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    1. 04.22.2016 Project X

      by , 04-22-2016 at 04:13 PM
      I did some different type of awareness exercises yesterday. No mantras, just awareness. Being, and breathing. Interesting...as I was able to recall one really long dream, instead of a bunch of different ones like usual. I think I like this.

      DR 1

      So I am in a HUGE, really nice house. I am supposed to be house sitting in my friends' absence. Some not so good friends of mine have convinced me that I should have a house party. Not just any party- but a huge party- (In my mind, its a huge party, like the one form the movie "Project X"). I am weary, but my girl entourage goes about making plans in the background. The place slowly starts filling up but I am not into it. I'm looking a t a bookshelf of encyclopedias, which I haven't seen in ages. I'm kind of taken by them. One of my guy friends is carrying on a conversation with me but I'm only half listening. He's holding a collection of about 8 bandannas, all different colors. I halfway wonder what he's going to do with those, but he keeps talking about some girl he is interested in. I'm not really listening because I am too busy looking for the encyclopedia that would have Belly dance in it. Its missing. So I skip that and look for Dance. As I'm looking for it, the guy kind of tells me that he's not going to pursue the girl anymore..and out of a kind of disappointment, gives me a pink bandanna. I'm like, ok - did i miss something? He is my friend, but I feel that I know he goes through that kind of stuff all the time so I am not concerned with how he feels about some random girl.

      Meanwhile, people are partying all over the place- drinking alcohol, dancing and getting wild. I'm totally not feeling it, but I'm also not caring. Just letting people do whatever, and... walking around like I have all the money in the world, so I care less what is being destroyed. Then I come to one of the master bedrooms, and its COMPLETELY trashed. The level of trash finally upsets me and I start telling my entourage that people need to start getting the f*ck out of here. Its all done so politely and is hilarious to me in my mind. When most of the people are gone and the bedroom is empty, there are shoes- loads of shoes everywhere. The bed mattresses have been derailed and they are on the floor. I remember telling the girls that they will have to clean those and then replace them because I need a place to sleep tonight.

      There is so much trash everywhere that I can hardly walk. Loads of trash and shoes, all kinds of sizes everywhere. I find a trash bag and I start to try to collect all of the shoes when I see these two guys and a girl taking pictures. That's when I get rude and tell them they have to leave now. I'm really pissed because I am so angry at the amount of shoes people just left here. I am walking behind them and showing them out. The go outside and I notice a painting on one of the walls beside the kitchen back door. Its periwinkle blue with a dainty flower. Someone has spilled some kind of concoction on it so I think I should fix it. I magically get a paintbrush and paint, and start to paint. I fix the periwinkle color so perfectly- it goes on well and I don't need to retouch the flower. I am happy with it- the content feeling I got from last night's dream is back.

      Side Note:

      For the past two nights I have been content doing things...crafty projects and such in my dreams. Yesterday it was the Christmas tree decorating and today its painting. I am getting this content feeling, like I have a flow of energy while doing something. This seems really nice. I also get this feeling when doing these kinds of things in real life.

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    2. Medical Trash

      by , 05-26-2015 at 10:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I just woke up from a dream where I had to sift through piles of trash looking for medical trash (bloody bandages, amputated body parts etc.) so I could then take that found trash and put it in the “proper” trash piles. Also something about lots of poor and destitute people living in underground parking garages that had no working lights.
    3. Cutting Fruits and Vegetables / Trouble at Sea

      by , 11-18-2014 at 10:26 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was looking at a table. A woman was cutting vegetables/fruits, and then she wipes them to a white trash bag, explaining that it's the same (?). Eating or doing something is the same as making the effort of cutting the fruits/vegetables and then just throwing them. I'm unclear what she meant about eating or doing.

      I was looking at a phone's screen. Facebook? I was looking for good wallpaper. There were green-themed ones.

      I was at sea. There was a battle. Or rather, it's years after the battle and people are experiencing a peaceful time. But trouble is brewing. "I" was an old man (in third person). I was giving counsel to the people (one at a time, groan). Something came up. A fight?

      A battle at sea. Underwater. I think this was before the peaceful time.
    4. Kidney Health Video Game, Super Fun Hotel Party, and Overflowing Garbage

      by , 09-18-2014 at 02:19 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was playing a game that looked like it was on a handheld system. It had 8 or 16 bit graphics, I can't remember which, but they reminded me of Gameboy graphics. It was a League of Legends-type game. You'd walk around and kill other players, but your health bar at the top was also tracking the health of your kidneys. It would randomly go up or down and show a percentage off the the side as well, showing how healthy your kidneys were. If you got hit while your kidneys were at low health, you would die. My character had low kidney health the first game, and the health bar kept dropping. There was someone playing with me, walking next to me. I think their kidneys were in better health than mine. I think my character lost their life because of the low kidney health, though I can't recall for sure. I played more than once. I remember encountering enemies and seeing their attacks affect my health and retreating, though even after my retreat, my health still went down. I remember having just a tiny bit left at one point.


      I was in a bar with some friends. We had stopped there on the way to a hotel. I was going to have a party at the hotel. At the bar, I thought I saw my mom, but she looked a little different and was a bit taller. I made note to tell my mom I saw her "twin". When I saw her from the side, she looked substantially different.

      More people started to show up to the bar, David from my old job, Sara from high school, and Sarah from my old job being the ones I remember. Sarah had bought some weed on the way there. I looked in my purse, unzipped the inside pocket, and saw it in there. This was gonna be an awesome party!

      We were then in the hotel room, which had two beds, partying it up. There were lots of people there. Sara was making everyone laugh as she so often did in high school. Sarah was in a blue strapless dress like the one she recently wore at a wedding IWL. I don't know where David was anymore. Anyway, we were playing video games as well. It was a lot of fun. I also smoked weed at some point. I also saw an above-view of the party at one point, almost as if I was viewing the scene from a security camera. I saw some girls that are good friends with Sarah, A and K. I saw that K was walking with silver, metal prosthetic legs. At first I wasn't sure if that's what I was seeing or not, and kept watching her. Sure enough. they were metal legs. I wondered what had happened, but I knew it hadn't happened long ago, and was amazed at how quickly she had recovered and learned to walk with prosthesis. I then saw her walking into the bathroom, one of her legs being kind of wobbly. I had a feeling it would fall off. I then saw her walking out of the bathroom holding the leg. I saw the stump where her real leg had been.

      Then, at some point, my mom showed up. I don't know why, but she did. I didn't want to hear her lecture me as she is so good at doing. I think she did, though I'm not sure what it was about. I don't remember much about this part.

      Then, it was the next day. There were few people around now, as most had gone home. I was wondering whether I still had the weed in my purse. I checked, and there it was. I thought about how Sarah had probably only bought a little for the party, but would buy a lot for herself. I then was wondering if I still had a piece the smoke out of or not. I knew Sarah had taken the piece we were using the night before. I didn't think I had anything but one that was old and broken. I thought about rolling it up in small pieces of printer paper and smoking it. I then thought about how I had already smoked the night before, and how I had just kissed almost two years of sobriety goodbye. I didn't feel an overwhelming urge to smoke though, which was good I suppose. I guess I felt like I could take it or leave it, but I still wanted to take it. I dunno, hard to explain.


      I was in a kitchen, throwing things away in the overflowing trashcan. There were plates and bowls in there that looked like Dallas and I's waking life plates and bowls. They were at the top. They were stacked there because there was no room to put them in the sink either.

      I then saw that my cat had fleas, and was itching like crazy. She had a balding spot on her back from all the scratching. I knew it was time to get her a flea treatment. I needed help giving it to her though, so I went to go ask Cherie' to help me. I walked up to Cherie' and told her I was going to get Ziggy some flea meds (Ziggy was a cat I had years ago IWL; my current cat's name is Belle). We were in a weird place that looked like it was outside also, by the intersection that was close to our IWL apartment. I then told her something about her insurance, and I was getting these letters from it saying they needed something from her, money probably. She asked me why I hadn't told her about that before. I don't remember my response. The insurance stuff had something to do with the overflowing trashcan in the kitchen, though I can't remember what.
    5. More lucidity with Afiel, rainbow butterflies, and the trash man

      by , 09-27-2013 at 06:03 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (This is from September 26, yesterday.)

      I awoke into a lucid dream, however I didn't perform any reality checks, I just knew immediately I was lucid. I looked around and saw I was in some kind of run-down building in a room on the second floor. It was nighttime. I walked out onto the balcony, which had an old wooden staircase leading down to the sidewalk, and saw a man standing under a street light. He looked suspiciously like Karr, but had black hair and giant black holes where his eyes would've been, so I decided to avoid him because I didn't feel like dealing with creepy stuff. I jumped off the top of the balcony and glided down to the street, facing away from the creepy guy, and remembered a few new tricks I'd read about for summoning people in dreams. I attempted to summon Afiel by calling behind me "Hey Afiel, can you help me with this?" like he was already there, however it didn't work, and instead I heard Karr's voice say "I'm not Afiel!" That's when I realized the creepy eyeless guy WAS Karr, so I spun around to confront him but he was gone. After a few more calling attempts, I gave up for the moment and went out to enjoy the dream. For a while, I just flew around the night sky... more like glided, really, because I couldn't keep myself up. I kept slowly gliding back down to the ground, and had to push myself off the ground with my hands to get back up. I wound up at some kind of horse race and took the opportunity to ride a horse, which was super fun. I even won the race and had my name engraved onto a high score board on a wall by the track. I wandered away and into a nearby building, another rundown place made of rotting wood, and saw my mom sitting on a couch next to a bunch of plants. She said hi, but then just sat there like a statue and wouldn't respond to anything, so I ignored her and attempted summoning again. I tried another trick where I walked up to a random closed door and said "Hey, this is the door Afiel is behind!" and then open it expecting him to be there. The first few times it didn't work, but I finally opened a door and there he was, standing there looking confused. He walked around the building, looking at random things, and then we decided to head outside. On the way out, we passed by statue-mom sitting on the couch and her plant collection, and Afiel was immediately sidetracked and went to go look at all the plants, because he's a total geek about that kind of thing. He told me to come over and look at one of them, and when I got closer I noticed the collections of seeds on the plant weren't actually seeds at all, but hundreds of tiny bugs. I thought it was gross and backed away, but he was all excited and kept watching them. When we left the building, it was daylight out, and he suggested we fly to a particular place, but I can't remember where it was he said. I think it was some kind of religious place. He spread his wings and took off, and I followed after him but I had trouble staying up. My body kept doing the gliding thing, and kept wanting to drift back down to the ground, but I didn't want to lose him so I did these awkward jump-glides after him. Soon we were in the wilderness in a big grassy field that was fall-colored. In the background were mountains, and hills covered in colorful trees, and the sky was clear and blue. I saw Afiel pretty far ahead, so I landed and did the lucidity shout to gain more control. It worked in that it made the scenery super vivid, and I forgot about him for a moment and sat there in the grass enjoying my surroundings. I wondered about the "ACME lucidity pills" I kept hearing about online, so I reached into my pocket for them but felt nothing. There was nothing in my other pocket either, but then I saw a large beige bottle on the ground next to me. I picked it up and took the pills inside it, and suddenly everything came into laser focus and I felt more in control. I flew up, now able to fly without gliding, over some telephone cables and up over the mountains, but I could no longer see Afiel. As I kept flying, I came upon an old Mayan temple, so I landed on the steps and walked up to the top to find a door. Behind the door was a pretty Japanese water garden, with lots of people and animals but no Afiel. On the wall was a laminated piece of paper with rules about the water garden and I remember being surprised about how clear the words were, since usually words in my dreams are blurry. I walked out onto the water Jesus-style, among all the lily pads and fishes, and saw weird little mice and cats under the water attacking each other. I reached down into the water to pull out a mouse that was about to be killed by a cat, but I noticed the mouse had worms for eyes and for claws. I freaked out and dropped it, the cat grabbed it and bit it in half. The mouse was actually a robot and had a map inside him, and when I picked up and unrolled the map, I realized it was telling me where Afiel had gone but I woke up before I could make anything of it.

      A dream where I had to go retrieve postage stamps from dad's house, but I was scared of going inside because he'd want me to stay forever. I think I was able to get the stamps.

      A friend and I were walking down the sidewalks at an outdoor shopping center, and there were these shimmery rainbow butterflies that kept landing on my shoulder and following me around. Then we saw some pretty hummingbirds, and my friend could match their pace and keep up with them on her roller blades. I, however, could not, and just ran behind her and the hummingbirds awkwardly trying to keep up, dozens of butterflies flying after me. We stopped in front of an interesting restaurant and decided to eat there, but there was a wait, so we stood outside until it was our turn. The butterflies kept messing with me, and everyone around me marveled over how pretty they were. I think I remember seeing Dale from King of the Hill leave the restaurant and he made some comment about me being an alien. When we got inside, we were seating at separate tables, so my friend was at a table to the left of me and I sat with strangers, and there were TVs at the tables along with piles of DVDs. There was also a big plate of chicken nuggets in the middle of the table, and the waitresses would hand out bags of chips to anyone who raised their hands. I turned on the TV and there was a Disney movie playing, but a guy walked over and said I wasn't allowed to use the DVDs, only employees could. I told him I wasn't watching a DVD, and that the movie was just on cable, but he didn't believe me and turned off my TV and took the DVDs away. I also saw him to the same thing to my friend's table.

      There was a guy who worked inside a huge dumpster the size of a house. He was in charge of sorting trash into recyclable containers, and he worked 24 hours a day and never slept. The dumpster was also full of dangerous snakes that would always bite him. The news channels caught wind of his predicament and kept trying to interview him, but he would always hide from them. Soon, other people were offering to work at the dumpster part-time to take some of the burden off of him, but many of the new workers were bit by the snakes and had to be taken to the hospital. I applied because I had been dating a girl who'd broken up with me because she said I wasn't independent enough, and became a part-time worker in the big dumpster thinking it would make me more self-reliant. I would walk across wooden floors covered in snakes, but they wouldn't bite me and I wasn't scared of them. Instead, I'd pick them up in handfuls and toss them off the walkways. As I sorted trash, I noticed that someone had thrown away a perfectly good TV and the 24 hour guy had taken it and put it in a weird makeshift break room. However, the TV was covered in orange slime and was gross, so I cleaned it up for him and he was super happy for it.
    6. 8/16/13 dream- princess in trouble part 3- Final part

      by , 08-18-2013 at 06:25 PM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      I warn you now, this part is going to be kinda crazy. Here's the map of the layout of the house again for faster reference. Click the picture to make it bigger.

      Spoiler for dream house layout:

      I was freaking out and started pacing around the room, staring at the ring. I didn't know what to do, I didn't want to be married to the new guy, I wanted to be with the body guard. My mind was lost in thought when my best friend rushed into the room and ran straight to me. She put her hand in front of me, boasting about how the new guy just gave it to her and asked her to marry him. This news hadn't made me upset or mad, I knew he was going to ask them too, instead I started growing suspicious. I had a feeling that there was more to this guy then someone who liked to mess with the feelings of three innocent best friends. He was trying to do something else, something deeper, that I couldn't figure out. I sat my friend down and told her about my suspicions. She found it hard to believe and wanted proof. I showed her my ring and told her about he had just asked me to marry him also not too long ago. Her face became blank. She sat there staring at my ring with no emotion at all. It was just then that my normal princess outfit began changing into a married princess dress, my hair went from being worn up to hanging loose, and finally a crown appeared on my head. The deal had been complete, I was now officially the new guys wife. Almost on cue, he entered the room, his cloths had changed too. He was now wearing a red cape and a crown of his own with white spotted fur around the base. He said now that we were man and wife he had to leave and attend to some duties. On his way out, he said something to my other friend, who was standing outside the door to the room. I looked back at my best friend and she hadn't moved, she just sat there with a blank expression. I took my ring off and left the room.

      I had to find out what was going on. The new guy was up to something, I could feel it. I went to his corner and looked around in his trunk. I couldn't find anything incriminating and went to my room, The body guard was waiting for me. My heart tore, and I was expecting him to say he was done with me when he said he didn't care. He loved me and still wanted to see me and that he knew I didn't want to be married. I hugged him and a spark of hope grew in my chest. I spent some time looking around the house for anything suspicious, my best friend had gotten up and helped me look. Her emotions were harder to read then a book with invisible ink, but I could tell that she wanted to find out what was going on as well. My other best friend had become distant and had an aura of big headedness around her. The new guy hadn't asked her to marry him but she seemed so happy, even knowing that my best friend and I were both his wives. My best friends cloths had changed to a married womans dress, but unlike me she wore her ring. Whenever I took a break from searching I would spend time with the body guard, all my troubles went away when I was with him.

      The new guy had been away for a few days before he returned. I was in the sitting room when he greeted me. He went into my other best friends room and closed the door. I sighed and walked around the house, thinking. I couldn't be sure what he was up to. I started to have suspicions that maybe he was after the kings title, but what would he do with it? Our kindgom was gone. I started making my way to the body guard to lose my thoughts in him when the new guy showed up and asked what I was doing. I answered nothing and he went away. I found the body guard near the front door in the sitting room. I grabbed his hand and pulled him outside on the front porch. I told him that the new guy was suspicious of us, and that we would have to be more discreet. I pulled him down the first set of stairs leading to the lake and pushed him in the corner then started making out with him. We made out for a bit before heading back to the front door while He went back inside through the side door. When I made it inside the door I found the new guy waiting for me. He looked at me with a serious look and asked if I had been with the body guard. I kept quiet and he smiled and said he wasn't mad because he was involved with my other best friend too. I rolled my eyes and walked past him. I already knew that and didn't care, I didn't even want to be married to him, he could have her.

      It was the next day when the new guy called everyone in the house for a meeting in the meeting room. Everyone except my other friend sat on the right side of the table. The new guy was standing behind her with his hands behind his back. An evil aura was radiating around him. I knew that his plan was about to start and that we had been too late to figure it out and stop it. He announced that he was tired of pretending to be a good guy (ha good job of that) and he had plans of becoming the king. The only reason he wanted to marry me was to obtain that title, and he only wanted to marry my best friend so I wouldn't be alone when he took my other best friend as his main queen. I told him he'd never get away with it and he seemed smug then claimed I didn't have a choice. He was going to reclaim our homeland and had a plan for making people do what he wanted. I got up and started going around the table toward him so I could get in his face but he held his hand out and I stopped. He had a box with a red button in his hand and I watched as he pressed it. I felt something inside me turn on and I became mindless. I stood with a blank expression, my hands handing limp by my sides. It felt like my mind was trapped inside me. I could see what was happening but could do nothing to control my body. I herd the body guard demand what he had done to me and he answered that I was his puppet. He had put a mind control device inside my brain while I slept one night. He said he had gotten tired of the body guard being around and commanded me to kill him. My body moved behind the body guard and I placed my hands on his neck and started choking him. I tried with all my might to stop myself but I couldn't. I was screaming, trying anything to make it stop. Right before the body guard was about to pass out the new guy ordered me to cease. He laughed and said he didn't have any intention of killing him but he wouldn't let him be with me anymore. He had him locked away in a room then let me be myself again. The entire time, my best friend had sat in silent shock, unable to do anything. I stood still, feeling defeated. There was nothing I could do, if I tried to defy him he would just control me until I was broken. I probably already was. The new guy smiled then said he was going to take my best friend and I down to the lake to cheer us up.

      As we walked down the porch stairs to the lake our cloths changed into bathing suits. He was telling us about how he came down here often to get his mind off things and do some test runs. I was wondering what he meant by that last part when we reached the lake. I stood looking with shock. He had tested his mind control on dozens upon dozens of dolphins (I DONT KNOW how or why dolphins live in our lake, its a dream) He had ordered them to all swim to the edges of the lake at the same time and pile up on the edges. I noticed that there was a lot of trash among them so my best friend and I went along picking it up to try and make things easier for them. I wasn't sure what he wanted with them and he wouldn't tell us. We worked our way around the edge, picking up trash. Every now and again a dolphin would hand us some with its mouth. Once I tripped and a dolphin helped me keep steady. I saw some trash on the water behind the dolphins so we climbed over them and got in the water to gather it. When we were done we swam to the cement shelter and climbed up the ladder to get out. We were standing still, looking out over the lake with the new guy watching us when I woke up.

      I know this was long but I wanted to get the rest of it done. I hope you enjoyed reading my long crazy dream. It was crazier for me when I dreamed it. Thanks for reading
    7. Swim

      by , 04-22-2013 at 06:29 PM
      4/22/13 -Same dream, varied ending-

      I'm in the middle of NY, it's evacuated. Tons of trash rustles about in the wind. I turn around to see what's going on. The sun it bright and blinding, I'm surrounded by abandoned parking garages.

      Out of nowhere water begins to rise. The first time I had this dream, I died instantly from drowning. The second time I had this dream, I remembered to swim up and survived.

      Now the water recedes and the streets are even filthier than before, debris piled high and I feel hot (temperature).

      -Wake up-
    8. Opossum; Nice Place to Wake Up

      by , 01-03-2013 at 12:27 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I saw a opossum in my back yard. I told a family DC to watch. I quietly opened the door as I do IWL when I want to chase something away. I then ran outside, picked up a bag of trash, and rat at the opossum. It didn't move, but when I tried to throw the trash at the opossum, I had trouble in my dream.

      I then picked up a deflated football to throw at the opossum. I ran up to it and saw it sitting next to two other footballs. I think I threw my football at it and missed.

      I then decided to kick the opossum. That almost worked, but not really.

      I now look around and see that my lawn is half mowed. I had mowed part of the lawn with my push mower. The grass was so high in other places it was ridiculous. Why would I have pushed a mower to cut it? There was a strange path cut in the yard. I decided to get the rider and cut the rest of it.

      I was then on the rider. I had to drive it up into my truck. This posed a problem IWL the last time, but this time I had more ramps, so I just drove up.

      Then I started slipping back down. I went up again, then started slipping back down again. I had to open a metal door on some building and drive through it which required a bit of maneuvering. All of a sudden, I was riding shotgun with another person who was driving, except that I was sitting backwards.

      The other driver seemed to go right through the metal door without maneuvering the mower, so I was pretty happy. In the lawn, I see three trees. They grow with about 8 thin trunks as thick as those on a Crate Myrtle. I forgot what they were called.

      Then the trees were cleared. My daughter said I should have kept them. She said they grew pairs. I asked if they were edible pairs and she said "Yes." I considered she may have been right, that I should have left the trees in place.

      The End

      Nice Place to Wake Up

      I dreamed I woke up looking out a window that was about 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Outside was a kind of valley that was about 15 or 20 feet wide and 15 feet deep. There was a granite retaining wall with trees lining it, but I remember likening it to the mountains that were in the background. I thought how perfect it was that the "mountain" came down to where the retaining wall was, and then trees naturally grew along the wall/mountainside. The bottom line was that the landscape was very old and there were trees (though they were young trees) that lined the hard walls very naturally, and then, in the background, it was a gorgeous natural, mountainous landscape.

      I dreamed of this twice in succession. I commented that that is where I would like to live.

      Dream skip

      My wife is at a restaurant. It feels like it is in the same area as where I woke up looking out on the beautiful scenery I described above. So, she is sitting up at the bar and she orders a pupusa. It is going to be expensive, but it is supposed to be a fantastic pupusa.

      It seems to be covered in a purple corn sauce which is not how they are actually eaten IWL, but she was happy to have it. Someone sitting next to her, in our party, was ordering something also. I felt bad because it made me want to eat, but I didn't want to spend so much money at this expensive restaurant.

      The End

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    9. Claymation Game; Not so Vacation

      by , 04-29-2012 at 04:41 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Claymation Game

      All I remember from this dream was that there was a game with a cartoon of a claymation dinosaur / dragon. It appeared to be about 6" tall. There was a goal to do something with a ball which was about 2" in diameter--I forgot what. It looked like a beach ball with different colors.

      Once the goal was complete, there was like an extra point to be gotten. The dinosaur had to just touch the ball, and the ball would disappear, or be absorbed by the dinosaur or something.

      I didn't see the game play, but it was time for the dragon to touch the ball. He touched it with the base of his tail, but the ball didn't disappear. The dinosaur looked at the ball a little confused. He leaned into the ball more--nothing. Then he fell on the ball to make stronger contact with it, but it didn't go away.

      Not so Vacation

      I was at a beach with my first girlfriend. She was with her new man. I was thinking it was time to pack and go home, so I started to pack.

      It was really difficult getting all my clothes together in the suitcase, but I wanted to get it done so I didn't have to do it later.

      I saw my old girlfriends cloths and noticed a black, corduroy Nike shirt that I liked, and a shirt with a seagull that I used to like a lot. I wished I had them. Her clothes were perfectly folded.

      She told me we were going to stay at the beach until Friday which was a few days away, although it was Thursday. I had a lot of trouble figuring out how much time we could stay at the beach because of this discrepancy, but I tried to enjoy the fact that we had a few days of vacation left.

      I wanted to go to the beach, but the bathroom was dirty. There were holes in the bathtub and other places. There was trash stuffed in all the holes, and it wasn't easy to get out, but I couldn't take a shower with trash everywhere.

      I didn't want to go to the beach knowing I couldn't take a shower later, but I didn't want to spend my whole vacation cleaning the bathroom.

      Eventually I joined the party. I asked if the beach had shells I could look for. R said, "Yes." I looked out the window. The beach was above us, which I thought was odd. I saw nice waves and lots of shells. There were so many shells, it didn't even look nice to walk on the beach.
    10. 01/12/12: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

      by , 01-12-2012 at 09:49 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
      I am at a Walmart with my friend Alicia. We are looking through the store for nothing in particular, just browsing and chatting a bit. I look at a few items, I look at a couple of outfits that I think won't fit me and then I look at the reason why they won't fit… a display of cupcakes and cookies…

      I think maybe I'll get a single cupcake that way it will be a onetime indulgence rather than something I keep doing over and over. I pick up the cupcake and without thinking about it I start eating. No one says anything to stop me and I finish it soon, absently tossing the wrapper in a trash can. Alicia and I go to the front to check out. I go to pay for my cupcake and I realize I threw the wrapper away… I have nothing left of it! What I am holding is two empty toilet paper tubes… um… I have no idea why I picked those up… but the cashier is giving me a strange look at the idea I am looking to pay for them. So I figure I'll just go throw them away while Alicia checks out. She has selected a couple items including shampoo and soap.

      I go over to a trash can and toss the tubes in and then I do a double take. There is a huge stack of paper in there, it looks like someone emptied a file cabinet or something. It is not dirty with other trash and it is clearly recyclable. I grab a cart and take the paper out so I can put it in a recycle bin somewhere. I notice some of it is even blank, I can use that! I look back to make sure I have it all, I have taken a stack about a foot tall! There's a bit more paper, and someone threw away a perfectly good binder! There is also a school text book in there. It isn't one I have interest in, but why throw it away? Donate it to Good Will or something! I take the backpack, binder, and book out.

      There is a bit more paper in there which I also take. Alicia is there beside me now asking what I am doing. I comment to her how wasteful people can be. The cashier who checked us out is also looking. I ask her if she can believe someone threw all that away instead of recycling and donating. She says she had thought the same thing when someone threw it in.

      Alicia and I are walking back to my car, I am wondering how I am going to keep the paper from going all over the car. I decide I can put some of it in the backpack. I open the backpack and find a pair of sneakers in there that look brand new! I wonder if they will fit me… who would throw those away?! I am looking at the sneakers and thinking if they don't fit me, maybe they'll fit Alicia. I am about to try the shoes on when I wake up.
    11. Taking trash out & WILD attempt

      by , 08-31-2011 at 06:56 PM (Land of Crossroads and Memories)
      The first dream I remember having was that I was scrambling to take the trash out since the dump truck was on our street, currently picking up our neighbors' to the left of my house. I put them out, and I think my dad's car was backing up by the side of the road. I couldn't see the driver, and the rest of the dream I can't remember or it ended there. A little bit later after eating breakfast, I went back to bed to see if I could have an accomplished WILD. It wasn't my first time trying, so I pretty much knew the drill. After awhile, I was 'watching' a dream about myself in the past, about three years ago or something like that. My age wasn't any younger, and I was inspecting some of my dad's tools that he used to have, one of them being a black flashlight. I said something like "Dad, I remember you having this flashlight." It was dark throughout the house (the location being my current home and in my little brother's room), and he needed some light shone on something.

      Across from the room occupied by us, one of my brothers woke up and looked at us, to which I told him "Go back to sleep, this is a few years ago, and you were only a baby at that time." I understood that I was watching this dream, so I tried entering it... I got too excited and woke up... I have a problem with getting too excited (happens every time I attempt a WILD), and I need to figure out a way to remain calm.
    12. Cat in a Bag (Err, Purse...)

      by , 06-15-2011 at 08:21 AM
      sorry for missing caps, etc.: too lazy, on my ithing, blah blah blah... you get it.

      So this isn't gonna be very detailed cause it's been a while since I had this one so I don't remember much.

      I was at a garbage dump type of place, a big lot surrounded by a short rusty fence and a mound of greenish brown trash in the middle. There were seagulls circling the top of the crap pile. There was a guy there in a dirty blue jumpsuit and a milkman hat who was shoveling trash from the mound and throwing it in another smaller mound. So basically his job was to shovel the trash around for no reason... lol poor guy. I went up to the big trash mound and started digging around (ew), and i found a brown paper bag. I opened it up and there were a bunch of kitties in it, and a cat (mom I think.) I grabbed the bag and showed it to the trash guy, asking if I could take them since I didn't think they should be thrown away like that. He told me I could only take one, somethinb about having to fill his "dead cat trash quota". I grabbed a gray one and gave the rest back to the trash man. For some reason I had to hide the kitty though, like it was illegal to have it or something? I don't know. But anyways, I put it in my purse and very carefully walked home.

      Something happened happened on the walk but I don't remember...

      I ran in my 'house' and locked the door. The place was actually like a really dark and scary dorm room. I think I had a roomate but I don't really remember. I dumped the cat out of my purse onto the table, but it was flat as a pancake and dead.

    13. Registering Myself for the LD Game; Back at my Old School; Homeless Kids in the Trash

      by , 03-24-2011 at 05:51 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was waiting in line or something trying to register myself as a character for the LD Video Game.


      I was back at school in a class with my head on the desk. I was asleep. I knew I had to wake up to get to my own class. I was already late, so I made myself wake up. I was scared about getting into my class late.

      I got up and as I walked out, I looked at the teacher. She didn't look at me. As I looked for my class, I said hi to an old acquaintance by his last name "Zski" (though I used his complete last name). I said hello to an old teacher "Mrs. Jpe" (used real last name), and I gave her a hug. I saw an old friend "Swn Tnnt." I was nervous that I couldn't find my class room. What was I, stupid?

      The End

      I was walking along outside when I saw a large trash can--the type supplied by trash companies.

      The lid was open and there was a girl about 5 yrs old, and two babies in the trash. They were sleeping--kind of. I was terrified for them. Someone with me stood up inside the trash can.

      I told the DC to be careful a few times, but he/she kept almost stepping on the head of one of the babies. Finally they weren't standing in the trash can anymore.

      I asked the girl who was the care taker of the babies if they wouldn't rather just sleep outside in nature, but I realized that that could be dangerous

      I was thinking about helping them somehow. Then there were only two girls and they were older now. One took off her pants the way entertainers do with special pants designed to come completely away by ripping them off. Both were cute.

      Then I was with my brother I think. He climbed into the back of a pup-truck and I followed. I told him he shouldn't sit on the tail gate, but he wouldn't listen. I don't really know where we were going.

      The End
    14. dreamBirthday Party + Fragments

      by , 02-28-2011 at 01:13 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      dreamBirthday Party

      I’m in the car with Pehry. He’s driving pretty recklessly with someone else in the front seat telling him to slow down. We take a sharp turn into my dad’s auto shop. The parking lot is full of tiny cars for children but exact versions of their bigger counterparts. I keep saying I want one, and then remember that I “have” one, a tiny tan minivan. It’s parked out back.

      We get out and go into my dad’s shop. It’s a party inside; it’s my birthday! My family and friends are all inside. No one pays too much attention to me, but in my dream world this isn’t strange and I am content just walking around looking at the things in the shop.

      I walk over to my Nana who is sitting around a turntable. There are old nursery rhyme records all stacked on it. I go through it and each one is colored and decorated with story elements: one is green with a frog, one is red with a pony, one is blue with a bear, etc.

      My mom comes over to me and gives me a little ticket. It says “dunk house” and I interpret this as a ticket for me to go into one of those dunk booths at the fair. I quickly give it back to her, and she explains that my Nana is in the dunk house at the fair this year and with this ticket I can dunk her no matter if I hit the target or not.

      Everyone keeps doing their thing at this mini-party and Autumn comes in from somewhere. She has her school bag, and I “know” that the door behind me connects to a few classrooms. Because she’s really big, everyone gets nervous and kind of moves towards the middle of the room to make room for her (she’s not THAT big).

      She comes over to me and talks about missing a certain project that she’ll have to re-do.

      “What? No, that project was that we had to listen to records in class. Why would you have to do that out of school? It’s so easy and dumb,” I say. She has her usual bad attitude and just shrugs her shoulders and says mean shit about everyone around us.
      Someone outside is driving a specially-made car.

      “Isn’t that the car Marty made that runs off blood instead of gasoline?” I say.

      “Yeah I know about Marty,” Autumn retorts as if it’s “cool” to know Marty and she wanted to make sure I knew that she knew about him. We talk about how the problem with the car is that the blood soaks through the seats and stuff so your clothes get bloody and you can’t keep papers on the seats and stuff like that.


      I walk into a really small classroom. There’s a substitute teacher (who is an actual teacher at a school I went to) and a chocolate cake sitting on the only table in the room.

      “Fuck yeah!” I say as I come in and sit down. The kids behind me are excited too: cake and a substitute. I have déjà vu (or perhaps I dreamed this before, or perhaps a dream memory) that I had been to this class and had cake before.

      I get a little embarrassed because I don’t know how to sit without being too close to anyone. Kate (a…friend of mine) is here. We all take big slices of cake and talk about dumb things.

      We have a project to do in class: listen to a few certain records. The teacher changes from the substitute to my old U.S. History teacher.


      Jack, Heather and I are looking through a big dumpster of metal scraps, looking for good pieces to put into a trash compactor. We are having a lot of fun doing this.

      Fragments of Fragments
      • A room made of zebra print. Not painted over or wallpapered, but the structure is the patterns of zebras.
      • I check a letter written to Morpheus, looking for a response. I go through sheet after sheet, looking for markings.
      • I go downstairs and make myself toast.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. Whole school in rebellion... an angel?

      by , 01-09-2011 at 06:37 PM
      Sometimes in my dreams my mind will create things that i havent seen or heard of before. Sometimes its a very vivid place, or people, and the creepiest thing are the WORDS. People tell me their NAMES, and I don't know who they are. REAL, probable, concrete names. I can't remember any specific dreams where this has happened but a few, but i know its happened plenty of times. Here's one dream that had a name in it, and was very deep and meaningful.

      I was at my school, (It wasnt really my school, I just knew inexplicably that it was my school) and it what nighttime. (All of my school- related dreams happen at night) I knew immediately when I entered the dream that something was very wrong. I was in some sort of class, and everyone was agitated, including the teacher. She was tripping over her words and her eyes were wide. All the students were whispering urgently, and people kept getting up and leaving. I looked out the door and I heard loud voices, and people were hurrying back and forth.
      This part was hazy, apparently I wasnt feeling good and had called my mom. I somehow was in the lobby of the school. I heard the panicked voices from the hallways and an unending trickle of kids were running out the glass doors one by one. I looked out the doors at the sky and saw ominous stormclouds in the dark sky. I was very confused and went to the office to ask someone if my mom was there yet, and more importantly, what was going on. I walked in and not a single soul was there. it was very quiet. I left the room and went outside.
      The walls were splattered with trash and food and paint. Certain areas of the wall were more splattered than others. Kids all over were leaning against the walls on their backs, evenly spaced, all in the same fashion. Silent. Determined. They glanced at me and then glanced away, fixing their eyes on some point in the distance. Some of them had cellphones or gameboys with them, some were bouncing back and forth on the wall, using their upper back. I turned to see I was inches away from a ve-ery strange boy. He had near-shoulder-length, messy white blond hair. his eyes were either black or dark brown, and he had fair skin. His pink lips were in a tight line, and he had earbuds in. his eyes pierced my soul for a split second and then I turned away, I had heard the familiar sound of my moms door slamming. I turned to see her car was pulled up, and that she was looking around bewildered at the kids who were running down the street like maniacs.
      I motioned to her to wait, because i had to use the bathroom real quick. (I actually didnt feel the sensation I had to pee, I just knew I needed to.) I went into a stall, and the rest of the bathroom was empty. (I dont remember actually peeing) I came out and started washing up when I turned to see a lady standing behind me. She was tall and thin, flatchested, and wearing very plain clothes. Her hair didnt look too soft, and it was light blondish yellow. Her face reminded me of my aunts, but her eyes were of a young girl. She seemed to be emitting a silvery light.
      "Hello. I am ____"
      I know she said a name there. (In my dreams, by the way, I never use my ears to hear. I just know that people say things) It was something similar to Lissia Sedan, one name began with an L and the other an S, and the first definitely had an S in it somewhere.
      She told me something, ( I am simply FURIOUS for not remembering it), and I remember that it was VERY, VERY important to me at the time. Something along the lines of, "This looks bad, but stay strong."
      Then she was gone. She didnt just dissapear, it was less sudden, like she was there and then she wasnt anywhere. i dried my hands and ran outside, and hopped into my moms car. We sped away and she asked me what happened.
      Then I woke up.
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