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    1. #205: China

      by , 09-06-2016 at 03:13 AM
      I'm in the lobby of a fancy building. I'm together with a woman and her 7 year old son. All I remember is that her son has an Arabic name. Not much later the son is gone and it's just us and some other people. There's a turnstile to enter a certain area of the building and there's an entry fee to be paid.. or actually more like an exit fee. Just like when parking your car. We're here to pick something up or to talk to someone, so I feel like it's unnecessary for both of us to go in and pay the fee. Eventually I go in. There were 2 guys at the turnstiles, one of them some kind of enabler / smooth talker.

      I walk into the 'restricted' area, which is a big Chinese themed establishment, mostly coloured red. I walk around a bit with the smooth talker with me. The woman I was with is nowhere to be seen. The guy thinks I'm here to buy drugs, which I'm not. I forgot my real purpose, but I do tell the guy that I'm not here for drugs. The guy finds it implausible. Eventually I bring my face close to the guy's face to let him know that I'm not looking for drugs, but if he's got stuff, I'm interested to know what he's got. Hopefully he doesn't think I'm a cop. I remember at this point that I had one ring on each hand, two different ones. I walk and see a group of guys and 1 girl from my elementary / high school. I'm quite surprised. Here, in China? These are the people whom you'd expect to amount to nothing, so it's surprising to meet them on the other side of the world. The smooth talker greets them, I kinda awkwardly wave from a distance.

      I continue walking around. I remember the left front tooth on the bottom being slightly loose. I push it back in, but do so a bit too far, pushing it further down than the other. I eventually manage to get them on the same level. I came here for nothing and now my tooth is messed up as well, because I came here. There are some seats which look like airplane seats. I'm holding a blanket which I intent to throw on the seats, but instead just drop on the ground. In the mean time the smooth talker is telling me about how impressive this place is and that it's all a facade for illegitimate business established by his boss, whose name I've forgotten. Even my 'friends' are part of the 'make it look legit'. I walk over to a table and sit down. Meanwhile a man picks up the blanket I've thrown down. I take out my laptop. My background image has the same checkered grey pattern as one of my boxershorts, including the buttons. I ask the man where my girlfriend is. The woman is not actually my girlfriend, but I feel it's easier to state it that way. A sliding door opens, showing a hidden room. The boss, who is some slick dude, is in the room with the woman (who has now changed appearances) and another girl. They're on a bed. Nothing is happening yet, but the woman I was with does look sorta busted. I know the other girl is someone's girlfriend. The guy is holding a big, black smartphone and it seems to be opened on a Whatsapp conversation. He gives "my" girl his phone, I suppose for her to insert her number. They end up making out. Throughout the whole ordeal she looks at my once or twice with a look that tells me she feels sorry for me / guilty, but hey, irresistible rich guy. I keep a straight face throughout.
      Tags: china, laptop, tooth
    2. #162: Lucid vacuum / Open Window / Tipsy

      by , 06-22-2016 at 02:28 AM
      Bed: 23.00
      Wake up: ~07.40 (and several times in the night and morning)
      Now: 07.55

      Lucid vacuum
      I had a lucid that was very similar to my previous one. I remember absolutely nothing about the context. As far as I can recall, I'm in a white vacuum. I push my fingers through my hand to verify that I'm dreaming and it succeeds. There's a tingling sensation. Next I want to stabilise the dream, but I have my eyes closed. There are no details whatsoever to ground myself in. I try to rotate, to get some sensation going. I think I also try to open my eyes. With both of those moves I wonder how this is currently affecting my real body in bed. I wonder if I'm now raising my arm or something like that and whether if I try to open my eyes in the dream, I will open them in reality and wake up.

      Open window
      I'm going to the toilet/shower, which turns out to be quite disgusting. I decide I don't want to shower right now. I'll wait until the other shower is free. I walk back to my room. It's an attic room it seems. There's a window open that's near to the ground. If you fall out, which is very possible, you drop perhaps 10 metres down, into the neighbour's garden. There's some stuff dangerously close to the edge. My Mac, my girlfriend's Mac and some papers and I think her sweater. I start moving stuff away from the edge. Suddenly, it all just starts moving towards the edge. Fuck fuck fuck. I start pushing everything back with my foot, while simultaneously trying to not fall out myself. There's too much stuff, I can't handle it. I shout for help. My voice is quite hoarse. I think a guy comes to help me in the end.

      I enter a cafe that's under construction, at least the terrace outside seems to be. There are 6 tables. At the far end I spot either the singer Ras Muhamad, my friend Tim T. or my dreadlock guy. I think it alternates a bit who's sitting there. I walk up the stairs instead, going to the 1st floor terrace. It's a bit awkward, cause I'm not sure whether I should acknowledge my friend. In the end, I decide to wait halfway up the winding stairs to see if he follows. I start seeing his feet, so I go up to grab what is supposed to be my beer and come down again. Probably not wise to drink beer out in the open during Ramadhan. It's in a Cola glass though. Plus.. this is not beer I guess. What is it? It has alcohol in it for sure. Just after standing on the ground, so after stepping off the stairs, I wobble a bit. I can feel that I'm tipsy. We sit down at another table that's occupied by a white Dutch guy and someone else. He says he remembers me from somewhere. Yeah.. we met yesterday evening, that's why.

      Ľ I'm at what seems to be the Indonesian embassy with my aunt. She wants to go to Indonesia. I've already gotten my visa arranged. I tell her a bit about how it works. Then I ask her what she wants to do in Indonesia. She tells me that she wants to go snorkelling or diving. I react surprised. Her? Anyways, if she intends to stay for just one month or less she doesn't even need a visa.

      Ľ I'm at a food vendor's stall. He's pouring some soup into a bowl for me. He asks me whether I want bakso or tahu. I think about it for a while and then answer with bakso. I consider it a weird question.

      Ľ I met up with my friend Sat. Later on I'm driving a motor and it is just so incredibly slow. Then I realise that Sat and I switched bikes. Damnit. He must be enjoying himself right now. I want to switch asap.

      Ľ At first I'm with a number of people. Eventually I'm just with the little sister (~20) of a friend of mine [he doesn't have a little sister]. We take either an angkot or a taxi to wherever it is we're going. She tries to make a move on me, first being subtle and eventually placing her hand on my crotch. I refuse to give in the whole time, as she is my friend's little sister. She's making it difficult for me to resist once she places her hand on my crotch though.

      Ľ I'm with a group of friends and we decide to go bowling. We're at the bowling alley and one of us has a coupon card that will allow us to play for free. That person tries to scan it, but the card is refused. Apparently it won't work because it's already past 21:00. I see a black analogue clock somewhere, indicating the same. The card is valid for 2 hours, so there's not enough time for us to use all the credit. I consider whether it would work if we would split the credit over 2 lanes, considering that we're with a group of 10 orso people.

      Ľ I just went to the dentist, who in reality was my physical therapist. When I look into the mirror, I see that he has placed a humongous thing on one of my upper front teeth. What the hell. After a while it comes off and I go back to ask him about it. Apparently it was supposed to stick for 9,5 hours. Well.. that didn't happen. In the mean time a black woman is arguing in the office with.. the white, female assistant? It's about the expenses of her son's upcoming treatment, which she can't afford. It's turned into a shouting match.

      Ľ I'm walking on the street and meet a girl I went out with twice, several years ago. She's the centre of attention of 3 or so guys and she is willingly handing out her number. I make a comment about her being easy about it. Eventually we talk a short bit, and we decide we need to exchange numbers. She still has mine. Perfect.
    3. #161: Waterfail / Gossip

      by , 06-20-2016 at 12:44 AM
      Bed: 23.00
      Wake up: 06.30
      Now: 06.35

      I'm having a dream within a dream. In the second layer I start fidgeting with my tooth which is in the upper right section of my mouth. Eventually it comes out, leaving a new tooth which has just pierced the gum to develop. I immediately realise what this means. I start moving my hands to perform an RC, but I know it's not even necessary. Yup, dreaming. After maximum 2 seconds of indecisiveness, I attempt to complete my waterball challenge with werty52. It's a total bust. I have my eyes closed and get thrown out of the dream in mere seconds. I have a FA, without realising it.

      I'm in a shop or something. There's multiple lines. My ex girlfriend is already standing in a line, at the very end, with a black guy close to her. I approach her from behind and rest my hand on her stomach. It seems as if we're still together. The guy starts talking to me about another black guy a few metres to our left. He asks me if I heard the guy. He asks me so in Dutch or in English. I reply that I heard him, in Surinam. I figure I don't want to be overheard by the guy who we're going to talk about, though odds are he also speaks Surinam. I also realise quickly that I've put myself in a bind. My Surinam is not that great, so I hope the guy won't make it difficult. Luckily he switches over to English pretty fast. He says something about it being impolite, but he's talking about it being impolite for the other guy to talk Indonesian..? Meanwhile the line is moving and my ex is asking me what we're talking about. I decide on telling her shortly after, though that moment doesn't come.
    4. #155: Tooth / Touch / Wolfish porn? / Sleepy head / Going crazy

      by , 06-09-2016 at 09:27 AM
      Bed time: ~23.00
      Wake up: ~07.00
      Now: 07.25

      I was awake for an hour from 04:00 to 05:00. Itís Ramadan right now and the mosque nearby likes to remind everyone in the vicinity of that through praying loudly through a speaker.

      Iím standing next to a building, which may have been an apartment complex. One of my teeth (right side, upper row) is annoying me. I fidget a bit with it, because it just doesnít feel good. Itís very loose and even though Iím trying to push it back, Iím afraid it will fall out soon. Suddenly it hits me that this is an issue I only have in dreams. I try to push my fingers through my palm. No success. I loose the idea of a dream for a moment. Iím not sure if I woke up for a few seconds. A few moments later I ask myself why I didnít try multiple RCs when the first one failed. I try the same RC again, confident that this is a dream, despite it failing the first time. It works. Immediately I start levitating. I try to remain calm and keep looking at my hands. One of my hands is sort of wavy. I try to bend the fingers that are in my palm upwards and backwards. I get quite far. Meanwhile Iím levitating a few metres above the ground, not necessarily against my will, but also not because I wanted it. After just a few moments the dream starts to fade. I try to remain in it. I canít rotate like this. I try to focus on my hands. I also shout stabilise (or a similar command). Itís slowly turning dark before my eyes. One of the last things I do is raise my arms. I can feel the sensation of doing so. I wonder what my real body is doing in bed.

      Iím at what is supposed to be the city hall of the city my mom lives in. Itís the old building, which has been abandoned and been overgrown by plants. Iím interested in going through this abandoned building. I approach it, trying to squeeze myself in between the roots of the plants and what not. I scratch myself on some thorns. It hurts.

      Nothing about that building resembled reality. Also, I donít experience a sense of touch very often in dreams.

      Written the following dreams after a few hours, because I didnít have enough time in the morning to write it all down, meaning Iím missing some details.

      Wolfish porn?
      I have my laptop with me I think. I am in the mood for some porn. At first I consider that I donít watch porn, but I think I give in. It turns weird real quick. Next thing I remember is that I am seeing something happening in front of me. There are 3 people. One girl, one guy and the otherÖ I think is also a guy. The guys turn into part wolf part man beings. Iím not sure what happened after that (also not sure if I want to know).

      Sleepy head
      Iím at the train station. Thereís a sprinter train [common type of train in the Netherlands]. Iím waiting for people to get out, so that I can get in. The door is not where it is supposed to be. It is located at the short end of the train. There are some particularly rude people who squeeze their way into the train before everyone has exited. At one point, even a white female staff member does the same, blocking off her colleague who is trying to exit. I finally get into the train. There is something going on, some obstruction I guess, so the train turns into the bus and we hit the road. I fall asleep and when I wake up, weíve gone past the stop where I wanted to get out, which is my momís city. I consider asking the bus driver to stop, but I know that heíll stop at the next stop instead.

      Going crazy
      Iím riding a motor, with my girlfriend on the back. We have to stop somewhere for a police check or something. The person behind the counter is asking me to pay Rp. 3.000. Itís not a lot of money at all, but I am frustrated by the corruption and refuse to do so. Next thing, weíre having lunch at the same place. The owner, a guy, offers us something thatís not on the menu. It turns out to be insanely expensive and I go crazy over it. Somewhere in between him bringing the lunch and me figuring out how crazy expensive it is, there are dogs trying to eat our food.
    5. #150: Dental fuckups / Seduced

      by , 05-26-2016 at 04:39 AM
      Dental fuckups
      I'm somewhere inside, though I don't remember where exactly. The interns from my physical therapist are there. They are acting as my dentists. They've decided to solve an issue by sawing through several parts of my gum areas in a horizontal way, so that parts of my teeth can be moved a bit. I don't like it for one bit, but it's happening. I don't remember the pain. I do remember that after the fact, it didn't feel comfortable at all. I ended up being able to just remove sections of my teeth and gum out of my mouth. It feels as if I'm wearing dentures. The sense of touch is strong in this dream. In the end they want to do some more stuff to me, but I refuse. I get angry instead and tell them that they have no clue what they are doing and that I wasn't experiencing any problems until they came along. I walk away, feeling some satisfaction from having said no.

      I'm in a room. My friend Mo enters it and asks me a question that I can't recall too well. It's something about wanting to know how she looks because she is planning on seducing someone. She takes off her shirt, showing me that she has written something on her body. There are 3 texts made up of a couple of words. I don't remember what was written on her body. I start to realise that the person she is trying to seduce is me. I let it happen. At one point I'm holding a breast with my left hand and I think, though I'm not sure, one with my right hand. At the same time I have what seems like a nipple in my mouth. I remember thinking of this as odd. Three breasts? I don't stop to think about it.
      Tags: friend, tooth
    6. #135: Tooth

      by , 04-28-2016 at 09:50 PM
      The details are very blurry. I remember very clearly though that a tooth was bothering me. It was on the upper right side. I started fickling with it with my tongue and perhaps also with my finger(s). Eventually it dropped out of my mouth. I immediately realise that this never happens in real life, but does in my dreams every once in a while. I must be dreaming. I immediately try to push my fingers through the palm of my other hand. They don't go through. Hmm.. Perhaps I'm not dreaming then. I continue the dream, not realising it is one. It hurt a bit and made me think about my recent wisdom tooth extraction. I had some concerns over this tooth though, because it wasn't really supposed to fall out.

      At some point I am at what appears to be in a dentist's office. The walls are all white. There's a 'blood meter' somewhere, measuring how much blood people lose, I think while having their tooth extracted. Creepy.

      I also was talking about my thesis. One conversation was with my real life supervisor, another was with a lecturer from my bachelor, who in the dream is my second supervisor. They disagree about what I should do. Great. Caught in the middle.

      There was more, but I can't recall it.
      Tags: tooth, university
    7. Tooth and Blood

      by , 04-10-2016 at 10:10 AM
      Morning of April 10, 2016. Sunday.

      In my dream, I am in an unfamiliar building which seems to be in Japan, or at least I am aware that the building is Japanese. (I have only been in Japan for a short time for one day in my life in reality in my move to Australia.)

      After a time, a tooth on the upper right (which I do not even have in reality - which is ironic) feels slightly loose. I move it with my tongue. I end up pulling it out with my fingers even though it is not that loose.

      After this, I am aware of my mouth bleeding from the area I pulled the tooth out. I go to the sink (which is illogically in the unfamiliar bedroom I am in, on the opposite side of the room from a large window) and keep spitting out thicker blood. After about five or six times, I start to wonder how much more blood I can lose (it seems like a lot) before I start to feel differently or even pass out. No one else seems to be around at that point. It slowly dawns on me that I am dreaming, which I find somewhat amusing in that my dream self fell for the losing teeth scenario yet again (though it was more common when I was younger).

      Other than when it is relevant to an actual real-life focus (such as recently having a tooth pulled or having an actual toothache), I sincerely believe that dreams of losing teeth have no ďinterpretationĒ at all as it seems a common waking transition component, which in actual cause, is simply the dissolution of the dream and the cessation of the dream self (since using oneís mouth is a main way of acknowledging oneís consciousness and wakefulness to others and the unconscious self cannot speak - so the dream renders a focus on the fictional dream bodyís mouth as losing teeth - pretty simple), just as falling, rising into the air, or suddenly tripping, or even seeing something falling from the sky is (of which also typically have no ďinterpretationĒ and are simply a natural form of the waking transition). Still, I think this bleeding may relate to acknowledgement of the energies of my internal dawning consciousness and physical form in a similar way that tripping over in hypnopompia is acknowledging the dream setting does not physically exist during the waking transition. The color red also dominates a dream when I have been asleep a bit too long.

      I will note however, that when I was younger, most such dreams proved to be precognitive of which teeth I would actually be losing in a specific order. The only way to explain this would have to relate to some sort of foreshadowing regarding body awareness that is presently not understood (which of course does not explain all the other types of more detailed literal and visual prescience). This one is the reverse though. That is, it is the literal memory of already having lost the tooth, though assigned to a common hypnopompic distortion.

      Tags: blood, sink, tooth, water
    8. #56 - Choose a dream/Fish & Chips/freaky WILD event

      by , 11-18-2014 at 10:40 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream 1 - Choose a dream (3:09am)
      Vaguely remember this dream, something about choosing which dream I wanted to go into next, there were sheep involved and I think someone I knew was playing a guitar and the started playing a song that I've been learning, but they were showing off about it or something.

      Dream 2 - Fish & Chips
      I'm walking through my hometown at night, I'm in the parking lot and I see my friend D. He seems to have a job at the local fish and chips shop, he offers to make me a meal but it wasn't fish and chips, it was like some crazy dessert pavlova-look-a-like that was super extravagant and exotic.

      Dream 3 - WILD (closest thing I've had to a WILD success)
      I'm trying to go through my SSILD cycles, I start to notice a WILD transition come on (vibrations and hypnogogia). I try not to focus on them too much like I did the other two times this is happened to me (which I screwed up >_<) and nearly lost it at one point. But then I realized I could egg the vibrations to intensify by using my jaw, tensing it or something. The vibrations intensify to an extreme level, my jaw is buzzing and grinding and vibrating so much the I feel like my tooth is about to break. I make it to the dream, but as I do this my tooth shatters.
      I think "Oh ****, my tooth!" My first instinct was to wake up, so I do this and hop out of bed, I spit the tooth into my hand, I can feel the missing slot in my mouth where my tooth was... I stare at the tooth in my hand in disbelief...
      I wake up. I had been in a false awakening
    9. Biceps curls, tooth

      by , 05-08-2013 at 05:02 PM
      Date: 8 May

      Total sleep time: 8 hrs

      Recall method: key words only

      Pre bed: Q10, probiotics, valerian

      WBTB: set for later than yesterday but I was feeling very sleepy so decided to skip

      Fragment1: I am doing biceps curls, it feels great. I look at myself from a distance and see well-shaped arms. I keep on doing the curls, I wake up.

      Fragment2: Grandma tells me my aunt is now unemployed

      Fragment3: A former classmate

      Fragment4: I am making matcha tea

      Dream5: My tooth has fallen out and I am talking to the dentist's assistant. I am holding pieces of my tooth in the hand and they form a whole tooth. I have the desire to put it back in my mouth. I want to book an appointment but she tells me it is not necessary. I just should not take B-complex for my tooth, and instead use some kind of liquid to gargle. (That could have made a good Tooth of month bonus task, but if it was up to me I wouldn't do it again!)

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