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    1. Still lousy recall.

      by , 02-11-2020 at 12:19 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Not a good week for Jamie apparently.

      Jamie 1

      Just a flash of being outside my house. Jamie pulls up in a car, gets out and says, "Sorry I'm late, I got lost downtown." Remembering her sense of direction when she would drive around, sounds about right

      New Cat

      Dreamed I had a new cat (Haven't had one in years.) it was on my bed and it would randomly scratch me. I spent some time trying to figure out what caused it too scratch... But i could figure nothing out. It was either really nice, or would just scratch.

      Jamie 2

      I'm in bed with a Jamie look alike. And Jamie comes home (we live together in this dream.) She looks really upset. She's having nightmares about me meeting a look alike? I've already known a few but so far none can steal her thunder. If she's so worried She should hurry up and seal the deal.


      I was in bed with an asian transgender. Um okay. What other lows does my dream self resort to when I ruin things with Jamie?


      Hanging out with the young dude From the paranormal files. We were exploring an abandoned hospital. Cool.

      What else can I put here in case Jamie really reads these. Well when I applied for my passport earlier in the month. At the service desk my print job had 629 in it.. (A number I've frequently seen in regards to Jamie and Jesus...) I think, "now that has nothing to do with Jamie right?" On my way i see 2 cars with Jamie's initials in their licence number in random order. I wasn't looking for it, it just jumped out on me. Getting a passport BTW to travel to the US to make more haunted videos for youtube. I doubt much success but I have enough saved for at least 2 trips. This is going to be an exciting year regardless.
    2. Daddy issues

      by , 08-06-2018 at 02:26 PM (Exterminate)
      I had a twisted involving meeting my dream dad who I hadn't seen in decades. I had to see him because I was working on a criminal case where a baby was locked into a safe for a length of time. I was able to solve the case because he had done the same thing to me when I was younger. I do not recall if he was doing it to stop the baby from crying or what, but I believe it had a medical connotation to it. He looked kinda like Shaun from Fallout 4 (Spoilers). Apparently he was a rich and famous actor or something. I ran up to him holding some sort of evidence of what he had done. I was about to question him for what he did to me and others and he asked me to come closer. He then pulled off my thumb and the joint. I was in shock. It didn't really hurt yet, but I just couldn't believe he would do that. He just sat back in the car and smiled and said he was not ashamed of what he has done. He was then put into the back of a police car. The police officer then told me they didn't need my evidence, they had all the proof they needed that the man was a psycho.

      Another fragment involved a D.Va racing game. I was watching my brother play with 2-3 other people. Think sonic racing for how it is played. You're constantly going forward and you can use the boosters to jump up and hover a bit. They all were doing pretty bad at the course and it prompted me to want to try. I hooked in a controller, n64 if I recall correctly, and gave it a shot. The course was much more difficult this time around. It had many more jumps and curves and obstacles. Before it was pretty straightforward, but this one had many parts of the track that led to a void requiring you to boost over.

      (Dad in this dream looks like he does irl, the previous dream dad and this dad don't look alike.)
      My dad was going through a very drastic midlife crises. He bought a fancy new car and started to disappear for long lengths of time. The dream picked up with my dad picking up some stuff from the house and going on an unspecified vacation. He had transitioned into a female, sortof. He sounded and looked like a woman, and had lost a little bit of weight. You could kinda see his original appearance and hear his original voice, but he had clearly gone through a lot of changes. I am sure he had started HRT. I was so confused and scared. My mother tried to support him but was afraid she was losing him. He said he had a boyfriend on the side and was trying to figure out who he was. I asked him if I should still call him dad or if I should start calling him mom. I didn't want to have two mothers this late in life. I asked him if I need to call him male or female. Despite his appearance he said he was still male and dad. I wasn't ready to accept such drastic changes, and I kept in mind that he could still reverse the process and be like his normal self again, but I just didn't know what to think.

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    3. Recap, Overwatch stuffs, MORE crimes, and the invasion of Invictus

      by , 05-14-2018 at 05:06 AM (Exterminate)
      Overwatch twitch streamer
      In this dream I was a m2f2m transgender overwatch twitch streamer. Wow, what a combo. I was getting ~20 viewers on average. I was using a facecam and made the mistake of mentioning my real name to the audience. The viewers then searched my past and found some racy photos and private info about me that I didn't want to get out to the public. Turns out I transitioned to female- voice, breasts, and all- and took naughty pictures before getting off treatment and going back to being male. The chat started asking questions and teasing me for my life choices. I had a dream memory of wanting to be a government employee. I was called in for an interview not knowing what specific job I had wanted. They offered me various jobs, and I agreed to an office job. They started the interview for it and I just absolutely bombed the interview. I feared more private info would get out and I panicked. I left a competitive game I was in and immediately felt my heart skip a beat. The entire chat was spamming MonkaS and Pogchamp. I quickly rejoined the game, but was afraid of getting punished by blizzard, the maker of the game overwatch.
      For the record I am and have always been a straight male with no desire to become female in waking life.

      Mascot job and minecraft drop.
      Took a job at a school being a mascot. I was not the only mascot, there seemed to be about 20 of them in total. $10 an hour, not bad. I thought I had another job lined up to start in a week, but it turns out that one fell through. I still had a dress from when I was female from before the previous dream? I didn't use it. Visited grandparents later in the dream, but forgot details.
      Another dream involved going through a 20x20 hole in a minecraft world. It was part of a mountain and the entrance shrunk before opening up to a large area. I recall looking at all the beautiful scenery that showed up from the other side of this hole, and as I was walking along a cliff, someone walking with me pushed a friend of mine down the cliff. It was a very very long fall, and at the bottom was a huge pond. The pond was completely surrounded by the mountains in a circle, so I worried both for the friend surviving the fall and how they'd get back out. The person who pushed the friend down there assured me the friend would be fine, but I wasn't convinced.

      Another dream of me committing a crime..Must be an internal fear. I was super exited to see the POTUS AND FLOTUS in the dream. I had a mini camera. It was a stick, taller than wide, but it was small. Just big enough to peak over my hand as I clinched my fist. I took a picture of the POTUS AND FLOTUS, but was charged a crime for this. I guess it had something to do with unauthorized photography or concealed camera or something lol.
      I had a choice of paying a fine or getting a small jail sentence. I was in the Overwatch League, either in contenders or open division. I was not a pro though, it was like I won a contest or something. Very awkward for me, because there was a warrant out for the crime I had committed. I guess they didn't know who did the illegal act, but they announced what the charges were? I shared with my teammates that I was the one who did the crime and that got me kicked off the team. My Asian dad(Turns out I was Asian in the dream!) tried to get me into the Shanghai Dragons. He bribed the team $5000 to let me on their team.

      A few hours later I recorded these two dreams.
      Visiting brother
      I was visiting my brother. He was super depressed and lonely. He lived alone and was very sickly. I was visiting with a few family members. We visited to try to support and encourage him, but he was very defensive on everything we said and did. He did not want out help and he rejected us. He offered me a soda. I went to grab a glass from the cabinet and found there were no clean glasses. In fact, there was no clean dishes at all. Many were piled in the sink and scattered around the counter and floor. I then saw that the trash was way overflowing as well. I was going to clean a dish and my brother like freaked out. He didn't want me touching his stuff. He expressed that he had no clean laundry and had not taken a shower in a long time either. I pleaded with my brother to please let me do the dishes or help around the house in some way, but he drove me and my family out of the house. I left in tears realizing I may never see my brother alive again due to how sick he was and how sad his life had become. (My brother is in a bad place iwl, but he is nowhere near that depraved.)

      I dunno what caused me to realize I was dreaming, but I looked around me and saw I was in a dark house, with little lighting. To confirm the dream and ground myself I did the nose plug RC to great success. I could breath clearly through my plugged nose. This was a strange occurrence to me, because in the past when I do that RC I could breathe indeed, but it'd usually be as if I was congested or could only barely breathe. I then remembered to check if I could plug my nose and breath through it without using my fingers, but doing so only caused me to stop breathing. I looked at my hands for a second to try to increase the dream's clarity, but it either didn't work or I rushed through it. I then tried remembering my dream goals. I thought for a second, but couldn't figure it out. I then announced that around the next corner would be someone that could interpret my dream goal. I walked around the corner and indeed someone was there!

      ...It was my sleeping brother. I woke him up and told him he was dreaming, and a part of my dream. I explained that he would be the one to tell me what I was supposed to do in this dream. He just mumbled a few words about invictered, invict...something. He then fell back asleep. Figures. I leave this room and walk down a hallway and see a lit room at the end. I go to the end and I see my dad. I figure he must know what it is I wanted to do now. I say that I want to spawn something, and then try to share with him the word my brother tried to say. My dad clarified the word was Invictus. Invictus is what I am to spawn in this dream. Got it. (For the record, this was never one of my dream goals. I didn't know what Invictus was at the time let alone did I want to spawn such a thing.) Invictus is supposed to be some sort of alien invader that would be reaching earth soon. I walk through the hallway and open the front door and say to the sky "Invictus will invade in ten seconds." I then start counting down from 10, while searching the house for a weapon. I can't find one within the 10 seconds I had, so I just got outside and continue the dream plot. I then say "Invictus will invade now." As I had already counted down from 10 without anything happening. I was in a random neighborhood at dusk. The sun was going down and I could only see well due to street lights. As I look for Invictus I hear and see an aircraft flying overhead. A few soldiers then spotted me from a distance and mistook me for one of the alien invaders and shot at me. I surrendered and shouted "I'm innocent!" Then then came closer and put the arms around me and started walking me through the street. I then see 2 Velociraptors run past me as I realize things are getting real now. Some soldiers shoot at the dinosaurs with no success. I then see a dragon on the sidewalk on my right!

      It was a very long yellow and black chinese dragon. The soldiers shot at it too until we got closer and found it was just a kids ride you'd see at a grocery store...Now 8 or so more Velociraptors passed by on the left with a leader dinosaur guiding them. I was about to look closer at the larger dinosaur but I got distracted by a crowd of people chanting to my right. They were shouting what seemed to be political slogans. I thought it very odd until I could hear just what they were saying. They had signs that read Trump 2020 and were saying things like "SUPPORT TRUMP"(To parody the slogan 'Abort Trump') and "All Lives Matter"(Opposed to only black lives matter). They spotted someone who disagreed with what they were saying and the one in charge of the march responded that they should all go and hug the person who disagrees with them.

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    4. Zelda dream

      by , 12-17-2017 at 04:28 PM (BahamutZERO's dreams)
      This dream kinda went all over the place...

      The earliest part I remember was that I was programming a video game, but I was at the very beginning of development. Instead of seeing code, my work was visualized as a physical construction I was floating around in. The program was in such early stages that the construction was just sort of a skeleton made of copper wire and fragile cardboard. I was stuck thinking on some problem, something very technical, like a threading issue. I got kinda lost in my thoughts there and felt stuck and a little frustrated.

      Some time later, I was playing a video game, presumably my own game in a later stage. It looked like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but Link's hat was alive, like Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey. I went to a dungeon. The dungeon was like a grid of very large and empty rooms.

      One of the rooms contained a guy with some sort of a "bonus shop" or whatever (that's what his stand said). I paid him 10 rupees and the room got filled with a puzzle minigame. It was strangely easy and I completed it in like 5 seconds. The guy gave some golden reward item, the item that I went into the dungeon for. Then however, Cappy warned me that he was a scammer, and he gave me fool's gold. I searched for another room, and there I found the REAL bonus shop. Now this guy asked 300 rupees and it was a hard minigame. He gave me the true reward. I guess there's no free lunch in life...

      As I was trying to look for the exit, I came across another room, and this room has a cute black prostitute in it. My dream went quite into detail for this part, but I guess I won't go into that much detail in my DJ entry... well, let's just say I spent some more rupees and my HP got refilled.

      Then I found the exit. Since I found the item, I could now complete the quest. I brought the item to some sort of a shrine. Cappy got a little sad and said goodbye forever to "the old link". Link came out of the shrine, and his gender changed! It's like Link changed into Zelda but it was the same person. Then the game continued as female Link. This part also felt oddly sexual.

      Then I was in some platforming part where I had to climb up some platforms in a jungle-ish area. When I finally got to the top, I found a box. Inside the box was my cat, together with 3 colored packets of wet food and a manual, as if she was a boxed market commodity. I read the manual and it said "Please feed the cat. Open the 3 packets and let her smell them. Figure out which one she likes the most. Then feed her that packet". But I ignored that manual because I know of my cat that she doesn't care what food she gets, so I just gave her one of the packets and she ate it. This is where the dream ended.
    5. Dead Bats/Beatles Campout/Tuxedo Chase/Shopping Drama

      by , 06-23-2016 at 02:03 PM (Book of Dreams)
      4:00 am

      Dream 1
      I'm at my parent's house in my room (thought it looks different than IRL) and there is a bag with some stuff in it, looks like meat patties and potatoes, but when I open it up, there's a bunch of dead bats in it as well. These bats are huge, not just regular small bats. They spill out all over the floor, it's totally repulsive. I think there were some crazy weird beetles, too. I pick up the bats with something other than my hands, I can't remember what I was using, but I didn't want to touch them. I remember their wings were so strange. They were very large and the bones in the wings were as long as drumsticks. When I put them into a new garbage bag, the wings would poke out of the sides. It was a really disturbing image. Now that I'm awake, I feel bad for these little guys, but in the dream I was scared out of my mind.

      Dream 2
      I spent the night in a backyard (not sure who's house it was), in this weird metal spacecraft looking thing. The whole night I was drifting in and out of sleep, and in between sleeps I was listening to the Beatles on an iPod, but they were old songs I've never heard before. Finally, around 5am, I woke up and ran into the house. I think I can remember my mom saying I needed to drive to her house, so I did.

      WBTB: I didn't attempt to WILD, but I did do a bit of positive thinking and mental prep for a MILD. It worked!!

      Dream 3
      I am in a restaurant, and there's all these really hot guys there. We're all eating together, and then the next thing I know we're all lying down on the table, and it feels like an orgy is happening but everyone has their clothes on. I'm not really participating, but someone is holding my hand. The next thing I remember, I'm standing up and I hold my hands out with my palms facing down and push, which causes me to levitate. I'm not lucid, but I think I must have been sort of semi lucid, because I remember thinking "is this going to work?" and it worked very well. Everyone was staring at me floating there in the middle of the room.
      Then there is a break in the dream where I can't remember what happened, but the next thing I know, everyone including me are wearing tuxedos and we're running through the mall (this restaurant was in the mall). I'm with this one guy and we're trying to find a place to "be alone" , while everyone else is running for different reasons I think. We find a gymnasium full of guys playing basketball, and I tell the one I'm with that I'm going to use a Jedi mind trick to make them all leave. In my head I'm not sure if it will really work, but we get in there and I snap my fingers. The guys all start to leave but they're giving me dirty looks. I turn to the guy I'm with and all of a sudden he looks completely different. He's like this small mousey kid and he also looks mad at me and runs away. I run back out into the mall and meet up with another one of the guys from the restaurant. I tell him I can levitate, and I try it again but it doesn't work. He says, "Try looking up at the sky when you do it," I try this and it works for a few seconds. Then we reach these glass doors guarded by two guys (who are also in tuxedos), and they say we have to wait 20 minutes before we can go through. I tell one of the guards he needs a haircut. Somehow they get distracted and we run through the doors. The guards start chasing us. I'm with a larger group of people now, and we're running toward these huge marble columns. I know my best option is to slide down them. I reach the columns and look down. It's a 3 story drop, and I say to myself "I can't do this, I can't do this..." I remember thinking I could try to manifest a feather bed at the bottom, but I know I could still get hurt. Then out of nowhere, I become lucid. Like completely full on lucid. I say "I'm dreaming! This is a dream!" I grab onto the marble column and prepare to slide down. I notice how real everything feels. It really was just like waking life. I realize I haven't done a reality check, and sliding down a marble column could be a really dangerous way to figure out if I'm dreaming, but I really felt that it was a dream and I didn't have time to check so I began my descent. There were little decorative holes in the column that I used to quickly scale down, and everyone followed me. Once we reached the bottom I almost punched one of the guards in the face, but since I was dreaming I decided what's the point. I was so excited to be lucid, but everything started to fade to black. I reached out my hands to touch something but it was too late.

      I was in this black void. I tried to open my eyes but they were like glued shut. So I kept them shut and tried to stay very still. I felt still very connected to the dream world. But nothing was manifesting so I opened them, and I was in my room. I should have done a RC, because this turned out to be a FA, but I wasn't lucid anymore and was just so excited, I remember jumping up and down on my bed and clapping my hands. Then I woke up IRL and tagged it all in my DJ.

      Dream 4
      I was going to the mall with my sister. We pulled up to the front in the car, and there was a car in front of the door, but no one was in it. A little dog was sticking his head out of the driver side window, so I got out and pet his head while I waited. Then the driver, an angry transgendered woman, came out and glared at me. I told her I was sorry for touching her dog and she was really pissed. She dropped her scarf and I picked it up for her, and she was like "yeah..." like it was my fault she dropped it or something. Then she left and I dropped my sister off, then I parked the car. While inside, I saw my high school biology teacher, and we talked for a bit. Then my sister and I went to Sears and had all these coupons. There was a man who was following us and he kept taking our cart every time we'd step away to grab something. I needed new work shoes but couldn't find the ones I was looking for.

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    6. Charlies Kitten, Nat Mc Decision (27.05.15)

      by , 05-27-2015 at 11:08 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      (Details are sketchy due to going over notes to late)

      Charlies Kitten
      I'm seeing this crazy dude, he seems pretty unstable. He ends up going into a cell.
      I'm looking at a naked female on a chair. I soon realize she is a transgender as he begins to hump some kind of bird cage looking thing. I only got a quick glimpse of the bird cage and I was anticipating when he would reintroduce the cage again.

      I'm at a random location inside somewhere. I can see my cat Charlie up on his scratching post. He sees me and begins to get off the post, but I quickly walk over to him so he would stay on it. He eventually jumps down. I notice a small kitten, it must be Charlies baby. Its a lot smaller then it should be. Charlie rolls over onto his stomach, and I place the kitten near his stomach so it could feed. I look over into the poach that's connected to his post and it seems worn down, to the point where I could see some plastic thing sticking up. I fill the poach with some powdery substance, with a bit of laundry powder. Either someone or Charlie was telling me that I shouldn't do that, but I did it anyways. Charlie said that's how he's done all his pregnancies. I noticed that there is more kittens around Charlie, and that they're bigger then before. Dad mentioned something about only being able to have 2 kittens out of the litter.

      Nat Mc Decision
      I was at someone house playing poker with Nat Mc, and brother was watching. At some point someone decided to go ALL IN against Nat. She wasn't sure what to do, and asked me for advice. I told her he played the hand well, as there is a flush on the board, which would beat her hand. I said I would fold, but said to go with your instinct. As I said that, she instantly calls and ends up winning. I had a feeling of not liking that I was wrong.

      I'm messaging the guy that has to do with horses ?Name?. I can see a man standing on his horse? I begin to think of asking him what he was up to for new years celebrations, but didn't want to ask cause I hardly knew the guy and he would think I was trying to organize something with him. I can see UFC spoilers, and I try and avoid it.

      Side Notes
      Even though I remembered one dream last night, I deeply and completely accept myself, and I remember all my dreams tonight.
      Even though I forget to recall my dreams upon awakening, I deeply and completely accept myself, and I recall my dreams upon awakening tonight.

      I remembered to recall upon awakening once or twice, but not straight away.
    7. Transport, culture, halls, and strange stairs.

      by , 06-27-2014 at 01:43 PM
      I slept in a cabin in the woods. Slept from early evening and for nearly twelve ours.

      Very vivid, and clear REM dream. The order of the events are most uncertain.

      Lucid part of dream are RED:

      I am in a rural place north in the country. A few male friends and I have been bicycling there for days, but we also have a car there. We are at a cabin on a mountaintop. A path is leading down a steep hillside to a village on the other side of the mountain. A friend and I is sitting there, looking out on the scenery. My friend is toying with the car keys, just like my 3-year-old son, in a hole going into the mountain. I am warning him, but he loses the keys. We can hear them fall into the mountain for a long time. I am not very upset because of this, much less, than I would be in RL. We follow the trail down the steep side of the mountain and ends up in the village. There is a bus stop, a colonial store, a petrol station, a school and a house for gathering. We are taking the bus back. Later we are going to a culture show at the house for gatherings. My best friend Kristian, who is living in USA in RL and often occurs in my dreams, are there. Everybody in the village know each other. The design of the house from the inside looking out is magnificent. The lines of the windows, a higher floor and a “gelender”, is all lined up with the water outside. Wherever we are in the room, it is like the room is directly connected with the sea. When I think of it now it is a little strange that this not made me lucid. I am conversing about this design with Kristian. There was some music there and the major of the town where playing saxophone. It became a dancing parade through many small corridors. I was in the other end of the building from the major and where delivered a saxophone. The people there would like me to answer the play of the other side. I do alright at this.

      In between all this I am driving an ambulance, (My work in RL) I am at the same type of rural community. The Ambulance are planning to go south. A woman I know from work in RL, is now younger and have bought a new pair of skies. I am washing a very bloody suitcase for the ambulance together with some female colleges. We go out on a call. I am calling Dennis, my former boss and sort of idol in this field of work, to ask for directions to the hospital or something. Dennis is at a party and are laughing and having a good time. I am explaining to him that I am sorry for calling him so late, and saying at the same time that I always call him when I wondering about ambulance related stuff.

      I am in a place with a high sky and the environment is very calm. It is big mansions and gardens. Someone who are with me are informing me that this is a free area for prostitution and other shady business. There is a big commercial board outside a mansion where film clips of what is going on inside the house are screened. This has a ritual and sexual character. Right here I become Lucid. “I am dreaming” I am saying out loud. The first thing that hits me is that I now can go into the mansion without a special permission trough the wall. The second thing are that this, based on numerous occasions, is not what I want to spend my LD time doing! The third thing is that I want to meditate. Right there outside the gate and the house I am sitting down. I forgotten to stabilize the dream and woke. I concentrate on going back to the same dream and manage to do so in a semi lucid state. I meet the main lady from the film and the mansion in the street. My companion or her Butler, I am not sure what he is, has informed me that she own me some free time. She looks worried and stressed out. I am turning around to go after here and catch up with here. I am giving a comforting arm to hold and we are walking and talking together.

      I am in a kind of a movie. Everything we meet on a linear way are directed objects. Mostly they are comedian stuff. We are entering a house and following corridors deep into the building. We are two women and a man, but I feel sort of being one of the women. There is also other people there and this is like a guided trip. The guide, and me gets away from the rest of the people. I am foreseeing that this would happen, and are anxious. The guide is rounding the corner and enter a door, which I just can see shut when I am rounding the corner. I can here flushing, as there is a toilet in there, so I wait outside. Nothing happens so I follow through that door, there is also many other doors. I enter into a hall full of long stairs, going around and back and forth in strange ways. I have sensation of fear and uncertainty about going in there alone, but I overcome it. I am leaping, floating and soaring down the stairs while I have a tingling sensation down my spine. I enter a big room where there is many happy people. I can fly and understand that I am dreaming. I am making up a song while I am flying around over the happy crowd. It is in English. “I can fly, I can touch through walls, (Doing this as I am singing it) I can see my soul.” After I have stated this, I am looking at my chest. I have a black sweater with some letters on. I can see some glittering light coming from inside my chest, like when the sun hits the water, silver or electricity is flowing freely. I wake up to RL.
    8. OpheliaBlue and her Short Yellow Dress

      by , 02-02-2013 at 09:33 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      OpheliaBlue and Her Short Yellow Dress (Non-lucid)


      This dream was like being in another Universe. I mean literally, there's just this weird vibe going on as I'm trying to recall this. I took a nap, and had a lot of random dreams. My dream recall isn't horrible, it's just that I have to wake up early because I have morning classes starting at 8AM for five days straight.

      I don't have as much time to type something if I have to take up at 6:30 AM, Brush teeth, eat food, and then ride my bicycle to class before 8:00 AM. I could try sleeping early, but I don't know, maybe I just have to condition myself to working hard as hell and sleeping early.

      So I'm in spectator mode, and a dream character that looks almost exactly like Opheliablue is looking at herself in the mirror. The area I'm in seems to be a top floor covered with a milky caramel brown carpet that was fluffy. The window blinds were down, but the sunlight was so bright that no artificial lighting was needed.

      This area felt like an apartment complex or something where there are multiple rooms for people. I seem to be coming out of my room or something, and as I see Ophelia looking at herself to see if she looks okay in her yellow dress, I quickly try to hide so she wouldn't notice me.

      She also had red-orange leggings (more on the orange side), and she started to do some pop and lock moves along with snapping her fingers when she does the lock.

      She does some more random stuff, but recalling this for a few days after being distracted, I can't remember everything. I guess she thought she was the only one that was up, and she was enjoying herself dancing in the mirror.

      I can't remember what she does next, so let's shift to what happens next. I get out of my hiding position since she's gone, and I moved forward 5-10 feet from where I was, and then I turn right. I walk passively, and then saw a door to my left opened.

      I go inside to see if there's anyone, and there's a dark-skinned male that resembles someone I know that's probably transgender
      (I'm just putitng a label so I know who it is if I read this later in the future; not implying any kind of discrimination mind you).

      His room is saturated with light violet walls, bed sheets, pillows, mattress, almost everything. He seems to be waking up, and I didn't want to disturb him, and my last memory of him was when he was reaching for a black alarm clock (the stereotypical alarm clock).

      I close the door slightly and gently, and I moved on to the next room that's opened. This time, it was a female, and she also resembles someone I saw in real life as well. I quickly shut the door when I saw her, and it's most likely because I presumed she was just a lame person that barely anyone cared about.

      I can't remember anything after that.

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    9. Transgender Closet

      by , 04-24-2012 at 01:56 AM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      I began my dream as a transgendered African-American lady. I believe I had been biologically male at birth, but had gotten surgery in order to make me female. I had a child, and initially I thought it was biologically mine. Then I realized that even with a surgery to give me lady parts, that didn't mean I'd be able to give birth. I became confused and wondered if maybe the child was birthed by my sister, who was also African-American in this dream. I asked my sister to watch my/her(?) child while I traveled. All I remember from traveling is seeing traffic lights.

      Then I remember being at my family's house, but they didn't feel very familiar to me initially--none of them were my waking life family. I spent some time with my mother and sister, and then became drawn to a closet. Without asking, I determined that my brother had gotten trapped in there recently. My brother had dressed up as a girl, stepped into the closet and closed the door. Once the door was closed and he was inside, the closet refused to let him out. The closet had detained him because he was crossdressing. Someone else had to open the closet door from the outside to let him out.

      While my father (he looked like my real dad) was watching TV, I went into the closet and shut the door. I felt that the transgender closet was a trial I had to overcome, and that it would lead to an epiphany. As expected, the closet door would not open once I was inside. I pried my fingers beneath the door and pulled. I quickly panicked, and for an hour I yelled, screamed and cried until my father heard me and opened the door. The transgender closed helped me realize and accept my gender, not sure how. Once I was freed from the closet, my brother entered the house. He has just finished mowing the lawn. I was very happy to see him, but he didn't want to talk to me out of nervousness and shyness. He was probably uncomfortable because I knew about his crossdressing and his experience with the closet.

      Then I somehow obtained the ability to travel back in time, I believe my brother taught me. I drew two squares in the air with my hand, and that was the key to time travel. I traveled back in time to a couple of places that my dream claimed that I had visited. I time traveled back to the time I was in the closet. Now, when a person time travels, he/she left a sort of square water mark at the places and times that they departed from. Upon time traveling into the closet again, I saw a square water mark not left by me. My brother had arrived and left the closet via time travel. He had traveled to every single place I had visited myself. He appeared to have followed me via time travel, and had showed me the way.

      Then I had a computer screen in front of me. It inquired whether I wanted to borrow books about time travel, and if I had already had experience with it. I declined the screen's offer to borrow books due to my new knowledge and experience with it.
    10. Women on beach, dinner in Washington

      by , 11-03-2010 at 12:18 PM
      Good morning, everybody. I remember two dreams from last night.

      Dream #1

      I was, or was seeing through the eyes of, a pretty girl. The girl had a face like Alyssa Milano, but she was short and very thin.

      The girl was at a beach house. Out the back of the house, she saw one her female friend in the water, about up to her waist in waves. The girl thought that her friend was hurt, not as if she were drowning, but as if something about the water was making her friend ill. So she ran out to help her friend.

      The scene now seemed to repeat itself. Except now I was watching it from a 3rd person view, as if I were watching a movie. Now the woman in the water was the Alyssa Milano-type girl I had just been. She was a transgendered woman, now, too.

      The woman who ran out of the beach house to save the woman in the water was now an Asian woman, slightly overweight, and a little ditzy looking, like the girl from the live action Cutey Honey movie.

      The ditzy woman now had the other woman on the shore. The ditzy woman wanted to make sure the other woman was still breathing. She pushed the other woman's thin, pink tank-top down below her shoulders, even below her small chest. The woman had pink glitter or pink, glittery coverings, on her nipples.

      I now saw this scene from inside the beach house, as if I were myself looking out to the beach. I turned away from the scene. My friend, a girl or a transgendered girl, thin, with blonde and brown hair, and wearing a thin, zebra-striped tank-top and skirt, sat in a big, leather chair, her legs curled up into the chair as well.

      I laughed and said to my friend, "I forgot how in love she (the ditzy woman) is with her (the woman who had been in the water)."

      My friend asked me why I cared so much about those two girls. She seemed hurt. She then looked at me in a sexy way. I realized she'd been wanting me to pay attention to her and play around with her a lttle. I didn't know if I wanted to. I couldn't quite remember if she was a woman or a man. But I started feeling really attracted to her, anyway.

      Dream #2

      I was out in what looked like a driveway made out of smooth river pebbles. It may have been on the right side of a house. I stood by a car with a couple of my family members, whom I don't recognize now.

      We were in some town that people usually think of as a tourist destination. We had taken care of some task, and now we had some time left over. I hadn't anticipated this. So I told my family members they could go spend a couple hours doing the fun things this town had to offer. I figured I'd have some fun, too.

      I went into the house. I went down into the basement. I was now sitting at a very cramped, dirty bar with an old, very overweight man.

      The man was talking to me about how, if you went into the military, you didn't always have to carry a gun. He said, "I knew people who, they went into the Army, and the only thing they ever touched the whole time was a gib!"

      I couldn't quite figure out what a gib was. I just smiled and nodded. But I somehow gathered that the man meant that his friend had worked on some kind of maintenance crew. I started talking about (and making hand motions indicating) a table saw. The man waved me off, almost as if saying I was too young or naïve to understand.

      We were walking back up the stairs now. I figured I still had a couple hours to hike in the mountains of this area before meeting up with my family members. Maybe I'd even hike to our meeting point, which was now, somehow, deep in the woods.

      But the old man invited me to have dinner with him. The first floor of this house was actually a fine Italian restaurant (even though it basically looked like a living room full of tables). The guy sat at a table right next to the side door.

      I figured that since this old guy had taken such a liking to me, I'd go ahead and eat with him and have some more conversation. But I knew this would basically take away all the time I had left for doing anything fun.

      I got a huge plate of spaghetti and meatballs with thick noodles and a lot of sauce. I saw a long table full of family members. I went and sat down with them, on the opposite side of the room from the man.

      It now seemed to be night, from what I could see through the windows. At some point the room became windowless and dim, with sea-green walls.

      I had forgotten about the man. I looked over my left shoulder. I saw another table, a round table, about half full of more of my family members. The man was just now sitting down at that table. One of my family members had invited him over.

      I looked way back in the dim room, to where the man's table had been. The room was mostly empty, bare. But by the door, a lot of older, tough-looking men (who I thought of as Croatians) sat along a big, dark bench. They all seemed to be heavily dressed up in winter clothes. They were talking in a different language, moderately but happily.

      I looked forward again as a young, female family member to my right began saying a prayer in a different language. I was about to tell her to stop praying that way -- the old men would think she was making fun of them. But she said something like, "This is a very sacred prayer in their language. They appreciate the fact that I know it."

      Everybody was talking and joking and eating. I looked across the table and to my left. A few seats down, I saw my great-grandmother. She was alive! She was as small as a child, and she wore a gauzy, crepe-like, pink dress and a broad-brimmed, pink hat.

      I looked away for a moment. I now remembered part of the task we had been here for. I also remembered that we were actually in Washington, DC. My great-grandma had apparently died. We took her to DC for the funeral, because she'd wanted to go there and we had planned a vacation there.

      When we'd gotten there, I remembered, my great-grandma had been so touched by how much we loved her that her body had come back to life. I remembered seeing her in the casket, her eyes blinking open.

      I now looked at her sitting at the dinner table. She was talking with everybody and helping herself to some food. Her hands looked stubby, and she seemed to be wearing a yellow dress. I knew that she could only keep her body alive for a little while longer. I was thankful for the time she had given us.