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    1. 8/30/13 Rollercoaster Tour

      by , 08-30-2013 at 03:53 PM (Illuminating the Dream Realm)
      Only a fragment:

      Exiting a rollercoaster at a crowded theme park. A girl with an annoying voice was complaining about how she didn't understand the ride. Someone who looked a lot like one of my college professors offered to give a tour of the rollercoaster. I saw my sister and cousin, and waved to them to join. The tour guide said there was no room for them, so I got angry and we walked away. He looked sad. :P
    2. Very angry at thieves

      by , 08-31-2010 at 04:57 PM (The Midnight Train)
      This dream is so jumbled up so I have to rearrange the sequence of events a bit to make it logical.

      I am at a dinner party and there are a lot of attractive girls there with their parents. I leave the party. It is dark outside. My motocycle is parked near a 7Eleven and thieves dressed as university students/ vocational students (of Thailand) are trying to steal my motobike. So I try to push them away but there are too many of them (about three or four). I am worried that they would also try to steal my friends' car so I ring the police. I am pretty angry by now. I dial 911. For the first time I don't think they picked up. Then for the second time I hear a lady's voice. She speaks English. She asks for my location and I tell my girl friend who is standing near me to look at the street address on the corner. Then I realize, heck!, I'm in Thailand, I should have dialed 191. So I say sorry to the lady and redial. I don't get any response. I ask Lily-1 about what I should do. She tells me a series of complicated numbers to dial with. I enter the 7Eleven to use their phone. I get very frustrated over the long series of numbers.
      "I'm only trying to ring the police, why should this get so complicated?!!," I say. Then yell long and loud out of anger much like in Shrek 4. Everyone is dumb-founded. Lily says that it is difficult because funding is poor.
      I go to a rehersal (presumably those girls' rehearsal). Heaps of people are standing in a large slanted room. The teachers are sitting at a long table. About 5 of them at the front. I look over at them and leave.
      I am back stage at the show. The background is very white. I am about to leave as I had seen the show before. One of the girls say, "don't leave. We are only girls once."
      There's a toilet backstage. I am about to use it but realize that when the scene lifts up everyone will see me sitting on the toilet.

      I am now at a parade. Across the street there is a government building that the parade cars are going into. The cars are black and very posh. Girls and boy step out of their cars to get their pictures taken by the journalists. Their moms drive. I look east and see the Universal Studio globe but for some reason this place is Disneyland to me. I thought to myself, "Can I go on rides after this event for free?" The globe opens up to a large black panel I don't know what for.