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    1. A griffon and a ring around an island

      by , 06-04-2015 at 07:09 PM
      A woman's landing a griffon. People come to meet her, and as she talks to one of them she's going to her bag and attending to her armor, getting out gloves and a helmet that weren't practical to wear while she was riding. She's talking about the things that need doing, acknowledging that some of them might be impossible at a small outpost like this, without the easy access to resources you get in the cities. And there's an animal strapped to the back of the griffon, restrained to keep it from hurting itself during the ride, in need of medical attention. They're next to the stables, but the griffon's too large for that - once everything's unloaded, it curls up on the ground like a cat, beside a tall fence.

      That woman and the man she'd been talking to are walking past me into a circle of armed enemies. Someone in the crowd says, "It is the corruption against the corruption." They sound surprised. I'm ostensibly on the crowd's side, but I arranged to bring these two here tonight, and I expect them to kill the man who leads this little group, currently sitting on a kind of throne. Although I say nothing, I see him watching me and I can tell he understands my intention - or more likely he's imagining some grand paranoid plan; but my plan here is very straightforward, just his death. I'm aware he and I are a minor nuisance for these people I've brought here, just something to be dealt with on their way to something else - I have a vague association with the moon - not at all the grand schemes he's been imagining.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm traveling through a city and taking the opportunity to meet with an old friend who was reassigned here recently, a promotion. She works in a form of law enforcement. She's talking about the changes on the island where we last saw each other, talking about the ongoing conflict there. She says the forest has been burned down, so they'll have no more place to hide. There's no more way to get past the patrols skating over the water - I have a mental image of a ring, a platform floating on the water, encircling the whole island, with the port itself as the only opening.

      She describes all this as if they're good things. Time was, she'd be helping me get my people out of places like that. She's met the man who leads the people in that forest - his people aren't mine, but their situation is nearly identical. But I'm thinking, I shouldn't be surprised - the last time she helped me, something happened that frightened her. It's why she stopped working with me. My people weren't at fault, but I'm not surprised that she'd take that fear out on them. But listening to her now, talking as if my people should be locked up, it's like she's forgotten I'm one of them.

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    2. Hieroglyphics and a jailbreak

      by , 02-14-2015 at 10:01 PM
      As Constantine, I'm strapped to a chair again while a man in a suit - a different one from last time, older - is loading a film strip into a projector. When he turns it on, it shows an external shot of Ravenscar. I remember this moment in time, this guy with the projector - this is when I was sealed off from magic. It wound up only being temporary, but the observer side of me is terrified of getting caught in the start of that without being able to stick around long enough to come out the other side. I don't want those mental associations getting into my head. I bail out of Constantine's perspective.

      I'm on a small boat, the size of a rowboat but moving under its own power, taking me and several others in their own boats across a lake. It's surrounded by walls, artificially made, rounded so that the lake as a whole is circular - I associate this with the moon. The walls are composed of several giant slabs of pale stone, many of them carved with some message in hieroglyphics. Once I notice this, I have the boat back up to the first stone with carvings on it. It starts with the name of the artist and a short line in praise of the king who commissioned this work. The next panel includes two jackals, along with a lot of hieroglyphics I can't read, and I wonder whether the jackals are Wepwawet or someone else - there's nothing that looks like a name or a title, even among the hieroglyphics I can't read. In fact, I'm not sure I should call them hieroglyphics at all - aside from that first panel with the artist's name, the rest of this represents concepts, not words. The symbols I can recognize on the third panel include two rattles and a woman kneeling. This represents music and dance. It becomes clear to me that this entire series of symbols is depicting a prayer ritual - not just depicting it; the walls themselves are a prayer given physical form.

      There's a woman who's been running from a very powerful man, and I've agreed to bring her back to him. But the powerful man isn't the one I'm doing this for - the woman's uncle is the one who made a deal with me. For the sake of the rest of his family, he needs to stay in that powerful man's good graces. Now that woman's standing on some platform above me, I'm on the ladder below. She's pointing to two objects on that platform just out of my line of sight, saying, "This is that gun you've been waving around, and this-" But I don't stop to hear the second part - I reach up and knock that gun off the platform, out of both of our reach. She tries to stop me, holding a knife, but she reacts too slowly, the gun's already gone. She shouldn't have wasted time trying to talk with me. We struggle over the knife for a bit, and I manage to turn it so it winds up embedded in the wooden platform instead of in me, but she recovers from that and quickly escapes before I can climb up the ladder.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      My partner and I are breaking a group of men out of a jail or dungeon or something similar. The men insist on taking the time to steal water from this place before they leave - they don't believe me when I tell them the place we're going will have plenty of water. It's faster to let them do it than to try to convince them - but for crying out loud, could you at least stick to the relatively sanitary stuff? Finally we get them moving, and we head up a flight of stairs, my partner leading them, me hanging behind to make sure we're not followed. I wind up falling further behind than I intended; at the top of the flight of stairs, we cross a long hallway with paintings on the walls, and then head down another flight of stairs. By this point I've fallen so far behind that I've lost them.

      At the bottom of the flight of stairs, I'm in a place that's something like an airport lounge for travel between worlds, a transportation hub. The people here are speaking French, and I talk to one of them to confirm that I've arrived in the location we'd intended. Through a floor-to-ceiling glass window, there's a great view of the ocean and several green islands. It also overlooks several other glass corridors running through this place, and I see my partner leading the men from the jailbreak through one of them. They look completely bewildered. One of them sees me and gestures, clearly wondering how I managed to get over there. I should join them, but honestly, no one's chasing us, my partner's got the babysitting side of things covered, and that ocean looks really inviting.

      After flying over the ocean for a while enjoying the view, I come across an area where a few people are swimming. I drop down into the water and join them. The further I go, the more crowded it becomes - it's beginning to get irritating. I try to talk with someone who seems interesting, but there's a woman right next to us showing off some kind of athletic feat who's talking constantly and difficult to hear over. I comment, "She's very loud, isn't she?" She immediately gets louder, ridiculously loud,
      and I remember that narrative versus command thing I'd been thinking about yesterday. Whoops. "Be quiet, please," I tell her, and while that's a command, she immediately goes back to a normal volume. Deciding to use the narrative to clear a little more space, I close my eyes, lose visuals, and describe the space clearing out - but while it does feel like I've got a little more space to move, when I open my eyes again, I find I'm opening my real ones.
    3. Games with Dru, Ravenscar, Lilith's song

      by , 01-14-2015 at 10:08 PM
      From Buffy, I/Spike am meeting Dru for the first time. Found her lying in an alley, looking unfocused. In this version of the story, the William the Bloody nickname doesn't come from poetry. Scene changes to present-day, transitioning with Dru describing that last scene, clearly fond of the memory; she says she liked seeing that sort of initiative in the living. She's putting it in terms that are disturbing the woman she's talking to.

      Nearby, I'm also reminiscing about Dru to someone else. We used to play this game with the people who'd hunt us. Scene changes to show the game - I'm running into a churchyard, holding a cross or something like it in one hand and some weapon in the other, run up to the hunter all wide-eyed. Make like I'm volunteering to join his hunt, country kid all full of admiration, or like the monster's right behind me - either way, the point's just to get in close. Not challenging enough to be called a game maybe, but we still thought it was fun.

      The first run-through of the scene, I 'won' the game easily, but then I'm remembering a second one with this weathered old woman who was suspicious of me right from the start, didn't buy the act. Circling around her, I wound up climbing further into the hills covered in graves, and as I climb I transition partially out of the Spike character. I'm hearing voices up here among the graves, not from the graves themselves but still tied to this place - three men who were here a long time ago and moved on, people I've been looking for traces of for a long time. I can't hold on to what they're saying.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      From Hellblazer, I/Constantine am walking out a back door into a narrow courtyard and out a large gate, then turn back to look at the building I've just left. Ravenscar. The image is distorted - I'm looking at a long wall with a gate in the center, one tower visible over it, and a few windows opening onto that courtyard, letting you see a little more of the building, and that's all fine enough; except it looks impossibly tall, and at strange slanted angles, and the views through those windows are showing me more than should be possible as I look up and up and up. I catch glimpses of the moon through those windows sometimes. In a stunning lack of lucidity, I think of this as "the place that haunts my dreams."

      Scene changes. I'm still looking up at that extreme angle, but I'm looking at a different place, focusing on this life-sized stone statue of a woman high above me in the moonlight. I have a sense of something religious about it, like she's meant to be praying, though there's nothing about her position to suggest it, or like she's meant to be an angel, though there's no wings. I think something along the lines of, "Of course, it would be her," with a sense of resignation.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There's a man begging me for something, and I'm tired of this, bored. I tell him, life, death, pick one, plead your case, make it convincing, you've got one minute, go. It takes him a moment to process this, but then he starts singing.

      I recognize the song from a theatre show I enjoy about Lucifer, but can't place the scene immediately - at first I think it's Lilith's song. I'm amused - you think reminding me of her will make me more sympathetic to you too? I like the inspired emotional manipulation, but that's not going to work - she moved me, he didn't. But then I recognize the actual song. It's from the story of a woman who had to choose between love and advancing her career as a dancer - she chose dance. The song is about her calling herself foolish for causing pain to them both, her and the boy she loves, but ultimately defending her choice as a valid one.
    4. Yeo Wool and Kang Chi, repeatedly

      by , 07-11-2014 at 06:55 PM
      As Kang Chi in modern times, I meet Yeo Wool. She remembers me. We're both shocked. I have a false awakening in which I try to tell IRL friend S. about that dream, and then go on to a few IRL-based scenes - trying to find a place to park in NYC, and trying to form words out of a jumble of letters.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      In the past. Kang Chi and Yeo Wool are meeting up in this hut in the mountains outside of town. They have to separate, and they're being very loudly upset about it. It's just before dawn, and as a 3rd person observer, I'm thinking they must be waking people up in town, they're so loud.

      Kang Chi's lying on his back in that town at night, looking up at the full moon. It looks massive, taking up most of my field of vision. He's meant to be meeting Yeo Wool soon and traveling somewhere together, but he's convinced himself she won't come anyway - there's something that's happened between them or something she's involved in that's on his mind, but he's not thinking about it directly. He's talking to himself out loud, convincing himself that she won't come and he should just leave on his own.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Kang Chi's delirious, standing outside somewhere on the edge of that same town and calling for someone he calls brother - not a literal brother. Yeo Wool's trying to get him to move, but as he starts talking like this, she remembers a time in the past when they were in trouble in this same place and Wol Ryung had helped them. He and Kang Chi had called each other brother sometimes - it's partially a reference to being the same species, and partially acknowledging each other as close while sidestepping the complicated family issue. So she realizes that, delirious, Kang Chi's calling Wol Ryung for help. Wol Ryung's dead.

      Kang Chi and Yeo Wool are traveling together in a very distant place. Yeo Wool's wearing modern clothes - no one else is. They're surrounded by soldiers carrying spears and a froglike nobleman on horseback - not a human being. The two of them raise daggers to their own throats, threatening to kill themselves rather than let the froglike man capture them alive.

      As Kang Chi, I'm outside and looking through a window at Yeo Wool. There's a luna moth on the window.

      And then two IRL-based scenes - catching and releasing an insect, and a visit from an IRL sister's friend.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      In modern times, Kang Chi's at a studio where they're filming a movie or a show, and a woman is talking to him, sounding very irritated. Without naming any names, she makes it clear there's been rumors going around about someone who works here being viewed as violent, potentially dangerous. Kang Chi's thinking this is about Yeo Wool - she's recently become nonhuman, and the adjustment period can be rough. Which makes this his responsibility. Without specifically naming names, Kang Chi tries to get the woman to confirm that it's Yeo Wool she's talking about. But Yeo Wool's just appeared at the end of the hall, and the woman says to ask her himself and stalks off.

      And then an IRL-based scene involving studying Agamemnon.
    5. The moon and things that change while you're sleeping

      by , 02-27-2014 at 11:53 PM
      I walk through a door and come out in my IRL yard, thinking about how to get out of this situation (what that situation was, I no longer remember), when I remember this is a dream. I start flying, which I think of as a useful way of escaping that situation - my first instinct is to continue the dream storyline. Then I realize that since this is a dream, there's no reason for me to continue to deal with that situation at all. I'm looking up at a gibbous moon (it's in a different phase IRL. Also it was night in the dream; and there was no snow on the ground, though the trees were bare; and there was a bush that IRL was cut down years ago). Looking at that moon, I immediately (and accurately) remember two lucid goals that have to do with the moon, and I decide to fly up there. However, I get distracted thinking about those two different goals - the second one doesn't necessarily have to be done on the moon, and I wonder if trying to focus on both at once could throw me off.

      Slight memory gap. While flying, I've somehow wound up getting entangled with some Christmas lights my IRL neighbor put up near the power lines - red, white and blue ones - and I've managed to damage the string of white lights. Although I'm still aware I'm dreaming and still intend to fly to the moon, I've lost some lucidity - I think I have to fix these lights first.

      But after accomplishing that,
      I find something else that distracts me - a Bowie album called 'evil on sale' - and lose lucidity entirely.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There's a child who's the young, orphaned, lord of an estate. He's been asleep or unconscious for some days after some incident that put him in danger, and now that he's woken up he's found that his servants - one in particular, who's also a magician or something similar - have changed things about the house while he was unconscious. This house used to be full of secret, magical things - taking care of them was part of the duty of the lord of this particular estate - and now they've all been removed, for his own protection. The lord doesn't like this at all. He's run down to the cellars, where a locked door used to open onto a place where they kept a pair of unicorns, which are no longer there - that magician servant is here in the hall outside that locked door, up on a step ladder, dusting a lamp. The lord's talking to a young, blonde servant girl who'd been the one to inform him about the changes in the first place, he's desperately hoping that she'll tell him the unicorns are just outside in the fields, but he knows that won't be the case - they're gone.
    6. Alice and the moon

      by , 02-16-2014 at 12:38 AM
      Alice (of Wonderland) kneels down and waits. I can see movement behind her, something approaching, but I can't see it clearly from this angle, it's hidden behind Alice, until it gets close enough to be standing right behind her: a man and a woman, something off about their eyes. I'm aware they're here to take her to (Purgatory or the Underworld, something like that). I can hear music, a tune that reminds me of vaudeville.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Three people from a motorcycle gang, driving down an empty highway surrounded by fields of tall dry yellow grass, passing a billboard where the ad's been scraped off. I can only remember vague fragments of the previous scene, but it had been focused on the leader of these three, and he'd been trying to escape something - fate, his role in life, something like that. The transition to this scene means he's failed to escape. He's thinking something about a murder that happened in the past. There are police ahead of them, waiting for them.

      POV switches to those 'police', although they look more like military. Weapons are being distributed, grenade launchers, and one of them exclaims over the model, he's very knowledgeable about it and excited to be using it - he says his father or uncle used this same model in a certain war. Another cop, one who'd been in that war himself, says something sarcastic, along the lines of "Did he? That's nice. Did he bring it home for you to play with?" The cop who'd been excited goes quiet, says "Well, no, but..." The cop who'd been in the war doesn't like hearing it talked about by people who weren't there, feels strongly about those memories being something you should keep apart, not bring home to your family. But he starts talking about it now - he says, "Good war, (he says a year). A single man could've turned the tide by pledging his country to one power or another. And even a warrior likes to hear that."

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm in the moon kingdom from PGSM. (One of my lucid goals is to travel to the moon - I suspect that inspired this non-lucid.) Chibiusa's here, she grew up here, and I'm thinking, wait, how can Usagi and Mamoru's daughter be living in this time period?

      The scene changes with that thought. In the present, on earth, Mamoru's working as some kind of private security, wearing a suit, standing with other security around a limo that's stopped in the middle of the road, having some kind of confrontation. He's in trouble here, and he's aware Usagi's in trouble elsewhere and he won't be able to reach her to help her. He's holding something small and black, and he's remembering when it was given to him by a man who told him some words to memorize in order to use it, to transform. I'm thinking, the fact that he had to memorize the words indicates that he wasn't Endymion at all, he was simply playing Endymion's role, filling in for him; this was also indicated by the uniform that he transformed into, which resembled Endymion's but was much darker, almost black, unlike the real Endymion's much lighter blue. Now that he's trapped, he passes that black object along to one of the other men working security with him. He starts to tell that man the words he must memorize, but as he starts to say them, the man taking the black object finishes the words himself, he already knows them - indicating that, by chance or rather by fate, that black object has finally been passed on to its real owner. Endymion's true, light, uniform appears on him, and he leaves to find Usagi, flying through the air - which I have an incredibly bad feeling about. The real Endymion isn't necessarily a good person for Usagi to know.

      The other people Mamoru was with have left the scene, Mamoru's now kneeling in the street, surrounded by cops with a misunderstanding, and a police detective is holding a sword to Mamoru's throat. One of the cops calls the detective away - there's some order over the radio that means both that they're needed elsewhere and that Mamoru isn't guilty of whatever it was they think he did and should be released. The detective is extremely reluctant to follow this order, he doesn't want to let Mamoru go. The cop relaying the orders from the radio phrases those orders in a way that praises the detective's work up until now and stresses how much he's needed, and finally the detective releases Mamoru and he and the cops all get into their cars and drive off, towards a bridge.
    7. Locking a door to end a nightmare, tunnels and cranes and spirits

      by , 09-30-2013 at 08:44 PM
      A nightmare from over the weekend:

      I'm watching a TV show involving something supernatural, and the character in the show is looking at a TV screen with some monster/demon/spirit/etc on the other side of the screen, coming closer, intending to break through. It looks like a white-skinned (literal colorless white) woman with brilliantly red hair and this blazing sparking moving light where its eyes should be. I notice that I can see it not just on my TV but on all the reflective surfaces in the room, and I know it's really trying to break through into the real world. I try holding it back with various protective symbols and calling on various things (not Apollo, curiously, as that's been my go-to nightmare cure recently; possibly it's because this one's not on the theme of darkness like all the others were) but they're not very effective, I have the feeling it's only a matter of time. At the same time, the door at the far end of the hall is open - I came through it earlier - and through it I can see a woman laughing, different from the woman in the screen but I have the feeling they're related. Feeling like I don't have much time, I sprint across the hall, slam the door and lock it. The dream 'camera' zooms in on that image of the lock turning, and closely focuses on the feel of it - and then the scene isn't a nightmare anymore. The thing on the screen is gone, now it's showing the main character saying to his sister, "It's you and me, we're all we've got now."

      At some point while I was watching the show (I can't remember whether it was before or after the nightmare part), I thought to myself that watching creepy things every week might impact your dreams.

      (Woke up around 5:30, an hour after bed, with a high-pitched ringing in my ears that reminds me a little of TV static, so that was presumably the cause of this. Recall for the rest of the day was terrible.)

      Tonight's dreams:

      People living in tunnels who have to move due to some imminent danger.

      I'm walking through this vast room, mostly filled with a pool of water, cranes are standing in it, and one of the people I'm with comments on the way one of the birds is holding its leg up out of the water, she says she bets it's pointing to something, we should investigate. I disagree, but investigate anyway just to prove the point. I float above the water, and pass various cranes pointing in different directions, meaningless. But at the far side of the room I meet a man, a traveler, who I start talking to and who decides to come with us; he's standing beside this curtained alcove, and through the white curtains I get a glimpse of this beautiful woman sitting on the stone floor in white robes, hair down to the floor, and at first I think she's wearing a mask, something representing the moon, and I think she must be a princess or a priestess. Then I realize that's not a mask, it's her face, beautiful and strange.

      3rd person, that traveler and the man who I was in the previous scene are walking down a flight of stairs with a little boy running ahead of them. There's a festival, a sending on of spirits, which are these floating pale lights filling the room, sending them on involves covering them with cloth, and the boy reaches for one of them, but it's acting differently than the others. The traveler says that because this one had been killed, it would be wrong to send her on in that form. The light takes on the image of the little girl it had been, and starts talking to the little boy, calling him Koya, saying he's gotten older. He tells her he's not Koya, sounding frustrated, but one of the older men says quietly to him that she needs him to be the person she's waiting for.

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    8. Epic Night of DEILDs :D

      by , 04-12-2011 at 03:53 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid - AP

      I was in my room, and I was looking through the drawers of my old desk (I don't have it anymore in waking life). I found a little orange jar with weed in it. I was very surprised, because I haven't had or smoked weed in months (in waking life). I decided to keep it hidden for later.

      I also remember something about my neighbor selling me these candy-looking things that were really some kind of drug. They looked like Runts candy. One piece was red, and the other yellow. He gave them to me in a bag. I put them away where the weed was. I remember seeing some of the weed spilled out into my drawer. I heard someone approaching my room. I was trying to clean up the mess in the drawer. I scooped the spilled weed into a miniature wine glass, and put a black stopper on it.

      Throughout this experience, I kept wondering if it was a dream or not (it was very realistic), but didn't look too far into it.


      I was outside the restaurant Mcallister's. I thought that was weird, since we rarely eat there. I decided to do a reality check, although I already more than suspected what was going on. I looked away from the Mcallister's sign, and it said something like "Mcinter's". It's a dream!

      But I woke up. I didn't move so I could re-enter the dream.

      I was inside Mcallister's with my family, but it looked dark and much different than what it really looks like on the inside. I thought maybe they remodeled or something. We sat down, and upon closer inspection, I figured out I was dreaming again. I rubbed my hands together. (I did this many times throughout these dreams, and it worked wonders!)

      I then remember being outside on campus, and my ex, Jarrod pulling up with his old roommate, Dave. They both looked kind of different. I didn't notice them at first, but Jarrod yelled "Hey girl!" from out the window. I then noticed I was with Katherine. We walked over to them and got in the car. Jarrod was talking to me as I sat in the passenger's side seat, and Katherine was sitting in the back with Dave. Jarrod started to drive. We were going to his and Dave's apartment. I had a foreboding feeling, but I didn't think it had to do with me, but it had to do with Katherine. She was in trouble.

      We got to their apartment, and Dave and a bunch of guys started to gang bang Katherine. I walked past them because she didn't seem too upset about it; she wasn't objecting or anything.

      Then, I may have woken up again, but I again didn't move, and re-entered the dream.

      I was outside. It was sunny. I was walking down this path. I remembered the talk about doing dream drugs from a thread here on DV. I decided to try to make a mushroom appear in my hand. It didn't work.

      There was a lot of green grass everywhere. I saw this old couple. They were standing by a hill. In the hill were these little shelves. In the shelves were these chocolate-covered things. The old lady said that they were some kind of drug, something like MDMA, but she called it something else. I asked her if she needed them, and she said yes, because if she didn't take them, she'd get cranky. I walked away a little bit, then decided to try out a bit of telekinesis. I focused on one of the chocolate drugs, and pulled one into my hand. I ate it,
      then woke up again.

      Didn't move, and was in the dream again.

      I was outside again, and MK was with me. I wanted to get to the moon, but I decided to ask her where she wanted to go. I was excited to show my best friend what I could do in my dreams; I wanted to take her with me! I tried to make a portal the old way I used to do it, but then remembered the new way I learned. I drew an outline of a portal on the wall. I asked her if she wanted to go to the beach? The moon? She didn't really answer, so I decided to go to the moon. I concentrated hard on Nomad's DJ entries about the moon, and the portal turned black. I entered it, and felt myself getting sucked in. I was sucked through blackness. I concentrated so I wouldn't wake up.

      Then, I was at some resort. It was sunny outside, and next to the resort was a huge pool. Many people were at it, swimming and talking to one another. I walked up to the pool area. There were many people sitting at tables and talking. I asked an older woman
      "Where are we?"
      "The moon.", she replied.
      I decided to ask someone else. I asked the man she was sitting with where we were.
      "The moon.", he said.
      I asked a third person, someone sitting at a different table.
      "Where are we?"
      "North Carolina.", the person replied.

      Then, I remember being in a room at the resort. Ryan was in there with me. I decided I wanted to try to have sex with him. I asked him, and he seemed reluctant to do it for some reason! I told him we'd make it quick. So he agreed. I started to take my pants off and woke up.

      Didn't move, and went back to sleep, re-entering the dream.

      I was still trying to get my pants off. I guess it didn't really matter that much, since I was dreaming (dur) if my pants were off or on. I don't remember ever getting them off, but then Ryan asked me
      "Can we take this outside?"
      I said yes. We went out on the balcony, and started having sex. I could see people below me, people in the pools and such. They were looking up at us. Some were smiling, some laughing. No one looked disgusted. I didn't care, it was a dream! I can have sex wherever I damn well please.

      Then, I remember being out at the pool. MK was there again. She was running towards something, and I chased after her. I asked
      "So are you in my dream, or am I in your dream, or are you just a projection of my subconscious?"
      "Neither.", she replied. I thought maybe she didn't hear the last part of the question. I asked her again
      "So are you just a projection?"
      "What?", she replied. She had heard me, but she didn't understand what I meant.
      Then, a girl I know from choir, Sarah, appeared. She said something along the lines of
      "Yes, a projection of your subconscious." Then, she disappeared again.
      MK stared at me and smiled. She had never personally answered my question, but oh well. I have more exploring to do!

      I went to the edge of the pool, and put my hand in the water. The water gave me a lot of resistance for some reason. I pulled my hand through it a couple of times. I tried to close my hand in the water, but it resisted. Strange. I wanted to show MK that I could fly. I wanted her to fly with me. I told her this was a dream, and she believed me! She laughed, and said something, though I can't remember what. Something like "Well that explains a lot!".

      I took off to fly. MK did not go with me. I flew over the pool, and into this field. It was almost desert-like; the ground looks dry, but still kind of green. I saw many beautiful flowers, plants and trees. I remember seeing some lavender-colored flowers. I stayed closer to the ground so I wouldn't lose the dream.

      Then, I saw a kitchen clock hanging in the sky. I laughed and thought something along the lines of "How cliche!". I saw a lot of other weird things in the field, but the clock was the one I remember most.

      I then was approaching a tree house. It was very big; it had three stories. I entered the top story, and as soon as I went through the door, I heard a microwave beep. The room looked cozy and quaint. I really liked it.

      Then, I woke up.

      Throughout the dream, I did a ton of hand-rubbing to keep everything vivid and clear, but I can't remember exactly what points I did it at. I just know that I always was rubbing my hands together. How have I just now discovered this?
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    9. Projection and The Moon

      by , 02-12-2011 at 11:42 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid - Other

      Last night before I went to bed, I took a Tylenol that had codeine in it, because I was in a lot of pain (thanks to mother nature). I should note that I very rarely take these, this is probably the 3rd or 4th time in my life that I've taken one. Let me tell you...I had a very intense experience. For now, I'm going to categorize it as "other" to separate it from the "dream" and "lucid" categories.

      I was in sleep paralysis. I started to sit up slowly. I thought I was doing so in waking life. I thought it was my real body sitting up. But then, I seemed to float. I could still feel the sleep paralysis and heaviness of my body. I opened my heavy eyes, and looked in the mirror. I saw my body lying in bed in the reflection. I kept feeling this "tugging" feeling to go back to my body, and, after trying to resist the feeling, I inevitably returned.

      After that, I was transitioning in and out of this state over and over again, every time feeling my body in sleep paralysis even though I wasn't "in" my body. Sometimes, I could manipulate the light in the room, like I could "turn" the lights on and off. One time, I pulled myself up out of my body, and was looking over my body in bed, and I saw myself blinking my eyes open and shut. This freaked me out, so I went back. I kept wanting to fly through the ceiling, to get out of my room each time, but the "tugging" sensation always brought me back.

      I also sleep with a sleeping mask on, and in one of these experiences, I felt like it was covering my eyes and I couldn't see, so I kept taking off "layers" of the sleeping mask to improve my vision, which only worked slightly. Each time prior to this, though, I could feel the sleeping mask, but could see pretty clearly.

      I also started trying to "roll out" of my body. I would feel myself turning over and over, and when I felt ready, I'd "roll out" of my body.

      Each one of these experiences was pretty brief, with the first few being the longest. I finally decided to dream, and stop trying to project, or whatever was going on.

      Then, I had a lucid dream, where I was in a different version of my house, trying to project like I had been doing previously. I dreamed I was sitting up in a chair, trying to exit my body. I remember my mom being in the room too. This kept happening over and over again. It was like I was trying to show my mom what I was doing.

      Then, I was in the street of my dream neighborhood. It was nighttime out, and very vivid.

      All the sudden, I was flying through space, and then, there was the moon, right in front of me, rotating, looking very different, like there was some sort of community built there. I thought about WakingNomad and his visits to the moon. I kept feeling like I was going to wake up or lose the dream, but I was determined to stay in it. Everything blacked out, and then I was on the moon in one of the buildings. I examined my hands to induce clarity. Two young men approached me, and asked if I knew where WakingNomad was. I told them no, I was actually looking for him myself. I turned one of the windows in the building into stained glass. I didn't have any particular pattern in mind, but what came out was a cross in front of an airplane. Then, I entered the room into which the window looked into, and there were those stained glass windows,with the crosses in front of the planes everywhere in the room.

      At one point in this dream, I tried creating a portal by saying "Portal, appear!", as I usually do. I think I was already on the moon when this happened, and I either woke up or entered another dream upon doing this.

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    10. #38. Demon Barbers, Malfunctioning Portals

      by , 06-14-2010 at 05:51 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Two characters are around my old apartment in Ixburg. They look like Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr.. I play with story lines and wonder what's about to happen. Then I'm running over rooftops and away from Sweeney Todd.

      I'm on the roof and he's on the ground. I double back quickly, jumping down and landing a flying kick to his head. Then I turn around and keep running.

      I'm in a playground, on top of one of the structures. There's a man with me. He has the head of an eagle, and wings. He tells me that something is out of alignment within me, that my back hurts because of it. I see tattoos dancing across skin as he presses into the pressure points on my back. I see his wings spread out above, and ask if I can touch them. He tells me not to.

      I decide I liked the old tower better, even if it was less accessible. I crawl in through the window and realize that someone is lying on the floor. I ask him if he has a pulse. He says that he doesn't.

      I fall into an ocean of black water. I swim to the surface, take a breath. I'm treading water for only a moment before I'm pulled under again. Everything is fuzzy, but I keep breathing, and I realize that I'm dreaming. I swim to the bottom, covered in dark grey silt, and maybe a shipwreck or two. I concentrate on dissolving the dream or opening a portal or maybe both

      I'm balanced precariously on the dark surface, which is riddled with craters. Briefly, I believe that I've made it to the moon, but I see the crescent moon on the horizon. I think that I'm on an asteroid between the Earth and the moon. I walk over the crest of the asteroid (10m in diametre), and look out at the moon. I'm perched at the top of a crater. I'm pressed against the ceiling, and
      everything is going dark.

      I'm in Ixburg. My parent's house is next to my oma's house as part of a duplex. The door is unlocked. I talk to my oma and am invited in. We make room for the group of Katimavik kids that are in town.

      Outside fighting against some kind of non-human enemy. My character isn't supposed to have superpowers, but I do anyway. I see myself flying from a third person POV.

      Demon Barbers, Malfunctioning Portals. Scare Factor: 3.
    11. #14. Voices Trying to Limit Your Dream Control

      by , 06-14-2010 at 03:49 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Go to the moon was kind of my madness mantra last night. Attempted to remember that I wanted to do this.

      I'm in the basement of a building my grandparents used to own. In the dream, it had been extensively remodeled since then. I try to apply the actual blueprints to the dreamscape, but it's too confusing. I hear newborn kittens. I see a few heads of bread-mice scattered around. The mice here are made of bread. I pick up a half-eaten copy of a book by Neil Gaiman, and decide that this is all his fault somehow.


      I'm in a love story, switching between two of the three main characters' points of view. I leave down the stream with the guy who's not me? This is confusing.


      I'm in a forest, hearing a Voice that gives me instructions. I'm happily running through, surrounded by green, green grass and trees, when I come to a stream. I jump straight over it, but land awkwardly on the other side, not having gone as far as I thought I would.

      Water saps your power away, The Voice explains, That makes rivers difficult to cross.

      I'm frustrated, because dreams should be doing whatever I tell them to, but the dream-logic makes sense for now. I consider another, wider, river nearby.

      I'm near where the forest was, but now I'm surrounded by stone: banisters and stairways and what could make for some very fun parkour sequences. I glide up onto the banister, ready to jump, when I suddenly realize that because this is a dream, I really can go anywhere.

      Go to the moon.

      Oh, yeah, I was gonna try to do that tonight. I hop off the banister, landing easily on the stone floor. I hold a hand out as I had visualized, feeling through the dream-fabric. I feel and hear a buzzing, and watch in amazement as the dream within stone building abruptly disintegrates, leaving only the night sky. I look down, fully aware that I made it and I'm on the moon and -

      Too much surprise.

      I'm lying face down on the bed, just like when I last went to sleep. Everything is dark and I keep my eyes shut, trying for another shot at the dream. I feel plastic beneath my hands*, but I aim to kneel down and feel the moon rocks that must be at my feet.


      "How the hell are we going to stop that thing?"

      "I'll take care of it."


      "I'll take care of it."

      I'm using a fellow officer as bait, but I don't have any strong feelings on the matter. The monster is approaching from down the hallway, turning a corner toward me. It spots me, and I retreat into the room, leaving the door open behind me. I'm standing just around a corner, out of sight from the door. The monster steps into the room, and spots the injured officer lying on the bed.
      I remind myself that this is a dream and I will be able to do this.

      The monster rounds the corner, snarling, and I grab it by the scruff of the neck and somewhere along the back (it might have been wearing clothes) and I throw it - hard - toward the window. It goes flying as if it weighed a pound, crashing either through the mirrored door of the closet and the wall behind it. It didn't land as if it weighed a pound.

      I'm outside, on the red, ceramic tile rooftops, no longer worried about the monster. I consider taking another shot at getting to the moon. I hold up another hand, trying to feel the dream fabric. I little bit of deep blue bleeds through where my hand is. I put up the other hand, trying to force myself through. It doesn't work. New method.

      I'm standing at the edge of a rooftop, unable to see into the abyss that lies before me. I jump, only concerned that this might make me wake up. I land. Without looking, I can tell I'm still in the same dream-scape, so I jump again.

      This time I fall and fall and fall, visualizing the black tower that Nomad described. I land, easily, and I can tell that I am, in fact, on the top of a black tower. When I open my eyes, though, I consider that this might not have been the one I was looking for. This one is only three or four stories high, and it's surrounded by brick buildings on all sides. A watchtower. I sigh.

      I hop down onto the dirt and paving stones, and look around at the DCs in the area. There's a cute blonde with long, wavy hair, chatting with some friends at the edge of the courtyard. I consider that I might be half in the moon-dream somehow and these might be real people, but I dismiss the thought as unlikely and walk toward the girls.

      I step through her friends, smiling at the blonde girl and holding out a hand. She takes it, and I spin her around and kiss her. Oddly, I have the sudden ability to smell and taste (morning breath) and I quickly block it out.
      And suddenly I'm playing a game of the Sims, and there are a bunch of options on the screen. Now I'm talking to family members on the other side of the courtyard and looking for the girl so I can actually talk to her?

      Voices Trying to Limit Your Dream-Control. Scare Factor: 2. Though the bread-mice were somehow creepy.

      *So very much a false awakening.