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    1. Competitive sword cleaning turns into a monster jam

      by , 05-06-2012 at 02:58 AM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      I and a group of other people were being forced to competitively clean swords that were covered in dust and minerals. Initially I was using a large piece of wood to scrape the dirt off of the swords, but then the person managing us came over to me and handing me a large hunk of cement to use. It was too heavy for me. Two other men became fed up with the tasks and tools we were given. They hopped up on horses and made their way toward an exit: big, heavy, red wooden doors. Everyone else tried to stop them, but the men barged through.

      Through the doors came several dead ladies. Their skin and dresses were white like chalk, and their eyes were slits in their faces with blood flowing out of them. I ran. Few places were safe, so I wound up in another dead and monster-infested part of town. I fled into a building and met a girl. Three monsters had followed me, so the girl released magic to destroy or repel the monsters. She slumped onto the floor, her hair now lank and black. We weren’t safe in the building, so we discussed moving to another part of town. As we talked, her energy and magic slowly came back to her. Her hair turned bright pink. Apparently her hair was a gauge for how much magic she could use, like a mana/SP gauge.

      Together we left the building, traveled in the monster and dead-infested town, and came upon a small house to find shelter and food. The house was not in a safe part of town either, but I contemplated whether I should stay in the house. The family was so pleasant to me and my fellow traveler.
      Tags: dead, travelers
    2. Extreme Sledding in the Mountains

      by , 10-23-2010 at 09:25 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      My mom suggested that I take a Spanish class at the community college. I didn't really want to go into Spanish, so I decided not to. I walked around the small college, which was probably the size of a small house, and found a cute porch. The porch was a slab on concrete with a fence built around it, but off of the porch was a steep, snowy hill. I decided to sled.

      As I was sledding, I realized that I was probably somewhere in the mountains. The hill had become less steep, but I couldn't see an end to it. I picked up a lot of speed, and the natural scenery was beautiful. As the wind continued to whip my cheeks as I sledded in my little purple sled, I saw 2 figures in front of me. I put my leg out to stop the sled before I hit them, but the force was too strong. Fortunately, the impact wasn't too bad.

      "Watch where you're going." One of them says. I don't remember if both of them were boys, but I know that at least one was a male and the other could have been a female. I wondered what they were doing out here. Looking around me, I noticed that the entire perimeter was composed of just a snowy wasteland. Snow and mountains as far as the eye could see.

      "What are you guys doing out here? Would you like to sled with me?" I asked, noticing that I could see my breath.

      "We're on a mission," One of them says sternly. He looks out to the horizon.

      "Well, the sledding out here is really fun." I say. The two begin arguing amongst themselves.

      "How did we manage to even get here?" One of them says.

      "I thought that the library was that way..." The other person responds.

      "Well I don't see a library out here!" He shouts.

      "No shit captain obvious!"

      "We're in the middle of freaking nowhere thanks to you."

      "You're always blaming this shit on me!"

      "If you guys are lost, seriously, the sledding here is really nice and fast," I said, interrupting their argument.

      "Looks like we have no choice," One of them says reluctantly. Somehow they both have sleds.

      We continue sledding down the hill until we reach the bottom. At the bottom there is a small stream which leads into a large pond. The two begin arguing again. I decide to leave them there.

      After climbing horizontally up the hill, I come to a library (Hahahaha). I want to research where I was, so I look for books about the mountains. Instead, I find a book about Blind Justice (~Torn Souls, Hurt Faiths~). Inside the books are beautiful pictures from the story, and I am amazed that our library has this. It explains the story in depth and I was surprised at the book's version of the story.