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    1. 3 Dec: Detonation of a harmless bomb

      by , 12-04-2018 at 10:59 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Something about russians and some test. Something on a public swimming pool, with a couple of ladies, crossing the locker room to avoid or meet someone, but then getting excited about a swim in the pool.

      A friend says he invented a simulation of a nuclear bomb, but without radiation and the blast is harmless so wants to test it. I'm not feeling sure about that, but he insists on blowing it up and says we can hide in an underground shelter nearby. Strangely enough, he sets it off in the middle of a town, so I wonder about all other people if the test goes wrong. Anyway, he is not going to stop for anything and he blasts the thing off. The shock wave is strangely slow, so we can run ahead of it and seek the shelter. He doesn't go, but me and Alex and Zilla we run to it. Zilla is the only one who knows where it is. Alex trips when we cross a bridge and he grabs a piece of my clothing asking for help. But I tell him "it's ok, the bomb is harmless, you'll be fine." And I shrug him off and keep going (watch a bitch I can be). I look back a few steps later and ask him if he'll be ok? He ain't sure, but he doesn't complain and gets up to keep running.
      Zilla finally stops behind a building with a garden and I ask if the bunker is there. She says no and that she also wants to experience the blast on the surface, but she is taking cover behind the building She finds a hose on a wall and takes an improvised shower. Recommends me to do the same, in case the blast is hot. I feel pretty upset with all this and think these guys are just fucking insane. The blast is coming.

      I am a at a supermarket with Riverstone, shopping for food. Some troll just put 200€ of frozen fish on our trolley. We're vegetarian, I ask the cashier to keep it and take it away, but Riverstone is looking at all the codfish and saying maybe we should buy it for special occasions. I am pissed he is even considering that and say "absolutely no".

      Everyone seems to be losing his/her voice. I am also starting to loose mine. It's some virus that's going around and infecting more and more people. It's afflictive.
    2. Another Non-Lucid Dream with the Theme of Dream Control

      by , 08-01-2018 at 10:08 AM
      Morning of August 1, 2018. Wednesday.

      Reading time: 1 min 9 sec. Readability score: 58.

      In the first part of my dream, there are associations with lucid dream experiments I did in my childhood. Mainly, it is my development of a field as a setting, to give me open options. It involved closing my eyes while running through the area and eventually opening them after deliberately running for a long time. In one of my most vivid lucid dream experiments of that time, I opened my eyes and found myself at the top of a tower, having no perception of running up the spiral stairs, but recognizing it as the emerging consciousness factor. After looking out over a beautiful landscape, I phased through the wall and flew up and out of my dream, maintaining perfect vestibular system correlation.

      In my dream, there is communication with another dream journalist. He talks about his “power” based on what I had written in my journal when I was very young. It involves creating the field setting, running very fast, though while counting to seven, and teleporting to a random location. The results are vague. I am not a dream character, only a distant observer to his antics.

      Later, he is writing a response to how another experiment turned out. That one is more like one of those fake personality tests on the Internet and which some Facebook users post the results of (which is ultimately pointless).

      In this case, he takes several of the same tests. It involves connecting random dots inside a random circular pattern. The results are different each time, though that is likely because he connects the dots differently each time.

      He seems to be annoyed by the different results based on his different choices and starts writing about “apologists for life” in the comment section.

    3. Dream - The TAFE Bully & Holidaying In Miami

      by , 06-10-2017 at 12:53 PM
      Date of Dream: SAT 10 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 130 - Separated Sections

      Dream 130 A - The TAFE Bully
      I was in TAFE but weirdly, I found out that BrB from primary school was also in this class. When I was in the main foyer of Building W, >> Sensitivity warning, for men especially, read at your own risk: it was then that I noticed I was on my period. Then there came BrB, he picked up some sanitary pads off the floor that were all bloodied, rolled them up... And threw them at me!! << Now earlier on, I remember that BrB had asked to sit next to NN in the class, so the arrangement was JC, me, BrB, NN. But then I entered the classroom and saw that no one was sitting next to NN, BrB wasn't even in the room. I had the idea summed up in my head that NN didn't allow him to sit there... NN already that there was something suspicious up with BrB.

      I then went to look through the window of the classroom and saw BrB in another room. He was sticking his head out the window and calling names at me. Apparently BrB was now in our classroom again and our teacher KHa mentioned that there was a test at 11:05. All of sudden, BrB's phone is heard ringing and so we call keep quiet to let him take the call. On the other side of the line was an authority member of the TAFE. She was asking BrB questions about the “First Aid” course he was doing but she said that they were kicking him out due to his bad behaviour. When the call was ended, I just knew that NN was the one behind everything. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 130 B - Holidaying In Miami
      I don't remember where I was exactly but I do remember the exact outfit I was wearing. It was a long blue cardigan with a yellow singlet and really short shorts. The place I was in had a mixture of shops and restaurants but didn't look like any shopping complex in the real world. After a while, the place started to get really crowded, which overwhelmed me, so much so that people were even talking at me but they weren't talking to me... It was like they were talking over me to try and talk to someone else on the other side of me. So I decided I had to leave but I did take two people out of there with me, one was a stranger African man that I don't know and the lady might have been his wife.

      My mum was waiting outside the building and I had explain to her who these two people were with me, despite the fact that she looked angry and suspicious about these people. I kept reiterating to her that they were my friends. It took me a few attempts to get her to settle down but she eventually did. I was then walking around the town by myself for a while, that looked nothing like the places in America but was supposedly called Miami anyway. I then recalled that Logan and Chilly from SML were next door in the town of Pensacola. I came up a lake with a strange red sign that said “Pensa” in white writing... I knew this was short for Pensacola. This didn't insinuate that Logan and Chilly were living at the bottom of a lake, did it? I don't remember anything else in regards to this dream.

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    4. If The “Subconscious” Answers, Hang Up

      by , 05-19-2017 at 07:37 PM
      Morning of May 19, 2017. Friday.

      This dream seems related to the SAT dream of the same day (but not directly connected). The setting is not the same but seems like a classroom with at least four rows of school desks. An unknown person on my immediate left calls someone (on his cell phone) to give him answers for mathematics questions. Snoring comes over the phone. This seems amusing at first, but the person keeps talking into the phone. It is established that the person he is talking to is somehow communicating from a dream. Somehow, the caller believes he can get answers to the math questions from the other person’s dream. (Curiously, I am not actively lucid.)

      Over time, I realize that the person he is talking to is a couple seats behind him, but not on a cell phone. He has his head down, asleep over his desk.

      It seems obvious that the caller will get all the answers wrong since the dream state usually has no math skills, problem-solving skills, sense of logic, or critical thinking skills. (Again, somehow I know this without being actively lucid.)

      Soon, the personified preconscious walks into the setting. He is Lieutenant Fuzz (from the “Beetle Bailey” comic strip). However, the front of his face is that of an aardvark or anteater. (An aardvark or anteater has appeared as the preconscious waking symbolism in previous dreams, including a precognitive one, though not in the manner here.) I find it very amusing as he walks about sucking up ants from the floor and pencils that had just been dropped by students. He also sucks up the cell phone of the caller. He somehow sucks up desks and students, walking about slightly bent forward, with his hands clasped behind his back, and eventually, I get the impression that he sucks up the dream itself. I find the whole situation hilarious.

      This imagery seems quite familiar but I cannot determine why or from what source. I do not think it comes from the “Beetle Bailey” comic strip; perhaps Mad Magazine. The preconscious has several recurring waking elements here, an authority figure, a fictional character, and initiating coalescence of the dream self into whole consciousness (which is what dreams basically are for in the last scenes).

    5. Test - non-lucid fragment Spellbee's Splendid Comp Night #7, 2017 DJ #16

      by , 01-20-2017 at 01:17 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I do an IQ test. Then I am told to do another!!

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      Tags: iq test, test
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Criticized at School

      by , 07-24-2016 at 06:51 PM
      I took a swig of vodka form a bottle, a drink of some other alcohol, and poured a tiny bit of orange juice into a shot glass and drank it.

      I was in a classroom sitting at a table with some old school friends. They were young teenagers, and I think I was too. Our teacher was my dog's previous Dog Trainer. She mentioned something about shrimp, directed at me, I said I didn't like shrimp. She said I should maybe 'open my mind more.' I was confused but just sat there. A pretty brunette girl walked into the room with another adult/teacher. My friends whispered to themselves and then told me that I would be like that girl if I was nice. I felt hurt, and told them that I had never been purposely mean to them and asked them what had I done to treat them poorly. I decided to get up and leave the classroom.

      I went outside of the building and sat on a ledge overlooking the street. I saw a boy from my childhood (dreamt about him not so long ago, but I never think or talk to him in waking life, wonder what he represents?) skateboarding down a hill.

      The next day I went back to class after grabbing a lot of books from my locker. At my seat in class there was an attendance slip with a sea foam green ribbon on it that said 'please see Julia.' I knew it was because I had left early yesterday. We had a test on yesterday's material and I knew I wouldn't pass.The teacher seemed concerned and irritated with me, and as I left asked me to please at lest consider going to the event on Saturday. I wasn't sure what she meant.

      I went for over 2 weeks without drinking and decided to buy some wine this weekend. I drank, but didn't enjoy it as much as I previously had and looked forward to the bottle being empty so I could start 'not drinking' again. Obviously still hooked enough to not want to pour it out.
    7. Tests, Tests, and More Tests

      by , 06-17-2016 at 05:29 AM
      It was the last day of high school, and we all had had a week-long break before hand (or perhaps it was two or three weeks). Everyone needed to find their home rooms, and once the bell rang a final exam would be administered. Because we had been gone for so long (and at my school we only went to home room three or four times a school year), I was having trouble remembering where mine was. I looked into one and seen Jacob C. and Metal, and decided to give it a shot. The man that was the teacher called role--I remember that Metal was making a reverse list of sorts, because he was hoping that that was my home room after all, and so every name that was called, he'd write it down. Finally the man was done and when I realized that he definitely hadn't called me, I got up to find another room.

      The bell hadn't rung yet, which was just my good luck. Standing in the hall way were a couple of other teachers, and with them was a mobile table of sorts that carried all of the tests. One of them tried to go ahead and give me my examination, but I told them that I needed to find my home room first. I could tell that they weren't pleased, but they told me to hurry and didn't ask any more questions. ("They" were a bit shorter than me, older, and had white hair, but I can't remember what their gender was supposed to be, or anything else about them, really.)

      Mrs. Tear's class was just right across the hall, so I stopped there first. Everyone was already seated, so I went straight to her desk and asked her if I was on her roll call; she checked, told me I was, handed me my test, and so I sat down and did it. It was difficult.

      After that, I was driving to college with my mom. At some point she pointed out that the people in front of us were having car troubles (I can't remember what with), and so I rolled down my window and asked them what was wrong, if there was anything that we would be able to do. I then just got out of the car and conversed with them. We were getting along well, but then their little boy asked me if I could go ahead and leave. I agreed and when I turned around I seen that there was a car behind us, waiting for me to move. I rushed in, told the people goodbye, and then drove away.

      Once we got to the college, it was my mom who was needing to take a test. It was a very short thing, but I needed to help her a bit. The last question either had to do with my dad, or her answer had to do with it. She didn't like the test-makers, because she felt that they were too intrusive in her personal life.

      Finally we're back home, and I can fly through things! I float through walls and through people--floating through people is a bit more difficult, though, because I have to first will myself to be invisible before I do it. I remember laying down on the couch in the living room for a time before getting back up again.
    8. There's Going to be a Test

      by , 05-25-2016 at 12:36 PM
      May 25, 2016: #3 of 3: I am walking down the hall of a school. I am headed towards the classroom in which I'm going to be taking an examination. I am with L. Just prior to entering the room I noticed there are several gadgets on the floor just outside the door (down and to my right) which apparently had been confiscated by the teacher and not permitted into the exam room. One of them looks like an REM Dreamer. My pants legs are rolled up to demonstrate that I have nothing hidden on my ankles although there does seem to be an REM Dreamer strapped to my leg.

      We entered the classroom and there are numerous previously seated dream characters. There are several unoccupied wooden desks in the classroom. I am interested in taking a seat at a large pine table. The teacher/proctor is Sean Connery. As I take my seat the large table appears to have spontaneously divided into two smaller tables. The teacher turns the narrow end of one of the tables towards me and I take my seat. L. is seated behind me and to my right at a "normal" classroom desk. She seems to know all about the subject matter of the test. I grow suddenly concerned I might not be fully prepared for the exam. I am surprised to learn that not only is there an academic part of the test but also a test of my physical strength as well. I wake. 5:54 AM.
      Tags: classroom, test
    9. #70 - In a desert (LD), getting tested by an eftpos machine

      by , 03-01-2015 at 10:49 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream 1 - In a desert (LD)
      I wasn't sure if this was a lucid dream at first, my recall for it was quite bad... I thought that I might have just had a dream about a lucid dream or something O_O. I was walking up a desert road, I think I looked at my hands and noticed I was dreaming, I felt that it was a really strong lucid dream (which sucked because I can't really remember it and it was early in the night so it didn't last long) which was stable and had a high amount of clarity. I decided to test my control of the area around me, at first I tried to shape a small pyramidal dune of sand into a large square/rectangle. This was extremely hard for some reason, but I was managing to slowly control the shape of the sand dune... I think I woke up shortly after this because like I said, it was quite early in the night and the dream stage didn't last long.

      Dream 2 - getting tested by an eftpos machine
      So I remember being in the geology department of a building, it seemed to be a white-coat kind of lab. I had bumped into another geologist who was bald or something. A time/space jump occurs and I'm in front of a eftpos machine, except it seems to be testing me, and the bald guy is going through a similar experience. I get 18/19 for my score, he gets 13/17 (didn't notice that the total amount you could earn wasn't meant to be different sadly, didn't get lucid ). His son comes up and helps him out and punches in some buttons, I don't remember much after this.

      Dream 3 - Unknown
      There WAS another dream that I fully remembered having between the dreams above, but I completely forgot it randomly before >_<
    10. Working at Winn Dixie, school, aliens invade my house and more whacky adventures

      by , 01-01-2015 at 12:24 AM
      I had a dream that I went to go apply to Winn Dixie (because my irl friend works there), I remember talking to some dude and he gave me the job on the spot, and him and my friend went to go arrange stuff neatly on the shelves and I decided to help to hopefully get a good reputation. It seemed kind of like a good will with random stuff just thrown on shelves and we were straightening them up going down aisles.
      Soon after I remember driving home with a different friend, we were down a road that's in our neighborhood adjacent to our community center. irl its paved, but in the dream it was still a dirt road. It also had a large dip in it, and plants overgrown around it, and rocks around it, too. He would drive down the road, but the truck was spinning yet still going straight down the road. it was actually kind of fun.

      I also dreamt that I was at school, and during lunch we had to go to some assembly and we would miss 5th period, I was sort of bummed out because I liked my 5th period and didn't really like my 6th period. I don't remember an assembly at all, but I remember being in a class, it was my math class and surprisingly the desks were in the right order, but I was in my old desk at the front of the class and I was on the last row. I think there was another desk in front of mine, though. I pull my tablet out of my backpack and realize I forgot to put teamviewer on my computer so I could play on my computer from my tablet. Somehow I still manage to play civ 5, though. It's me and my friend, Trent, at my house, my kitchen. We settle a city in the living room, and the living room has a brown couch, it is also kind of dark, it's light in the kitchen but the rest of the house is dark. But then we start to get worried on who is in the game, we go in to my dad's room, who isnt home, and hide in the corner, hoping we wont be found. My friend says Attila the Hun is in the game, and he enters our house and that automatically triggers our meeting. He walks in to my room. We get up and go back in the living room and I see Kim Jong Un coming up my porch. (btw, attila and kim both have some companion with them). We meet and Kim is walking towards me, I don't know where my friend went and I see Attila come out of the darkness and Attila rips kim's head in half by his mouth, there was no blood though, it looked like clay. Attila's companion also kills Kim's companion and they shapeshift into Kim and kim's companion. I grab my friend and tell him that Attila is a shapeshifter and no one is to be trusted. My friend disappears off somewhere again, and I'm standing in the kitchen and in the shadows I see some white, ethereal creature, it's one of the shapeshifters, they kind of hide behind a wall but are still very visible, I tell him that I see through his disguise. I think he backs off, but later some lizardman in a black robe, one of the shapeshifters, comes at me. I run at him, move to one side, he follows, move to another, hes slow but follows, and then again I move to another side and I juke him out, run past him, and now I'm on the other side of the couch. I insult him like "dude, you cant even fucking play football". The lizardman tells me he will be back, but I'm not really worried. He goes to my room. I'm walking around, now the whole house is dark, and I'm worried. I go and look down the house to where my room is, and in the hallway the light is on, and illidan stormrage is standing outside my room's door, I go back and I start to get worried, and wake up.

      I have a dream that I'm at the mall, I go in to a store with blue wall paint and a metal door, and there's two chicks from my school working there, I ask for an application, they hand me one and I go sit down at this long, metallic looking table parallel to the counter. I'm sitting there filling it out and it changes to some test. I know some of the answers. These guys from my school (named dominic, carlos, and some other dude -- for my memory) are sitting there now, and they are also taking the test. And there's also a bunch of clutter on the table, like backpacks and stuff. Carlos already took the test last period but he said he has to take it again. He tells me someone wrote down the answer key where I'm sitting and told me to tell them the answers. For some reason I have a hard time telling them the answers, they are weird anyways. I have to bubble them in and it's not letters but weird symbols. Carlos says "Screw it I already took the test" and turns his in and leaves. When I'm done with the test I notice the room is a lot brighter and looks more like a classroom, and the door is wood instead of metal.

      Last night I had a dream that I was at school, some kind of event was going on. A lot was going on, but I only remember being in the lunchroom and a friend of mine, max, who no longer goes to this school is in a booth with a few others, catching up. I go over there and start talking to him. We're going on about games, and other bull crap. I ask him for his steam, he tells me I have it, then I tell him I made a new account (all true). He tells me his steam, sfp>kill, or something like that. In the dream I forget it aswell and I keep asking him, but I don't say it loud enough because of all the crap going on in the dream, it's loud. I remember even a computer monitor at the booth and trying to find him on steam. I get up and go to grab lunch, the lunch room resembles my elementary school lunch line. I'm leaving and I see people just walking off with lunch like it's free. I'm going and I ask a lady sitting outside the lunchline door at a table "What's my lunch number?" she looks confused, and I remember lunch is free, and I walk back to the booth. That's all I remember,
    11. #41 - Hunting Hooligans with Gandalf/Don't know how to name this one/English Tests

      by , 10-26-2014 at 11:43 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream 1 - Hunting Hooligans with Gandalf
      Me and Gandalf are out on a lake that has ice around it. We're waiting to catch someone, and then we see some hooligans on the other side. We sprint over, occasionally falling into the icy water but not caring. Gandalf blasts them with his magic, there are a few that turn up behind me too. I take a chunk of charcoal from a small pouch I have, and then hurl it at the hooligans feet. BOOM. I take another piece and chuck it at them which sizzles through the ice beneath them, they managed to duck into a cave in the side of a glacier we're next to though. Gandalf has followed some other hooligans into the glacier too, and as I turn the corner I see him getting off the ground and starting to give chase. I follow with him, we end up running down some steep ice stairs (I think about how dangerous this is but I don't slip). Suddenly I'm in my old school gymnasium, I have my backpack on and the previous events seem like they never happened. I see a good place to sit and realize I need to put my bag away first. I head over to where everyone else is putting their bags and put it there, then turn around and see that the room has filled up more and that my seat has been taken. I see V (a friend from my form class at school) and I decide I'll go sit next to him. The dream ends here.

      Dream 2 - Don't know how to name this one
      So I'm taking a test with my friend J from high school, except we're not in school, we're at some random animal facility. I think there are a bunch of normal looking animals that we can see through a glass window to my left (elephants, sheep, etc). We have to evacuate for some reason and I remember that there was a girl from before who was too scared to run, I tell someone that I'm going back for her (I was nearly at an escape plane when I realized this). I find her crying and tell her to go to the plane, she says she can't find her monkey (a plush toy teddy bear thing). I promise her that I'll bring it to her, she then makes her way to the plane while I sprint off in the opposite direction. I meet J again and he's super excited, he passed the test with 90%! I give him an ecstatic hug and congratulate him. I ask him what I got and then he realizes that the 90% was actually mine (I recently got 90% in a university assignment), and that on his test he got 93%. This is kind of weird because I got 10/11 which apparently equals 90%, and he got 10/10 which equaled 93%. I didn't click to how weird it was though. I continue on and now I'm in a room with another glass window and animals on the other side, except they're super strange this time. They're pretty much aliens, and they're woolly and have tusks, some are sheep that are covered in mud and grass. There's a lady who is telling us what to do, she tells us to all sit down and that those animals are all dangerous monsters. There are a few of the sheep variety in a cage in the corner of the room, next to the cage is another cage and there are stuffed toys in there, one of them is the monkey I'm looking for. I see someone jump the fence to the animal enclosure on the other side of the window, I shout it out to the teacher and she ridicules me. I say 'No, I definitely saw someone!', I then get the courage to approach the sheep in the corner of the room. I am super nervous, I rip up a bit of grass and hold it out to them, shaking and my heart is pounding. I pull back a few times, cautious in case they are vicious flesh eaters. I manage to keep my cool and feed them the grass, I then say to everyone else "They're not vicious, they're just sheep covered in mud and grass". The monkey in the cage is gone and I know I have to find it, but I think now that it's somewhere over the fence.

      Dream 3 - English Tests
      I'm in an English classroom and my teacher is the same as my teacher from high school. I seem to know that I'm a university level student, yet I've gone back to high school, and I think about how easy it will be now that I know everything. The class starts and we have to draw out an intro page, then we have a test the following day, and an assignment due at the end of the week. I think about how ridiculous this is, it's only the first day. But I reassure myself that I'll nail everything with excellence and make up for my slacker attitude during my first time at high school. Everyone else has finished drawing up their intro page and the bell goes, I'm still drawing mine and so is another Asian kid in front of me. The teacher is pissed and gives us an extension on everything, saying that we'll need it. Once again I feel the need to prove that I'm not a dumb ass. The dream ends after that.

      A lot to do with my old high school for some reason.
    12. Am I Passing This Class? and The Baby Girl Who Started Her Life Again

      by , 10-19-2014 at 10:25 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was going into a math class. It was the last day of the semester (not sure if it was high school or college). As I was walking in, I couldn't remember if I had gone to this class during the semester more than a few times. I was thinking about the grades she had posted for me, and there were some holes and about as many grades. Ugh what was I gonna do?

      I sat down and there was a shorter, kind of stout black woman teaching the class. She was very lax and laid back. I was starting to wonder if she had even held class for half the semester. She handed out a test, our last one of the semester. It was a multiple choice test. The questions had little to no math relevancy. I don't remember them specifically right now, but the first one had some numbers in it, but the question was silly, and the next ones just had nothing to do with math at all. Man, this teacher must not care at all. I then "remembered" taking another test like that with her before and getting a bunch of them wrong. It didn't seem like there should really be any wrong answers since it was so silly...

      I later saw the teacher somewhere outside of class. Also, something about writing two papers on two different books or pieces of writing. It was and extra credit assignment for the math class. I wasn't sure if I needed it or not, but I wasn't going to take my chances. I couldn't decide which one I wanted to choose to write on for the second one (I had already picked the first out). I'd start writing in purple sharpie, but then I'd scribble it out. I asked someone, maybe the teacher, about what I should do. She gave me some suggestions on what pieces to write about.

      Then, something about Dallas and I having had a baby, a girl. Someone else was taking care of her, my mom I think. The baby then decided that she didn't want to be here anymore, and wanted to start over again from a newborn. I think she got really depressed about something. So she did that, and was an infant again. I then was wondering if Dallas and I should keep trying to have a baby since we had one already apparently. I then went to go see my daughter. I asked someone where she was and they told me that Debbie was watching her. I started to go down into this basement area that was supposed to be the break room at Kohl's, either down some stairs or a ladder. I started to see the tops and backs of these ladies' heads. They were two very gossipy ladies at Kohl's. They were sitting down on the couch watching TV. I didn't really want to interact with them, though Debbie was their friend. I went down there all the way. I saw that it looked as if some of them literally were living in the break room. Interesting. I didn't see Debbie or the baby anywhere. I then asked someone something. I then saw this pink dollhouse/cage thing that had plastic, interchangeable cribs in it. I was flipping through the different ones, watching them come up through the floor (I think I was pushing a button to change them out), when I heard R's voice. She is a lady that I work with at the bakery. She was saying "Sen and Simpy! Sen and Simpy!" (meaning Ren and Stimpy). She was talking about the themes of the cribs they were using for the baby. I kept flipping through them and didn't see any like that, though sometimes, two cribs would pop up, and then five.
    13. Being tested by dream guide. LD #107,108,109 (sort of)

      by , 08-28-2014 at 03:06 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am on vacation with my family I cannot recall many of the details but we are riding on a school bus that has been re-purposed as a tour bus. I am sitting in a seat with my mom acting very childlike. I am complaining that I am very tired and never get a chance to relax. In the dream I feel very tired, and this is the reason for my behavior.
      Anyways after some time, I recall sitting up and watching the bus driver and the scenery from the front windshield. We are driving through very mountainous country. It is a beautiful clear day and there are huge pine trees and beautiful mountains. We come to a long curving descent that looks very dangerous to drive down, and the bus driver takes it at full speed.
      I think at this moment, I may have noticed an empty bottle of whiskey on the dashboard.
      This road is a recipe for disaster; it descends the mountain at a roughly thirty degree angle, while gradually curving. If you fail to turn sharp enough, you go off a cliff! There is no guard rail or anything.

      And sure enough the bus is starting to go over the edge. I start to become lucid at this point, and try to phase the bus away. It seems to be working. Just as the bus loses traction, I phase it out of the dream and use the momentum to begin flying. I think to myself that I should probably land and stabilize. But before I get a chance to do so the dream ends.

      I am floating in a black void for a few moments where something strips me of my lucidity.
      A new dream begins.

      I am driving with my dad in his old van. It is late at night, and snowing. For some reason, the pedals are on the left hand side, but the steering wheel is on my side. Also, we are driving down the express way.
      He tells me to turn down a road (the name of which I cannot remember.) But I make the wrong turn. I tell him I cannot read the signs. We make a series of wrong turns very rapidly until we find ourselves on a service road. The road comes to a cliff, a drop off, not unlike the one that the bus rode off of in the previous dream.
      I tell my dad to hit the brake, but he is unresponsive. Our van doesn't have a console and I am able to slam on the brake with my left leg. We come to a stop about four feet before the cliff, but even with the brake to the floor it still seems to be in idle speed. For some reason I thought it had something to do with the fact that the van was a manual transmission car.
      Anyways, I couldn't stop it, so I jump back into my seat, put my seat belt on, grab hold of the wheel and try to steer the car down. As we tip over the hill, I see that we are driving over into ski slope.
      I became vaguely lucid, because ski slopes are one of my dream signs.
      The car begins barreling down the slope. It's a bumpy ride, and I am doing my best to steer us around obstacles. Then came probably the funniest thing I have ever said in a dream.
      "Dad, since we're probably going to die in this, I want you to know..."
      No response.
      "I think you're crazy!"
      Yes, I actually said that.

      My POV got taken out of the car and I watched it crash into one of the chairlift poles. I can feel someone else there with me.

      I am in the void a second time. Lucid this time. I can feel that someone else is there too. I also feel like I might wake up.
      I get stripped of my lucidity once more.

      I am in my own front yard. For some reason there is a swing hanging from one of the trees and I am swinging. I see five kids from my neighborhood. The youngest being about 10, the oldest, about my age. They come into our yard and open the garage.
      They get out a number dangerous of power and hand tools and begin various forms of destruction and dangerous play.
      I became mildly lucid here, thinking that for some reason I 'just don't care' because there won't be any long-term repercussions. One of them finds an extra ceiling fan in the garage (for some reason.) He runs a wire out and turns it on below me while I am swinging. I stop and get off as to not be chopped apart by the blades.
      I then yell at everyone to get their attention. They all stop, and I tell them that they must clean up this mess and put everything back in the garage. They all listen. They start cleaning up. It doesn't take long, and I help direct them and put things into the right place.
      Just as we are finishing, the oldest boy goes into the house to go pee, and I hear a drilling sound.
      I yell to him to stop playing with the drill and put it back into the garage. He then comes out into the garage. Two other boys grab me from behind and the boy with the drill comes forward and points the drill at my chest. For some reason the drill has four drill bits on slight angles toward the center.
      I get struck with fear, seeing the intent in the boy's eyes. But he sure takes his sweet time to do it. He seems to be savoring the moment.
      Then, something snapped.
      "I'm lucid dreaming!" I yelled.
      I broke the grip of the boys behind me and my hands swung around. I crushed the drill between the palms of my hands just before it could touch my chest. A sonic wave went out.
      Then, all of the boys vanished. The broken bits of the drill were still there and they dropped out of my hand. I turned around, looking out the open garage door. The dream became clearer.
      Manei is sitting at the end of my driveway at a card table. She gestures for me to come over, and shows me a sheet that she was marking up.

      Spoiler for Dream testing sheet:

      Then I 'remembered' the whole thing was just a lucid dreaming test of some kind. From the looks of it, usually this test is a lot longer, but Manei said we were done now.
      She looks at me with that characteristic smile.
      "Two out of three ain't bad..." She says.
      She also shows me an old testing shees where I went 6 lds and 8 nlds. I don't remember that test...

      I wake up.

      Upon waking I realize that she used orange and blue marks because those are the colors for I use in my DJ.

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    14. Tedious Questionnaire

      by , 08-10-2014 at 03:46 PM
      I came in from the outdoors, where I was doing something I can't recall now, and joined a group of other people in a room. It was like a big classroom, there were two or three dozen of us, and, we were each given papers relating to a long questionnaire with instructions for how to fill it out. There was a white sheet, a green sheet, maybe even a blue sheet with the actual questions, and a portion to be answered by computer, and the instructions were very confusing. The white sheets were all pre-marked with answers from various previous respondents -- different for every sheet -- which made things even more confusing. "So are we supposed to put our answers on the green sheet only, the computer only, or duplicate them on both?" After asking a lot of questions along these lines I went to a smaller room and got started. There was a middle-aged Asian guy sitting in a chair who had already gotten through a few questions.

      The first question asked me about the window curtains in the room, and a display of copper figures set up on the window ledge. I was to axamine these first, then return and answer some questions about them. I examined them and was able to ascertain that they portrayed the flight of Helen and Paris to Troy, the event that led to the Trojan war. While I was studying, them, the aministrator of the questionnaire (a middle-aged white guy with a stern military bearing but remarkable patience for my constant questions and expressions of disgust at the confusing protocols) came into the room to see how we were doing. He gave us further advice not to answer the questions in such a way that we would incriminate ourselves, The Chinese guy nodded ruefully as though he had already made that mistake. "I haven't even finished the first question yet!" I exclaimed, frustration in my voice. Even the first question was so complex it was taking forever. "I'm supposed to examine this tapestry first!" I was tempted to point out that I would probably be here until late at night, well after the others had all left, which I assumed meant that the administrator wouldn't be able to go home either, but figured it was too early to say for sure. So instead I just complained, "And why does it start with question 'B'"? Indeed the very first question was labeled "B". I was afraid my tone be too irritable and anger the administrator, but he just nodded sympathetically and left.

      I turned to the text of the actual question. It said that the copper figures on the windowsill had been made in the 13th century by an artisan named "Jason" something. I wondered why such old pieces had been gathered here, in this unremarkable building, instead of in a museum somewhere. Then the question went on to suggest that the identification of some of the figures had changed over the years, and asked which ones I thought they were. I had noticed that some of the figures had small white sticky labels with the names of the characters handwritten on them, so I concluded that these must be the ones that needed special identification, likely because they had previously been understood differently. So I wrote something to that effect on the green sheet, trying to keep my answer concise because the form only provided a single line to write on.

      Then I moved to the second question. It was more abstract. It was something along the lines of, "If you are in a building and instructed to find room 190B, where would you look?" (I'm not sure of the exact number; it was a 3-digit number followed by the letter 'B'.) I had a brief vision of an exit that led directly outside, thus evidently on the ground floor. I was starting to wonder if these were all trick questions. Feeling sarcastic and and annoyed, I wrote: "Is this a Google application?" (I've heard that Google tests potential applicants with puzzles, though we had been told the questionnaire was just a standard performance measure.) I thought the vision of the ground floor might be deliberately misleading, and remembered how the numbering of soom buildings got confusing because they were built on a slope so the ground level was different on either side, and wrote next, "Is the building on a hill?" I reckoned then that the "B" might be significant and provide the easiest answer to the question, which didn't ask which floor the room was on, after all, only where to find it. The number itself might be a red herring. So I concluded my response with "Is there a 190A?" I wondered if it would be acceptable to answer the question with three questions of my own, but given how irritating this questionnaire was, I decided that I would not restrain myself from responding sarcastically when the question was vague.
    15. A Terrible Accident and Making Peace With Jarrod/The 7 on the 6-Sided Die

      by , 08-07-2014 at 02:14 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at my parents' house. I kept thinking there was a place where I had a hidden stash of weed from a long time ago, since I could control my smoking more (IWL I gave up weed a year and a half ago). I "remembered" getting some and only smoking a little, and putting the rest away. In fact, I "remembered" doing this on multiple occasions. I feel as if my mom and I talked about this at some point.

      Then, I was in a restaurant with my old friend, Sean. He looked much, much younger though; he looked like a chubby 11 year old version of himself. His dirty, light brown hair was medium-length, wavy, and a bit shaggy. He even had a more high-pitched, prepubescent voice. We were sitting down across from one another at a table in the middle of the restaurant. People kept walking by and saying hello to him and chatting with him. I wondered if they noticed the difference in his voice and appearance.

      Then, we were at some party at my parents' house. It was nighttime. Sean was there, but I don't remember who else was.

      I then fell asleep in my bed. I woke up, and did not see anyone there from the party anymore. I looked at my phone, and it was on a screen that said that people could return to MTSU (my old college) because the warning was over. I was thinking about what could have happened. Was there bad weather or something?

      I then was watching a scene of people using the top half of people's heads to scoop some white liquid out of a dumpster. It had something to do with the warning I received on my phone. At first, I couldn't believe that they were using people's heads, and that it must be something else. But it wasn't. It was definitely people's heads. The scene continued on to showing people standing outside their homes, tossing heads around to each other, and using them to bail out some other substance. It may have been water, but I can't remember. I saw a guy with a mohawk's head get tossed in front of someone and landing on the ground, slightly startling the person it landed in front of. I also saw the detail of another, younger guy's face on one of the disembodied heads. No one seemed disgusted by the disembodied heads they were handling.

      I think Sean was with me as we were watching, and I was talking about how terrible and disrespectful it was of people to do this. I was very upset.


      I was at some kind of get together. Many people were there. The one person that I really remember being there though was an ex from many years ago, Jarrod, though you could not tell by looking. Instead of blonde, his hair was scraggly, medium length and brown now (a bit longer than Sean's from my last dream), and he definitely looked older. But his height, mannerisms and the way he walked were the same. He kept his distance from me.

      I was then inside a restaurant, a new one here in town called Peter D's, sitting in a booth with some friends. I had gotten offered a waitress job from there. I accepted the offer, and thought about how I have just changed jobs again for the second time in a month's time. I then thought about waitressing and holding trays. I knew I'd learn how to do it in no time. I was excited!

      I then was at a party of Peter D's people. Apparently, Jarrod worked there too; I saw him in the distance again. I knew he was avoiding me for whatever reason; maybe he thought it was better that way. I understood why he would think that. He then started to walk in my direction, but did not approach me. He was going to get in his car. As he was passing me, I got his attention.
      "I just want you to know that I value the time we had together. You taught me so many things." IWL, I do feel this way, even if I didn't for awhile.
      His response seemed happy. He lit up a bit when I said that. I don't remember his verbal response, however. But it made me feel like we had some sort of closure with one another. I was happy, and he seemed happy as well. He was then in his car, which was a dark red car with the driver's side door bashed in a little bit.

      Then, there was this contest that had to do with my old middle school. We were there, though it looked different. We were still at the party, however; it was part of it. We were split into teams, and, as a team, we had to roll a die. The number we got told us what we won. A guy from our team rolled the die. It seemed to just keep rolling and rolling for a long time. Finally, it stopped on...7. Yes, our six-sided die stopped on 7, which, in the dream, didn't seem abnormal at all. We had won the opportunity to take some 7th period history test on the computer...woo...what a prize. I thought to myself that that didn't seem like much of a prize compared to all the others (which I can't remember what those were anymore). We went into a room with some computers in it, and took the test. I think there were people watching us, students, I believe. I don't remember anything about the test.

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