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    1. Cold Sore...?

      by , 04-27-2015 at 02:13 PM
      I was in the mountains with a bunch on people I know. AJ had a cold sore-like thing on her tongue, and I looked at a diagram of medical issues of the mouth, and jokingly said "it's the black plague". AJ laughed but mom didn't.
      Then, I wake up.
    2. 10-14-14 Auntie's nose

      by , 10-16-2014 at 06:23 PM
      My aunt had a dog nose and mouth, and she yawned widely and rolled her tongue around and showed her long teeth.
    3. 1/11/14 - tooth falling out

      by , 01-12-2014 at 12:44 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      Dream fragment: I'm laying in my bed, I'm messing with my teeth with my tongue. I feel one of my back teeth wiggle and it makes a click noise. I panic and run to the bathroom and look in the mirror. I put my hand in my mouth and tug at the tooth very gently, but it falls out, I take it out and look at it, it's completely translucent, but i see tan things in there. I panic and think that my retainers won't work anymore and my teeth will begin to migrate, but then when i tongue the spot it fell out from I feel a brand new tooth like a polished little mountain poking out and I feel relieved and that this is even better because the other one was see through and this one is bright white.
    4. Partial SP Freakout, and Solomon's Coffee Shop

      by , 09-23-2012 at 03:13 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      This first part wasn't a dream, but it scared the bejeezus out of me.

      I woke up and opened my eyes. I started trying to move, but I barely could; it was like an invisible resistance was in place against my arms and legs. I started to panic a little. I tried to scream for help, but barely a sound came out. I kept trying as hard as I could, but all I could get was a rasp. I almost started feeling like my breathing was messed up too.

      Then, it just went away. It was like I was experiencing partial SP. I can't say that's ever happened to me before; it was terrifying.


      I was at the coffee shop I used to work at to ask my old manager for my job back. Only it was very different in there, now that it was under new ownership; it was in a different location, and it was more like a restaurant than a coffee shop. It was kind of dark in there; everything seemed to made out of a dark brown wood. I specifically remember an old couple sitting at a bench by the counter, waiting to be seated.

      I kept seeing my old manager running around, and she saw me there as well, but she was so busy, it was hard for her to talk to me. There were a lot of new employees there, people I had never seen before when I did work there. For some reason, I went in the back and put on some work clothes: Black straight-legged pants, a black shirt, and a green apron. It looked like a Starbucks uniform, but the coffee shop wasn't a Starbucks. I saw myself in a mirror with it on. I then thought better of just jumping into work, and left the back room.

      I finally caught my manager as she was leaving. We were in the parking lot. She was walking fast and quite a ways in front of me. I asked her
      "So, I doubt you can get me my job back, can you?"
      She stopped for a second, turned around, and replied
      "No. I'm not in charge anymore."
      I guess the new owners didn't want her doing the hiring anymore for some reason.

      After that, I wanted to go home, then I "remembered" that our house had been sold (we are trying to get it ready to sell IWL) to a couple of guys. I pictured the inside of the house being emptied of our things and replaced with barely any furniture or anything at all. It was kind of sad, since I grew up in this house.

      Then, I was back inside the coffee shop, sitting down at a table with my laptop. Everything looked lighter now; even the wood wasn't as darkly colored. I looked up from my computer and to my left, and there was a cute guy staring at me. He had the build of my friend Daniel, and had dark brown curly hair. He had some scruff, but no real facial hair. He was smiling a little as he stared. I smiled back at him, feeling a little flirty.

      Apparently, he was one of the new owners of the shop. His name was Solomon, and the shop had been renamed "Solomon's". His wife, Annie, was the other owner. I wondered if it was really Solomon, since he was married and kept giving me flirty smiles. Hmm...

      I then learned that he was a huge flirt and a womanizer; he slept with lots of women who came into the coffee shop. For some reason, that didn't really bother me.

      I was then approached by Solomon. He asked if he could kiss my neck. I said sure. He then went in to kiss my lips, and I realized I had terrible morning breath for some reason. I could taste it in my mouth, which also felt pretty dry. He then stuck his tongue in my mouth. When he pulled away, he said something about my mouth, like, he asked me if I had done something specific, and if that was why my breath was so funky; I can't remember exactly what it was that he asked if I had done. I said yes. He then kissed my neck. All in all, the breath thing didn't seem to bother him too much.

      Then, I saw him standing up by the bathroom with another guy, talking. I knew he was going to try to get a woman to come sleep with him in the bathroom. I wanted him to pick me for some reason. I want to say he somehow messaged me about it or something.

      I also remember him being seated again, and giving me another flirty little smile, and me returning it. I felt really good about myself then, like I was desirable. It made me feel confident.

      I know, at some point, I wondered about his wife, and if she knew about what he was doing.

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    5. Lulullu (between July 29 2011 and July 30 2011)

      by , 10-29-2011 at 12:40 AM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I'm in my room on the 5th floor. The room has a light blue light.

      I am at the entrance of the room looking. To my right I have my bed, and to my left thereīs a sofa, the sofa is like a kind of bed.
      There lays three or four people, including A.

      The other person is a woman who does not have more than 18 years old. It has medium brown skin and long black hair.

      She has a nice body.

      I start flirting with her and A laughs in approval.

      I read a book that appears next to me, and on the book thereīs the word "Lulullu" and I know that this is her name.
      I begin to kiss her and I touch her lips with the tip of my tongue, she loves that and gives me a french kiss...

      Suddenly she takes the blanket off her and decides to come to bed. A smiles and leaves the room.

      Lulullu is in bed with me, sheīs reading a purple paper, and she tells me in russian: "We may as well stay here until 2 in the morning doing nothing, or we can see the effects of an explosive sexual penetration ..." and he laughs mischievously for me.
    6. Feb 18, 2011 - Worms

      by , 02-22-2011 at 03:42 AM
      I was in a suburban home that I have never seen before however I know it is my home. I am in my room which is painted blue (like my bedroom at my parentís house). There is a red bird, a cardinal, flying around my room. I realize that I have never taken care of a bird before and I need to find it food. I know that it has recently rained and so I decide to go looking for worms. I zip line from the house over top this suburban area. I now somewhat recognize where I am. It is a grassy area just outside of a housing project near Trim road in my hometown.

      I land from the zip line into this grassy area. I get down on my knees to search for worms. It is a cloudy day as if it has just rained. The ground is moist but I donít remember my knees getting wet. I see a few worms on the ground to I start to pick them up to put them in a tiny glass jar that I suddenly have in my hand. I pick two up without a problem and put them in the jar. Iím trying to pick up a third but it keeps slipping out of my fingers. My vision starts to blur and I get frustrated.

      I wake up and slap my boyfriend.

      When we woke up the next morning we spent some time in bed talking. I apologized to him because I thought I slapped him across the face. He tells me that I only slapped his ribs. He then tells me that he woke me up because I had pried my fingers into his mouth and it seemed like I was trying to grab his tongue.

      This is hilarious! I feel bad for him because itís not the first time Iíve hit him while dreaming but trying to grab his tongue was a first. Also why would I try to find worms instead of going to a pet store and getting bird food?
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