's confused, I do have a dream journal where I obviously write every dream down, in finnish - I just translate only interesting/lengthy entries into this one.

      Dark Future
      Date: January 28th, 2009
      Lucid: No

      This started with a fragment of me fondling some girl's breast, thus the header. The girl just laughed at me for being so gentle. I guess girls like it rough. Soon enough the whole dream transformed something completely different and one of the most memorable non-lucids I've ever had.

      I found myself in some kind of electronic control system for laser turrets. My brother was in the cockpit of the next turret and in the sky enemy fighters flew all around. I've written that it was the final battle between good and evil, so perhaps that's how I felt about it at the time.

      I managed to recall the controls of the turret quite accurately. Two joysticks moved the turret around, though I don't know why they needed to have two of them, one would suffice you'd think. Moving and firing was easy, but the problem for me was aiming - there was no way for me to actually see into the sky while I was in the cockpit. In the end I just decided to pull the triggers and keep the laser firing blindly into the sky. At least there's a distant chance of hitting something.

      That wasn't a good idea though. I guess the turret's mechanics couldn't take such continuous firing, as the it jammed, or something like that. It ceased to fire. I pressed all the buttons, but nothing worked. It was time to bail out of there as I had no means of defending myself.

      Outside the situation wasn't much better, as there were dangerous human-destroying robots looming all around. I just knew that, I don't remember actually seeing one immediately after leaving my turret. I was still wandering the streets and I thought to myself, that even if I hide into a basement of some building, the robots must have some kind of life-tracking device and they'd inevitably find me. I felt like I was already dead. Despair filled me.

      I didn't see these terminators around, though. Somehow I still felt threatened. I soon saw and old, abandoned warehouse. A classic place to hide. I didn't hesitate when I walked in there. Maybe I should have, because there was some addict/drunk - a guy who seemed dangerous anyway. He wasn't angry though, but since I was in this threatened headspace already, I was suspicious of him.

      We began talking about something. I don't remember what it was about. All the sudden I grabbed the guy's arm and tried to twist it. First one way, then I switched to the other. It didn't work. The guy just got upset and shot himself with some syringe. Then he attacked me. The details of the fight are out of my recall, but I did manage to knock him out - perhaps even kill him. Makes me kind of seem like a villain as I was the one who attacked first, but still, he did seem dangerous. Better to strike first then.

      I wasn't out of the trouble yet, though. While fighting I had seen another addict in the next room, but he was apparently so high or something, that he completely ignored us. I was leaving the place when three other addicts came in from the same door I had come in. Well, now I was in trouble. They saw the body of their buddy behind me and they weren't happy.

      The addicts surrounded me. I was scared to death by this point - remember I had no idea that this was a dream. It felt very real to me. I was only thinking that I had to survive somehow. I was thinking about performing some kind of wall-jump to go around them, but I guess I was a little bit desperate. This time they were the ones to attack first. One of them threw a punch at me. I managed to partially block him, so that my face only received a touch. Still I let out a loud "Oof" sound as the fist hit me.

      The same guy seemed to stop and think for a moment. Then he threw another punch. This time it got nowhere near to me. Yet again I let out the "Oof" sound, even it didn't hit me at all. All the addicts started to laugh at me. I still felt very threatened and rightly so. I guess the laughing distracted them enough and I took the chance; I ran out between two of them.

      While I was running I already knew I had survived, unless they have guns or something. I was, and still am in at least a solid shape. I can outrun some addicts any day.

      The outside of the warehouse was similar to what it was when I went in. I've described it as being similar to the opposing side of counter-terrorist's starting point in the map cs_compound in Counter-Strike: Source, without the containers. Wow, that was a terrible sentence. Anyway, let's move on. I was going around the warehouse clockwise, but I again ran into trouble - two addicts coming right at me! I supposed they were all buddies of each other. I turned back to round the house counter-clockwise. The addict still at the door of the warehouse behind me shouted to them: "Throw a bottle at him!"

      The other of the two guys that just came at me turned around and started going around the warehouse clockwise, apparently trying to meet me at the other side and surround me again. When I emerged from the other side of the house, I continued straight after the wall ended. The guy coming from the other side appeared a little behind me. He threw a bottle at me. It was a small bottle of 7up, you know, plastic bottle. Seriously? I doubt plastic bottle would have caused much damage to me. There was even some liquid in it still, so I even considered picking it up so that I'd have something to drink. I decided against it in the end.

      "Hahaha, you didn't hit me", I mocked him while I continued to run away. I shouted some other insults as well to him, but I don't remember those anymore.

      So I got away. While I was easing my step, I was visioning myself returning there to revenge. Someday... Apparently I thought myself as some kind of action hero.

      I ran into the "City". Now City was an interesting place. Only the Chosen People were let in there, and I wasn't one of them. So as I approached the place, the special forces started firing me. Gee, I'm really not having good luck. From danger to danger. From addicts throwing plastic bottles at me to special forces firing with guns at me. Some "getting away".

      Somehow I survived being fired at. All of these Chosen People of the future dressed exactly alike. They had long black leather-coats, sunglasses and they all were bald. The coats were open and the clothing beneath it was dark as well. So it was hard for me to mix into them. I wonder how the hell I didn't get found and shot.

      I figured that if I just shaved my head (I have long hair) and dressed alike, I could fool them. That was my long-term plan.

      I don't remember why - or how - but I went to some hospital. There some professor started telling me all kinds of things. I guess he was the exposure needed at this point so that I'd know how this world works. The professor told me about "The Perfect Race of Humans", that they had created. Apparently the Chosen People. On the monitor there was 3d-model of the head of these humans of the future. They had long skulls and small noses. Big forehead. Those were the details I noticed particularly.

      For some reason I started to think about what would be the perfect amount of humans from which the current (as in future as the dream was set there) segment of the humanity had descended on. For some arbitrary reason I figured 10 000 would be good amount. Then I proceeded to think that that's why the killer robots were probably around. They were used to get rid of rest of the humanity, so that the Chosen People would be all there is eventually.

      That's pretty grim vision of future, but at least I survived. It was nightmarish dream, but at the same time it still was totally awesome. One of the best I've had ever.

      It ended in a false awakening where I was in my room, but after that that part is boring. So let's end it here.
    10. floatinghead - 01/12/11

      by , 12-01-2011 at 12:01 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      Terminators, marines and Zombies oh my!

      Strange nightmare, I am watching, and I am taking part at the same time! I am running after or away from someone, I am the t800, I go into a cave but I can see that I am losing this fight - the t800 will be destroyed by my foe - so I try to switch my attention to the marines who are sitting inside a communications room - they must destroy this thing, (and I must become the marines - my perspective keeps changing) but I cannot change, I cannot leave the t-800, I must be him - but then I am on my own in the cave and a zombie steps forward - no way am I staying around here for any longer - I force my eyes open and wake up
    11. Pieces

      by , 02-02-2011 at 12:39 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I remember something about porn...I'm not sure, and then things got crazy. There was a terminator after me. I'm not exactly sure what happened next, but I ended up reprogramming one by nearly destroying her. We spent the rest of the dream talking with some DCs about music.
      Tags: terminator
    12. recall up a bit.

      by , 01-08-2011 at 05:18 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I'm with a bunch of people in a strange parking lot or something. We are in a war or something and waiting for enemies to arrive. One guy starts throwing lots of grenades.. and i mean lots. then the enemies show up and walk through the grenades, but none go off. I get scared and start running. I can see The Terminator.... Arnold skin and all. with sunglasses and shotgun... wtf


      I'm in some weird place with a bunch of people. I see Thelma there... but then Thelma is now oneof her daughters. I keep on trying to tell her something about dreams, but she's ignoring me. It's really vivid and I'm surprised the dream talk doesn't make me lucid.

      I see Some girl there. She has blond hair... but not natural color... dyed hair, round face. I mouth something to her without speaking loudly, and she responds to me by saying something. I'm surprised she can pick up on my words. I hen barely mouth a few words. she doesn't hear. I clearly announciate in my lips what I want to say without using my voice. She turns around and speaks to me in a loud an clear voice responding to my inaudible question. I am transfixed by her.

      I go by a table twhere there is a pleasant man. Someone walks by and tells me that she thought he was a bad guy until he gave her a ride to this place safely. I talk to the man and notice he has short and curled rainbow colored hair. It looks weird.


      Saim is by a river and she id crying. I can sense Asuka is merged with her. Saim wants to cross the water even though there are stepping stones across the river. I ask her if I can help... she protests saying she doesn't deserve it. i can see asuka in her rolling her eyes at this. I insist on helping. As if it's normal i put my right arm around her waist, and sheputs her left hand in my left hand... it's like a weird dance position I have nerver tried but yet i know it. but we don't dance. She resists at first but then seems to enjoy the sensation of my arm around her. I feel a very warm and loving energy come from her... it's so deep that i can't describe it. anyway I guide her across the stepping stones in this position, and we cross the river.

      now we are at another river with more stepping stones. Saim seems more sure of herself that i don't have to hold her tightly. We cross the next river separate and now we are racing eachother across. The warm feeling is not lost, when we cross... she smiles at me.
    13. 12/31/2010 - "Live Fire"

      by , 01-07-2011 at 06:31 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Live Fire"

      This dream was basically a live-action first person shooter. It was 100% realistic - as in; I was running around, in real life, literally trying to stay alive, and not just playing some video game. It was also very intense. Along with your regular, gun-toting bad guys, there were supernatural elements thrown into the scenario as well. Not only that, but I also had to square off against "bosses" like the Terminator and RoboCop. Throughout the ordeal, I was sometimes forced to ride around the suburbs, stealing cars and whatnot, to get to my objectives. I remember that of my missions had something to do with someone's family. I went to their house, armed with some kind of sub-machine gun, I believe, and showed up just as the wife was putting her kids in the car. While I was coming up the driveway, she turned and spotted me. Immediately, as if on instinct, the woman swiped her hand down, snatching up a handgun from her side, and just started blasting away at me, forcing me to dash away for cover.

      Later, I had to face-off against RoboCop, although it wasn't the original RoboCop. It was my cousin, Mario, walking around as RoboCop. Not only did he have the trademark armor and automatic pistol, but he also had a shoulder cannon with the red, triangle-shaped, laser sight that the Predator uses, its three beams clearly visible in the air, whenever he was surrounded by smoke. There were also these "ghosts" or "reapers" or something, I had to fight against. They were see-through spirits, which floated around with scythes, which were the keys to their power. With the scythes, they could control time and space, and the weapons would essentially grant wishes for whomever was good enough to steal one of them. The wraiths used them to rewind time, whenever I would kill one of them, bringing their brethren back to life and forcing me to try and kill them all over again.

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