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    1. The Culling of the Kraits

      by , 11-25-2017 at 01:26 PM
      Afternoon of November 25, 2017. Saturday.

      My beautiful wife Zsuzsanna and our children and I are living in a trailer in a trailer park in an unknown location. It is mostly in a field of low grass and not many land features, not even a discernible city in any direction, though there does seem to be a road in the distance. Thus, the only extant conscious self threads are of my present marriage status and nothing else, not even a focus on what country I am in, yet with my dream self (personified subconscious) ridiculously accepting the setting as legitimate (even though our large family could certainly not fit in a trailer).

      After some brief generic activities with my family, I step outside the trailer and notice a Belize guerrilla grinning at me and holding a rifle diagonally across his chest. He is standing about ten feet away from the trailer’s entrance.

      While all the other members of my family are still in the trailer, I lift my hands into the air while I am standing just outside the doorway, indicating my submission but only mild surprise.

      However, the guerrilla, an unfamiliar male of about thirty, points down at an area of ground with his rifle. I notice no less than twenty dead kraits in a cluster, the outer perimeter of the cluster being less dense with krait bodies in various curvy positions.

      Apparently, he has done us a big favor in having killed the surprising number of snakes, now strewn about lifeless on the ground near an isolated cluster of rocks to his left (my right). Lucidity comes in at only the last second prior to waking and I immediately recognize this common component and its core meaning.

      In approaching this dream with truth and understanding over superstition and the fallacy of “interpretation”, it is seen to be very basic. Some very basic knowledge about dreams is required; one, that this is an isolated dream during an afternoon nap, of which has entirely different symbolism than dreams of other time periods or during longer sleeping periods (due to the nature of circadian rhythms having the strongest influence over the dream state); two, that it was during a very light sleep with minimal REM; three, that this dream type is basically of waking symbolism only, with no relationship to real life.

      The personified preconscious (the Belize guerrilla - based on an unconscious confusion of Punta Gorda, Belize with my birthplace of Punta Gorda, Florida), typically linked to the reticular activating system (RAS) actually subdued it rather than augmented its dynamics. This is because RAS symbolism is only needed in extended sleep. My brief thread of lucidity is all it took to transmute the preconscious into the emergent consciousness. When one is ready to wake (especially during a lighter and shorter sleep), there is no need for aggressive preconscious mediation.

      A snake is the very epitome of RAS due to its “primal fear” status in the majority and bound to be the most inherent waking alert in many imaginary dream environments, yet many people persist in pointlessly bumbling along with imaginary “interpretations”. Being the oldest waking mechanism (other than the falling sensation linked to inner ear dynamics based on the shift in unconsciousness to consciousness), it is apparently even the origin of the Christian myth with the serpent (RAS) in the Tree of Knowledge (human brain in unconsciousness).

      lucid , non-lucid
    2. [19-01-2017: 6th competition night]

      by , 01-19-2017 at 12:24 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Wheat transport

      It was night, I got a mesage that there's a load of wheat grain to transport to a silo. I went to a tractor and hooked up a trailer and took the load to place of it's destination. The road was empty, there were no roadsigns, lights or any other vechicles. Until I reached the silo, everything faded to black.


      A blurry fragment, I was in home, can't recall anything more.
    3. Pushing the trailer

      by , 03-10-2015 at 03:50 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was midnight. The sky was moonless and starless. I went out of my home, and entered a trailer that was parked near it. I lied whole night in the trailer. When it was a morning, I saw some shapes moving in the darkness. I decided to stand up, and scare off anyone who would try to enter my possession. Suddenly my voice and appearance changed. I turned into some kind of ghost. I saw that these shapes were just kids. I moaned and attacked them though, and they turned into kittens. My form changed back, and I realised that I'm not that kind of person. I realisd that I was different than I thought before. I stroked the cats head with my hand. Suddenly the sunrise came, and I could see everything clearly. I saw that there was also another trailer. It was filled to the brim with pine wood. I tried to push the trailer to a place where it should stand. Even though I couldn't place it in the right place, I felt somewhat happy.
    4. 11-19-14 Sod security

      by , 12-04-2014 at 08:24 PM
      We put sod down in the sanctuary of a church. The grass was very green and lush, quite pretty. To keep an eye on the grass, (we must have been afraid someone might try to rip it up), we planted a tombstone outside one of the windows of the church and planted a human eye in a round hollow in the stone. It acted as our security camera.

      One guy wanted to build a huge fancy apartment complex directly behind our church. So he wheeled in this huge red condo that was pulled on a ridiculously small trailer. He pulled it into the parking lot in front. It was way bigger than the church. As he tried to back the condo up so he could get it into the back lawn, it kept hitting the power lines and shooting impressive sparks everywhere.

      Something about maggots/worms.
    5. And in that lies the problem...

      by , 09-09-2014 at 12:34 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Never thought I would feel so accomplished after having a couple of sloppy dream fragments. But I figured out something that's been bothering me for a very long time.

      I recall one dream. I am living on my own in a very hermit-like way. I live in a small prefab home by the freeway and have become in some way obsessed with lucid dreaming. I can recall that for some reason, the entire home is filled with dreamcatchers.
      The thing I remember was that some young girl, perhaps 14 showed up. I told her to go away, and that she couldn't gain anything from coming to where I lived. She said she would leave, but she asked me to read this note she had been given first. I open the envelope. The note is actually typed into a very nice greeting card.

      *The part that I typed randomly I couldn't make out. I was just trying to match what I recall the note looking like. One line that went across and another below it with just a couple of words.

      Spoiler for Girl's Note:

      Tpoaif aopfjei fja aieifmvei ftyanvm laiey kapoiet afpoihea
      opienv afjioaev.


      You and me are the same.

      For some reason, the girls not tipped me off to something, like I could trust her. I let her come inside my trailer home (that was a mess) and she and I made lunch and started talking about various things. Cannot recall what.

      One thing I forgot to mention before; but by the power of editing I bring it to you.
      The girl made macaroni and cheese and we were eating it on paper plates. But it was not a normal portion. The entirety of both paper plates was covered all the way to the top like a cone; macaroni and cheese. (So a lot.) and we were eating it with these huge spoons.
      I am at the beach. But the dream is very unstable and I feel like there is no sea, just sand. My family is there but I leave them to go alone. I begin walking along the beach seeing the sea phase in and out of existence, being replaced by a sandy flat. I feel somewhat depressed.
      At some point or another the sea comes back but it doesn't look right. There are huge, turbulent waves and the sea doesn't go to the horizon, it only runs out a few hundred feet then becomes a sandy flat stretching to the horizon. There are also boulders jutting out of the water. Some people on the beach are trying to swim in the sea but it didn't look like very much fun, given the big waves and all.
      I began talking with a dream character who was another lucid dreamer. Supposedly a really good one. We talked for a long time, but I can't recall any of our diolouge.
      I just recall this one line from our conversation. It was something I said while nonlucid.

      "...I don't know... Lucidity is just so hard to get."

      At that moment, I stopped and started to question my reality, but before I could get very far I was awake.
      I went back to bed.

      I recall a couple more dreams, but they were mind-numbingly boring. There was a dream where I rode my bike onto someone's lawn and they got all mad with me and made me pay for it by vacuuming their living room.

      There was another dream about my college where I was carrying a huge load of stuff out to my car.

      But I want to talk about something, that last line I said while talking to that other lucid dreamer.

      "...I don't know... Lucidity is just so hard to get."

      When I woke up, I asked myself why on earth would I say something like that to another LDer? If I were talking to someone IWL, I wouldn't say lucidity is hard to get, I would probably say something more like:

      "Lucidity is easy! Just use autosuggestion and do some RC's"

      It didn't take me long to figure it out. There is some type of conflict here. Consciously, I believe that lucid dreaming is easy, but Subconsciously, I have been disillusioned into believing that it is hard. (By who or what, IDK)
      But now comes my question? How do i speak to my subconscious about this? (Especially if you can't access it through a lucid dream reliably.) It's sort of like a catch 22. I need to talk to my subconscious but I can't talk to my subconscious because my subconscious won't let me.
      It's like trying to call the phone company because your calls aren't going through.

      Flying - The attraction method-scumbag-brain-meme-template-blank.jpg

      Ideas, anyone?

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    6. Hunting in the Woods

      by , 08-25-2014 at 01:50 PM




      I remember animals. Many animals. When something that I forgot about happened to them, they became sprites you could go over and pick up, like Minecraft sprites. I specifically remember this happening to some elephants.



      I remember being in the boonies with my dad and brother. We were in a trailer in the woods. It sort of looked like the same area where the dream with the birds kicking me out of their house was. My dad, brother, and I went hunting into some woods. We went on our ATVs. We stayed in the forest until it was dark. Dad said we should get back, and my brother and I got on our ATVs and got back to the trailer. During the trip, we saw some spooky fog around the area. After a while, and dad didn't come back, someone came and told us our dad was dead. I burst into tears, thinking it was all my fault, and that I shouldn't have gone without him. This was somewhat of a nightmarish dream.



      I remember a nuclear explosion. That is it with this one.
    7. Hired Trailer (25.7.14)

      by , 07-25-2014 at 01:11 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Recorded at 9.00am

      I'm at old house with Dad, Jane and Tim. A TV infomercial is on TV. It's explaining about water distillers, but not getting into the proper benefits that'll catch your attention. Either Jane or Tim look as if they're intrigued on what they just saw on the infomercial and wanted and dialled some numbers on their phone. As they're dialling the number, they change the channel on the TV to horse racing. I then realise that they were calling up to put some bets on the horses.

      I'm with Dad and we're being chased my being with guns. I think I start to shoot back and forth with the enemies. I shoot someone near the stairs on the map with the tall wires above the map.

      Dad and myself are near the bottle-o near the settlement.

      We must have hired a trailer to transport something. It was a strange set up. Dad had to sign some documents for for trailer. I was after some water for my veggie shake and didn't really want to request distilled water in particular as not everyone drinks it. Dad speaks up for me and says that he only drinks distilled water. One of the men says he's we have rain water and goes off and fetches it for me. I'm stoked that he has some rain water but start to think about it's purity and how long it's been sitting there. There's also a huge tub of rain water sitting in the garden. It doesn't look the freshest as it looked to have a whiteness to the surface. The man hands me a small bucket of his freshest water which looked clear. My cut up veggies fall into the garden and I pick them out and put them back In my blender cup. I worry that the veggies would be extremely dirty but i put them in anyways. I pour the water into the cup and fill it up to much. I see the man come over and put a container of water back inside a container of water. I try to do the same as i finish doing what I was doing and feel a little confused and clumsy trying to do what he did.

      I walk over to the table and see that Dad who looks like I Sabrina from the talent show The Voice (Australia). I notice that he's done about half of the form. The form was like a rating system but was a little strange they way it was set out.

      Dad must have been upset when asked to come back down to the office to go over some final things to do with the trailer. He didn't do it and just wanted to go. The men were not happy about this and I think we started getting chased again like earlier (or what happened earlier with the gun fighting was actually this, not sure).

      Dream Fragment:
      A little girl shows me her phone and what she had just searched for on safari. I show her my phone browser, which has the exact same thing she searched for. She become a little upset thinking that I checked her phone without asking for her permission. I felt as if I had a 3rd eye moment.

      Side Notes:
      I need remember to take my time and think about the dream I just had for more then 10-15 seconds. I usually just fall back asleep expecting that I won't remember it.
    8. 19 Mar: girly romantic fantasy

      by , 03-19-2014 at 09:53 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) With ZIlla, at some conference. There are stands from different countries. Don't know the topic of the event, but I see mainly Asians. There's some stir, when tibetans put their table really close to the chinese. A fight starts and some japanese dressed like samurais step in. Zilla gets caught in the middle of it. A medallion comes into my hand. My attention goes entirely to it. I focus on its surface, design, details, I get lucid. I am sucked into the medallion. I see and become its molecules. As I dive towards the quantic level, I exit on a clear blue sky where I float around in bliss.
      Slowly, I descend on the ground. As I walk through a cobbler stone street, everything around seems perfect: the sky is a pallete of beautiful colours, beautiful birds dance in the sky, showers of petals... I feel like a goddess. The overwhelming feeling is of love and romance. I look around and wonder what I should do about it. The silly idea that comes to my mind is to create a cliché romantic scenario that I'll never experience in life. I imagine a beautiful dress to wear and a white gown appears over my skin. I imagine a gorgeous palace I'm walking into, to meet my prince charming. So far, so good and the birds keep dancing around.
      But when I enter the palace, inside it looks oddly small, actually, it's nothing more than a trailer. And my prince? Well, he is handsome, but rude, drunk and is all bruised. He asks what the fuck I'm looking at. He says such-and-such kicked him. I feel he probably deserved. So disappointing.
      I end up meeting his bully and flirting with him. Silly fantasy gone bad.
    9. Electronic Music Festival

      by , 06-09-2012 at 01:07 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: June 9, 2012 – 7:30AM (USA Eastern)

      I arrive at the location where I am scheduled to set up sound for an electronic music festival. There is a building on the right side and a field on the left side of the lane. There are a couple of RVs and several tents in the field. The building is quite large and it has several large roll-up doors. I stop my truck and trailer full of sound equipment in front of the building, then walk inside to find out where they would like me to park. I walk inside to see that there are several people already working on setting up lights and decorations for the stage.

      I walk around the back of the stage and find the guy who hired me to set up and operate sound. He gives me a strange look, then says, “As it ends up, we're not going to use your sound system tonight. We will hold off and set yours up tomorrow.” I look at him and say, “That sucks.” He says, “I know, but I told this other guy he could have one day.” I ask, “Anyway, which door should I open so that I can pull my trailer in?” He points to the second door and says, “Pull it in along that side wall so you can plug your shore power directly into the main panel.”

      I walk over to the door find the control box which has buttons labeled 'up', 'down', and 'stop'. I press the 'up' button and the door slowly raises, letting out some terrible squeaks on the way up. Once the door raises far enough, I press the 'stop' button and walk back to my truck. I drive inside and drop the trailer right next to the circuit panel, then park the truck outside. I pull out my shore power cable and find that the receptacle of a foreign type that my plug will not mate with. I drop the end of the cable and grumble to myself, “The stupid fucking outlet is never right. I'll fucking hot-wire it.”

      I walk back toward the stage when as start a sound check. The highs are muddy and there is hardly any bass. There are a whole bunch of home-stereo type speakers scattered around everywhere. As I walk by, I see that one of them is being driven to its maximum cone excursion, but is hardly putting out any sound. The speaker cone looks like it is trying to jump out of the box.

      I walk to the backstage area again and see that the guys are moving a bunch of tables from a back room. I look for a moment, then walk back to my trailer and go inside. The interior lights are on, so I turn them off and lay down on the couch and fall asleep. I suddenly wake up to a loud pop sound.
    10. Destroying a Bomb; Zombies; Chinese Taking Nigerian Slaves; Trafficking Cocaine; Fish

      by , 04-27-2012 at 11:00 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Destroying a Bomb

      Three nights ago I had a dream that someone had a bomb strapped to them. It consisted of 3 M-80 sized explosives -- 1 each in black, red, and green.

      If I broke the wires, it would blow, but I couldn't let it stay on the person, so I took my foot and broke through the wires. It did not blow.


      I dreamed there were zombies with powdery-white hair and faces. One had a ware-wolf face. He had the powdery-white hair and face also. He was an outcast even among the other zombies.

      He was trying to climb up on a window ledge, but was having trouble because he wasn't very strong.

      Chinese Taking Nigerian Slaves
      Another Alarm-infiltrated dream

      I was playing a game with some lady. I was a guest in her home I think. The game was like Risk. I was in the position to make a diplomatic tie with China. I wasn't happy about their stand on human rights, but I decided to make friends with them because it seemed better than not doing so.

      I went to a box with cartridges and pulled out the one to make friends with China. That would be a pain in the ass game!

      As I pulled out that cartridge, another came out a bit. I left it, and the lady got a little upset that I left it out. I explained that my dad would have been upset to, but I would push it back in when I replaced my cartridge.

      Then I realized that in real life, China was taking up the practice of enslaving Nigerians. I though, "Oh God! We got over that 150 years ago, and they are just now starting?" I pictured the horrors starting all over again with one person representing everyone who would now become slaves. It was horrible.

      Trafficking Cocaine

      I was in a Semi going across the border to Mexico. I was being stopped so border patrol could check my truck. It had cocaine in it. I now realized I was in trouble because of course they would check a trailer like mine.

      I saw a truck that was parked really poorly. I thought I did such a poor job of parking. Then I realized My truck was actually parked properly.


      I was in the water. I saw several fish. I caught one fish by the tail. It was friendly looking, but had a ferocious looking mouth. It was blue and white.

      At first, I wasn't sure it was a fish, but I looked at it closely and saw what I thought were eyes, which they were. That's when the fish came to life. I caught it by the tail between my thumb and forefinger on the flat part of its tail.

      Someone was with me. I tried to tell them how to catch a similar fish.

      Then I was by a coral reef. It was large and flat, and things could live under it. I was afraid something could come out from under it because I was right there at the edge.

      I saw muscles too. They made me feel a bit uncomfortable.
    11. Reality check failed .. Again!

      by , 03-25-2012 at 03:36 PM
      I was sitting in and open back container--thing of a trailer. My feet was dangling over the edge and I was "focusing"* on counting my fingers on the right hand. *I'm a total cloudhead during my dreams.
      I was counting them, as I said, and sometimes I counted two lesser, and sometimes two more, but I didn't seem to notice, because the counting didn't "count" when I was in wake state (IRL; Dream), and I was saving the REAL counting for when I was in a dream again... Why..?

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. My Aunt

      by , 11-03-2011 at 11:40 PM (The Absurd Adventures of CWHunt)
      Strange fever dream. They are so hard to recall and they make no sense.

      My aunt lives in a trailer. I decide to travel with her in it. A lot of the things that happen are things that happened in my childhood but distorted into an odd dream like way. Hard to describe. Ugh... In still sick. That's all I remember. I need more sleep...
      Tags: aunt, fever, sick, trailer
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    13. A 2-Hour Nap: Flaming Bicycle / Garage Trailer (fragments)

      by , 09-23-2011 at 02:08 AM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: September 11, 2011 – 8:30PM (USA Eastern)

      (Note: When I came home from work today, I was quite tired. I farted around on the 'net for a while, then decided to take a nap that lasted about 2 hours. I had a few other dreams, but these are the two that I can recall anything from. When I woke up, I spent more time being amazed that I just had so many dreams during a nap then I did recalling them. )

      Fragment #1:
      I am riding a bicycle around the yard at my parent's old house. Suddenly, the bike catches on fire. I push it over to the corner where the garden hose should be, but there is no hose. I drop the bike and run into the basement to get a hose. When I come back, my brother had used a bucket to put out the fire. I connected the hose and sprayed the bike a bit more to stop the smoke.

      Fragment #2:
      I try to back a trailer into a garage with my truck, but the front of the trailer is too high to fit under the door. I disconnect the trailer from the truck and my brother helps me push it my hand. Once we get the trailer inside the garage, he puts some chocks under the tires and I set the coupler on a large wood block. Behind the trailer, there are a couple of old lawn mowers and a garden tractor. Off to the side, there are a couple of engines laying on the floor. I walk out of the garage and when I turn around, I wake up.
    14. 28th Shared Dreaming Attempt- Cay's Dream

      by , 09-05-2011 at 04:40 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Cay's Dreams
      -I was on the bus, on a side road that branches off of the main one, which we go down to drop off a couple of kids. Suddenly, the bus came to a screeching halt. People fell out of their seats. We were herded off the bus and into an open trailer, which would seem to be made to accomodate cattle, except for the handrails that resembled those on either side of an escalator. J.G. stood at the front like a tour guide, and cordially informed us that we were going to "experience meat processing first hand".

      -I was attending some school dance. I left earlier than planned, and I'm pretty sure I changed clothes in full view somewhere. Time skip. People were at my house, many of whom I didn't know; in fact, the only ones I recognized among them S.G., D.M., D.Cl., and D.B. I guess it might've been a sort of party. I stayed in my room most of the time.

      -I was on some sort of racing cart with Azra and D.R. I was steering, Azra was in charge of acceleration/deceleration, and D.R. just waved a flag at the back, and shouted rude things at the other racers as we wound through a mucky, wet, mostly brick city that from the accents of the competitors I suspected was in England.

      -I was at my brother's and sister-in-law's again, as I had been the preceding evening. I played with the baby a bit, and wrestled with the dog. The television was turned to an unfamiliar news channel. I heard without really listening, "I lost myself, I lost myse-e-elf...." then my ears pricked up as the anchorwoman began with "Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, 42, died at 12:50 PM today when his flight bound for..." "Dude, what?!" I cried, waking the baby, who cried in turn. "...Yorke was a cult icon who will surely be mourned this evening worldwide." The broadcast ended with the end of "Last Flowers"- "...too bright, too powerful..." and the fading image of Yorke at a piano.
    15. Someone Stole my Trailer

      by , 05-13-2011 at 06:33 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Yesterday iwl, someone talked to me about a 16' trailer I am trying to sell. It is locked to a chain link fence.
      The guy, Noe, looked the trailer over and picked up the lock. I wondered why he would do that. I suspected
      he only came up to see if it was locked up, and after talking to me, he realized it was. It was odd the way he
      picked it up for a second and let it fall as if to say, "This is a cheap lock" or "Oh, it is locked."

      Anyway, last night I dreamed that there were two fences, one for the back yard and one for the front, and
      there was about a 4 foot space between them. It was wasted space. Then, I knew I had to see if the trailer
      had been stolen, so I look back and sure enough it was gone. The funny thing was, it seemed as though a laser
      had sliced the fence in half. The line was going slightly downward and perfectly straight. It was intense for what
      little of a dream it was, just thinking about what would have cut the fence like that.

      BTW, in waking life, I still have my trailer and the guy never showed up today to buy it as planned. I'm going to
      come down on my price today. Aren't you glad to know that?
      non-lucid , side notes
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