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    1. Astral projection in dream to induce lucidity

      by , 11-24-2016 at 09:33 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I am running through a forest. People say I will be caught by police but take no heed.
      I come to a hill. The is not a hill, but a giants head. It starts attacking me. A character helps me to astral project and says "Be careful, the astral plane is very close to the dream plane"
      I am now in third-person perspective. I am not the dreamer and I am lucid. I have no power though. I try and shift a red button which represents lucidity onto 'me'. It works! My character kills it successfully and lands down.
      I 'wake' and record it in a DJ. However I look at my watch and it has gone crazy! I am lucid. Then things get a bit freudian.

      I think this might be a new to way to become lucid.

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    2. Motion OST + DA + CMood + YWave + DILD

      by , 12-13-2015 at 06:57 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am living in India, it appear to be night as I look around the wide field of the desert. I kept my body lying down on the ground for a form of cover as I am expecting snipers to take their shot when they see me. I do routine check ups to make sure I have not been followed. I look around and realize my eye sight is beginning to get blurry. I soon couldn't see a thing, this is bad I thought. I want to get down there so that the power there could be obtain. However I decided to retreat and assume this could be an enemies attack.

      I go down from the hill and back to my base. There was an elderly woman seeing on a couch telling me she is tired of complaining about her life. I told her I am done for the day and went in to a room as she continues to want television. The dream scene has now change in to the room I am usually in. It is dark and from the shades from the curtains covering the window I can tell it is night. I had awoken from the usual leaf blowers who carry the loud machines. I decided to went for him to be done however he began banging at the window.

      And demanded that I let him in. I had a feeling something like this could happen and notice that the window was beginning to crack. I got up and tried to go to the living room, I then continue to open the bathroom door and lock my self inside. I hear him bash through the door with a weapon and for some reason the restroom tiles kept making sounds with my feet against them. This allowed him to know where I have been hiding. My eyes stare at the door handle as he uses some ping pong racket to phase through the door handle.

      That didn't make any sense to me but he's here and I begin to tense myself for a fight. To my surprise the door opens up to a boy who looks 13 years old wearing a purple hoodie and khaki shorts. I get out the restroom and demanded what is going on. He looks at me expecting me to stay still but I push him aside and can see my family inside a car while the front door is opened. The boy look at me as he prepares to attack but I ignore this and walk outside. I am still frustrated but is now more curious to why everyone is outside. It seems they were preparing to leave, the sky is now sunny which is odd considering it has been dark not too long ago.

      I go back inside the house as I just remember the boy was still inside. I look for him and can see he is in the kitchen making himself something. I prepare to grab him but he quickly pulls out a knife. I told him to calm down and that I wasn't going to try anything. I then check my father room and notice he has stolen some of the pages in my dream journal.

      More irritated than before, I turn around to go look for him no longer caring that the boy is wielding a knife. However no one is in the house, go outside the front door and see that everyone has left. The sky is now dark with a couple of bright red showing the sun set was just ending. I begin to think maybe I can still catch up to the car even though I didn't know where it was. I begin running anyway and soon notice that the pathway around this area is now different from how I remember it. This isn't right I said, I soon realize I am in a different location. This place look very expensive and the people around here were all well dressed. I see railings and a fence, so I ran to it but realize as I got directly in contact with it that it was much bigger close up. I look down one of railings and can see I am on the top floor. I tried finding a way down passing through a couple dancing and see a slide that looks like the mouth of a sea creature. I slid down it thinking it was odd.

      I walk pass other people going through a small tunnel , one guy pointed at this board we were all near to and said all the numbers mix with words were quantum mechanic. Some were debating with his assumptions as me and others struggle to get through the line. I manage to get out and enter this weird grocery store, I decided to get a couple of things since I was on my own now. That is when I met up with the kid who stole some of my dream journal. He continue to follow me through out the store. He then grabs my head and makes funny gestures. I turn around ask what did he want. He tells me to be quiet and continues to put his hand on my head. I told him why did he rob me? He replied that it didn't matter and that he just did it to do it. I yelled out that wasn't good enough and demanded to know why again. He decides to say that he has robbed me plenty of times before and that it has become a habit for him.

      I told him I had been aware of numerous items going missing lately. It made me angry that he didn't have a good reason for stealing. I snap and threw all the grocery items I had in the cart in the air. I told him I am ready to fight as he begins to tear up. I couldn't believe this, suddenly a woman working in the grocery store came to his aid asking what is wrong. He drops to the floor and continues to cry. I grab the child by the neck telling him he should know better. The woman grab my arm trying to throw me off the boy. I elbow her and could hear a lot of people beginning to hear the situation. I then ran off from the store. Passing a police officer while looking for a car.

      The sky was now grey and partially raining. I find a car and enter inside and continue to drive off. Many of the cars were driving fast and some were trying to slow down as the rain made the road very slippery. I tried driving up to the next lane however due to how fast I am going I lost control and landed on a muddy swamp. My car wouldn't move anymore and I had now transition in to third person point of view. The car took a turn for the worst as it was getting suck in to the muddy swamp. I can feel myself getting out of the car and having trouble breathing through the piles of mud. I started thinking I should try to wake myself up now. But I manage to get all the rocks and mud off of me before drowning.

      Another car had lost control and landed in to the swamp as well. He however was too far in the swam to even get out of it. I decided to leave and run up the road, however the road seem to have been slice off making me drop down. I landed on some grassy rocks and continue to walk from there.

      That is when I saw this very odd building. There was this voice in my head telling me that I had to go up there. I decided to listen and went up there. There was this weird creature that told me if I am ready for the next challenge. I didn't give an answer and woke up.
    3. Poverty parkour with Skeletons

      by , 11-02-2013 at 05:44 PM
      Third-person P.O.V shows a kid about 8 or 9 who is in some ghetto place of Africa. There are several floors laid with loose old bricks. The kid does crazy and dangerous life-threatening stunts. He says he does these stunts because he pretty much has nothing to live for. After he says that, the view ascends up the brick landscape slowly. As it gets onto the higher levels, a series of miniature skeletons appear on the rugged and dirty brick floor. As we ascend, the skeletons get much smaller. These are the skeletons of impoverished human beings. I now understood why the kid never cared if he lost his life doing those crazy stunts. I felt an overwhelming sense of sympathy and felt sorry for the kid.
    4. Non-Lucid Weirdness

      by , 05-11-2013 at 02:01 AM
      Wow so um okay. This dream is embarrassing, kind of. >.>

      I was at school. One of my dream signs. I was in the classroom where I take biology. My teacher, let's just call her Mrs. Teacher, was teaching. I went out of the back door of the classroom for some reason. I think I got the impulse to take off my shirt... I went into this hallway that doesn't exist in real life. I think I was viewing myself in third person at this point. I took off my shirt, which was sky blue... all I was wearing was a bra and my pants... what the actual fuck? Now 3 boys were following me. I knew one, his name is Evan. The others were not real IWL but wore glasses and were blonde. Anyway I turned a corner and tried to run and put my shirt back on, but they told Mrs. Teacher on me! Oh no! I went back to the biology room and she was like,
      "Why did you have your shirt off? You get a detention," she said.
      and all of that good stuff.
      *Memory gap*
      Uhmmm so now my shirt was on except Evan was there and um he was feeling up on me, I guess. His hands were on my chest and all of that good stuff >.>
      "Oh yeah these are pretty nice, but I've seen better", he said.
      and... there was probably maybe another part but you know, I guess I'll keep it to myself.
      And then this blonde boy with glasses also starts feeling up on me... yeah. But somewhere in the end I get away from them and the dream ends.

      Very odd dream.
    5. Ancient City

      by , 05-07-2012 at 03:29 PM (Far-out, dude.)

      I was in some sort of ancient roman city, although I wasn't in first person. I was more of a hovering camera, observing other people. This day was special - there was some sort of religious uprising going on, and I was observing some events taking place in the central city square.

      I was looking at a roman teenage girl, wearing white robes. She was on a sort of balcony, which didn't stick out of the building, but was more of a small room that didn't have an outer wall, and had pillars there instead. She was searching for something in a tall and long cabinet that spanned the entire back wall of the balcony - it looked like something out of a church, with books on some shelves and various other objects. My view turned and I could see that this balcony opened up to a huge city square, larger than Trafalgar square, round and much lighter colours - the colour of building material in roman cities. In the centre there was a tall, 10m or so wide stone spired tower, twice the height of the average building around the square. It was mostly just a stone cylinder until about 10m up, where there were no outer walls, just small pillars holding up the conical roof. In this circular balcony, there was a huge humanoid figure, quite fat - sorta like a 5m tall santa - but I knew immediately that it was in fact an incarnate god. Surrounding the tower in the square were thousands of people - protesters - all calling for some sort of religious reformation - the god in the centre being their spokesperson. After remembering all this detail I thought I might draw it - that's the garbled figure you see above.

      My attention turned back to the girl, who rushed down the stairs to just outside the front of her building, where her father was. Her father turned out to be a priest, who was proclaiming something religious, trying to be heard among the crowd. She asked him something, and he pointed to a book on a stand, on the balcony she was on before. She went back up and looked at it.

      I was looking back at the square, from a few metres above the crowd, watching the god doing his thing, when out of nowhere an explosion appeared on him. It was a large explosion, but it just knocked him back a little and dazed him. Then I saw the girl zooming away on a flying-moped device... apparently she had tried to kill the god. Who tries to kill a god with a small bomb? Actually, considering both sides of this religious thing had supernatural abilities (gods on earth, flying mopeds), I can't really have understood the situation

      I then saw a sort of replay view of the inside of the god's mind during the explosion - I saw his conscience (represented by a mini version of the god ) get knocked out of his frame of mind by an expanding ring of cloud, and then rush back again, through the cloud ring, back to the centre of his head. That's the last thing I remember. Still a more logical dream than some other's I've had
    6. Bullet Hats!

      by , 09-15-2011 at 01:31 AM (Lyrics to Lunacy)
      No TF2 in this dream fragment, sorry. But there were some amusing things that happened withing the thirty-or-so seconds of the dream, so I'll post it anyway.

      I was observing a mostly dark storage room, with dim light glowing into a break in the rectangular crates. In the center of the area was a chair with a man tied to it with rope. There was another man walking slowly beside him, relaxingly pointing a revolver at his chest, and giving him some kind of lecture. The sitting man said something witty, to which the standing man bent over and whispered in his ear.

      "Well," He hissed. "How about your wear this bullet... AS A HAT?!"

      That's all I remember. Funny.
    7. Eloise

      by , 05-08-2011 at 11:37 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 08-11-10
      Length: 5 Minutes
      Vividness: 6/10

      This dream was taking place in 3rd Person point of view, as if it were a movie.

      There was a man and his girlfriend living in a motel/shack type of house on the harbor, literally hanging over the water.
      The man hated the place.
      He went on about how it was too small, his head would touch the roof when he was standing on the patio.

      One day, a man pulled in.
      He told the man living there about this woman name Eloise, I believe she was his mother, yet also related to his girlfriend in some way.

    8. Wolf Dream

      by , 04-24-2011 at 03:36 AM
      In many dreams of mine, the same fragment has happened:
      "I am sitting down in some place, usually my kitchen, when I flip the page of the book I'm reading to a big picture of a wolf staring head-on at me. I feel a small surge of terror when I see it because it's moving and growing as if it was running towards me. My sight swings back out of my body and to my right, and I see the wolf jump out of the book at me, and I wake up."
      The wolf image would look kind of like my avatar, but with it's body behind it.
    9. He was Jealous, I had Mild Fear and (Pity or Shame)

      by , 04-16-2011 at 09:02 AM

      Slipping a Picture Out

      A younger man and a man who seemed to be something like his mentor. Doing some organizing or redecorating of some sort. Cleaning? Inside an old, historic feeling building. Many large windows around one end.

      The younger man
      (was it me? I seemed to switch back and forth from third person to somewhat identified with him) had accomplished something, some landmark. He seemed like a learned novice. He had a picture of himself to mark the occasion.

      The older man took a frame off the wall. The frame and its anchoring to the wall was complex, attached to a simple wood rod decoration with a few soft undulances and shallow, smooth, symmetrical crevices. It was dusty. Some old, shriveled cobwebs huddled against it. The frame somehow slid onto this bar to connect to the wall. He told the younger man that he was going to replace the older picture of another of his (students?) with this one. The younger man felt uncomfortable with this, knew it would upset the person who was being replaced. The older man didnít open the frame, just slowly slipped the other picture out of the bottom, surprising the young man, who was me, and then slid the new picture in.

      The new picture looked casual and somewhat professional, but not strong, solid, and fitting like the old picture. It looked too new, too much of a body shot, too bright, not authentic and serious and traditional enough, with muted colors, like the picture that used to be there. But it did look happier and younger.

      The man whose picture had been replaced came over from the dim back of the building, which felt like an old bar. He was somewhat angry and jealous, disappointed, about his picture being removed. He didnít feel positively toward the young man.
    10. Blind Escape

      by , 01-26-2011 at 12:59 PM (The Mailman's Lounge: A Rest Stop for Dreams)
      Blind Escape (Non-lucid)


      This was an interesting dream, but it was sort of scary at the same time. The weird part is I'm just fed a lot of background information.

      I'm in my dad's old apartment (In real life my dad got re-married a year ago and they moved into a much bigger apartment after they were married. I should also point ouit my stepmom in real life is very nice and caring.) and I immediantly know that my step-mother is evil. I know that she is just mean and cruel. My step-mom is convincing my dad to do something terrible with me, I'm not sure what it is though all I know is that she is hitting him and forcing him to agree. An abuse lady came in and asked me some questions. I basically acted like I wasn't scared and loved it there, but I hesitated so when she left my step-mother beat me. (My dream recall is weak right here, but she looked a lot like Mihcelle Obama.) My step-mom told me to just leave the house and never come back so I left, inside the house my dad was yelling at her. I wa soutside and caught up with the abuse lady and I crouched down behind her car because I was scared they would see me. She basically ignored me so I started crawling away when I saw my dad come out looking for me. I crawled up to this girl and she was crawling too, I said "Exscuse me!" because she was slow and as she was moving over she said "All these new crawlers don't lnow what they're doing." Then she sucked her teeth. I was thinking about what she said and then I saw the road. (This happens a lot I would think about something and be close to being lucid but then my dream would distract me right before I put all the peices together.) I started walking down the road wondering where to hide. (I actually passed down all the stores I use to in real life.) I saw the gas station but said no because they were doing drugs in there, then I saw two other stores but I said it was too obvious. I saw a bunch of houses in the distance and thought about my mom's house and why she would even let that happen. (I stay at my mom's house on the weekdays and my dad's on the weekends. I would of thought about that if it wasn't for my dream distracting me.) Then I saw my dad across the street looking for me, so I was going to go hide in some trees but I was topped by what I thought was hobo. I pretended to be his son so my dad wouldn't know it was me, and it worked he boarded a bus looking for me. I tried letting go of the guy's hand but he wouldn't let me, so getting scared I called for help and my dad opened the window and said he's coming. The man said he thought I had the wrong idea and said he was blind and that he needed help corssing the street. I said okay and I helped him cross the street. When I started parting with the man my dad came up and we exchanged a mushy momement and he said he kicked her out. He also said she was making him do something which was making him lose all his friends. Me and my father watched the blind man run across the street back and forth, never getting hit and acting crazy. (I woke up and went back to sleep)

      I was observing what wa shappening like it was a movie. Threee girls were in a car and complaining about the air not working. The guy said they had to turn on the heat then the fan, they did. Heat blasted them and they shreiked, then it got cool. I realized that could help me solve something in real life. (I don't think it can actually help me but this time I was so close to being lucid.) They then started complaining about everything and how old it was. The guy got his friend, who I noticed was the blind man, and they started laughing about the girls.
      -These dreams were a mix of tv and a bunch of commercials I saw.
      -These dreams also make me want to go see my dad.
      -I was so close to being lucid so many times, but even if I was lucid I would be too swept up in the dream plot and lose it anyways.
    11. Deleted

      by , 01-14-2011 at 10:17 AM (Torra)

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    12. Law and Order: Orca Killer

      by , 01-09-2011 at 05:17 PM (The Mailman's Lounge: A Rest Stop for Dreams)
      Fragment: I am in English class and the teacher says we can watch a movie ONLY if we did our homework. I'm because I did my homework last week.

      Law and Order Dream: I'm watching an episode of Law and Order. (I've been watching Law and Order non-stop on Netflix lately.) In the episode Olivia Benson is on the case of a man who is supposedly brainwashed into killing orcas. She believes him and as she is in his car she finds a book about how orcas stink and whales rule. She realizes that he has been pretending to be mind controlled so he could kill innocent orcas. I wake up.
    13. Randomness and a little action

      by , 10-23-2010 at 06:35 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      3rd person and we were aliens trying to blow up the milky way and it was like a video game. Then, I was with a bunch of other people my age and we were teamed up against some other team of people with a leader my age but with grown up henchmen with a base that was similar to my Grammy's neighborhood. We were playing on computers for a while then I was the only one their all of a sudden. And then the bad guys with their cat with alien green eyes took me prisoner and said I was to do as they say. Then a volcano erupted from an air strike I called in like on call of duty (3rd person) and it covered everything in lava. Then I went to a field not to far away and everyone is having a snowball fight and the events before are disregarded. Then I woke up.

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