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    1. March 19, 2020 Non-lucid and frag

      by , 03-19-2020 at 08:10 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was in a large field on the top of a hill, there was a massive crowd. It was a Bernie Sanders rally, there was a stage on one side of the field. We were showing up early to wait for it to start, he was walking with us at some point.

      I arrived at a place, it looked like an outdoor market. There were a few guys my age walking around looking at things on tables. I thought I was in Thailand but eventually going to China. I asked one of the guys something, then realized several of them were wearing these sideways striped outfits that were black and either green blue or red. I got the idea that they were on some sort of lockdown and now I was going to be too, not sure if it was due to covid19.

      I walked through the market and to this location that had a strange looking building. It had steps going up to it and then a lot of steps and other paths around it, it was very open with archs and open windows. Walking around the left side of it I get the idea that this is some sort of hostel or summer camp. I look to my left and see massive rollercoaster tracks going high into the sky all over the place colored orange and green.

      I go into the building and see beds in some rooms with people in some of them and others walking around. This place was mostly made of white marble or linoleum. Walking into another room there's a few hot tubs. The idea is that we're going to have to meet up somewhere at 5pm or so. Eventually the dream leads outside back behind the building. There's a lake and the group of people are all by it. There was some sort of activity going on in the lake, my view was skimming over it. Eventually I'm back in the building and the room with a hot tub is completely trashed with old food and other things inside it and around it.
    2. July 30, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 07-30-2018 at 07:09 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was in a snowy landscape. A girl from Thailand came to visit me but I didn't want her to be there. She was obsessed with me and really clingy. I remember building up a base at some point in a field like in fortnite. At some point we're in my room and it's really dark. It feels like it's early morning and I'm trying to get up so I can go play video games before the girl wakes up but for some reason I was stuck in bed and couldn't fully get up.

      We eventually get into a forest around some friends. She walks up out of nowhere and it looks like she's pregnant but in my mind I think she's so crazy she put a basketball under her shirt just so that people would think she was pregnant. My friends are looking at me like she is crazy. We get into a house with some old uva friends of mine and they're greeting me and then looking awkward when they see this girl.
    3. First DJ in a long time

      by , 07-21-2018 at 11:12 AM
      Wrong train
      I'm somewhere in the Netherlands, at the train station. I think I'm going home. I need to catch a train. I have a look at the information sign and decide to get on this particular train. In the end, it brings me to the wrong destination. I get out. Now I first have to go back to where I came from, before I can continue onwards to the right destination.


      I don't really remember much from this dream. I'm going bouldering and there's a group of people.

      I'm in what somehow appears to be Thailand. It's daytime and I'm entering some type of nature park with the car. I'm with several family members. My mom, my aunt G and her son and some others. The road we enter through is just straight. I don't remember anything about what we did while we were inside there.

      On the way out, the road we came through is flooded. We're walking towards it now and the car in front of us goes through a puddle of water and actually is completely submerged. The solution I come up with is to advance using a canoe. I'm close to doing it when my mom calls me to get in the car. She drives off in the opposite direction and we somehow end up on a perfectly paved road that is the exit on the other side of the park. It's located lower than the other exit and therefore not flooded. (Doesn't make sense). Somewhere along the way we have to squeeze in, have some people sitting on laps. My friend from elementary school, Ser, has to sit on my lap.

      We're on our way back to... some place. We're in a small van and pass a security checkpoint. Usually we have to show our ID, but this time we don't. After a bit longer, the van is stopped and we do eventually have to show our ID. The driver and my mom have already given their driver's license. I dig through my black and red backpack that's stowed between my legs. I'm looking for my wallet, which has my driver's license in it. As I find it, I notice that while what I've got in my hands is the same format and colour as my actual driver's license, it is in fact not my driver's license. It's a plastic card with something in English written on it and some tape that I added to it myself. The text reads something along the lines of that the Thai police officer holding my card has passed away and therefore I will get my driver's license back in a while. I'm walking towards a police officer to talk about this. I've left my bag inside the van, next to the open sliding door and the bag still being open. A kid runs up to the van and rummages around my bag, stealing at least 1 x 100 SRD note. A police officer takes at least 2. I manage to stop them from taking any more. I manage to get my note back from the kid, as I'm easily stronger than him. The cop is a different story, seeing as how he could arrest me.

      We're about to continue our drive. There's a whole group of teens now walking in front of us, including the kid from earlier. I jokingly say that we should run them over. I talk about my license with my mom. She says that it's very long till I get it back. On July 21, which is supposedly 3 more weeks. I tell her it's in a few days. Either that's too late, cause we're leaving the country on the 19th.
    4. Amusement Park

      by , 10-30-2016 at 12:38 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      Slept in today, can't really recall previous dreams.

      I was in an amusement park with friends from my boarding school. It was in Thailand. We're going to be here until 9PM which seemed a bit boring, even for amusement parks.
    5. October 19 2016 Dream

      by , 10-19-2016 at 06:31 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      This past summer I went solo backpacking in Thailand. This dream takes place there.

      The lower level is this oval shaped blue lake. The entire dreamscape is like a mountain, this is near the bottom. On the left side is this giant whirlpool that people are looking at and possibly throwing things into.

      I remember the feeling of coming home and seeing my friends. Near the top part of the mountain are these waterslides made out of off-white tubing. I was walking up a path to go down one of them. Someone told me that the one I was going to go down was gross but I go down it anyways. It starts in a hill and then starts to wind very jaggedly. The tubing is a dirty brown color under me.

      I rode through several different water slides before trying to find my friends. I get down towards the bottom level near the whirlpool where I see my friends and a bunch of adults from my neighborhood. It seemed sort of like a party. My friends and I reunite and we talk about missing each other and I'm using curse words which piss off one of my religious friends. I think maybe we went down the waterslides together or something of that nature.

      Then, I was on this giant ferry thing trying to decide if I should go to the mainland or stay on this island which I thought was Pai, IRL Pai is just a small city on the mainland so that doesn't make any sense. I had a motorbike with me. I decide I was going to stay when the boat starts to take off. I try to get off but can't.
    6. Sweden; Thailand; New phone camera

      , 09-16-2016 at 12:01 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Bed 8:30pm - 3:36am

      DR 1 at 1am
      I'm walking up a hill in Sweden. It's very green, lots of grass, trees and flowers. I'm taking tons of pictures with my new phone. I look back and there is a huge rock arch through which yu can see the ocean way below us. It's so beautiful.

      DR 2 at 1am
      Some kind of rocky tunnels, or old stone ruins, high up. I'm running from there. Come to the edge, they almost got me, but I jump off hoping I will fly. And I do.

      DR 3 at 1am
      We are flying above a coastline in Thailand. They are taking us to a resort. It's all undeveloped area. No other hotels or towns. I look along the shore and I tell them that another beach is nice and there is town, so thy should take us there. We want to see places besides the resort, like stores, towns, other people.

      Flying over the ocean coast for a long time. Taking lots of pictures with my phone.

      At the resort, I take a lots of pictures of their pictures on the wall. There are some unsent letters from previous guests. I'm reading the envelopes if I find any clues what happend to them, because I'm starting to thing something happened. The resort is not what it seems.
    7. Nap 29/12/2015

      by , 12-29-2015 at 10:05 PM
      I slept a nap at three until half past five. I intended to do WILD but i felt asleep without being aware. Here it is what i dreamt:

      • I was with Edward Snowden in a house in Thailand. He was helping my mother because some poeple in the bank were trying to scam her heritage money. She was trying to buy a house, but the bank was estimating how much she had to offer her a house where she could pay only interests of it and loose all the money without having payed a single dollar on the house. So Snowden as a cool guy was there, i was surprised about my mom that she was friend or have met him. Well, he was on a computer trying to hack the bank or something, and they were waiting until they could call the bank's number. So my mother left with my little sister and i was alone with him. I said cool movie you made, and he talked about the movie Citicenfour that yes it was cool but he didn't liked how it finished, that it was said that he would finish a foreign course or something like that about computer. I told him well, there are many possibilities in life, that it was not like a hollywood movie where they would invent an epic ending or something similar, it was real life and it is often said that life goes beyond science fiction. He was given back permission to go back to United States and he was living there. After i said those words to him i went out the window and started to jump in the roofs. There was a large cloth in a building that people was complaining about because it was not hooked so well, and it was responsibility of buddhist monks. If a wind blew it could fall and due to the size of it it could kill people.
      • The other dream was me being in the house of my grandfather or my fathers. I took a banana and i ate it, i was going through doors (probably Baigorria's house) but i was heading to the bathroom. So i went to the third bathroom of the house while my father questioned me why i didn't go to the second one, and i told him i already know that one, i want to find out how the third looks like.

      I finished dreaming. I thought i had wrote down some notes but i didn't, so memories was all i had.

      Updated 12-30-2015 at 05:32 PM by 53430

      non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. #50: Cousin Jesus / Robe change / Joke ruined / Out-handsomed

      by , 12-06-2015 at 10:48 AM
      Couldn't fall asleep again. I also was too lazy to get out of my hammock after I woke up.

      » It's night. I'm on a deserted beach with perhaps 2 friends. There are some very big rocks laying about. Not too far away is another island. It's Lombok. For some reason I'm under the impression that I'm in or close to Thailand. I think there were also 2 girls somewhere.

      » The only thing I recall is someone talking to me and using the Indonesian word for 'news'.

      Cousin Jesus
      It's daytime and I'm standing with my cousin on bridge in some small city. We're playing around with a couple of tennis balls. A few times one of them falls into the water. One time I parkour my way down some walls to the wateredge and grab the ball out. Another time it's too far from the edge for me to grab, so I consider letting it just float to the other side so I can grab it there. My cousin does something else: he just runs across the water to grab a ball. How the hell did he do that? Or is the water so shallow that it only looks as if he's running on water? I'm considering doing it too. I can see him shaking his foot once he's standing on the grass again, cause his shoe got a bit wet.

      Robe change
      I'm chilling with my friend TD in a living room. We're not doing much. Just eating chips and what not. I feel like it might be getting a bit late, like 10pm. She says that we should go out to buy some more chips. I'm wondering whether she really wants to buy some chips or whether she is just trying to get me to leave.

      I'm standing in the hallway at the frontdoor. TD has turned into Anggie. There's a table standing in between me and the frontdoor. The frontdoor is open and Anggie is peeking outside. She is wearing a sort of nightgown-ish dress with something over it. Suddenly it's a shirt she's wearing. She takes it off. She's just standing in her bra now and I take a quick peek. Next she takes her bra off. I take another peek. She is very casually changing clothes, not caring about me being present. Somewhere along this moment I was shirtless as well and fumbling to get my shirt on. I had my shirt and my backpack on the table.

      Joke ruined
      It's daytime and I'm somewhere outside in a city with my best friend. A streetsales person comes up to us. First it was to talk to my friend about something non-sales related. I look away from the guy and look at him again and suddenly he's got his notepad and what not to write down our info. Yeah that's not gonna happen. The guy says something about a cinema. My friend isn't sure of which cinema he's referring to and I tell her it's the one we went to together a while ago.

      I'm walking with my friend. This salesguy is semi-following us on his moped. We decide to take a left to shake him off while he's not looking. We continue through an overpass tunnel. In the mean time I'm telling my friend about Anggie getting undressed in front of me. She says something and I try to say something along the lines of: "hey if God wants me to look at boobs, who am I to look away?" But I fumble with the words. Joke ruined.

      I'm in a house with a garden. The house is so big that it may have actually been a public building. At three different moments three handsome looking actors walk in, looking their finest in their suits; Matthew McConaughey, Iain Glen and I can't recall the first one to come in. I feel some envy: I wanna look that good! Iain Glen strikes up a conversation with a slender black woman. I'm standing in the garden, watching as Jordy starts talking to a German guy who looks very much like him. They are talking in English. It turns out to be his boyfriend. There was some trouble between them, but it's all cleared now. I walk from the garden to the kitchen and I pass the place where Iain Glen was talking to the black woman. They aren't there anymore. I bet they are somewhere private. In the kitchen is my family: my mom, grandma, aunt, perhaps another aunt... My aunt makes a comment about me doing the dishes. Yeah yeah, but first I gotta find [can't remember]. I use it as an excuse not to do the dishes. I don't like the way my aunt tried to get me to do the dishes.
    9. Thailand (7.8.14)

      by , 08-07-2014 at 12:34 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      Im on an island which looks like Thailand. Im at the shops and I see Daryl and some other guy (OG). Og has a shopping trolley with fruit and veggies with him. Og takes his stuff over to what looks like a fridge. I ask him why he's doing that and he says that when he bought them the lady dipped them in boiling water to give them a clean. A Thai lady figures out that he didn't pay for them and alerts someone to question him. Og doesn't want a bar of it and makes a run for it. Im following Og as he's trying to get away from who ever is chasing him. I ask Og on how they figured out he stole the produce. He says that he ask the Thai lady a question which either should have already been done or needed to be done to his produce. The man chasing gets his man and takes Og away somewhere.

      It's only myself and Daryl and we're outside walking. We both decide we need a piss and try and find a good spot. The area looks to have a bit of an Australian outback look and feel to it. With the sandy ground and bushes. We find a spot to piss near what looks like a animal hole. I ask Daryl what it is. I have a closer look and see that if looks like some kind of art work from a tribe which has a face and a small hole at the bottom where the mouth is. Once Daryl finishes I take his spot and have a piss. I start to sink in the sand as I pee and put my hand down on the ground. I end up putting my hand in what looks like either Daryl's pee or my pee. I turn around and see Daryl walking away in the distance. As I finish I catch up to Daryl.

      We reach a house but unsure on what we're doing.

      Dream Fragments:

      1. I'm watching someone audition for X Factor.

      2. Looking at protein powders. Pea protein is $100 a kilo.

      3. Afl super coach. Jed adcock scores under 40p for me. Where as my opponent gets 100p with a North Melbourne player.

      Side Notes:

      Tried no sleeping mask tonight with little success. I feel as if the pressure of the eye mask on my face keeps myself aware as I awaken, whereas without it I'm pretty groggy and confused. Didn't hear my alarms. Recall sucked.
    10. Teacher's Pet

      by , 03-03-2013 at 09:56 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I have been having a hard time recalling dreams, but this one shocked me, it was a semi-nightmare, I suppose. Now that I recalled it, it is pretty stupid now.

      I'm in the computer class, and the teacher was being butthurt about me not handing it the first assignment from the last term (which doesn't exist IRL by the way) and was getting on my case all the time. For some reasons everyone in the room were from my previous school, but the room itself is something I have never seen before, and the teacher is a New Zealander who speak Thai with perfect fluency. I got him a paper and asked him to get the topic for me, but he started writing up a transfer note (AKA kicking me out of class) instead. I was distressed by this and started sobbing and bowing at his feet while he acted like a smug bitch about it. Then I woke up.
    11. 1st Shared Dreaming Experiment-Vesterguard's Dream

      by , 12-31-2011 at 03:43 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Vesterguard's Dream(s)

      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      31-12-11 Nothing major planned, need to work on my recall a bit after a stressful semester, if I were to become lucid I would try and hook up with NightSpy. Oh and I sincerely hope I am posting and titling this shiz correctly

      “Thailand return”

      I am in Thailand in a small cottage type building. Someone is there with me and I keep having something like a countdown for when I am supposed to go home. I don't really recall if there were mention of my home going date before I reach 2 days. But there is more than one mention of the fact that I have to go home.

      When some one mention that I have to go home in two days, I start panicking a bit because I haven't actually ventured outside and I would like to build up a tan. Some one mention that it is a bit late to start worrying about that with only 2 days left.

      I don't care I strip out of my shirt and go to the beach. The heat is affecting my skin rather quickly and I think I fall asleep on the beach for a bit and wake up a bit red, but not much damage has been done.

      “Is my cousin trying to seduce me?”

      I am in a similar cottage like the one from Thailand though there is a slightly different theme. Both my cousins are there and they are walking around the cottage giggling.


      At some point the youngest of my cousins call out, laughing a little as she does, asking me to follow her to the bathroom, telling me that she has a present for me. I feel a bit awkward going out there, not really sure how I would handle it if she wanted to kiss or otherwise engage me in physical contact.

      I enter the bathroom and it is very small, with blue tiles on the walls. My cousin is standing with her back towards me and there is almost not enough room for me to stand there without touching her. She is looking into the mirror above the sink and she is brushing her teeth, I think to myself that it is weird that she would be doing that if she didn't intend on kissing me.

      She turn around and look at me for a bit with some toothpaste foaming in the corners of her mouth. I ask her what present it is that she has for me. She hesitates for a while, seemingly she is nervous, and she tells me that she just wanted to show me that she had a bigger bathroom than me.

      “Similarity between Nazis, Tanks and Ents?: They all die to light sabre!”

      I am in a game like scenario on the outskirts of the map. It is dark and I am in a city, though there is forest around it and I am right on the edge of it.

      The road is cornering right in front of me and there are hedges running parallel to the roads. I come up of one of the sewers, having a feeling that this is actually a superior way of dealing with tanks rather than being in a tank myself (have been playing quite a lot of world of tanks recently).

      I move to my right sneaking along the inside of the hedge. On the corner there are some German drivers standing around and I sneak up on them, jump them from behind and generally start to lay waste with my blue light sabre, which as expected makes quick work of them.

      After this I think I fall back into the hedge and wait a bit and two tanks engage in battle right in front of me. I jump them and go to work with my light sabre, which although not as efficient as it was against the people still make short work of them.

      I am now standing on the road a bit confident, I am talking to someone although I am not sure if this some one actually is physically present or not. I am talking about how much experience I am getting from going with the light sabre and I start walking up the road.

      There all of a sudden is a small car with a lot of hobbits driving up the road. Then Treebeard is standing in front of the car and I again talk to some one non-specific, though I think it is my flatmate although he isn't actually there with me, talking about experience.

      I run towards the ent, cuts off his legs and as he stumbles to the ground I cut his arm and grab him swinging myself onto him and sever his head. Then right next to me there is a flashing sign that reads 100.000 I get a level.

      The hobbits turn right and they are faced with 5 ents blocking their way. They are determined to avenge their fallen comrade. They lift up the car and then Merry tell them, desperation in his voice, that they didn't do it and that it would be wrong to punish them for something they haven't done.

      I think the ents let them go and the car is now in a stadium.
    12. Thailand, Pyramids and Nazis

      by , 07-28-2011 at 11:38 AM
      28-07-11 I am wearing a blue suit and I am talking to a couple of my friends, Thomas H. being one of them and I am in Thailand. Well I am technically still in Denmark, but they are in Thailand and we are talking together. I tell them that I am going to go there as well.

      My family is going so I end buying a last minute ticket to go with them. I am flying with a company called (something) Airlines, could be Scandinavian. I arrive late, and I have to supply a code to the check in lady, who then herself guides me towards the next step. Here I get asked if I have my ticket printed and I tell her I don't. She starts a process of printing it and then she need me to tell me the code name I have assigned to the passport I have already given her.

      I tell her I don't remember that (gee, maybe because it doesn't exist ^^), but the first lady helps me by supplying the prompting word “bottom”. I quickly remember that my password is “Rock” and when I say it the woman proceeds to printing my ticket.

      When we get to Thailand the first thing we do is to go deliver our bags and then go visit some people. My dad and I are with the man of the house, while my mom is with the lady. As we are walking down some stairs I hear my mom explain why she didn't like her the first time we met and I can hear that she is getting drunk.

      The next dream also centered around being in Thailand. Here Janni T. becomes relevant as she is actually supplying one of the rooms that we have to stay in. This room is in the middle of a lake and you have to go through an underground tunnel in order to get there. I am happy that we are staying with her and by the way she smiles so is she.

      My grandparents ask me at one point if I would like to switch rooms with them to the room closest to the foyer, because it gets filled with dust and their health isn't too good to deal with that. I off course tell them it is ok, though I am a bit sad that I won't be bonking close to Janni.

      I am talking to someone with Eliot L. We are just talking to a woman and each other and I start adding small intellectual insults after each sentence when speaking to Eliot. He laughs and the woman sort of looks at us in surprise.

      I explain that it is how we speak and joke with each other, and Eliot keeps laughing while agreeing to that.

      I am at the pyramids, captured and working for the Nazis, I don't particularly recall what we are supposed to do, but some of it involves going up and down big scaffolding on both sides of the cleft we are in.

      As we are doing this, when approaching the top there is a long rope that is carrying up bricks. When inspected closer it isn't actually “one” rope, but many smaller connected to each other. There is a mechanism that tells when an individual has pulled enough (the full length of the little rope) and it doesn't take that long to take your share. The Nazis are working on the parole that while we are there we might as well help getting some materials up that we can later use in the work we are supposed to carry out.

      After I have taken my share of rope pulling I actually take a bit more for the people coming behind me, because I am unsure as to how I am supposed to let go of the rope to the next in line. So a couple of workers get a free ride that time.

      My next assignment is to go through a small narrow passage way towards the top floor of a house. In fact before I enter the small passage way I believe I am already on the top floor. The assignment isn't specifically for me but there is a sign on the door in there that the door is very narrow and I am very slim so I end up just doing it.

      There is an emergency exit just on the other side of the small door, and it is these that I am supposed to close. When I look around I see a ladder up to my right. I decide to go up and take a look, the good Nazi worker I am ^(>.<)^. I find myself in a room, like a teenagers room, though more grown up.

      I go around and I close all the windows and doors I can find, when I all of a sudden have a conversation with Thomas H. and it becomes apparent that I am in his sister's room. He tells me that he has never even dared setting his foot in there.

      When I come to myself she is standing in the room and I slowly walk over and explain to her that I am just there to shut the emergency doors as per instructions. She reacts calmly and accepts the explanation before she tells me to just get out. I do so as my job is done and it would all have been great except if I hadn't become naked as I walk out the next door and she looks at me.

      I think I have an explanation for it, but I blush and I question myself if the reason I have given is factual and if I actually believe it myself.
    13. Short lucid + boat trip in Thailand

      by , 12-28-2010 at 06:34 PM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      28/12/10 There is a lot that I have forgotten, due to being too lazy to find something to note down the dreams pre lucid.

      I am in a garden. It is surrounded by brick wall.

      There is a channel along one of the walls. There are 3 tennis balls in there and one is blocked by a fire hose.

      I want to get them out so I can practice juggling. I move the fire hose over the wall telekinetic.

      I use telekinesis to get all three balls to me. I don't have perfect control.

      Once I have the ball I start looking around to stabilise the dream. I see some leafs of a plant in extraordinary detail.

      I want to experiment with summoning an extra ball, but I wake up too soon to make the attempt.

      I am on our family boat, off the coast of an island in Thailand.

      I see a tornado approaching us and it comes pretty close, but misses the boat.

      There is another on the horizon. I tell my dad to head for land and he obliges.

      Towards land panic is spreading, many boats are headed shoreward.

      I fall off the boat, but manages to climb aboard another. I then jump off the speeding boat and manage to climb onto ours.

      There are many kids and they are headed for their “mother”.

      Their mother is apparently a voice they follow and not a physical being. I find out by going with them down some stairs, where they are gathered towards the bottom.
      lucid , non-lucid
    14. Intrusion and Countryside

      by , 09-26-2010 at 09:35 AM (The Midnight Train)
      Second dream:
      I go to have a shower at a neighbors place. The house is my old host family's house and I am seeing it from the car park. I see myself having a shower through the bathroom window. The bathroom has dim orange lighting. When the neighbor comes back, I rush out.

      Third dream:
      Me, my parents and my sister are in the countryside in Thailand. We are in the Toyota van and the road ahead is dirt with tall grass to both sides. My sister is biking in front of the van. Then my parents decide to bike as well and leave me to drive in this manual car and I can't drive manuals. I come to a river nonetheless. There is no bridge but a kind of bamboo construction that one could climb on in order to get across the bridge. Somehow I manage to get the van on that and in order to get on different levels of the bamboos I have this red tape that I shoot to the next level and the car magically appears there. Cool!
    15. Boxer

      by , 09-14-2010 at 06:00 PM (The Midnight Train)
      Date: Saturday, June 19, 2010 10:20:04 AM PDT
      Important: No

      I am a boxer. I fight for Thailand but have a brazillian t-shirt on. I get out of the ring to wrap a Thai flag around myself instead. The opponent thinks I gave up and assumes that he has won. I rush back in. Try to put some armor on. Ask if I am allowed to use a sword.

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