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    1. Tomodachi

      by , 08-31-2016 at 10:47 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      This morning's recollections come to you in two flavors: Creepy and sweet.
      I was in a haunted house of some sort. It looked kind of like my old house a few years back, with certain rooms being pretty much picture-perfect recreations. Most of this dream is a blurry haze to me, but what I do recall is going into the bathroom. All seemed to be normal in there, but the light switch wasn't working. I shrugged and started to head out of the bathroom, but heard a sort of sinister laugh behind me. I turned, and the entire bathtub was filled with this huge pile of towels. The pile was so huge that they were spilling out onto the floor. While this may sound really random and silly (and it is), my dream self was deeply unnerved and bothered by it. I slowly stepped towards the towels, but as I did, I heard a small hissing noise around me, as if the room was filling with some sort of gas. Before I knew it, I passed out and all went dark. The spooks are real. Piles of towels. Everybody's worst nightmare, really.
      Now for sweet.
      I was in a large school building that was eerily similar to my elementary school, but 5x larger and it housed college kids instead of being an elementary school. It was here that I met two Japanese friends. Sadly, I can't recall their names (it's pretty hard for me to remember DC names for some reason), but there was one boy and one girl. The boy, strangely, looked similar to Watari from Your Lie in April if you've ever seen that anime. Meanwhile, the girl didn't really look like anyone in particular. She had long, jet black hair, and a fiery air about her. Both of them hit it off with me right away, and a lot of the dream was spent hanging out with them in various parts of the school, just talking or doing random, fun things. Later on in the dream, when we were sitting by the big wall beside the stairs, I began to grow sour, as I realized I would have to go home soon. I explained it to them, and they both acted very understanding, trying to console me and saying that I'll see them again. When it came time for me to go, I headed out into the parking lot, found a bus (which had a lot of my old high school classmates on it), and rode homewards, the environments and dream scenes all looking exactly like real life, but with an ever present gray sky and a lot less busses. Glumly, I put my head against the window in my seat on the bus and thought about when I'd see those two again. I'll throw a new lucid goal on the list for future reference: Either summon or find these two DCs again. They were very pleasant people, and I was able to converse in some Japanese with them as well, since I have a basic grasp of the language. It would be fun hanging out with them while lucid.
    2. Orgy Aftermath (from August 16th to August 17th 2010) ---- Second Dream

      by , 09-23-2011 at 07:41 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I participated in an orgy with a blonde woman and a dark-hair woman.
      The blonde woman had curly hair. We're in a hotel room, the walls are light brown, the blanket of the bed was light brown. After the orgy we all took a bath, and wrapped ourselfs in white towels. The bathroom where we are is white, and is part of a huge mansion.
      Meanwhile the owner of the mansion arrives.The owner is a woman who has an executive suit with a miniskirt. The suit is all brown. She has high-heeled brown shoes and blond hair.
      She asked us what we had done with her husband. I got up and went to get her husband. He was inside a closet with a mirror on the outside of the door.
      We all went to the living room of the mansion. The owner was sitting on the sofa. There is an unevenness on the floor. The floor where she is, is taller than the floor where we are.
      The floor has two steps, and steps are of white marble.
      Near us there is a bar and a small cabinet.
      The husband of the owner of the house was tall, had a muscular body, and short spiky hair. He had a blue t-shirt and shorts with Hawaiian flowers. He was handcuffed. I told the owner that he had killed a person. She covered her face with her hands and wept.

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    3. Lucid Week Pays Off: On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate:

      by , 03-14-2011 at 04:13 PM (Adventures of a 21st Century Dreamer)
      Lucid-Comments-other dialogue-Inner thoughts

      This week I've been trying to have a lucid waking life by staying aware of the present, the now, that way I don't have to physically reality check all the time. I've also been treating my life like a dream.

      Flying mission:

      Some business woman had recruited a bunch of apprentices to help her beat up her boss and I was one of them, for some reason everyone could fly so instead of using the door, we were instructed to fly towards the nearest skyscraper and get in through the window, which was her office apparently.
      Flying is one of my dream-signs so. I became lucid and decided to part company with the flying crew. I was already relaxed and extremely aware so I just flew around for a bit upside down until I was satisfied...

      On the street:

      But after a while I decided to interact with some characters so I landed on the street and realised I was in Korea (never been to Korea). I seemed to have a lot of time and didn't feel like the dream would end any-time soon so... I took a time out and looked around at all the characters seemingly going about their daily lives oblivious of the situation..hhmmm..what do do.., then I saw a beautiful girl across the street looking at me with an odd expression on her face, I couldn't be bothered to walk so I used my telekinesis and drew her to me. She seemed amused by my little trick.

      "Hi, so um do you want to have sex or something?"

      she though it over.

      A part of me kept thinking ( "this is a dream remember?, you can do whatever you want"

      "yeah but if she doesn't want to, I'm not going to make her".

      "but shes not real!".

      " whatever"

      So I turned and started to hover...

      "wait, I'll have sex with you if you change your hair".

      "huh, what's wrong with my hair?" as I reached up to feel it..

      " I mean sure its not combed but considering I'm"... ( I didn't want to tell her it was a dream)

      So I fixed it with my hand. and started taking off her clothes.

      "wait, right here on the street?" she protested.

      "yup" I replied.

      "but I don't feel comfortable with all these people watching"

      I took another time out..

      ("listen man, aren't you going to ridiculous lengths? she's just a dream character remember?")
      " just make her do whatever you want")
      "I'm not falling for this"
      "ok lets find a hotel" I said to her

      During this exchange of words, I hadnt realised that I had turned into this guy...

      After finding a hotel. We finally had sex no need to bore you with the details but it was worth it( take that subconscious).
      As we lay in bed holding each other, she turns to me and says.

      "I know why you did all of that".

      "Did all of what?"

      "searching for intimacy", "you don't need it".

      I smiled got out of bed and handed her a towel, at this point I knew the dream was ending. This how my mind works.

      "get up its time for you to go".

      She protested " why, what did I say?"

      "Nothing its just time for you to go"

      Her: Will I see you again?
      Me: I start laughing.."its doubtful"

      I wake up with a smile on my face.

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    4. The Chair- Rewiring the Brain for the Good of the Mind

      by , 02-05-2011 at 10:41 PM (Torra)