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    1. A meeting with my manipulative friend fragment and finding treasure in my house | [05.08.2020]

      by , 08-05-2020 at 04:36 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      A meeting with my manipulative friend fragment
      My father has already opened the door after the doorbell rang and my manipulative friend is there and I quickly put a sentence together. The sentence might be an apology to him, something I am trying to prevent myself doing.

      Finding treasure in my house
      I and my father helped some dangerous looking guy with dark skin. He sort of reminds of some guy I knew once, Darren. He wants to find some sort of treasure. At some point he might have had other people helping him, but in the end he was alone with us. The house was somewhat weirdly structured. We were searching around the door to the garden. There is lots of things on the wall you could climb on, and lots you could miss. In the end he finds it and tells us to leave. But I sort of knock him out and find it as well but he woke up again and I run up the stairs towards home. Then one of his partners comes along and says something along the lines of "What do you think you're doing up here, hm?" but I say something like "Of course I can be here, I live up here!" and they say something like "Yeah yeah..." and leave, going down quickly. And then I hear my father talking to the guy from the beginning to distract him so that I can get the treasure. But I notice that the guy would be facing me and that he might notice me anyway because he could hear me so I didn't take the chance. Then I went outside and then ran in and just tried to get the treasure, but he stopped me. I thought about saying that he'd get half, but I didn't know how much the treasure even was worth. I also thought about just knocking him out again, but I thought I wouldn't be strong enough.

      This was after multiple MILD attempts. I woke up multiple times throughout the night and tried to do a MILD nearly every time. Because I woke up often, there were probably some WBTBs.

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      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    2. An Unwarranted Treasure Hunt

      by , 07-25-2018 at 01:25 PM
      Morning of July 25, 2018. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,846-05. Reading time: 1 min 20 sec.

      In the morning, Zsuzsanna received a message about a contest from an unknown sender, but I am wary. Although it seems like a legitimate competition at first, it turns out that a gangster had buried a jewelry box near our house (that in my dream is first a variation of the Loomis Street house and near the southwest corner, though the sidewalk is not present.)

      Eventually, several unfamiliar men are near our house. They look for their buried jewelry box for the valuable items inside. I see them as intruders and realize at this point that it is not a legitimate contest, but that unknown men were using an area of our yard to hide their loot from other criminals.

      I hit two of them with shovels, but I think they might have guns. I want to protect my family, but there is no logic in not letting them get what they want and leave without bothering us, so I wait. My family remains inside our house during this time. Eventually, the gangsters are no longer present.

      Our house changes into a version of our present home. Two female police officers are in our kitchen. Each of them is wearing a blue bikini and a black trench coat, which makes me think they may not be real police officers.

      I go outside to see them digging in two areas of our backyard. There is a police car parked there, and that could mean they are real police officers. I ask them if they are real cops. One of them looks at me with an annoying glance, saying that people only use the word “cop” on the Internet. I remain unsure if they are real officers, but I slowly wake as it now seems as if they are gardening rather than looking for loot.

      When I was in middle school, a female bus driver, as my schoolmates were boarding, was angry upon hearing someone say “cop.” She said people should not say “cop,” because it was disrespectful.

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    3. 1,340 words

      by , 06-24-2018 at 10:00 PM
      Went to bed around 830.
      1,340 words.
      0 L D’s.


      Round 1 of dreams. I woke up after an hour or two of sleep. No dreams yet.


      Round 2 of dreams.

      I originally remembered a little more, but did an RBFA, and forgot parts after that.

      I remember being in a library with a few other people. We were talking about how nap time was after lunch. I said that I was taking a class about napping... During that time! So I wouldn't be able to nap. But once the class ended I would be a master of napping. And be able to use that time to nap.

      I remember something R M was worried about. Not quite sure.

      I remember something about religion being the main problem. There were books and some kind of group to join about de-programming from religion.

      I remember being at the back of 24. There were some containers of liquid hanging from the door. I wondered if it was my spinach shake, or gasoline. When I went to smell it, it didn't smell like gasoline. I went to double check it with someone else.

      There were un-blended leaves in it. At first I was going to dump out the liquid and save the leaves for later. Then I decided to just make a whole new one since this one might be old.

      I remember driving around a place where I could loop around. There was something about an animal covering its ears by a tree. It didn't like the noise.

      I remember playing a Pokemon game. I felt like I was in the Team Rocket Base. I walked around. A square painting thing on the wall emanated some green lines from the corners, like it was lighting up.

      I went up to it. It said I got the "Ten Ups". As I continued playing, I thought what those might be. I figured they were a way to Max Revive the other 5 fainted Pokemon in the party. Five ups would be regular revive, to half H P.

      Then I woke up and recalled. My amount of recall surprised me. I let myself RBFA, re-playing it in my mind. By the time the morning came, I had lost a few things, but still re-remembered a good amount.


      Round 3 of dreams. I don't know what happened here. I think I must have woken up at this point but maybe I didn't. I don't even remember recalling anything.


      Round 4 of dreams.

      I remember being at my college house. I kept drinking a little alcohol to help reduce my anxiety. I was getting really nervous before social events. 'Why am I even drinking?' I thought. I decided to be 100% sober and just accept the nervousness.

      I remember being in a field with pugs. I had a little pug. There were some big pugs in the field, too. Someone had like 20 pugs, of all various sizes.

      I asked if my pug could join them. They were mostly black pugs. One little pug was climbing up the fence post like a spider.

      I remember a scene with construction. I was outside the door of a building we were working on. The bottom of a hammer was taped to the door. Two of them. It was just the oval of laminate wood that had ripped off. I tried to put them more in plain sight. Someone else there objected to me moving them. But I thought they should be moved. We argued a little.

      I remember being outside a pool type of place. R S was eating. He said not to photograph him while eating, because he was a model.

      Then there was a part with water and boats. It was a treasure hunt thing. We were all looking all over the place for the treasure. Time was almost up.

      I remember a plank led from something over to the boat. I started to have visions of something being near me, but when I looked, it wasn't there.

      I followed the vision and dove into the water anyway. My vision said there was a platform there with a black treasure chest. When I swam accross, there was a platform there, with a black treasure chest. However, it had already been there, and we had already opened it.

      The last time we opened it, it had another black treasure chest inside. When we opened that, there was nothing of interest. I kept opening the treasure chest anyway. There were more layers of a smaller treasure chest in each one.

      After I had opened 5 or 6, and they had gotten progressively smaller, I reached a treasure chest with a bunch of money. I was amazed at how many hundred dollar bills there were.

      Time had just been called. We all gathered around the coordinators. I showed them that I had won the 672 dollar prize. There was a money order included with places to fill out my name. As well as the hundred dollar bills. I considered giving 100 to each person around me but... Decided not to! They were kind of mad at me for winning it.

      I woke up from that part and recalled it. Then went to RBFA.


      Round 5 of Dreams.

      There was something about sponsoring someone in a program. I kept not having enough time to meet with them. There was a bunch of stuff I had to go do. I thought I could read the person the questions from the book and they could answer as they drove. I remember being in multiple locations, nana's, 24, and a few others.

      Then there was something with S. He had a place set up. It was like an obstacle course. Within it, there were some obstacles.

      At the end I remember seeing cereal boxes. It seemed like he wanted people to buy the cereal at the end. Some was chocolate, and some was peanut butter.

      I tried to reassure him that his business model was good. The cereal box said something about how gum should only be chewed for 4 minutes per piece. 'Wow, I never knew that!' I thought. 'Why?'

      As I thought about it, I realized it might be because the flavor goes down to a point where it doesn't taste good any more. 4 minutes seemed like a really short amount of time. I haven't chewed gum in years. It contains too many chemicals. Anyway, my view changed to seeing a waterfall kind of thing. I think it came from watching Just Around the River Bend.

      In another part, there was a kid helping me set up some weights. I was doing rack deadlifts. My weights were some where around 400 pounds. I thought I might be able to squeeze on another 2.5 pound plate on each side. But decided against it. I figured that much weight would be enough.

      I remember a part with a guy who could scale a wall. It was like the walls in my high school gym made of cinder blocks, then coated over with some kind of plastic stuff. There were places that indented a little around each cinderblock.

      "Is that how you scale it?" I asked. I think his answer was yes. I tried doing some myself. I might have climbed up and not known how to get down.

      Then I was near a table. Someone was playing with a squirt gun. I think L was eating something with tomatoes.

      T squirted a squirt gun up at us from where he was sitting. On a lower floor. I thought L would be mad, but she just laughed.

      So, I recalled those, then played through all the dreams in my mind, until I felt like writing them!
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      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Race to the Treasure (with Laverne & Shirley)

      by , 12-15-2017 at 06:15 PM
      Morning of December 15, 2017. Friday.

      In my dream, Cubitis is featured, though impossibly, the front yard is covered with ice and snow. (I have not lived in or been to Cubitis in real life since 1978, though it remains a common setting in my dreams to this day.) My dream self is not fully aware of the past status of Cubitis, though. It is rendered more as an incidental setting than having real-life associations with my childhood and teenage years.

      I am vaguely aware of my conscious self identity but not of my present address or recent personal history. There is a treasure hunt occurring. I am a part of it, though seemingly not a main participant. Laverne and Shirley as the television characters in the original series are present. They seem to be two of the main participants.

      There is a vivid and otherwise realistic segment where a life-size version of the Matchbox car Alvis Stalwart BP Exploration Vehicle is present. It approaches from the northwest. It is somehow functioning as a snowplow. It is nighttime. I am amazed by its size and power, though I am not sure who is driving it. (I know they are one of the treasure hunt participants.) The loud noise it makes is vivid. I know I have to get to where the treasure might be before it catches up, though I am only walking fast. Despite the snow and ice, I do not feel very cold. At one point as I am moving through the area towards the south, still just south of the front yard of the Cubitis house, the headlights of the vehicle shine on me a couple times. I try to dodge their beam, yet I do not feel that much concern. (This is likely a subliminal factor of being vaguely aware of daybreak and not wanting to wake up yet.)

      Eventually, even though I am still outside, I come to an area that looks somewhat like a large hall of a house, though it is still implied to be an outside area. (By way of real-life comparison, it is probably where the south neighbor’s carport would have been.) I notice fast food wrappers and some papers among piles of books (emergent consciousness symbol) and other items to my left. Laverne and Shirley seem confident about finding the treasure at this point. There may be a letter from someone, or another clue, revealing where it is.

      I realize that we are nearing the end of the area that had been designated as part of the treasure hunt. I wonder if the exploration vehicle is still somewhere nearby. My dream’s setting, still implied to be part of the outside treasure hunt, is now actually a bedroom, though with at least one wall (and possibly the ceiling) missing.

      Laverne and Shirley are now annoyed that the treasure may actually not exist. However, I soon notice an A4-size transparent plastic envelope that is full of shiny gold coins. It is vertically upright and pressed against the south wall just behind some other items. They look like Australian two-dollar coins, though I am aware that they are twenty-dollar coins. Laverne and Shirley are sitting on the bed at this point. I give it to Laverne and soon notice another container of even more gold coins. It resembles the A4-size plastic box that we keep some documents in, though this one is more transparent. I ask Laverne if I can have some of the coins, not considering that they should all be mine anyway, as I am the one who found them. She cheerfully agrees that I should have at least some of them. I awake while looking at the supposed twenty-dollar coins sliding out of the first container onto the center of the bed, ready to be counted. (The bed is oriented from east to west. Its association with where it would be in respect to where my dream started is unknown.)

      The lifelong recurring dream distortion of outdoors transforming ambiguously into a setting of partial indoors appearance or implication towards waking:

      The reason for this seems obvious. Many dream settings have a bilocated essence (especially in the last scene) but also sometimes transform illogically from an outdoor setting into an indoor setting without the dream self paying any attention to the impossible change. It seems natural that this happens as the emergent consciousness becomes more active and aware of recent memory and consequently, with obvious but subliminal realization of being in a house in reality, which becomes rendered as such during a sustained waking transition.

      More so, many of my dreams end with more defined dream state indication, in this case, the common “returning to bed” prompt. (Even so, there are sometimes literally prescient threads synthesized into the event, two recent ones for me being precognition relating to our oldest son becoming very ill and another dream that was precognitive of our roof tearing off, resulting in an indoor rainstorm and having to endure a noisy tarpaulin over our house for more than a month now.)

      Not television influence but song influence as dream state indicator:

      The “Laverne & Shirley” influence is likely unrelated to the television show other than the incidental presence of the characters. This is more about dream state indicators, which are very common in my dreams. A dream state indicator (or dream sign as I personally use the term) is a remnant of conscious self association with dreaming and being unconscious (not necessarily recent) carried over into dreams without active lucidity. There are different levels, for example, first-level dream state indicators of beds, being undressed in public (as one does not typically remain dressed while sleeping), not wearing shoes, and many more. In this case, it is song memory, which is more likely to influence the unconscious than stated affirmations. The line is “We’re going to make our dreams come true”. I have not seen the show in many years.

      The unexpected connection to real life:

      The Matchbox car I dreamt of yesterday (the flatbed truck with the house on back, listed as “Truck with Site Office”) as its status as a Matchbox car (though there were two in my dream of different colors of which I explained in that entry) and the Matchbox car of this morning’s dream, which appeared as a life-size vehicle (listed as “Alvis Stalwart” BP Exploration Vehicle), happen to be number 60 and number 61 (following the order they appeared in my dreams on two consecutive days). The question is…why? I have not owned, held, or even seen these toys in real life for nearly forty years that I know of. (I may have seen images on the Internet, but that would not have been for some time. Our children have Matchbox cars, but mostly only the newer ones.) The enigmas that my dreams render have always fascinated me, especially dreaming in every specific detail possible of Zsuzsanna in my childhood years, long before we met and married in real life. A joyful puzzle these Matchbox cars present, possibly. As a child in elementary school, I was in the playground one morning when my best friend Toby crossed the street from the front lawn of the school building. He was rolling the Matchbox car BP vehicle over his face, seeming very intent on showing it off. I already had one like it, having gotten it weeks previously, but I did not tell him at the time.

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    5. A Pirate’s Treasure

      by , 07-06-2017 at 01:06 PM
      Morning of July 6, 2017. Thursday.

      Dream #: 18,462-05. Reading time: 1 min 52 sec.

      I am on a pirate ship. There is a cheerful mood. As time passes, there is evidence of a treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean. One man finds a note with instructions from a pirate who had died years ago. On it, with the latitude and longitude of the marker’s location, it specifies what time to retrieve the chest, implying any other time might result in the treasure being lost or resulting in a threat.

      The ship sails to the location the lost treasure supposedly is. There is a marker floating on the ocean’s surface. Someone pulls the rope that has its other end tied to the treasure chest below. Briefly, I consider, if the timing is wrong, there might be a sea monster or gigantic fish on the other end of the rope, but this does not occur. For a time, I see an underwater view as one of the pirates pulls up what first seems to be a small but weighty chest.

      I watch the chest coming up out of the mud on the ocean’s bottom. Close to where the rope connects to the chest, I see the remains of a human arm entangled in it. This arm is tossed aside without concern when bringing the chest aboard.

      After the chest is on the ship in the center of a large cabin, about five or six pirates remain nearby. At this time, there is a bilocation of being in the kitchen of our present house.

      The captain opens the treasure chest, and at first, there appear to be piles of gold and silver coins as well as jewelry. He takes out some of the coins, which seem stuck together. He gives a few pieces to a few different pirates, though I get the impression it is not an equal division. They may work out how much each man receives later.

      One of the pirates snaps his horizontal cluster of fused supposed gold coins in half. It turns out to be fake and made of plaster. Another pirate does the same with the silver coins. The mood changes to disappointment, but the outcome does not seem that important.

      I approach the chest and find a hidden compartment under a false bottom. There is anticipation amidst the group of perhaps there being a treasure underneath. I lift it to see several brochures for a modern casino. There are also three notes of foreign currency (possibly Indonesian) as a gift to use in the casino. The situation results in amusement.

      I carry the bills in what is now the kitchen of our present home (without my dream self recognizing it as such) as I walk towards our back door. The pirates are still with me.

      “It’s three dollars,” I say. There is a sense of amusement rather than disappointment.

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    6. Dragons, Treasure and Death

      by , 12-27-2016 at 11:10 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I'm in another world with dragons, samurai and some form of magic. Many heroes are looking for a hidden treasure, but fail to find it. A small, bald old man stands on the edge of a jungle, on a cliff. In front of him about five kilometers away there is a massive chasm in the side of a mountain. I can see a cavern full of treasure inside the chasm. The piles of gold are massive.

      The old man flies down to the treasure. A bit later a boy dressed like a warrior follows him. He rides a massive dragon made of water. A magic spell he knows, I assume. He also has two small dragons following him.

      The boy enters the cavern full of gold and confronts the old man. I'm there with my brother as well. The boy is angry that the old man has been hiding the treasure all this time. The old man tries to calm him down by saying it was for a good reason. I look around and spot a huge egg. It's the size of a house. There's a metallic serpent coiled around the egg that looks like a colorful jewel. It looks quite pretty. "You have a dragon egg here?!" I ask, but before he can say anything, an adult red dragon enters the cavern. We all spread out and get ready to fight. The small dragons that followed the boy try to attack the red dragon with fire. It does nothing. The red dragon rears it's head, preparing to turn us to ash. Just before the flames reach me, the scene ends.

      I'm in an ancient Japanese city. My brother was killed by the dragon. There is a statue of my brother in the middle of the town. There's writing carved all over the statue, memorable things my brother said. People have a large brush and paint over the carvings with ink, like writing them again. It's my turn, but my hands shake too much to use the brush. I dip my hand in the ink and swipe over the word "No". I walk away and fail to hold back tears. I bawl and collapse into a little ball against a wall.
    7. Big treasure

      by , 03-08-2016 at 01:48 PM
      I was held prisoner by a group of people who wanted to know where my treasure is. They tried to get information from me. It was surreal. They treated me by saw... that they will cut me limb by limb... And they wanted to demonstrate it...
      There was a mound of soil in that room. And they started motor saw and they cut into that mound. And I heard sounds of pain... sparkles sprung from that mound. Then that small mound jumped and there was man jumping from the soil... it was visible that he had chains on limbs, and that motor saw cut through them. He wasn't wounded. Stop!, he told them we must do it other way, give him a shot of drugs. I understood that they will give mi injection of something what would make me speak about everything I know. I tried to run, but they caught me.
      I felt the stab of injection and I felt the change in my mind state in response to it. But it was different... I was in control. While I couldn't run away, I was in total control of my body and mind at once. I felt my consciousness to rise. Shortly after I got injection I let my body collapse down lifelessly like. My tormentors started to dispute... that they got me too much of drug. Inside of my mind I laughed. They tried to wake me. To provoke some reaction from my body- there was none So they waited. After a long while I had enough to be in not very comfortable position and I faked waking up. They immediately started to ask me questions. I felt something in me that wanted to reveal my secret but my consciousness was much stronger. I started to speak rubbish. Totally random rubbish
      At last, they let me go. They decided to observe me and find out where treasure lies that way. I was walking up the hill through open woodland... and I felt that they are observing me. And I was walking up and sat on big rock above abyss... bathing in rays of reddish sunset light... And I spoke loudly and clearly "This is my treasure!"
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    8. Treasure at the bottom of the pool

      by , 12-15-2015 at 07:01 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm at a long, one story house with a terrace and a low roof. The sun is hot and the light has orange undertones; the garden is dusty and the trees and bushes are darkened and leaveless. I'm here to baby-sit three kids: a girl in here late teen, a boy slightly yonger and a girl barely out of toddlerhood. All three are dark-haired and rather cheeky. I take them to the pool behind the house to cool everyone off. The father, an whale of a man with a walrus moustache, makes a rude comment about the contents of my bathing suit and I dive into the pool. The water is warm and murky, the bottom of it full of slurge. My hair obscures my vision and when I wave them out I see that a whole wooden boat is embedded in the thick slurge of the bottom of the pool. I resurface and swim to the side to get out of the water. It runs down my body, making dark puddles on the stone terrace. I tells the family about the boat and the father is very excited about it, making it sound like there is a treasure in there somewhere. I have to keep the children from trying to explore it, and I'm annoyed with the rude father not thinking about their safety and oogling me.
    9. 23 Jul: Treasures

      by , 07-23-2015 at 10:17 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am on an expedition in a remote place, looking for someone who got lost or something. Instead, I find a treasure: many ancient Buddha statues and Guru Rinpoche statues, filled with precious jewels and sacred substances, including a yellow powder, I've no idea what it is, but all my colleagues seem to desire it greedily.
    10. #100 - museum crypts

      by , 07-23-2015 at 07:08 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dream 1 - Museum Crypts
      I'm walking around someones property, it's a large grassy hill with a big house at the top and a big museum off somewhere to left... It's dark out now, I'm with someone but I don't know who, they don't seem important. After approaching the house at the top of the hill I walk around it, I distinctly remember looking up at it from the back and seeing it from a specific angle, which comes back later on...
      Next I go to the museum, there's a crypt in there and some treasure to be found, dungeon booty. I progress through a marble entrance and then down some steps and find myself in the first section of the crypt, there are guardians here that defend the crypt, I kick the shit out of them... They seem to be lesser beast and stuff.
      One more thing I should note... I'm immortal in this dream. People can try kill me but it never seems to damage me, and I also never seem to age, making me officially a bad-ass in my mind .
      One of the guardians is a vampire , but not the lame sparkling kind -.- ... He looked exactly like Ben Kingsley and wore a dark sinister outfit with red trimming, in his hand he held a demonic looking sword. I met him as I was continuing my descent into the now-evil-cave-like tomb, where he stopped me in front of the final gate.
      I knew that a special 'key' was needed to get in. It was made of three pieces, of which I possessed 2.. The key looked like a 1 metre long stone snake with ruby eyes, and I had the tail and mid-section of it. The vampire was particularly powerful, he killed my friend via decapitation and vowed to stand at the gate to prevent anyone from entering...

      After suffering a demoralizing defeat I retreated. Some time must have passed as I seemed to have forgotten about the crypt, maybe 10 years?
      Now I was with some new friends, one of which was the owner of the house on the grassy hill, he seemed young (20s) and had white hair, we went with a few others to the house and found it was burned down :/. I see the house from the same angle that I viewed the building originally, except only the framework was left, which was blackened and charred... We decided to go check out the crypt next.

      We're walking through the crypt and encounter some weaker guardians, like stone knights or something. I kind of feel the memories come back, realizing I hadn't warned my comrades of the dangers here... We then encounter the gate, which a menacing man stands in front of, facing us with a blank stare. At first he seems lifeless, we walk around him and I suddenly start to remember him as the guardian vampire... I now realize he isn't actually dead . Well.. I mean he is a vampire so he is technically dead, but you know what I mean.
      Next comes an epic battle, he surprise attacks my friend by kicking him 50 metres away where he slams into the other side of the room... we're all pretty damn strong and end up fighting him in something like a 5v1 showdown. I get the last piece of the snake and place it in the gate. Not sure what really happened to the fight, but we're now inside a huge treasure room with mountains of gold, gems, and jewellery. I think the battle starts continuing on behind me and I make a dash to a ledge.. On this ledge there's a nearby cat too, I think? I see a beautiful necklace with bronze wiring wrapping around three gems of sapphire and think to myself that my girlfriend would love it.. So I take my school backpack off and put it in.. Then I wake up..

      Kind of got random towards the end as I was starting to wake up.

      Other dream fragments:
      -Walking down the geology hallway talking to a professor.
    11. Underground world of cyclops

      by , 05-24-2015 at 09:56 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      With two friends we found a huge passage to the center of earth in my basement. We decided to jump down there. Falling down we saw many caverns, full of glowing crystals, until we landed on top of a rock pillar, barely standing in place.

      I jumped down. Everything was so huge, I felt like a rat. Suddenly I saw a cyclop walking in the distance. He made loud stumping noise while walking. I tried to sneak past him to a treasury that surely would be there, but he saw me, and smashed me with his foot like a bug. His foot was very heavy.

      After a while I reappeared in the basement. This time I prepared myself better. I took a pickaxe and jumped down. I landed in one of the smaller caverns. There was palace of the chicken king there. He used help of some well armed human warriors to enslave other humans, and forced them to work in his chicken farms.

      I landed in front of the chicken kings general. When he spotted me, he tried to enslave me. Somehow I made a loyalty cascade within his people. I shouted to one of them to kill him, but another one appeared and told him, that death would cleanse his sins.

      I still insisted on killing him, but the second warrior took out a dagger. I told him "I'll cut your hand off if you'll try to stop us!" and took a short sword. Then the warrior that wanted to help me turned around and say "No! You want attack my friend!"

      I decided to run away, and jumped down the passage. I landed close to my friends. When I was upsent, they found a puzzle box that made everyone shrink. We used it on ourselves, and cyclops were unable to see us getting to their treasure.
    12. Underwater Treasure Hunt

      by , 02-06-2015 at 01:24 PM
      Morning of February 6, 2015. Friday.

      I am swimming underwater in the ocean, in an area between Antarctica and Australia. However, the map I view at a few different later occasions in-dream is incorrect. Relative to Antarctica, it has Australia in the same general location as where the bottom of South America would be in reality (rather than the other side). This incorrect concept and related vivid imagery does not trigger any thoughts of error at all. The map’s location is not defined; it is more like a dream within a dream that I mentally visit for some reason, though looking somewhat like a computer monitor. I am looking for millions of dollars in old coins at the bottom of the ocean. It actually seems like I am only about twelve or so feet underwater at the most. Most of the ocean bottom is white sand and light-colored rock.

      There are pirates rather loosely involved in the plot, but there is no conflict and the group only appears a bit later. However, there is one male who is tied to a weight or underwater object in a way where his head is just able to remain above the water. This seems like some sort of punishment (I am not sure if they are intending to come back for him). I try to help him while I maneuver in a small boat but am unable to.

      It is quite enjoyable exploring the underwater realm. I am still able to breathe somehow, without any gear. I find everything from fairly modern pennies to Spanish Doubloons, which I hold in my hands at times, some of the coin types being in clusters on their own in certain areas. I am “collecting” the coins and occasionally other items, which also apparently end up in an undefined additional realm, like some sort of abstract “pocket” location somewhere. (I do not see them again after I “collect” them - I am apparently teleporting them to a safe location where I live.)

      At one point, another male swims with me. I think he is the captain of a ship but I am not sure of his identity or whether or not he is actually a pirate. He may actually be connected to the British Navy. At any rate, he seems to have only mild interest in the treasures on the ocean bottom though I do have a vague sense that others may be exploring the area and taking coins and such in a day or so. I want to find as many as possible before others arrive.

      There is one smaller cluster of about five silver coins that are actually fake Spanish Doubloons. Several real Lincoln pennies are also closely scattered in the same area with various levels of brighter shininess down to dull coppery matte. The other male does not seem impressed by the cheap replica coins and I feel slightly embarrassed when I pick them up to show him. He seems to want to focus on these rather than nearby very valuable coins.

      Other than various types of coins, there are also old pocket watches here and there (association with time being valuable, making sense of time, or time in investigating dreams being valuable - being underwater represents exploring the deeper levels of the self).

      I am not sure if the submerged man is going to be freed (he possibly represents everyman or how I see everyman), but I greatly enjoy exploring the ocean floor. Oddly however, I do not notice any fish or aquatic plants at any point.
      Tags: coins, ocean, treasure
    13. Finding treasures and selling Real Estate by accident

      by , 11-17-2014 at 11:21 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Finding treasures and selling Real Estate by accident (Non-lucid)


      I was going into some sort of treasure hunt, but this was indoors. At some point in the dream, someone dug a whole on the ground and there was a treasure chest, it was buried and full of dirt, but looked something like this:

      We were about to pull it up, but someone came so we placed a huge iron lid on top of the hole. A while after, I went back to the room and I saw that the hole was much bigger. I figured my friend was in there and said:

      "Dude... don't be obvious."

      Now, instead of just dirt, I saw light and some pathways, so I jumped inside the hole and I could saw long aisles with a lot of doors and rooms, all of them fully furnished. Most of these rooms where furnished with very old school furniture, mainly made out of wood and iron and I believe there were no electronics at all, even the lights were touches.

      I somehow got out and I was in front of a huge state and some people was there interested on seeing the house. I figured I could not show them the house in that state, but I explained features about the house. I wondered why I got into this since I do not even work on Real Estate, but they appeared very happy and we went to a picnic table to talk about the house. I made very good friends with them and I figured someone would be proud because I sold the house, as they wanted to move in immediately. I wondered if I could also get someone to rent the house uphill from my own house.

      I got inside what it is my house, but now it was a bar loaded with clients and I had a boss, who was a bartender but also a Real Estate manager, telling him about the house and that the clients were on their way. I was kind of thrilled and wondered if I was going to get paid or something. I also had a lot of thoughts, very inspiring thoughts, some personal, some I cannot recall and despite I was not lucid, I was in a state of bliss and hapiness for some reason.

      I got into the bathrooms and I wanted to shower, but I could not find my things and I was wondering where was my own bathroom and not public restrooms that is what I found. Also, I was now naked and worried my "clients" would see me but naked and get upset and not buy the house.

    14. 10/26/2014 - "Maritime Mercenary Mayhem"

      by , 11-04-2014 at 06:00 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Seems like cops and mercenaries have been recurring elements in my dreams, lately...

      "Maritime Mercenary Mayhem"

      Spoiler for Short Version!:

      This was a crazy, long dream. I really don't remember all of the details, but will do my best. I was with my family, and we were having a small party. Sometime during the night, the neighbors ended up calling the police, and there was a huge ordeal about it. The cops turned out to be mercenaries (again), and we found out that the reason they were messing with us had less to do with our noise than it had to do with some hidden treasure, that they were after, thinking that we had something to do with its disappearance.

      There was a lot of action, in this dream, and we were in constant skirmishes withe these mercs. I remember being out on the water, and the mercenaries had some sort of cliff-side fortress, on a peninsula, which we were trying to storm, conceivably to get a hold of whatever treasure it was that they were looking for. My allies and I died many, many times and I just kept re-spawning back in the same place, destined to repeat the scenario. (Likely a throwback to Edge of Tomorrow, but the fortress reminded me much of Alcatraz in The Rock.) It became less about us trying to get away from the mercs than it was about trying to beat them at their own game.

      It was around this time that I realized I was dreaming. We were heading back to the fortress, on a small, military-style motorboat. My best friend T was now with us, even though I don't think he had been there the whole time. Now lucid, I was revved up and ready to face this mercenaries again, and I was expressing my excitement to T, talking about my lucidity and trying to get him to join in, once the fighting started again. I took a look at my hands and grounded myself into the dream, hoping to make it last as long as possible. Off to one side, an enormous mech suit or robot towered about waste-deep in this ocean. It looked to be Godzilla-sized and had a shiny, metallic-gray body with blades that stuck out to all sides. T commented on it, and I told him about how it just had been standing there, throughout the entire battle, immobile, and was nothing that we needed to worry about.

      When we arrived to the small, waterside fortress, which had two tall towers rising above the jagged rocks on one side of the shore, it was all-out war, once again. At first, I stuck to using firearms, as I had done earlier in the dream. We pushed into the towers, making our way up through the levels, periodically ducking in and out of cover while mowing through enemy after enemy. Just as we had completely taken the upper-hand, I found out that one of the girls in my group, to whom I had been really close, was abducted from the fray, in a tank, and taken away from the tower, further into the mainland. From the top level of the tower, I could see the tank speeding away through the dirt, maybe 100 yards from the base.

      I planted my feet, bent my knees and then launched myself into the air, flying straight through the roof of the tower (not sure if I broke through or phased through) and into a high arc over the rocky terrain before dropping me, feet first, directly onto the body of the tank. Through the front window slot, I could see the mercenaries scrambling to attempt to attack. Both the machine gun and cannon began whirring around in my direction, taking aim on me from point blank range. (This is surreal, now that I look back on it, because even though I was standing on the front of the tank, the cannon was, somehow, short enough to still be aimed at me.) I laughed at them and told them that 'this was my dream' and I was in control, standing my ground and egging the weapons to begin blasting away at me. When the firing began, I pushed my hands out in front of me, feeling the bullets bouncing harmlessly off of my palms, along with a couple of explosive shells which did no more than their smaller counterparts. I just kept all of my focus on pushing away, and it created a sufficient enough barrier that not a single shot was able to penetrate. When the shooting ceased, I reached one arm down below the barrel of the cannon, planting the other one on the deck. I then shoved the cannon upward, trying to bend it up and away from me. Instead, the barrel didn't bend, but rather the entire top portion of the tank ripped open like the lid of a wet cardboard box, exposing the two or three terrified mercenaries (and female hostage) within.

      My memory gets really muddled, around here, and I don't remember much detail. I know the fighting went on, but my recall skipped ahead until sometime after the ordeal was over. T and his girl were pulling up in a car as if they were picking me up. I, still being lucid, walked toward the approaching car and phased through the front of it, turning around to sit in one of the back seats. We all got to talking, and they were being pretty 'hush-hush' about something that they had 'brought back' from our ordeal with the mercenaries. No sooner did they say this than a few ghosts of our earlier allies (who hadn't re-spawned back to life) poked their translucent heads through the back seat (having been stowed away in the trunk). They said they were smuggled off the battlefield and that there was some plan to bring them back to life. Though I was happy to see them, part of me figured that the mercenaries would find out about this, and would soon be chasing us down again.

      That's all I can remember.

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    15. 8/25/14 Asian Hostess Club In My Hometown?? = DILD

      by , 08-25-2014 at 07:46 PM
      8/25/14* Increase recall due to RRC?!! Also better about staying still in bed going over dreams during awakenings. Also stomach issues. LD again. Little day practice. Mostly some RRC and couple of extended RC's.

      Determining if I am in the Serengeti by the sound (possibly due to much chirping IWL, window open). Some argument between others directing me to about where the Serengeti begins and visual of cloud shaped outline designating the borders of it. It seemed more like a forest in the dream.

      Using self diagnostic tools before going to doctor may be useful. I pull over on the way to hospital to check? Look up? (maybe not really...but maybe for me who doesn't like to go in unless I think serious or doctor can help me. I wake with strongish stomach pains...bloating? Read about supplement?)

      Adventure two boys. Me and #son ? Bundle of cash #money #treasure . Looking for place to bury it. Where did we come from? (RRC) Doesn't matter...son wants to get a map to mark spot to bury. Only matters where buried. Going all around, like childhood runaway adventure fantasies. This is great! Wife joins us later? She's shopping at garage sale. I'm waiting for her and kids playing in front of me. Protective dad comes. I say "hurry honey" so he knows I'm not just watching his kids, I'm waiting for someone. Now he's friendly. Go in his house with 3 guys inside, one from Apple software skinny curly hair comes up to me. Do you like smart games? Yeah...Hard sell for kids though. "Do you know X from Apple?", I ask. "He works with cell phones." 3 guys all overly friendly... gay?

      "Kyle Orton" is boss but I do not connect his name with the football player. job stacking stuff, falls, shirt untucks, he thinks I'd be good for lead academy...also CPA II position...he explains...ah like a buyer.

      #coins in quarter machine. 3 $5 bills..one fake...maybe all? Junk and coins and #money below in cabinet of machine. Machine gives tokens darn. Day residue. +++

      Someone is babysitting. black boy sleeping in closet bottomless. Not big. Someone pulls him out. He farts like crazy and laughs.

      Mild #earthquake or dream?

      Heading to #league game in WC. We have 20 minutes to get there. Rest of team goes in bus..I'll meet them there got to get something first. #lostMyWay in circular streets with artery down middle. See mall on GPS map, can park there and ask for directions. Lady says go out through there and if you get lost you can call the #police ? On way out on left there is an Asian club like they maybe have overseas (but here!?) with sexy hostesses or escorts?...I just know i'm dreaming! There are two #sexy women at entrance seated.
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