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    1. 18 September - The longest lucid so far

      by , 09-19-2021 at 11:01 PM
      comment lucid dream

      A considerably shortened version, it was 20-30 minutes dream

      A very nice non-lucid in the 4th cycle, very light and mostly conscious sleep afterward. After an hour, I feel the 5th REM trying to start (vibrations starting and dissipating), but my mind is a bit too awake. I cuddle up with R. A minute later, vibrations again, and I finally relax into them.

      The beginning
      I see grey blurry spots and R is holding me tightly from behind (IRL we are in a spoons position, with his arm over me). I can barely move. Am I dreaming already? I don't want to risk moving in reality or opening my real eyes, so I close my dream eyes for a moment. But then it feels pretty stable, so I try to free myself. R holds me tighter and won't let go. I have to wrestle with him, and gradually the visuals come in, grey and blurry at first, then clearer and sharper. I throw him to the ground. He's lying under the table, all I can see of him are his legs. I want to unsummon him with a snap of my fingers, but I can't snap, so I just leave the room and forget about him.

      In the hallway, wondering what to do next. I don't expect anything from the dream, I have an unstable sleep in the morning as it is, and if R moves in reality, he'll wake me up.
      TOTY comes to mind first, I don't expect to finish it, but why not try.
      I walk into a larger room where a lot of old people are sitting at tables.
      I call out, "Hey Dream! Superhero time!"
      "Who can tell me what superhero I am?" I ask.
      Two old men raise their hands. I point to one of them. He says something to me, but I don't understand. I lean over to him to repeat it, but I still don't understand. I call out the other. He says something that is more of a feature than a name.
      "It's about the name. I am a superhero. Do you know my name?"
      His eyes light up, he understands, he nods. He doesn't look old anymore, more middle-aged.
      He says four French words.
      Oh. Okay. "Could you repeat it?"
      He repeats it slowly, and I say it after him. Word by word, sometimes he corrects me. We spend about a minute on it. Then I repeat the whole thing. He nods.
      Nice. I start to ask about my powers but realize that's the second task. I ask about the costume and get the answer that it's in a cupboard there.
      The entire wall behind the tables is made up of cabinets with doors, drawers, and compartments. I open a few and find random things, but nothing like a costume.
      I walk out of the room, down a wide corridor, and there I see a toy store. That looks good. And I see a costume rack!
      First on the rack is a burgundy dress with ruffles. Nice, fantasy, but not exactly superhero style. The second is a child's spiderman costume, that's closer, but it's not quite my size.
      The customer who was talking with the saleswoman leaves, and I ask her:
      "I am a superhero. Do you have a costume for me?"
      She nods and hands me a toy wrapped in clear plastic. It's a bee, with a black and blue striped body and red details.
      I'm confused. "Do you want me to use the colours? To have something made in these colours?" She nods.
      Behind her stands a man, thin, stern-looking. He says something like I know there's a message there.
      I walk out of the shop. I unwrap and take apart the toy, nothing.
      But okay. Good enough. I continue out of the building, repeating the French name to myself. I should wake up and write it down, but no... I don't want to... I'll probably wake up soon anyway.

      On my way out
      I walk down the wide staircase, repeating my name to myself. I look around and suddenly I'm confused - where am I? Am I awake? Or still in a dream?
      I do a nose plug RC and it fails. WTF. This again? (It failed for me for the first time 8 days ago.) I look at my hand and I have a sixth finger. That's better.

      After training in a few previous shorter dreams, I'm getting much better at the swimming technique of flying. I take off, below me is a nice park built into a slope, further ahead are some fish ponds and behind me is a city.
      I'm practicing faster flying (I'm still not good at that) and flying upwards, at altitude (slowly, but steadily). For a while, I just float on my back and fool around. Some people in sport suits run by, there's an air-running race going on. Then I try to spin and create a tornado, but I can't get enough speed.

      Underwater exploring
      I remember the goal of underwater exploring and fly into one of the ponds. It's deep enough to put me underwater. But it's extremely muddy, I can barely see anything. There are frogs croaking around. I try to breathe, and I have to remind myself that in a dream, you can breathe underwater. I can, but it's uncomfortable, a bit like inhaling mud. I have to keep reminding myself that it's possible. I don't like it in there, so I fly out. Better to try this in the sea, which has better associations. I sense the sea beyond the city, so I head there.

      Chatting with KD and Vikings
      I end up on some street with street food stands.
      I try to recall the superhero name. Was it Jamon (with ch/[x] sound)? No, that’s ham in Spanish. It was French J. I vaguely remember the rest of the words too but I am not really sure.
      My friend KD is there.
      "Don't you mind that you sleep and dream too much?"He asks.
      "I'm dreaming right now," I reply.
      He voices some more criticism of my supposedly unhealthy lifestyle, but I shrug.
      "Don't you think you've been here too long?"
      For a moment I feel time dilation like I've been here for hours, but my rational self is quickly back and I estimate the time so far at 20-30 minutes.
      There is now a wooden table next to me with a bunch of Vikings drinking beer.
      KD continues, "What about your body, how do you know you're ok, what if you're in a coma?"
      The Vikings are more interesting.
      One of the Vikings is trying to rip a piece of wood from a bench to use as a wooden sword to fight me. I don't know if I want to fight. He has long dark hair and a Viking haircut. I kiss him on the mouth.
      "Is this what you want?" He asks, a little surprised.
      He gets up and walks around the table away, I go with him.

      And I finally wake up.
      Not remembering the name at all.

      Total time IRL between cuddling up with R and waking up - 30 minutes.
    2. [Lucid Dream] Another Day Another ToTM and ToTY

      by , 10-03-2018 at 07:55 PM (The Lost Sanctuary)

      November ToTM (Task of the Month) and Jack the Giant Killer ToTY 2018 (Task of the Year) Combined

      ~ Dream #1 ~
      100% Lucidity

      Approximate Real Life Time: Around 10 minutes
      Approximate Dream Time: About one hour

      Dream: A chilled, steel blade felt cold on my back. I had no scabbard to hold the sword, so it was strapped to a belt on my back. I felt the ice cold around me, cold enough to feel warm. The moonlight was glowing, and the stars shining. A clear night with a few small clouds in between. The place smelled of cold clean ice, and torches illuminated the area of a nearby town. I walked to the town and a group of people were gathered together in the middle of the night. I asked how I can help them, and they spoke of a large giant that comes out every month to take their gold. However they didn't have any gold, so the giant took one of their families every time he came. Stomping, crushing, and destroying entire houses with families inside. So many people scared for their lives, stayed outside when the time is near at the end of each month. The giant with brown cloths was coming towards the village. I slashed my sword upwards, also bringing my body higher. I was heading towards the giant, and I had to be quick so that the villagers would be safe. The giant grabbed my entire body, so I was unable to move. I struggled to move out of his tremendous grip. I pulled myself out, and I launched foward towards the giant's heart and pierced it with my steel blade. I held on tightly. The giant started to slowly fall to the ground, and it was over. I was triumphant in my task. I whipped up a broom and flew back towards the village. The breeze was chilled, and I had my eyes closed most of the time on the flight back. But snow started to fall, and it was beautiful. I eventually reached the village, and everyone was wondering what has happened to the giant. I told them that I have defeated the giant and they do not have to worry about it anymore. One woman came up to me, and offered her gold coin to me as a reward. I said, "No thanks, I do not need your money." I took out a small bag with gold coins that I've taken from the giant earlier, and I gave it to the villagers. I smiled as I went on my way to the mountains.

      Extra: I started off in an area very famailar to me. It was the video game Overwatch, and the area seemed like the map called Nepal Village. I didn't notice this until I woke up after the dream ended.

    3. [Lucid Dream] Combining ToTM and ToTY together into one dream!

      by , 10-01-2018 at 12:02 AM (The Lost Sanctuary)

      September ToTM (Task of the Month) and Faust ToTY 2018 (Task of the Year) Combined

      ~ Dream #1 ~
      100% Lucidity

      Approximate Real Life Time: Around 10 minutes
      Approximate Dream Time: About half an hour

      Dream:I was in a futuristic city, a blend of high tech bridges above streets and railings to prevent people from falling to the below. A little girl with a teddy bear in her hand approached me. I knew what she wanted, I was Mephistopheles after all. She looked back at the museum of dinosaurs behind her. I said, "So what do you say, how about you let... me help you ride a dinosaur, while you do me a small favor: give me your soul." She nodded and she was ready. I snapped my fingers and we were back, 65 million years ago, and I needed to save the dinosaurs. Now now, don't panic, it's all part of the plan I just made up. A red streak was in the air, hot and burning. A meteorite. I put my hand towards the meteorite and contracted my palm. It was gone, the meteorite. "Well, well, well, I didn't expect that to be easy." I took the girl's hand and snapped back into the future 65 million years later. Surprisingly, it was even more high tech than the place she came from. I found a dinosaur riding shop and gave the other equilient of 1 million dollars in their currency which I brought from the back of my hand, 50,000 at a time. The girl got to ride the dinosaurs as long as she wanted. And when she was done 2 hours later, I told her that we need to go back. She nodded again as well. I snapped my fingers and we went back to the meteorite. This time I didn't destroy the meteorite. Now I turned back into the future, and the girl was satisfied. I took her soul as she looked away from me and at the museum. After that, I was gone. Am I supposed to feel guilty for taking her soul? No, because I was Mephistopheles.

    4. Toty #2

      by , 08-25-2018 at 04:04 PM (Exterminate)
      I had two dreams prior to this one. I'll list them below the main dream regardless. I woke up to my 5am alarm and got out of bed for a bit. Drank some water, used the restroom. I went back to bed hoping I could still have a lucid dream when I am sick.

      TOTY #2 - Mephistopheles and Faust
      I found myself in a dream and made it clear I was going to accomplish a lucid task this dream. I took a big risk and sat down on a thorny bush and closed my eyes to meditate for a moment. I had heard meditation does some spooky shit at times but does work quickly. I figured this would make the dream stable without me having to nurse it the whole dream. Normally when I close my eyes in a dream I wake myself up, but I made sure to focus on the sensation of the thorny bush and of birds tweeting around me. After a few seconds I decided to begin my task. As I am listening to the birds and feeling the thorny bush I try to will my eyelids open but it didn't work. I took risk #2 and opened my eyes like I would if I was awake. Thankfully I could indeed see. It didn't feel like the most vivid or lucid dream. (Lucid as in awareness) When I opened my eyes I looked directly into the sun and looked away with the after image burned into my retinas for a bit. It appeared to be dusk. I walk down the street and find my victims. There was a car that just arrived at their house. There was a mother, father, and 2 daughters. The parents went inside while the younger daughter noticed me. I said I had the power to grant her greatest desire. I then asked her what it was she wanted.

      She said she was always treated like a princess, therefore she really wanted a tiara. I smiled and snapped my fingers. Done. The parents saw me and invited me inside. I went to a nearby bed and grabbed a beautiful silver crown from the bed and put it on the girl's head. I was feeling generous, so I also summoned a tiara for the older sister. I then grabbed one more larger and more adorned silver crown and placed it upon the mother's head. This crown was different as it was a full circle and had rings that went down on either side of her head. Finally, I couldn't leave the father out of the party, so I said I had a splendid crown for him as well. I reached back and to my surprise no crown was there this time. I turned around again with expectation and found it lying near the other end of the bed. I moved over and grabbed it and then waked over and put it on the father's head. Unfortunately either he had a real big head or this crown was much smaller than I intended. It looked more like a cheap accessory than a crown of power.
      It was still adorned with jewels and whatnot, but it's size meant it did not fit on his head.

      The father walked away to another room of the house, while the mother thanked me profusely for being so generous. I said to her that I was so happy as well that I was able to complete this goal of mine that I have been attempting for a long time now, at least a few months. I was almost ready to end the dream until I realized that I forgot to take their souls! I said to her she needs to bring her husband back so I could leave my final parting gift. He came over and I told them to lock arms together. I said I had left out an important detail before, and that I must not leave until I do what I had to do. I told them I was Satan, king of hell. Due to my profile I couldn't ask God to give them what it was they desired, so I had to do it out of my own power. And my power doesn't come for free. Unfortunately the price that must be paid is their souls. I put one hand on her shoulder and the other on his shoulder. There was a flash of light, everything went dark as if the sun just burned out. The kids were gone, and the parents were both very thin and gaunt. They didn't look so good. It may have been the lighting, but I wasn't sure what taking people's souls was going to do to them. The man didn't move. I wasn't so sure either were even alive any more. The woman walked toward me while acting sexy and kissed me. I was kinda shocked. She was behaving so erratic and different than before. When she backed away from the kiss she had an evil grin on her face. I came to the conclusion that without their souls they no longer had any morals and their impulse control was gone. They turned instinctual.

      Obese angry woman
      I had a short dream earlier on in the night where some large chick was flying through the air and going on a rampage. She kept calling me a slut and acting all mad. I asked if she was accusing me of being a rapist and I explained that I most certainly am not. Whatever her problem was I kept talking to her and calming her down. As I talked with her I saw a visual indicator going down from 10. When it reached 2 I started talking intellectually with her. Whatever set her off I do not know.

      Bomb threat
      Another dream later one involved our family going to a bowling alley. We had heard there was a bomb threat but we didn't believe it. When we arrived it was dark and there were many ambulances there. The location was in a slums with graffiti and broken windows all around. The focal point appeared to be a high-rise building. It looked like an office building or an apartment maybe. I counted at least 6 or 7 ambulances. I didn't see any police or other emergency vehicles. Some people were being carried on gurneys into the backs of some ambulances. There were EMTs all around. I made the stupid remark questioning what the hell had happened here. I looked around at the graffiti and it was all referring to bombs. There were paintings of bombs and words showing the threats of blowing up the place. I pieced together that a bomb must have already gone off and many had been injured and killed. I noted that it did not seem as if we would be playing bowling tonight, given the circumstances. Good thing we left our equipment in the car or we would have really looked dumb.

      As I turned to go back to the car I heard a large boom. I turned to see a giant fireball hurling toward me. I ducked behind a wall and just barely missed being incinerated. A few more large explosions followed and giant fireballs kept being thrown in every direction from the building. I managed to avoid getting hit by two or three until I hightailed it out of there and ran down the street and around the corner. As I fled the scene the dream ended.
    5. Dead Poet's Society (Not really); lucid dream house TOTY #1

      by , 04-27-2018 at 07:48 PM (Exterminate)
      The first dream happened the morning of the 25th.

      The dream memory was pretty jumbled when I woke up, so I am reconstructing based on memory, voice recording, and a bit of creativity.

      Earthquake / Movie Series

      I was trying to ride a bike, but it wasn't working correctly. A device I was looking at told me to visit two locations in town due to recent "embarrassments" that happened. My brother went with me to check out one of the stores. I recall seeing some items such as old gameboy advance SPs, UFO stuffs, etc. Thinking back, it reminded me of a souvenir shop.
      Next thing I recall I was in a shed behind the house I currently live at, when suddenly the ground started shaking fairly violently. I walked outside and the earthquake got serious. I could see the ground moving and I had to crouch to the ground and try to hold on to something. I then saw what looked to be a tree in front of the house topple over completely. I heard it crack and snap, and saw the top of the tree disappear out of sight. The earthquake stopped, and I went to go investigate. My family stayed back in the shed for some reason. Turns out the majority of the tree was still intact, but a large branch had snapped right off and was lying in front of the tree. Suddenly it started pouring outside. I had the feeling my family was just about to leave the house to go visit my niece and nephew. I went inside the house for some reason, and on my way up the stairs I noticed it was raining indoors! Like a minecraft glitch or something the rain was just straight and consistently falling from the roof, yet there was no visible holes showing the outdoors. I noticed how odd it was, then I saw the window was open, so I shut it, even though it didn't fix it. I went to my room and it had a layer of water on the bottom. It was also raining in this room as well. I started lamenting my computer as it had to be toast now due to the water exposure. I grabbed whatever it was I went into the house for.
      I then explored the house further for more damage and found myself in what seemed to be an attic. Again, it had a layer of water on the floor, so it was flooded. I noticed 3 distinct holes that were just spewing water. One spot looked like a drainage pipe that just came loose, so I pushed it together and it was fixed. The other two were a hole in the floor and one on the wall. I then noticed what I figured was either a hot water heater or otherwise a pipe of some sort. I turned off the water flow and let it drain a bit I opened the hatch to get inside and walked on in. I patched any further holes I saw inside these pipes, but on my way out a family member must have noticed the door open because the door suddenly shut and the water valve was turned back on. I then drowned due to the rising water level inside...
      Suddenly the perspective changed and I was watching the character that died, and he looked just like Jim Carrey did in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind(Which I just watched the night before. Good movie, recommend).
      I get a glimpse of the character's funeral which included the typical black dresses, weeping, etc. The family was mortified. I then saw the outside of the home again. I'm just observing whats going on, and I see a few white statues gathered around the yard. I thought about how I could have shared with the family what I was doing before trying to fix the leakage. I then blamed myself for causing my family so much grief. Even though the character, or me, or whatever was dead, I was still walking around like a ghost or something. Feeling guilty, I left a message for the dream wife explaining what happened and apologizing for being an idiot. The white mages I saw before approached me, and called themselves dead poets. They invited me to join their group, under the condition that I abandon my old life and never contact them again seeing that I'm dead. They did recommend staying for the burial. They told me I would not be seen due to the SEP. (Somebody else's problem, an effect from HHGG that causes people to ignore the supernatural as if it wasn't there simply because they couldn't possibly be bothered to see it.) I replied that I kinda sortof made a scene my leaving a voice message on the wife's phone. They laughed it off and said that couldn't possibly have any effect. She wouldn't hear it, or it wouldn't have any ramifications, etc. They were wrong. My dream wife saw me immediately at the wake and chewed me out for "faking my death" and "Being an asshole" and "betraying the family..." RIP. She accused me of having an affair, that I didn't love her, etc. what a mess.

      The next dream happened the morning of April 26th, after my sleep cycle ended. I recalled no other dreams, so I set my alarm to snooze. Still no dreams. Back to sleep, and that's where this dream comes in. Tragically, I immediately lost many of the dream's details once I woke up, and even with grabbing the voice recorder right away, I could not recover many details I wanted to.

      TOTY / Lucid
      The dream was very hazy. I found myself floating which is a normal dream sign for me. I commented that I must indeed be dreaming, since this only happens in my dreams. I instantly became lucid, but I really wanted to stabilize the dream. I wanted to make it more vivid, make sure it doesn't end soon, and to increase my control in the dream. I did the nose plug RC and I could breathe well. I noted how unusual this was, since usually when doing this RC I have to struggle to breathe through the plugged nose, but this dream it worked as if there was no blockage at all. I did indeed stabilize the dream to where it felt vivid, but I couldn't fully engage my senses. I was there, but it was not as good as it could be. I started on my list of tasks I would like to accomplish. Step 1, teleport to dream house. One goal is to make my childhood home the center of my dreams. I want most dreams to start there, and I want it to be a hub to visit various persistent dream realms and projects. Anyway, I don't remember how I got to the dream house, but I recall seeing a table and thinking with expectation that I would spawn in a fantasia hat. This hat would allow me to make inanimate objects come to life and do what I wanted them to. The hat did not appear at first, so I then tried putting my hand in front of me and covering my sight of the table where I wanted it to spawn. I then said it would be there when I lowered my hand, and it indeed was there! The hat felt very fake though. The color was more purple than blue, and it was smaller than expected, so it didn't fit my head. It just sat on top. I made a small object come to life. It floated, it glowed, it made sounds, but it didn't do any chores. I then tried it on a vaccum cleaner and a broom. While it did work, I noticed each object earned a small black attachment that signified it was being controlled by the hat's magic.

      I then went exploring in the house, and found it was a mixture of 3 homes I have previously lived in. My logic was clearly not as it should have been at this point because I exclaimed several times how accurate things looked while at the same time fumbling throughout the place like I didn't know where I was going and the layout didn't make sense. I was sortof trying to recreate my dream house as I was walking around and it didn't quite work. I recall going upstairs looking for my old bedroom and I found 3 bedrooms that shouldn't normally be there. I was exploring my old bedroom and noticed it had purple paint on the walls and it was nothing like the appearance of any bedrooms I have had before. I did notice my old comforter on the bed though, so that's interesting. I did actually see the hallway and my older brother's bedroom upstairs as I remember them. The bedroom had a blue carpet and was empty. I called for my dream guide but she didn't show. I tried summoning her around a corner with no success; I called her name, and random children and pets showed up. I actually called out the name Melania at first before catching myself that her name should be Sarah. I ended up going back downstairs and I saw my two brothers eating a pasta meal, and I was going to sit down with them but the only open seat was covered in pasta..
    6. WILD Plane TotY Attempt 1 10/10/17

      by , 10-24-2017 at 11:43 PM
      I wake up from WILD into my house and use the door trick to enter a different place. I walk through the door and am in a void until I spawn in a classroom, which turns into a train, then a plane. I remember the Task of the Years, and I run down the hall to beat up the pilots and fly it myself for a while until we go through the time warp and stop in a futuristic tunnel like place where the plane becomes a train again.

      I am in a new city. I exit the plane, fly above the city and watch the sunrise. It is daytime now, and I can tell that this is a futuristic dystopian city of extreme order and control by the layout of the buildings and the bizarre architecture.
    7. TOTY Success - Sled Task Completed and Repeated

      by , 06-27-2017 at 12:00 AM
      I go back to sleep fairly quickly so once again I have an NLD before brief wakefulness and then DEILD entry with eye clench (to confirm strength of vibrations) then visualization to try to influence scene. Seems NREM visuals...an extended period of flying through odd visions mostly like space-scapes, not that different from those on Twin Peaks The Return episode 8 which was mostly trippy visions. There were voices; I couldn't make out what they were saying. Towards end my mind recalled some of the creepiness of Twin Peaks from last night and the little bit of schema poisoning teased and then dumped in a DV thread recently (I just remembered, among the last ethereal scenes included panther eyes in the dark, after seeing a cheetah on TV IWL) but I handled it well with a sense of my own power much like facing creepy spaces IWL. Weird scenes blur out, as part of my subconscious solution I'm guessing. Then exploring some darkish rooms and halls with DC's.

      I want to do another TOTY so I spin while imagining a snow covered mountain for the sled task.
      I find myself in the snow at the top of a mountain with snow blowing and not giving me much to look at. I form my sled with my hands motioning the outline of a small one man sled. I get on and I go down at a medium speed. As I approach the bottom I imagine the earth opening up and I go down further which leads to calm endless ocean that I float above for a bit.

      I want to do this again and see if I can make it more interesting by going down faster and I'll make it notably cold while I'm at it. I spin again and imagine being back at the top and feeling the cold and it works again. I notice the cold air and this time I just assume the sled is already in my hands and I hop on it in mid-air while aiming down hill. T
      his time it feels fast, out of control and much more thrilling. I still didn't try to influence what I got at the bottom but after having the ground at the bottom open up it leads me to something different this time. It leads to shallow stream with lots of pebbles visible through the clear water that I float just above following the stream. Water both times interestingly, though vastly different bodies of water.

      After flying a bit I find myself indoors. I explore.
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      I wake after a good amount of fun.
    8. March TOTM and TOTY - grow, ask, help, car. Memorable.

      , 03-24-2017 at 05:21 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed around 9:30pm

      Woke up at 3:50 am - 2x300 Alpha GPC and went back to sleep some more
      Woke up at 5:16 am - got up for WBTB
      2x4 mg GM 5:40 am and to the sofa for a WILD
      up at 7:45 from lucids

      My cat was laying on me the whole time, keeping me very light asleep and even waking me up at least 1-2 times. I was having hard time falling asleep so I wanted to try on my side, but cat was laying on me, haha.

      Throughout the whole time I was trying to do the IMP - impossible movement, or just my old style moving my body to see if I'm already asleep. This also after I woke up and didn't think I'll get into lucid again. But it helped a lot and I did.

      I have a good memory of the whole thing, because half way through I realized that I can just pause and retell the previous parts to myself to remember them. I used to retell them to myself during transitions between DEILDs, but I don't have transitions between them anymore.

      I fell asleep and was trying to get up, but couldn't. Couldn't stand up or float up. I got up, walked a bit then got pulled back. I was thinking kinda upset that this will be second time in a row when I didn't get lucid.

      But then I got up again and started walking away, when I remembered what I wanted to for years now but never did. I returned to my sofa and looked at it! It was empty. But it was the exact replica of my sofa placed in same position and location and what I felt but didn't see a copy of my real room. The sheets were of the right color (darkish blue grey) with wrinkles and all and a cover peeled to the side. I got so happy and told myself "great, I'm not there, look, because I'm in a dream". As in away from the bed, haha.



      First I was in some industrial complex. We were sleeping in some service room. I was venturing out from there looking for stuff to do. Started climbing this building but the outside was not stable. People on the ground were asking why the heck I'm doing it. I just wanted to get up high.

      I was trying to figure out what to do. When I remembered Pk's jumping over stuff idea. So I started to run, but that woke me up.

      I wanted to grow myself big again even though I knew I have already tried. Not sure if I remembered that I didn't finish the task last time. I started to grow, but then I felt my feet disconnect from the ground and got disappointed. I started to shrink again, and I did this a few times. I didn't really feel myself grow, but I was watching the ground. Large puddles of water and moonlight reflecting off of them, they were getting smaller and decided to watch my progress like that.

      I'm in a crowd of people, walking around. I catch a reflection of me in a window. I have man's underwear on and there is something in it. Pull it off and there is a huge pen0r. It looks ugly, all bumpy, curvy, colors from pink to angry red. The end is wrapped in some tissue. I unwrap it and walk up to a girl. We sit down and start to kiss and touch. It never gets further, but not because I didn't try.

      Somewhere in the middle of the experience I try to estimate the length of it and I come up with 40 min. The dream, haha, not the pen0r.

      5. Ask subC what my DV avatar means - fail - TOTM
      I'm outside on a busy city street. I'm watching the DCs walk by. They are all different, with different attires and I'm happy I see DCs. Then I remember the TOTM. I turn to a young man and about to ask him the question, when I remember it's not suppose to be DC, but my subC.

      I walk away a few steps from him, wait a second and look up at the skies to make sure it's clear I'm not asking him. And I say out loud with clear and articulate voice.

      "What my ... ( I search for a word here) DV avatar means?"

      I keep looking up at the sunny skies, but I get no answer. Only some not so distant noise, like a rumbling.

      6. Help someone cross the street - success - TOTM
      I walk another block away from there when I think of another task. I recall the "make a tea" task but I know that's the only one I completed.

      So I think of the Help someone cross the street. It was nice and sunny. There is a lot of DCs. A young "sister" which for some reason I believe is French is walking towards me. I grab her by the arm and tell her:

      "C'mon, I will help you cross this street. There are no cars here, but that's ok. Just a few more minutes and we are there. Here is the sidewalk." And as I said it, I heard a grey older type car coming by and I was happy that my help was now not so silly looking. I got her to the other side of a not so wide street to the sidewalk with grass. Then we started french kissing. Since she was French.

      7. Drive a car (rip out engine and wheels) - success - TOTY
      I remember another TOTM (actually a TOTY but I don't know that). And I feel the urgency as I feel like I may be waking up.

      I actually remember this task when I see a huge, old type, german car with no top parked by the sidewalk. It's matte black with some gothic looking style. It's a bit menacing.

      I open the hood and it's empty, so I open another and another. Seems like the hoods are layered, haha. But there is no engine in any of the compartments.

      I walk around to the other side and look at the wheels. They are huge, rugged, black, dirty and warn out from heavy use. I KNOW it's easy to rip them off, so I grab one and pull it off. It comes off right away. I move to the next one and do the same. The belly of a car is dirty from many roads it traveled. I see something that looks like another wheel deep under the car. But I dismiss it knowing that it doesn't belong there, it's just my subC messing with me. Besides, I didn't want to get dirty climbing under to get it. As I think that, I don't see it any more.

      The car is full of people all dressed in clothes from era of the car. I'm thinking pre-WWII, Germany. First and I think second row is taken, so I sit in the second or third. I will make it work, even if I'm not behind the wheel.

      There is a dude sitting behind me and he does something that I can't even say what : D

      So I sit down and I'm looking at the lady behind the wheel. I ask for the keys. I have to ask again and someone turns to me with keys in his hand. I take them and I ask for ignition. I ask again and it appears in the headrest of the seat in front of me. I put the key in and turn it. The car starts. I look at the wheel and I make it turn the way I want. We cross the intersection where I helped that nun cross the street when the street dips down. I will it to fly over it, realizing we should be on the surface, so after the dip (which looks like construction site of a highrise) we kinda land on the street again.

      Here I wake up and decide to write it all down.

      There was classic sex with a dude somewhere in there too, but I remember I was also doing something else at the time, like a split person. Same thing happened last time. Ain't nobody got time for that. hahaha

      I'm so stoked

      Thank you my subC, you the best
      Tags: epic, flying, sex, totm, toty
      lucid , memorable
    9. car toty - lucid 2017 DJ 34 LD #43

      by , 02-26-2017 at 09:42 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)

      I become lucid. I am in a car with a DC who I do not know. The figure is female, and teaches me a lucid dreaming technique. "Relax your eyes... YES that is right. Now, make everything orange."
      I succeed. "Good! See, the key is to relax your eyes."

      Somewhere along the trip, I remember the TOTY and stop the car. I remove the engine and wheels, and it starts moving again.
    10. February TOTM and TOTY

      , 02-10-2017 at 04:39 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9:46pm
      GPC - 3:30 am - went back to sleep, didnt fall asleep till after 4am
      GM - 5:06 am
      sofa - 5:23 am - fell asleep shortly after 6am
      woke up 7:45 after last part of a dream was non-lucid

      Estimate - about 45 min long lucid
      No transitions at all. No realizing that I'm still dreaming and standing up. Just one long event.

      After GPC

      DREAM 1
      I'm falling asleep in a dream, telling someone "shhh" when I start to transition. Then I have to "shhh" my mom. I'm mad, how come they don't understand not to talk to me when I'm WILDing, since I told them about it so many times.

      But I pull off the transition, tilting my head and body back to invoke the falling down sensation that helps my transition. I feel my body being lifted out and moved around and I falsely remember "just like that member described on DV".

      DREAM 2
      A perv walks into my house and grabs me from behind. I squirm but he is not letting go. I'm starting to be scared that he is up to more.

      Interesting thing is, that I can clearly feel his touch. Very realistic.

      DREAM 3
      A group of female activists from some organization are at my house about to call Hillary on the phone. I'm looking at one woman's name badge and I note how fast they were able to make badges with all the hashtag names since I just saw them on twitter that day.

      LUCIDS after GM

      I'm on a busy road, at night. I remember the car TOTY so I raise my hand in effort to stop a huge truck that's approaching me. It's black and silver and I realize he is too close to stop on time. I duck and decide to let him pass over me and to experience how that feels. I didn't regret it, but I got kinda scared with that big, loud and longer than should be truck rolling over my head.

      After that, I picked out another car. I opened the hood and ripped the engine right out. I didn't expect any trouble doing it and so it was very easy to just do it. I lifted the car up and ripped the tire off, one by one. I remember thinking if I got it right, if the wheels should stay and only tires should be removed.

      I sat the car back down and I see to my left that a beautiful, shiny blue Formula 1 car just stopped next to us. I was kinda blocking couple lanes of the freeway, haha. I considered ditching the task and do it some other time and take the Formula instead for a joy ride.

      I decide to get into my car and just as I imagined, there were no keys. Looked in my right pants pocket, but no keys. I tried to make engine sounds in hope that it will make the car go, but no.

      TOTM - Book of Secrets

      Later on while running around doing all kinds of stuff, I remembered the book TOTM. I start looking through drawers and cabinets. They are all full of cool stuff. Collections of rocks, all kinds of hardly identifiable things. I'm looking on the streets in campers, in houses, in many rooms. I finally start finding books. Looking at many covers, none come even close to saying "Secrets". For a while I amuse myself by reading, looking away and seeing how it changed. I'm even trying to will the title to change to secret. I try to write it on it with my finger too, but nothing works.

      I'm exploring this house. Opening the doors and checking out the rooms. Nothing interesting. Everything is white and chrome colored. I find one room that looks like a bathroom. For some reason I like dream bathrooms, or rather, showers. I step inside while still holding the door. I don't want the door to shut and me getting stuck in there.

      The more I look the bigger the bathtub - swimming pool in the bottom of the room gets. When I look third time, it's a size of a small lake, but it's empty. Looks like it's smooth, concrete sides have a bottom that's filled with desert rocks and sand and some small, dry bushes.

      I see a light from a camp fire in the distance. I'm hoping there is someone who who would wanna get it on with me so I hover glide there. Not sure if we do it, I think we do.

      After that, or before, not sure, I'm in a large, modern sex shop. All the tools are behind glass with lots of attendants ready to help you. There are some almost nude guys ready to help you pick your size, haha.

      Ended up having tons of sex, good 20 min of it. I suspect the end was already not lucid, or just barely.
    11. Odd dream fragments

      by , 05-06-2016 at 10:09 PM
      I only had some really odd dream fragments, non-lucid. I'm just completely exhausted because my allergies are really crazy. I've been really busy getting things ready to travel soon for a family engagement. Then last night I called my son & told him when we would be there & he said that he had given me the wrong date so I had to cancel my reservations & make new ones which was exhausting because it was really late last night when I finished. (I will be taking my laptop because I have not missed logging something in my journal every day yet) Being sick & on meds is really taking all I have to do anything so I just tried to get some sleep. I slept for about 12 hrs & woke up still exhausted, lol... I have been reading & trying to get a good grasp on the dragon for the TOTY.
    12. [Lucid Dream] 3 ToTM Tasks, 1 ToTY Failed? Task, and Dreamwalking Attempts

      by , 01-30-2016 at 06:32 AM (The Lost Sanctuary)

      T.O.T.M. (Task of the Month), T.O.T.Y. (Task of the Year) Dragon, AND Shared Dreaming Attempts

      ~ Dream #1 ~
      100% Lucidity

      Approximate Real Life Time: Around 10 minutes
      Approximate Dream Time: About half an hour

      Backstory: So, I guess I am back! Woo-hoo! Same Dream Journal Template as usual... let's start!

      Story: I am in the void... I feel the emptiness... I stress my hands, but instead they were mechanical sharp pointy needles... It looked very awesome, and I decided to complete the ToTM and ToTY tasks. I started off with the basic task, and I created a few books. I wasn't able to read out what the first book's title said. The second book scored the goal. The book's title was "Economics", and it had a red cover with oldish, light brown paper inside. I skimmed through the book of random text. There was nothing useful. Afterwords, I created a paradise with floating islands, green vegetation, and waterfalls. The sky was still dark, and I decided to make it better and added an atmosphere to my little paradise. The sky is now light blue. After I decided that it wasn't enough, I added a sunset to my small paradise. Now my little world looks way better. I decided to summon a DC. POOF! They appeared, and I changed their gravity and they started floating upward. I started giggling as they were so confused, and started saying, "WHAT IS GOING ON?". Soon, I guess I have forgotten about the DC, and they were gone. ToTY Time! I told myself. I flew up really high above my floating islands, and I created a huge island with many houses and people. I summoned a dragon (I thought we were supposed to summon the creatures, but I guess I am wrong) and a dark mist formed in the middle of the air. A dragon appeared, and it flew directly for the village, and burnt it into smithereens. The houses were made of wood, so they burnt really fast. I patted my hands, and my job was done. Later, I drop down to the ground and I move to the right side of the islands. I wanted to start my shared dreaming journey.

      I decided to use doors to enter other people's dreams.
      I decided to go to gab's dreams first. I open the door, and a wormhole speed area appeared around me.


      [THIS IS WRITTEN AROUND 1/15 ~ 1/17? I don't want to finish plus I forgot]

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      lucid , task of the month , task of the year
    13. Getting Drunk with Gods, TOTY attempt

      by , 10-13-2015 at 04:07 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am sitting at a wedding feast of the gods, which I apparently rejoined after leaving with Eris. Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena are alternately fuming at me, and ignoring me. I chuckle to myself.
      I stand up and walk around. The setting on Mount Olympus is amazing. Wildflowers and majestic tall trees are everywhere.
      I see Hercules drunkenly tossing boulders over a cliff, whooping it up. I join him at his side, tossing boulders over. He stops.
      "No, Mr. Nothing, this game is called Drunken Boulder Toss. Every time you miss, you have to take a drink."
      "Miss what?"
      See that mountain? That's out target."
      I toss a boulder at a mountain peak which is about two miles away. I make it about 15 or 20 yards out from the cliff.
      Hercules laughs and pours wine out of a large barrel into a golden flask for me to drink. I drink deeply. It's amazing. Sweet, fruity, and delicious.
      Zeus joins us. He tosses a boulder. It goes sailing into the sky until it's out of sight.
      "You have missed, father!" Hercules laughs uproariously. Zeus joins in, and pours himself a drink.
      I pick up a boulder and toss it straight up. It lands on my head, bounces off, then rolls off the edge of the cliff. Hercules falls over laughing, and Zeus hands me another drink of godly wine.
      Pan walks over to us. He tosses a boulder to Hercules, who catches it. "I missed the mountain," he grins. And puts his face under the wine barrel spigot and pours it into his mouth he drinks the whole barrel.
      "Okay... beetchez... firszt, I'mz going to toss one of theses bitchees..."
      He picks up a boulder, and tosses it at the mountain. It sails through air, and hits it, making a huge cloud dust and a muffled boom. We all clap and laugh drunkenly.
      "Hmm... let me try! That wine works well."
      I pour an entire barrel into my mouth also.
      I pick up a boulder and lift it above my head, and accidentally toss it backwards. It lands behind me on a steep slope, and rolls down to me. I turn, and the boulder crashes right into me. I get stuck to it, and roll with it down the cliff. It feels like a fun ride. The boulder and I, roll to the bottom, then I fly up and rejoin the other gods on the plateau above. They are laughing uproariously.
      "Did I win?"
      They laugh harder.
      Zeus shouts, "NO!" with a thunder clap, and tosses a boulder at me, which I narrowly dodge.
    14. TotY, T-Rex, Pegasus Flight and fight against Zeus.

      by , 09-01-2015 at 09:24 PM (My Lucid Dreams)
      Too bad the comp is over, that would have gotten me so many points
      Really cool dream nonetheless.

      Lucidity: 8.5/10
      Control: 8.5/10
      Vivacity: 8/10

      First part of the dream is non lucid, basically I had a 10 minutes night of "sleep" before having to take a plane but missed it, then my father almost accidentally killed my step sister... We eventually set out for a tour in the Everglades, with my father, my brother and my sister. I'm looking for any signs of aligators. Eventually I find one in a lake which seems especially big. I understand why it seems so big when a big eye reveals itself under the "alligator's" body. Turns out it's not a gator but rather the top of the head of a T-Rex which shoots up in the air. It's somewhat small for such a creature: about twice my height... Still could cut you in half with a single bite though.I become lucid. Another dinosaurs appear south of nowhere and they both get in a fight. I'm kind of in the heat of the moment so I follow the others running. When I turn around, I see the T-Rex roaring in our direction: he's done with the other dinosaur. There's a high building in front of us, outside the swamps. I think about flying there but I feel like I won't be able to do it with the others in my arms. So I do the Spider-Man handsign thing to shoot a web onto a building behind my target and I take my family in my left arm. Then, I pull super hard onto the web, kind of slingshot ting us near the building's roof. I realize that we're going to crash into it so I give an extra momentum boost by attempting to fly. We land safely.

      There on top of this building is a totally different scenery. It looks like a very clean city; all the walls are white, every facade of every building is homogenous. I rub my hands together, the other rescapees scatter in all directions. I remember my goals. First I want a task of the month. I kind of want to try the drawing one but I feel like it will take too much time, and I've much more demanding stuff to do. A large group of DCs split around me. I remember the farting task. I force a fart out.
      "Euhm.. It-it was meee !"
      No one cares, they just keep walking.
      "Hey that was me," I repeat. Still no reactions
      Well, I won't linger on that.

      I need to steal Zeus's lightning rod. I remember about Pegasus, and how IRL, I thought would be easiest to summon him.
      "Hey how are ya..."I say before turning around..."Pegasus."
      I find no winged horse. I only notice a bright white cat. I try to summon Pegasus a few more times but I only find some kind of bright white animal and equally bright white glasses laying on the floor.
      "Ok you can stop hiding, I know you're right behind that corner," I shout.
      Finally I find, a bright white winged horse... Or small pony, rather.
      You know what that'll do.
      "Are you ready?" I ask.
      He nods, and I mount him. He is just about as high as my hips. As he takes off I shout, "TO ZEUS!" then "TO ZEUS'S LIGHTNING", and finally "TO ZEUS'S LIGHTNING ROD!"

      The flight is quite exciting. Pegasus is not very stable, and I'm worried about falling off because he's so small. I rub my hands against his fur, to stabilize. Everything is super realistic. Eventually, we reach the clouds and when we go past them, we find a huge golden chair... there is also some kind of safety locker, where I assume the lightning rod is. Before we can go any further, I feel a super powerful presence at my right... In a second, a huge pixelated version of Zeus emerges from the clouds, flying one hand forward. In the other hand is his lightning rod. In a very loud, very deep and mostly, very angry voice, he says...
      “You will NOT take my lightning rod!”
      I feel an urge to fly away, but I hold my ground.
      Worth it.
      I teleport off of Pegasus and throw a punch in Zeus’s Massive left side. As soon as my punch lands, I teleport to his opposite side and punch him there. Then, I teleport up a dozen meters above him, where I pull my open hand to my hips and fly down head first towards him… I focus on the “energy” around me which, as in throw my arm forward, converges inside of my arm; the energy reaches my knucles exactly when I strike Zeus. He is blasted onto the ground. I land onto him. I feel the dream destabilizing, but I won’t let it end now. I take the lightning bolt, and then
      allow myself to slip into a FA in which I write this dream down, before waking up for real.

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    15. [Lucid Dreams] Note the "S" / ToTY / May ToTM / Extra Adventure Dream

      by , 05-17-2015 at 08:29 PM (The Lost Sanctuary)

      T.O.T.Y. (Task of the Year) Fairest of All, Pandora's Box, Pegasus, & Nemean Lion

      T.O.T.M. (Task of the Mouth) Bonus Task

      Note: This is a collection of dreams of the past one or two weeks, and I didn't know when they happened because I didn't have time to write in my real DJ or this one. However, Dreams #4 and #5 happened today with true clarity.

      ~ Dream #1 ~
      40% Lucidity

      Approximate Real Life Time: About one minute

      Approximate Dream Time: Around thirty minutes

      I played Wizard101 when I was little, and I guess one of my favorite Greek Mythology houses in that game appeared as the setting.

      I used a portal to get into Pandora's room, and she was there. (I was on the ceiling) Well, it's going to be awkward taking it from her. Oh well. I took it from her using the force even though she said, "No!" a few times. I took it from her, and went back through my portal into that beautiful setting I described in the Backstory section. Then I placed down a small Greek Column Pedestal, and carefully placed Pandora's box on it. I got a new net from out of nowhere, and I decided that it would be useful to catch evil spirits that come out of the box. I placed the net on top of the box, and I opened the box using the force. A lot of evil spirits came out, and all of them were caught in the net, I sealed the net, so nothing can ever come out of it. The last item in the box was hope, and I let it go free into the world.

      Dream End.

      ~ Dream #2 ~
      60% Lucidity

      Approximate Real Life Time: About one minute

      Approximate Dream Time: Around thirty minutes

      No Backstory Needed.

      I decided to go directly finish my task. I found the Nemean Lion and it was very fierce and mean when I met it. I decided to make it into my pet. So I shrank the huge lion into a cute, adorable cat. I also asked Aphrodite to make it as cute as possible, and as lovable as possible. I went to a kitty cat contest, and all the other ugly cats lost against mine. We won first place, but I don't think I fixed the deadly, golden fur problem, yet. Anyways we won, and we both became good friends.

      Dream End.

      ~ Dream #3 ~
      60% Lucidity

      Approximate Real Life Time: About one minute

      Approximate Dream Time: About a few years

      No Backstory Needed.

      I was Paris, but here's a twist: I'm the Paris of the modern world. I didn't live in the old times, and there were still Greek Gods (i.e. like the Percy Jackson Series). I had to choose one of the Greek Gods for being the fairest, and I chose Athena because I wanted to be a smart person. In the dream, I went to Harvard, and many places. I was smart and I became what I wanted to be, and I know more than the people around me. It was a thrilling experience. I didn't get anymore detail other than that.

      Dream End.

      ~ Dream #4 ~
      90% Lucidity

      Approximate Real Life Time: About ten minutes

      Approximate Dream Time: Around a few hours

      Dream Background: I was on a battleship / ship training for element controlling.
      Well, this one happened today, so I know it's a WILD, because I just woke up a few minutes ago naturally.

      I dreamt of 4 sections that each contained the elements in this order from left to right: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. These four sections are for me to perform the Task of the Month. The Earth section contained stones, leaves, tree parts, and many objects that will help me build a mountain. The Air Section had a huge boulder for me to lift into the air, and fly it to a chalked circle target. The Water Section had a huge lake, which I had to drain. On the Fire Section, there was a huge, large pine forest that I had to burn. All the sections had dark, grey clouds over them, except the Air Section which had white mist like if it were on a tall mountain. I started from the left then to the right.

      I started the Task of the Month. On the Earth Section, I used the power of the Earth to lift all those boulders, leaves, trees, and rocks to make a mountain. After all of the materials came together, there it was, a huge mountain. On the Air Section, I lifted the huge boulder using air, and placed it on the designated spot for where it was supposed to be. For the water section, I saw the lake and I spun it into the sky. The water drained through slinky-like shape into the sky. Moments later, the entire section started to rain. I was onto the Fire Section. I started a fire in the center of the section, and moments later, almost the whole section was on fire. Since I was finished with the Task of the Month, I decided to explore the dream world a little bit.

      I walked through a dark, metallic corridor like those in a ship. Each door had those circle-ly, wheel handles that are required to open doors. At the end of the corridor, I can only go right, and I noticed some light towards the end. I turned right, and a door was open. Inside was a man, and it seemed like he was in an apartment building because in the window, I can see what I see when I look out of my real life apartment window. It was night, and I think everyone was asleep except for the man and me. He talked to me about some stuff (I lost some lucidity during this part). Later, I walked out of his door, and there was another side of the corridor that led to the outside of ship towards the right of the door. I asked him what's outside of the ship. And he said it was a surprise.

      As I reached the end of the corridor, he closed his door, and I noticed the rainy, cloudy weather outside. I also saw a Pegasus outside the door, and I climbed on it, and asked it to take me to Mount Olympus! Except, we were in the middle of the ocean. I opened a portal to Mount Olympus instead. When Pegasus landed through the portal and we reached Zeus's Throne, we see his Master Lightning Bolt just lying there for free. So, I decided I'll get it and tip-toe away. I climbed onto Pegasus again and we flew all the way to a far away Island. I relaxed on this island, and I have finally escaped from Zeus without him knowing, I was in a 5-star hotel's beach asking a servant for a tropical drink for me and Pegasus. We both drank it and felt accomplished. The dream soon faded away.

      Dream End.

      ~ Dream #5 ~
      100% Lucidity

      Approximate Real Life Time: Around ten minutes

      Approximate Dream Time: Around a few hours

      Dream Background: I started this adventure thing on doodles last year, and I thought it would make a good lucid dream adventure. I also made a ranking system for it. I would start at Level 1, and every level would have 15 more experience points than the last level up requirement. A Level 1 Player would need 5 EXP (Experience Points) to become Level 2. A Level 2 Player would need 15 EXP (5 + 10) to be Level 3. There is a certain map for the world, and I was in the Midnight City. It was at night, and the city is mainly filled with blue, glowing skyscrapers.

      I was on a bridge from the Fields (an urban town with large fields next to Midnight City) to Midnight City, and after I crossed it, I met a man whom ran really quickly. I seemed like he was going to rob me. I decided to battle him. He attacked me, and I attacked him. We both had swords, but he had a gun, too. He used his sword when he was near me and used his gun when he was further away. Eventually, we battled at the Bridge. I jumped into the water under the bridge, and he came after me. I used my water bending powers, and drained the whole lake to push him into the sky while he was falling.. Now, he was is the dark grey, and nearly black clouds. He probably is going to die from fall damage rather than my water pressure. I decided to go under the bridge, so he will have no chance of landing on me. He fell on the bridge, and nearly cracked it. Later, it started to rain. I think it was because of the whole lake of water still in the sky. This dream also slowly faded away.

      Dream End.

      Remember to comment your thoughts (if you want to)!
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