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    1. 23 May; Monsters, my dog dies and robbers in Paris

      by , 05-23-2019 at 09:20 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      There are monsters outside that are triggered by motion or light, so one has to cover all windows and stay in the dark. One of my curtains opened a bit and they are outside approaching, I run to try to cover it. They try to come in. I panic.

      I am watching a talk show on tv, some socialite is the guest and they are interviewing her while laying on bed. The woman wears a mini skirt and flashes her under wear. She also has ugly varicose veins on her legs.

      My dog Bernardo is eating like crazy and seems to choke on a piece of macaroni. He is coughing so I give him space. But at some point he is so red I feel I need to help him. He tries to cough it one last time, pushes hard and I sense a blood vessel in his back bursting. I feel him bleeding internally and watch him die before my eyes. I keep repeating "Sorry baby, I love you so much" and I cry in agony and pain, unable to save him.

      At an amazing bakery, they make bread in shape of cactus, it is a special thing to celebrate some occasion. Looks yummy.

      On a ship in the middle of the sea, surrounded by other ships, seems like the movie Troy and Brad Pitt is in it. The ships are modern though and passing close to the shore where there is a town, in order to cause a mini tsunami and some damages on land. Then I see some green monsters in the water coming towards the ships. They are dark green, tube like. I manage to reach land, but the tsunami caused water to invade the streets so the monsters roam the streets. I get surrounded by three of them. I climb a wall and they climb too. We fight on a roof, I find some object that I can stick on them and they are like inflated balloons, so once I pierce them, they die.

      Doing a stop-over in Paris for 7h. I take a chance and go for a walk in the city. At first it is very nice, I am following a touristic path that goes to the Eiffel tower. But it gets dark and everybody disappears, except for a guy on a corner that seems suspicious and approaches me to rob me. I run, but he chases me. Then some other dude is near some bikes and also tries to block my escape. I have to go around a van and some bikes but I manage to escape him and head to a main street with some people. I decide to just go back to the airport, but I am considering going back the same way or I'll get lost because I don't have a map. Then I think maybe is best to take a taxi.
    2. 28 Jan: Enacting Star Wars and seduced by a monk

      by , 01-28-2019 at 09:34 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Going to the movies with Riverstone. He thinks it's Star Wars, but it is some parody sketches on Star Wars. And the sound is shitty. Then I am the actor playing it live on the theater. But the other actor that should be there interacting with me did not appear and so the whole thing falls apart. I try to invite the audience to enact the jokes with me but it is a total disaster.

      I am with my guru, sort of accompanying him. He doesn't sleep, he also doesn't stay around much, is always going somewhere, meeting people. A monk comes to keep me company, talks about alien abductions and some book author we both seem to know but whose name we don't recall. Then he gets too fond of me and wants some action, but although he is actually cute, I don't want him to break his vows and I say no. Then a giant wave comes from the sea outside, doesn't break the windows, but engulfs the building which gets under water. We pick cell phones and documents and leave. We go to higher floors and get out somehow to dry land. Then we see Rinpoche's students heading to a town square, all dressed up and I ask what's the occasion but nobody says. I sit alone at a bench and I realize I have my cat Buddha hiding in my purse and I hug him.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. 13 Jan: Orphan in India, satellites and tsunami, highschool reunion

      by , 01-13-2019 at 09:23 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      In India, among orphans adopted by some guy that provided them food and shelter at some ruins. There are some western kids among them, I am one of them. We are treated differently, like we eat the cheapest food, no meat when there is some, like we belong to a lower caste. But things are changing, some day someone decides to share a can of tuna with us and some kids are angry about it.

      Learning about satellites and going through an interactive apprenticeship on how to pair them in orbit so they send signals to each other around the globe. We're at some kind of lighthouse by the sea. We come outside to look at the stars and we see satellites lasers aligning - I think it's augmented reality through a glass screen placed in front of us. Almost looks like we're watching an aurora. Then there is some talk about how the earth reacts to our invasion and something falls out of the sky into the ocean. It's dark, but I think I spot a wave and I scream "tsunami alert" and indeed a tsunami approaches. Me and a guy and his dog are the closest to the ocean and have no time to run away so we go inside hoping to get upstairs, but it is too late, we are swiped by the incoming water and projected through the back window against some roofs on a lower building behind this one. We hang on that rooftop until the water subsides. In the morning some military guy comes by and asks if we're ok and then treats me with familiarity. I take time some time to recognize him, it's Fermi. I am covered in some gook and he jokes about it, while also making some sexy stares at me. He helps me get down, I slide to his arms and I also feel some chemistry there.

      At a version of my high school with Zilla and others unknown. Kind of a reunion. We talk at times with different people, pose challenges, discuss topics. One girl who is now a famous actress sings something in a context and she sings beautifully. A person by her side makes comments, asks if any of us can sing too. I say not so well but I do. Someone suggests we make a song to perform later. Something experimental. I suggest something I was once suggested to explore, what would sound like the sound of silence. I make some suggestions, but people get lost. The singing girl goes compose something alone, had some inspiration, but comes back with a punk rock song completely nothing to do with the challenge. But she is very proud of her fist written song. Then I am going through my purse and cleaning it because it got dirty with something and I find a bunch of notes at the bottom, a few hundreds euros I had put aside and forgot I had. That cheers me up. Then I meet Vera and she bullies me a little as if we were still kids, drags me down to the common room where kids play snooker and such. I try to get rid of her. I see a baby girl walking apparently alone and she is after a ball rolling but also has a big apple on her hands and is crying cause she cant reach the ball. I pick it up and put it in her hands and get the apple and see if she's happier. She is but mostly suspicious of me and doesn't want to play with me. Meanwhile her mom comes by and I explain the situation and give her the apple. Then realize I am hungry, some of us go to lunch at the canteen. I sit in front of some guy. Only food is meat with fried egg and spinach and mashed potato. I don't know what to do but I end up eating. The guy starts criticizing the food as if we are at some restaurant and I just cant stand but stay quiet. Then he complains the meat whatever and I tell him "you know, I am actually a vegetarian, mostly vegan, but I am eating this because I was taught to respect whatever food is offered to you without judging. When I have the choice I don't eat this, but I am a guest. Also, there is nothing wrong with the food, it is tasty and billions of people would love to have such meal." The guy is embarrassed and eventually leaves after eating it all. Then some girls to my side who heard the conversation want to know why I am vegan. One asks something about health and I say its not for health. Another one asks how this damaged my social relations and family and I tell her not at all and others have changed too through my example. Someone says vegans are pushy, I say I am not. Then one has a theory about how my decision is actually misplaced, that something wrong in my life and romantic life was missing something, that I do this to fight some angst against patriarchy or some shit like that and I am about to explode like "WTF are u talking about? I did it out of awareness of the animal suffering, what does that have to do with that shit???" And she starts talking lots of BS and I lose her and I wake up.
    4. Regret 1 DILD 1 DEILD

      by , 04-10-2018 at 07:56 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am place under hand cuffs by my manager at Dominoe's , he and other co-workers guided me to this location where a lot of people were playing basketball and surprise me with it. Then let the hand cuffs off me and my manager told me I was on team sprite, the soda drink. I went out there and as I am running I remember I was suppose to tell my manager that I am quitting today. I bump in to him but he seems to be completely indulge in to the game.

      He points to a direction that he wants me to go and so I dash there and manage to get to the ball. The basketball feels a lot heavier than a regular one should feel. That's when I observed it closely and notice it is actually a bowling ball. I began trying to roll up mu sleeves to gain a better grip but was having trouble doing so. I could swear the shirt I am wearing is alive as it would roll itself down immediately. I then had a false awakening.

      I appear to wake up lying in my bed. My laptop was in front of me and had been running the game league of legends. It was in searching queue but as I continue to observe it I notice something was wrong. However it didn't matter if I observe or not I was lucid the second I awoke from the fall awakening. I just started thinking to myself, should I lay here and play league of legends or should I go outside and observe my inner world.

      I decided to observe my inner world as I knew it was something that needed to be done. I want to find peace, I walk out my room and in to the living room. It was a reddish color and dark rather than a yellow lighting. I then approach the front door which was now a huge wide white metal door. I open it and walk down the apartment complex stairs. I could feel my feet touching the water from the rain outside.

      I made it completely down and notice that the sky was heavily gray and the rain was pouring down profusely. I tried walking in it but the rain was hitting me so much that I had trouble walking through it. I then remember a lucid dream back in 2014 where i raise my hand and made all the rain stop in mid air. That was my favorite moment in all my lucid dreams. So I decided to try it again and raise my hand. I began to focus and all of sudden as I thought it was working as the rain began to slow down with in a few seconds.

      But I was wrong, instead the rain became intensively violent. I could hear the sky making a roaring sound that hurt my ears. I knew what I was doing was making things worse so I stop focusing. The sky and rain began to go back to the normal rapid pace it was at in the beginning. I walk through it as best I could in till I saw rough waves flowing my direction from a mountain. It hurled me to the floor as I regain my footing. I look around and realize there was a mini tsunami coming down another mountain so I decided to move out the way. A few other large waves came knocking me down.

      So I decided to climb up a few rocks to gain some form of shelter. I notice there was no one around at all. The outside had nothing but a clear road with some broken down houses and just a lot of flooding and rain. My hear began to beat loud and could now hear my waking life body breathing. I knew I would be awake soon. I close my eyes and performed a DEILD. As I was starting out a false awakening and could see my dream bed. I blink my eyes too many times and woke up.

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    5. 18-03-19 Tsunami in City, Floating With Girl

      by , 03-19-2018 at 10:15 PM
      I was in a city, and a tidal wave was moving through the streets, washing away cars and people. People were desperately trying to get into buildings (skyscrapers) to escape before the wave got there. I moved through the crowd and got to the front door of one of the skyscrapers. I rang the doorbell. Some people told me not to bother. The door opened, though, and I moved through. Two people followed me inside. I lived in that building. On the 9th floor? I briefly wondered if letting these people inside was a good idea. It was every man for himself out there. We took the elevator up, to my apartment.

      I vaguely remember floating (not sure if it was in water or on air) with a girl holding on to me. We were both weightless. We were going somewhere. I remember having feelings for the girl, and loving having her so close to me. I felt happy.
    6. 16-10-15 Tsunami, High School, University

      by , 10-17-2016 at 12:29 AM
      I think I was on a really big ship, in the middle of the ocean, and we ran into a tsunami. I think the ship had to turn itself into the wave, to mitigate the impact and sail right through it.

      I was in a high school class. The building the classroom was in looked tall, and very industrial. It was located in an industrial one. Anyway, I was having an easy time, as my classmates were all teenagers, and I was 27. I think I was hitting on the teacher (young woman), wowing her with my knowledge? Later on, in the same classroom (I think) I got into a battle with someone. I think I could control rock, because I sent rock sprouting out of the ground towards my opponent. This person could control ice, however. She (or he) froze the rock and shattered it, which frustrated me a lot.

      This time I was in a (quite small) university classroom with people my own age. We were left alone with no teacher. Suddenly, people behind me (I was sitting in the front) started randomly having sex, and I just sat there feeling awkward as hell.
    7. 16-09-20

      by , 09-20-2016 at 11:28 PM
      I was in a room (a hotel room?) with a bunch of Arab men, who I suspected of being Muslim terrorists. I was confused, as they were my allies. I wondered why I was with these men, and why I didn't get out of there. The dream was obviously based on the beginning of "United 93", which I watched the day before.

      I recall a weird scene in which I was some kind of "spirit". Heroes' Arthur Petrelli rose from the rocky ground surrounded by flames, as if rising out of Hell or something. I stood where he rose up, and "merged" with his body, effectively body-snatching him. I "entered his mind", and told him to "forget" about his company, and everything he had ever done.

      I also have vague images of an underwater village in my head. Was there a big conflict going on? An overarching story? It all felt very movie-like again.

      I saw some guys standing on a beach, on a tropical island in the ocean. The narrator (movie-like, remember?) said something about how the next generation would face even greater challenges. As he said that, a giant tsunami rose up in the distance.
    8. #243 - Tsunami and avalanche

      by , 05-15-2016 at 07:16 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I was watching a commercial ad being made. We were afloat a wooden raft in the middle of the ocean, on it were 3 famous actors with abs, pearly white teeth and charismatic smiles. They magnetically attracted all these beautiful women around them (the girls were on a boat that was next to us, it was like an old frigate ship). They each chose the girl they liked the most, and in turn they would descend onto the raft to be with the man, then disappear off some where (to root). There was another man on the raft, except he wasn't famous yet. He manages to attract a girl and she descends onto the boat, they're totally going to go off and root but he falls into the water. Oh shit :/ we manage to get him back on deck but he's not breathing. I have to do CPR, ugh geeze how does this work again? There's another lady next to me who tells me to do CPR, she's all mystical and wise or something. I think she was wearing a loosely fitting dress that swayed in the wind, while having nice sandy blonde hair. I put my hands on the actors chests and push down, am I doing this right? I can feel a weird lump on his chest that really shouldn't be there. Ok... Mouth to mouth resuscitation? I try blowing air into him without blocking his nose, whoops. I try again while blocking his nose and his chest inflates, then switch back to pushing against his chest. This feels like something a professional should be doing...
      The guy coughs back to life, ejecting a rather large sponge shell out. He picks it up and says something like "uh god damn metalliferous shells". I correct him by saying "Well, actually it's carboniferous" (this is also wrong... It was calcium carbonate >_<). The girl he was going to root isn't interested anymore, they both aren't in the mood after what happened I guess. The wise woman says we should head back now, after peering behind us and seeing a tsunami O_O. She guides the raft onto a wave which we ride all the way back to shore, we can see the tsunami in the background swallowing up other people, but they look like they're fine since it only gets big near shore.

      We're back on shore now, except there's snow everywhere after a massive avalanche covered the area. I remembered something about this before we left (the dream was pretty long so I think this is true). I assumed they were looking for the actor we saved from choking so I pointed at the guy as we passed people trying to indicate that he was safe. I received a confused look, then questioned who they were looking for.. My heart dropped when I heard a voice crying 'daddy'. Next thing I heard was "I broke through!" and I sprinted over, something in the script of the dream meant that my daughter was trapped in the snow, why would I ever leave her, how could I forget? I pushed through the excavation and into the shoveled tunnel. I can see a plastic barricade they uncovered, behind it a figure walks past. What the...? There's a large cavernous and well-lit room beyond, the figure was actually a small boy. But the more I look at him, the more fucked up he appears to be. He has a cyclops face, but his eye is missing. He waddles in an odd fashion and wears a loin cloth around his waist. He's saying random and weird things too.. I push through the barricade into the room. The others would be waiting on the surface so I'll do my best on my own. I'm in the cavern now, all I want to do is save my daughter. I spot her down on the ground floor of the cavern, smashing a pot and spoon while calling out daddy to try and get people to save her. I realize that there are other children huddled together, they're cowering in fear. A sense of pride goes through me about how brave my kid is .
      I run on down, but I have to face the weird cyclops monster kid, I rationalize in my head that he's better off dead. If we let him go free he may grow into an adult and come back one day to torment us. I can't remember what happened next but I feel like two scenarios played out in my head as I woke up.
    9. Dream Guide John, Pontoon Boat – Jan 18, 2015

      by , 01-21-2015 at 08:19 PM
      I entered this dream lucid after being consciously aware between dreams. The scene resembled Venice with the waterways running between towering ‘old fashion’ buildings. My dream guide John was sitting across from me on a pontoon boat as we enjoyed sipping on a couple of ‘cold ones’. The boat was moored to walkway alongside a tall building. Suddenly a tsunami wave came racing down between the buildings.

      The wall of water was only 4 or 5 feet high, so we were safe, except now the water was rising higher and higher, and current was insane. People scrambled into the buildings as the water rose, and were running for their lives! I continued to sit in the pontoon boat sipping on my drink watching the drama unfold. Our pontoon boat was now risen up to the 3rd storey balcony, and other boats were smashing into us. Dream guide John then stood up, approached me, and said, “Tie up the boat to the balcony! Quickly!” I thought, seriously, I’m enjoying all this excitement, while sipping on this drink, but okay, I’ll do it, so I said, “Sure.” I put down my drink carefully, so as not to spill it, and then I jumped off the boat and onto the 3rd storey balcony with the rope. The patio doors were open, so I decided to look around inside. It was a typical apartment, nobody was in there, and I looked around for something to tie this rope to. There was a stationary bike beside the doors, so I tied it to the bike frame. I went back outside and jumped on the boat beside dream guide John. I was starting to get into this dream!

      I looked at dream guide John and said, “This is very exciting! I really like this dream. This past weekend, in the waking world, I was laying vinyl flooring in my bathroom and I buggered up my neck, and it’s really sore. I’m having a hard time sleeping. While dreaming my neck doesn’t hurt, so I would like to stay here for a little while longer please!” John smiled and put his arm on my shoulder and said, “Yes, I know. You’re welcome!” Boats were piling up everywhere because of the tsunami. He then pointed towards the front of the pontoon boat and said, “Go that way, and jump onto the boat in front of us.”, so off I went.

      I did as he instructed, entered the boat’s cabin, and found myself walking a down a log hallway inside a building. I thought to myself, “This dream certainly isn’t following the realities of the waking world very well.” At the end of the hallway I found an old Irish style pub! Okay, this was good! Dream guide John then brought me a huge mug of beer, and I took a big drink. It was delicious! Then, to my surprise, my dear Aunt Patsy (who passed in the 90’s) walked in the doorway. She walked past me and sat at a table. I walked up to her and said, “I recognize you!” She then transformed into somebody else and smiled at me. I asked her name, and she said, “Kim.” Next, I asked where she’s from, and she replied, “Winnipeg.” I thought to myself, you’re not Kim, and you’re not from Winnipeg, you’re my Aunt from Ontario. I then thought I’d be tricky and ask her last name, but she said she couldn’t remember. I asked why she can’t remember, and she casually replied, “Because I’m dreaming, and I can’t remember who I am when I’m dreaming.” She was giggling at this point, and I told her, “I’m lucid right now, and I remember everything about myself! How can you not even remember your name?” Are you lucid? Who are you really?” By this point I was being surrounded by about 10 dream figures who were all intently listening to our conversation. Dream guide John then pushed through the crowd and grabbed onto my wrist and dragged me across the pub into the lounge area.

      John placed both of hands on my shoulders. Looked me straight in the eyes, and said, “You can’t go asking people their identification while lucid or we’re going to take away your lucid abilities!” He was looking real angry and his skin turned all red with yellowish polka dots. He then shouted, “Don’t do that anymore!” I said, “Okay, but please explain why I can’t?” He then yelled, “Because you will be given a kayler!” I said, “What’s a kayler?” He then said, “You know, a kayler!” He then demonstrated holding something in his hand, and he was poking it forward, like as if he was probing for something. I started to feel upset, so dream faded and all went black, and then I woke up. I definitely don’t want anybody giving me a kayler, no way! Keep that kayler thing away from me John!
    10. Acting Lucidly When You’re Not

      by , 12-19-2014 at 08:35 PM
      In this dream I stopped a tsunami by simply running up to the wall of water and debris, and touching it with my point finger. The tsunami instantly stopped, froze in position, and didn’t move, until it finally it disappeared. The strange thing is, I wasn’t lucid when I did this, so why did I act this way? I’m became lucid shortly thereafter, because I was questioning how this could all be possible. There were also some interesting dream figure comments. Here’s what happened:

      I was in a large, heavily treed valley, standing in dry, gravel river washout. Rough cut lumber was piled everywhere, and there were random piles of sand dug from the riverbed, scattered here and there. A couple of men were standing close to me talking, when suddenly, a roaring wall of water, approximately 30 feet high, came rushing down the valley. Trees, debris, and rough cut lumber were mixed in and tumbling. It's a tsunami! It looked similar to what happened in Japan. There was no place to hide! I then decide to stop the tsunami by simply touching it. This is what I would normally do when I'm lucid, but I wasn’t lucid. I quickly ran right at the wall of water and debris, and touched it, before it mowed us down. The tsunami froze in its tracks. I turned to face the two men to see if they were okay. They looked at me with in a casual manner, and one said to the other, “The hammer’s broken.” The other fellow replied, “I told you this would happen.”

      The tsunami disappeared and the rough cut lumber was all neatly stacked again. I walked away from the men trying to comprehend what just happened. Then, Utopia, I realized this must be a dream. How else could this be possible! A feeling of excitement and adrenaline rushed through my body. The dream became very vivid, as I hopped and bounced across the washout, and landed on top of a gravel pile. One of the men said, “Hey, what’s he doing now?” They stood back about 50 yards and watched.

      I wanted to visit with my daughter, but I’ve had lots of trouble with this recently, because dream figures keep appearing and chase after her, and ruin the dream. I decided to ask for backup first to keep my daughter safe during our dream visit. I asked for a Defender Angel to appear and protect my daughter from the hooligans. I waited patiently, and waited, and then nothing. I asked again for a Defender Angel to appear. This was odd, no Defender Angel? Dream figures usually appear when I ask, so I found this very odd. I then felt like I was being held in position, and I couldn’t move. I struggled, wiggled, and zaggled, but no luck, then I got frustrated and woke up.
    11. Sleeping in a dream one of the strangest dreams i just had

      by , 11-26-2014 at 10:07 AM
      Okay here how the dream starts I'm near the ocean it's nice and windy I'm just standing there behind me are apartments I see people in them and I started walking to the apartments I go in the building people waving at me saying hi and I went into my apartment I sat down and I went to sleep(which was weird) but as I lay down the tv was right in front of me I couldn't really see anything just a beep sound coming from it I heard a lot of movement going on in the apartment building I figure there was so kinda of party going on so I just sleep.When I woke up in my dream it was really quiet couldn't hear any sounds really I went outside the wind is blowing that's all I hear I look around the area it was so much life here last night this place is like a big city and I expected to hear more noise but I just went back in the apartment I can see the beach from here.here. Im sitting down on a chair there is an alarm clock ringing it's really annoying for me it's coming from upstairs I really got mad about that
      So I went up stairs to tell the person living there to turn it off.I go upstairs as I'm waking up its so quiet just as before nothing but the wind is what I hear I go up to the room where the alarm is coming from I knock on the door but as I knock the door opens by itself I walk inside I closed the alarm clock I see a cat he's staring straight at me it was so creepy he/she wouldn't stop staring I figure it was hungry I look and see the cat food in a bowl but it's overflowing like there is so much it goes on the floor.I say to myself where is the owner I look all around couldn't find him I started to get so scared I yelled "IS ANYONE HERE" "HELLO!!!" But no word back all I heard was the wind.out of nowhere I heard a beep sound coming from the television but this time I saw "Warning warning "I looked outside I see a giant wave of water coming towards the apartment then I got on my knees the cat ran under the bed I said to myself "I don't wanna die please stop" I woke up from there my eyes were in tears...
    12. Reviving a dead guy & Riding the Wave

      by , 11-02-2014 at 02:37 PM
      When I woke up in the middle of the night I remembered this dream. I was back in school taking tests, after I had finished a test, I would move to another seat in the class where there was another test and I would do that test too. There were some other people there too, who I recognized as old classmates from highschool, doing the same thing. I was fine up until the last test when I ran out of time for class was over. The teacher let me finish it after class, but I wasn't able to finish it before the dream shifted.

      I was wandering around the school now, but the school had morphed into a different building now, not sure what, I just know it wasn't a school anymore. I ended up in a somewhat bigger room where people were gathering. The details get hazy, but there was some sort of commotion and this one guy pulls out a gun and starts shooting at the others. The guy in front of me was in between me & the shooter, he turns and runs toward me. As he does he gets shot in the back three times. The gunman is out of ammo at this point and some people restrain him. Just as I'm thinking the guy who got shot would be ok, he slumps down to the floor dead. I was trying to help this guy before he dies, and looking at the extent of his injuries. Now that he is dead I try to resuscitate him.

      My dream vision begins morphing at this point to where its like I have x-ray vision, but in a campy way. I can see the insides of people, although all my DCs now look dead, but I know its only the one guy in front of me who is really dead, not the others. I can see everyone's skeletons and their internal organs. Only their internal organs look campy representations of organs, like instead of real lungs, they look like balloons, etc. So the gross factor is really minimal. So I begin working on the dead guy who was shot, and I give him CPR. I'm pushing on his skeleton looking chest with my hands, I'm not really liking it but it has to be done. I know he is revived when I see his "balloon lungs" start breathing on their own. I'm glad that he is alive again, and to get my normal mode sight back again, my dream automatically morphs over into a different scene.

      Now I'm somewhere outside, but near the ocean. My previous efforts have made me become lucid now. My dream isn't quite stable, and my dream characters start to panic as weird weather appears and there might have been an earthquake too. Some of my DCs are saying it is the end of the world and it is God's judgement and stuff. Although I'm seeing it all happen, it doesn't phase me one bit. Instead I start hearing what sounds like the voice of God speaking to everyone, me too. I get an idea to get out of the area, so I say let there be a big wave I can ride. As if hearing me, a big wave appears in the ocean. I was somehow able to leap over onto it and surf it with my feet all the way across the ocean to what I thought was Europe. There isn't any end of the world stuff going on when the wave gives out on the shore and I step calmly off. The only odd thing was I couldn't sense any people around, at least there was no one outside. It was eerie feeling.

      I walked up to this church, "willing" for people to be inside. Once I opened the doors and went in, I did find people were inside. Even my cousin was there and it looked like I was back in a dream from earlier in the night although I don't remember the details of that earlier dream. It was as though the tidal wave had took me back into an earlier dream I had and I found that quite interesting.
    13. 9/12, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 27, 10/1 Quick notes mostly on LDs

      by , 10-05-2014 at 08:20 AM
      Paraphrasing most entries so no hashtags...some just cut & pasted from digital DJ.

      *Sexual content in many spots.
      10/1 DILD: I was so angry at people cutting in front of me at an elevator line that the emotion instantly lifted me about 1 yard/meter off the ground which immediately clued me in that I was dreaming. I let the anger carry over into my lucidity and was venting telling them how I can just fly to the top of the building...I don't need this f-ing elevator...and I can smack you around if I want to, rip off your clothes, so there it turned sexual and I ripped of a few women's clothes with TK floating above the crowd feeling omnipotent. It was quite fun but I should have moved straight to some goals and ended up waking up as my wife got out of bed (99% sure that wasn't an FA). 213

      9/27 I believe 3 separate lucid events and that HH's SSILD and visualization were the keys. After low key game. Waited 1 hour after waking to record dreams due to breakfast ready. The first one I went back to sleep trying to get more and I think I forgot too many details. I think it was the dream in the #shopping area and I'm #lookingFor #lostItem shopping bag I set down on this couch or chair and its missing when I go back. The lucid part is sexual with a sexy woman something about her curves and fine body. 210

      The second lucidity event I am walking past the #school that is having a big sports or Olympics day with all the students competing in different events but I paid particular attention to students playing #rugby. When I first look at them I wondered if they weren't wearing football pads but upon further examination or dream transitioning they were clearly not wearing football pads and I could see them doing a rugby scrum. This transitioned to me playing with them and narrator talking about how one of the ways to score is kicking the ball through the uprights and one of the guys kicks the ball forward and I leap up to catch it but a taller guy catches it first I continue running down the field leaping into the air and I realize that I'm dreaming I have a lot of fun bounding across the field. 211

      Third lucid event seems to start as a DEILD As I am visualizing in bed and I get the scene of a sexy woman and as I enter the scene there is a table, paper and a pointed plastic writing pen and ink that you dip it into and I write different messages to see how well I can write in a lucid dream. I forget exactly the first words I wrote but they came out pretty good but when I tried to write "dream" and it was very hard to read and I had more trouble with the ink getting more runny and not sticking to the writing device and the colors were getting too light to show on the white piece of paper. I've then start to remember that there was a sexy woman when I first came into the scene and I could see her sitting on the far end of the table. As I go to move towards her it gets a little foggy but I stay patient and focus first on her toes and her toenails painted with nail polish and slowly work my way up her leg with her body reforming. I reach under her dress
      and caress her sexy legs and butt and remove her underwear. I reach for her wonderful warm moisture before working my way up to her top before waking up. 212

      Stats from app: 12:15-10am xyz spikes113, 335 356 417 445
      [email protected] slipped away; 604 recheck [email protected] xyz: 658?dild 712?dild 805 840deild 908wife up audio+xyz spike, 920 925 952 (late more tossing and turning? Earlier c/b combo of my and wife's movements?)

      9/21 Lucid #sex with perfect, perky #Russian girl. Her breasts her butt! Her skin so soft after some hesitation from her I showed her she wanted me bad and she let me touch her everywhere. Thought about fingering her behind but afraid the dream might come up with a surprise there. Later sex with M, the friend of wife with twin sister. I told her it is okay...it's just a dream! She says "Your c*ck is so big! After exploding inside her my wife and I walk out of party and through a #shopping area with various #stores with groceries and #restaurants and my DC wife is proud of her stud "since it is all a dream" my new pick up line. I am scanning all of the DC's we pass. One lady looks interesting but I'm looking for a certain type since I already had 2 women so far this dream. 209

      9/20 Awesome vivid tsunami dream where I am calm and lead a rescue.
      WILD/LD 1: I thought I was just visualizing when a dream materialized. I hear Girl Friday downstairs and go down to hook up. Go semi-lucid as various people judge my interest in her but regain it when I see a girl in lingerie laying on the floor trying to seduce me. She is too young. I pick her up and hold her like a father would. 206

      LD 2: I think that I WILD again. I am laying in bed visualizing when I find myself in a scene laying under the stars. I remember the striking feeling and realism of opening my dream eyes wide to soak in the whole view with so many stars in every direction. It was extremely beautiful and felt like a spiritual experience. I remembered my personal goal that I tied into the TOTM. 207

      LD 3: Awake again visualizing and enter non-lucid dream at some point turned DILD.<snip> He leaves it unattended on oven to overflow and the oven starts to fill up with water like a clothes washer but it's open so the water would flow out onto the floor. I start to try to turn it off and then realize this is a dream the oven can't just turn into clothes washer. I fly up from there up out of the house but then I remember Girl Friday was there and I fly back down into the house but I seem to have messed up the visuals but I stay patient. I go into the living room in a bit of a fog I go sit down on the couch next to where Girl Friday was in the dream. I reach out for her and she seems to be forming back into my dream and I'm looking down at the floor and there's this round item rolling back and forth by itself that was cool. I think I'm forgetting a lot because I waited until the morning to record everything until I'm actually getting up. I did record the tsunami dream during wake back to bed which I'm doing shorter now. Factors for improved multiples? Vivid dream at beginning of night. DEILD focus. Visualization at each awakening. Stop and ask if dream. More frequent random natural self awareness. Back to lumosity. Adding a little fat back into my diet. 208

      9/19 LD 1: This whole thing, this whole discussion and scenario has all been a dream! Start to get naked then decide to do nose plug=can breathe but am I fully plugging it, do finger through palm and proceed to get naked. I call for Girl Friday to come in and as I hear her (or someone approaching) I wake up. 204

      LD 2: A noise (my wife leaving) wakes me up and I DEILD back into what looks like the same scene as my previous dream except I notice a mirror and look into it to see myself as a woman who looks like a thinner version of Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I decide to open my blouse and check out my breasts. They are small but nicely shaped. I sit down and take off my pants with plans to check out down there but I transform back to myself with my normal junk down there and all. I fade back to bed and fade in and out of some dreamlets including one with a little Asian girl I felt drawn to protect named Ashikara. I am trying to find her again in the fog and a little blonde girl pokes her head around a corner and disappears. Possible NREM lucid but not counting this part after the LD with me as a woman. 205

      9/18 Examining source of smoke makes me lucid. Smoke coming from underneath carpet, pull it back, embers present, hole under carpet, look closer and hole gets bigger, think it looks like mouse hole and a mouse comes out. There are many orange ear plugs down this hole. Earlier I attempted the glottal RC and had trouble hinting a dream already but the above scenario confirmed it. Convincing FA. 203

      9/15 Standing over bed seeing fleas on bed made me lucid. Wife there also. 202

      9/12 I see Cameron Diaz and realize I am dreaming. I walk up to her and give her a kiss on the lips and then look at her again and she still looks mostly like her but with no make-up. I think FA after. Also DEILD focus bleeding into NLDs. 201
    14. Exploring my house

      by , 07-23-2014 at 10:04 PM
      Exploring my house
      Lucid #8


      I am at the beach and see a huge tsunami, I get lucid.
      I find myself in my room and stabilize a littlebit. I really doubt dreaming first because of the realness of my room. I touch the cold wall and it feels really amazing. I decide to go downstair but instead of taking the stairs I jump down a floor. I glide through the air slowly and like through gel. I go into the bathroom and look in the mirror but nothing seems off. I go downstairs but the dream gets hard to keep stable so I decide to attempt a DEILD and ly down on the floor, ready to wake up.
    15. The Tsunami

      by , 07-23-2014 at 09:54 PM
      The Tsunami


      My friends and me are at the beach. There is a small dune and behind it is the beach. Because I still have my WL injury in the dream I wait infront of the dune. From time to time the other people an me can see some waves over the top of the dune. Suddenly a huge wave, a tsunami builds up and stretches into the sky. I worry about my friends but forget that thought and want to make a picture but my phone is dead.
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