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    1. College, Iggy Azalea, The Sims, My Chemical Romance and Blood

      by , 06-04-2017 at 04:53 PM
      Since I did not write the moment I woke up, they're all lost in my mind right now. And I forgot to update yesterday.



      So, I was in college; the bedroom was very girly and my roomates were three korean girls, all of them really cute and sweet. I asked them what they think about Japan, they say they went there and loved it, because it was so clean and better than Korea. One of them makes me sweet bread. So, I fall in love with this guy, I am a little confused if he was redhead or not; another guy, a more handsome one, blonde, blue eyes, is in love with me. He seems like he wants to do skinship and maybe sex with me, I tell him he's exactly my type but I refuse it anyways. He seemed very sweet but got a little disappointed. Later on, I take a look at the dormitory, almolst everyone is sleeping, it seriously looks like a big hungover. As I walk, the room doors are all open, and I see a guy sleeping all naked, with his bum showing. There's a carpet next to each door, and they seem to reflect the personality of each room. It seems like Iggy Azalea is my friend and studies at the same college I do (lmao), and she's having a little rivalry with Azealia Banks (just like in real life), but since SHE's my friend, I feel like I should take sides with her if something happens.

      The Sims Dream - First Dream after I woke up at 4:00

      I was with my cousin sitting on a tree at my Grandma's farm, and we started discussing about SimCity; I remember talking about how the creators were trying to make the game appeal to the lgbt community or something. So I took a close look at the game (now the game became the ground) and saw that some bridges in the game had the shape of genital organs, but of course, it was a dream, so the dreamy genital organs looked nothing like real life ones.

      My Chemical Romance - Second dream after I woke up at 8:00
      So I dreamed about a handsome boy I had a crush on, he was kinda emo, but handsome (although I don't remmeber clearly, but all boys in my dreams I have a crush on are handsome), and we were in a house and I had my laptop; me, him and his friends we sitting down and I was playing popular songs from the past to see if they remembered the names and singers, etc. Then I was going to play MCR's Helena, but I changed my mind and decided to play Welcome to the Black Parade. Before I played I fucked up something, but then it started to play, but they all kinda ignored me and went to my grandma's bedroom (but this one is the other grandma) and I insisted and followed them and played the song, well, they didn't give a fuck.

      This was not a dream itself, it was part of one of the previous dreams, but I don't remember which cause I am a stupid hoe. Anyways, I had to have my blood collected, so I was in this clinic with two guys, one of them was fat and kind, the other one was a woman; I am not sure, but I THINK I was talking about how hard it is everytime I have to get my blood collected for blood tests, because it's soooo hard to make my veins pop out, so usually they have to use 6 needles until they get blood enough (this actually happens in real life).


      Time for interpretation XD

      Redhead -> My real life platonic love is a redhead, although I live far away from him now, everytime I hear his name I get so nervous feel like I'm gonna puke my heart out. Just the day before, I was thinking about how awesome I would be if I had a mutual dream with him;

      He wants to do skinship and sex with me but I refuse it -> In real life, I repress my sexuality a lot for personal reasons, so I think because of that, I dream a lot with situations involving sex;

      Grandma's farm -> I have a lot of dreams located at my grandma's farm since I was a kid;

      SimCity -> Game me and my cousin were playing not too long ago (same cousin from the dream);

      MCR -> Just yesterday I was listening to My Chem's songs and watched a movie called "Suicide Room" and it was about an emo boy.

      I'm gonna realize I'm dreaming everytime these appear:
      -Sex situations
      -Grandma's farm

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    2. Crystal

      by , 07-30-2013 at 07:32 PM (Casting Shadows)
      [I had this dream after waking up and not remembering anything, not even solid dream fragments. I threw a bit of a mental bitch fit and I guess Subby gave me this dream as compensation. I'm down with that!]

      Apparently I was over at Jasper's place (or he was at mine, which may have been the case as the room was shaped like mine). He and I were playing The Sims 3. I focused in the game and became an observer inside of it. My Sim family was having a party outside and their Toddler was sitting in a high chair. One of the parents looked in its direction because they thought that the game had forced an age transition and the Toddler was turning into a Child, but no such case.

      By the time I was done with The Sims 3 Jasper had turned into Luna, an old childhood friend. Luna's older sister may have also been there.

      I was sitting down on the floor in front of the bed and Luna was playing with a lighter. Instead of spouting out fire, it was crystal shaped in the stereotypical shape of a diamond (a few of them). If she pulled the lighter back while holding the button down then crystals would appear there, and if she held it higher then the crystals would follow her lead. Well eventually she stopped and but in some movie in my XBox 360 and the two of us laid down together in my bed. After a little bit Luna asked me to set the loop when one of the characters screamed "Gooooooooooo!" When I asked her why she explained that we "might as well be happy." This task proved harder than I expected it to be because I missed at the beginning and we had to keep listening to the characters talk, but Luna was okay with that.

      Later on I went into the living room and watched some show with my parents. It was pretty good, though I don't remember much about it. There was one particular character named Emmett, but all I remember from him is that he had high-ish cheekbones. If I remember correctly then in the story, if the characters did something wrong or if they survived for a certain amount of time, then they would be turned into crystal. Near the end of the episode Emmett and one of the others (a female character) knew that it was their time to go and so they awaited their fate with open arms. The episode ended and I went outside.

      At first it was at night and it looked like it usually does in Greentree. I must have seen Jason and some other people at some point though. Towards here is a blank in my memory and then the landscape looks more like the area of Pine Plains that my family lived in when I was still attending SPPHS. Jason is with (not "dating with") a girl that goes to my school but who I never talk to. As the three of us are walking down the hill that leads to the trailer park in the SPPHS school district, I notice that neither of them have any of their teeth; apparently they had been doing crystal meth.

      By now the sun has come up again and I go back inside to watch another episode of that show. It's showing the opening theme and there is a portrait of Emmett and someone else (perhaps the chick that was crystallized with him). The portrait changed and so the show revealed that Emmett was none other than Adolf Hitler.

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    3. Six Dream Fragments

      by , 07-27-2013 at 07:26 PM (Casting Shadows)
      [In search of the time that is good to wake up so that I can remember dreams I am trying out a project. I knew that I wouldn't be going to bed until three this morning so I set my alarm clock to ring at six. I would write down anything that I can remember from a dream, pace around a little, and prepare to take a nap--because I usually have lucids in naps. Unfortunately my dad didn't wake me up at nine like I thought he would and I ended up sleeping from six-thirty to twelve, soooo. . . .]

      1) I must have been in some store, either a general store or a pharmacy, because I was looking at a shelf that had several pill bottles on it. I recall that their tops were shaped somewhat oddly.
      *** this is the second time medicine has appeared in my dream. if it keeps on like this it'll be a dream sign.

      2) In real life CLS is a Christian Camp that I used to attend during the summer for one week, but here in this dream it was slightly different. There were four groups and we were placed into whatever Hogwarts House we were (so of course I was in Gryffindor), and our "levels" were determined on what grade we were in. I was a junior so the year after would be my last year to come unless I became a counselor.

      The place that we were in was sort of like the school cafeteria back in Ucon with a "log cabin" sort of theme. There was a large but old fridge pushed to the side and by collecting food in our bags we would obtain points for our teams. I remember thinking something like, I wish this was a Nano-Fridge, which comes from The Sims 3 in the Nano-Microwave. If the fridge was a Nano-Fridge then it would have been of better quality and would have kept it from breaking. Every time the fridge broke we were instructed to stop running and dump our food on the ground (or on the table, which ever worked better) so that the counselors could fix it.

      3) In The Sims 3 for console there is a particular character called Willow Lynd, and she lives with the other local Goths. I was sitting with her in what I would assume to be a library (though to be honest it was really as though I had been sucked into the living room of The Clique house--the house that she originally lives in in the game. The walls are red, the carpet is red, the chairs and sofas are red, and the windows are big. Someone distrusted Willow due to her "Goth" status--I think it was an authority figure, but I can't be sure--but I can't recall how she felt about that.

      At some point during that dream I stood up and walked over to them, though. There were a lot of people in the room over.

      4) Another effing Sims dream. Each Trait you choose for your Sim would open up a different "Challenge" (or story line). The ones that I were looking at were technological, so I was probably thinking about the Computer Whiz Trait. Also, I caught a glimpse of the daughter on there turning into a Teenager.

      5) Nothing but crystals in a cavern. The crystals had a blue tint. . . .

      6) Jarvis and I were playing some sort of video game with one another. I'm not entirely sure but it seemed that the objective was to become a leader over a land by recruiting people. My character was a female and she was going to some area that almost looked as if though it had been abandoned. The stone bridge was crumbling, the grasses were growing out of control and trees' branches had fallen onto the trail. She kept persisting through the wilderness and eventually reached civilization. I'm not clear on what happened but I don't think that she was welcomed with open arms.

      She escaped through the pipes during the night. It was a full moon.
    4. The Great Adventures of S. Barbie

      by , 07-26-2013 at 07:19 PM (Casting Shadows)
      [Ugh . . . another Sims dream. This is pathetic. I didn't even play that game yesterday!]

      I was a Sim, and not the only one. There was a whole busful of us when it came to the afternoon when the sun was setting. I'm not sure where we stopped at but it was a mildly abandoned scene somewhere alongside a wood where the road was gravel. We were all allowed to step outside of the vehicle and socialize for a bit and I found myself talking to some blonde with a rather large nose.

      "I heard that they're changing the game," she said to me as we watched someone rode by on a bicycle by us. "Making it better. Thank God--I hate these noses."

      Along the way I found a computer (or something akin to it) and on the screen was "Slut Barbie." I wasn't sure why the company would entitle a toy that and was curious. The main menu was pink and sparkly and reminds me now of something like Stardoll, but in the dream I was more interested in S. Barbie's background and main story. I don't remember her background, but as for the main thing. . . .

      She and the main character of Naruto: Shippuden (which is Naruto Uzumaki) were like tiny people living on top of a tortious, which may or may not have had a turquoise shell. On the tortious was what looked like a box that was attached at the bottom but not with the corners, and did not have a top so that viewers could watch what was going on. As time went on, the four corners of the box slowly fell backwards so that they would eventually land on the shell, but that was unnoticed by me. I remember that the outside of the box--as in its color--was white, but on the inside S. Barbie and Naruto were stuck in a swamp-like area.

      A romance story, it looked like. I recall that Naruto just "wanted to know the 'real' her," and so, true to that sort of plot line, S. Barbie was mostly closed-off and introverted, slowly opening up to him. The box's walls were like an alarm clock, though, and by the time they fell to the shell Naruto was gone--whether he had chosen to go was not known--and S. Barbie was left heart-broken. She became bitter and unhappy and she may or may not have developed a thirst for power.

      By now S. Barbie is outside of her box--and I'm seeing the world through her eyes. She's in my trailer and while there is a part of her mind that refers to my dad as "her father" she doesn't seem to have any emotional attachment to him, either positive or negative. She has found a little brown pill--an "Ox Pill"--and has gone to the room that my family keeps all of its junk in. She is using a cardboard box as a table and before she consumes the Ox pill she's complaining about all of the roaches she sees.

      Of course they're scared of him ("him" being my father), he's their leader. S. Barbie swiped at a few of them in hopes that they would eventually become afraid of her and would make her their leader.

      Who I assume would be Watari of Death Note came in at this point, dressed in either a tuxedo or suit (though I know he was wearing a bow tie). I recall that he referred to S. Barbie (who, remember, is still sorta/kinda/not really me at this point) as some popular English name, or at the very least one that I've heard of before. "Miss Bueronot," perhaps. Watari noticed the pill but I don't believe he made a comment on it.

      dream fragment - I am walking on a dirt trail that is surrounded by both tall and short blades of grass. It's sunset and the sky above me is a darkening combination of red and orange, and the ocean below me--for I am on top of a cliff--is calm. I'm fairly sure that I've been in this area in a lucid dream before--perhaps the last one that I can remember. Someone has either jumped off of the cliff or is simply hovering in the air because I surely didn't see any strings attached and yet they were clearly spread-eagle off of the ground and above the water below, as if they were wanting to dive.

      There were probably huts and other signs of civilization to my right, but I didn't look.
    5. Finding a (Sim's) Home

      by , 07-25-2013 at 08:41 PM (Casting Shadows)
      Clearly I've been playing too much of The Sims 3 because even in my dream my Sim was trying to advance in her pitiful, virtual life. She had a total of four-hundred thousand Simoleons (Sim currency) and was planning on buying the Old Colonial Mansion, the most expensive house in the console version. Instead of finding the impressive home that I had seen in the waking world, the dream had pulled one of its "I'm-gonna-screw-with-you-'cause-I-can" stunts and flooded the manor. The story turned into a semi-action one and I knew that in order to get experience points (perhaps Crystogen Points, since I played Final Fantasy XIII last night) I needed to fight the ghosts and ghouls and whatever else nested inside the ruins.

      The water didn't reach so high that it completely covered up the roof. Without swimming (I'm not sure if I was standing on the water or floating, but I know that I never swam) I jumped into one of the house's windows and landed in the attic.

      From that point on the house somewhat resembled a shipwreck. The water on that level wasn't as high as what it had been outside and so the house was tilted so that the water flooded the left side. Despite this, I walked through the place completely unaffected by the gravity change and therefore had no reason to worry about swimming. The floorboards were wet and the paint was peeling off of the walls; the chandelier was barely hanging from the ceiling and the spiders had long since claimed the territory as their own. I'm pretty sure that I kept rising up the levels of the house each time I cleared the floor (even though I had started at the very top) because I never once had to swim and each time I came to a new floor the water was never higher than what it had been previously.

      There must have been some point where I stopped to use the bathroom because Jasper--who must have been my roommate--knocked on my door and asked, "Have you heard yourself piss lately?"


      "Gosh. You might want to brush your teeth, you've got morning breath."

      After that he left and I was stuck trying to find an end to the monsters that lurked among the shadows. Eventually I had had enough ("This place just doesn't feel like a home") and decided to switch the Old Colonial Mansion to the empty lot in its place. I would build my own house if I couldn't have a pre-made one!
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    6. 2013, April 22 and 23 (Saturday and Sunday): Various

      by , 04-23-2013 at 11:48 PM
      1: I saw Saturn speed by in the sky south of the house I live in, in Pennsylvania. I was standing outside and the planet was close enough to see its rings. From where I stood it looked comparably the size of the house across the street without taking proportions of distance into size. *Edit: Saturn was white like the moon and I think it was daytime when I saw it.

      2: I was in my grandfather's house and he had two shower stalls (I don't think he feels very good IRL.)

      3: I was near an interior well or saw one that a king was near with some other people. He may have wanted to fall in it and the Flipron song "The Stupidest Face In Town" was playing. (Link to the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hb73WCXeXE)

      4: I was playing The Sims or a game like it and created a "DEVO" Family like the band. I don't like the band; I bought their first 4 albums and couldn't get into them so I sold them. I killed most of them but not all quite on purpose. At one point I thought they were all dead but one popped up suddenly and I decided to keep him alive so I bought him a refrigerator and it appeared that he sat on an invisible chair near it. In the end, after he went into a valley, he caught on fire and I thought he was done for but then he wasn't on fire anymore and then a clown (Like the "Sunny the Tragic Clown" character from the first Sims expansion pack) appeared and it was either revealed at this point that the Sim had some mental illness causing him to hallucinate to see the clown or I just didn't write this with good grammar when I posted it years ago.

      5: I saw someone in an old boxy style red/burgundy family van (Like the 93 Plymouth Voyager) doing 360s in our nearby post office parking lot despite the fact the van had front wheel drive; It's like the van was rear wheel drive. The driver turned very sharply and didn't move far from the point of turning once he did turn.

      6: I found myself in the back end of a white pickup truck that was made in the last 12 years. The bed seemed small; I didn't move around in it much and I was on my back. I kicked a rear window that may have already been broken. Later, the driver stopped in a wooded area like that of Rt. 66/Rt. 28 between "Distant" and Mahoning Creek in Pennsylvania and I was in the woods before he pointed a shotgun at me. I was talking, saying "Why are you doing that, That's not a good thing" and things like it before he shot me. The driver was balding, Was in his 40s or 50s and had glasses and was certainly heavier-set than I am; surely he was over 190 pounds. I saw his face so perhaps I've seen him in real life, If only passing by?

      EDIT, Update July 21st 2013: Saturn looked like this tone of white, No joke. I found this as forum user GrannyPigms' avatar:

      What does this meen??-avatar63516_2.gif.jpg

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