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    1. First success with DILD in a long while.

      by , 02-05-2017 at 06:18 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      ...And the secret was getting 7.75 hours of sleep, apparently. I'm going to try and continue this trend. Regardless of how intense the week is, I will do my best to get enough sleep on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Which, for me, will be hugely beneficial I think.

      So here's a list of all the many dreams I have recalled from last night:

      Dream 1: Non-lucid; experienced during first 20 minutes of sleep. I fell asleep at roughly 12:10 AM, and had a dream about hanging out with my sister, my brother or friend (I think?), and a friend of my sister's. My sister went to use the bathroom, and the other guy I was with was talking with me and her friend. We were talking about her, but I don't precisely remember what we were talking about specifically. When she finished using the bathroom, she came out and said "You know I heard you while I was in there", because IRL my sister really does have good hearing. So maybe it was something embarrassing, but I don't really know for sure. I woke up and it was only 12:32 AM, so my brain had apparently launched me pretty quickly into REM again for some reason.

      Dream 2: Non-lucid, but very close to lucidity. Good vs. evil! A giant snake was trying to kill me and two other people. However, my stuffed snake, Snakey, my tulpa, and I were destined to save us all! (I actually do have a stuffed snake, and he is actually named Snakey. He is the coolest. However, he is at my parent's house right now. :p In the dream, he had become real.) We prayed that we would be able to triumph over the snake. Then, we felt like we should just will it away, because -- get this -- we recognized that it was only in our heads and wasn't actually real. This one was SO CLOSE to being lucid, because of that realization, but not quite! We willed it away, and it worked!

      Dream 3: Non-lucid. This is a fuzzier dream that I experienced during what felt like deeper sleep. Arguably it would've been significantly harder to become lucid during this one because of this fact. This one occurred in the middle of the night, if I recall correctly. IRL, I work part-time as a computer science TA at my university, helping students debug Java and Android programs. In this dream, the other TAs and I apparently "did not want to stop believing OR coding". I believe some malevolent individual was trying to get us to stop believing in God or something and also stop programming. Someone said that he would kill us all if we didn't do this. He had an army of supporters to back him up. Then, it faded and we were in a theme park. I dream a LOT about theme parks. Anyway, we were on the rides, but I was watching from a distance despite being on a ride technically myself. (?) Some of my fellow TAs were riding on a white roller coaster. The evil guy's plan was to hack into all the rides while we we're still on them, and somehow harm us. Maybe shut them down. I don't really know. I was worried for the others. Then, it faded again, and we were on a revolving turntable, much like the turntable by the roundhouse in Thomas the Train, but indoor and stark and depressing. I got onto it, and the evil guys had surrounded us. However, I somehow knew that we were going to be safe, and we were saved. I don't remember how.

      Dream 4: Non-lucid. I was in a lecture hall of some sort for artists. The lady teaching was trying to tell us that 3D artists should NOT learn to draw or digitally paint, because apparently it would actually make us worse, since it would take time away from learning how to model and render a scene. I was really ticked because I definitely disagree with that philosophy, and I believe that the general 3D community would agree with me.

      Dream 5: The DILD! Sort of. I didn't have a specific reality check that worked this time. But when I sleep 8 hours or close to it, my body starts waking up more and more as my actual wakeup time approaches. I will often physically wake up to use the bathroom or get a drink of water, and then go back to sleep for a while longer. This is the most natural thing for me. As I do this, I have more and more dreams, and more and more REM sleep. Then, I am much more likely to recall dreams, and also much more likely to become lucid. Hard work pays off, guys!

      First, I was on the internet. Some girl said that she had recently had a week-long paid internship with Disney, where they were basically paid to ride rides all day long. They were supposed to observe the culture of theme parks, or something. Then, I suddenly found myself on a cart or truck thing going to a theme park. It was presumably Disney, but there were a lot of rides that Disney definitely doesn't have IRL. All these other people were on the truck, too, but they were official interns and wore brown vests. I was there, but I didn't have a vest, so apparently I wasn't an official intern. I was worried I'd get in trouble for being on the truck despite not being officially hired, and wasn't sure how I even got there in the first place. My mom and my brother were there, too. And neither of them had vests. I went to go sit by my mom, but as I sat down beside her, she disappeared. I felt that she was still there, but had no idea why she had just randomly become invisible. Also, the seats were tiny, so my butt barely fit on them. We were in the back of the truck, in the open air with just a pavilion thing over us. So if it would have been raining, we would've been sheltered, but we still got fresh air.

      We kept riding in the truck, looking at the rides that we would soon ride. I then realized that I was dreaming, because Disneyland does not look like that IRL. Too many thrill rides. Well, that and my mom randomly disappearing.

      So I sat by my brother, and told him, "I think we're in a dream right now." And he said something like "We definitely could be. Is everything out of focus?" I said that yes, everything most certainly was out of focus. So he said that it probably was a dream. Suddenly, instead of being inside of a truck, it was just me and him and the (inferred) driver inside of an SUV or a Jeep Cherokee or something, and there were suddenly windows. So I clambered out the window, which was partially rolled down, and flew towards one of the rides!

      It was a water ride with boats that looked like Perilous Plunge, an old ride from Knott's Berry Farm that I never actually went on. It went inside of a brown artificial mountain, and it was super cool. But just as I was about to reach a boat to get on it, I woke up. D: NOOOOOO!

      The dream was still fuzzy, too. I wish it was more vivid, but mentally I was so close to awakening that I did accidentally wake myself up. -_-

      Also, my notes read "still had sizzle". Nope, no idea what I meant by that. o.o

      Dream 6: I tried to re-enter the previous dream, but to no avail. I do have a note that said "she knew I wanted it lol." Don't recall what that means, but I can guarantee you that it was not appropriate.

      Dream 7: I had a dream. There may have been a girl but I can't really read my notes. This was more like a fragment. My alarm woke me up before I could get any further.

      And that's it.

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    2. Splendid Competition Nights 5-9

      by , 01-25-2017 at 08:00 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Nights 5 and 6 earned me zero points. No dream recall; no anything.

      On one of these days (can't remember which), I experienced a very short WILD during a nap. It lasted about 3 minutes. During the dream, I tried to achieve my second competition goal of figure drawing (practicing a real life skill). While I was able to make a sketchbook appear, it was harder to make a model show up, and I tried to start sketching but I think I woke myself up. At any rate. I'm not going to count it this time, because I know that I can do better than that. I don't think it quite counts since I didn't really finish practicing the skill, like I didn't even finish a gesture drawing or anything.

      Night 7:
      Non-Lucid Dream Fragment 1: This was from my hypnagogic imagery. It's always hard for me to wake up during those and write them down, because my body is in the process of falling asleep and doesn't want to stop! However, in this one, I was walking to a castle, with Tess.

      Non-Lucid Dream Fragment 2: I was visiting an aquarium at a college. I believe it was either a) one I had previously visited IRL, or b) one that I thought I had visited IRL in the dream, but hadn't actually done so. There was a whale, and I can't read the rest of my notes. -_-

      Non-Lucid Fragment 3: I was at a different version of my grandma's house, and a former uncle of mine was there. He either farted or fainted -- it's hard to read my handwriting dang it xD I think it was actually farted. And he was putting away some stuff in storage. The dream faded to a store/shop of some sort.

      Night 8:
      Non-Lucid Dream Fragment 4: There was a Pokemon, a spider and something else that I wanted but that also creeped me out. Someone or something got lured into a corner.

      Non-Lucid Dream Fragment 5: Theme park, roller coaster, talking with others at the stheme park.

      Non-Lucid Dream Fragment 6: I was making love to an older (middle-aged?) woman. She was very pretty, and it was all in all a very pleasant experience, but I remember wishing that she could somehow be Tess, my tulpa, so I wouldn't feel so guilty about what I was doing.

      Non-Lucid Dream Fragment 7: This one may gross you out. Just a fair warning haha. I fell in love with a lizard that was sticky and slimy. I need to stop spending so much time on DeviantART. It is dirtying up my subconscious mind. xD

      Non-Lucid Dream Fragment 8: A group of shiny people were running away from something. Metallic shiny, I think? But I was "pinned down and safe." Nope, no idea what that meant. It made sense to me at the time of writing, obviously. Again, too much time on DeviantART. \o/

      Night 8:

      Non-Lucid Full Dream: I was still a missionary (did it a few years back). It was our day off, and I was on the computer...watching a live dog??? Ah, I still can't read that line! Another missionary was online chatting (face to face!) with Adam Young from Owl City, and I started chatting too! Adam looked a lot younger, though, and he had a security guard with him. For whatever reason, he was in a rush, so he couldn't chat for long. But he was also very kind, as I'd expect him to be.

      Night 9: Got nothing. I could've at least written down some hypnagogic stuff, but I was too exhausted. It's been a difficult start to the new semester, and I haven't been sleeping enough.

      Total: 1 WILD, 8 non-lucid fragments, 1 full non-lucid.

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    3. Fear of heights

      by , 11-12-2015 at 06:28 AM
      I dreamed my boyfriend and I took his friend's 12 year old son to a theme park. I needed to get somewhere in the park (maybe the bathroom?) and the only way I could find was a very thin ledge along the edge of a cliff, with a sheer drop of hundreds of feet. The ledge was only maybe a foot wide at some points, sometimes with no hand-holds, sometimes with a very rickety railing, and a whole bunch of people were also trying to inch along it at the same time. I was shocked by how dangerous it was.

      Anyway, once I reached my destination, I realized that there was another path there that was a nice, wide dirt path through kind of a swamp area.
    4. Old Dream: Heroic Puppy

      by , 10-25-2015 at 06:06 PM
      I get nervous about losing my DJ, so I keep it in more than one place.
      I'd also like to consolidate it and get all of the rest of it onto here for easier searching and tagging.

      Feb. 16, 2003:
      I had some dreams I really don't remember, except that they weren't nightmares. Then I had dreams about woods, but they were nice dreams. Then I had a dream about a puppy. It was sort of scary but the end was happy, so it doesn't qualify a nightmare.

      Then I had a sort of semi, psuedo-nightmare, but the puppy was still involved... hmm... oh well.

      In my dream I was walking through the woods. They were more like deciduous woods, though. Not sure if they were Florida woods at all. I encountered a tall man with light brown hair. I can't remember what color his eyes were, or if they had a color. All I remember is saying "I remember you" and asking him his name. He wouldn't tell me his name

      Then there was the dream about the puppy, I don't remember much except that the puppy was going through a temple to save some people, and in the end the puppy managed to save them. It was smallish, sort of like a terrier, with silvery black fur, only it had floppy ears. It was a VERY cute puppy, though.

      Then I had a dream I was in a car with J__ following another car through some sort of theme park, and his brakes gave out. Somehow, though, we made it through that alive, mostly because the guy in front of us used the back end of his own car to slow us down (everything was mostly downhill so we would have kept gaining speed). The guy was NOT pleased that he had to total his car, but... hey... we didn't die.
    5. N3: I recorded 3 dreams :D

      by , 08-11-2015 at 09:36 PM
      (I got ready for a mild but then I felt a tingling on my nose. "Oh, my body's just sending signals to see if my brain's awake". I ended up opening my eyes, and guess what I saw? A HUGE F***ING COCKROACH CLIMBING ONTO MY NOSE. I did a reality check. "Crap, it was real!")

      So first, I was going on a road trip with a couple of random other kids. We were driving on a windy road, and I was nervous because at a couple of points we were about to drive of a cliff. I don't even know when or where we got there.

      Then, I had a dream that my baby brother turned into a zombie. Apparently, something made him age... a lot. So I ended up walking around, following a 16-year-old "good" zombie, making sure he stays the only one infected.

      In my last dream, I dreamed that Malcolm's (from Malcom in the Middle) family and I went to a "theme park" based on the safari. Hehe, It was more of a mixture between a county fair and an arcade. Everyone seemed to be annoyed by me, but Lois was surprisingly polite.
    6. [01-05-2015]

      by , 05-01-2015 at 09:20 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      With group of classmates we drove for a week lasting school trip. The first day we were visiting a theme park. There were many attractions, like rollercoasters, gambling stands or punch strike meter. There was also a national park, with tree stands considered to be of ancient origin.

      After the whole day, we went to a hotel and left our stuff in rooms. I had room with two other dudes, one was blond and medium built, and the second had dark hair and weight of a sumo fighter. I went to the bathroom, to take a shower. There were no cabins, only showers standing close. Due to this everyone took shower wearing t-shirts and underwear.

      There were two bathrooms for the floor. I went to another, and saw that there are no cabins too. One of the guys that was going to take a shower told a joke. I can't recall the joke, but it made me laugh. I went back to my room, and checked my things. Then I thought "Have somebody took my phone?"
    7. Farmer's Market & Candy World

      by , 06-02-2014 at 04:55 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Farmer's Market & Candy World (DEILD)


      I believe I had a very nice long non-lucid dream prior to this one, but this dream was very long and I entirely forgot the previous dream, so this will start from a FA.

      I felt my body in bed and I needed to get out of bed to write down my dream, since it was a nice one. But I felt I was waking up once again and I felt with more intensity my body, even though my eyes were closed. I could feel my hands weird, like heavier and I tried to reach them. I started to suspect that I was lucid and I focused myself on anchoring to the dream. I touched my hand and I had more fingers on it, and I thought it would be nice if I was lucid, since it was already morning (prior to this dream, I woke up and I had 45 minutes left of sleep time or so, and I felt I was not going to be able to make it for this night, something I almost promised to do.) and then I tried hard to look at my hand and I could count 7 fingers, where the 2nd one was half the size of the others. The dream went very clear and high quality, so I got off from bed and went to my living room as usual. There were a ton of boxes on the ground, blocking the door to exist my apartment. I still opened the door with little to no effort and took off in flight to be able to keep the dream more stable.

      It was clear day and very sunny as well as warm, there were no clouds on the sky and I had no problems in flying. After flying for a short while, my dream quality was great and I saw like a farmers market going so I landed to get started with the tasks of this month.

      I landed in an area that looked pretty much like the place that holds psychic fairs that I am a reader at, but instead of just psychics, there were people selling farmers market stuff as well as a lot of people standing trying to ask you to donate for whatever random charity. So I walked by a 40 years old lady who asked me:

      - So do you want to donate?

      I knew I had to repeat, so I replied

      - So, do you want to donate?

      The lady was looking at me, she did no appear bothered and she replied to me:

      - Yes, I am donate
      (yes, with that poor English.)

      So I replied the same, "Yes, I am donate." The lady looked at me, smiled at me and then walked away and started to talk in Spanish. Okay, whatever, the task is done.

      My goal was to try to make all the ToTM, so I knew I might as well kiss another guy. I was not looking forward at all for that, but hey, it is a dream, so who cares.

      There were some 16-18 years old playing soccer. I found it kind of gross kissing another guy, but I approached one of them and asked them to wait for a second, that I had something from him. As I approached him I gave him a tiny pick kiss on his lips and then moved away. The taste of his lips was a mix of sweat and male testosterone
      (I have no idea how testosterone tastes, but it was not the same feeling as kissing a woman, it was gross, so...) and he also walked away clearing his lips saying, "Gross... dude!!!!" And they resumed playing soccer. There was a 16 years old lady, not very pretty to be honest that was looking at me and said, "Well, I would love to kiss." And I looked at her like saying, "Huh?" And she continued speaking, "Yeah... I would love to kiss that guy, he is so handsome..." And she started to sigh. I was thinking like, "Whatever, this is a waste of dream quality time."

      I knew both tasks were done, so it was time for the advanced ones. I thought that one of the advanced ones was a bit yucky that had to do with flowers, and I was not motivated at all
      (I was blending it with the bonus one about the aquarium, the only one I did not feel a strong connection to do.) So I recalled the other advance task is to create a Candy World.

      I started to focus on that as soon as I turned, Candy World would appear and I would get there. I turned around and I saw Candy World. It was like a theme park, but it was all made out of Candy. As I approached this world, I could see how the buildings around me vanished, and how the world turned from a steel and concrete to a colorful sugared world. Also, the sun started to set, and I thought that the day went by so fast in the dream, but did not focus much on it.

      As I was walking by in Candy World, I noted several roller-coasters ( made out of candy as well) and a lot of stores that they were selling (yes, you are right) candy.

      First, I took a piece of candy from the ground (the ground was actually made of candy) and it tasted pretty much like a regular strawberry candy, nothing funny here.) I wanted to eat some more to make sure I did a quality Task, so I went to one of the stores and since I had no idea if I had money or if I could spawn it, I just grabbed a bag that held chocolate covered raisins (but white chocolate, not regular) and I ate some. They tasted similar to the real thing, but sweater and I could not find the raising.) Then, I grabbed a bag full of those green watermelons that are chewing gums. I ate one and it pretty much disintegrated and melted in my mouth, leaving no trace of chewing gum, but more like if it was some soft candy
      (in waking life, those watermelons are very hard, and once you munch them, they are chewing gum.)

      Then, the store clerck came to me very rudely and said, "Hey! What do you think you are doing? You need to pay for that." He had a lot of anger and he was very rude. I asked him how much was it and he replied $1.79. I reached my pocked and took out my wallet. I hoped to find money just to pay him with the biggest bill I could find. I had a lot of bills in my wallet, like a ton. Most of them were $20 and $5, but I was able to pull a $100. Nice! i gave it to him with a smile and she started to use foul language trying to reach for change.

      I left this store ( I believe I never collected my change, and I started to walk the streets of this Candy world. I could not recall one of the bonus tasks, and the other one, about the pregnancy, I did not feel like having sex with some random DC and then making them impossible for her to show sings of pregnancy, so I decided that since my goal was done, I would look for ~ Dreamer ~ So I walked down a street that was no longer Candy land and hopped to find her. I planned to visit the Magical Forest if I was not able, but I saw ~ Dreamer ~ coming and saying, "Hi Percy!!" She was smiling and gave me a hug. She tool me it was cool I summoned her and asked me if I did my ToTMs. I told her I just did and that we could go back to Candy land and ride some roller-coasters. ~ Dreamer ~ appeared to be excited and we turned around and candy land still was there. Even though right now it looked more like a regular theme park, but whatever, the tasks are done.

      I know we were chatting about Dreamviews and well, a few things that I cannot share here, lol. Until we reached a roller-coaster. There was no line or anything, even the theme park has almost like completely silent, but it was open as an employee sat both of us down in a weird looking wagon and we rode the roller-coaster.

      When the ride ended, I started to look again from ~ Dreamer ~ but I could not find her and my dream quality was fading. I wondered if we truly shared our dream, I knew she was awake, but since there is no linear time in the Dream plane, I knew she could have dreamed that hours ago and then matching with my own dream.

      I started to think that this was a very long dream and that it was time to wake up. I was about to take off flying to throw myself at sometimes and wake up from the impact when I heard my wife talking to me. She was a bit upset and she was saying, "It is like 12 pm already, I have been trying to wake you up for 30 minutes and you did not move an inch." I figured that could not be, that it was probably around 8am
      (I always wake up between 7 and 8) I kind of ignored my wife's complains and told her that she was in a dream, to let go and to enjoy. I started to levitate, about three feet from the ground and moved my hand towards here saying, "Lets go and fly." She was telling me that she could not fly and more stuff, but I took off and flew to a restaurant.

      As I got to the restaurant, a young lady said that she found me to be hot and wanted to make a baby, grabbed my hard and started running towards a bathroom in the restaurant, but she could not find any, it was an outdoors restaurant and she went to a dead end where all there was it was a tiny door with silverware. The lady kept running wanting to have sex with me but my dream started to fade and I thought that I was glad it was over, I did not want to forget details about this dream.

      I woke up in bed and my wife was hard asleep. I wanted to go write down the dream but I could not move in bed, so I figured I was still in a dream, but I really wanted to wake myself up, as I was trying to recall my non-lucid dream (yes, while I was lucid) and I already couldn't so I did not want to ruin the lucid part.

      I had a second false awakening and my wife told me something about Spain and then finally I woke up for real.
    8. Lucid Dream #86: Being a Dream Guide to a Random Character, Basic TOTM

      by , 03-29-2014 at 11:28 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I am with my parents at some coastal/island location that feels like Puerto Rico, where my family vacations every spring. We go to this water/theme park that has nobody operating it. But we are allowed to turn the rides on and off ourselves. I activate this swing/spinner thing and get on without strapping myself in. And wouldn't you know it, I fly off a hundred feet in the air and begin falling toward the ground.
      But the funny thing was, I didn't fear the ground, I embraced it. I knew that I was just so screwed that there was no purpose in even fighting it. It felt like I hit the ground and splattered like a big bug, but at the same time, I regenerated in a new location.
      I was now in some subdivision type place, and there was beautiful golden sunlight streaming through the trees.
      "Is this... Heaven? It's not as impressive as I thought."
      A few moments later I become fully
      lucid. I briefly stabilize and begin exploring the subdivision. It has a feeling like my cousins' sub. Large trees and single-floor homes.
      I encounter a group of dream characters. 5 children and a mother. I think back to the dream goals for this month, to ask a dream character for their middle name. I singled one kid out of the group. He had the face of the bully from my school and I thought about attacking him. No, this DC is not ill-willed. Let's show him around the dreamworld.
      So I asked him his first name. I can't recall it, but I know it wasn't anything phenomenal or interesting. I then asked him for a middle name. He thought for a second then told me.
      Okay, I asked the boy to follow me, telling him that I wanted to get somebody else. I decide to manifest my dream guide. I find a house across the street. I tell msyelf that she is living in that house.
      I knock on the door and much older woman/ obviously not her comes to the door. Thinking quickly, I ask her if Manei (my dream guide is home.) She tells me that she was getting ready and just needs a minute. About ten seconds later, she joins up and we're ready to go.
      We begin walking down a road, out of the subdivision. There are huge oak trees planted at increments on either side. I for some ridiculous reason decide to talk to this dream character as if I am his dream guide. I can't recall what I said, word for word, but I'll paraphrase it best I can.
      "Welcome to my world, my dream. This is not heaven, nor your home, it is simply a reality that I create."
      "So you're like god?"
      "Yes. Any combination of sensory experiences that I desire to manifest can happen given enough effort and practice."
      "Look can we get out of the road?! There's cars coming!"
      I look down the road we are walking on. About a half-mile down there are a couple cars.
      "Not any more" (Holds out arms) "Because this is no longer a road for cars." I grabbed hold of the sides of the road and made it narrow to a point, where the road became grass, but left an open path on the forest floor where it had once been. We continued walking, gradually transitioning from pavement to grass.
      "This kid still doesn't seem convinced to me." I through the canopy above us and try to imagine the clouds growing into storm clouds.
      I get back into my dream guide voice.
      "In ten seconds, it will start raining."
      It was at this point that I completely lost focus on the instructing the dream character (why was I even doing that?) and just counted down from ten to see if it would actually start raining. I made it to one and nothing happened. I heard a roll of thunder.
      By the count of 15, It was a downpour. And it was a good thing my dream guide was there to pick up my slack. She began talking to this kid for me. I woke up a few moments later.

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    9. Heroic Puppy

      by , 11-26-2013 at 10:21 PM
      Feb. 16, 2003:
      I had some dreams I really don't remember,except that they weren't nightmares. Then I had dreams about woods, but they were nice dreams. Then I had a dream about a puppy. It was sort of scary but the end was happy, so it doesn't qualify a nightmare.
      Then I had a sort of semi, psuedo-nightmare, but the puppy was still involved... hmm... oh well.

      In my dream I was walking through the woods. They were more like deciduous woods, though. Not sure if they were Florida woods at all. I embraced a tall man with light brown hair. I can't remember what color his eyes were, or if they had a color. All I remember is saying "I remember you" and asking him his name. He wouldn't tell me his name

      Then there was the dream about the puppy, I don't remember much except that the puppy was going through a temple to save some people, and in the end the puppy managed to save them. It was smallish, sort of like a terrier, with silvery black fur, only it had floppy ears. It was a VERY cute puppy, though.

      Then I had a dream I was in a car with J following another car through some sort of theme park, and his brakes gave out. Somehow, though, we made it through that alive, mostly because the guy in front of us used the back end of his own car to slow us down (everything was mostly downhill so we would have kept gaining speed). The guy was NOT pleased that he had to total his car, but... hey... we didn't die.
    10. The Bunny Theme Park

      by , 10-28-2013 at 03:54 PM
      So, I'm at this theme park with my dad and we're somewhere at the back of the park, where there are a series of small hedges, parallel to each other, lined up in front of us. They all have a small hole in the middle, just big enough to crawl through, so me and my dad crawl through them until we reach the end, which is simply somewhere outside of the theme park. I say to him that It's ridiculous to make something like that, because everyone can get in the theme park this way without paying.

      Regardless, we walk on into an area with quite some trees and a lot of vacation houses and my dad warned me to be careful, because small landslides had been occurring here lately. I tell him I won't fall prey to a landslide like others because I have studied this phenomenon in engineering school. He smiles and we continue walking.

      After this point my memory of the dream stops.
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. Lucid Theme park

      by , 03-05-2013 at 03:25 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So this was the first time where I experienced the transition from waking to NREM to REM. I'm assuming I was aware the whole time, but as always it's possible that I wasn't.

      I'm laying in bed, in the darkness and certain things would wake me up up. Like all of a sudden I would be able to fee my body in bed, and hear sounds. This happened a couple of times, and finally I was asleep (I guess).

      Everything was black, and I wasn't sure if I should open my eyes or just think of something to do. So I pretended to light a cigar and smoke it. The dream cigar materialized in my hand, and I lit it with my thumb. All it took was a lighter like motion. I put it up to my lips, and inhaled, and my vision got bright red. I ashed in my hands, and could feel them, but they weren't hot. Then the regular dream started forming.

      I feel a flying sensation, and I see bars moving everywhere. Everything is still black and gray at the moment, so I open my dream eyes. Things started forming more and more, and I find myself climbing the side of a roller coaster at a high speed. I climbed to the top, and waited for the coaster to come by.

      When it arrived I jumped up into it, and went on a wild ride. This thing was doing 90 degree drops over and over like it was nothing, and it would follow them up with super fast vertical climbs. As I spiraled down the tracks I couldn't help but think how awesome this was.

      The coaster came to a stop (the dream had obviously fully formed by now) and I found myself in a jungle themed park. I had to find out who worked here because that was the most intense ride I've ever been on. I walked around a bit, and found myself in a big open waiting area. The walls were brown, and it looked like it was composed of diagonal 2x4s. There was a blonde woman wearing safari gear behind the counter.

      She had the biggest smile on her face as she greeted me. I told her about how awesome this place was, and that I wanted to know a few things. She said that she would be happy to assist me.

      Me: Who created this place?
      Her: Mr. W.
      (I was so shocked when she said this)
      Me: Who's Mr. W?
      Her: Why he's the wonderful person who convenes us all. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him.

      (I wanted to tell her that she was talking about me. I was still pretty shocked that she actually knew who was pulling the strings.)

      I thanked her for her time, and headed out. There was a Marriott hotel joined to the theme park. I entered, and there was two people at the desk. One Indian guy, and I'm not even sure who the other DC was, but there was a line for people waiting to check in.

      I walked past them down the hallway, and the Indian guy yelled "hey". I turned around, and he told me I had to wait in line like everyone else. I walked over to the counter, and jumped over it into his little space and said "do you know who I am?" He didn't have an answer, so I filled him in. "I'm Wade", I said. He spoke back to me with this thick Indian accent. He's always doing whatever he wants in these places and it's getting on my nerves. I told him that he could shoot me if he wanted it. Then the guy pulled out his pistol and pulled the trigger.

      Him: "It's just that you seem to mess up things all the time"
      Me: "Look I love this place, so I really don't have any problems"
      Him: "You're always trying to do whatever you want *click* (yes he's still trying to shoot me at this point) and I'm getting sick of it.

      Me while making an ottoman float: "I can do whatever I want, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy this place. I

      I told him that I was waking up and we'd have to continue this conversation at a later date.
    12. Entry #1 10-09-12

      by , 11-10-2012 at 03:37 PM
      dream lucid not a dream

      So I find myself in a world where I had just performed my marching band show and am now messing around with a color guard flag. There was another point where I go and buy candy for the bus ride home. I chose two bags of sour skittles and a third bag where it was half regular skittles and half sour all in the same bag, I got this because I wanted regular skittles but all they had left were sour and these half and half kind. Each bag was on sale for only six cents! I proceed to check out and then what I can remember from there fades.

      It fades into the whole band and my mother and two younger brothers are at Universal Studios. We loose one of my younger brothers in the crowd so I tell my mom and joey to step off to the right with me so we can find him, we are rejoined and continue on. The first place my mom wants to go is to a temporary rides section, like where you would find at the state fair. As we walk into that section (it's nighttime now) I think to myself that I really don't want to be in this section, then just as I make that thought the "carnies" start taking down the rides, collapsing them, and taking off. I didn't make this decision but just as I made that thought this started.

      We go to another section of the theme park. (since my mom has a head condition we avoid big rides) I seem to know the place well as I show my family around suggesting different places. There was a section with all the desserts you could imagine, my mother declined since we had just gone to Cold Stone Creamery.

      Then I decide to take them to a new section of the park, one with a mini version of Big Ben, which is what attracted me to it. It's a section that resembles a city (like the super hero section of Universal) I wanted and expected a ride to be hidden in a building, and as soon as we approached there appeared a Buzz Lightyear ride (strange since Buzz Lightyear is in Disney, not Universal Studios) I looked at the average wait sign which was over an hour, but as I wished it to go down it turned to 50 seconds!

      Soon as I rode the ride I woke up.

      I've been trying to attain lucidity for a few weeks now, and this is the closest I've been to being lucid. I never actually realized that I was dreaming, but I controlled certain aspects of the dream. I had to be lucid. Up until this point my dreams have been more and more lucid, I love exploring my mind deeper and deeper through this
    13. [Healing Pool]

      by , 11-05-2012 at 07:30 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Monday, November 5th, 2012]
      <My dream recall fades into...>
      At a theme park.

      In a child's playground, I crawl inside a plastic tube and meet a few people I know.
      Cassidy is one of them, an old pre-school through high-school friend of mine.
      We get into an arguement and I decide to just walk away.

      I walk up to someone in an outside office chair.
      I ask him how he's doing running and designing the park.
      He isn't. He looks very relaxed and layed-back in his chair.
      He says he was layed-off. The park management hired someone else.
      Everyone here has been replaced it seems- by more efficient and cheaper workers.
      I give him my condolances and then it seems everyone is leaving the park now.

      I follow suit.
      Right outside the park is a giant rounded pool; 30-foot deep with a 30 foot diameter.
      Suddenly, me and everyone in the park is filled with joy and bliss and we all jump in the pool.
      I feel amazing and refreshed as the cool water surrounds me.
      I was the first to jump in with my clothes on, and I watched as everyone else jumped in after me.
      It was amazing watching as everyone floated together in a neon-blue lit pool.
      I start to run out of breath and take air in, despite being underwater.

      <I wake up.>
    14. Theme park skate shop

      by , 10-22-2012 at 11:44 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I was at some theme park that reminded me of Disney, and a few of us were erratically arguing about nothing untill I stopped everyone and they realized it. We split up for bit and I decided to go arcade hopping. One guy was in there with his son and he was saying he there all day and was staying at least untill 7. I regrouped with my sis, saw him, and told her he was a pretty good guy.

      I headed to another one, and the place was just sketchy. It looked like one of the arcades at those carnivals that no one ever cleaned. it also had these bootleg games in it. I was scoping out what they had to offer when I noticed they had a section of hentai games. The wtf factor went through the roof when I saw kids in that section.

      I had another one where i was in a skate shop and I was torn between what I wanted to get. They had my size, but I just wasnt sure because I know I'm going to be locked in to whatever I chose for at least a year or two.
    15. Theme Park Fragment, Lucid Flight: Soaring Above the Clouds, and an Odd Way to Start a Job

      by , 10-10-2012 at 03:42 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at some theme park, looking at a weird ride that just took you around in a big square formation over and over again. All the small, faded yellow seats/carts were separate from one another. There were lots of women on the ride, as if it was maybe a women's club or class of some sort. They were doing something as they sat in their seats, like maybe knitting? I wanted to get on, but it was already moving.

      I came back to the ride later, and it was vacant and unmoving. Apparently, they had moved the class or whatever to another location.

      I also remember riding a roller coaster in this dream. It was mostly just small hills, a few ups and downs, but nothing big, as if it was a child's roller coaster.


      I remember holding a big, beautiful, slightly chipped sand dollar. It had light blue swirled into the off-white base color of its body. I then dropped it or put it down on a table, and a bigger piece chipped off where it had been a little broken before. I was disappointed, but couldn't do anything about it now. I looked inside at the once-living organism, and saw many small pores.


      I was in my house, in between the stairs and the front door, when I realized I was dreaming. I thought about what to do, and about how last time I was lucid, I ended up not doing anything because I thought too much about it. The only thing I could think to do was fly, so I said fuck it and decided to do that.

      But first, I had to get out of the house. I looked at the front door, and saw that behind it were lots of beautiful autumn leaves from overgrown trees. I either could phase through both the door and the leaves, or I could open up the door and go through the leaves. I thought phasing through might wake me up, so I opted to open up the door and walk through the leaves.

      As soon as I was outside, I took off flying. The sky was a faded blue, and below me was green grass dotted with lavender colored wild flowers. I was sinking closer and closer to the ground, so I decided to try to gain some more height. I thought about going higher, and I quickly gained quite a bit of height! I kept going up and up until I was above the layer of clouds covering the sky. Very briefly, I caught a glimpse of the other side of the clouds. There was light blue sky, and I caught a little glare off the sun. I also saw a part of a rainbow. It looked very realistic and beautiful. I then went back down to a little below the clouds, which, oddly enough, now didn't seem so high up, since I could plainly see the grass and flowers below me again. I caught a little glare below me on the ground that also looked like a very small rainbow.


      I was at a restaurant that I had apparently just started working at. It was kinda like a Chili's or an Applebee's. The inside was dim, and the colors were mostly red colors. It was my first shift. But for my first shift, I was sitting in a big booth in the corner with some friends and people who I was now working with by a stage where they had live music.

      A waitress then came up to our table who looked like a girl I know IWL named Chelsea. No one really knew what they wanted, or at least I didn't. I was talking a lot to my friends, and trying to examine the drink menu at the same time. The waitress then came up to me and was very friendly as she told me that I should memorize a certain drink's ingredients, and that maybe I should go to the other restaurant they had in the area to do so. I said I would. She then asked me if "she" (referring to the manager) had taught me how to take orders yet. I said no. I thought about how they never trained anyone there (leaked over from my most recent job experience). Apparently, they were very busy and needed more people to wait tables. She then left.

      I kept looking at the colorful, laminated drink menu at the drink that she wanted me to memorize, but I was having some trouble finding it. When I did find it, I was having trouble concentrating on what the ingredients were. There were only three parts to the drink, but you know how dream text goes; I couldn't hold my focus on it, and I'm sure the words were changing each time I did try to look at them. I then noticed a man with a very deformed jaw that jutted out quite a bit (he looked a bit like Jay Leno, but the jaw feature was very exaggerated) up on the stage playing the piano and singing. He was singing about how he wasn't so different despite his crazy jaw.

      I then decided to go ahead over to the other restaurant and look at the menu there. I was then walking outside and alone; no one was around at all, despite how big the city was that I was in. There were no trees, just concrete and lots of slightly colorful buildings. The sun was also almost all the way set; the horizon was orange. I was thinking as I walked over to the restaurant that maybe I should have done this another time, and not while on my first shift. Oh well, it was too late now. Besides, they seemed busy enough to where they wouldn't even be able to make it to my table for awhile anyway, so maybe they wouldn't notice I was gone. Then I thought back to how I was asked to do this, which made me feel better.

      Also, as I was walking, for part of the time, I was looking at photos of my friend Caitlin in a white wedding dress. There was another friend in one of the pictures, another girl. At first, I was thinking that Caitlin had been married, but I realized she hadn't been. I then thought about "that time when we dressed up in wedding dresses" for fun.

      I then spotted the restaurant, which wasn't far at all from the original location. I walked in, and at first, was a little confused; it was set up more like an office than a restaurant. I walked around a bit, and then, to my left, I saw a glassed-in lobby area where people were standing, sitting in chairs, and, ultimately, waiting. There was a small, older blonde lady at a desk in the middle of the room who I suppose was the person to talk to about getting seated. I walked in and up to the desk. The lady was preoccupied with talking to a man at first, and then, she saw me and asked if she could help me. I asked her how long the wait was, and she said 5 hours O_O. I then explained the situation to her, that I worked at the other location pretty much across the street, and that they told me to come here to learn about a specific drink. She then got up to go get me a menu to study. I followed her to the door, but as soon as she went out into the restaurant area, I couldn't figure out which direction she went in! Outside the door, it was only possible to go left or right. I looked both ways a few times, and had completely lost her. Crap. I figured that I should probably just wait for her in the lobby.

      I was waiting around for the lady to return, when I noticed that underneath one of the two dark red leather chairs sitting in front of the desk, was a small box that had been partially squished underneath one of the chair legs. I got it out from underneath the chair and set it on the desk, feeling awkward, like I was being stared at by the people in there. But, I figured, I work at this restaurant chain now, so I'm just doing my job. I looked at the chair after fetching the box, and the cushions seemed to kind of sink in on the chair a little for some reason.

      The lady then came back with a menu. I took it, and wrote down the list of ingredients for memorization purposes on a small white piece of what looked like receipt paper. The first ingredient was "Ribeye" something, some kind of liquor. It was the only one I could easily memorize for some reason.

      Right after that, I remember being outside again, on the road in one of those red chairs, which, apparently, had wheels on the bottom, because I was being wheeled around by the small desk lady. I was directing her to the restaurant, pointing at streets and buildings and such. I then saw the restaurant and pointed it out to her. She then wheeled me on over.

      We were then walking into the restaurant. A few friends were waiting to meet me. They had apparently moved tables to behind the stage area. I followed them over. It was still a large booth like before, just in a different location. The small lady that was with me was so excited to be there for some reason! We scooted into the booth at opposite ends of the table. She said something, and it was in a high-pitched British, almost Cockney, accent. I scooted by some purses that were sitting in the booth, presumably my friends', and thought about how my friends were going to know she was Cockney. Why that mattered is beyond me.

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