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    1. 16-10-06 T-Rex in Abandoned Factory, Captured by Terrorists

      by , 10-07-2016 at 04:20 AM
      A *lot* of dreams this night... I briefly woke after every one, but couldn't be bothered to write them down every time, so I only recall the last... somewhat.

      One involved me, inside a very large, old and abandoned factory. I was faced by a dinosaur, much resembling a Tyrannosaur, but something told me (a hypnagogic thought) it was something else (an Allosaurus?). I stood nailed to the ground. For a second, I wondered if it was one of those dinosaurs that couldn't see you if you stood still (that's a Jurassic Park myth, by the way), but while I was thinking that, I was already fleeing. I managed to get some distance between me and the beast (several large rooms away, separated from each other by large garage doors). I frantically looked for a place to hide. Oh, and I was an 8-year old boy, and I had a little sister who was also there. Anyway, I hid in some kind of box. The box was very small, and I barely fit in there. I was 'folded up' double, and even then I barely fit. I felt like this would be too easy if it worked. I felt like the plot would require something going wrong. And as I thought this, the box fell over! While this happened, I heard the soundtrack of the dream... Anyway, the dinosaur came in, and it did not find me. That's all I remember of this dream.

      In the next one, I was captured by Islamic terrorists. They wanted to remove my medical bracelet. They stabbed me in the arm with something (not a knife, something resembling a pen?), to try and rip it off...
    2. 16-07-29 ISIS Terrorists

      by , 07-29-2016 at 02:21 PM
      I was in a sort of shopping mall. The section I was in was a narrow-ish corridor, possibly with shops on both sides. I felt it was a dangerous area as it was full of Muslims. No native people anywhere. Luckily, most of them were neutral and did not attempt to harm me. I tried to walk out of there as quickly as possible, until I noticed two (or three) Muslim men walking in front of me. They wore a white T-shirt with ISIS-propaganda. I realized they had to either belong to the terrorist group, or at least sympathize with them. I stayed behind them and kept a low profile, scared that they would notice me. Entering a larger area, I saw a desk with a mall security officer/cop. I went to her and wanted to explain what I had seen. She looked at me, terrified, and backed away. She said my name, recognized me, and said I was never allowed to come back here. She acted like I was wanted and had been arrested before, or something. I for one did not remember such an incident. Either way, the real terrorists were walking away, while the useless cop was cowering in fear of ME! Frustrating! In a later memory, I think I assaulted the terrorists myself and somehow set them on fire (fire-breathing, perhaps).

      An earlier memory was of a city, possibly a GTA city - I think it was supposed to be Carcer City. There was one region that was entirely unexplored (no missions there), so I wanted to go there.
    3. Dog Invades OJ-Filled Garage, The Rice Terrorists & Toy Snake

      by , 12-26-2015 at 07:40 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Dog Invades Orange Juice Filled Garage (DILD)


      Iím inside a garage thatís open, and thereís this dog thatís a Rottweiler/Pitbull mix with brown being its dominate color. At first, itís not really lethal whatsoever, and I would infer that if it werenít for certain actions, it just wanted to play with me, and whoever was around at the time.

      I felt anxious around it, and tried to move slowly, and hopefully get myself inside the house to shut the door. The only time it ever portrayed an aggressive disposition was when some random dream character had some blue gloves that can shoot triangular, metal sheets at it. And when it did portray aggressiveness, it wasnít able to jump towards the right person; it felt delayed and infantile.

      The garage eventually is filled quarter way with orange juice, or some kind of yellow-orange substance. I eventually get out, and trapped the dog inside a closet somewhere. I can see a glimpse of its visage before shutting the door, and it looks sad.


      The Rice Terrorists & Toy Snake (DILD)


      So, Iím trying to get a tire quota filled up by driving into random vehicles, and automatically fixing their tires when Iím within a certain distance to them. The experience is quite fast paced, and the two colors that are dominate are brown, and dirty, golden yellow.

      I eventually get on one of the vehicles, or Iím transitioning there for some unknown reason, and I see that Iím caught at an impasse. There are several men in guerrilla soldier uniforms that are threatening to kill anyone that tries to move suddenly. One of them that looks like the leader is holding a glass container with some dirty rice, or raisin rice.

      And I kid you not, he takes one of his hands, and lists up the black spoon, and utilizes an earnest disposition that he really means it when heíll kill someone if they move. Apparently, the rice has flies, or some kind of insects inside of it that when a person eats it, I guess they die from some parasitic interaction.

      So, I defy logic, and Iím abruptly shifted into a different dream environment where itís nighttime, and Iím catapulted into a bed. I lie down for a bit, and noticed myself looking at the ceiling for some reason. I think I hear some voices in the background, and maybe a voice talking to me very closely. I look at a faded, sepia colored piece of paper that seems enigmatic at first, but I realized it gave me some shocking plot twist.

      Apparently, I was the one that was the snake all this time, metaphorically speaking, and the moment I realized this, a toy snake materializes from the same paper, and onto the bed. I grab the green and yellow striped snake with my left hand, and started to duck for cover around the sides of the bed I was on. Iím not sure why Iím utterly shocked over this realization, but whatever the case, I needed to hide. I saw some entities coming their way through the small hallway in front of me, but only their silhouettes.

    4. {Precognitive} - Exam, terrorist attack

      by , 10-30-2015 at 05:02 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was going to school. It was during a flood. I had maths. I entered the classroom, and the teacher already took me for exam. I had to write a project. I started good, though I had to explain my thoughts on it to the teacher. Luckily I passed. Later when I was back home after school, everything was enveloped with red glow. Alerts in radio said about terrorists attack.

      *Later this day i had two sudden exams in a row, in one I had to explain my way of thinking to the teacher. Hope that terrorists part won't get real.
    5. Angry crowd, FA, Holidays, Siege

      by , 08-23-2015 at 09:36 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was cold, dark evening. I was wearing a gray suit and holding a black briefcase in my left hand. I had also a Ruger pistol. There were two other people with me - both wearing black suits, armed to teeth with weaponry. We were walking straight the road, surrounded by nothing but fields.

      After a while we saw a house in the horizon - it was our destination. We entered the house after a good whie. There were two couches and a table in the middle of the room. There were members of local mafia, waiting for us. I left the briefcase on the table, and they told me that the money is already on my bank account.

      Suddenly we heard screams of mad people. The mafia escaped using backdoor, and closed it. I quickly changed my clothes, and jumped out of window, leaving my companions there. I went back the road, and then I met an angry crowd with pitchforks and torches. They asked "Friend or enemy?" I said "Friend." and they believed me, so I could go on.

      False awakening

      I woke up in my house, went out of bed and entered the kitchen. There was my mother, cooking something. I told her about my previous dream.

      Second dream

      I was in my house. It was some kind of holiday, and all my family gathered in home. I took my laptop, and then with siblings we found ourselves in a different world. The whole nature in the place we fond ourselves was dead and the soil was barren. We had rifles with us, and we went somewhere.

      Third dream

      Warm afternoon. I was walking down the hills, looking at the beaty of nature surrounding me. Finally I reached my destination - a harbor city on a tropical sea. When I entered docks it was evening already, so I stopped in a tavern of some kind. Next day I went sightseeing. The city was old, built with light brown stone bricks and exotic wood.

      The streets were full of cars and people. I looked for some interesting places, but it was too slow on foot, so I took a motorcycle. I drove for a while in the city centre, around tall buildings. Suddenly, we heard alarms, and the city was under terrorist siege.

      There were archers on a rooftops, shooting down everyone who they can see. I was driving slowly, watching as crowds of people die. When they started to shoot at me, I started to drive quicker, so they used firearms to take me down.

      They shot a tire in my motorcycle, so I had to run away from them. I found a gun on the ground, so I took it and tried to shoot terrorists, but I missed all the time. I escaped from them to a back yard of train station. There was a truck placed on a ramp. I wanted to enter it, but I saw that doors were blocked by a grate.

      I looked around, and saw another ramp. There was a balloon on the ramp, so I took it and started to fly. I was high above the city, when I used all of the fuel, so I had to land. I landed somewhat close to the city centre, and went to the streets.

      Terrorists stopped attacking people, so it was all quiet there.... too quiet. Suddenly the sun disappeared, and everything went black. After a while it was back, but something changed. All the dead people started to stand up from the ground, and shamble in random directions. Some of them were slow, but most of them were quickly running zombies.

      I ran away from the swarmed streets, to the tavern in docks. There was a group of survivors, waiting for someone. I told them what's going on in the streets, and they told me that they need to reach top of a skyscraper to escape, and needed a distraction for zombies.

      I agreed, and ran for the streets. Followed by swarm, I climbed up roofs and escaped from them, while group of survivors entered skyscraper, reached the roof and taken a helicopter. They have flewn back for me, and we escaped.
    6. Reloading Terrorist Bullets

      by , 08-26-2014 at 09:50 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Captured by terrorists, I am forced into slave labor. My job is to clean used bullets that have been reloaded, and then crimp the casing onto the bullet so they stay together. Many of them have a lot of dirt all over, so I submerge them in a bucket of water as I wipe them with my thumb to clean it all off.

      All sizes of bullets are given to me in a big tub. Tiny little hand gun bullets, rifle bullets, and huge machine gun bullets. I grab one that appears to be all ready, with no possible crimping to do to it. I worry that if I try to crimp it, it will explode and injure me. I look at it, and hold it with my crimping tool, not sure what to do just yet.

      A woman sees this happening, and comes over to me. She seems to be uninvolved with any of the terrorist activity, and tells me that one is fine, and to set it aside and go to the next one. I do, along with whatever other bullets also appear to be fine like that one. Then I grab a weird one, with four prongs protruding from the tip of it. I bring it to the attention of the captive next to me, and we both comment on how strange this one is. I ask him, "Do you think it's so that if they miss, but it's still close, one of the prongs will still get you?" as I demonstrate a slow motion bullet fly by with it.

      Suddenly, a big projector screen is dropped open in front of us and all the lights are immediately turned off. In just shades of red and black, a training video is shown to us, where we are supposed to shoot at any people we see on the screen. As I watch, there is no one there I think we should shoot at, so I don't do anything as the video progresses from images of one family to another.
    7. 3/25/2014

      by , 03-25-2014 at 09:40 PM
      False Awakening

      I was having a firefight with some terrorists and I was killing them with a desert eagle that had a laser on it. I remember doing parkour and fighting some hobo calling me a fag before that. I was then with C. Alexander and some black girls watching something on world war 2. I remember saying Germany was not as bad as Japan. Alexander and I then laid together and her grandma got mad so I grabbed my stuff and left for the airport to catch my flight. I missed the exit so I took the next one. I was on a hill and there were a lot of buildings and roads that curved a lot. I got mad because the layout of the parking lot was stupid so I woke up. I had a false awakening. I couldn't move my head and when I tried, I could only move it a little bit. I told myself to wake up again and I did, but it was another false awakening. I did a reality check of my hand and part of it was transparent and would appear and reappear and I went lucid. I got excited and noticed my dream ending. I tried to dream spin but couldn't. I woke up again. This time I was pretty sure it was a real awakening and was started to get scared but upon counting my fingers, I realized I wasn't and I became lucid again.
      With my right arm, I grabbed my head and pulled it up, making it possible for me to move it again. As I was getting up, I felt as if my mind was rising, maybe I was having an OBE. I looked at the bed to see if my body was still there but it wasn't. Everything felt so real. My objective for my next lucid dream was to explore the dream scene. I was in my room and went to the kitchen, where a purple desk with a fluffly white and beige cat was sitting on. In the living room was a blue sofa and a white cat sitting on top of it. I was going to ask what they represented but then remembered my other objective: Ask my dream to show my dream guide. I faced the door and said "I want to see my dream guide." I turned around and noticed a radio. That couldn't be it. I turned around again and said "When I turn around, I went her, my dream guide, or him to be right behind me!" As I was saying it, I heard a female voice behind me. I turned around and there was a speaker and a vacuum. I was confused why I would have objects instead of a person. I also had a headphone hanging on my left shoulder. Static was coming through it. I knelt down and asked: "So which one of you is my dream guide?" I heard static and murmurs coming from my headphone. I asked again. "Which one of you is my dream guide?" Suddenly, I hear 2 or more girls say "You are!" at the same time. I know they're saying that I am my dream guide. I rose and repeated "I am..." to not forget what happened, I decided to wake up. I told myself "I need to wake up", and I woke up to the waking world.
    8. 27th Sep 2013 Random dream

      by , 09-27-2013 at 11:49 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was at forest, some building and there was some talk about dragons.

      Dream 2:

      I was at the forest with someone, we were going through and on the way there were random shops, bases and some insectoid creatures. Then at the exit of the forest there were a bunch of railroads with trains and it was difficult to go through. There was a riddle that was supposed to help but we didn't got much time to think because apparently random truck was chasing us. The timing worked out in the end though and we got through fine. Now we were back in the city and first dude we met was throwing decently sized rocks at us, i easily dodged them and told him to stop, but he was like drunk. For some reason i decided to pick up a few of them. Going further we there was some car parking area and there were dudes from some organization talking about something and also dogs, lots of dogs. A couple of them decided to chase and bite us, i stopped them by throwing the rocks that i've gotten earlier at them.
      Soon we were back at home, there was some talk about where to go next, either back to forest or marketplace, marketplace was chosen. Now we were going through different city area, i was little bit annoyed that we haven't chosen using subway because some random truck was chasing us again, though this time i could become semi-invisible as well as jump pretty high and glide like if i had wings, so i dodged around alot and even got on top of that truck.
      Soon we have reached marketplace, which looked rather arabic. I used some kind of super speed boost+gliding and went waaaay ahead, found some terrorists and was apparently on a mission to kill them. I randomly had whole arsenal of weapons on me and started headshotting them all, then some soldiers appeared and started fighting them as well. Shortly leader of soldiers appeared and asked me for some kind of note, which i apparently had so i gave them to him, he looked and gave them back and said that i should actually use them more often.
    9. Terrorists in the downtown area and a False Awakening

      by , 09-07-2012 at 10:04 PM (Exterminate)
      Terrorists in the downtown area
      This was an involved dream, not everything may be in order.
      I was with my mom in a waiting room. I didn't really know what was going on, but I knew my mom was trying to win some legal battle. She tells me something about what happened last year and wondered how I could not remember. We get called into this office. I am asked what I remember from last year, but I come up with nothing. My mom tells me some things to try to refresh my memory, but I am not understanding.

      Next thing I remember we are driving downtown in a city which does not seem completely familiar. We pass by a building and saw about 4 armed guards in front of the entrance to an alleyway. My mom is driving, I am in the back, my brother is in the seat next to me, and my dad is in the passenger seat. We are in a blue minivan, big enough to hold about 7 people. We know we can't escape, as guards guide us in to this area surrounded by tall buildings, the only exit being where we just came in. I look around and there is like 3 guards aiming at each passenger at all times. I focus my attention to a guard with a sniper rifle from above. I notice most of the cars there(There had to be over 50 cars there) were all economic/small cars. We sit there for a few minutes trying to discuss the situation, then all of a sudden a person comes to the window and tells us this is a hostage situation, and that we must vote for their country's leader. If we say no, or vote for the wrong person, bad things can happen. If we try escaping, we get shot. We followed the rules (I don't remember ever voting) and were eventually allowed to leave.

      I remember at one point on the way out being on foot. My mother and I were in like an apartment building, and there were two ladders going a long distance downward. It was the only way out. I start going down, but my mom has a laptop, and can not carry it down the stairs. She sets it down, then starts declining. I go about 3 steps down, and the ladder rungs break. I ease my way down, but each rung breaks as I touch it. I can say it was not pleasant going down.. At the bottom I realize we need that laptop, and look at the side my mom came down, thankfully it was all intact, and looked more like stairs than a ladder. I go up, get the laptop, then go back down. I remember the hostage situation from last year being almost the same, and get chills.

      Skip about two days later, same thing happens. We drive up, see the guards, and know we are in trouble. We try saying to a guard that we just did this yesterday, and we are asked to leave the vehicle. We come up to a tall and intimidating black guard who asks us what our excuse was. I say we were just here yesterday, and he replies "That is bullshit, we would know if you were here by the look of your van." And I say "Well, maybe it was two days ago..I know we were just here." He gets in our van, along with a couple of other military dressed people. I remember me and my brother being in the car, the black man in the middle, 2 military people in front, and another military person in the back. The black man starts talking secrets about their plans, and the guy in the back brings a rifle to the black man's head and says something to the effect of "Don't let them know what we are up to. your job is to make sure everyone follows the rules, and if they don't, shoot them. I have no problem killing you on the spot." I remember one last person asking us why we are not listening to their rules, and I explain we were just here. He is holding a morning star that has an extendable handle. Very sturdy and dangerous.
      He says "You were not here yesterday" then holds the club as if he is about to hit it against my leg. I say maybe it was two days ago, then he swings his arm back, and just before he hits me, I "wake up."

      False Awakening
      I woke up and read my new bedside DJ. I remember it saying:
      1. Spencer, cali, lake, tits
      (I had a dream written about this, but it was so fragmented due to how early in the night it was that I deleted it.)
      2. nothing
      3. Something about a terrorist takeover downtown
      4. Mom bringing me in to a place about a terrorist attack from last year that I don't remember
      5. Terrorist takeover(more detailed)
      I remember thinking "Yes! 5 dreams recalled in one night!" I got up, walked out of the room then woke up again, this time for real.

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    10. Idealistic teenage terrorist group (can you make that one word?)

      by , 03-27-2012 at 08:13 PM
      So I was in the library with L. again, which means this could be a possible dream sign except that I don't think I have ever been in the library with L. yet..
      Before we went down the stairs "terroristic" buillies came over to us and made us sit in a corner, trapped. We didn't know what to do, but eventually we talked ourselves out of it I think. I don't know what they wanted, except bully, which frankly, a lot of bullies appear to long for. It might have been something about not borrowing the book I had found and now held in my hand. We were sitting at some benches. They slouched down the stairs with hunched shoulders, and we followed after making sure we were not in the danger-some.
      The stair had business like blue, dimmed transparent "fences", and the stairs themselves were grey.
      When we got down I was about to deliver my book. I felt jumpy and hurried. I wanted to get out of here as soon as possible, without bringing attention to myself. The floor was grey, the walls white and the room dark, so I should'a known better than to feel "safe" so soon. If safe means not in a potentially life threatening circumstances..
      The disc had a woman librarian behind it from Real Life. The disc in the middle of the room was also from the library in town, oak brown with a black plate on top in a curved form went towards the entrance. The entrance was a fancy double glass-door. It had kind of a "light" atmosphere. I was soon getting out of there and starting to feel more confident.
      Before I talked to librarian I glimpsed a TV hanging on the wall next to the left door. The librarian, and now my friends A. and M., was also watching. My companions, subtract the librarian, didn't pay as much attention to it as I did. It was a news report.
      On the screen there was a young dark male in a dark green bobble-vest. He was running, plowing trough the impulsive and officious reporters. He pushed away a black camera in pointed towards him, and a voice came on. It was the anchor on the channel, talking about "Idealistic terrorists on the loose. They are teenagers and are very idealistic".. or something. O, jeez z__z .. I think the news in my dream might have been a clip from a RL memory from the riots in London on the news channel.
      "Oh my." the librarian mumbled.
      I looked at her, and the book in my hand was just seconds away from being handed over when the teenagers bursts through the glass in the doors. Although there wasn't any shattering or scrapes on their faces as the group gathered in the room staring determined on us. I barely had the change to act at all before they pointed their millitary guns at us and shouting us to leave the room and enter the little door on another wall of the room.
      "They want to isolate you!" I heard the librarian gasp terrified before we were all ripped away from her and enclosed in a small, green-walled room. I knew that this must be some sort of experiment. My friends knew no escape, but I had the escape in my mind.
      They sat hopeless at the end of the rectangular room when I showed them how we could climb out somehow and jump over a fence with a hedge. A. did it nicely, but M. needed a little instruction. But we made it out and that's the important part.
    11. Meeting My Dream Guide (or not...)

      by , 07-29-2011 at 12:29 AM
      Meeting My Dream Guide (or not..) (Incubated Lucid)


      Yet again a spontaneous lucid.

      I was hiding behind a wall on the rooftops of a Middle-Eastern town. My gun was behind my back, pinned up against the wall. A terrorist sat down next to me, breathing heavily. He was looking the other direction running from some marines. There were marines on my side (to the right.. he was looking left), so I didn't want to make any noise and have this terrorist notice me. Drawing my gun would make noise, and I couldn't take him hand to hand. I was waiting for a marine to get him.

      It was literally a bobblehead Obama figurine come to life.

      His figure was extremely odd. His head was about three feet tall and a foot wide. His lips were huge, and his neck was about the diameter of a watter bottle's tip.

      A marine sniper on a rooftop to my right took a shot. Once the bullet whizzed directly in front of my face I was experiencing everything in bullet-time. The shot him him directly in the neck.

      The terrorists was suffocating and obviously in agony. Then he was shot in the neck once more -- this time his head came off.

      I grabbed his knife and swung my gun into my hands. I jumped down off this roof to my right and went across multiple rooftops until reaching a ladder. As I was climbing up, I was shot at. I continued climbing again up a second ladder until I was with the marines.

      We promptly got the hell out of there.

      Once we got back to base, I changed out of my marine uniform, turn in my M4 and knife, and went straight to physical training (indoors.)

      I was in the Air Force, which is why I had to turn in my uniform and weapons.

      The general looked like Clint Eastwood. He worked us hard. A girl I know was in white lingerie spread out on the floor where we were doing push ups.

      I kept telling her to go away. But no. She wouldn't.

      The general came back from around the corner to make sure we were actually working and saw her. He used a Garry's Mod General Construction Prop as a wall and closed it in around our group. It packed us tighter together, and hurt because she was in the way and we couldn't touch the other wall -- we were being squished.

      "Well well well... it's a little tight in here ain't it?" He gave her a death glare and she left rather quickly.


      I was inside a barn, lit by oil lanters.
      A man took a hatchet and chopped another man directly down the center of his face. He then proceeded to eat the body.

      I left and was in a culdesac at night. I saw a bunch of people I knew from Fayetteville walking the street. I turned toward a field and yelled "Is my dream guide here?"

      I turned around. A big glass cup was floating behind me. It was about the size of my torso, but a bigger diameter. It had bright blue texting moving around it, as if a hologram were inside the glass.

      I turned back around.

      Again, I yelled "Is my dream guide here?"

      Turned around only to find once more this cup.

      I was quite surprised. In previous lucids my dream guide had always been Neytiri from Avatar. I've heard of animals and creatures being dream guides, but never anything like a glass cup. I'm not sure if this is my new DG or not.

      This cup had a real interesting voice. A very smooth, seducing female voice, with a bit of futuristic reverberation to it.

      I gave up and walked toward the field. It was apparently a Barbecue-Reunion for all my old classmates.

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    12. Swimming across the ocean

      by , 02-15-2011 at 10:14 AM
      Last night I thought I'd give WILDing a try, but I failed because I wasn't lying in a comfortable enough position. I didn't want to give it another try so I went to sleep the normal way.

      From there on I remember being with friends in a city - judging from the architecture probably French - in the middle of a terrorist attack. We were armed too and tried to hide the weapons from the police who were trying to sweep through the neighbourhood.

      The second part I remember is me swimming in the ocean at night, swimming towards an island far away, which I could barely see in the moonlight. Suddenly something grabbed one of my feet and pulled me down, at this moment I woke up.

      I think tonight I will try to adjust my position to something a bit more comfortable where I can relax all my muscles in an attempt to get a WILD.
      I'm happy though, I managed to actually recognize some of the people in my dreams
    13. Recall= 5 Dreams

      by , 08-06-2010 at 04:59 PM
      I had pretty good recall last night... just no lucids.

      Dream 1:

      I had a dream that my dad entered into a contest to win two Alienware M15x and won. I remember being really excited but asked him why he did that (We both already have an M11x IWL). I also remember feeling the texture of the sides of the computer, etc...

      Dream 2 (**Possibly Shared**):

      This dream was quite strange... I was captured by terrorists and they put me into this training camp for some reason. They put me into this place where there was other people my age, and we all had pistols. We were instructed to shoot at each other, I shot all the rounds in my clip, and then I got shot in the head with a bullet. Apparently, the bullet must of not gone through my skull for some reason. (My Dream Self must have a thick skull ) Anyway, after that happened in the dream I was thinking, "Oh shit, I got shot in the head! But why didn't it kill me?" I SHOULD of done a reality check after that, but no... I didn't. The next thing I remember seeing is my dad for some reason walking around talking to terrorists. After that, my attention was dragged back to the instructor, who gave me another clip of ammo for my pistol, he then instructed us to shoot at each other. I again, depleted my clip, and got shot in the head. I remember a slomo shot just for like 1 second of the bullet coming towards me. I got knocked over this time, but it still didn't kill me. The last thing that I remember about this dream is my dad doing something to my head which raised the blood pressure to cause the bullets to pop out of my skull the way that they entered. When he did this in the dream I lost my vision for a second, and felt pressure in my head. Next I felt the bullets pop out and clatter to the ground while feeling warm blood trickle down my face.

      Dream 3 (**Possibly Shared**):

      I had a dream where I was playing Halo with my best friend IWL. He is Mynden on these forums. IWL, he has only beat me like 2-3 times ever, and this didn't change in the dream . The first thing that happened was apparently we were playing Reach because I kept assassinating him the way that you do in Reach. The dream didn't feel like you were playing Halo, more of actually being your person. So for awhile that's all we did, talk smack, and I kept killing him. Anyway after awhile something happened that scared me and him, there was a strange dot on my radar in game, it wasn't a solid dot like usual, it was a swirly, non solid dot that was red, signifying it was hostile. In the dream, I asked Mynden if he saw that same thing and he said he did. I used my radar to find where this thing was, and I found it. When it saw me it started to run away, down into a place I have never seen in any Halo map. There was this gravity lift that was a purplish color, built into a wall, the ghostly thing went down into it, and I followed. When I got into the gravity lift, I looked down, and there was this big black entity that had a bunch of black spheres inside of it. I got the idea that the spheres were spirits. I reached down and tried to grab one of the spheres inside of the entity, but I couldn't. The next thing I remember is the dream setting changing, the gravity lift was still there, Mynden was gone, and the entity was still there. But below us was an ocean, and a base that was under attack in the ocean. It seemed like every time someone died in the battle below us another black sphere would go inside of the entity. I floated down from the place and went to the ground. I was completely ignored in the battle for some reason, and the last thing I remember from the dream is a nuclear, or some massive, explosion going off into the base while I was right next to it, probably ending this entire battle by killing everyone.

      These next two dreams are really fragmented.

      Dream 4:

      Before going to bed, I was talking to someone that I Role Play with on World of Warcraft about possibly attempting to induce a dream where I was my troll character or was with both of our troll characters (Our chars are sisters). The reason for this is to see what we could develop out our characters from my dream state. As for the dream, I don't really remember anything about it other than I was either my character, or I was with my character doing something.

      Dream 5:

      This dream is the most vague of all of the dreams I recalled last night, and it's probably because I have spent so much energy remember all of the other ones, because I had a good idea of all of these dreams the moment after I had them, but not so much when I went to go write them down. Now that I go to write down this dream... I honestly do not remember it anymore.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    14. A dog race, shrinking, and terrorists in Turkey.

      by , 05-12-2010 at 06:04 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream starts off with me at some sort of Olympic event for dogs. There is a race down a long winding path that looks like a bobsleigh track. The dog I have entered looks like my friend RM's previous dog Memphis, a shetland sheepdog who passed away last year. Spectators and other dog owners have gathered in a sphirical room where the race starts and where it can be watched on a large screen t.v. There are many people there but the only one's I really pay attention too are a group of three young men who are dressed in black or dark blue suits and look like hitmen. They are determined to win and I fear they may become violent if they lose.

      The race begins but I am too worried about watching my back and keeping an eye on the dangerous looking suited men than the ranking of my dog in the race. The race ends and neither I nor the suit men win but for some reason I leave the statdium with them and we all leave our dogs behind. Outside there is a path that leads to floating boardwalk that goes over a lake to a townhouse complex on the other side. As we cross the boardwalk it starts to sink and we are forced to swim across. For some reason we have to do all of this unseen by others because we are running from something but I cannot remember the reason anymore. The most handsome of the suit men sticks close to me and is very protective. I think his name was Vince because he looked like Vincent Valentine when he was a Turk.

      When we get to the other side we have shrunk and are about the size of crows. We start sneaking around one of the townhouses when we run into my friend RM and her dog Memphis. She tells us that the coast is clear and that we can get by unseen. Past the townhouse complex is a parking lot, then a trailer park where the Vince's alcoholic father lives. We take shelter in father's trailer and Vince and his father argue about something.

      Beyond the trailer park is a huge grocery store which we have to sneak through to get to something on the otherside. We dodge through aisles and onto a table with fruit when we are spotted by some shoppers but they don't threaten us like we thought they would and rather only show curiousity about our small size. The four of us finally get through the grocery store and find ourselves in a dirty run down town.

      The dream changes and Vince's two companions disappear and he language and dress of the poor people walking around inform us that we are in a slum in the eastern European country of Tukey. The slum is overrun with gangsters and terrorists and anyone who lives there are virtual prisoners. Vince and I are normal size again and we are now lovers and he is my fiancee. Because of the dangerous conditions of the city we go are seperate ways because Vince has to find something that will let us get out of the slum and to freedom and I am told to mill about a trade center to wait for him.

      The trade center is filled with goods from all over the world and I am amused to find a section of Canadian memorabelia and soapstone carvings. There are explosions outside and the people in the trade center panic and start running around to find cover. I ask one old woman what is going on and she tells me that terrorists have been randomly attacking the slum and bombing certain streets. I go outside to try and find Vince and see that there are people walking around cautiously either trying to go about there business or find shelter.

      There is an older man who works somewhere nearby that I think can help me, but the bombings are close to where I think I can find him. I search up and down many narrow dirty streets until I find the dentist's office where the older man works, but it is closed and no one is there. I walk out of the alley and see a gang of men wearing masks, carrying weapons and riding crudely built motorbikes riding up and down the streets forcing people to do as they say and to go inside or they will kill them. I know these are the terrorists and I have to hide behind some debris in an alley to avoid being seen until they pass.

      I run into a woman who says she knows where the old man is and I follow her to a cafe halfway across the slum. We manage to get there unnoticed by thugs and find many people trying to take shelter or relax and have a coffee. The older man is there and he admits that he knows where Vince is but first we have to go back to his dentist's office to get something. On the way we are stopped by some masked men who threaten us, but the old man shows them a pass of some kind and says that I am his daughter (and he is escorting me home for the forced curfew) they begrudgingly let us on our way.

      At the dentist's office the old man is dismayed to find that it has been broken into and the place has been ransacked. His money, passport documents and stash of cigarettes has been stolen. The old man thinks awhile about what to do next before deciding that we should head to the trade center which is not that far away.

      The dream becomes fuzzy and I cannot remember a bit but somehow we meet up with Vince who had been captured and tortured by some terrorists. The old man bribes someone to take us to a port town nearby where we can sneak onto a cargo ship and onto freedom. We succeed in getting on the ship but some gangsters or terrorists find out that there are two people trying to escape from Turkey and they get there own ship to pursue us. The crew of the cargo ship get nervous about having us as passengers and dump us on a small island not far away from the port on which there is a circular fortress of some kind that has many levels underground.

      Vince suddenly looks like he appeared in Dirge of Cerberus and has acquired some guns from the cargo ship crew and he sends me into the lower floors of the building. He is able to kill some of the pursuers but is forced into the bowls of the fort when confronted with the leader of the terrorists. He gives me one of his handguns and tells me to go to the lowest floor and wait for him. I can hear gun fire and yelling but don't know what is going on until Vincent and the terrorist leader come running down, shooting at each other. The terrorist leader has transformed into a hideous beast and is more impervious to bullets. Vincent has trouble taking him down and just before the end the leader summons more warriors to fight for him.

      There is a long gun battle all over the basement of the fort but Vincent eventually triumphs with my help but the dream ends before we leave the island or anything.