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    1. Friday, February 21

      by , 02-24-2020 at 10:32 PM
      I am coming back from a trip with Dad. I am driving and it looks like we’re on or by Geiger Grade, though the area looks less developed and like we’re a little farther away? I comment on how it feels like it took no time getting back. He agrees. I think he drove there. It had just been dusk, but now it seems closer to twilight or darker. We are out of the car and by a small lake or pond nestled between some trees and hills. There is another family enjoying this place too. There is a sense of vacation or seemingly endless summer nights.
      Tags: driving, trip, water
    2. xxxiv.

      by , 09-08-2018 at 11:40 AM
      Non-dream stuff - woke up at about 8:30 again, so I know that my alarm is being able to wake me up again. Still didn't have enough willpower to not stay in bed and slept another 2 hours again. Remember one of the non-lucids.

      Dream sequence:
      I remember being in this office/computer room as I am in now to write this DJ, or perhaps a similar room. I remember then being in the kitchen and I was talking to my partner about an appointment I (actually) have next week. In the dream the appointment's location was somewhere in Illinois.

      My partner was somewhat upset because we hadn't made any preparations at all and it was actually impossible for us to drive there. We would need to go an a 6-hour flight (which is inconsistent with the real distance, which would take longer) and then there was some kind of transition.

      I was now in a plane, which actually looked like it had a fair bit of room, but the plane wasn't on an airport. It looked more like it was in the middle of a town and people were all waiting for take-off. The plane had a layout I can't really explain or detail, but it was not at all like it should have been. Some people were complaining that things were falling apart, and I think my dad was there commenting that it was fine and that actually those parts were not crucial.

      A man next to me spoke in my native language and voiced his own concerns, and I tried to tell him that it probably really was nothing to worry about. I remember he had a drink in a plastic cup and then behind me there was some sort of drink dispenser like a water cooler, with more of said plastic cups in a slot. The cups were a blue-hued non-transparent grey. The light coming in through the windows was orange-ish, in a way that implied it was early morning, likely at sunrise.

      Then I remember being outside, either walking around or being driven somewhere when I pass the plane, which is sitting on a street, wingless I think, next to some terraced houses. The plane didn't look like it crashed or anything; it was just sitting there.

      I know I interacted with someone else after that but I can't remember any more details specifically now.

      • I can't remember having many (if any) dreams with planes.
      • The dream context of "travel" is a consistent theme across some of my most common dreamsigns however.
      • It's likely that I had this dream because last night my parents wanted to speak to me and I was feeling too tired so I didn't speak to them; and they presumably wanted to talk about a trip to where they live, which I really didn't feel like thinking about.
      • In dreams I don't particularly feel stressed with travel, but in the waking world, traveling can feel stressful for me if it involves large gathering hubs or if it's highly disruptive to day-to-day life (i.e. if it's a trip away for a considerable amount of time).
      • The way my partner was upset at me about the trip was a bit different to how the reaction would have been in the waking world, which might still have been slightly cross but more forgiving.
      • I still find it odd that even though in the dream I was at locations in the house, I never did a reality check in the dream. Lately I do RCs quite often, even when in the house, so it seems odd that the "habit" of simply checking reality anyway doesn't even occur.
    3. Unwilling to travel to Italy

      by , 08-05-2018 at 11:11 AM
      I dreamt that I needed to pack my bag so I could fly to Italy but I hated the idea of going there so much. I was being very slow on purpose even though I needed to get ready to go the very same day. I hadn't packed my bag, hadn't done any planning or anything really for the trip. I didn't even know why I would go there in the first place. It was just very stressful and not ecxiting at all. I even took a hairbrush looking thing to brush my teeth. Not even sure if it actually was a toothbrush but... anyway. I just didn't wanted to go.

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    4. Kitten!

      by , 10-31-2016 at 07:16 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      The people from my university and my parents were traveling together in what was either a big long-haul plane, a train, or Howl's Moving Castle. We made our stop somewhere and I didn't remember most of the trip, just that I picked up a tiny stray kitten. It was a bengal, I think.i manage to convince the supervisors that I can keep it, and later I also convinced my parents.

      The kitten explored the plane-train for a bit, which had the architecture of my parents' house but with longer hallways. It made its way to the kitchen and my parents' cats were also there. The three seemed to get along.
      Tags: cat, parents, plane, train, trip
    5. #251 - Mushroom picking

      by , 06-25-2016 at 08:54 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I'm in a forest during day time for a school trip of some sort. I'm hanging out with my friends, I recognise Cameron here. I show him how to identify magic mushrooms as we walk along. He's like "oh cool man, dude that's awesome" as I remember him being really keen to try them IRL. We're heading down slope with the group, ahead of us they're talking about how they just found a huge nest of blue lipped mussels. The mussels apparently clack their shells in order to bounce around, achieving a sort of momentary flight-hop to get around. They're not even in the water either, they're just on land for some reason. I imagine that there must be a river nearby that they came from and we all start heading downslope to try find it. I remember also having something in my hand that I needed to feed, like a little animal. We came to a small river and waded in, only to get caught by a teacher who was peering over at us. Apparently it's illegal to try catch mussels from the river or something
    6. Boat trip

      by , 04-22-2016 at 08:47 AM
      I am with my wife and we drive to a house I do not know. When we are in that house began to prepare for a boat trip, we have to do many things and prepare lots of luggage. It is also in the house my cousin (who died long ago), and he is dedicated to sabotage all the preparations. It is assumed that we were going to take the car on the boat and there were more cars, but my cousin does something that prevents cars can get into the boat. In the end, because of my cousin, we can not make the trip and we have to stay at home. Then we start to do a job for someone in that house and when we finished, we sat at a table with my cousin and more people to chat. I realize that my cousin runs nasty looks at my wife (his eyes strikes me) and I get angry, I discuss with my cousin and scolding him for doing that. At the end I get it apart and we leave them alone.


      I have done a great snack that has a very appetizing appearance. People who are me want to eat it, but I try to prevent this from happening.
    7. Instant Travel to Germany for no apparent reason

      by , 03-18-2016 at 05:58 PM
      I just awoke from a bizarre dream. I went to DFW airport in a matter of seconds, then was on a connecting flight to Germany (which was instant), and then I was in Germany, however I don't know which city. I was then at a rather large house and my dad was with me. I was attempting to have a nice lady assist me with my passport or visa, and for some reason she couldn't help me without my brothers help. My brother lives in Dallas, TX and it was something like 3am when I called him and told him the situation. Well, next thing I know, my brother and my mother were at the house in Germany. After all of that effort, I had just missed the passport/visa lady because she had left. I remember feeling angry at the lack of communication. However the anger subsided and I remember the four of us walking towards a beautiful sunset or sunrise and we all felt happy. Dreams are so weird.
    8. Conversation and a Trip

      by , 01-21-2016 at 04:36 AM
      In the first dream I remember a new guy moved in who was a newly enrolled student of the nearby university. The apartment building had only one story instead of two. As he walked out he door I offered to help him carry stuff to the dumpster. I thought I would give him good advice about college but instead I just talked a lot about dumpsters and gave him stupid advice about dumpsters like "If you get to the dumpster and it is full, just empty out the stuff, put it on the ground, and put your stuff in." Then after I went back into my apartment I felt stupid for talking so much about dumpsters.

      Then there was a fragment of me with my dad waiting in line at a store.

      Then I had a dream about talking with an old friend. I don't know exactly who he was but in the dream he had been my former friend. We were listening to Pandora radio, which was playing mostly rock songs. My friend said the title at the beginning of several consecutive songs and would be like "Yea I like this one." He was would write stuff down every once in a while, maybe song lyrics, and I said something like "Are you taking down notes about life?" While I was talking to this guy, there seemed to be a former girl friend of mine telepathically communicating with me, telling me about the love between her and her boyfriend. I said out loud to the guy, "Yea. I know him." And the guy responded normally like he was the girl talking about her boyfriend but it was my guy friend.

      Then I was on a trip with my boyfriend, his brother, and a girl. My boyfriend's brother was driving, in some kind of large truck. We had been driving for over a hour when we realized a piece of the truck was missing, a black plastic vent like thing that fit into a hole below the right rear view mirror. Although it didn't seem like a necessary part of the truck, my boyfriend's brother seemed disgruntled as he turned back to go get the missing part for the truck.
    9. Trip

      by , 05-19-2015 at 01:49 AM
      I went on a road trip with my aunt and uncle. We stopped in a city parking lot behind a hotel while my uncle took care of some thing in the van while I went inside the hotel to eat.

      I sat down on a table in the lobby of the hotel, whose interior looked really nice with lots of gold chandeliers and wall decorations and column trims and a lot of velvet carpeting. the table itself was made from dark wood. An Asian couple was sitting in front of me. I was served (without even asking for anything) a plate of fish-looking rings on top of some lettuce leaves.

      I took one bite and instantly spit it out. It was some of the most bitter food I had ever tasted. All of a sudden Chef Gordon Ramsay came up next to me and asked me what was wrong. After I told him about the fish rings he tasted a pinch of it and said, "that's absolutely terrible." then the Asian couple tasted a bit with the same reaction.

      That meal made me leave the hotel, and when I got back my uncle told me about a puppy Great Dane with a spotted coat that they had which they knew was going to die.

      We kept driving down a barren road and we bumped into my programing teacher driving the other way. we stopped to talk (in the middle of the road because, again, it was really barren) and I told him about the puppy that was going to die. He started to cry while carrying him in his hands.

      After meeting up with him we somehow found my physics teacher and stopped by in a gas station. We all went inside and my physics teacher called me over to the women's restroom. Once inside I found that my aunt was also in there and they were both ready to jump scare my uncle, which they (somehow) knew was coming.

      That's all I remember...
    10. School trip

      by , 02-18-2015 at 09:12 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was left in school after the lessons, and had to clean the whole classroom. I also had to make a list of persons driving on a school trip to Warsaw. The next day our teacher asked me about the list, and I said that I presumed that all the persons I wrote down would be going. Next I was walking up the stairs of a castle, and waited on a square for rest of the group. I told them that it would be our meeting spot. Tacher told me then to go on, as I was their guide.

      *There was also another dream, which I can't recall now. I'll write it here when I'll recall it.
    11. Visiting Germany and Greece DILD - Sensei's Competition

      by , 02-02-2015 at 10:26 PM
      I​ recommend reading my previous DJ entry first. Only 6 views and it is more eventful...(apparently DV only allows members to view DJ's now...unless it is a bug.)

      1015-1030? 238am-320am? for wbtb. leftist rally in Germany? German accent: "... ...in the mother fu**ing ..." was the name of event or rally. Night time. Familiar train station? Fragment.

      Greece LD wake from LD ~4:50pm
      I'm with brother in law E and brother-in-law B in the dream but we're meeting the former at a coastal cliff side house in some town in Greece. We are walking along the beach and up a path and we see beautiful views of cliffs all around. After we get to the home and visit for a little bit we're heading back to where we came, this time along with brother in law E on this return leg. He seems to know a shortcut and he's going around the other side of the cliff and the footholds are not very wide and they're going pretty quick ahead of me and I'm cautiously taking my time. They stop at a bend in the cliffs and look at a swimming spot down below. It is absolutely beautiful down there and a beautiful sunny day. They continue on, but the path seems too narrow and not worth the risk when I can just go back the way I first came earlier in the day along the beach. When I think about the earlier path along the beach it seems like it was a dream memory maybe from a previous dream and I realize that this is a dream right now. I float up in the air just enough to confirm as an RC. I then start to fly back towards the beach going slow and not with a lot of directional control at the beginning which is a little unusual for me. I go back and forth left and right to correct my direction flying over a rugged rocky area. It is beautiful and exhilarating being up in the air reminding me of my simulated flying last night while a passenger in a car going over various overpasses (for day practices)...but so much better! I am unbounded drifting across the sky. I still have not seen any DC's so I decide to turn around and see if I can find my brother in laws and surprise them or something on their trek along that narrow path by the cliffs. As I fly down that way back towards the cliffs I feel myself abruptly return to bed and the way I woke up and my level of rest seems to indicate I was at the end of an REM cycle. Too short but back to lucidity after too many dry days! Found motivation for day work and also did a number of "I'm dreaming" mantras during the day. Corrected monkey brain during SSILD. No.274

      Cafe epiphany NLD or semi: I'm modern me sitting outdoors at a cafe soaking in the moment. I see happy and sad faces on this beautiful day . "If you don't open yourself up to the world around you, you will miss out on so many experiences," I tell my companions. People who look sad look like they're walking around "in a bubble" with tunnel vision, seemingly oblivious to all the beauty around them.

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    12. 11/8/14 WILD Attempt DILD + DEILD, On a Trip Again

      by , 11-09-2014 at 03:17 AM
      I was motivated to dictate my DJ this morning so I might as well dump the full length version in here.

      "This is something where you vote too wide to (the) area...something where you vote too wide to change." Dialogue plays in my head after I awake...after I start playing the dream through my recall...but I am almost positive this was something my still semi-dreaming creative mind came up with after awakening... Not unlike how my mind sometimes goes off on tangents daydreaming about how one thing could lead to another which used to sometimes go pretty far down some tangent. This could happen then this...then this. Anyway I was outside a home. I am waiting for some reason and I hear a good deal of noise that seemed to come from inside of the house as if something was knocked down in there. At some point I see that the door is cracked and can see a smaller SUV parked or crashed near the edge of a pool perhaps in the back yard but almost seemed as if it was inside the house...can't remember but don't remember becoming lucid at all. A woman arrives....is that your (SUV)? Did you see that the door is open? I ask. She wants to go in...I'm not so sure. Others arrive including my wife. Something is fishy about the people who invited us here (day residue from b's mlm attempts?). Someone shows me a picture of one of the guys who is hosting this and he is part of the leadership of this cult? Organization? The picture looked like it was taken from a stone tablet not unlike a grave memorial where you can include a picture but there where other pictures next to him of the other leaders? As I am looking at the picture on her phone, the guy in the picture walks by. I motion to my wife that I need to ask her something and I step back outside and tell her we should just leave...these people are weird (at the very least they are trying to recruit us) she argues we should stay until the end of presentation(?) and then leave. Why? (Wake) This is where I think that continued dialogue posted at the beginning fits. To bed after 12. Wbtb ~615.

      Longish LD chain. I'm trying to WILD and I get to different sensations of my body shutting down and me falling asleep and at some point I feel like I am completely asleep but in an utter void. I decide to try my eye clench thing and I get heavy vibrations and I start propelling myself I imagine far far into space. It is actually quite a fun feeling with almost no visuals and I stopped at some point and imagine that space may be nice and cold way out here. I decide to continue some more further before I seem to arrive back at bed with some slight sounds of my wife snoring, I assume an actual awakening. I hold on for a DEILD and find myself in a bedroom, it is supposed to be our bedroom but different and the TV is on and I think about all of the fun things I could do in this dream even with my wife. On TV is playing perhaps Cinemax but it seems to show a little more pubic hair on the woman than they normally do. This reminds me that I'm still dreaming. I feel a little bit lazy and just decided to lay there and observe the TV and try to figure out who the two actors are so that I can remember when I wake up. The woman maybe looked most like Renee Zellweger and the guy was definitely no one I could remember having seen before. He had brown hair and a bit of an boyish face despite stubble but with a hint of mischievous look. The blonde woman I remember trying to remember what her name was so that I could record it in my DJ when I wake up. At some point the dream seems to be fading but I hold on and my body seems to move with the transition and I just relax and enjoy it. My dream body that is. I eventually really feel myself floating down towards the floor and get a view of Hotel like carpet, very short. I decide this is a great time to push off the floor and get up and explore. I walk towards the front door and before going out of the hotel room in the middle of the night I think to reality check one more time and I remember rubbing my hands and putting my fingers into my palm but not really giving it an honest try so I decided to hold my hands up against the door and I definitely have extra fingers. I open the door and find a fairly dark hall and start making my way through the halls...there are quite a few switchbacks in the halls and I think about how I never seem to experience scary situations in my lucid dreams but then I squash that thought lest it leads to a scary lucid...though I have a lot of confidence and almost no worry figuring that I can do whatever I want if something scary does come up. I think to summon girl friday in the dark halls and tell myself she will be around the next corner but these halls are pretty much devoid of anything but I keep trying at each turn and each hidden corner I tell myself that #girlFriday will be there. It still does not work and I get a sharp feeling as if something has trapped my right foot or is squeezing my right foot and I try to think of a good scenario that would include that feeling to turn it around into something positive. I think that I was starting to return to my body and I was probably feeling some uncomfortableness in my heel like I often do and that is what created that feeling and I did wake up. Counting 2 LD's for the 3 separate experiences but assume only 1 actual awakening in here. 228 & 229

      We are on a trip somewhere and it seemed like we borrowed someone's home that we met only once. I drove very fast over a field of ice plants worrying a litte too late that I might damage something on the underside of the car but I think it is a rental car. I finally came out onto a dirt road took it down to the main road and was trying to figure out my way back to the house that we were borrowing. I made my way to the entrance of the town and it had a very cool statue that I was observing and had some moving parts. It was talking about being historical. It seemed to have some kind of mystical or fantasy tie-in. As I'm looking at it I see an advertisement for "Six Flags something something" maybe great adventure and it seems like we have quite a bit of time left on our trip and I think that my son would like to check that out and I would love to check it out and maybe they have some historical displays like at Six Flags Over Texas. I try to take some pictures and actually do but I have a hard time figuring out if I should take it landscape or portrait to get both the cool statue and the Six Flags display and the moment into the picture. I dig in my pockets looking for something and find one blank short key one short key and one long key...the latter two are cut already. I make my way into this indoor bowling alley type place where I guess I'm meeting up with my wife and son and it is very crowded. I see a security guard being mean to different people but he ignores me and I squeeze down past him down to this lower area squeezing in between maybe a vending machine. I find my wife and tell her something. Oh she said something about the mean security guard and some of the kids look like they're complaining about the security guard also. The security guard gets a phone call and it sounds like all of the sudden he is talking nice. By the way he is talking or maybe I can hear some of the conversation coming through earpiece I get the impression that the police are on the way to shut down this place due to complaints. So I told my wife to follow me towards the front of building and she and indicates that our son is upstairs sleeping. She starts to gather her stuff in the front closet and she has one big heavy bag and two other bags and wonder why she has so much. I agree to take the big heavy bag but then I tell her to wait in the closet while I go and get our son upstairs but I'm dragging this heavy bag with me and wake up before I make it all the way up the stairs thinking I should have left the bag back in the closet and just got it when I came back down. Just before this dream I remember being in a big room with lots of my wife's family and her cousin N is doing this funny joke where he will wake someone up taking video of them and he'll cut back later good video of something else and because they just woke up and disoriented he will be able to convince them that they did something silly while they were waking up. I wonder if he might have done it to me already and I may have said something about all the crazy things I do in my dreams. Interestingly I recently dreamed of an ice plant (as in an ice making factory) being nearby while on a trip and when logging it into my dream journal I thought of botanical ice plants and I get them in a subsequent dream!
    13. Library in the Cemetery

      by , 09-01-2014 at 10:51 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      around 11 a.m.

      I was walking. I was looking for something but I forgot what.

      I passed by a cemetery. I was with someone. The cemetery was awesome. It has a library in the middle.

      I met up with Rob. He pointed out the coffee that was ready. He said something about a trip to Australia in the past that we took (IRL, I never had to chance to visit other countries).


      - I slept around 5 a.m.
      - I played Subliminal 2.0 in the background the whole time.
    14. 8/1/14 Sensei's Competition Night 5 DILD few points + Night 4 notes

      by , 08-02-2014 at 12:55 AM
      8/1/14 restaurant with a spinning ride. Trying to cut through to restroom I plan to go through ride platform but end up riding with BrM from work and barely hanging on with just my hands. First try to go through exit door and I'm stopped by waitress. / pro baseball game. Great pitcher won it for other team. I'm on field afterwards. Baseball again..? / I feel like I was not that far off from forgetting this one too: I become lucid when I am at a party in a cafeteria setting that seems to be in (a particular foreign country I will leave out for now because of the tie in to FryingMan). I see "A", daughter of M who lives about 90 minutes north and I realize it would be very odd for her to be in this country at the same time as me and that it is a dream. Everyone is speaking the national language it seems and I try to think of a phrase that FryingMan said before so I could see what their reaction would be. I am also wondering if a DC of him might have been there. I just talk to the daughter that I know telling her that this is a dream and she looked on like she was listening but not surprised or anything. There are two long tables that I go to in this cafeteria like setting, probably residue from the party I attended few days ago. I walk up to this other table with about 6 people at it. The previous table had maybe 8 people. I was trying to think of some foreign phrase to say to the people sitting there but decided to move on and went out through the exit and into a hallway and got down to the end of the hallway and the dream went dark. I remained patient and focused stabilizing the dream and soon the visuals came back up and it seemed like I was in the same hall. I decide to go back the other way and I could hear a party going on in another door to my left and I decided to check it out and it was definitely a different party. They had disco lights going with some people dancing but mostly standing around and this time it was a very diverse crowd. People of all colors. I thought about going in there but decided to go continue down the hall and was just relishing the vividness of this dream. It started to fade again but this time I found myself fading back to bed. Probably the end of my REM cycle. 180

      Some notes from Night 4 where I think I got lucid but I am not sure...ugh:

      7/31 11pm, 5am violent shooting scene day residue from "Shoot'em Up" movie opening sequence before bed. Mole steps out of compound to save himself. Another guy is drawn out and blinded by bright spotlight. And shot with high powered machine gun in slow motion from midsection to head with bullet after bullet tearing through his head. I slowly peel my eyes away from this scene. Survivor going through multiple surgeries is tough as nails but also affected mentally - in one scene looks in shock. /Poor recall lately. As mentioned on the competition thread... I think I became lucid noticing that I was downtown just like I told myself to watch out for as a dream sign because of train sounds. Earlier I remember riding the train and getting on the wrong train just a minute early...just a minute before my actual train came. I was trying to look out the train window to see which destination I was heading to instead but the destination was illegible. There was at least one false awakening where my wife is getting ready and I can see her naked. I remember trying to go back into the dream (I think from the beginning of the (first?) false awakening) and having vibrations. I was so happy to see the vibrations back but I think it was all in dream (maybe it always is).
    15. The Holiday

      by , 07-23-2014 at 09:37 PM
      The Holiday


      We decide to go on a holiday. You need a certification and after we get this we buy a train ticket.
      We seem to be at the airport and I go into a shop. There lots of games being sold but I want some posters. They are being sold in the back part of the store. I look at them and a staff member comes and tells me that theyre not for sale. I talk to him about where to get good and cheap posters. We leave without buing anything.
      Tags: posters, shop, trip
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