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    1. Sink Holes & Musical Apple Plants...

      by , 04-01-2014 at 03:27 PM
      I am driving my car somewhere coastal and high up, as i reach this apex i can see a lovely view of a bay down below, bathed in summertime sun, with a road that snakes wildly before me, and the sea to my right suddenly changes into a lake that i visit often, and suddenly i am transported back to this dream version of the place i know so well, except the ground is very uneven, and there are sheer drops everywhere, in reality there are no sheer drops at this place, you could run around all day and not get hurt, but in the dream version the ground is very unstable, and it is quite dangerous.

      Now i am walking about these grass covered monoliths, looking up at their height, and noticing that they dont seem to stay in one place, they shift position and occasionally fly up in the air only to land somewhere else close by, leaving a gaping hole where it once stood. These monoliths suddenly turn into some space rocket trying to touch down, and there is a panicked crowd nearby, and i realise i am now in the playing field of my old primary school, and i am inside the classroom but also outside as well, very detached from the scene, i can even see the sandpits and waterpits which we used to play in.

      This rocket thing eventually jumps out of view and i am now looking over a field covered in apple plants, not trees, plants! I walk nby and kick random apples from these plants and they ring out very musically like little bells, and sparkly glitter like substances fly from them as i kick them, and sometimes hummingbirds appear as i kick the apples, the apples then turn into some unusual flowers, all pointing in one direction, slightly bent also, with these long tendrills flowing gently in the breeze, and suddenly lots and lots of bright vivid colours, swirling together, and the sky is pink, like a sunset after a rainshower, bething everything in this relaxing pink light.

      I then pick up my laptop and notice one of my twitter followers has changed their twitter name to Cstocky500, i see this Cstocky500 twice more, and it never changes, the font stays the same, as did the word itself.

      Dream fades, i wake up normally...

      When i did become lucid upon waking, Cstocky500 was right in front of my eyes, as if i had been looking at the word for a while and turned away only to find the word still there, like when you close your eyes after looking at something contrasting, it leaves an inverted impression. Never had this from a dream before!
    2. The dragons, The cricket and The fonz bunny.

      by , 09-15-2010 at 06:27 PM
      I was on a pebbly beach, white pebbles if i remember right. To my right, the beach extended for a while before meeting a tall cliff which then went out to sea. My left was completely clear. The sea was completely covered in strange white seaweed, which closely resembled those curly bath balls you can get for washing. As the waves came in they gently rose and fell. Far out I could see some water. The sky was an overcast grey, with dull clouds soundlessly drifting along. I turned round to face a cliff with several outcrops spread unevenly across its face. I managed to reach one of these, though i dont know how. A small girl in a light orange dress was looking out to sea through a telescope. I asked her if I could use it, and she said yes. I sat on a rock and dug my feet into the gravel, because for some reason I thought that someone might push me off.

      I then turned around to find the cliff gone and replaced by a lush green grassy hill leading to what seemed to be the white house. I went inside and found out that it was actually my familily's house, and so I headed to my room. The door was built diagonally, and on both sides there were baulstrades. Never heard of privacy i guess... I walked down the small flight of stairs and found myself in a bare room with white walls and a beige carpet. There was a large pair of doors leading ouside, and i walked out to find myself in another garden.

      In front of the house was a large area of grass, but further out were rows after rows of 1cm thick hedges. I explored the gras and found a blue dragon who needed me to feed him crickets. I found hundreds in the hedge but picked only three. I felt them tickle my hand, and one tried to bite me. Turns out the dragon dissapeared. Figures... I then met the duracell bunny dressed as the fonz, who asked if I wanted a beetle from the hedge. They were realy beautiful, so I got one and came back. However, I had apparently failed some kind of test, so my schools field would be.... GASP! CONCRETED! I actually couldn't give a f*** so I went back inside. I sat down in my room but then woke up.
    3. The wizards of UU

      by , 08-14-2010 at 07:34 AM (Kjarva's dream journal)
      I am out fishing with one of the wizards of unseen university, in a boat on the sea.I think my companion may be Mustrum Ridcully but I'm not entirely sure. I have a horrible feeling that something truly awful is going to happen and the very thought makes me feel miserable. I have a sneaking suspicion I might be rincewind in this part of my dream but really have no way to check. We catcha mackerel each, I remember looking at the colours of the fish.

      The scenery shifts and now myself and my flatmate are sitting on a sweeping stone staircase somewhere outside. I pass him a bottle of what I think is Jack Daniels but now that I think about it, it didn't look right. It had huge bubbles in it, like when you go to tip a big bottle of juice down the sink, I noticed these when he was pouring a glass. Also there was something wrong with the label, I cant remember if it said something different on it but I think it was more like hyroglyphics than words on the label. We both poured the whole bottle in our glasses and I can remember thinking that It was gonna really hurt in the morning.

      I look down from where we sat and there is what appears to be a skeleton leading an army. He has a big purple cloak on, and he is shouting in genuine surprise at the troops behind him. He is trying to send 4 little mini motorbikes up the stairs to get me and the flatmate but of course, the bikes can't get up the stairs. They are painted funny, like the bullet that used to try to shoot you in super mario is painted on the front. Not exactly like that, but the closest thing I can think of, it's like the bikes had little faces.

      Woke up, knowing that there was more to this dream but brain is refusing to produce the details..

      Just remembered another dream but it is pretty gross! A cat I'd never seen before is in my house and I'm at the top of the stairs watching the little invader approach. It stops every few steps to take a dump and out of it's business crawl these little grasshopper like bugs that are running up stairs to get me. I run into my room to grab some sheets to hit them away with but they are all gone when I turn back round. The cat, it's mess everything is gone

      Remembered another frag while I was brushing my teeth lol.

      I was eating some kind of toffee like a worthers original and it totally stuck my teeth together. I tried so hard to open my jaws but couldn't. With one final try I managed to free my teeth but not without pulling out a filling I have in my back tooth!

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    4. Dream Frags

      by , 08-13-2010 at 08:42 AM (Kjarva's dream journal)
      Don't remember a huge deal of last nights dreams.

      I was dreaming of the simpsons and Mr Burns was really ill. Then it faded and suddenly my best friend Stuart was standing in my living room telling my mum he was going deep sea diving. He asked me did I want to come and all of a sudden we were standing on a dock with wooden slats, I could feel how cold the wind was and see the water all round the dock. At the end of the dock was a building with glass doors and I followed Stuart in while telling him that I needed a snorkel. He said that we could just share his. Inside the building I remember that the wall looked like it was made up of mostly green light, with pink and yellow at the top corner.

      Then I woke up.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment