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    1. The Dark Tower: I Fíd Up In One Place

      by , 10-03-2019 at 12:18 AM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 10-02

      Regular Dream - Video Game / Semi-lucid - Lucid Dream - Notes

      The Dark Tower: I Fíd Up In One Place

      I am in my bathroom. I am getting ready to go to bed. I am brushing my teeth. I look down and I see my kitty Shadow sitting in front of the tub. I know Shadow has crossed the Rainbow Bridge so I think she is a ghost. I go over and stroke her soft fur. I note how soft and silky the fur feels and I hear her reply with a purr. I keep petting her and she purrs louder. The bathroom door flies open and a man in robes who looks like Obi-Wan Kenobi rushes in, opens the toilet, then hikes up his robes and sits on the pot with an audible sigh of relief followed by some obnoxious noises. Shadow hisses at him and leaves the room. I am about to scold Obi-Wan Kenobi for scaring my ghost cat away, but I stop when I realize how absurd that sounds. Instead of getting mad at Obi-Wan Kenobi I pinch my nose to do a reality check. I am dreaming! Well that explains a lotÖ

      I want to get to the Dark Tower world. Doors are frequently used as portals in the Dark Tower world so I close the bathroom door and focus on the idea it will lead to the Dark Tower world. Then I remember I said Iíd try to get MoSh in on the dream so I change my focus to MoShís inner world. Obi-Wan Kenobi makes some more obnoxious noises and a foul stench wafts from the toilet. I really want out of that bathroom now. I open the door and hurry through. I look around now and I see a place I donít recognize. It looks like a normal neighborhood. MoSh is there, I go tell him itís Dark Tower time. He asks if Jamie can come. I canít remember who Jamie is. I ask MoSh if Jamie can handle herself if things get ugly. He doesnít seem to know. I tell him Iím heading for the Dark Tower, or thatís where I hope to go. I look around for a door. I donít see any door standing alone so I go to the door to a house. MoSh says he doesnít know who lives there. I say it doesnít matter, it leads to the Dark Tower.

      I open the door and step through into a field of roses. I am on a path leading through the roses to the Dark Tower, which is standing tall and dark at the end of the path in the middle of the roses. I hear a strange sound coming towards me from the tower and then the sound of Rolandís gun firing. There is an explosion not far from me as Roland tells me to get to cover for my fatherís sake, heís throwing sneetches! I look for MoSh and I see him there with a woman, they are headed towards the tower. The Crimson King is up on a balcony of the Dark Tower, I can see him in his red robes and hear him laughing like a maniac. Now he throws two of the spherical sneetches at once. I form each arm into an Alex Mercer blade and use the flat of the blade to knock them back, they explode safely in the distance. The Crimson King is having a tantrum. I look around again and I see some strange mutant Thalmor. When the Crimson King throws three more sneetches, I use my blades to knock them in the direction of those mutant Thalmor. Three of them explode in a bloody mess. Yuck.

      I see MoSh off to my left fighting with a mutant Thalmor that has a tiny little head and huge arms, but I canít focus on that much because the Crimson King is getting hugely frustrated with his inability to hit me with a sneetch even though Iím out in the open. He keeps throwing more and I knock them away, and if I miss any Roland shoots them out of the air. I loudly ask the Crimson King if thatís all heís got, because if it is then heís more pathetic than Iíd originally thoughtÖ and Iíve always thought he was pathetic. He has another tantrum as I get closer to the Dark Tower. It really seems as if all heís got are sneetches, as he throws more of them. Now I am aiming them back at him. This is a bit more difficult to do so it takes a few tries before it finally works. One explosion on the balcony leads to a much larger explosion, probably the rest of the sneetches getting set off by the first one.

      Then I find I am with a couple other people at the base of the Dark Tower. Roland is there and he has been yelling a bunch of names, I donít remember what names. Roland opens the door to the tower. I realize I still have the Horn of Eld. Iíd hung on to it so it wouldnít get lost before Roland reached the tower. Roland walks through the door to the tower and I quickly follow him to give him the horn. But when I get into the Dark Tower there is no sign of Roland. I am alone. I look around and start climbing. As I see familiar scenes in the rooms off of the stairway I realize that each person entering the Dark Tower would seem to enter their own instance of itÖ so I wonít be able to find Roland! Shit! I hurry up a few more levels until I have confirmed that I have fucked up royally. I focus on getting to wherever Roland is. At first it doesnít work, but finally a door opens onto an endless desert. Roland is there and looks surprised to see me. I give him the horn and tell him if he wants to shoot me for my stupidity then go ahead. He just looks puzzled as I wake.
    2. No Way Out

      by , 04-10-2015 at 01:35 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #429 - DILD - 2:22AM

      I had another really bad night with restless legs and I was up and down a lot so I didn't do an actually WBTB, but I did manage to meditate with binaural beats for an unknown amount of time. I eventually got uncomfortable and rolled over to sleep with LD and goals in mind (though I didn't even think about goals afterward) and had this lucid dream.

      I thought I was the 11th Doctor and I was playing some sort of video game. Something about some friendly blobulous aliens. Something about putting my ID card into a reader and going up escalator then I use the card to enter an elevator. I somehow get to a low level of lucidity when I enter and I decide I just want to get outside. I push the number 8 in the elevator though I meant to push the button marked '1G'. I quickly push the intended button, but it's too late and I'll have to wait for it to cycle. The elevator goes up a second and the doors open to another set of doors marked '11'. I decide I wasn't meant to go there anyway, so I wait for the elevator to head back down. Suddenly, I feel a huge amount of G-force as I drop too quickly. I clench and hold on to the rail. I see a poster on one wall that looks like a silhouette of the Doctor and the TARDIS. It reads: "The Doctor Tower Experience" I think it's really ironic since I am the Doctor.

      The elevator stops and I am crumpled to the floor. I slowly get up and step out the open doors only to find myself on the floor again. I think how odd it is, but still recognize this is a dream. I see my phone in my left hand and notice the screen rotation button. I decide this is much like that and I focus on being up right and walking and suddenly I am driving a car.The dream blacks out and I find myself on the floor of the elevator again. This time I focus on the screen rotation idea a little more clearly and I watch as gravity shifts. There is a split second of blackness and I find myself in an apartment with yellow walls.

      This now triggers a much higher level of lucidity and I find my consistent teleportation exhilarating. I still would like to get outside. I don't remember my jogging exactly, but I feel like I need to get outside for some reason. (Why didn't I try to teleport again? DUH!) I see empty counter space and I turn around to see a the front door. I step out into a very small hallway. To the left are stairs leading down into darkness and I decide to avoid that. The hallway goes straight for a few steps then takes a right. I follow it but as I round the corner the hallway morphs and closes off. The walls change color from yellow to brown. I decide I was meant to face the dark so I go back and head down stairs. I am really worried that I'll get lost in the void, but as I descend the stair well lightens. I have some weird feeling in my eyes like I am straining to keep them open. I worry this means I am waking up and sure enough I do.

      Or so I thought. I make DJ notes and say something about how I was playing a game called Hero's Call beta. I pause wondering if that was right when I actually do wake up.
    3. Dream Journal Entry 20 - Reality Warping Senior Citizens, and a mall. -07-12-2013-

      by , 07-12-2013 at 08:27 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      AKA "How the hell did I not notice this was a dream?"

      This dream has a lot of blank spots in it, and it seems I was stuck in a loop.

      I found myself sitting next to someone, I cannot remember who, in a restraunt in a mall. Across from me is an elderly lady, one who doesn't appear to look like anybody I know. I'm also apparently not wearing clothes at all, and have a towel instead. Something happens, I get up, the lady gets up, too, I turn to run, and [blank spot].

      I then find myself looking at a map, for a You Are Here symbol. To my left, I think I was aware of a Millenium store, though I don't recall actually seeing it. I finally found where I was on the map, and according to it, my destination, which I cannot remember what it was, was to the right, then a left, then two rights from where I was. I start moving, [blank spot], and find myself at a dead end. I think there was an exit here, but it was pitch black outside, and the entrance itself was extremely dark, yet the glass was perfectly clear. The stairs were to my left, if I was facing away from the entrance. I could see another area on the other side of the stairs, but they ended at a wall. They went up, and then to the left and right. Underneath the stairs, there was no path to the other area, but rather a few stores. I moved back and forth about three times, trying to understand how this works [as, from one perspective, it was impossible to have those stores fit there], but failed to understand. Somehow, I'm not lucid. I notice that the floor tiles, stairs, etc. seem to be a golden-ish color, but still obviously normal for a mall [ie. not gold]. I turn to go up the stairs, and [blank spot].

      I find myself in the restraunt again. The scene there repeats itself, and at the blank spot, I find myself at a computer on some website. I was apparently playing some hybrid of a point-and-click game, platformer, and Choose Your Own Adventure book. It was 2D. I was playing a female character, who was standing next to another female character, who was apparently going to get married. We walked down the aisle to the altar, and found someone resembling a character from a forum game [Specifically, the blue Nelly from Paradise, but I doubt anyone here knows who that is, save one]. Something happens, and I run to the left, and [blank spot].

      Restraunt scene again, it repeats itself, and at the blank spot, I find myself running across a chasm, across a wooden beam, with about...thirty other people or so. When I got to the end, I couldn't see any people at all, and [blank spot].

      Restraunt scene, repeats itself, at the blank spot I'm playing some game nigh-identical to AI War. However, you could apparently zoom out to see the entire galaxy, seeing every planet at once, and I think that wormholes were extremely rare and you had to move between planets the old-fashioned way - moving between them normally. I used some cheat to get full vision, which apparently only included certain AI units that had a line-of-sight. I could see what I think were Warbird Starships moving around, and on the other side of the map, the AI had a few Hunter/Killers moving around. I paused and looked at them, and they had completely different names, save for the Mk3 version. I cannot remember what the names were, but I remember the name "Mary" and the word "Tomato." [Blank spot], and I found myself looking at some kind of .gif or something that only advanced when you weren't looking at it. Apparently the Hunter/Killer units turned into the .gif somehow, which involved several unidentified female anime characters moving around and talking. Then [blank spot].

      Restraunt scene, repeats itself, at the blank spot I'm back at the point-and-click platformer. When we get to the altar, Nelly suddenly throws me back, and I get knocked into the other screen, and land in what is apparently "corrupted water." I'm also transformed into a stone at this point. Nelly apparently says that this will purify the water, then transforms me into a bean and throws me into another large pool of water, then shrinks me down even more, kicking me back into the original pool of water. I can apparently move around still, by jumping around, and I manage to get back to the "wedding scene" and I'm transformed into my original character. I run across, holding a sword, go past the altar, [blank spot], and find myself at the beam again, only there's two beams now, the second one to the right of the first and slightly higher. I cross it with all the other people, several of which fall off, and at the other side I see a platform made of wooden boards. The second beam was definitely higher than the first, by about half a foot or so, despite both beams being perfectly straight, rigid, and originating at exactly the same level. Then, [blank spot].

      Restraunt scene again. I'm chatting with the person sitting next to me, something happens, but this time I take a lot of time to get up. I turn and run, and somehow the lady sitting across from me manages to catch up with me and just sort of grabs me on the shoulder. I stop instantly and turn around, and for some reason start trying to give excuses on how I could have been someone else [at one point I pointed out "no ID at all" and that I didn't have my wallet, and she pulled it out of her pocket. I also know that I was never pickpocketed, as I apparently didn't bring my wallet at all]. She says that she can accept this, or she'll get [forgot the name] to help me, and indicates some Japanese person next to me. At this point I finally put on some pants.

      Apparently I'm stuck in this mall. The reality-warping senior citizen [she definitely teleported during that chase, and I distinctly remember it as her actually teleporting] says that I can leave, but "they" are out there, indicating the pitch-black area outside. I say "Let me guess, safer in here than out there?" and she just nods. [Blank spot], and I [obviously] find myself exiting the mall. It's extremely dark, but I can still see clearly. It's cloudy out, there are no lights, there's a large overhang above me, and to the left are a number of bushes. There is definitely a parking lot. She is out here with me, and says [cannot remember]. I eventually mutter something about "Blowouts from STALKER" and then the sky starts lighting up in places, a red glow covers the area, I back up, and from the bushes comes what appears to be a massive, mutant black dog [or something similar]. I run back indoors, and close the door. I walk up to the other set of doors, turn around, and see one of the first set is slightly open. The one I didn't open. I immediately open the door I'm standing next to, step back inside the mall, and a [normal sized] black dog jumps at me, but is pulled away by someone else. I face the entrance, and notice that a small area, shrinking and expanding based on how far away I'm on it, is transparent, except static-y, but I can see through it. Everything else is pitch black. [Picture a sphere around me. Where it intersects the pitch black area, you can see through it but static].

      I turn around, and walk up to some gaming stand. Someone asks if "Criken" [a YouTube user] is currently here, and the person running the stand says no. I mutter something about "stuck in this mall for eternity and I just missed meeting Criken." The reality warper turns to me and says that everyone's here, apparently, and that there was an entire section of this place devoted to weapons, ammunition, etc. Some other girl, cosplaying as Samus [in the Zero Suit, not the Power Suit], jumps slightly, turns to face me, and asks when I got here. I say that I was here for a while, and then mutter "Who am I, Kellam?" [A character from Fire Emblem: Awakening]. [Blank spot], then the cosplayer turns to me and asks if I'm up for a few rounds of gaming. I say that I'm apparently a bit rusty, but sure. We turn around, the area behind the stand is now a gaming store, and there's a TV with some Call of Duty game in [I think it was Black Ops 2]. We pick up controllers [Probably Xbox 360], and the dream ends.
    4. NCIS: Love, Ziva Style

      by , 01-10-2013 at 08:08 AM
      01-10-2013 -- [First dream of the night worth remembering. May have been earlier bits, but if so, not a single hint of them in my memory.] I am taking the NCIS team on a sort of a team building exercise which is supposed to end in a giant orgy. We're driving around in a van much like my roommate Randy's vehicle, on our way to a phony hostage situation, yet I am the only one who seems to realize it is phony. The others just don't get it.

      We drive down a long, tree-lined road in an out of the way area, then turn in to a small sub-division, me calling out directions to Gibbs (who is driving) while he talks on his radio with 'the agency' we're working with for this team building exercise. Soon we come to a roadblock of police cars about one house past the house where a couple of shooters are holed up, shooting at the cops outside.

      A couple of team members take the back, and a couple of us take the front. I look carefully, and can see one shooter firing out the front door, but it takes a while to spot the other, shooting between the blinds of an upstairs window. I don't have a gun, so I'm waiting for a time when things slow down enough (both gunmen having to reload at the same time) that I can rush the house, and at first I am ignored, then the upstairs gunman notices me, and starts to take aim.

      I spot him, and move into cover in a large bush, and he is leaning further and further out the window, trying to get me in his site. He seems to be kind of leaning out against a fairly frail tree limb, and suddenly *CRACK* he goes flying through the air in perhaps a 15 foot arc, crashing to the ground and dropping his weapon. I call out that he's lost his weapon and go running for it, but he is still closer to it. He picks the thing up and starts to aim at me, and I'm calling out that he has it again, thinking I'm dead, when *BANG*, Gibbs shoots him from behind me.

      He's already taken care of the gunman in the doorway, and we're all now heading inside to scout out the building. Ziva has been injured, and is resting in a chair, Tony and McGee are taking the downstairs, and Gibbs and I are scouting the upstairs. But it isn't at all like it is supposed to be. These are supposed to be really posh rooms, very high class, with lots of beds, hot tubs, and lots of people having sex for us to join in with. Instead, the place is empty, and looks like a poorly maintained Days Inn, or perhaps worse. There is black mold everywhere, almost all the beds are water beds, and they are leaking so if you try and lay in them, you'll be soaked. Half the upstairs is in the middle of renovations, with sawdust and wooden beams everywhere. An absolute mess.

      I decide to make the most of a bad situation, and head back downstairs. Ziva has fallen asleep in the recliner she was sitting in, and I pick her up in my arms and explain I'll take her upstairs to the one good room, so she can rest peacefully, all the while admiring her legs in the slightly short skirt she is wearing. I carry her upstairs and place her in the one bed that doesn't seem to be leaking, then start to undress.

      As I do, Ziva comes to, and asks me what's going on. I remind her of the training exercise and tell her she took a bump, and that I brought her up here to relax and maybe have some fun. By this time, I am very close, and lean in to kiss her, and she doesn't seem to have any objections. She does, however, ask what the ground rules are, and how far we want to take this. I tell her that is her decision, but I smile as she says "All the way."

      So we're kissing passionately and undressing each other. I've just managed to remove her top, and am studying her breasts, while telling her how lovely she is, when Tony busts through the door, muttering some of the things we've been saying back and forth in a high falsetto, and we're ready to kill him for spying on us. Turns out the rooms are wired for sound and video, and they have been sitting around in the lobby watching us, but now Gibbs is calling us down for a different kind of action. But we're still going to kill Tony!

      When we get downstairs, we find a sort of dining room with several small, square tables. The whole team is there, including, oddly, McKenzie from NCIS: Los Angeles. She is reading a poem, something very Dr Seuss-like, except it is complete gibberish, and makes no sense. The grammar is also very poor, and Ziva is going nuts trying to correct it with her ever-improving knowledge of English grammar and idioms, but she can't get anywhere, since as I said, it is complete nonsense.

      I glance at her, and see a large wood spider dangling from her ear almost like an earring, and ask her what she thinks of spiders. She admits she isn't fond of them, but doesn't have a particular problem with them as I try to brush it out of her hair. It is a fairly large spider, it's body maybe an inch and a half by a half inch, with long legs, and at first I am thinking it is a non-venomous variety, but moment by moment it is shifting, looking more like a venomous version, and then even morphing into a scorpion, crawling on her hand, but thankfully not biting her.

      Somehow things just shift, and I am now on the new case, which seems to involve something about comic books. At first I am looking at sheets of paper with the pages printed on them, but unbound. Then it turns to more and more sheets, some in three ring binders, some in matchbook covers, oddly enough. I am running down the street chasing some that seem to be blowing in the wind, and have to stop and study a number of squares of toilet paper to be sure they aren't printed on those.

      Soon I find I am facing some odd sort of version of Ultron (in this dream, a silvery robot) as I am turning into Captain America. I have a white, clay-like substance in my hands, and I am kneading it and rolling it into a kind of miniature shield, then it very quickly enlarges and hardens into an almost indestructible form, ready for use. I find myself facing off against numerous bad guys in three trucks, right in front of Marie's house, down near Greenleaf.

      There is a truck running right for me, and I use magic or psi powers (not sure which) to create a kind of force field so it can't reach me, right about the time it blows up. There is another truck behind it, filled with gunmen who are trying to shoot me, and that truck blows up as well, the gunmen being caught in the blast and burning alive, before turning into some sort of undead zombie types, as another truck behind blows up. Though I can't see him, there is a hint of Ultron doing a Green Goblin sort of thing with pumpkin bombs.

      The whole thing seems to be on some sort of time loop, as I find myself arriving, raising the force shield, and watching the guys turning into zombies two or three times before I wake up.