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    1. Dream Journal Entry #4: A Teaching Moment, From Hockey to Football, and a Decaying World! +Fragments

      by , 06-04-2018 at 07:09 PM
      Dream: I was watching kids play ball hockey in what seemed to be my grades book gym. I must have been the coach because one of my kids scored to win the game so I ran into the court, picked up him up side ways and pretended to ram him through the rest of the players like an battering ram. All the kids were laughing. Our team was gathered together celebrating the win when I noticed a kid weeping. The rest of the team noticed as well and the mood changed from happy to sad. I asked him why he was upset and he said something like he didn’t feel included. I took him outside the gym to talk so he wouldn’t be embarrassed. I gave him some words of comfort and said something along the 'swearing is fun' to cheer him up. He laughed so I picked him up but he was heavy which I told him and threw him in the snow. Now that he was all cheered up we walked back to the gym.

      As I enter the gym I notice it is an ice hockey arena with grown men playing hockey. I can see their faces clearly when suddenly everything transforms into a football game. The players play as though it’s rugby rules with constant lateral passes.

      The surrounding area now turns into a tropical beach with the outskirts of a big city and an ocean a few yards after a small cliff and a rock plateau. I noticed my friends were gone. I also noticed at least somethings moving along the plateau a large (they turned out to be crabs) rabid man ran to the front of the pack and snatched one to eat. I turn back and realise I don’t know anybody. There’s a man sharpening a knife under a long tarp near the street. I can tell he’s bad. I offer him something to look through like a telescope or binoculars but when he opens the casing to look through his face his shot with this thick beige mold like really thick oatmeal which I hope kills him. He starts laughing maniacally. I realize I had gotten that strange material from my friends who were trapped under the surface of the ground but had turn to zombies with purple and blue shiny eyes. My attention returns to the man sharpening his knife, but now he’s crawling on his stomach as if he has lost the use of his lower body. He’s purple, silver, and shining. I’m trying to walk away but it feels hard to do so. I run into the city which is decaying except a place possibly called “Waysayckers”. I ask the guy if I could train martial arts there 24/7 but he tells me there’s no way he’d let that happen. I see a kid with small stickers or patches polka dotting across his go doing front kicks.

      Fragment: Moving into a house with roommates from my 3rd year of university and partying, smoking weed, drinking.

      Fragment: Sleeping in the same bed as Steve, looking at photos of me cut-out and dressed in real cloth.

      Fragment: Preparing soup lunches on the floor for my family

      Dream Sign Count
      Inner Awareness = 1
      Action = 0
      Form = 3
      Context = 1

      Total LD's/Dream = 0/4 = 0%

      Please comment and let me know if you think I missed some dream sign classifications in the journal entry!
    2. Decapitation

      by , 11-26-2014 at 01:23 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I notice I am seeing myself from the 3rd person now, I am tied to a lawn chair on the beach, next to someone else who is also tied to a lawn chair. My head is strapped to a palm tree behind me, and I have a cut in my neck. It doesn't look good. I appear to be having my neck slowly cut open. I don't want to scream because of the hole in my neck, but it seems like I only have one chance to get help. I let out a huge yell (still watching in 3rd person as I do this), and blood spurts out of my airway that has been cut open, not making much noise. The man behind the tree then swings his heavy knife, and in a few whacks, severs my head from my body. I feel sick to my stomach. As soon as my head is severed, my body starts pissing freely into the sand, no longer under conscious control. A guy nearby laughs at me because I'm peeing myself. My killer sneaks up to him, and shoves my head right in front of his face. Scared greatly, he now realizes why my body was peeing.
    3. Beach of my dreams

      , 06-22-2014 at 02:04 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night bed 10 pm - 4:50am

      DR at 3:30 am

      1. Asian family is mine

      2. There is a street race withvery loud cars

      3. This third one is a kind of a dream, that stays with you for very long time.

      So I'm standing on a beach in French Guyana.

      I'm in awe. It's unbelievable. Only sand and water. No trees, no nothing. Just the way I like it. Sand and water.

      They have these huge flood lights on, illuminating it all. Sand, water, air... Like those huge lights at football stadiums.

      The whole area is of one color. The most georgeous blue I can imagine. The blue, that makes me cry from sheer happiness. I mean sand is yellow, air is air and water is blue, but it all has this bluish/greenish hue.

      I only realize the lights were on, when they turn off. That's when i see that the skies are starting to get brighter, as morning is approaching.

      Only now the brilliance of the blue color comes out in full force. Words can't describe it.

      I look to my left and I see some people in the water. It surprises me how fast they got there. It looks like it's some kind of a water sports club. They are all standing on sticks that are horizontal, laying on the water. Like a paddleboard, but they have one for each leg, and they are skinny just like a stick. They have one long stick in hand to propel themselves with it.

      I see some waves, gently splashing against the shore. it's so inviting, I can't resist. I say I'm going in, even if I dont have bathing suit. I walk in up to my knees and water is splashing against me, making me all wet. It's warm.The bottom is pebbly, like an aquarium. Not sandy. Pebbles are very colorful and clearly seen through translucent water. I point out some sea shells to someone, and pick one up, only to find a little crab living in it. I put it back and watch him scurry away.
    4. WILD+bunch of DEILDs

      , 03-04-2013 at 01:09 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Sunday 3/3/13 Bed on 3/2/13 sat 12:20am - 9am

      Nap - 11:50 - woke up at 3:20pm

      I started feeling body relaxing almost immediatelly and I wondered if it's because it knows I want to WILD. Waves of vibrations start washing over me, I count at least 4 or 5. At the second one, I wonder if I should just get up already, but I know it's too soon.

      I get my first head-buzz when I think I have had enough. My leg is crooked begause cat is sleeping at my feet. So I turn to my left side and try again.

      I got a WILD and at least 7 DEILDs, but I don't remember them all. Whole thing lasted for at least 30 min. Was not rushed through them as last time. I remember thinking in one LD wow, this is so long, I know I'm not gonna wake up. I hade this strange calmness and confidence.

      Each transition was extremely mild. All I did each time was I realized that I'm still sleeping so I rocked my head (dream head) back and forth to start some dizzy motion thing and that usually get's me lucid.

      Only at one transition I saw a large insect on my wall and as I was rocking back and forth, more and more spider webs appeared on the wall. I thought about just getting up then, since I knew I'm dreaming. But I got some nice falling down sensation and went with that.

      Dont' recall all DEILDs.

      1. WILD - I'm flying towards some futuristic city with skyscrapers on background of stormy clouds and sunny skies. On the way there I stop to investigate a beautifull sport arena. I say "take me there" while looking at the wall and I get zoomed in fast. I figure I better remember this new mode of transportation.

      Can't tell if its football or baseball, so I'm making my way to the top to see the field. I'm desperate to see the sign on top to know what city I'm in. I thing it says Brewers.

      2. DEILD. I'm walking in the back yard of RD10. I feel awareness slipping so I keep yelling something, but it keeps slipping. I realize, it slips anyway, and as i do, I get snapped back to it. This happens a few times.

      In the very back, by the fence, there is a small patch of tropical sea of size of maybe 2 bathtubs. Incredible beautiful blue see-through water and white sand. I pick it up and let it run through my fingers.

      3. DEILD Same backyard as in #2, only the whole backyard is tropical sea. Lots of white sand, sun, warm, shallow, blue water.

      4. DEILD I'm standing on a shore line. Small waves are splashing over concrete shore. I look almost straight up and tovering over me are huge waves. I smile and say "take me there". After my first mouthfull of water I realize I should have said "take me over the wave". I'm bobbing on top of the tsunami waves, while collecting some kids taken out to sea by these huge waves. I pick a girl and a boy and maybe their mom.

      I'm walking through the hotel and I get nasty looks from some people. I learn that I am in bikiny and I'm a young girl that she is obviously hated in this hotel. I think to myself damn, why did I have to transform into this girl for?

      I make my way through corridors, looking out the small windows, trying to see which way I should get out. I come to a balcony. Beneath me is a tropical sea with beach. Incredible georgeous blue water, not see through, more milky, like some places in Hawaii. Only blue.

      I jup in next to something I think is a school of fish. But it's a lobster and sea turtle. I say "turtle details" a few times. Turtle turns to me and asks "what do you mean turtle details?". I say I would like to see more details on him. It looks like whoever built him, didn't finish him, because skin and shell was missing in some places. But the green color was spot on. I feel the warmth of the ocean and atmosphere of a resort.

      I lift myself out of the water to look beyond the sea wall. There is the angry ocean with tsunami waves. Ok, I decide to stay in my small peacefull sea and go explore the sandbars of blindingly white sand.

      5. DEILD I'm with somone and someone says "invite her to?"

      6. DEILD Here I"m at the house I was invited to in #5. A girl I used to know as a child now has children of her own. The little girl running around is not my friend, but her granddaughter. A doctor comes to give here a shot and while I watch, I start rocking to induce LD. I wonder if he notices if I fall asleep while standing up.

      When he is done, I ask him if he wants to "do it". Sure thing, but I guess we both fall asleep. We wake up and he says we slept for half an hour.

      *I feel like I could be doing this forever. But my big toe hurts like hell. My whole foot is crooked because of a cat sleeping at my feet. So i wake up and cat is not there.

      *I watched "The Contact" again and was really obsessing about that alien beach with tropical blue seas. I guess that reflected in this batch of LDs. Thank you, come again.

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    5. Chaos Emeralds, Pseudo-Self-Hypnosis, Apophenia Actually Saves Me, Not enough food in Cafeteria

      by , 01-15-2013 at 12:54 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Chaos Emeralds, Pseudo-Self-Hypnosis, and Apophenia Actually Saves Me!! (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a classroom, and I believe I'm assigned with a partner to find the Chaos Emeralds, and the whole Sonic associations come in random moments with the simulated version of waking life. It feels so awkward as more anime and cartoon themes started to intertwine.

      One moment I have my middle and index finger together as if I'm trying to do an instant teleport in DBZ,

      and the next I'm back to Sonic related themes, specifically the Chaos Emeralds. I'm actually using the motion for the instant teleport to locate where the Chaos Emeralds could be, and while other teams are out scavenging for them, finding the items was easy for me.

      There were 6 in total, and not 7 oddly, that we had to find. I found about 3 within the room, and I realized I'm wearing a white tuxedo suit with white pants that look like they're tight on me.

      Probably because I put 3 Chaos Emeralds inside the right hand pocket. I felt like bragging to the others that I already found half of them, but I was also afraid of what they might do to me if I did. So I just sit down resting my chin with my arms at a 60 degree angle.

      I decided to do the instant teleport motion (but I'm not using it to teleport, just to track for more Emeralds), and found that the fourth one was in the hands of Amy Rose.

      I also had a glimpse that she kept it in a leather bag, a really light brown one, and ironically, this would actually save my life, but you'll find really quick.

      So after sitting around doing random stuff, the dream now shifts where I'm in a different room that's brigther than the last, and it seems I'm being questioned. Apparently, if I don't answer the question right, I die.

      And guess who's the person who wants to question me?


      I think my hands are tied behind my back on the chair or maybe not. She's wearing the outfit she used to ride her vehicles in the show "Legend of Korra," and I really don't know why out of all dream characters, we would be one to question me lol.

      I don't even recall seeing anything Korra related after the end of the first season of Korra, and that was months ago.

      Anyway, she as her left leg over her right, and she has these white flashcards and informs me that I have to pick the right answer. I'm not sure is she's interrogating me, or if this is some kind of twisted foreplay for sex.

      I actually feel that if I don't think of a right answer, I'll really die, so I get hyped up, and decided to think things thorougly.

      The question was something I can't recall, but I had three possible answers, and I had to pick one, and they were:

      - Tropical Beach

      - Leather bag

      - (And Some other choice I can't remember)

      Oh and before I go on, remember the leather bag thing I mentioned about Amy Rose? You'll find out how it helped me in a bit.

      So when the question was asked, I decided to relax, get into self-hypnosis and tried to visualize what the question is wanting me to find. I immediately see a faded out image of a Tropical Beach that looks like it's a cartoon version of one, but it's also realistic in some sense.

      Since that was the first image that popped into my mind, I stated it was "Tropical Beach" as the answer.

      So Masami asks,

      "Are you sure?"

      So I think again one more time, and honestly, I didn't know what else to choose, so I'm just assuming whatever comes up in my mind as potential answer. So apophenia starts to kick in, and I'm like, "Screw it, whatever" mode, and saw a leather bag and Amy Rose.

      The I presumed the question was related in finding a Chaos Emerald or something like that. I decided to go with leather bag based on the previous experience where I noticed Amy Rose had the 4th Chaos Emerald, and just made meaning based on that.

      When I stated "Leather Bag" as my response, my eyes are squinting even harder, and I don't want to open them because I'm wondering if the Apophenia was worth it. Then some random voice stated how I got the answer right.

      After that, I was free to go.


      That's about it for that dream.


      Not enough food in Cafeteria (Non-lucid)


      So I'm going to a cafeteria in a random High School, and the whole place looks like it's barely even operational. The lights are too dimmed out, the whole place looks a bit dark, and the unlight from the big glass wall that's maybe 50 feet away from me is the only thing giving the majority of the light source in here.

      To the left of me is a random dream character serving lunch, and it's mostly hotdogs, which is enticing to me and a few others. However, there was something about the hotdog that people didn't like, and I decided to go with the conformity to save myself from being disgusted with eating the hotdog. I quickly moved to the other two sections in front of the previous one, and I didn't really like any of the options there.

      So I quickly moved back to the first section before this tall dude gets a spot in the line. He looks a lot like a guy named Elliot I knew in High School, and this dreaming counterpart is passive like all of them are in my dreams.

      The dream shifts where I'm sitting at a table that I don't feel I belong in...great, nice High School nostalgia to reflect on and make me feel better........

      I asked the random people on the lunch table, excluding Elliot of course,

      "Can I sit here?"

      They all say in unison, including Elliot,

      "No you can't"

      Well fuck, normally people say, "Oh sure!"


      They were blatant with the whole response, and I felt even more awkward. Then I realized they didn't really give a shit if I sat there. I guess it was just me getting answers I wouldn't expect them to reply through.

      Then I had some weird conflict with Elliot, and after a while, he gives me a small piece of paper stating that he was a cop or something like that?

      Okay...........when he gives me the paper, I calmed down a bit, and for whatever reason, this same piece of paper had a location instilled into my mind or something that I would plan to go to after the dream school experience ends.

      And that's all I remember, probably would've recalled more if I decided to type things out early, but I couldn't skip breakfast before going to college classes, otherwise I might pass out and die of starvation....wouldn't that be fun!?!?!

      I guess the recall is okay after not focusing on it for nearly 10-11 hours now.

      I'm Assigned to a Bing! Search Engine Seat (Non-lucid)


      Yeah, I go into a room, and I'm assigned a seat. I told the teacher planning things out about something, and he's like "Cool."

      More like "Cool Story Bro," and I go ahead and sit down and saw on the Computer on my desk that I'm assigned to the Bing! Search Engine site.

      Apparently they wanted to separate the seating arrangment so that a person who would also have Bing! assigned to them would be 5 seats away from me...left, right, up, down.

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