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    1. Sunday, March 3

      by , 03-12-2019 at 03:16 AM
      I am in Discology with Makayla and Zack Dussaq from Rocksport. Makayla seems like a younger version of herself. Discology looks different - more of a square room with boxes of records along the walls and on tables. The place just seems antiquated, even for a record shop. I am looking through a box in a corner (the spot, in the dream, where I always look?). I see 10,000 Days, which is in a box. The box is a dusty brown color that looks faded, by design Im pretty sure. It may be slightly textured with pebbling, and it i very plain in a way that almost suggests a lot about what is within. I gently lift the top off and start inspecting the records - there is a small stack inside. They look brand new, marred by only a thin layer of dust. There seems to be only a track or two per side, the actual groove area taking up maybe a of the side. I notice some pretty distinct run out etchings, causing me to wonder if this is a bootleg or official release, etc. I have another new looking record, which I decide to get. Zack has gone upstairs to pee, but hes been a very long time, which Makayla and I are laughing about. I now hear him getting ready to come back down and can just imagine his self consciousness. We make our way over to David to pay, and I find on a table a little stone turtle with a shark tooth inlaid in its belly. I think itd be perfect for Mom, so I take it too, observing each side a few times. The tooth takes up the whole belly, is flat, and may actually be stone also. I think the record is $15, which seems high or higher than Im used to. I think about how I always end up finding something in that spot. This causes me to realize I didnt look anywhere else, but Im okay with that
    2. The Discount Doctor

      by , 06-22-2013 at 04:54 PM

      Level of Lucidity: 1
      Level of Clarity: 7
      Level of Realism: 2
      (levels based 0-10, 0-5 being low - good 5-10 being great - extreme)

      I was standing in what looked like a barber shop. I looked around and there was another guy in the shop too. He was wearing a white lab coat. I looked to my right and there was a girl laying on a small hospital style bed, and she seemed as if she had just been released from a hospital. Her parents were standing next to her and they were just about to leave. I realized that this place was like an "Under-Ground hospital". Kind of a "Discount Hospital" for people who can't afford to go to the real hospital, and apparently I was an employee there. Suddenly a man rushed through the door and was hollering about how I need to help his daughter right now! I of course only know basic medical stuff from medical reading guides online regarding stitching, CPR, numbing parts of the body after serious injury or dismembered limbs, etc etc.

      The man who owned the shop looked at me and said "Fix her up." I nodded and cleared off the table and told the guy to lay her down there. I went into the back and started gathering some things. I grabbed a small bag of basic "Doctor Tools" such as the light you shine into the eye, and such. I brought them out and set them on the ground next to the girl, and quickly walked back through the door. There was a curtain on the door and I walked through it, and got tangled up in the extra long curtain. I struggled with it for a minute and then finally got free. I knew that I knew this place, but I wasn't sure where anything was. I looked down behind the curtain and there was a table with all sorts of toolbelts that doctors would use and other medicines and stuff. I was looking for a stethoscope in specific so that I could start off getting her blood pressure.

      I realized I didn't have a watch and started looking for one of those. I couldn't find one and realized I was starting to make me and the shop look like a very unprofessional place. I went back to where the others were and sat by them. I put the stethoscope ear plugs up to my ears, and had started removing the girls jacket and shirt. I put the end of the stethoscope to the girls chest. I started taking her heart beat per minute. I didn't have a watch but somehow I just knew. (Dream logic. Ftw.)

      I tossed the stethoscope aside and looked at the girls arm, where there was obviously a major issue. There was a giant hole in the girls arm and it was extremely cut and there was blood coming out of it and it needed it be stitched ASAP. I quickly grabbed a needle that was pre-loaded with a numbing medicine. I injected it into the girls arm and then found the stitches and stitching material. I was about to stitch the girls arm up and then decided to take pictures of the girl arm first in case anything went wrong and we had to take her to the real ER. I grabbed the medical tool belt I picked up earlier and shuffled through it trying to find a camera. There was a futuristic sort of screen with a small camera lens on the front. I grabbed it and started taking pictures of the girls wounds. She was clearly in severe pain.

      After I took pictures of the girls wounds I looked at the dad who seemed to be a well-off man. I questioned to myself "Why would he be coming here instead of just taking her to a real ER?"

      I looked to the dad and told him "I've done just the basics and she should hold out for a bit, but that she needs to get to a trained staff where they have several surgeons and she needs to get the proper medical treatment."

      The dad nodded and sighed reluctantly and then picked the girl up in his arms and started walking out the door. I noticed she had a mother with her too which hadn't been there before. I then awoke.

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