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    1. Being Skeptical of a Spiritual Healing Store, Murder?, and Topless/Carrying Kids/Real Life League

      by , 10-05-2014 at 02:26 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at the mall with I think my friend Ashley. She had gone off to do her own thing. I was thinking about coloring my hair something crazy, like light blue or pink. I "remembered" when my hair had been very short and straight and a bunch of different colors at once, like in vertical stripes. I remember pink and light blue being two of the colors. I thought my hair had looked quite cute that short.

      I then was in this place where the people there did some sort of spiritual healing ritual. It was very expensive, and I felt like the things they were saying to the customers were generic and recycled; it had no meaning, therefore it held no weight. I didn't want to try it, but they talked me into it. The main person doing it was a man. He said something about my aura being purple. He was using this machine/crystal thing that had a purple glow to concentrate my energy. As it was happening, I felt different, but I wasn't sure if the thing was working or it was just the power of suggestion. When it was over, I didn't want to pay as much money as they were asking so they gave me a discount. I don't remember paying or the amount I paid.

      Something about me getting left at the mall. I believe Ashley had left because we had been there for so long.


      The store from the last dream that did the spiritual healing was somehow a suspect in the disappearance and death of a girl. I was at my friend Grace's house with some other people. The people from the store had brought all the stuff from the store to her house in the living room. We were going to question them. We were then in the kitchen and Grace was pouring us all a glass of milk. I didn't have the heart to tell her I don't drink milk. She was getting glasses out of a cupboard that was very high up. She left a small thing of chocolate milk up there with a tall glass. Everyone else had gone in the other room but me. I opened the cupboard to get the milk out and take the glass, but I then remembered that Grace is picky and was probably putting it up there so no one else would take it. I left it there.

      We were then in the other room with the store people and all their stuff. I think we were trying to play it off like we weren't questioning them or anything, just having a house call or whatever. I felt nervous about it though because I didn't want them to play the game back. I didn't stay in the room for much of the dream.


      I was inside of this pen outside with some other people. It was like it was my job, though I'm not sure what we were doing. There were other pens around as well. I was topless. I hoped no customers saw, but I'm sure they did. I finally put on a light blue t-shirt that I own IWL. I did not put on a bra, however. I then put on the white button up I usually wear to work IWL, though in the dream, it was a much tighter version. I stepped into the shirt instead of unbuttoning it to put it on. I thought I had slid my arms into the sleeves. I then had a jacket or something on over all of that, and I could see that the white work shirt was crooked. I took the jacket off and saw that I hadn't put my arms in the sleeves. I started to do so, and the damn shirt felt so uncomfortably tight around my tummy! I commented about the tightness of the shirt. I put the jacket back on and it was less crooked now, but still kind of crooked. I kept trying to straighten it. You could also see these black circles/stars from the blue shirt (that aren't on the IWL version) peeking out the top of the work shirt.

      I then was in a pen with some little kids (the pens seemed to be segregated by age). One wanted me to pick him up, and I awkwardly did. I was holding him in the middle of my body. I couldn't see while holding him, but I carried him around the pen. After putting that one down at some point, I picked up a smaller, younger little boy. He was probably only a toddler. I decided to try to pick him up another way, the way I usually see people carrying children: On their hip. So I picked him up and carried him on my right side. It was much easier, and the right way to do it. I could see and everything. I carried the child around the pen and gave him to his mom. I then noticed that his mom had one arm and a small stump mid arm for her other arm, as if her arm hadn't fully developed. I then noticed that the child had a leg like that. I hadn't noticed at all. I was proud of myself for not noticing and looking past physical deformity.

      I then wanted to play League of Legends...in real time, though it was much different than real LoL. I watched these kids running around a pen playing it. It was nighttime and dark. The kids all had a light blue spark following/around their heads. I heard this crazy monster noise and one of the kids was attacked and "died". Something happened to the blue spark, though I can't quite recall what. It moved. I didn't see this part, but I knew the kids would respawn. I was then "remembering" the death/respawning happening to me. I couldn't remember what it felt like to be "dead". I wanted to play with the kids, but only certain age groups could play together; I would have to play with adults.
    2. Tuesday 3rd July 2012

      by , 07-06-2012 at 11:58 PM
      Last Nights Dream

      I am at a mans house and I'm here to clean for him. He takes me into a room now and it's really weird in here. There are like swirly lights around and they are all different colours. The floor is made out of glass and there I water underneath it. The walls are also made of glass and they are also full of water.
      I feel like I can't really breathe in here so I open a door in the glass wall and walk through it. I now see a man and a woman in a tank but there's no water in it, the man is dead and the woman is lying on top of him half dead. I get some bread and shove it down her throat to kill her, it actually felt quite good when I done this!
      I now walk out into the garden, I see a bed and lie down on it. My stomache now feels really tight and painful, it feels like I have a belt pulled very tightly around it but there is no belt. I'm saying to people "I can't breathe, it's so tight, god what is it?" a man says "sit down there and see how that feels" so I sit down on the chair but get straight back up saying "ohh god it's soo painful, it's so tight, what's wrong with me!!" I'm holding my stomache and can't stand up straight.
    3. More sex

      by , 06-16-2012 at 07:50 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I find myself in a random bedroom with a really skinny girl. I'm on top of her and were making. Out heavily. It's obvious that she wants me inside cause were both naked from the waist down. I slide it in a few inches and she's moaning and screaming that quick. I give a few thrusts in attempt to not go beyond that depth and she tells me she wants it deeper. I push it in even more and she goes crazy. She screams no. And seconds later she says she wants more of it.

      At this time my best friends walk in and I say "is this what you wanted to see!!!?". I move over a bit so of they wanted to see me inside her they could get all the details.

      These clowns stay there and so I leave. The girl follows me and tells me that she doesn't want me to leave. I want to Lund the shit out of her. But she's already said "no" once. Legally if I do anything else, it's rape, no matter how much she wants me. I head off while thinking how dumb this chick must be as the dream fades. The last scene I rember was an orange grove.