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    1. scaredy-cat

      by , 12-07-2017 at 07:37 PM
      I was with my daughter (as a toddler) on my shoulders. I was trying to cook something but her eye was caught by the orange ring on the hob and she tried to reach down and touch it. I stopped her of course, but like in howl's moving castle she was able to wipe the ring away like it was a magic mark.
      We go to a market selling all sorts of odd ments and she grabs hold of a wooden ornament that she thinks is a toy. I try to get it off her but she has ir hidden in her hat somewhere.
      Next we are at the bank of the stream at my parents house in the countryside and she sees a cat and wants to play. She jumps down and morphs into a cat and starts playing and wants to scare the other cat by hissing. But the other cat pays no heed then when she is persistent the grey tabby starts to get up. It is twice the size of her and starts to stalk her so she morphs back and jumps up onto my shoulders again.

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    2. The Arrival of Chub

      by , 05-23-2017 at 11:23 AM
      Morning of May 23, 2017. Tuesday.

      In the first scene, I am with my wife Zsuzsanna at the front of a large shopping mall. It seems to be at night. There are only a few cars in the large parking lot. She is seated and I am standing closer to the parking lot. About five unknown people are also in the area.

      Our new baby is walking around. He seems about two years of age even though he has been born just recently. I do not question his appearance. Apparently, his name is Chub. I tell a few strangers about our new child. I walk closer to Zsuzsanna. A bright light, seemingly the headlights of a car, shine on Chub, though for a moment, I consider if it is some sort of latent divinity in him that causes the light. I want to see his eyes to check, but he does not turn around.

      Zsuzsanna and I start to walk home with Chub. Some of our other children are also with us. Three unfamiliar people decide to walk with us as well. An unknown young female is walking a few feet behind me. I tell her that her viewpoint is that of thousands of people around the world simultaneously seeing my dream from her position (even though, oddly, I am not lucid or actively aware that I am dreaming in any way, thus how does this dream self viewpoint even exist?). Soon, I start to rise in the air to her right, above the parking lot (common liminal space setting often in the last stage of the waking transition), maintaining a vertical position, half-flying, half-walking in the air about ten feet up. She remains on the sidewalk looking up at me.

      Later, Zsuzsanna and I are sitting in an unknown room with several other people (though I soon stand up to speak). I start to realize that Chub’s existence seems highly unlikely, yet I do not become lucid at any point. I start to tell others that this scene is not possible (yet my dream self has no memory of what a dream is at all). I explain that Zsuzsanna having a C-section would mean that Chub is only five months old and yet he seems like a two-year-old. I see a dark scar on Zsuzsanna’s abdomen, more on the left side. Even though I continue to explain how certain things cannot be real, I never grasp that I am dreaming or have any association with what a dream even is (even though earlier, I seemed to know what a dream was).

      There are a number of dream states that I have experienced continuously throughout my life which I have never known of a single other person even mentioning once. People write about “non-lucid” and “lucid” (as well as partly lucid in some cases), yet I never see details of the various hybrids of dream self identity that I have often experienced.

      For the record, here are just a few dream states that I have identified, only a few that I can seem to typify feasibly:

      Instinctual dreaming (non-lucid dream cnotrol): This is a state where I, as my dream self (and usually inclusive of at least some of my conscious self identity), know that I am creating everything, changing settings, putting words into people’s mouths, bringing about events with pretense (such as saying “I have identification” to get into a restricted area, and it just appears), yet have absolutely no memory of what a dream is and no idea I am dreaming. (As such, I seem to be a combination of my personified subconscious and inactive threads of conscious self identity that would otherwise be lucidity triggers in other dreams.)

      There is also a state where I “know I am dreaming” yet I am not my conscious self identity at all. For example, I may be a teenage female who “knows she is dreaming” yet, “knows” from her perspective, not my conscious self identity.

      A type of false lucidity appears in the first part of this dream. I talk about dreams and even explain dream events in real time, yet have no viable focus on the fact I am dreaming at the time (though the fact I am talking about dreams at least indicates I have some idea of what a dream is, unlike certain other states).

      There is another type of state at the end of this dream, where I “narrate” my dream to other dream characters, explaining how a scenario is not possible, that what I am seeing or experiencing is not real, yet have no memory of what a dream is (or any idea that I am dreaming at the time).

      Of course, scripted dreams (both types, real time, and previously programmed) are primarily lucid states. (Waking symbolism must be correctly utilized or nausea sometimes results from the waking mechanism, or sometimes occurs when there is a gap in the script.) Dreams can be scripted visually, based on situation, or have base affirmations (such as “I am the continuity of maximum well-being”). Although scripted shared dreaming can be utilized, that is not really genuine shared dreaming where each person is actually present to some degree in the same dreaming space with each individual’s intent (whereas, with scripted shared dreaming, there can be ways to validate if real shared dreaming is occurring - for example, have one of the dreamers do something random or think of a precise image that is not in the script and see if it occurs in both dreamer’s dreams, but such methods might cause a gap and a possible jolting into premature waking, also sometimes inclusive of circadian rhythms based on the dynamics of the sleep cycle in proportion to healthiness.)

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    3. Toddlers cursing <.<

      by , 12-17-2013 at 01:36 PM
      Dream 1 : [COLOR="#800080"]I was in Korea with a girl named Martina and a guy named Simon and another guy but I don't remember who. We kept playing around doing all kind of stuff(won't get into detail). I suddenly got tired and fainted then woke up and laugh. I went to sit on a fountain with a classmate of mine and a toddler came and started to curse my classmate. I told her to stop cursing. She didn't stop cursing but she dropped a black and red thread in the water and then she said : I can't leave, I need to find her. [/COLOR]
      Dream 2 (fragment) : [COLOR="#800080"]I was in my apartment. I told mom that I wanted to go swimming and she said that she also wants to go to the swimming pool. I searched for my swimsuit and I talked with mom about something I don't remember. [/COLOR]
    4. Quick Journal, LD#72 And a Personally Special Non-Lucid

      by , 11-19-2013 at 09:08 PM
      11/18/13 LD #72 Late morning quick wbtb led to an awareness dild where I floated around the room and structure(drew it un-artistically), found Girl Friday and had a great time between the sheets. Dream sign mantra seems to be yielding some results but this one had more to do with awareness that the location was not in the same condition as it is in waking life...basically it was in the middle of remodeling.
      11/19/13 What is really strange is that one of my dream signs that only comes around maybe once a month but is usually a lucidity inducer (my deceased father in law) has shown up the last 2 nights and went right over my head (I assume my mantra incubated him into my dreams)...yet last night it may have kept me going in a more meaningful dream that was really quite special to me personally...it was my wife as a 2 year old coming up to me and she was just so darn cute...I didn't know her that young but I assume the DC was created from pictures I have seen of her around that age...(I am not posting my other dreams, getting lazy to and besides I have them in my personal journal) The dream:
      Special one, false awakening into a fluffy bed with lots of comforters I can hear the train outside and I think that is strange this is not a place where I normally hear a train, it feels like its a house near (next town south) but perhaps it is the house on M. I get up and go to the living room and sit on the couch...later father-in-law gets up from bed I assume and comes and sits next to me as well as someone else gets up at the same time (feels like it is the strange version of my mother in law from the previous night's dream). He's telling me that he was seeing (this mother-in-law DC) or whoever doing something like a yoga pose where she's starts off on her back and legs up in the air and he's kind of wondering why does she do that, it seems like it has something to do with being able to lucid dream. A little kid walks by in the hall on the far side of the room, maybe about 2 years old and I hold my hands out and say come here about 3 times quickly and the kid comes towards me and surprisingly it looks like a young little (my wife's name)!! She is just so adorable. She has short hair and it just looks like her, like her pictures or like a really good representation of what my mind would think she would look when she was that age. She comes towards me but my father-in-law(her father) picks her up and it looks like she's fussing a little bit like she wants to come over to me and I say no its okay stay with (father-in-law) about 3 times as I rub her shoulder and arm in assurance. It feels like this was about to make me lucid as I woke up. As I'm laying in bed awake I think about how neat it is almost like traveling back in time to see her when she was young when she looked so darling. I also wondered if perhaps it was supposed to be our baby since I've been dreaming a lot about babies lately (no baby expected that I know of!).
    5. The first dream I remember- Abominable snow man

      by , 08-15-2013 at 12:22 PM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      The first dream I remember happened when I was about 4 years old. I will also mention that this is the only time I have ever dreamed of a real place in perfect replication. Other times I have ever dreamed of a real place there is always something different about it, like the way it looks or the layout.

      The dream started with me sitting on my bed looking up at the abominable snow man. He was HUGE, his head almost touched my ceiling. No words were exchanged between us but somehow I knew that he wanted to play hide and seek with me. I jumped up and began hiding in different places around the house, but he always found me, and when he did find me he would roar very loud and frightening, making me become scared and running off to the next hiding spot. The only places I remember what happened in detail was when I ran outside to our mailbox. I managed to squeeze inside it to hide, scared for my life by this point. He found me not long after and knocked the mailbox over causing me to jump out and run as fast as I could back into my room. I jumped under the bed making sure to keep quiet. Not much time passed before I herd him enter my room and saw his feet next to my bed. Everything got quiet until suddenly my bed was thrown off of me with a giant roar. I cowered, screaming my head off, when I finally woke up. I remember lying in bed looking around my room until I managed to convince myself that it was all just a dream.

      I think this dream is either responsible for my deep fear of the abominable snow man from Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, or was caused by that fear. Either way, that movie is involved. I have been afraid of that guy my whole life, and still am today, just not as much as I used to be when I was little. I used to run out of the room whenever he came on TV and I wouldn't come back until I knew that his scene was over. He is just, so incredibly creepy looking. I can stand to watch his scenes now but I by no means enjoy it.
    6. The Cabana Race

      by , 06-21-2013 at 10:30 PM

      Level of Lucidity: 3
      Level of Clarity: 6
      Level of Realism: 4
      (levels based 0-10, 0-5 being low - good 5-10 being great - extreme)

      The transition from being in the warehouse to being here was rather smooth thanks to a lucky and proper DEILD. I opened my eyes and looked around. There were all sorts of restaurants and businesses connected in a sort of "Little Italy" sort of feel. Narrow streets and small buildings. I walked into what seemed to be a large mexican restaurant, sort of cabana type place. There were no tables or chairs. I walked outside through the back into what seemed to be a normal American parking lot. My grandpa was standing there. I lost all lucidity by this point and had fallen into "Dream Viewing" mode. I asked my grandpa something, and he kinda smirked. We both got inside of a blue Toyota Highlander, and I started driving. He told me to pull into another parking lot so I did. He told me "go crazy." I asked him what he meant and he told me to start driving however I wanted. I noticed that the Highlander had changed to a white Toyota Camry, both of which are cars my grandparents own, so I didn't think too much of it. I floored it. The Camry started picking up speed as I approached a corner. I turned the wheel hard right, freeing the grip of the rear tires, then yanked the wheel to the left, to counteract the cars rotation. A successful drift. My grandpa smiled and said "Again."

      We did this for a bit until I noticed a small road that seemed to lead to a forest from the parking lot. I sped down it, but it suddenly was no longer drive-able, it turned into a small, narrow walking trail. I was forced to back out a ways, and then decided just to leave the Camry there and try to go find the highlander. I told my grandpa to stay in the car, and lock the doors. I looked back to what was the parking lot, and it was now the interior of that cabana. I saw the highlander parked over in the far left corner and started walking to it. I looked down for a second to make sure I didn't trip, and when I looked up, the highlander had turned into one of those little cars that babies sit on and scoot around on.

      I continued walking to it, and then sat on it and inserted the Highlanders key into it and cranked it up. It sounded and drove just like a normal car, but it was hard to sit on because it was so little. I picked it up and faced it towards the Camry parked near the entrance to the woods, and ran and jumped onto the little cars seat, flooring it. The car took off as fast as the Camry would, and the back end of the little car began to scrape onto the ground, but I let off the acceleration a bit and leaned forward and the car had all four wheels on the ground again.

      By the time I got to where the Camry was, the Highlander had appeared right in front of it (towards the cabana not the woods). My grandpa was in the passenger seat of the Highlander and nobody was in the Camry. I thought "Strange..." Then just as I was about to get in the driver seat of the Highlander, my grandpa was instantly in the driver seat. He seemed to have functionality of his legs, which in real life he does not, and began to drive the car slowly in reverse. I walked with the car, holding the door open with my left arm just in case he got his foot stuck and couldn't move it or something. After walking with him driving for a bit he told me to get the Camry and pull it around into the Cabana. So I did. After I got over there, he told me we were going to have a little race, and to get the cars lined up. I said okay and started walking over to the Camry... but again it was moved over by the entrance to the woods. I walked over and met a nice woman who was a bit large around the waist along the way to my car and told her what was going on. She smiled and looked seductively at me and said she'd like to race too. I said alright and told her to pull her car around. She said “Alright!”

      Once I got to the Camry and hopped in I decided I’d just race with my little toddler car, and drove over to the cabana with it. Once I got on the car the environment changed again and when I turned it around there was a small narrow bridge/walkway with a big block on top of it blocking most of the walkway that was moving from one end of the walkway to the other. I almost ran into the block but managed to go around it, and then found myself in the cabana once again. I had a look around and my grandpa was in his car at the front of the line and behind him there was a line of about 5 other people in their own car, as if there was about to be a full on race. I pulled up in my little toddler car and noticed that lady from before was standing next to a lowered truck that resembled a Nitto Offroad Racing Truck, and had wheels that extended beyond the body for enhanced handling.

      She began telling me about all the customizations she’s made to her truck and how it’s the best car in the fleet of racers. I asked if I could drive it and she seemed hesitant at first, but then I told her that it’s ok, I’m a professional drift car racer, and she agreed.

      Just as I got into the truck I awoke.

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    7. Sky Castle (Lucid)

      by , 03-28-2013 at 05:31 PM
      As I fall asleep, I meditate on my mantra and what awareness means.

      #1 - Many dream fragments and incomplete dreams. I hover on the edge of lucidity during many of them, but they aren't cohesive enough and I never attain lucidity.

      I wake up, and I'm very hot. I still have a fever. I peel off my socks and turn my thermostat down.
      I attempt WILD. As REM atonia sets in - much more swiftly than I was expecting - I hear a great deal of loud static and what sounds like a modem dialing. I come very close to entering a dream several times but fail - for whatever reason - and lapse into regular sleep.

      #2 - I have a dream about a castle that floats up in the sky. In my dream, I see a far-off view of the underside in a sunny sky full of puffy clouds. There is vegetation hanging from it. In the center of it there is something like a spire but instead of being like a castle it's like a skyscraper. I realize that this island is dominated by a small but elite group of people and everybody else on there toils for their benefit.

      Then, I'm on the castle. I'm running around trying to get to the central courtyard or something, I'm not sure. But the whole thing is ledges with no railing and bridges that don't go anywhere. In the back of my mind, I think, "I wonder if I jumped over the edge, if I would fly or if this dream would end?" I realize that - of course - I'm dreaming. I immediately lift off and fly past all of the ridiculous fake bridges.

      I land in an archway that leads to a hallway and begin to walk down it. I realize I'd like to visit the "home base", a location I've been trying to create. I see an archway that has heavy double wooden doors set into it with ornate handles, and I decide that I will use it as a doorway to get where I would like to go.

      I pull on the heavy handles, and the doors swing open. Inside is my base - or, at least, a room that has many of its key features. They have been heavily altered, however, or some things are just missing. Part of it, I think, was to fit the castle theme - rather than my comfortable lounge, it looks more like a castle kitchen. I also notice that the fire in my fireplace is out. I try to light it by snapping my fingers, but it doesn't work. Not a big deal, I decide - I can breathe fire (obviously). I'll just start the fire that way.

      I crouch down on the hearth (whose bricks are "wrong" but I decide it's nothing I can't fix with a little effort) and begin to breathe on the fire. There's nothing but air coming out of my mouth, at first. I focus on the sensation of the air passing through my lips and imagine that the blowing noise is getting louder. The air now has a yellow tinge, and the ash in the fireplace begins to stir. I focus on the yellow tinge in the air and it becomes brighter and glows more. Embers begin glowing in the fireplace. I blow on them harder, and they spread and bloom. The fire doesn't roar to life - it begins to slowly spread and grow like a real fire would.

      I decide I would like something to eat. I'm not able to summon anything directly, so instead I call to a servant (they are there but I don't turn to look at them) and telepathically tell them that I would like some food. I consciously opted for telepathy because I was getting the sensation that the lucid dream was getting "thin" and if I attempted to speak to them out loud I would do so in real life and wake myself up. It didn't matter either way, since once they walked away, the dream began to fade.
      I wake up.

      #3 - I dream about a group of high-schoolers, sort of Breakfast Bunchy, except they also have a little girl (a toddler) with them. Sometimes I'm one of them, and sometimes I'm just watching. They live in an apartment complex or condos or something and are wandering around outside in a storm. It's storming heavily but they don't seem to mind the rain, although they periodically lose the toddler and have to keep looking for her. They decide that they would like to go to the beach during this storm.

      One of them, a guy with blond hair, says he needs to take care of some business first. The others don't know it but he's actually an assassin and has been working as one since he was 16, and he needs to check his secret base for something. While they're waiting, he gets completely sidetracked. His love-interest goes looking for him and stumbles across his base. Inside is a TV screen with another guy on it (he is hideously ugly) who is a rival assassin who wants to kill the guy... he manages to press through the TV screen and emerge from it physically. The woman starts throwing pottery at him, but stops short at a set of antique vases because she doesn't want to bust them.

      The other high schoolers finally find the hideout. One of them is irritated because the storm is now nearly over. Blond assassin guy also finally shows up again. The whole scene ends up with all of the high schoolers in there, throwing pottery at the bad guy. Even the toddler.

      After he's defeated, the whole place is full of clothing racks and everybody begins trying on clothing. I'm watching but I'm also the love-interest girl and I am trying to fit into a sweater but the sleeves are too small to fit my hands through (I highly suspect I was trying to punch through my blanket at this point). He helps by unbuttoning the sleeves and helping me work my hands through them.

      I wake up. I'm still hot. I turn the thermostat down more.

      Continuation of the previous dream - I'm with blond assassin guy and we're driving a very long distance to his family's home in the countryside. I'm talking about getting a Master's degree and a school I would like to attend in France, but I'm worried about the cost of tuition. We arrive at the house and see that it is perched on the edge of a canyon. I run down the steep incline to see what's at the bottom. When I look up, the guy is gone.

      I don't know where he's went, but 2 people (hunters) are approaching me, and one of them has a ridiculous "hillbilly" accent. The girl (I've gone to 3rd person again) seems worried that they will try to ask her out and tells them that she can only interact with other people if she has won some clothing. They agree to help her win something.

      Clearly, the way to win a prize is to hunt a bear, and the way to hunt a bear is to bounce up and down in a giant net. The 2 hunters tie the net to some trees and use it to propel the girl up into the air, where she waves at and taunts the bear. This pisses the bear off to no end, so it charges at the net. The bear gets tangled up in the net and they vanquish it. Once defeated, the bear transforms into a small pile of First Aid kits. They rifle through the kits looking for clothing, but only find an inflatable bed and a bunch of nonsensical instruction booklets.

      #4 - I dream I live in an apartment complex but also a hospital. I live on the 6th or 7th floor, and all of floor 4 is designated for heart attack victims and full of nurses. The maintenance staff has deposited a bunch of bizarre looking furniture outside all of the apartment doors except mine. I'm irritated that I didn't receive any furniture so I run around stealing everybody else's.

      - Continue ADA and mindfulness on daily basis, as energy levels and attention span allow
      - Daily journal updates, in particular, also seem to help
      - I need to engage with my environment more

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    8. Not Quite Baby New Year

      by , 01-01-1973 at 04:59 PM
      Morning of January 1, 1973. Monday.

      This was more towards just after one or two a.m., I think. I do not believe that there is any symbolic meaning or “message” other than typical meandering post-hypnagogic associations (though in my experience linked to random impersonal remote viewing or even foreshadowing). These are often solely incidental visual associations (relative to morphing), neither metaphorical (other than for the dreaming process itself, such as a clock becoming a bomb to stand for the process of waking up) or symbolic. Although such dreams may have beautiful imagery, I have never found them to have any personal significance and they seem to be a sort of Tetris effect relating to what was seen on television or elsewhere the previous day or in some cases, collective consciousness regarding a particular holiday mood.

      A female toddler is standing and smoking an oversize cigarette in an undefined area (which I am not sure is indoors or outdoors though it seems more logically to be indoors, perhaps in a large hotel lobby). This act seems to make the immediate environment extraordinarily dirty with particulates of soot and even somehow causing small pieces of (mostly metallic) miscellaneous junk to fall or appear out of nowhere, such as very small broken springs, clock or wristwatch gears, and what may be broken parts of a toy plane and toy motorcycle. The toddler is also smudged with soot across her shoulders but happily puffs on the cigarette. The idea that smoking a cigarette will somehow cause tiny dirty springs and other tiny metal junk to fall from nowhere seems perfectly “normal” in-dream.

      From here, I look more closely and realize that I am not seeing what I thought I was (though in actuality, it had in fact transformed). It is not a toddler, but a realistic doll (probably with a wind-up mechanism to move its right arm up and down to its face) and rather than smoking a cigarette it is blowing a New Year’s party horn (the kind that spiral out with a very annoying mid-range-pitched trumpet-like noise). Instead of falling soot, it is sparkling confetti (though there is an ambiguous association with real snow) that seems to be produced and somehow recycled (as a continuous display) by a machine. Instead of junk and broken clocks and toys, it is small wrapped presents which then take on a Christmas-like feel (even though it is after Christmas). I contemplate if I am viewing a new feature of “The Hall of Presidents” (Walt Disney World Resort).

      This dream was related to a plane crash the prior Friday (which I had not really focused on), and a photograph which featured a “scarred doll lying in the mud” only seen after my dream, though this event may actually be coincidental as it lacks more personal detail and precision (for example, “automatic” association with Baby New Year, smoking, New Year party horn, etc.) "Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 was a Lockheed L-1011-1 Tristar jet that crashed into the Florida Everglades at 11:42 pm December 29, 1972, causing 101 fatalities.“ The question here is whether I was remote viewing the newspaper at one level or the actual scene (of the featured photograph)…OR…if it was visual (fractal-based) precognition relating to my individual path (and I had also physically been in that area in the recent past). Things like this are difficult if not impossible to attribute to just one unexplained mechanism (as most people try to do). (Even the extremely precise remote viewing of the Nancy comic strip on the morning of April 27, 1974 was discovered to have several additional unexplainable mechanisms at work - including a much older version of the same comic strip gag by the same artist - and validated associations I could not possibly have formed or linked consciously at any level.)